Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling Kamini that she had fallen infront of car yesterday, and it might be Asthana’s car. Kamini asks her to sit. Dhaani says I don’t know why did he not tell anything about finding my earring there. She says I won’t go anywhere now alone. Kamini asks her to tell the truth to everyone and says whatever happens is for good. My studies will stop, and it is okay. Dhaani says no. Kamini says that day I would have left you at goons’ place, but I was with you and we fought with the goons together. Dhaani worries because of Asthana. Kamini says I will meet him. Dashsarath tells Dadi Bua that he is making Sita temple. Viplav says how it will be build so soon. Dasharath says he will talk about widow’s remarriage and their betterment. Asthana says I am impressed

with your thinking. He says your grand son has married a widow, and set a good example. Viplav says I don’t think like this, and says Dhaani is innocent, and I feel like she has done a favor on me by agreeing to marry me.

Asthana says I will leave now. Viplav says I will drop you till car. Kanak asks Dasharath since when he is thinking about widow’s betterment. Dasharath says he holds place in society still. Kamini sits in Asthana’s car. Asthana asks who are you? Kamini asks him to tell why did he not tell the family that he found Dhaani’s jhumkas. Asthana says Dhaani belongs to big family. Kamini says you are a judge and knows dark secrets of nights. Kamini says I came here on Dhaani’s behalf and want to thank you. Asthana says may be it will benefit me also. Kamini thinks Asthana will be useful for her.

Dadi Bua asks Kamini to take God’s blessings. Kamini thanks Viplav. Dhaani asks why you people are happy? Kamini says my exams forms have come and invites them for lunch. Dhaani says I cooked the food already. Viplav asks Dadi Bua to come to restaurant as well, and says she can have pure veg food.

Viplav says I can’t go without Dhaani. Kamini says she will also come with us, else we will not have fun. She signs Dadi. They go to chinese restaurant. Kamini sees Viplav coming and asks Dhaani to order food and goes. Dhaani reads the menu and orders something. Dadi Bua says I am very hungry and will eat it. She eats it and shouts that her dharm is ruined. Viplav comes back, and asks waiter. Waiter says it is non veg momos. Kamini says I ordered veg momos. Viplav asks Dhaani why did you order when you can’t read, would have waited for 2 mins till I comes back. Dadi Bua says this girl will ruin everyone. Kamini smirks happily. Dhaani apologizes and says I didn’t do it intentionally. Dadi Bua curses her. Dhaani says I didn’t do it intentionally. Viplav asks her to stop it and goes upset. Dadi Bua goes out and splashes water on Kamini…saying what sin you made me to do. They smirk. Kamini says even Viplav is not supporting Dhaani. Dadi Bua says we will present next part of play infront of Dasharath. They come home. Dadi Bua asks Kanak to bring ganga jal…Kanak asks what happened? Dasharath comes. Dadi Bua asks if you people are eating fish and meat. Dasharath is shocked. Dadi bua says she made me eat meat, and says she is acting to be innocent, but I know that she is taking revenge. Dhaani cries and apologizes. Dadi Bua says om namashiva, and pours gangajal on Dhaani’s head. She says even all ganga will be less to wash away your sins. Dhaani pleads innocence. Kanak asks her to get up and leave from the house, and calls her black spot on their family. Dasharath stops Kanak. Dadi Bua asks Kanak to get warm water for her.

Dhaani comes to room and tells Viplav that she didn’t do it intentionally. Viplav says I know, and asks about her wet hairs. Dhaani says it was drenched. Viplav tells about his childhood incident and says you have accepted your mistake today. Dhaani says really I didn’t do it knowingly. Viplav says I am feeling hungry, and says he will make food. Dhaani smiles. Viplav hugs her and asks her to feed him something. Kamini gets jealous.

Kamini calls some baba and asks him about the magical powder to control the person. HE asks for the pic. Kamini asks viplav to pose for selfie. Dhaani comes inbetween as they click for the pic. Kamini gets jealous.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Now Coming to the episodes…… I am repeating this thing time and again that I Have FULL FAITH on writers….. They will definitely bring some twist….maybe Viplav knows everything about Kaamini’s evil intentions…. And is waiting for the right moment to shock her…. Or it can be anything…. But still dil ke kisi corner mein yahi hope hai Ki Kaamini’s plan should fail….she should go to hell….. DB should follow her….
    Regarding that new villIn Asthaana… There are plenty of morons already and one more has come…… What was the need?
    We viewers seriously want this kaamini THE HUSBAND STEALER track to end……
    And finally regarding viruses especially those who are commenting about amount of comments…..let me tell you….. Check the comment of the date 20th February of IKRS page….and make those numbers of comments in your so called page…and come back to me… I don’t have any hard feelings for any shows….. I watch the shows that I lik and I don’t watch it if I don’t like it… But I don’t waste my time by visiting that page and bashing the show to the fullest….. If you don’t wanna watch any show…then don’t watch it…why wasting time in commenting in the page of that show which in your point of view is Bakwas…. Everyone in this world don’t think in the same way like you do…… So go to the page you like and watch the shows that you adore……
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