Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidha coming to Viplav and asking him to give his pic for the family tree. Viplav says may be there is my pic in some book. I would have get the pic clicked if you had told me before. Vidha says give me fast, and says she has pasted Dhaani, Baba and Nani. Viplav finds his pic. Vidha happens to see Dulaari’s pic and says it is my Nani. Viplav asks if she is Nani? Vidha says yes, and says it is old pic. Viplav asks her to tell truly. Vidha says yes. She takes the pic and leaves. Viplav looks at the pic and thinks I shall call this man and ask. He calls him and says he is not picking the call. He thinks he will call in the morning. He comes to Dhaani’s house to meet Dulaari. Dulaari asks him to go. Viplav says I came to meet you, and says you never told me about your family

and past. Dulaari says you know everything, why you are making excuse and asks him to go. Viplav says I met Anshuman Kashyap. Dulaari is shocked…

Viplav says kaki. Dulaari asks him to go and closes the door shockingly. She recalls Viplav saying that he met Anshuman Kashyap. She thinks how did Viplav meet him? Even Dhaani doesn’t know about him and gets teary eyes. Dhaani meets Viplav outside and asks why did you come here. Viplav asks her not to get angry often else she will get old soon. He says I didn’t come to meet you, but Dulaari. Dhaani goes inside and sees Dulaari crying. Dulaari asks her to make tea. Dhaani thinks may be Viplav said something.

She goes angrily to viplav’s home. Viplav is making tea and lid falls in it as Dhaani’s comes there. Dhaani asks why her mum is crying and asks him to reply. Viplav thinks why did Dulaari are so worried. Dhaani says I know what you would have done. She asks him not to use his mum and daughter. Viplav says I told something else. Viplav wonders who is this man? He calls Anshuman Kashyap and tells that he found his wallet. Anshuman asks him to meet and give the wallet. Viplav agrees.

Dhaani is sad and thinks about Viplav’s words that their relation is not weak to break with one paper and that he can’t forget them. A fb is shown, Viplav hugs his daughter etc. Dhaani thinks shall I tell him truth. Viplav will find out the truth, he is stubborn. Viplav says yes you said right. Viplav asks where is your husband? If he helps you in work. He asks why not your husband use computer, and says he can manage accounts well. Dhaani says we are not rich like you and asks him to go. She scolds him. Viplav says he wants to meet Dulaari and goes to her house. Vidha tells Dulaari that she showed family tree to her teacher and she asked her to use colors in it. Dulaari says I will ask Parshiya or Dhaani to bring it. Vidha says I told them, but they are busy. Dulaari says okay, we will go and get it. Once they leave, Viplav gets inside the house and searches something.

Dhaani tells Parshiya that some flowers are rotten and she is separating fresh and rotten flowers. He smiles and asks her to change her clothes as it got dirty. Dhaani says okay. Parshiya asks her to give colors to Vidha and says she has pasted my pic too. I felt good and asks her to give it to Vidha. Dhaani agrees and goes. Viplav continues to search in the almari. He gets Dulaari’s box and finds Mangalsutra and Anshuman’s pic. He closes the almari and wonders who is he? He thinks and comes to conclusion… says oh God. He matches the torn pics and sees it matching. Dhaani comes home. Viplav hears the footsteps and hides. Dhaani thinks to change her clothes and opens the lace of her dress. Viplav thinks she will chew me fully if she saw me. He picks the football to cover his eyes. Something falls.

Dhaani turns and is shocked to see him. She asks are you seeing me changing clothes. She says she will kill him and picks up a utensil. Viplav asks her to kill him. He asks what do you think of yourself, are you anarkali or miss world. He says I came to talk to you about something important. Dhaani says I don’t want to hear. Dulaari and Parshiya knock on the door. Viplav asks Dhaani to talk to him for 2 mins and have trust. Dulaari asks her to open the door. Viplav moves his hand from her face and asks her not to shout. He shows Anshuman’s pic and says he found Dulaari’s pic in his wallet. He says you misunderstood me when I tried to talk. He says I got this other half of pic in Dulaari’s box, and says may be he is your dad. Dhaani is shocked.

Viplav says you are searching me as I can help you. He says I will help you. He asks her not to worry and asks her to get some answers from Dulaari.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Thank you hasan mam for the update
    Glad to have another “Kamini Free Episode…”??? Todays episode was a blend of serious and very very funny moments.
    Father-daughter champions? When Viplav asked her “Family tree”??? And Vidha cutely nodded in yes..awww ???? Love them to the core?

    Poor Viplav.. Dulaari telling him you make excuses to come here??? So Dhani’s surname is Kashyap. DHANI KASHYAP… Does Dulaari already knows her husband is alive?? Feeling so. ?? Dhani telling viplav that you know very well i am not at home at this time? How he would know girl? Just a day has gone since he has started living there. Has Viplav learnt daily routine time table of Dhani? ???
    Dhani thinking about Viplav was lovely..❤ and yess they showed the same flashback i was talking about yesterday.
    Their convos literally made me laugh today. Enjoyed the episode? You will see just laughing smileys in my complete post today?
    Dhani- Boht ziddi hai wo..
    Viplav(coming in)- sahi kaha..??
    Viplav teasing Dhani for her husband was awesome???

    Vidha was so adorable when she placed her hand on head and said muma to kaam me busy rehte hain…?? Parshiya loves Vidha so much.
    Viplav bad boy..? searching other’s house.?? Dulaari even got her husband small si photo before leaving after bomb blast?? Hahahaha???
    Viplav is soooo good man..still feeling bad how Dhani said that day he was going to take advantage??? “VIDHA” Scenes running and catching were sooo good. ? The Cat and mouse run? Viplav asking Anarkali ho..miss world ho???? Seriously Dhani…?

    Precap is good. Finally dhani searching for Viplav. I really pray that Dhani’s father track bring them close and Dhani understands the purity of Viplav’s heart?

  2. Latha


    |Registered Member

    Vidha asking for viplav’s pic and recognized her nani’s photo was so cute. Vidha love u so much.

  3. BR

    hi frs good evening .. Eid mubhrak .vip super tea ….. enna plastic smell….. now only the story is starting … .. new dhani is quite well .. bcz esha is childish face not suit for 5 yrs child maa ….. parisya is a good actor … saraswathi chandra serial he did well …poor their also his wife was chandra’s lover … and then agin they married . here this serial dhani is also vip wife they going to unite now what a coincident ..

    vip u r also having son .. why is he staying here .? no case at all i think so

    hi my frs all r well … arsh u got bsc in delhi college v good . saran. renu, philo, sujie ,,marees, kavi ,,rajee, maha,,,. misrada. prachi . megh …. shri . sowmya….. lauola .. and others .. how r u ? sorry ….

  4. BR

    vip u r daughter is too smart .. and he is a lawyer . first u have to find ……kakki is infront of u . use brain ……

    • Renu

      Hi br mam . Good to see yr comments. Hope u had a great day today. Once again happy birthday ?

  5. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Again the similar scenes repeated.. Viplav telling Dhani she will become old if gets sooo angry.. I am loving it <3

  6. eshani

    What a relief no kamini today…. Viplav’s expression when dhani came to change her dress jus awesome

  7. Sujie


    |Registered Member

    Yes…. Yes….
    It was Kaamini free episode today ….. Thank you to the one who invested on buying Kaaminicide…… 🙂 🙂
    Finally Dhaani is Dhaani Kashyap……
    Vidha and Viplav …….cuties…cuteness at its peak 🙂 🙂
    Viplav and Dhaani conversation was like 🙂 🙂 I think it has become like those old episodes where Dhaani and Viplav used to comment on each other in full fun mode… Rakshas and Shikayati pudia MODE ON !!!! 🙂
    Loving it 🙂 🙂
    Nothing more to say……

  8. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Saranya di, Meghs di, Arshi, BR mam, Anisha, Amisha, Elizabeth, Marred, Mirsada, Butterfly, Dr Sweety, Avid bhai, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Raj, Rajee, Akshay, Benita di, Kaviya, Nimisha di, Renu di, Areeb, Varsha, Dilu, Gudiya, Gennipher, Maria, Swetha di, Lakshmi, Goldie, Ola, Anne, Prachi and all others, plz come back again. Missing u and your comments??

  9. Latha


    |Registered Member

    I love the scene the way viplav covered his eyes with the ball and his expressions awwwwwesome. Love you viplav so much.

  10. maha

    Thanks for the update H Hasan mam.. Eid Mubarak?

    Yar I am sad as all videos in die hard fans of mishal raheja Facebook has been deleted?.. and it’s the only way for me to watch don’t know how I will watch now?
    I am too depressed and frustrated?
    Please it’s my request to tell her admin to post all episodes again or post episodes atleast from now .. I can’t tell her as I am not on fb please request her .. I am requesting everyone because majority always win?

  11. SARAS

    today’s episode was again an ok ok one except vidha n viplavs scene. .

    it looks funny to see viplav in same attire from dawn to dusk -:)))

    post leap he was always busy with his work. . soon after he met dhani.. none of his clients seemtobe needing his service. .. He is always free to go behind dhani -:((

  12. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    The scene where he was trying to hide behind the ball was ridiculous???
    Viplav’s expressions ??? he was so confused..??

  13. Anne


    |Registered Member

    Thankyou H.Hasan.?
    Really loved this episode, what a relief not to have Kamini smirking. Vidha and her daddy were gorgeous together,vidha is so so cute and clever.Dhani, you should really tell viplav that vidha is his daughter and what happened at the ashram explosion .She knows that it was a bomb and it was in Suwanas bag so probably Tripurari planted it.So why doesn’t she say something?!!!Perhaps if she did the story would end fast though.Lovely episode just like the old days!.?????

    • Arshdeep


      |Registered Member

      If she would say then poor Kamini and Atharva will be husbandless and fatherless..respectively…? which Dhani dont wants.????

  14. vaishnavi

    i liked todays epi
    its very funny n mishal ke expression toh mar hi dalte hain amazing expreesion when dhaani caught vipu

    • Arshdeep


      |Registered Member

      Awww thank you so much????? Such a nice compliment. Means a lot to me?
      So i need to keep up the standard of my comments to meet your expectations. ?

      You made my night dear?❤?

  15. 3veni

    hlooo guys….i missed 1 to 2 months of dis show…can any one say dat is dullari is real mother of daani??plzz guyss…clear myy doubt

  16. Areeb


    |Registered Member

    Hello Everyone. 🙂 Eid Mubarak! ❤ Sending loads of wishes, prayers & hugs to everyone out there. ❤

    Was busy with my Psychology Practicals so couldn’t come up and join. Anyways, how ya’ll doin’? Hopefully all will be enjoying watching IKRS. ?

    Just saying.. did anybody noticed I was not commenting? ? Pj.

  17. Renu

    Areeb aapko bhi eid mubarak. Khuda aapki jindagi rahsmato ? khudhiyo ? aur kamyabi se bhar de. Farmaiye eidi me kya chahiye ?

    • Areeb


      |Registered Member

      Nothing worth more than Elder’s Prayers & Wishes. Thank you so much. Really means a lot. 🙂

      Or Eidi to bohat ho gaey hai. Today have reached my Nanu’s home. And just got many envelopes ( Fresh Notes ? ) after the grand family feast. ?

  18. Ade1111


    |Registered Member

    Eid Mubarak everyone
    Thanks H Hassan for update as usual
    Hello everyone
    Arshi lovely post as usual i throughly enjoy reading it here and on JNDSD too
    Louella thanks for checking on me just being caught up with work hope studies is going well
    Hi Darling Renu hope you well
    And to All my IKRS family ????
    Episode was lovely I enjoyed the calmness about it I was smiling and it’s been a while since I smiled through the episodes and PH must be hearing our plea another Kamini free episode. Can’t wait to know the story behind Dhanni’s dad hopefully it will bring Viplav and Dhanni closer.
    ?Parshiya is worrying me but my Twinnie Nimisha said I should not be worried he is going to be positive so am staying positive too?
    You all have a good night and will catch up with you in the morning ????

  19. Renu

    Episode start was àwesome with cute father daughter duo ? vidha innocently asking for viplavs pic for family tree ? vidha cud identify her nanis pic ☺ for which viplav was brainstorming to find the identity ??? DULARIS PIC in Mr kashyap purse now became a mystery for which viplav rightly thought to ask dulari. DHANI HAS brainwashed dulari to such an extent that even she feared to talk to viplav n requested him to go away. Why dulari ?? Infact u shud try to bridge the gap between them but if u would also become stone hearted then ??? on hearing anshuman kashyap from viplav dulari was startled n thought how cud viplav meet him when even dhani doesnt know. ?? DISTURBED dulari tried to hide her tears from dhani but agent 007 dhani credited it to viplav n rudely told him to stay away from her mother daughter ?? DHAni the way u pointed finger to viplav was not at all ethical atleast u cud ha ve patiently listened to viplav prior to screaming. ??? Dhani loudly thinking to tell viplav about vidha was good ☺ best was when she was saying viplav is arrogant n he would find out n he entered n said yes☺vidha was cute in telling dulari to get the colors for family tree. The way she said mama is slways busy was super cute ?? it was surprising to see dulari going out of house with vidha without locking ? probably cvs wsnted like this for viplavs search mission?? ìt was amazing that almirah too was unlocked n viplav cud easily find mr kashyaps pic now did dulari carry her jewellery box from the blast dite??? Dhanis coming inside the house for changing the dress n viplavs trying to hide n later cover his eyes with football was superb☺? on seeing viplav hiding dhanis behaviour forced viplav to tell her that she is no miss world???? still dhani wanted to scream n it was good viplav covered her face with his hands n showed mr kashyaps pic found in dularis box n dularis pic in kashysps pic are 2 parts of a single photo leading to the fact that he must dhani’s dad. Looking forward for tomorrow’s episode.

    • Arshdeep


      |Registered Member

      Haha agent 007 Dhani has no patience..patience wo kya hota hai?????

      Seen them a lot many times they go without locking as if in chawl people trusts each other so much..
      Anyways awesome post..well analysed di??
      Me too waiting for todays episode?

      • Renu

        Hi latha earlier i used to post like yhis then decided to split in small parts to increase the comments ?

  20. Renu

    It was fun to see viplav making tea n getting confused what yo adf first tea leaves or rugar?? best was his expressions on saying howcfoes it nattet?

  21. Shruthy


    |Registered Member

    Will comment it quickly!
    The episode was just birlliant. I loved Viplav and Vidha like always, especillay when he called her “baby”… <3 These two are becoming cuter and cuter by days seriously. Both calling each other as thir favourite. *___*
    Finally Dhaani ka babuji wala track started. Gosh Viplav is such a curious fellow. He cannot miss any detail. Vakeel babu jo hai. xD But hopefully it will bring them closer.
    As Arshi said, it was really funny. Especially when Viplav was quite stuck at Dhaani's and she comes to change. Viplav's expressions were awesome. xD He wanted to hide his eyes with that ball, wasnt that adorable? *__* That man is too cute! <3
    I just hope with this track both Dhaani and VIdha get their respective father. *fingers crossed* But felt quite bad for Dulaari though. She got really emotional. But we can see Dhaani also had searched that father's love thoygh Dulaari gave her so much of love. When Viplav said "maybe he is your father", there were a sort of sparkle and happiness mixed with shock, which were rolling down her cheeks. That reminds me that scene when Dhaani got drunk and blabbered a lot sit on Viplac's car. That was an adorable scene by the way. <3
    Anyways! Precap looked really thrilling. Waiting to know what happens next. Cant believe I will have to watch it late night. I will be missing it. Need some strength to wait with patience these two days. (sighs)

  22. Saraswathi.j

    In today,s episode Dhaani reveals to Viplav why she left Banaras,that she has seen him in Kamini,s embrace with her won eyes etce…

  23. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Yesterday’s episode was A Kamini free episode????. Glad Kamini was again not there?. The invention of Kaminicide is the best invention ever??

    Okay now coming to the episode, it was super funny?. What Viplav could not do that Vidha did??. It is said that a man becomes blind in love but I didn’t knew Viplav will become so blind in Dhaani’s love that he will not identify his saasu-maa??

    Vidha and Viplav r becoming cuter day by day ??Just love them. Vidha’s expressions and dialogues r so cute ???? and Mishal is as usual superb?

    Felt bad when Dulaari said that Viplav makes excuses to come to their house?

    Want to know Dulaari’s past. What is her past? Eagerly waiting for the suspense to be revealed.

    Dhaani was as usual gussewali??? She will never improve.

    Viplav was so funny when he was trying to hide himself with the ball???.

    How could Dulaari get the time to bring the box after the bomb blast? Did she take the box till the hospital and then directly came to Mumbai????

    Precap is interesting. Hope this track brings vidhaani more closer??

  24. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Morning everyone. Hope everyone is well and enjoying??

    Surpriseee for you all today?(..probably..not sure..)
    But abhi bta dia toh surprise kese rahega???? Let me confirm first..will then tell.

    So wait han wait…✋ will meet you all either on next update at night or will try coming back here too.
    Have a nice day??

  25. Porkodi


    |Registered Member

    In die-hard fans of Mishal rakheja page they posted upcoming olvs…it seems dhani revealed truth to viplav why she hate him…(fb scene happened between Kamini and viplav…)

  26. shanitics

    Vidha asking for a pic to keep in family tree ? hw sweet..?

    And Pls note that the pic Viplav gave to Vidha was not the latest pic.. Because…
    ::: In tat Viplav is wearing blue shirt with a jacket.. Which Viplav used to wear be4 the leap.::::
    ::: He didn’t wore shirt and jacket after the leap.. He wore only suits..:::
    :: In tat pic his smile ? was good:: ? it has to be he is our smile killer.. Na::::

  27. shanitics

    In yesterday’s episode Viplav made us sure tat e is a advocate.. By secretly entering into Dhaani’s house ? and searching for the rest of the pic…?

  28. shanitics

    Viplav’s action when Dhaani was changing hr dress was soo funny and natural … He is a natural actor.. His acting makes us feel tat acting is in his blood…?

  29. shanitics

    ARSHI DI.. patha nahi q aapke chat Mein on fb u r nt able to snd msg to this person.. Msg is cmng..?

    Wat 2 do???

    U gt ur mobile ? back??

    R u thr on watsapp??

  30. Kavitha


    |Registered Member

    Hi frnds very gud mrg to u all.
    Eid Mubarak to all of u again those who celebrate festival today too.luv u all.
    Hi Br mam welcome back.pls keep commenting. I want my old ikrs team to be back again with power pack comments.
    Saranya n rajee all others pls come back.
    I know u all v disappointed with eishas exit but its all in the game so pls come back my dear frnds.luv u n miss u.

  31. Kavitha


    |Registered Member

    N about episode it was very nice today after a long time our naughty viplav is back.
    N saw new olv that was very fine.dhaani burst her feelings with viplav that was that she says mishal is nice gud actor he is a doll.he says her don’t cal me doll a.very nice to hear off screen masti too.pls watch it.

  32. Sujie


    |Registered Member

    Please be sure to let the stock of Kaaminicide remain full everyday….
    After all Kaaminicide is an effective product which helps us get rid of Kaamini and her nasty deeds after which she smirks like a typical Daayan does after getting her prey ?????

    So Kaaminicide Ka upayog karein….and khush rahe…..
    Dhanyabaad ????

  33. Anne

    Good morning everyone,looki ng forwards to episode today, i want to know about Dulari and her story. It’s very interesting, cant wait:-)

  34. molu

    Hi ikrs fans ..luoella..arshdeep ..renu where are you from ..and in which class do you study..i have been reading telly comments of ikrs a long time but started commenting yesterday

    • Renu

      Hi molu i am from haryana n left school 26 years ago?? infact my elder son is in now second yr engineering. ☺

      • Renu

        Molu Arshdeep has just given 12 th exams n now wud be joining MBBS 1ST year . She is from panipat haryana n Louella is from Mumbai n in 7th std ☺

      • Renu

        Todsys episode starts with viplav convincing dhani that her father might be mr kashyap n if true then why did dulari lived like a widow .parshiya n dulari r knocking on gate n worried about dhani. Finally parshiya breaks opens the door n find viplav n dhani standing too close. Perplexed before they could ask snything cutie vidha said i know what u guys were doing i kniw u were fighting n hence closed the door. I dont like when u fight n the way she went ahead n joined vidhànis hand was superb. Parshiya got angry n threatened viplav as to why does he trouble dhani. Viplav was smart enough to answer back n say had come for work have hot the stat orders n now the builder wont force u to move out of here. Viplav s eords that i am not that bad that can’t help anyone or someone cant answer to my questions. Whem dulari asked dhani which andwers was viplav talking about she went out following viplav. Outside viplav came yo dhsni n told obknow i r searching for me as i can hrlp u n i would help u trust me n get feaw answers from dulari. Later dulari is frantically searching for something n when dhani asked she told dhe is looking for a pic. Dhani asked her whose pic was it she said nothing it wasn’t that imp. Dhani insisted if that wasn’t imp then why r u bothered so much was it of baba . U never told me abt baba. Dulari got tense n screamed i have told 1000 times that yr baba is dead when dhani asked how did it happen then she was almost in tears n said i dont want to go in the dark past …. later at viplav room he has just come out after bath n cutie vidha co ers with a plate n tells him that she has got breakfast for him viplav was amused n asked who gave it to u n saw dhani standing by her. Viplav asked vidha if she has eaten n she said no then viplav said ok we’ll have together. Dhani s expressions cud show that she was reminded of her eating food with viplav. Viplav told vidha to finish n went to dhani n his expressions were mind blowing when he asked weather your hubby has allowed u to take food i mean he cud have been jealous ?? dhani got irritated n told him that she has brought food to tell him that she doesn’t want to discuss about mr kashyap as she want to see her mom hapy n don’t want to trouble her. Viplav naughtily while eating said ok if u dont want to go but i would go n meet him. Dhani on reaching home afain found dulari searching for the pic n on seeing her dulari acted that she was cleaning almirah. Dhani realised importance of mr kashyap n dinally went with viplav to meet him . She reluctantly entered the hall in the palatial house where a servant greeted them n told that he would call his owner. Dhani was stunned on seei g him n immidiately bent down on his feet to wish him. He was impressed n told viplav that yr wife has been given good values by her parents. Else nowadays children are not groomed
        He complimented their pair n said viplav that u r lucky to hve a sweet wife like her who is so calm n looks responsible n u look arrogant. Viplav’s expressions were again killer one when he asked laughing how come i am arrogant then mr kashyap said Men r bound to be… n they laughed out. Viplav asks him about his wife n praises about his house to which h replied that his wife died years ago. Suddenly servant sprays something n dhani started sneezing n mr kashyap scolded the servant why do u spray in front of me when i am allergic to it. Viplav immediately said oh u too have allergy as dhani is also allergic to sprays. Mr kashyap tells them to have lunch but they decide to leave n tell him that they wud come sometime later. Dhani again touches his feet n he blessed her to stay happy always.

  35. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    ☕ Cheer Up ?
    ? ✨ )) ✨ ?
    ?┃ (( * ┣┓ ?
    ?┃*? ┣┛ ?
    ?┗━━┛ ?
    ? For YOU ?

    Friends why so less comments? Come on cheer up and come to comment??

  36. Lakshmi


    |Registered Member

    yep thanks for the good news….atleast from that epi the old charm of IKRS will be back…..thank god… this VK’s death is confirmed…..yay…..its party time….anyone here…..?
    and arshi didi what’s the surprise…..?

  37. maha

    Thanks Porkori and shruthy for telling me?
    And Porkori what should I write on Google, ? Please tell me..

  38. molu

    Hi ikrs fans…same to you arshdeep
    Me too passed 12th standard this year and waiting to get admission in college for bsc mathematics

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