Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav seeing Vidha running in the house and goes to her smilingly. Deepak enters Richa’s room holding a bouquet and calls her name. Richa hugs him and cries. Dhaani comes there and asks not to fall weak at this moment. She says you both have to stay far from each other to unite later. She says you might thought that this is the only solution. She says how can you be happy betraying and lying to your parents. She says how your parents will feel? Richa says you don’t know my mum and says her mum always believes on status. She says she will never agree for deepak and want her to marry a bank account and not a man. Dhaani says I am not asking you anyone, and asks her to talk to her mum once. She says I am a mum and can understand. Just go and hold her hand, she will understand.

Richa says my mum will never agree and says that bhaiyya promised to get them married in court. Dhaani asks her not to think about court marriage. Richa says they will do as he says and says he promised me. Viplav comes to room following Vidha and sees her eating laddoos. He scares her teasingly. Vidha says Rakshas Viplav says Shikayathi pudiya, you are eating laddoos secretly.

Vidha asks him to have laddoo. Viplav says he will eat barfi. Vidha says Mumbai laddoo is best, and says how did you know as you are from banaras. Viplav says Banaras is best. Vidha says Mumbai is best. Viplav asks her to bet and eat more laddoos. Vidha eats the laddoos. Viplav eats the barfi and recalls his bet of eating gol gappa with Dhaani. Dhaani asks Richa not to agree to that man’s saying. She says don’t you be happy when your parents agree and bless you for the marriage. She asks not to hurt her parents and make their own house. Deepak agrees with Dhaani and says we don’t want anything except their blessings.

Vidha coughs. Viplav asks her to stop and says you have won. Vidha gets happy. She says I need water. Viplav says okay and goes to bring it. The door gets locked as he goes. Vidha eats laddoo again.

Kamini is tensed and is shocked to know that there is no flight from Banaras to Mumbai. She asks someone to check and says I want to go Mumbai right now. She is informed that there is a flight via Delhi. Kamini is angry. Sushma asks what happened? Why you are looking worried. Kanak says she got mad since she came back from Mumbai. Kamini picks glass from table. Kanak gets scared and hides behind Sushma. Kamini drinks water and asks them to mind their work. She calls someone and says she wants to go right now. Kanak is unhappy and curses her destiny. Sushma says you didn’t care about good bahu, now suffer. Kanak looks on as if she is repenting. Viplav takes water from the filter. Vidha knocks on the door calling Rakshas uncle and mumma. Someone informs Viplav that a girl is locked inside the store room. Viplav runs to Vidha and asks how the door is locked. He asks her to try to open. Vidha says it is not opening. Viplav asks her to move back. Someone informs Dhaani that a girl is locked in store room.

Dhaani thinks she might be my Vidha. Viplav breaks open the door. Dhaani comes running there. Parshiya enters the door and hugs Vidha. Someone tells Viplav that he is hurt and takes Viplav from there. Dhaani comes and hugs Vidha. She makes her drink water. Vidha says she got scared. Simone comes and asks what happened? Why people are gathered here. Parshiya says she was locked here. Simone says what she was doing here and asks them to send her home. Vidha refuses to go. Simone says she wants to eat free sweets. Dhaani says I will send her. Vidha asks Dhaani to say thanks to Rakshas uncle and says he saved me. Dhaani says first he returned my purse and now you. Parshiya says who is he? He takes Vidha home. Dhaani thinks who is he? I shall thank him. Viplav is talking on phone. He sees Vidha going with Parshiya, and Vidha insisting to have laddoo. Parshiya says okay, but first comes home. Viplav calls her name, and thinks she is same as me, so much happened, but she is thinking about laddoo.

Dhaani comes to Mrs. Kaushik and says she wants to talk to her. Mrs. Kaushik says you will get your money and asks her to forget the drama. She asks Deepa to apply shagun mehendi on Dhaani’s hands. Dhaani says no, I have work to do. Deepa asks her to tell her husband’s name. Dhaani says no, I will go. Deepa asks her to tell what is your husband’s name. Dhaani says she don’t want. Deepa is about to write on her hand with mehendi and V gets written as Dhaani takes her hand.

Kamini and Tripurari are in the jeep. Kamini asks him to drive fast. Tripurari says I didn’t come here to give my life. I came to drop you on your insistence. He says it is jeep and not a flight. Kamini asks him to drive fast and says if Dhaani and Viplav comes face to face then…..Tripurari hits a man and he gets injured. The man asks are you blind? Tripurari gets down and slaps him repeatedly. Kamini gives him money and asks him to end the matter. The people standing there calls police. The man refuses to take the money. Tripurari beats him badly. Police comes there. The man tells that Tripurari is beating him madly. Inspector asks him to show licence. Tripurari says I don’t have. Kamini says we are in urgency and says her husband got a heart attack. Inspector asks her not to make stories and show licence. Tripurari shouts and says I don’t have. Kamini asks Tripurari to calm down and gives money to Inspector.

Inspector says it seems we have to calm down his mind. Tripurari asks him to call Banaras police and know about him. Inspector asks him to come. They arrest him. Kamini thinks everything will be ruined. Dhaani thinks she has to talk to Mrs. Kaushik. She sees Mrs. Kaushik talking to someone and saying that she will not compromise on quality. Dhaani comes to her. Mrs. Kaushik says you will get money. Mrs. Kaushik says did you hang flowers on the door. Dhaani says I am going now. Mrs. Kaushik says you people are like that, and says I shall talk to you like Simone talks, keeps you under the shoes. Dhaani thinks how I will fulfilled the promise made to Richa and Deepal. Richa tells Deepak that they don’t have time and Dhaani is taking enough time. Dhaani apologizes and asks for more time. Richa says my patience is answering now and I don’t believe you. She says bhaiyya will get us married and asks her not to tell her parents about them, asks her to stay out of it. Dhaani looks on.

Viplav talks to Dhaani’s pic and I couldn’t give you all happiness, but Richa and Deepak’s love story will be different. He says you don’t like my idea. Dhaani asks Deepak where is that bhaiyya? She goes to store room while it is dark. She asks him not to get Richa married in court. Viplav switches on the light. Dhaani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Parshiya?

    Happy that vidha gave credits to Rakshas uncle ?

  2. Opps!! My cmnts?

  3. Happy ? that this time tp’s did smethng good… Today he slapped that guy.. I was yippee!! Slap him untill the police comes… ??

  4. Yipee!! VK is not able to catch the ✈?

  5. Again hit and miss?

  6. Precap.. I think it is Mrs.kaushak… It’s not Viplav according to the spoilers?

  7. Good morning everyone. .
    I feel it will be mrs koushik in that room. . neither vip nor vk

    1. Same here too mam?

  8. Good Morning all, hope for a great episode today, where viplav and Dhani meet ,fall sobbing into each others arms ,Viplav is told Vidha is his daughter,the baddies are severely punished ( i volunteer for that )
    And I can relax !!!????

    1. Hi annie i don’t think they would meet today probably tomorrow

    2. haha anna you r so funny n sweet too..

      I m also wishing the same -:))

  9. in nbt.. They united megha n mohan in the last episode n ended serial very badly. . Hope they don’t do like that in ikrs. ..

    anyways for me seriously dhani is dead n I feel this is totally a new love v story.. That’s okay .. but When I see pain in viplav’s eyes regarding dhani.. I feel very bad actually I can’t express how I feel. ..
    Hope he gets his happiness back soon. .

  10. Hi bes-parmak thanks for was nice but dhaani n viplav separation is already going that extra scratches in their luv due to parshya character.
    Ya may be viplav thinks that dhaani moved on in her 5years leap life but after all misunderstanding vidha will reunion their parents.
    Bcs of vidha only vidhaani will unite together.
    N about kamini viplav is already kept like a no worries.
    Viplav will understand dhaani.
    Buy don’t know dhaani how she will react that viplav married kamini.
    So tensive. Waiting for today’s episode.

  11. Lol. That Tp over-aggression ( over acting. ? ) and Kam’s helplessness was a relief! ?

  12. Really can not express my adorment for Mishal-Vidha scenes! ❤ They were more than PERFECT! I’ve hardly seen such chemistry between a daddy and daughter on Screen! ? It is such a treat to watch them like this! ?

    Mishal again nailed it with his Charismatic Performance ! ❤

    1. Truth ?

  13. To be honest, I’m not liking this deepak-richa part. For me it’s unnecessary and inappropriate. ? I really can’t digest such stories. Ghar me shaddi chal rahi hai or bride apny alag hi setting me lagi hui hai – A bad mini love story. ?

    1. For me its an okay okay stry…?

    2. Agree ti u areeb but cvs needed something to make viplav stay back at mumbai

  14. A bit scared from the precap. Don’t know whom Dhaani saw and got shocked. Kinda sure it won’t be Viplav tho. ?

    1. Ya areeb tats sure?

  15. Tomorrow onwards my cmnts will be less because school is gng to start…. ?

    1. I am lucky I have one week more?

      1. Good old days of school missing it.

    2. Oh! But I’ll be fun. Will get back to your perfect routine, studies, tests, friends, teachers!!! ?

  16. I would like to share smethng wth u….

    I started to cmnt here when I was studying for my model exams ….. I do not knw y I cmnted here… At that time… I was just gng through the written update… And thought to cmnt here.. I never thought I would be a part of thus sweet family one day.. I never thought I would get this much love from this family.. Lat I never thought I would get soo many relations here.. I am happy that today I’m part of this best people family… I got arshi di.. Misha di… Bhaia.. Lols.. Sujie di…. Renu di… Rajee di…. Areeb di…. Maria… Meghs di… Swara chechi… Lakshmi chechi.. Geni chechi…and all… I never thought during My 10th exam I would have an another family to pray ? for me and wish me good luck… I never thought I would get an another family ? to share my 10th results… I never thought I would have a family to share my sweet moments…. I never thought I would become soo close to u guys one day… U guyss supported me.. U guyss encouraged me… U guyss did everything that relation does…. Mostly I put stupid cmnts.. I do craziness here… I do everything here.. When I cmnt here I forget that whole universe will read this…
    Last but not the least I never thought a day will come when I’ll put a ff.. A story tat will be read by the whole world… Today I write 2 ff.. Then it’s because u made my fear ? go.. By ur support… I don’t know whether I’ll write an another ff on some other serials… Because today I write ff because the readers are my relations… U guyss…. Thankss again for everything….

    Tomorrow onwards my school is gng to start and my cmnts are gng to be less.. Only less I’ll never stop putting cmnts here… Because this is the place where I started to explore my dreams…?

    Today I thought.. That this is the best time to share this so share kiya….

    Love u all?

    1. Hope u’ll not forget shahid kapoor’s sis? swetha?

      1. Love you too Swetha?? same is my story also!!?


    2. Shweta dear even i share same feelings for everyone in this wonderful family. Initially i did not used to see ikrs daily n used to see all retelecast episodes of Monday to friday together in continuation with Saturday’s episode. It was real fun to watch 6 episodes together on tv?☺ later it was stopped then i was searching for the episode on net when i accidentally stumbled upon Tu. I found the update quite detailed n self explanatory. Then i saw comments of Brits; flora : akshay; tamil; br mam n all old members. I found them amazing n became a silent reader. Suddenly one day i could not stop myself from posting a comment n br mam was the first to give me a warm welcome. Then came my dear florentina. the love n respect from them turned me to a active member. ☺ALTHOUGH BEING A VIRGO I AM TOO SOCIAL BUT I WAS AGAINST SOCIAL MEDIA AS I THOUGHT IT TO BE WASTE OF TIME N MOREOVER THERE IS NO DEARTH OF INCIDENTS OF FRAUD N CHEATING ON SOCIAL SITES. BUT AFTER TU I OPENED MY FB ACCOUNT FOR DEAR PRACHI ( SHE ONLY INITIATED THIS IKRD FB) THEN FOR MY DEAR NIMMY I HAVE OPENED UP TWITTER ACCOUNT TOO. ☺? IT IS INDEED A VERY SPECIAL BOND HERE WHICH I HAVE NEVER WITNESSED ELSEWHERE. ☺☺

    3. swetha dear love u alots………

  17. Renu di.. Renu varma is u na on fb.. If yes? then I’ve send u a Frnd request…. Swetha g prabhu?

    1. Ok dear sheetha. U r right i am r verma?☺

  18. Here it’s raining ☔ soo cold?

  19. Maria u r soo lucky u have a week more ? for the reopening day?

  20. Eisha is doing a lead role in ek tha raja ek thi rani.with priyom of begusarai.she is doing a role college girl & luking beutiful in tht look.

    1. Hi anu r welcome ☺ yea she is beautiful but looking more beautiful in that role☺

    2. Welcome to our family ?

  21. Last warning…. Jisne bhi hamara ff nahi padha Vo sab jaake padho …. Now only order I requested first now order?

    1. Mishal mujhe bachaoooooo ye swetha hum logo ko dhamka rahi hai? hahahahaha……hum to darrrrr gaye ab jaake read Karna hi padega
      bt PLZ all the writers give the previous link too in your every epi ? like a Mahira did in her ff☺

  22. Good Morning everyone hope you all enjoying a very lovely Wednesday,
    i just want my romance back and like Saras said i want to see a good storyline before they turn the whole ending to rubbish and end the series badly am not saying they are ending but i have watched some hindi series that they unite the lead lovers in the last 2 episodes so please enough with cats and dogs lets get the story started again

    1. Hi ola be optimistic dear☺☺

      1. lol Renu i am honestly i am hahaha well maybe 80% don’t trust this PH too much because of their love for you know who.

    2. Yup.. It’s a colours serial.. Donot knw wat thy wil do.. Only thing we can do is Dream and watch pre epi’s on utube? and opps.. Wat Renu di said be optimistic ?

      1. ????? I know right


    1. Me too looking for them…?

    2. Renu di.. Even I opened a fb accnt followed by twitter for ikrs.. Em.. Ikrs family too?

    3. Helloooooooo renuuuuu and everyone.

      Hope everyone’s having a good day…

      Swetha, lots of new things for a new school year is SOOOOO exciting!

      Trying to get jobs done before I pop out in a bit, but not getting very far at all. So have given up and am checking in. Thanks Ola ?

      Soooooooooooooooooo. Will they meet today??
      Prob not… But…..
      Who will be in that room with Dhani as per the precap…

      Really hope it’s NOT VK.
      It’s prob Mrs Kaushik,
      But really hope it’s Vipalv. ????????

      Can’t wait to watch today’s epi.

      Also started watching Jaana Na Dil Se Door a few days ago and have just caught up. Started in May. it’s very good and watchable,

      Anyhow, better get on!

      Swetha, have a fab first day back tomorrow, only two days and then the weekend again so make the most of it… As Arshu said recently school was the best time for her. Me too. Loved it, life is simple, the only things you have to of worry about are packing your school bags and learning and having fun. I have such fond memories of my time at school. Enjoy!

      See you all later. Prob on the next thread.

      RENU, thanks again for the shout out, saw your message in the previous page and , LOVE YOU TOO ???

      1. ????? No Comment Nimisha ?????????

      2. Okay 1 comment let me go look for the other show u watching too. I might like it. ????

  24. Hope I’m not bashing the cmnts?

  25. Hi frnds after seeing eishas interview I was stunned in her words it was clear that she was not ready to do such type of tipucal mother role in young age.that y she quitted n also as soon she was leading in another show.very hurting yaar.
    But in my opinion even she may do another CLG type role that can’t suits as dhaani role.she was damn perfect to this.
    May be she can realise it soon.let’s wait n watch.

    1. Same here Kavi akka..
      May I knw whch interview it is???

    2. y hurting kavitha?

    3. I suspect she had that job lined up. She landed it very quickly. She seems very shrewd.

      The worst thing as an actor is to be typecast so glad for her that she doing something different, looking back she did great but she must be looking forward to doing setting more ‘fun’. The last few weeks on IKRS for her were just crying lots and lots.

      I’ve not seen the interview, but really wish her well. Where is it? Thanks.

      Am also excited about Sanjeeda. Thinks she’s perfect for post leap Dhani and I can’t imagine anyone else as Vidha’s mummy now,


    4. Saraswathi.j

      Being a girl ,one day she may become a mother then she will say I will not be a mother ,for a good actor she can play any role and win the hearts of audience .i think she had bagged that role before saying good by to ishq ka rang safed,Mishal Raheja rightly said we can learn from her “how to ignore people”

  26. I have bought new ?dress.. New school ?bag New shoes ? yipee!! All excited to go to school ??

    1. wow shwetha… enjoy your school. .
      With all new things. . I m also feeling like going to school. .

      All the best to you

  27. First day excited ? second day onwards lazy ? to go to ? school?

    1. hahaha same here

    2. Have lots of fun !! ??

  28. Will give the link nima?
    Aur mishal ko bulavo maath I have scolded him too? for nt reading my ff.. Bt I scolded him only for 50 sec.. Just then he gave me a killer smile and I was aww.. And I stopped scolding him?

  29. Aww wat a magic cmnts appearing too fastly.. Love u moderators..?

  30. Shani, when is ur school starting dear?

  31. Geni chechi tomorrow….?

  32. Ya nimisha slowly Iam too trying be practical.but I saw in news channel SBB segment in that eisha said that dhaani is dif from rani role no comparison. But in this new role I look young CLG girl as I look really character type.some thing that shows she don’t want to do typical mother role.that’s y I did that.but iam too happy for eisha that she is moving forward in he life for betterment.

  33. Swetha n nimisha watch SBB segments in India TV,abp news,aajthak channels u will get it.eishas news there.

    1. Yup.. Kavi akka I used to watch?

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