Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani getting Parshiya’s call and says she came to ghat to buy chunari. She checks chunari. Viplav is going from there to the airport, and gets a glimpse of Dhaani’s back. He asks driver to stop the car and steps down emotionally…Mere Ishq Ka Rang plays…………….while he looks at Dhaani while walking towards her. He goes through a lot of emotional turmoil as he steps towards her, and keeps hand on her shoulder, but the woman turns out to be someone else shattering his hope (how can woman wear same dress). Dhaani is seen walking from behind. Viplav turns and thinks Dhaani went 5 years back, asks himself to take care of his emotions. Dhaani is seen there itself at other shop purchasing the items. Just then Viplav sees Mrs. Kaushik’s daughter Richa asking driver

to hurry up. He goes to her and sees her suitcase. He asks where are you going? Richa says she is going to parlour. Viplav says he will confirm with Mrs. Kaushik. Richa asks him not to call Mrs. Kaushik. He says I am guest for your wedding and asks her to give phone.

Dhaani brings the chunari and tells Mrs. Kaushik. Mrs. Kaushik asks her to show it to Richa. Dhaani asks about the person who returned her bag. Mrs. Kaushik says he left early morning as he has some important work. Richa tells Viplav that her parents will never accept Deepak as he is poor and want rich guy who can become their business partner. Viplav asks did you talk to your papa? Richa says no, and says she can’t live without him. Viplav asks where is your hero? Dhaani knocks on Richa’s door. Just then she hears some noise and sees a man hiding in the room. She calls thief and is about to inform everyone. Deepak says he is Richa’s boyfriend and is waiting for her. Dhaani is shocked. Richa asks Viplav to get her married to Deepak and says she don’t want to married joker which her parents have selected. Viplav smiles and says I came to attend your wedding, but you don’t want to marry and marry someone else. Richa says you did love marriage too. Viplav looks on. Dhaani doesn’t believe on Deepak.

Deepak shows her message on his phone, and says Richa wanted to elope, and I came here to make her understand. Dhaani says where did she go? How can she go leaving her marriage. Guests have come, she didn’t think about her parents once, and asks him to apologize to Mrs. Kaushik. Deepak says it is not that easy, they will kill us. Dhaani tells Deepak what do you mean? She says how can she elope? What is her parents mistake? Deepak says her papa will not agree. Dhaani says did you try once? She says they love Richa and will agree. Deepak says I am a poor guy, and her parents will not allow. Dhaani says she will talk to Mrs. Kaushik and asks him to call Richa there. Deepak asks who are you? It is good that you are helping us, and asks why? Dhaani says I used to love someone and knows your situation well. She says it is not good to elope and marry. Viplav asks Richa marry Deepak. He says he did marry by eloping. He asks her to go home for the time being. Richa says no, and says her papa will never agree. Viplav asks her to believe him and says I will help you.

Richa gets Deepak’s call and she says she is on dhobi ghat. Deepak says he is in her room at her house. He says he has some problem in his phone and calling with didi’s phone. Richa says she got bhaiyya who assured to help us. Deepak says I got Didi who assured to help us. He asks her to come home. Dhaani says you both will marry. Viplav says I will get you married even if your parents don’t bless you. Mrs. Kaushik comes to Richa’s room and sees Deepak. She asks who is he? Dhaani says I am also saying the same. She asks who said you that the room wiring is not working. Deepak says yes, and says he will check other wire. Dhaani asks him to call Parshiya and take his help. Mrs. Kaushik asks Dhaani to come with her. Viplav makes Richa sit in his car and asks driver to take them back to Mrs. Kaushik’s home. Kamini sits in the car and leaves. Mrs. Kaushik’s holds Dhaani’s hand and takes her out. Viplav asks Richa not to worry and go straight to her room. He asks her to go and says he will bring his bag. Richa asks him to bring her stuff also. Mrs. Kaushik sees Richa coming and hugs her. She asks where did you go? Richa says parlour. Dhaani says your mumma got tensed and was about to call Police. Richa says where would I go.

Dhaani makes the flower arrangements. She sees Deepak going towards Richa’s room, and thinks if Mrs. Kaushik sees him then…She goes to Deepak and asks him to go before Mrs. Kaushik sees him. Deepak says he can’t stay away from Richa and can’t see her going far from him. Dhaani says you love her so much naa. Deepak says they didn’t see the difference before falling in love, and says only you can understand us. He says there is nothing in life except love. Mrs. Kaushik sees Dhaani and Deepak. Just then a guest stops her to talk. Dhaani asks Deepak to go to Richa’s room. Deepak goes. Kamini comes home and relaxes on sofa. Kanak looks on surprisingly and asks why did you come early? Kamini says Viplav has a meeting to attend so he came and I came too. She asks where is he? Kanak asks if you are fine? Kamini says Viplav left on a morning flight. Kanak says he hasn’t come. Kamini says he might have went for meeting and calls Viplav. Viplav says he is in Mumbai as he met some special people. Kamini gets scared thinking what will happen if Dhaani and Viplav come infront of each other.

Vidha gets locked in the room and calls Mumma and Rakshas uncle. Someone informs Viplav that a girl is locked in store room. A woman informs Dhaani that 5 years old girl is locked in store room. Dhaani thinks she might be Vidha and goes. Viplav tries to break the door to save Vidha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    A good episode not much of Vk?
    Enjoyed watching her angry face when she came to know viplav is still in mumbai??

  2. Arshdeep

    Thank you yetty..anne di and zee… for your wishes?
    Bday and exam both were great?
    Guess what gift did i get?? Combined gift for my result and bday

    And zee great you completed it..?
    Its really very hot here too??

    • Louella

      Because after the rain u just see the scene in our roads. It’s so dirty. Our Mira Road is very dirty and when it rains the place is worth watching. All dirt and also there r many puddles here. I can’t even walk properly there not only me but everyone in our area. The reason is this.

      • Arshdeep

        Okay ok i got it dear
        Hope the weather gets well soon there but dont bring rains in your area

      • Agree with u Louella I also don’t like rain .. light madam gaaiib hojate hai and roads tw travelling karny k condition mai he nahe hote?

  3. Arshdeep

    Precap is really good
    Vidha was not only calling her mum from inside but rakshas uncle too??

    • Louella

      Yes but instead of rakshas uncle she has to learn to tell her papa. Because very soon vidhani will meet.

  4. Ade1111

    Thanks H Hassan and yup you are right how can they both wear the same dress ??????????

  5. Episode was good .. viplav didn’t see dhani.. they both missed each other what a coincidence? .. I am happy because of kamini Banaras pohanch gae madam viplav k beghair.. lol bestest part ?

    • Louella

      Yes. It was the best part in today’s episode but the worst part was that they missed seeing each other, again!!!!

    • Yes maha when she reached AN & RELAXED on sofa kts expression were??best was when vk asked kt bhoot dekh liya kya?

      • I guess tomorrow not promising because tomorrow will be a busy day for me but will try my level best.. otherwise day after tomorrow which is confirm?☺

      • Awesome expressions delivered by mishal when he was thinking of dhani.. love u mishal .. no matter drama boring hojai but ur expressions will keep this drama energetic and alive always??

      • Arshdeep

        Take your time
        I read all previous episode together and they gave me goosebumps..
        Wanted to comment
        Then thought to comment all together in next one?

  6. Tomorrow is 1st roza and my birthday too I am very excited .. wish me a very happy bday guys ?. these are cakes ?? from my side in advance..

  7. Nimisha

    Hello everyone!

    Great episode. The pesky situation with two women in a small market wealth the same yellow outfit! Gah! Don’t you hate it when that happens.

    I was like this ? For the start. Mishal Raheja is the best. My heart was racing as he approached Dhani and he nailed that scene including the little shudder when he realised it wasn’t her, I screamed aaarrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!!! Out loud!!!!! Damn you cv’s making me wait even longer ???
    Love that they are helping, separately but together, the bride to be and her fella. That shows that they haven’t become completely bitter about their experience and Arshu, yes, loved that Vidha was calling for her mum and also her rakshas uncle. ☺️☺️☺️

    Am totally loving and enjoying the show again, and am excited to see what tomorrow brings.

    The only bit I didn’t understand was why was kaushik Mam dragging Dhani after finding her in riccha’s room???

  8. Good that both viplav n dhani r individually supporting riya n her friend. ? only the way is different. Viplav wants riya to tun away n marryoff secretly n dhani wants her to marry with blessings n permission of family. Whatever atleast both eould unite two lovers n inthe process might come closer to each other.

  9. Nimisha

    Arshu, did youngest results too? And…???

    Also some folks call you ArShi and I sau Arshu… So should I call you ArShi too?

    Hope you’re well. Have a safe trip back home xxx

      • Nimisha

        So I am just copying you Renu… Hope you don’t mind. You are the name trail blazer! I love that some people call me nimmy. And not that is the name of a character on Shakti.

        I think, ok some delude myself, that she’s named after me.

        And I am convinced that after unmentioned, I know a lot of us love it, is it can I claim credit please.. After I mentioned that Mishal is even more lovely when he speaks English, the makers are giving Violav more lines with English words in them.

        I swear I am convinced the makers read our comments, we even got a scene with ramdeen and VK during the Bengali baba paratha episode.

        I’m waffling now… What’s new! ???????

    • Arshdeep

      I love it when you call me arshu??

      Results of 12th class only i was talking about

      Yep we reached back home yesterday itself

      Thank you?

  10. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan mam for the update……
    Hello everyone……
    Episode was fine…..because there was not much part of that daayan….. AND she reached Banaras without Viplav….
    Was little bit miffed with the coincidence…..but serial hai bhai …kuch bhi ho sakta hai….
    Precap is kinda good…. I know Viplav Dhaani will save their Vidha for sure…… Papa Mummy Beti Reunion on the way 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Everyday we hope that vidhàni would unite today viplav missed but now precap shows that tomorrow vidha would be saved by viplav now would have to wait till tomorrow to see if vidha can make her mom meet RAKSHAS UNCLE ?☺

  12. Today cud see a glimpse of preleap viplav when he was convincing richsa to go home n he was looking super cool n duper hot?☺

    • Nimisha

      He was looking soooooo gorgeous and has done ever since this post leap thing started. I have never… erm… Fancied him more.☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

      Although he managed to get a haircut overnight,,, continuity again.. Usually it’s painted nails that drive me mad so I can forgive Viplav a haircut. ?????

      • Anne

        I remember nakusha in the jungle ,short unpainted nails,then long orange nails, then sparkly brown.?

    • Nimisha

      I’m hoping that VK’s area is hit by freak floods and storms so nothing can take off. Lol ???

      • Nimisha

        Actually, I realise that was a silly thing to say as lots of people are actually affected by floods at the moment, sorry everyone, ?

    • Ade1111

      Renu won’t be surprised if she gets to Mumbai before they open the door you know how this people are so in love with VK will happily wait until they meet am not liking this cat and dog it’s feels like it’s too long ???? I want my love story to start

    • Porkodi

      Me too hoping the same Renu …. she should not return back to Mumbai… but all at director’s hands.

  13. Maria

    Ramadan started!! Ramadan Mubarak to all!!☺ wish me luck to keep all the fasts and I don’t feel hungry?? Pls I need your prayers as it’s very hot.. So difficult to keep fasts!!??

  14. Nimisha

    By the way, I am a bit of a continuity freak and notice weird things,,,

    If Viplav had to take a flight to get to Mumbai, why is he in the same white care from AN, very distinctive number plate.

  15. Nimisha

    Seriously, is anyone else affected like this at the moment……

    When I see Mishal Raheja my heart actually races. ???????? And when he drops in the odd English word it skips a beat.,, ??????? I think it’s love but wondering if I need medical attention?? ?????

  16. Zee

    Thank you H Hasan,
    Cannot understand why they keep delaying the meeting betw Dhani and viplav.
    So many missed opportunities.

  17. eshani

    I think tomorrow thy will meet viplav will save vidha n dhani will come running to her n so as parshiya….as parshiya already said vidha is his daughter viplav will misunderstand dhani…..but plz not again let thy speak n sort out things yaar its high time

    • Viplav will not listen to her as usual and will leave from there being shattered and afterwards he will regert for his mistakes

  18. ???? these are the gifts for kt dt kamini and tp from my side .. these snakes will bite them and their story will finish once and for all??

  19. Mishal Raheja

    If you guys notice his interview sessions he always replies in English. Ok Ok about 80 percent of what I’ve viewed. Any comments friends.

    • Arshdeep

      Yep i noticed too
      Especially when only his interview is there..i mean not along with eisha or anyone else

    • Maria

      Yes I have also noticed that… And he speaks so well..??? I just keep looking and listening to him.. Feel like he should never stop!!??????

      • Agree with u Maria he speaks with style I also just keep looking and listening him .. I have seen his each interview 5-6 times?

  20. Awesome expressions delivered by mishal love u mishal.. no matter drama boring hojai but he will keep it energetic and alive always??

  21. Guys I have a question for u all ..
    In which attire viplav look awesome though he look awesome dashing handsome marvellous killer in all attires but phr bhe tell me..
    Old one or the current dressing ?
    I like current dressing more
    And one more question
    Which colour suits on him most ?
    I love him in red blue and black though he look killer in all colors but phr bhe tell ur opinions.. just to increase the number of comments I have asked

    I have many questions will ask u daily?

    • Sujie

      maha…. Though Mishal looks dashing in every attires…i like his current dressing…..and black…orange…green…blue suits him….actually he looks marvellous in anything…. Even when he is shirstless…… I FIND HIM HOT…. 🙂

    • Arshdeep

      Can chose between cureent and old pne
      he looked so gorgeous and more young in old one..with his shirt over t shirt..
      In new one he looks mature but still sooo stunning
      and as for color…i love mishal in black and blue

  22. Arshdeep

    A veryy happiee 18th birthday maha????
    God bless you with lots of happiness?
    May you get everything you wish in your life..and reaches great heights of succeess??
    Party hard… Enjoy the day?…


  24. BR

    HA HA HA agaya LTL vip agaya ……. good morning frs … now the time is 12.. 20 am 7 june

    hi frs … renu u missed me lot ..i also .. kavi .arshdeep loula ..philo……. nimisha … .sujiee

    i love to watch this vip now .. today i read the update …. so interesting …….after kamini i stipped to watch … where R jil jil. DT..TP…AND OTHERS ? THIS TIME IS NOT SUIT TO WATCH THE EPI R THEY NEW ? NEW DHANI IS ALSO FINE …… THIS slot time is not suit for me to watch …….. so love this vip

    arsh do u get MBBS seat?

    • BR mam when i was a silent reader i always read ur comments but u were not commenting since long but just now when i saw ur comment i felt very happy 🙂

    • Nimisha

      BR Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm!!! How lovely to see you again. it’s been too long!

      Hope you’re well and all’s well with you!

      Have missed seeing you lots!


    • Br mam!!!! So good to see u . I sm happy ☺??? why did u stop commenting u r the seniormost n backbone of this family. Initially i was worried abt u but later saw yr comments on varshas post n then was relieved but did miss u. U know Tp has changed as daksh aka original tp had left long back. This tp looks more evil person n surprisingly cvs have made him mahant. It is fun to watch DT N JHILJHIL nowadays as they r mere puppets in hands of VK AKA KAMINI. they dont have anypower n vk seems to be the master of whole house. They all r in banaras n todays episode was at mumbai where dhani is staying with dulari n her daughter vidha for 5 years i.e after seperation from viplav. Viplav has come over to Mumbai to attend wedding of his client’s daughter n in this marriage dhani is the flower decorator. Lets see if both can meet tomorrow ?☺

  25. BR mam when i was a silent reader i always use to read ur comments but u were not commenting since long and today when i saw ur comment i felt vey hppy 🙂

  26. Nimisha

    happy Happy Ramadan to everyone observing!

    I am in awe of your amazing dedication and will power!


  27. Hi maha as u said viplav looks fascinating; charming; attractive; in any attire n any clr but for me i find him more impressive in current outfit also i like black on him.?

    • shanitics

      Saachi Renu di.. He looks soo amazing saach Mein !!!
      Black and orange colour suits him

  28. Yetty

    Happy Birthday to you Maha, many happy years to come with all your heart desires granted. Enjoy your .

  29. Yetty

    Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. God will grant you strength to finish the fast.

  30. Yetty

    Loved today’s episode, it shows two hearts that beat together.
    Dhaani and Viplav both had same intention to help unite two love birds.
    Liked that somehow Viplav didn’t leave Mumbai.
    Read somewhere that further misunderstanding will take place between Viplav and dhaani, I don’t know how far it’s true.
    Just wish for once they will be happy together, life is not that cruel or is it?

    • Nimisha

      I love that Yetty, two hearts that beat together, sums it up perfectly,

      I hope the same that they can and will be happy together,

      Dhani still thinks Viplav thought he shouldn’t have married her and saw him in the bedroom with VK, whom he is now married to..

      Viplav thinks she’s dead, yet she’s npbeen alive all these years raising his child.

      I’m nit sure how either will forgive or forget unless they find out about VK’s meddling in everything. I hope they do get through it all though as they are just mean yo be together aren’t they… And life can be that cruel to them both, again!

      I sincerely hope not. For little Vidha as much as for Viplav and Dhani.

      Hello by the way. Lovely to see you again. Am totally loving the post leap version of the show. Am filled with hope!

  31. Sujie

    Good morning people…….
    And Maha ……happy birthday to you
    ….enjoy the day…. :)6

  32. Arshdeep

    Hellooo br mam..
    So good to see you back
    we missed you 🙂

    Mam this year neet has been introduced.. The first stage of neet is over..that exam did not went well.. So i eill be giving second stage neet again on 24th july and then combined result pn 17th august will come

  33. Arshdeep

    Maha i was actually talking about gift i got on my 18th bday
    My parents bought me Guitar..
    From a long time i wanted to play guitar so finally i will learn now 🙂

  34. Maha I wish u a many more happy returns of the day My dear frnd.god bless u with lots of love n happiness in ur life.keep smiling my frnd.luv u .


  36. Nima

    good morning ikrsian ☺
    episode was good n precap also very interesting. after leap Mishal looks very hot n s**y??? I like his current dressing?


    RAMADAN MUBARAK to all our Muslim frns

  37. My God br mam after a long time ur back.happy to see u mam.
    How r u mam.
    Mam u know I was missing my ikrs charm bcs of new dhaani.but just watching for mishal n vidha baby.
    Ya as u said I was seeing dutta in viplav now.but viplav will smilie some viplav is there too.
    Keep commenting mam.we miss u mam.

  38. Louella

    Happy Birthday Maha….
    May God bless you and your family…..
    May this day bring you lots of happiness…..
    Enjoy your day…..

  39. Louella

    Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim friends. God will definitely help u to keep the fast.

    • Maria

      Actually my cousin sister also lives there so i wanted to see if you live in the place where she lives 😉

  40. post leap story is good going. would have more interesting if old dhaani was there. missing her. wish she come back either way

  41. Sujie

    BR mam……. Soooooo happy to see you back………
    ??????lovely people…have a great day ?????

  42. shanitics

    Renu di.. Aapka fb Name Renu varma hai kya???
    If ahh hai then I have send u Frnd request ? swetha g Prabhu
    If no tell me then I have to undo the friend request ?

    • Arshdeep

      Send me instead of you
      I really miss school??
      These are the bestest days of life and this you will realise later once they are gone

  43. shanitics

    Kal ka epi bahut accha tha…. Viplav’s cute smile when That girl ? said about love ❤ marriage ?… Smile killer he is… Saachi
    So vidhaani support each other for love marriage ? cool!!!

  44. shanitics

    Happy that VK went back.. Hope she does not get a return ? ticket ?
    If not then Vidha and vidhaani in Mumbai?

  45. shanitics

    Ab toh vip and Vk ka wedding ? ill legal hai na and second marriage ? has no value na??? Some said this dialogue during shalu’s wedding ? with Raja?

  46. shanitics

    Arshi di.. Hws the climate thr.. Here full rain ☔
    I love rain… Cool climate.. Lovely breeze and smell of the soil after rain ☔. ?

  47. shanitics

    Happy that Vidha called Rakshas uncle along with mama… Now she has to call him papa not rakshas uncle… Bt I love the way she calls him rakshas uncle?

  48. shanitics

    Yesterday kanak’s expression was also good buht jad Gaya kya?? And I was ?
    I think now the bad acting awrd in IKrs goes to VK… She acts bt is is concerned for her make up more than acting.. Isn’t???

    Srry if I hurt any ishitha fans here!!!

  49. shanitics

    By the way.. Mishal is looking more mature in this attire ?
    I love him like this… Bt his t-shirt wala look too good …. May be I’m tats y I love him to look in t-shirt and not in suits…
    I don’t like mature looks?

  50. shanitics

    Now of I see any boy wearing orange colour shirt or kurtha I remember our Viplav in orange kurtha or t-shirt?

  51. shanitics

    Misha di… Happy to knw u r again in the love ❤ zone… Hw r u feeling now?? Hws ur luvaria emotions?????
    And hws ur hubby now???? Hope he know abt ur second love?

    Srry of I hurt u by talking about ur hubby?

    • shanitics

      Misha di… By the way I’m happy I’m ur life u again catches ur love zone…

      Where is my shahid Kapoor??? My bro?

  52. shanitics

    Misha di… Have u listened to his interviews??? Blahh!! Wat a stupid question ? silly me… U have listened.. In that he al most speaks English… And his english is too good.. May be because he gained his degree from abroad!!

  53. shanitics

    Wat if one day.. Old members and silent readers too cmnt….alng with us.. Where our cmnts have might have reached ?

  54. Ohhh my poor swethaswetha darling I know many of them r not interested to go to school after vacations.
    But wat to do dear schools r must to learn go happily everything will be set after seeing ur school frnds.
    So best of luck my dear.happy schooling my child.

    • Agree with kavi but i my case it is reverse. Both my sons want the vacations to end soon. elder one has to go to college on 15th july n younger one has to go to school on 29th june. Both r missing their freinds?☺

    • shanitics

      I don’t want to go to school.. I hate to study.. Mama said once u start to go to school then u will not say this.. Yup U might say this for a week.. Bt nt after that… Hope so happens?

  55. Areeb

    It felt like after a decay I watched Mishal smiling freely. ? He was laughing recalling his “Bhaag k Shaddi” with Dhaani! ? Best Best Best scene so far! ?

    When the bride told Viplav about her love. I was like; Good, you’ve come to the right man. He is experienced one! ??

  56. Arshdeep

    I think swetha is going to take my position of comment machine?
    Shall i resign from the post?????

  57. Areeb

    Well everybody knew they won’t be seeing each other like this. And that what happened. Honestly, I have no issue with that scene. In fact I loved it. At least got to see Mishal’s breathtaking expressions on witnessing Dhaani! His expressions were so real! Gosh! ❤???

  58. Areeb

    Umm. Kam reached Banaras. 🙂 🙂 HAHA!! First time ever I got what I wanted for her!???

    I wish that scare of ‘ Dhaani is Alive ‘ , ‘ Dhaani will meet Viplav ‘ , ‘ Viplav’s Daughter is Vidhaa ‘ , ‘ HER SO CALLED LOVE LIFE WITH VIPLAV WILL BE RUINED ‘ effect Kam’s sanity. I would rather like to see her in Metal Asylum than Prison. ?

  59. Areeb

    Precap is so very engrossing! ? Aww, Vidhu baby calling Rakshas Uncle!! Maa Sadqay! ??

    Although, still have a feeling. They will miss again seeing each other. Hope they prove me wrong. ?

    But apparently, I’m enjoying this hit & miss! ?

    • Arshdeep

      Not sure if i have this to you before

      But i really love to read your comments?
      Short..point to point and…and…something i really like?

      So comment more and moree pleasee?
      Love you???

  60. Areeb

    Hey Maha, A very Happy Birthday to you. ? May you get the best of everything! Float the day with a smile. ?

  61. Hi renuji my busy world is closed yesterday itself. today on wards iam free to comment here. So I’ll be regular to our ikrs tu page.
    Frnds who r all not com here pls give ur valuable com.
    I know many of them r not interested bcs of leap but when pur team members will be back here we can feel better for keep commenting here.luv u guys.

  62. Anne

    Good morning all,have lovely day?Looking forwards to todays episode,but knowing Indian serials they may not meet this time.Aahhhgg.I’m going to think positive , to see Vidha today in papas arms.??????????? I hope we see kamini and her plans start to fall apart. ?

  63. SARAS

    hi friends. . Just watched partial episode..It was nice. . I loved it for kamini… hahaha.. kamini. . You will but Even be mrs viplove tripathi as his first wife is alive. ..

    two things I didn’t understand ..
    1.howcome viplav’s car from banaras car no.7777 in mumbai..

    2. When he Sees dhani… Will he bit shout her name? ? Which is a natural instinct of any human.. y did he walk upto that wierd lady lol…

    • shanitics

      Hahha saras mam… U have noticed soo much… We were busy in looking at mishal that we forgot everything else….

    • Arshdeep

      I did not notice the car number

      He could not believe his eyes as he knows she is dead for 5 years

  64. Sujie

    Hello …I am back ??
    One doubt about the precap….. I really want the end of hit and miss scene…. Aisa na ho Ki Violav would not be able to break the door….. And go to fetch something handy….just then comes there Dhaani…and takes Vidha out….. I don’t want this….
    I want them to reach there and see each other ????????
    And rescue their Vidhaa

  65. shanitics

    Guyss can I ask a doubt when Viplav touched that lady it was not Dhaani.. Dhaani just left behind him and was purchasing a doll.. Then Viplav started to walk… And Dhaani was abt to leave… He was nearing to car ? and saw Riccha…he talked to her for nearly 2 min and by that time how Dhaani reached that house? within 2 min she reached the house ?….

    • Yes shweta i also had thought the same ?☺but did not post knowing cvs can do anything afterall its a serial ??kuch bhi ho sakta hai.

  66. Louella

    Maria I live near Umrao Hospital. And in our building most of them r Muslims. Does your sister live here? And one more thing, does she go to school? Does she goes to holy cross convent school??

  67. Hallo people…anyone got d news..that eisha bagged new serial…she will be seen as “Rani” in zee tv serial?????????…i just saw in saas bahu betiya ..on aaj tak…and thry also showed her interview…..and eisha has started shooting for d serial……must say..lucky girl….very very all d best to her?

  68. shanitics

    Guyss I have an excited news… Eisha is cmng back on screen… Bt NT as Dhaani bt on sme other serial in zee tv? I gt this news tight now and I thought to share with u?

  69. BR

    hi good after noon frs .. when ever I get time I will comment here …

    I miss u all lot ……. renu nee romba azha irruke …….kannada paruthaya athava marati …or tamil …

  70. Arshdeep

    Viplav and Dhani will meet each other very soon because of Vidha, she will get locked in storeroom.
    Viplav saves his daughter Vidha unknowingly, Dhani will hide seeing Viplav-Vidha together.

    Got this at serial gossips

    • Arshdeep

      I was thinking today parshiya is going to create a problem..
      I wish he dont arrive at the wrong time there?? pleaseee…!!


  72. Ade1111

    Morning guys hope you all enjoying your day
    Happy News about Eisha I wish her well??? she is like my little baby so I will have to watch the show for her.
    Well as per spoilers seems Viplav and Dhanni won’t meet again today well I already knew that ?????? and anyone seen the OLV why is she wearing White again
    Thanks guys

      • Ade1111

        Well I won’t back on it but will happily wait for them to meet without thinking about it. ???? don’t know but I just want the romance back ???

    • shanitics

      Waiting for Friday… Hope Vidha meeting takes place….
      Wanna c Viplav’s expression ?

  73. BR




  74. Genita

    Hii everyone.. I know you all would have forgotten me and it is obvious bcz i hav not commented for long.. Sorry i was stuck with my personal problem…how r u all?

    • Genita how r u what about yr wedding. It means u r a silent reader now as today only i previous page i had asked abt u n here u come.?

    • Sujie

      Hi geni di… i am toh are you… Is everything alright between you and jiju…sorry for the question…but trust me my intention is not to hurt you …

  75. Arshdeep

    So eisha singh is coming in ek tha raja ek thi rani..
    I watched this show just once because i saw drashti dhami in it
    And i love and adore her a lot??

    Will be exciting to see eisha in new avatar..but i dont want her with sarrtaj gill..?

    • shanitics

      Same here arshi di… I want eisha to be paired with mishal always?
      Only thing I knw abt that serial is that it casted Drishti and hr hus?

  76. Sujie

    So beautiful Eisha Singh will now be seen in EK THA RAAJA EK THI RAANI….
    Wish her all the best for your new project…… Though I don’t know a single thing about Sartaj Gill with whom Eisha will be seen …. 🙂

    • shanitics

      Sujie di.. Hi-5 I also don’t know anything abt that guy with whom eisha is paired with… First time I’M hearing that name?

  77. SARAS

    I have read parshiya is complete positive person. ..
    believe me viplav can never mistake dhani n think she is married to someone else. ..but if idiot dhani only does something then we don’t know. .
    kuch bhee hosakta hai..

  78. Sujie

    Thank you for the spoilers Renu mam…..
    Okay….. Hit and Miss continues…from Viplav’s side… Dhaani gonna see Viplav with Vidha…and she will know Viplav is in Mumbai….hopeful that Viplav will also know about Dhaani…. And this Kaamini daayan does not land up again to create rift…..
    Parshiya seems totally positive to me….
    Fingers crossed….. Lovers should unite…. ViViDha should unite and live happily….

  79. shanitics

    Wow ? all excited ? to watch today’s epi because Dhaani is gng to c… The best scene

  80. Areeb

    Renu Ma’am, thanks for the spoilers.

    This week’s spoilers seems spoiling the story again! ?

  81. Areeb

    HAHA! Maria if you’ll think about the food only your thirst will increase more. ? Engage your brain in something tricky.

  82. Amruta

    Hi Guys,
    Eagerly waiting for the updates. Why are the updates no so fast as the earlier ones..?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.