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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshiya telling Doctor that Vidha is not opening her eyes. Doctor says let me check. He checks her and says her pulse is dropping, and asks them to complete the formalities and wait outside. Dulaari insists to stay. Doctor asks them to wait outside. They agree and go out. Viplav is sitting with Atharva. Kamini smirks seeing them and says we shall go on a holidays for few days and then you can do job there. We will settled there, our Atharva will get good education there. We will make a new start, and says who are here, your Dada ji and Dhaani, whom you loved and respected, but they gave you betrayal in return. She says you have ruined your life for them. Viplav says you are saying right.

Atharva says where we will go then? Kamini says Europe. She says we will

go there and says this call for the celebration. She asks Viplav to come for dinner. Viplav says no, and says get good here. Dulaari asks Dhaani to tell Viplav that Vidha is unwell, and says she is his daughter and he shall know. Dhaani says how to tell her? Dulaari says I don’t know, just inform him. Viplav sees Dhaani’s call ringing and asks Atharva to go out and play. He picks the call. Dhaani says where are you? Viplav says who cares. He says you got married, and asks why you comes infront of me, you are happy with your new life partner naa, you have snatched my life and daughter and asks her not to call again. Dhaani says listen to me…Viplav ends the call. Kamini smirks happily.

Doctor comes to Dhaani and says I gave injection and she will be alright soon. Dhaani is relieved and asks what happened to her. Doctor says may be she lost consciousness due to tiredness, but we will get the test done for the safety. Dulaari says can we take her home. Dhaani asks him to tell if there is something. Doctor says we are doing this test to rule out this. Nurse comes and informs them that Vidha is gaining consciousness. Vidha gets up, but faints again. Dulaari asks why she is fainting again and again, this is the third time. Doctor says this is strange, and asks nurse to get the test done fast. He asks them to pay the money at the reception, so that her treatment can be done. Dhaani says Vidha. Doctor says let me treat her.

Viplav, Kamini and Atharva are having food in hotel room. Viplav gets Kanak’s call. Kanak asks how are you? Viplav says I am fine, having food in my hotel room with Atharva and Kamini. Kanak is surprised and asks him to return to Banaras. She says I want you to take up the position of heir, and says everything is yours. Viplav says you would have lied, and says it is okay. He says I don’t have any hope with you. Kanak says I told you that I am not interested, and says I am going to foreign and will not come back to Banaras. Kanak says we need you. She accuses Kamini. Viplav ends the call. Kamini smirks and asks him what she was saying? Viplav says she was praising you. He asks her to switch off the phone or throw it. Kamini says now I am feeling as you have forgotten Dhaani, and asks him? Viplav says it seems you can’t forget her or don’t let me forget her. What was the need to take her name again and again.

Dulaari tells Parshiya that money need to be deposited in the receptionist. Parshiya says I will arrange money and asks them not to worry. Dhaani recalls Parshiya taking loan for Vidha’s birthday party before and thinks he might get trap again.

Doctor comes and says he is taking Vidha for more test and says I don’t want to scare you. We will know what happened to her exactly. Dhaani says I will come with my daughter. Doctor asks her to be there. Dhaani cries and asks Dulaari if anything will happen to her daughter. Dulaari says nothing will happen.

Dulaari cries and asks God, why he is taking their test again and again. She says I can’t see Vidha in this condition. Dhaani comes and says I tried talking to him, but he didn’t listen to me and disconnected the call. Dulaari says he might be angry with you and was in pain seeing your marriage. Dhaani says my daughter is unwell and this time is not right to think about Viplav. Dulaari says this is the right time to tell him that Vidha is his daughter. Dhaani says I tried to tell him, but he didn’t listen and at other side, Parshiya is trying all possible things to get the money. Dulaari says but he can’t do anything, the amount is not small. Dhaani says I can’t call him for money and says I can’t stoop low. Dulaari says you have to call him for Vidha, and says his daughter is unwell. What you will answer to Viplav if anything happens to Vidha. He will ask why you didn’t inform me. Dhaani thinks to call Viplav again.

Kamini sees Dhaani’s call on his phone and thinks she is not leaving my Viplav even after marriage. She disconnects the call, but Dhaani calls again. Kamini switches off phone. Atharva asks whose call it is? Kamini asks him to sleep like a good boy. She thinks where is Viplav? Dhaani calls Kamini and asks him to give call to Viplav, and says Vidha is unwell. Kamini acts to have not listened to her and ends the call.

Parshiya comes there. Dhaani tells him that Doctors took her for MRI scan. Parshiya says I have filled the form, but money was less. I gave 10000 Rs, but they need 2 lakhs rupees deposit within 24 hours. Dhaani says I will sell my jewellery. Parshiya asks her not to take tension, and says I will manage. Dhaani says this jewellery is not important than my daughter. Parshiya feels helpless as he didn’t have 2 lakhs rupees. Dhaani says don’t tell that, you are fulfilling the responsibility of a father, even though you are not her real father. Parshiya says I am and will be always her baba and will take care of her responsibilities, and asks her to feed it in mind. Dhaani thanks him. Parshiya asks her to come.

Viplav comes to the basti and thinks Vidha will get happy seeing me. He buys a balloons and thinks my foot steps have brought me here, he says I don’t know if this is right or wrong, and says he can’t suppress his feelings to meet his daughter, and says she is his life. Dhaani is sitting at Vidha’s bed side and asks her to get up, says she will talk to her. Dhaani calls Viplav’s number again and it comes as switched off. Rahul sees Viplav and says Dhaani and Parshiya are not here. Viplav says I didn’t come to meet them and says I came to meet Vidha. He asks him to give balloons to Vidha. Rahul says even Vidha is not here, she had fainted so they took her to city hospital. Viplav is shocked and runs to hospital. Doctor comes. Dhaani asks if Vidha is fine? Doctor says there is a bad news, and says reports will come after 36 hours, and says he came to know that the case is complicated as far as diagnosis is concerned. Dhaani is shocked.

Viplav comes to hospital and asks about Vidha. Pratibha tells him that she is in ICU. Viplav comes running there. Dhaani couldn’t see him as he collides with peon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Oh no wat this friends dhaani is hugging Persia in cheap of dhaani.n I pity viplav for his bad situation.
    Ohh no pls CVS better end this show today only.I can’t see viplav seeing dhaani hugging other person.this is toooo much oh my poor viplav.

  6. Saraswathi.j

    Latha Ji this clip reminds me one scene in Mahabharata,the friendship between Duryodhan and karna is flawless,when they are playing dice Bhanumati Duryodhan wife was also there her katbandan breaks karna assist her while holding her with her hands ,Duryodhan won’t feel jealous of his friends action,so our mahan writers apply this to Viplav even though he saw the embrace of Dhaani with Parshya our sacrificer hero do not feel jealous wonderful creatives idea…!

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