Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav teaching Kamini. All the students in Bhaskar night school give their introduction. Dhaani gives her introduction and says she wants to get education for her husband and want him to feel proud of her. Tutor tells that when a man gets educated, he makes his life better, but when a woman gets education she makes her family better. He asks them to take out their books and says lets begin.

Kamini asks Viplav to look at the stars and moon, and talks poetic. Viplav says your concentration is somewhere else, and asks her to learn from stars and moon. Kamini asks him about his sun sign and says romantic, sensitive…..Viplav asks are you flirting with me? He says if I would not have known you, then thought this. He gets up to go. Kamini asks where are you going? Viplav

says to my star. She must be waiting for me. Kamini says she was just taking break from studies, and asks Viplav to continue teaching. Viplav says okay, we will end criminal law today. He starts teaching her again. Kamini picks her phone. Viplav says you want to learn everything today. Kamini says she has to end the portion for exams.

Bhaskar sir asks the students to say few words about India. Everyone tell about India. Dhaani takes a quick nap. Bhaskar sir sees her sleeping and asks her to tell few lines. Dhaani is clueless. Viplav thinks Dhaani might be waiting for him, and pretends to get sleep. He says Kamini that he will go now. Kamini gets tensed. Viplav asks her to read. She makes an excuse and calls Dhaani. Dhaani says she has reached home and cuts the call. Viplav kisses on Dhaani’s cheeks and says I came back. He sees her sleeping and turns to sleep. Dhaani thinks she couldn’t hide the truth from him, and that’s why acted to sleep. She thinks she will make him proud and can know the road signals etc.

Dhaani is in the kitchen. She reads the lines said by Bhaskar sir on India, and tries recalling. Viplav comes and calls Ram Deen. Dhaani asks do you need anything. Viplav says nothing and goes. Dhaani says Viplav is angry with me, I should agree him. She sees Viplav talking to Dasharath and apologizes holding her ears, and sends flying kiss. Dasharath asks Viplav, if you are hearing me? Viplav says yes. Dhaani sends flying kiss, and Sushma comes infront of her. Dhaani gets shy and turns her face. Sushma smiles looking at Viplav and asks Dhaani about jiji. Dhaani says she went to temple and goes. Dasharath asks Sushma to give panchaam. Sushma says okay and goes.

Dhaani comes to Viplav and apologizes to him. Viplav says it is not easy to get forgiveness. Dhaani makes him eat sweets and asks her to think good. She kisses on his cheek. Kamini looks at them. Viplav pulls her closer and asks why did you lose my balance..who will kiss on the other cheek. Dhaani kisses on his other cheek. Kamini gets jealous and thinks they are always around each other. She sits infront of rotating fan and speeds it up thinking about Viplav. Dadi Bua comes home. Kamini says you went to temple early morning. Dadi Bua says bengali baba came to temple and have many medicines. She shows the pamplet and says baba have the medicine to control people. Kamini tears the paper and says she will play magic on Viplav. She says Viplav will roam around her in a few days time. She says Viplav gave me homework, and I couldn’t understand few things. I will go and learn from him, smirks. Dadi Bua blesses her.

Dhaani reads about India. Viplav asks what are you reading? Dhaani says paathshala..she says Kamini taught me. Viplav says she is working hard on you. Dhaani is about to tell Viplav about her night school. Kamini comes just then and stops Dhaani. She engages Dhaani as she informs about her missing earring. Viplav tells Kamini that he got a chance and asks her to assist him. Kamini says it will be fun to be with you, I mean to work with you. Viplav asks Kamini to come. They leave. Dasharath calls Dhaani and says guest have come. He thanks Asthana for giving charity. Asthana says it is my duty. Dhaani brings tea. Asthana shows her earring and asks if it is yours. Dhaani is shocked and recalls losing it on the road as she fell down. Dasharath says I couldn’t understand. Viplav comes and says hi to Asthana. Viplav asks about the earring. Asthana thinks she might don’t want anyone to inform about her meeting with someone at night. He says I found this outside the house. Dasharath thanks him.

Kamini sits in Asthana’s car and asks why you did hide from the family about finding Dhaani’s earring. Asthana says it is for everyone’s betterment. Kamini thinks Asthana can be useful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for the update hasan mam. Hope u all remember me. My school is over and I got 15days holiday.. Tmr I am gonna watch many watched? How many gonna watch?

  2. Louella

    Today’s episode was just fabulous. I was just laughing when Dhaani was feeling sleepy and she took a nap. Poor Dhaani!!!

    Coming to Viplav again his expressions were just superb. When he acted that he was feeling sleepy he just nailed it. I was laughing when he fooled Kamini.

    When he was angry with Dhaani it looked as if he was really angry. His expressions were amazing.

    When Dhaani gave a flying kiss and Dadi came in front of her I just burst out laughing. I still remember Dhaani’s expressions.

    Kamini is just a flirty girl. Viplav plz understand she is really flirting with u.

    What does Kamini mean in the precap. Just tensed about Dhaani. What is she upto. Fingers crossed….

    Coming to vidhani scenes it was superb. When Viplav told that she lost his balance I got scared. Is Viplav still angry with Dhaani? This question came in my mind but then realised it was acting. Truly Mishal u r fabulous.(Nimisha di don’t get jealous. I m just admiring Mishal not taking him away from

    Coming to dadi bua she needs a Bengali baba to control herself first.

    This was my opinion about today’s episode. Guys what’s ur opinion.

    • Louella

      Nimisha di I have entered ur world. My comment is so long. Will u not welcome me into ur world.

      • Nimisha

        Welcome Louella to the land of the lonnnnnnnng posts! My all time favourite saying is ‘it’s good to talk’ lol! Good post by the way!

        Might watch it now based on what you say, bit worried about the fact that VK might drug Viplav. Stupid silly witch! I wish she would just disappear.

  3. Nimisha

    Thanks for the update H Hasan.

    I now read your updates and then decide whether to watch or not.

    Still the VK show continues. Hmmm will watch later after reading everyone’s comments I think.

    Thanks again.

  4. Latha

    Hasan mam thank you for your update. In today’s episode I extremely liked the cute expressions of dhani. Dhani has improved her expressions a lot. I loved today’s episode very much especially dhani scenes.

    • Nimisha

      Good question Renu… I replied but wasn’t sure afterwards.

      Missed you today Renu. Hope all’s well with you! Xxx

      • Hi nimmy ya all well thks for concern carpenter was there for some work so was busy supervising missed u a lot too

      • Nimisha

        I kept refreshing hoping your name ( and Anne’s) would appear but you didn’t. But I got rewarded for my efforts with your lovely animated post!

        Hope the carpenter did a good job!


  5. Nimisha

    Sujie, sounds very intriguing and can’t wait to hear all about it. GOOD LUCK!!! Lovely, hope you get the outcome you want! Xxx

  6. Episode’s start with dhani learning in the school was great. The teacher seems to be good. It must have been embarrassing for dhani when the teacher asked her to say about india in the middle of her nap session ?☺☺ viplav truly unaware if VKS?intentions is engrossed in teaching her n she is lost in her dreamland???atleast today viplav said that if he wouldn’t have known her would have thought she is flitting ????viplav your analysis is right n request u not to teach criminal law to a persons with intentions of crime??felt relieved to see dhani at home before viplav reaching his room else it would have been……?????dhani u enacted to be sleepy but viplav felt bad as well as i did. Dhanis way to appease viplav was fantastic ?????????? u were lucky that yr flying kiss was caught by sweet dadi n not devil DT.??VIPLAVS ACT of being angry n later forgiveness by awestruck ???cant understand why VK gets to see whenever vidhani are spending some time together ?? she deserves?????✊✊✊✊✊✊ DB is shown as Mahapandit then how come she can trust on fake babas actually she herself is fake????? JUDGE ASTHANA must be having some animosity with Dt else he would not have come to return the earing on a different pretext??VK is trying to be a step ahead of KT n wants to collaborate with the judge ťo achieve her goal????????

    • Nimisha

      OMG REnu. a LOVE YOUR POST!!!! Love all the little emoticons too. Perfecto!!!

      I was going to watch it later after reading Louella’s ⬆️ Up there and yours has tipped the scales in favour of it becoming I must watch it. THank you both!

      I really hope BOTH the judge and MasterJi turn out to be good souls and are therefore support our Viplav and Dhani. ????????


    • Nimisha

      Renu, can I ask… Why did DT start acting all holier than though when he saw the judge at the temple. Just moments before he was being super rude to all the peeps who were asking for prasad from him.

      I didn’t and still don’t understand that.

      Thanks very muchly!

      • Nimmy according to me after giving all his powers to DB n basically lefr with nothing DT WAS feeling helpless n out of frustration had yelled at the crowd. On seeing the judge who is supposed to be an influential person he thought of impressing him n started telling about widow rights n his desire to make a temple in dhani’s name n to use all donations for widows. Once the judge was convinced of his decision n confirmed to give donation ; Dt got his lost confidence n thought that his image is sufficient to rule people now also without having any powers. IN A CRUX HE WANTED TO CHECK the relevancy of his years old Image.?

      • Nimisha

        Aaaaahhh thanks Renu. That makes sense. So the judge must be a good guy for donating to the cause. I really hope so, as very tired of all the negative people, including DT.

        I think when DTvisnon screen I tend to switch off a bit so wasn’t concentrating when that scene was on.

        Thanks again, xxx

  7. Zee

    Comments are slow today. What happened? Moderators are at it again or friends got lost like Dhani’s earing!

  8. Rajee

    Oh..not again!!!Dhani always gets trapped.This kamini doesn’t hv other works but wat abt d judge?? It seems he also doesn’t hv any work.just jumping in other’s matter.
    Viplav ek mukka maro is kamini ko. Stars,moons Sab dikhjayenge even in d morning .& this dadi bua..the worst lady in d world.she deserves a kick…
    Not watched d episode so can’t comment on vidha scene. First I need 2 relish on it..

    • Nimisha

      Rajee, hello

      You are right. DB is the worst woman in the world and VK is her protege, trainee worst woman in the world! Detest them both.



    • SARAS

      hi renu dear I m here.. Thanks a lot for remembering me..
      aapne bulaya aur hum na aaye …isliye doude chali aaye.. -:))

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      U missed my name.. I am old member.. ???????Many forgot me and now days no reply to me. Also!! Hate this type of things.. Manu does not like me here.. Big good bye.. I have already quitted watching this show now I will stop reading updates also.

  10. Anji

    A big hiiiiiiiii to all d ikrsians…I hope you guys remember me.. if not then it’s not ok at all ….lol. I commented once.. but after that I could not… bcuz of my exam.. aipmt or neet what eveR it is.
    N now regarding today’s episode… vidhani scene s were awesome as usual.. Dhani expressions wen she saw Dadi was commendable… m a pure mishal fan….who is always curious to know about his real life..
    One more thing I have to tell u dat ikrs will be off air soon due to its poor ratings.. colors will wrap it up soon. May be In 1 to 2 months.. wen I got this news.. I was shocked n deeply saddened.

    • Hi anji pl dont feel sad as i am optimistic that after this stupid track of dadi bua n VK aka kamini is over trp would again shoot up n it won’t be off air??

      • Anji

        Actually.. I saw it in 2-3 news channels.. dats y m worried..? they added dat shakti. Vivian d sena n rubina s show… will replace it.. but ya fingers crossed? let’s hope for the best . .. lekin agr colors walo ne aisa kiya na…muh fod dungi unka…

    • Nimisha

      Hi Genita, I’m minkar33. I am slightly mad on there as well, but have to be succinct so slight less mad if that makes sense. See you over there. If you follow me, I’ll follow you back.

    • Nimisha

      Know Renu, but have caught a couple of episodes on to and am intrigued. I was trying to find episode 1 online but haven’t had any luck apart from in Tamil I think. I tried to watch and really concentrated but I couldn’t understand it.

      Did you like it?

      I tell you what, at the moment I am loving krishndasi, today’s was really good. It’s another low TRP show but no idea why. It’s soooo good. I,m also watching Kasam and Thapki. I watch these everyday. I also try and watch Bahu hamari rajnikant and and another new one which BR Mam recommended but don’t seem to get much time for those two, I,ve also added Rangrasiya to my list after Anne recommended it and madhubala,

      I,m a bit of an Indian daily soap addict now. To think before IKRS in September I couldn’t watch them at all. ?????

      How about you? What do you watch?

      • Saraswathi.j

        You also see” iss pyaar ko kya naam doon season 1 ” Arnav and Kushi act brilliantly worth seeing Nimisha .it is on hotstar.

      • Hi nimmy was asking as Madhubala a hero VIVIAN is married to the girl who is playing role of Maggie in bahu hamari rajnikant.

  11. Nimmy recently came to know about ETIHAD AIRLINES sounds amazing to have a bedroom;living room with 32″flat tv; shower room BUTLER N A SEPARATE CHEF ON AIR. Fare from London to Mumbai is $26000 per person wana give a try dear?

    • Nimisha

      Ooh, you know what Renu, if money was no object I would SOOOO do that. I would take it straight away. No hesitation. I,d probably pay the extra to come to Delhi first to meet you and Arshu and then take you both with me to meet Louella in Mumbai and then swetha in Kerala and then onto BR Mams in Bangalore with you all in tow.

      Then I would go up to Nepal and you would have to come with me to meet Sujie.

      I’d make Anne come with me too! ?

      That would be an amazingly awesome trip. I do have champagne tastes but only a beer budget. Lol! I don’t like beer by the way, but that’s what the saying is.

      Maybe I’ll save up for it, lol, so I’ll see you in the year 2299 lol!

      Sounds good though. Mind you only a 32″ tv. Hmm I,m sure they could do better. ????

  12. Nimisha

    Renu, I can imagine you and I chatting away over a cuppa into the early hours. Really hope we get the chance to do that one day. ☕️☕️☕️☕️??????

    Good luck with your carpenter tomorrow.what’s he/she making for you? You don’t have to say, I know I’m nosey. Sorry.


  13. Nimisha

    Ok, so watched the episode.

    Agree with what Louella and Renu said up there ⬆️

    Loved Viplav and Dhani in the kitchen when Viplav said he was up early cause he slept early, also the blowing a kiss at Dadi was hilarious. Viplav’s looks at Dhani when talking to DT, would have floored me, but Dhani stayed standing,

    The MasterJi seems ok. Hope he,s a good guy.
    Dhani should tell Viplav. Lies lead t more lies, she better than anyone knows that.
    Mr Astana seems a bit dodgy
    VK is colour blind as apart from the gold ones her blouses don’t match her sarees.
    VIplav is mad taking her to the meeting with him. She looks trashy, he should think of his reputation!
    DB yet again redefining what sanskari means. Even I know it’s not VK.
    The scene in front of the house mandir was soooo cute and lovely, Dhani seems much more comfortable at the affection scenes and nice to see her consoling a stroppy Viplav and taking the lead.

    good episode apart from DB and VK. VK looks really ugly to me. I remember when she first arrived thinking she’s ok looking but now she just seems witch like. Dhani is very angelic compared to her.

    Oops I think this might be long again…. But just imagine how much longer had I not been able to point you up there ⬆️⬆️⬆️ To Renu and Louella,s posts. ?????????????

  14. Nimisha

    Oh and I LOVE Dadi. I wish she had more of a role. She’s so loving and supportive,

  15. saranya

    Gud mng dear friends.hai Renu,i am here.i was a little busy.i will try to comment daily from today.

  16. saranya

    Arey,kamini can u please give me ur rings for some days.don’t do it as a free service,i’ll give rent to u.woh kya haina,a drama competition is going on here and we are in a big dilemma,we don’t have any crowns with us.ur rings are small as an ant,that’s why i am asking.there is nothing difference in b/w them na.both my ideal crown and ur ring look like same.think deeply abt this proposal,ok?

  17. David

    Guys missed last episode also can’t watch it in syndey and also anne
    Yu should be friendly with new users

    • Louella

      David u can watch it in YouTube or desitvbox. We had told u yesterday but I think u didn’t read our reply.

      • David

        Ya but the episode is uploaded after 1 day and also Anne is rude she should have taken soflty like you and others

  18. kiara

    y dey r nt uploading d episodes…. cn u jst tell me frm wer cn i download diz episodes…

  19. Yesterday episode was too gud.finally a new initiative taken place in ikrs.I was so happy when I saw dhani in scl.thank u writers for listeng us.coming to viplav finally he doubter her.I luv his sentence ” tym mujh pe line marrhe ho”.very straight n pin pointed ans.n vidhani scene n der nokjhok is very cute n lovable .overall I enjoyed d whole episode:-)

  20. Precap is interesting. Der may b a big twist abt to come. I think DAT judge ll join hand with DAT kamini.I cannt expect wat ll b d next planning of her

  21. saranya

    Kamini,are u doing L.L.B or Modelling?that is Ayodhya house not Modelling house.go and sand in front of a textile shop as a dummy,that is more suitable to u not lawyer.wait wait wait.u don’t even know to wear a saree well na,oh sorry i forgot about,the net result is that,u know only one thing and that is flirting.Ms.Flirt.

  22. Hi renu ji iam here only I was busy yesterday so can’t com.but my presence of mind too here only. So iam with my dear.thank u for remembering us.

    • My God saranya u came back with ur powerful bang dear .luv u dear.ya kamini looks very sanskari with her dressing style .she need some advertising agent to give add for her dressing n jewellery style.
      But I think no one will buy that type of girls model .but any way her acting in that role is superb.till this time knk irritated us.n now kamini no bother about it.

  23. shanitics

    Great minds discuss ideas:Avg minds discuss events;small mind discuss people?
    Good morning ? frnds…
    Think differently?
    Be unique ?
    Keep smiling ?

  24. shanitics

    Yesterday too I was finding my sleep all night… I and my sleep were playing Hide and seek all night… At last I found my sleep nearly by 1am it seems… Thought to comment here and searchd for the mob.. Bt bro took the mobile?…
    Do NT knw y I am nt gtting sleep…

  25. shanitics

    A look through yesterday’s episode

    I was laughing ? Whn sushma dadi saw Dhaani giving Vip flying kiss….

    My face was abt to give a vidhaani smile whn Viplav entered the room…. Bt Dhaani? spoiled tat smile… Y can’t she wait? would be able to c smethng…bt would have missed flying kiss…

    Thn whn Dhaani gave him a kiss ? and he told kaun balance kareinga… Vidhaani smile came to my face… Kamini?…. Y she entered Vip’s room without knocking….

    I think masterji is gng to do smethng….

    Vidhaani scenes simple bt the best ones…

  26. Now only watched the episode it was awesome.I like viplavs n dhaani scenes very much.its just like really type drama.
    And our viplav wakeup dhaani n she slept then viplav acts like he got angry .this r all very interesting cool things to watch it.very cute vidhaani luv guys ur small screen rock stars.
    My got iam waiting eagerly for how that kamini original face revealed. And want to see how vidhaani reacts for kamini behaviour.

  27. Kaira n David if u want to watch misses episodes of ikrs then go to die hard fans of mishal rahejas videos in fb GRP.then u get every episode there.till yesterday. Watch it enjoy it guys.

  28. saranya

    Dhani,u need a mentos break,arey dimag ki batti chalao na yaar.can’t u see kamini trying to tempt Viplav.the only relief is noone can change our wakil babu and a flirt like kamini can never change him.anways all the best for ur ABCD mission and pls take care of that new kabab haddi judge also.

    • Arshdeep

      David thank you for asking about me..m glad??
      And sorry for anne di if you felt bad..i dont think she had any intentions to hurt you. Maybe she said just normally. She is soo good. So just chill ok..??

      Can i know from where you are??
      And what you doing?? Studies or something else??

      • Sorry for jumping in but arshi is right . Though i am unaware of the issue but ANNIE IS A DARLING ADORABLE SWEET JUST LIKE DADI OF IKRS SO THERE WOULD BE SOME MISUNDERSTANDING. PL CLARIFY ☺?☺?☺

  29. Yes Sara’s that judge is in positive role I think.bcs when DT says judge that he was going to built sitamas temple in the name of his bahu then judge appreciated DT for his good work.I know DT was lying.but judge don’t know DTS intension.he appreciated him by his good heart.bcs no one appreciate any good person only a good hearted mab can do it.wat u say my frnd.

  30. SARAS

    I Haven’t watched episode so Cannot comment much. .
    but I m not surprised if kamini uses black Magic n vip fall in her trap as in ssk.. makers aiming zero trp

      • Kevin david

        Di my full name is Kevin David
        I am in Australia right now
        I am studying
        OK as you say Anne hasn’t done it intensiouly then its ok

      • Kevin david

        Di my full name is Kevin David
        As of the fact Of Annie the words can’t you pinches me very much
        She should have spoken like souize di

      • Arshdeep

        Please dont feel bad about any comments here
        We had a history of fake people coming and commenting bad about our show..about us.. so we feel suspicious sometimes
        Otherwise we welcome everyone whole heartedly
        So keep commenting
        But…but with one fixed name..okay?

  31. Arshdeep

    Helloooooo everyone….!!
    Good morning….(i think i am so late today for gm??)

    How are you all??

    Sujie di once again all the best..
    Hope everything goes well with you today..??

  32. Arshdeep

    Renu di you are just amazing …
    Tell me how many languages you know?? ??
    You speak english soo well…then punjabi..and now urdu too??
    Very talented hmm..!! ??

    • Hi arshu i know hindi English only. Punjabi ; i can understand all but can’t express though my dad can read write n speak fluently in punjabi . since childhood i luv urdu but no one in family knew have just picked some words on my own by listening to program s in urdu at times.also i luv all languages n try to grasp whatever comes so i am ready to learn always . I have picked few tamil words when i had gone to salem . Erode coimbatore officially. Now i want to learn telgu kannad n malyalam.??

      • Arshdeep

        Woww you are super talented..!!
        I too want to learn telugu and malyalam
        I see br mam and many others commenting here..i dont get what they speak?
        So would love to learn those languages

  33. Arshdeep

    Just to disagree with some of you here
    According to me masterjii is going to be a positive one
    But that judge mr. Asthana will be a negative one.

  34. Arshdeep

    Okay guys mujhe maaf karna please..
    M boht aalsi(lazy) hun..
    Meri vocabulary bhi boht achi nhi h?
    So just a combined appreciation for all latest episodes of ffs..
    Like you are my ki and i am your ka…..revenge or love…..
    Another one by goldie..
    They all are just awesome….mind blowing..!!
    Keep going guys..
    You all are doing a great job..!!????

    • Hi sonu gelathi for past many days was remembering u yesterday also had written about all absentees including u. ☺?

  35. Sonu

    Hey Kamini, I like your charecter in Shastri Sisters as ANU. Pls tum meri mann mein Anu ki taraha rehae.. Pls stop this Kamini role, I can’t watch your negative role.

    Now a daysI loose the intrest in IKRS because of Kamini role, Pls Directorji iss Kamini aur Daadi Bua role ko jald se jald katam kariyae… Pls pls…

  36. Arshdeep

    Okay so watched the episode now..

    A good one indeed..!!
    Dhani’s expressions were worth watching..!!??

    And i loved it when viplav was talking to DT and smiling ????

    Acc to me mr. Asthana is going to be a negative one.. & a big villain..
    Already he knows now that dhani is lying to her family.
    And he thinks dhani went to meet someone at night.
    I think he has bad eye on her..worried about dhani
    Hope she dont fall into some worst situation..!! Fingers crossed..Xxx

  37. Sonu

    How cheep this KAmini? she knows Vipu married and Vidhani loves too much each other.. Then how she think, plann to get Vipu? Shame on u kamini and Daadi bua..
    Tum dono milkar ek pyaariwaali pati patni ko door karnae kaa kaam kar rahi haina? Now DB u r a Mahant of Banaras, peheli aap uss jagaha yaa Darja ko Gaurav denae ko sikawao..Iss taraha ghatiya kaam matt karo..

    • Arshdeep

      The main fault again i feel comes to DT and KT
      They somehow misinterpreted their marriage saying there is no proof or gurantee that they married and proving dhani as a bad characterless girl using the video.
      I think if dadi bua havent seen that..she might have accepted her anyhow and wont have helped or supported kamini in her dirty tricks??

      • Nimisha

        DT and KT may have said they weren’t married but surely VK can see for herself, as she has spied on them often enough, that they truly madly deeply love each other and should back off.

        She’s been told for soooo long by DB, how wonderful and right and good she is that she actually thinks it’s okay to do what she’s doing because of course she is, in her opinion, wonderful and right and good.

        I still think it’s a competition for her to win Viplav because he was hers to start with, in her own opinion and how could she come second to an uneducated widow. I don’t think it’s about Viplav as much as it is about winning,

      • Nimisha

        The video showing Dhani drunk is the reason DB is doing this. Because she believe her sone should be with a sanskari girl, ie VK. It’s totally ridiculous and ironic how stupid both she and VK are,

  38. Mahira

    Agghh!! I watch the new Olv!! It’s worst!! I can bear any kamini but can’t just bear Viplav scolding Dhaani! ?

      • Mahira

        Kamini trapped Dhaani again!

        They went in some restaurant along with DB. And kamini orders non veg. And ultimately blame goes on Dhaani as Kamini made ger to order non veg deliberately. ?

        Viplav also blames her a little. ?

  39. Omg watched new olv very disgusting frnds.their kamini plans that dhaani unknowing ordered non veg in restaurant that db see it n scolds dhaani in front of all restaurant people. Viplav supports but can’t do anything.feeling very bad.kamini plan getting workout.kamini was prooving
    that dhaani don’t know a simple knowledge also very interesting stry was going on today.guys let’s watch ishq ka rang safed.
    Also in interview ishitha said that pls luv my character don’t hate me.I know my character in show was some wat ambarassing but pls watch ikrs very superb concept n stry.luv me as u support me in sashtri sisters.

  40. Arshdeep

    I feel moderators are so happy with me..
    They post my comments instantly??? i may comment at any time of the day but still magic happens with me most of the time??
    Thank you thnk you??

  41. Louella

    Hi friends. I m back. Arshi di today I went to play so couldn’t comment. Now I m back. So I will go on commenting.

      • Arshu how r u did u try the home made recepiè for stone treatment iam sure if suppose it doesnt work then also there is no harm taking it as it is natural nothing chemical stiil i have a feeling that it would help u .

      • Arshdeep

        I watched it didi but did not show it to my mom ??
        I am sorry??
        It was having haldi..and kada jaisi lag rha tha..
        If i would have shown to my muma..she would have made it for me..then i would have to drink it??
        Sorryyy but i just cant take it anymore..??
        Daily taking a couple of medicines..water and water..!!
        I just want to eat something very delicious but no space is left in my stomach after drinking sooo much water??

    • SARAS

      dear louella.. How u r better I felt very bad that day when u said ur keg was paining n u couldn’t play..Please take care

  42. Mahira

    Now when comments are getting posted quickly. ? I’m getting pissed off with this scrolling! ? why they are not shifting comments to next page!? ?

    • Arshdeep

      Hahaha ??
      I use tab so dont have much prblm??
      Still you ask the moderators politely
      Maybe they will answer you

    • Mahira

      Haha.. mujhy itni zayada Chinta nahi h. ?
      Me yahan bohat kam Tashreef lati hun. ?

      • Mahira

        Haha.. esi baat nahi hai ati hun. Lekin aap logon k comments parh k hi tummy full ho jata h! ❤ Khud sy kuch likhny ka dil nahi karta. Bus parhny aa jati hun. ?

        You can also name it as indolence. ?

    • Arshdeep

      Ok ok now..not so good..
      Still today ate that orange wali badi si infection ki goli???
      Ahhhh i hate that medicine from bottom of my heart??

      • Nimisha

        Awww sorry to hear you’re still in pain. Don’t hate the medicine. It will help. Just take it if it helps and the forget about it. Hope you’re okay.

        Hey Swetha. Hope you’re okay too. Xxx

  43. shanitics

    I am totally getting mad?

    I posted my first epi of ff trice and unknowingly I pressed back button and it gt vanishd… I again wrote it .. Tat time a phone came Again vanished…. I am getting mad?

  44. shanitics

    Lols… If u don’t mind can I ask u a favour…
    Can u give me the link of ur ff… From the epi no.. Emmm… Actually I forgot the epi no.. I will tell u the starting of the epi.. Viplav flirting with girls frm tat epi onwards I need the link?

    My net offer was finished and I stopped reading…. Whn net gt recharged I started to read again bt ff is like eternal story….

    I fed up with reading?

      • Nimisha

        OLV’s don’t always make the final cut though…

        Also if Viplav gets annoyed at Dhani for ordering non veg then that will be out of character again, and the writers know how we all feel about that so hopefully they’ll avoid that sort of nonsense, Viplav knows Dhani wouldn’t order non veg knowingly. Hopefully they’ll stick to that, fingers crossed anyway.

    • Sonu

      Hi Saras dear, I am fine, wt abt u?? Now a days I couldn’t watch IKRS, that’s why I am not commented…( I went to my native place, so…not watched ikrs…)

      • SARAS

        even I m not regular watcher these days so I also comment rarely. . hope u had good time

  45. Nimisha

    Hello everyone.

    Hope you’re all well.

    I forgot so many names to add to my ethihad plane trip list, I am sooo sorry. Of course everyone in this lovely family would be visited and picked up along the way. My memory isn’t all that clever at remembering everyone, but as soon as I see a name, so today, Kavitha, Saras, Saranya, Mahira, Yetty, florentina and the many others I add them to my list.

    • Arshdeep

      U r late today
      I was again n again checking ur last seen at whatsapp and thinking she must be busy somewhere

      • Nimisha

        Woken up with a bit late today. My turn for a lie in. Bliss!

        Hope you’re doing good!

  46. Kevin david

    Di yu are saying right but yu r comparing me to vk’ s style yu are saying this to your newly family member brother whatever yu said I didn’t bother but di I am not doing it the vk’s style dry if yu have got hurt of any of my word if yu say I will never come to this site
    Di its your decision

  47. Meghs

    Renu see i am here
    I have exam on 21 so unable to comment.. Moreover nw not getting time to watch ikrs…

  48. Meghs

    Iss kamini ne tho sare hade par kardi h…

    Dhani ab tho samajo uske intention ko…

    • Mahira

      Yeah, right! It’s high time now! ? Dhaani should at least suspect kamini being over weird these days! ?

      If not Dhaani. ?? Then, would love to see Mishal spying Kamini!! ? Would be so cool! ?

      • Kartik

        di i also want to sry one thing my some friends call me david but actually my name is Kartik i hope yu will forgive me

    • Arshdeep

      Didi you asked the moderators to delete your comment..right??
      Aap kitne ache ho???? Tell me..
      How sweet of you
      Although the matter wasnt so big..still apne itna kia..

      Just cool down ok..u did not do a mistake at all
      Its all fine..okay??

    • Kevin david

      di yu dont need to sry there was no mistake i said that to clear yur doubts
      please dont say sorry
      yu are making me feel bad after saying sorry people will think how is this rother who is making his sis say sorry

  49. Arshdeep

    Now i want ki dhani bhi viplav ko thoda nakhre dikhaye for he scolded her??
    And then viplav dhani ko manaye..!! That would be sweet to see ?
    But hmari dhani hai mahan aatma..use kha gussa ata h??

  50. Sujie

    Hello everyone….. Thank you Arshdeep….louella….nimmy…. swetha…and all others for wishing me…… ok …I’m gonna tell you what’s the matter…….
    It was my SAT exam today…..and I am really really happy today….. although i had exam….i commented here daily…posted ffs….and chatted in fb too…so don’t scold me okay??? If I had not taken break like this…toh dimaag pressure mein aakay phatt jata….. i hope i get good scores…… love you guys…thank you for your prayers….. will talk about the episode tonight
    🙂 🙂

  51. SARAS

    This olv is another evidence of ikrs going off track. .. mahants of banaras will not go to hotels to eat.leave alobe going to veg n nonveg hotel . They have their own disciplines to follow. ..
    It’s all going swaragini n ssk way that’s y I m disappointed -:((

  52. shanitics

    Sujie di… Have a break have a kit-kat… Bt whn onwards Have a break.. Have a cmnt?

    Sujie di do nt wrry u’ll get the best results

  53. shanitics

    Hey.. I saw a post saying tat.. VIP will come to knw abt Dhaani’s night class and will scold her and fight

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.