Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak seeing Durga and Suwarna in the market and greets Durga. Durga blesses her. Kanak asks where they are staying now a days and says you can stay in my house now. Durga politely refuses. Kanak says my anger is short lived and says she is very much worried. Durga asks what happened, and says you are getting Dhaani as bahu. Kanak says she is worried because of Dhaani, and says she thinks to do Shanti Paath in Mathura, and even Dasharath suggested her, but she can’t go and have much work here. Durga says if this is the case, then I will go. She gives money to Durga and asks her to keep it. She calls someone and asks to get the ticket for Mathura. She informs Durga that ticket is done, and asks her not to worry about Suwarna as she is like her little sister. She asks

Suwarna to come home whenever she wants. She wishes Durga for the safe journey. She leaves.

Durga shares her doubt with Suwarna. Suwarna says our destiny is already bad and tells lets go home and pack your stuff. She says may be Kanak wants to do good with Viplav.

Kanak fills her maang with sindoor and recalls the insult which Dasharath did, and recalls a man misbehaving with Suwarna, and Tripurari agreeing to use Suwarna in her plan. She wear jewellery. Shambu comes and asks if she is going somewhere. Kanak says can’t she get ready in her house. Shambu says no, and compliments her beauty. Kanak says I know very much. Shambu looks at her. Kanak thinks to do some politics, and blows the candle.

In the morning, Suwarna wakes up and finds the same person (who misbehaved with her in Viplav and Dhaani’s engagement0 with her on bed. She gets shocked and asks him to leave. The man says he spend good night with her and asks why she is shouting. Suwarna tries to slap him, but the man holds her hand. Suwarna asks him to leave. The man comes out and tells everyone that Suwarna is doing drama. He says she has done a deal with 1000 Rs and now asking more money. Suwarna says he is lying. The man lies and says she is doing dhanda. Suwarna says he is lying and I don’t know what he is doing in my house. The man shows the marks on his body and asks her to tell truth. The neighbors get crazy and says lets throw her out of neighborhood, and gets inside her house to throw her stuff. Kanak hears everything and thinks it is happening as per her plan.

Viplav comes to Ashram and covers someone else with blanket. He asks her to say I love you…..Dhaani comes from front and asks what he is doing? Viplav says if you are here and then…..Dulaari takes out blanket from her head. Viplav is surprised. Dulaari asks if his childhood will not go and asks what does he mean by I love you. I don’t understand anything. Badi amma asks her not to understand and takes her inside. Dhaani smiles and says you have mistaken. Viplav says she was sitting here and looked like you. Dhaani smiles. Viplav shows the ring and asks her to forward her hand. He makes her wear it, and asks if she felt any pain. Dhaani nods no. Viplav gets someone’s call and is shocked.

Suwarna pleads to the neighbors that she is innocent and haven’t done anything. The crazy neighbors throws her stuff and the ladies pushes Suwarna out of house (is this a humanity). They throw her stuff. Kanak comes there. Suwarna says she is innocent. Kanak says she knows that she is innocent. Viplav and Dhaani come there. Suwarna says she didn’t do anything. The crowd speak about Banaras. Viplav says if it is your dad’s and says he will beat them if they do anything. Suwarna hugs Dhaani and cries. Dhaani says I know you haven’t done anything. Suwarna cries. Viplav takes Suwarna inside. Dhaani says she will bring everything inside. Kanak tells Dhaani that society people raise finger on widow, and says although Suwarna is married, but is living like a widow life, and acts as feeling pity on her. She says there was much drama today. Dhaani goes inside.

Suwarna folds her hand and asks Viplav to free Tripurari out of jail, and says if he was here, then people would not think of doing anything with her. She says even Durga isn’t here and folds her hand asking him to free Tripurari. She falls on his feet and cries. Raj Lakshmi comes running and says she is with her. Dhaani says we will think about it. Raj Lakshmi consoles Suwarna.

Dhaani goes after Viplav and says can we get Tripurari out of jail for Suwarna’s happiness and safety. Viplav asks how did you forget what he has done with us, and says he tried to take our life and is not repenting. He says I will take Suwarna at my house, and says she will be safe at his house. He asks her not to give any fake assurance to Suwarna that they will get Tripurari out of jail and asks her to promise. Dhaani promises that she will not talk about getting Tripurari out of jail. Kanak hears them. Dhaani says she is worried about Suwarna. Viplav says he will talk to Dasharath about Suwarna. He asks her to smile else he will hug her. Dhaani smiles. Kanak gets irked. Viplav says statue, and clicks her photo. Dhaani sees the photo and says she is looking bad. Viplav says your smile is very precious and I have kept it with me.

Kanak thinks she can’t see their love anymore. Viplav says you smile hardly, may be in a month. Kanak thinks Dhaani has taught him to lie. Viplav says may be once in a week. Dhaani says you are mad. Viplav says how can a person be fine when his to be wife is so beautiful. Kanak comes and interrupts them. Viplav asks Dhaani to call Suwarna. Suwarna comes out and says she will be here in the house. Raj Lakshmi says she will take care of Suwarna. Dhaani asks her to take care and call if needed. They leave.

Sita Maayi tells everyone that everything is under control and there is nothing to worry. Badi Amma and Dulaari worry about her. Sita Maayi says Suwarna’s safety is necessary. Viplav thanks Kanak and says you have informed me at the right time else don’t know what would had happen. Kanak says I have done my duty and says God have saved her. Shambu asks what happened? Viplav tells him that Kanak informed him when few people were troubling Suwarna. Shambu asks did you know what was going to happen there, and asks why did you go there. Kanak is shocked.

Viplav comes to Suwarna’s house and calls her. Tripurari comes out of the house shocking Viplav. Viplav asks how did you come out of jail. Suwarna says he is freed from jail. Viplav asks who got him freed? Suwarna says Dhaani got him out of jail. Viplav is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sonu oruge hogalvaa

    1. Illa Shri, saddyakke hogok aagalla..
      Oota maadidra?

  2. Hann joyee, I also like that dialogue of Viplav. V; Abe Banaras tumara baap hai kya? and enjoyed that dialogue of JILJIL.
    Jiljil: Aeh viplav itna pagla gaya hai? aeh duniya mein sabse badi hasiya issi kae acchae lagthi hai usko? Hey Bagwaan!!
    At that time I like her acting and dialogue

    1. IKR Sonu Kajal aka Kanak did kamaal ka acting today 😛

    2. she is amazing un her acting n dialog delivery. . I find her beautiful also -:(..
      “samjhe ya samjhaayen”

  3. Hann Saranya you are right, i am 100% agree with you. I don’t know our countries people when become intelligent, brave and think with broad mind. Womens help to another women, but here full opposite. Women’s only enemy of womens. They can’t even think what happend to her.
    I hate that people, voo logo ki pass vyavadan se( kya huwa tha?) sochnae ke liyae, ek minute bi time nahi hai. Balki koin logo ko maarnae ke jaldi se aa jaata hai.

  4. Rofl Rajee. Jhil Jhil rani Kanak ke jai, oops I mean Jhil ljhil rani Kanak murdabaat 😛
    I just found out if u turn Viplav’s name opposite it’s Valpiv and if u turn Dhaani’s name opposite it’s inaahd and if u turn kanak’s name opposite it’s Kanak . Kanak is always Kanak she will never change and mend her ways 😛

    1. Good calculation Joyee. Now only I observe that name’s reverse. Exactly she never change.

    2. Oh yeah good observation. Kanak will never change.

    3. Superb observation.that’s why i am always saying u are so creative.waiting for ur ff.

    4. Haha thanks I observed it like some days ago

  5. Hamari Viplav baba nae hamesh Dulari kaki ki saat pass gayee reheta. Esepecially in I LOVE U scence ..Oh!! what a love of VIPU to DK?!!!!

    1. hay lobu lobu kaa hai ji?

  6. Hey guys after I counted the no. Of comments for the opinion of which track to use for my ff:
    A and C are tied with 2 votes which is after Viplav-Dhaani love confession and Viplav-Dhaani engagement , and B with 1 vote which is after Dhaani stops Viplav from suicide and also Sara suggested to continue the ff from where Viplav asked Dhaani for prasad.
    So I m asking u all again which track should I continue from love confession or engagement. Or should I go with the suicide part or the pasand part . Plz reply ASAP if u can 🙂

    1. I will vote for my option lol… love blossoms through prashad . seriously I wanted things to be different not really the way they are shown. .so iv would be thrilled to read vidhani’s love story started differently.. especially from dhani’s end atleast

  7. Thank u so much BR mam but my exam was not that good even according to some sources it is said to be the toughest exams in the last 10 yrs so I m quite worried. I gave my best shot but did lots of silly mistake

  8. Thanks rajee. Hey what r u doing?

  9. Shri or Sonu,can anyone of u tell me the meaning of the word’gelathi’?

    1. gelathi means friend who is a female

  10. Hey where are U ReZmie? I think you must busy with your Chemistry exam.

  11. I had not heard the name viplav before. . I liked the name very much n after knowing the meaning (revolution).I m in love with the name as well. ..
    incase I have a son I will name him viplav -:)) lol

    1. Sara!!! Ditto…I said d same thing to my sister then I remembered that we had a senior in our school in d same name ‘ viplav’. So it was cancelled. But I had never heard Mishal as a name. So I wish if I will have a son I will name him Mishal.

      1. mishal is a hindi name.. viplav is sanskrit name .. actually there’s a samvatsara (year as per hindu calendar) called viplava… but never heard it as a name. .

      2. Aww sooo cute Rajee congrats for ur baby’s naam Karan in advance 😛 Eisha, Mishal these names are quite common for me 😛 I already have 2 friends named Eisha and also 1 relative named Mishal (dur ke ristedar) 😛

  12. BR mam,i think by Sankranthi u meant the 15th of january,right?that’s the closing day of our Sabarimala temple.that’s a holy day for all ayyappa devotees .on that day holy lamp appears on sky which is believed to be lighten by apsaras of lord Indra.

  13. When balloon sings gori tore song kanak shys and runs but when Shambu told her she looks beautiful today she ignored by making a ugly face.what yaar kanak.u eats laddu with printed pyjama u shys with balloon’s song then what is Shambu’s role?

  14. Hi frnds gud evg.hi br mam WE WISH U A HAPPY SANKRANTHI TO U AND UR FAMILY.(HAPPY PONGAL).but pls mam ur comments r an energy drink to our pls comment when ur free.and we miss u.

  15. saranya super ,,, nanum same ennai thituvanga mandaila attchuttu kotuthalam nee vangiguve ,, yes attikkarathu un gunam mannipathu en gunam ,,,,

    srippu varathu srippu varuthu
    chinna manusan periya manusan seyala parthu
    srippu varathu srippu varuthu ,

    srikka srikka srippu varudu
    valainzhu nelinzhu attam pottu
    uttaman poll pesu

  16. saranya kanak konjal vazhiyal with babhuji .

    now happy birthday with deverji .

    sambu tata bye ,,,,bye ,,,,, ?????????????????????????????????///

  17. Hi fatarajo I think u prepare ur ff from vidhaanis engagement. Because everyone is eager to see further romantic mode and lovable scenes of our vidhaani.and u mentioned Sara suggested u to start ff from where viplav asks dhaani to give prasad .if that scene means we don’t have another option to change the story.because already our director showed the correct situation of hero and heroine.that is their first meet itself started with misunderstanding (so modhal vandha kadal varum)don’t change u can prepare ur ff only after their engagement.this is my opinion.

    1. Thanks Kaviya for your opinions 🙂

      1. fatarajo please go ahead with whatever is in your mind I m fine with it. . given an option I would want my choice that’s all. .
        looking forward to your ff

  18. dont worry joy give the best,,,, rest let it to god,,,,,,,,,,
    hard works never fails , ,,,,,, here all r the best ,

    all r brilliant how intelligent u r comments r!!!!!

  19. saranya gelathi means friend

  20. Saranaya you are a very cool & a good human being.I am exactly like you.I always smile.
    even my family tells me to close my least for a second.but unfortunetly I can’t do that.I always love to see people happy & I will do anything to make my loved ones happy..

    1. So true MM, Saranya’s comment r quite positive and even her personality reflects through her comments 🙂

  21. MM stands for…????????

  22. @saranya I was also extreme talkative.. in my college my friends used to all me to keep quiet at least during exams which I could never do. ..
    now everything has changed. . now I beg my daughter to keep quiet at least for q minute. . n when I do that my husb says just five years back you were exactly same. -:))

  23. Joyee its fyn u take a cal

  24. I don’t mind for precap. I hope this time director sir don’t do the misunderstanding track again. Our viplav don’t do like that Dhani. He must discuss this matter with Dhani ( not hidden in himself like Dhani) and They both are solve it.

  25. I hate Kanak . What a cheep mentality. How can she do that incident with Suarna? Hey PP abb Suvarna tumari patni hai kya? Tumko vo jiljil ki baare mein sabkuch pata hai. Aeh sab jaanae ki baad mein,tumnae voo jil jil ki saat haat mila diya. Tum Kaisa pati hai? apni patni ki saat itna gatiya harkat karnae ke liyae permission diya. Tum bi ek insaan hai kya?

  26. Most of the girls are talkative in their own way and somewhat complain box.

    1. s most of the girls are talkative. . but not complaining dear..

  27. Lol…thanx fatarajo 4 d adv wish..

  28. Guys… I feel everyone here r very + ve in nature & good ppl…this is very evident fm everyone’ s comments… I am thankful to d makers of IKRS 4 uniting so many lovely ppl together …I am very glad & blessed to b along with u all here…i found a family away fm family here & friends with whim i can share all my thoughts…otherwise my life was very dull b4…thank u all 4 a wonderful company…wish u all a happy life!! Bye…

    1. see only simlar thinking people only can like a theme based serial like this only I think all are like minded.. though people from different walks of life are united here. .
      I too feel so good tobe part of this family. . offlate I m too addicted to this. .

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