Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak telling Dhaani that she made halwa for her and asks her to eat it. Dhaani says she will eat after feeding others. Raj Lakshmi says she had already ate it, and was tasty. Dhaani is about to eat it, just then Viplav enters and says he brought gifts. Raj Lakshmi tells him that Kanak made halwa for Dhaani. Viplav is about to eat it, but Kanak makes the bowl fall from his hand. Viplav bends down and takes the halwa from the floor. Dhaani also sits down to clean the floor. Viplav makes Dhaani eat the other halwa. He then makes Kanak also eat it. Viplav thanks her. Kanak looks angrily at her. Later Kanak thinks Dhaani would have died today. Dhaani comes to her and thanks for making halwa for her. Just then she hears cat’s scream and goes out. She sees cat dead and

recalls feeding her halwa which was fallen. The people gather there and says cat was healthy and fine. Pandit ji says Dhaani have to do penance and that’s why she have to donate gold cat in charity. Dulaari says we are poor widow and don’t have that much money. Pandit Phool Chand joins and tells that the Ashram will be cursed. Dhaani and others are shocked. Kanak thinks her plan has failed to kill Dhaani, but it will be interesting to see how they manage to get gold cat.

Dhaani apologizes to Pandit ji and says everyone of us have eaten this halwa, and says she doesn’t know how tha cat died. Phool Chand argues and talks about penance. Raj Lakshmi asks him to go and says they will do penance. Viplav comes and asks why they are standing there. Phool Chand says cat have died because of Dhaani and that’s why she has to do penance. If a cat dies infront of someone’s door then they have to give gold cat in charity. He says I won’t let raja’s rules to overrule. He says Dasharath is the Raja. Kanak thinks it means this matter will go to him. Viplav says I will talk to your Raja, and says India is a democratic country. Kanak says I have to do something. She prays for cat’s soul peace, and apologizes to Phool Chand. She asks everyone to calm down and says we will give gold cat in charity. Viplav and Dhaani ask what she is saying? Kanak asks them to leave.

Viplav asks Kanak why did she agree? Kanak says people was getting crazy and that’s why she agreed. She asks Dhaani, do you think I have added poison in the halwa. Dhaani says no. Kanak says Dhaani didn’t do anything wrong. Sita Maayi says Dhaani made cat eat the halwa and that’s why she has to do penance. Dulaari asks from where we will get gold cat. Viplav asks Dhaani not to worry and says he will bring gold cat. Dhaani says she will manage to get gold cat. Viplav says he will talk to Dasharath and find any solution.

Phool Chand comes to Dasharath’s house. Dasharath asks what is the matter? Phool Chand says bad thing have happened in the Ashram. Dasharath says he is well aware of it and asks him to go. Sita Maayi says we have to buy gold cat as Pandit ji said that we have to buy it and not Viplav. Kanak scares them and says something bad can happen to Ashram. Dhaani asks her to go and rest. Just then Sita Maayi faints. Everyone take her inside. Dasharath tells Viplav that Dhaani have to give gold cat in charity to temple. Viplav asks who made this rituals and asks what will happen if the cat dies through a poor man. Sushma says we will gift her gold cat. Dasharath says then penance will not happen. He asks who made that halwa. Viplav says maa and says that everyone of us had that halwa, but nothing happened to us. Dasharath thinks Kanak is involved in the incident.

Precap: Dhaani and Raj Lakshmi bring gold cat to the temple. Phool Chand asks if they have stolen gold cat from somewhere and says he can’t accept stolen gold cat from them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. mangai

    donno what s next track?? whether dhaani s past s going to unfold thru this incident or kanak s exposed ????

  2. Louella

    Gopu she is a alien only the difference is that an alien has two heads and kanak has only one head that too without brains

  3. ahana

    Horrible yaar ek musibath gayi nahin ki doosri tapak padi….. aare humare vidhaani ko ek karo aur yaar plz….
    Na judaa kar hamare vidhaani ko,
    Agar woh dono saath ho toh har muskil ho kam…….
    Aur woh saare raakshas jao dub jao chullu bhar pani mein………..

  4. Vinny

    Nice Episode ……… I didnt watched the episode as i am in the office.And,Thanks for Hasan for the fast update.

  5. Louella

    Aaj ke episode mein koi vidhani scenes nahi the. Aasha karti hu ki somvaar ko hume vidhani scenes dekne milenge

    Today’s episodes no vidhani scenes. I hope we’ll get to see vidhani scenes on Monday.

  6. Louella

    Saras mam aap kahan hai? Kripya karke hume bataa dijiye ki humari hms mein koun guru hai aur koun vidyarthi hai. Mujhe ab tak kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha hai ki koun guru hai aur koun vidyarthi hai.

    Saras mam where r u? Plz tell me that in our hms who is teacher and who is student. Till now I m not able to understand who is teacher and who is student

  7. Swara

    Kanak…what yar… she always spoil a good chance of our vidhani scene. ..And I hate this phool chand….

      • Swara

        Rajee…And this watchman is too strict. is hard to enter. …hloo bhai…don’t expect salary frm us…

  8. Saranya

    Do u know when is Phool Chand’s birthday?its on April 1st.such an idiot.i didn’t saw such an idiot ever in my life.ek donkey aaya bhashan sunane ke liye.tujhe tho mein kaat dhoongi,bandhar phoolchand.

    • Rajee

      Lol ..u r absolutely right saranya that is why his parents gave him the appropriate name-
      Fool chand (a fool mind in his chand sa takla)

    • SARAS

      Can’t control my laugh looking at this comment ladies. . fool chand-aal he v is fool by brain n chandaal by deeds…

    • SARAS

      yday only I thought of phool chand that is been a long time ge cane see today he appeared. .

      I m thinking of those colorful bangles from ages but that scene never came. .
      aate aate rukgayi.. hay meri phooti desire…

  9. Fatarajo

    Nothing important in today’s episode poor cat had to suffer because of Kanak, I hope Kanak becomes the one who must donate gold cat 😛 and this Phool chand is so annoying. We want more Vidhaani scenes.

  10. AM

    aaj ka episode thik thak tha but ae gold cat dene wala episodes dikhake cv’s kya dikhana chahte hae …. is this effects on vidhani …the story have to move on ….very slowly moving ….but love KT in ashram …for that we can see vidhani together and happy for that
    ….bye guys see you all tomorrow …..
    hi joyee ,varsha,br mam,saras,saranya,raj,rajee,jyoti,akshay and all ….itna time nahi hae sabka nam type karne me 😛

    bye ..bye … 😛 😛 😛 ….

  11. Subashini

    Hello my ikrs family… Nice to comment here again… Can I have the admission for the new school HMS???? Will you let me join????

    • Rajee

      Ya of course…join us immediately… But it should not b like
      ‘ek jhalak dikhlaye, kabhi anchal mein chhup jaye…’ Once u took admission means u should not bunk classes without notice…comment regularly..samjhe ya samjhayen…lol…

  12. Louella

    Subhashini u r welcomed to our hms but first u have to tell us whether u want to be teacher or student?

  13. Saranya

    Today u proved that u deserves the name viplav.whatever u said was revolutionary.its time for breaking all superstitious and evil beliefs.go on.break the laws and bring out light by blowing off people like phoolchand.we need a new society with peace and love.this is a fresh start.lets make India shine with light of love.

  14. Sujie

    hello everyone..i am little late today to comment….got some work…… liked ViDhaanni scenes…
    .hope to see more on monday’s episode 🙂

  15. Saranya

    Hey kanak,u are really a comeady piece.dasharath ko marne gayi lekin mara kaun tumari pathi.aaj dhani ko marne gayi lekin mara kaun billi.u are really a murderer.u did two murders.but mujhe hassi aa rahi hai,kyoon ki ek vampire billi ko mar dala.shame very shame.but why did u mixed poison?no need of that.tumari haath se bani hui ghana ghane ki matlab mauth hi hai.waise bhi tumari andhar jo sehar haina wohi kaafi hai baaki lokom ko maar dalne ke liye.samje ya samjao.

  16. BR



  17. Rajee

    Today RL was so cute…I liked the way she stared at KT when RL asked dhani to feed Viplav jalwa…then she said dhani is feeling shy to feed viplav as kanak is there…well done RL!!

  18. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR mam
    Louella,Dilu,Jyoti,meghs,Sofe and all my family.pls share ur opinion on today’s epi.

  19. BR

    pool chand tit for tat . epi 3 r 4 sive temple door was closed by dt …


    • Louella

      No Renu I didn’t miss viplav making dhaani eat the halwa but then also I was not satisfied as it was dhani’s birthday

  20. Anne

    Kanak doesn’t seem to have brains. If Dhaani had died doesn’t she realise SHE would have been Number 1 suspect??. The cat died quickly so Dhaani would have died in front of all just after eating Kanaks halva. Also probably an autopsy and halva testing. She’s so full of hatred she can’t think straight.??

  21. Saranya

    Kanak has some extra expenses now a days.she is the care taker of tp now.she even bought a smart phone for DT is also against her so little that she looks likes a real vampire.i mean she is now using nerolac excel paint instead of her branded no more has gurantee in rain also.ek bucket paint kanak ready for life time with her vampire look.

    • Fatarajo

      Once again saran strikes, and u know saran all my cousins like to watch all the shows I like also except for IKRS 🙁 don’t know why most of my cousins and aunt don’t like IKRS

    • SARAS

      vo kya hogaya saranya… kanakne vo paint galteese apne brain pe laga diya ab dhonesebhee nahee jaraha hain.. tabheeto samajh hee nahi parahee hain jab bhee kisiko maarne jateehai koyi aur marjata hain..
      Thank God today it was billi agar ashramke koyi aur marjata to bahut bada apshakun hojata kanak ke aanese. . aur kanak jaatee seedhe jail. .

  22. Yes there is the superstition in North India (not aware of south ) that if a person kills a cat then he is supposed to donate gold cat

  23. Saranya

    AM, in your name,there is only morning but i always wait for coming of PM to see IKRS.ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS DEAR.

  24. Fatarajo

    Actually I have phobia of cats but I really felt bad for the cat today. When I was a kid a cat scratched me after that I m very scared of cats. In my uncle’s house where I used to stay there was a cat there. One day I was all alone at home I came home at 7pm it was totally dark, and I could feel something under my leg and I looked under and saw two yellow eyes I screamed and when I on the lights the cat jumped out in fear, after that I m not scared of that cat only but the cat is scared of me 😛

  25. Ummed karte hai ki jald hi kahani me naya mod ayega jaise ki viplav ka bada bhai ya phir dhani or dulari ka ateet wish that soon the story’s track changes viz viplav ‘s elder brother or dhani’s or dulari’s past

  26. Rahul

    Hi…..hope u all are doing fine….I am here to inform purple’s condition…she recovered from critical..and so much improvements are here….she gained consciousness….and this is my last comment here….am sry on behalf of my little sis rithwi….I am asking sry for her comments here…if anyone is hurted plz forgive me…I will never forget u all…bye…take care

    • Fatarajo

      Hey rahul happy to know that purple is better now, and whatever happened was merely a misunderstanding, and we all miss u two

    • SARAS

      oh rahul Thanks a lot for the news. . take care of yourself n purple. . no need to apologize for anything. . we are all family … all is well that ends well. . cant tell how relieved I m too hear this news. .
      god bless

  27. SARAS

    louella. . Simple funda.. jo bhee galat hindi likhe vo chatra.. jo bhee use theek kare vo shikshak..acha hai na..
    varna shikshak aur chatrake list bananeme hee hum budhe hojaayenge..
    (who ever writes wrong hindi tgey are students who ever corrects it is a teacher.. else in making the list of students n teachers we will grow old)

  28. It seems viplav is shunting between his house n ashram since yesterday first he got cake then he got food then he got gifts lastly he went to consult dt for cat superstition

  29. SARAS

    When we were young they used to tell if you kill a cat you need to go to banaras by walk n donate golden cat. was just saying I have not seen or heard anybody following it anyways

  30. Thanks rahul for updating purple’s condition all ikrs family would be relieved but pl tell why are u saying last comment looking forward to many more comments from real life vidhàni couple

  31. Saranya

    Kanak ashram mein dhani ke siva kisi ke bhi dil mein tum nahi rahathi,is liye tumhe kirana dhena hi padega.chalo dhe dho ab.

  32. prachi

    Happy to hear DAT purple is safe now..hope she ll recover soon.
    Yes,der is some superstition in north India abt cat,if cat crossed d road before u den it is inauspicious, if d cat died u have to do many types of remedies…still these superstition going on here.ikrs also showing same thing abt d cat.overall episode is gud ,but the story needs to going first n show other secret things lyk past of dulari,viplav’s elder bro etc

  33. Hi frnds how is day the day today. I hope all r fine.
    Rahul happy to listen purple is fine now.and pls don’t quit our ikrs family we want u n purple be back .but first u take care n also purple too. God bless u my frnds.

  34. Saranya

    Hey Joyee,let’s make PHOBIA GANG.
    You are afraid of cats
    I am afraid of spiders
    Viplav is afraid of
    Anyone wish to join
    Phobia Gang?please join.all are always welcome.

  35. Hai saranya ur right dear today viplavs every dialogue is awesome. As his name he is like that.I like that dialogue
    Kyon dadaji agar rashtey mein jaanewali billi ko mardiya tho Uss se bhi sone ki billi ko laneko kahthey hain kya aap.who kahan we layega.
    Really wat is BL..dy superstitions ,we r with u viplav u carry on and also fight for all these superstitions.

  36. Saranya

    Oh My God-our IKRS Blockbuster woh bhi valentines day pe.ab tho maza aane waali there is an impt track coming soon.finally our IKRS gets its right position.i am too excited to watch it.let’s wait and see what’s the suspense.

    • Saranya

      Oh members our Phobia Gang is increasing.u are welcome zea.u can sit in Lizard Phobia bench.come and take your seat yaar.

  37. BR


  38. Is it real sandy we have ikrs SPL episode on 14 the Sunday omg that too on valentines day .omg it is really SPL episode.I hope after SPL episode ikrs trp will be on peaks.
    Hurray my dream will become true.

  39. BR



    • Saranya

      Absolutely right mam,poison in tongue is more dangerous than real poison.we should stay away from those devils.

  40. Guys tel me one thing in precap dhaani brought gold cat to submitted it in temple.
    Chaya kaki says dhaani must do parihar for cats one can’t do this parihar.(viplav or others)
    And y sita mayi faints ,is there any connection BT gold cat brought by dhaani or if she ate any poisoned halwa don’t wat mistery is going on.let’s wait n watch.

  41. BR


    • Saranya

      BR mam,u are absolutely right.its true that dhani is champion in running and we should thank Raj lakshmi to run along with a marathon champion but running by taking a heavy golden cat needs even more stamina,she can’t do that.i think there may be some surprize.if its not like that i must say its a bit unrealistic.

  42. Guys after a long time its happy to see phoolchand.when I saw him my mind rewind all the circumstances done by him.from first to last.
    While he restricts dhaani to pour wine on shivlingam.
    He tries to aatack with stones on dhaani with mad crowd
    He clips images of vidhaani when he rescues dhaani from drowning in ganga
    Viplav and dhaani teaches him a lesson in temple. My god its an awesome episode.
    And finally he tortures dhaani when vidhaani returned from Darla kakies house.
    Guys see if poolchand creates problem to dhaani everywhere viplav saved her.and their luv is bonded in every vidhaani scene because of phoolchand.
    Ya may be he is fool but he is mediator BT vidhaani.
    Iam correct

    • divya

      Actually even I was thinking about him on 6th and when i saw him I thought “shetan ka nam liya aur shetan hazir”(Thought of the devil and here the devil is)

  43. Saranya

    @kavitha,i love Viplav character especially because of his rebellious spirit and i am also a bit parents always scold me bcz of this attitude.they think me as really hate these type of superstitions and bcz of this me and my mum always fight as she is a bit conservative.i can’t stand these type of foolishness and i react instantly.i believe in God but not in those people who considers themselves as representatives of God.sometimes these type of evils are so strong that i think of burn those people like phoolchand.

  44. Frnds see how greedy iam I expect every Sunday also our show. If happens how cute na.
    Pls Colors we want retelecast on sat n sun also.pls we r getting bored on Sundays without ikrs.
    And we want ikrs at 11 pm also .pls colors its a request

    • SARAS

      me too kavitha. . I want ikrs everyday. . n a repeat in the night at least around 12.. 3am is too odd time to be awake. . still one friday night I watched it at 3am as saterday no repeat.

      madest fan of ikrs award goes to saras.. any other claimants?

      • Saranya

        Saras,i claim that award.u know i also watch IKRS early morning epi and i always watch early episodes of IKRS.infact usually i go to bed late bcz of this i also claim this wallpaper is of IKRS,ringtone is of IKRS.Oh no how can i express my madness to IKRS.No words.

    • SARAS

      Then the award goes to saranya. .

      actually even I keep watching old episodes I love to watch them while day but I cannot -:((..

  45. Saranya

    Hai Jyoti,i am very very very fine.hope u are doing well and concentrating in your studies.gud night dear.

  46. SARAS

    whenever I m not there. everyone comments n I m here no one will be there..
    golden ifol can be ymbolic small ifol no y r they making fuss of that issue?

  47. SARAS

    I love viplav’s charecter (charecter of viplav in the show) a lot. . he is too good in everything.. except he is too inocent he is perfect. .
    apni dada aur maa ki harkatonse anjaan hai bechara…
    (poor guy..unaware of dada n mom’s misdeeds.)

  48. SARAS

    @aish. anne n florentina hope you guys are satisfied with our translations of all hindi comments. . please let us know. .

  49. Saranya

    And friends these cat beliefs are non-ending.
    Here in our area there is a belief that if white cats other than pet cats come inside our house with its own will,its good to house.but those people who beleive this stupidity don’t know that they are coming for stealing food or to hunt rats.poor people their motto is “SAY NO TO BLACK CATS AND YES TO WHITE CATS”
    Another belief is that if we kill a cat our hands will shiver life time.but i support this foolishness bcz its a security for poor cats.
    Till ystdy i believed that snake beliefs are more than any other beliefs but today’s conversation changed my belief.cats seems to be stars in these stupid beliefs.

      • Saranya

        Prachi,from my childhood itself i am like some people don’t like they find fault in everything i do.most common thing is they don’t like seeing me smiling always.they will say”its not good to smile even when you are talking”and what i normally do is just leave them and close the matter bcz it doesn’t really affects me but if they are crossing limits i can’t control my anger and i will react.

      • prachi

        Same thing. Happen with me .I always smile n people say me ladkiyan hardam hasna thk nh h etc etc.but I never care dem.keep smiling yar.

    • Saranya

      Haripriya,Purple is our family member,her fiance Rahul is also our family member.they are our real life vidhani.latest news is that she tried to commit suicide due to some misunderstanding and was in a critical stage but now she is ok as per Rahul’s comment of today.

    • Saranya

      Gud mng Akshay,sorry ystdy i couldn’t make a coffee for you.i slept with my phone beside me.i think Prachi also did the now its coffee time.your hot coffee is ready.pls have it yaar.

  50. Saranya

    @Prachi,i prefer black’s good to make us energetic in cold and by the way u have a special name,what’s the meaning of it yaar?

  51. Xyz

    I dont understand if dashrath wants dhaani to be his bahu or just pretending… Its quite hard to predict this.. Or maybe i missed out something…

  52. Rajee

    Good morning to all lovely ppl here…relieved to hear abt purple’s condition.. I wish everything will b fine now…& guys I am very much phobic to lizards like zea…saras my elder sister also having snake phobia.. Previously she used to have nightmares abt snakes..
    Have an awesome sunday.!!!! Bye…

  53. SARAS

    good morning everyone. .
    sorry prachi n saranya. yday by the v time my comment for a posted I was fast asleep. ..
    how was your tea party guys…in my native they only drink tea. . but in my inlaws house only coffee. .. now I m also used to coffee. .. but I drink tea sometimes …
    whenever I hear chai chai in serial I feel like drinking tea. ..

    • Saranya

      Saras,i am also a coffee one day we should make a coffee party with your family and a tea party with IKRS family bcz in IKRS there is only tea episodes,viplav is in habit of making dhani drink tea always no coffee.

  54. SARAS

    @saranya since white cays are considered good n black cats bad I had written a comment saying these guys are racists hahaha but my connect was dropped at moderation ley me see if this gets posted. .

  55. Saranya

    @Akshay,u praised me and Joyee a lot.ek selfie tho banthi hai.chal beta ek selfie le le re.selfie time……….

  56. prachi

    Gudmrng saranya n akhsaya I did nt sleep last comments did nt get posted last nyte.I have been waiting for 1 hr but no result.

    • Saranya

      Lol Prachi u didn’t sleep ystdy but u know me and Goddess of sleep are good whenever i wish to sleep it comes instantly.thank god for our friendship.

      • prachi

        Me too saranya my fav hobby is sleeping, wenever I got d tym I prefer to sleep,but noe a days wenever I get d tym I open dis page n start commenting. I luv to go through these comments.

  57. SARAS

    @rajee madan aapto adhe dinki chutti liya hain naa. . enjoy ur outing.

    All of you enjoy ur Sunday. though no ikrs today. .

    “sukh dukh me jeena hai inko.. inme karo naa bhed.. jaise gaaye geet ba assuri usme kitane ched…..”.

    (Don’t differentiate bw happiness n sorrow. The way flute sings though has
    so many holes in it) its a just a word to waited translation I could really translate the message in the lyrics.

    main to is gaane pe phida hoon. .
    I keep humming the above lines n my husb is fed up hearing
    . hev says please stop this ched. ..hahaha

    • Saranya

      U are right Saras.they are such soothing lines.and these lines always makes me remember of pot making scenes of vidhani.oh that is an evergreen can we forget viplav’s killing romantic look on dhani.oh God i am in love those early episodes of IKRS.

  58. Saranya

    Our Phobia Gang is getting larger.current members of our gang is:
    1.Viplav-cockroach ph
    2.joyee-cat phobia
    3.prachi-cockroach ph
    4.zea-lizard phobia
    5.Rajee-lizard phobia
    6.Rajee’s sis-snake pho
    7.Me-spider phobia

    • Sujie

      Saranya… include me in this phobia gang as well… me too phobic to cat, snake. spider, lizard and rat……

    • SARAS

      oh hello saras-snake phobia..
      rajee tools about her sis’s phobia as reply to mine. ..
      infact I m scared of reptiles. . -:((

  59. Hai all IKRS fans.I think its not bad for comment in long time but sorry guys.I was watching only viplav nothing interst.i did’t like this rituls anyways sorry for ikrs fans

  60. Saranya

    @Prachi i agree with u.attitude of some people towards girls is still same.girls have many restrictions.they can’t speak loudly,they can’t smile openely,they can’t express their opinions.those aunties and uncles saw girls as trophy to decorate in their house.after marriage girl has to sit in home and look after children.its true that we should take care of our family and children.but what’s the need of discontinuing career for that.we can manage all.this is only the picture of some conservative people who even dares to kill a child if its a girls are in forefront in every fields.hats off to our proud woman kalpna chawla,Sania Mirza,Saina Nehwal,Mary Kom and other unknown proud woman.Also to our super kid Malala.

  61. Saranya

    Gud mng Varsha,BR mam,Sonu,Shri,AM,MM
    Sujie,Divya,Nisha,and all my family

    • Gud mrg saranya ur write when I hear this title song I also remember only that pot making scene of vidhaani.
      My god viplav really kills with his luvly expression looks.
      Un dono ne pass hothey Huey bhi door rehthey hai aur door hothey Huey bhi pas rehtha hai.I like that type of scenes. I was really awesome days of ikrs.
      Mishal u always rocks.

  62. AM

    Sunday, February 7, 2016:rose day
    Monday, February 8, 2016:propose day
    Tuesday, February 9, 2016:chocolate day
    Wednesday, February 10, 2016:teddy day
    Thursday, February 11, 2016:promise day
    Friday, February 12, 2016:hug day
    Saturday, February 13, 2016:kiss day
    Sunday, February 14, 2016:valentine day
    this year one day is additional for all 12 th students
    Monday,15th February,2016 : Exam day/do or die day
    so forgot about all this stupid day …my heart is striked by the exam day 😛 😛
    bye guys heart is beating very fast …feeling mad … don’t know what to do …… bye for now ….
    if I don’t become mad fully I will surely comment at night 😛 😛 ……..

  63. AM

    happy that purple di is safe …feeling very sad for purple di and Rahul bhaiya …miss them ….when purple di comment here last I replied her and she also replied me back …..she was sad but suicide is very big step ….forgot about that …
    humari nazar lag gaya un dono ka jodi ke upar ……
    miss them very much …never see them in this page .. really feeling sad badly. 🙁

  64. AM

    now I becoming mad for exam and sad for purple and Rahul …..
    if I really don’t become mad surely comment today ….and from tomorrow I will go offline so jitna marzi reply karna mujhe 😛 … and bakika comment ratt ko dunga …
    left part of my comment ..give you at night ….see you later

  65. Saranya

    @AM i am getting mad now bcz of your need of tension yaar.u are working hard.that’s enough.have a tea or coffee at night to stay awake and study.have a piece of choclate for memory and above all smile at your tensions and make it run away.

  66. Rajee

    Thanx saras & saranya… But b4 going out I am again peeping here..& include me in ur mad gang for ishq ka rang safed…if I start describing my craziness it will b a big essay… I just want to give a name 4 us..its.”ISHQ-OHOLIC” &I am proud of it..
    “Haan main ishqoholic hoon,
    Haan main ishqoholic hoon,
    Hoon toh hoon to main kya maroon”
    C u guys in the evening… Bye to all ishqoholics….

  67. Fatarajo

    I m hearing a buzz that IKRS is having a tv ka blockbuster valentines day special hope that’s true because as far as I know IKRS having low trps and colors don’t usually give tv ka blockbuster to shows out of top 10 in trp charts, if that’s true then I must say colors is very sweet to IKRS, and I m disappointed that I didn’t find any of my cousins or relatives watch IKRS, whenever I ask other shows u watch Naggin yes Thapki yes ghost yes sasu Maa yes Vaada Raha yes Ishq ka rang no I don’t know why they don’t like IKRS, I don’t find aacompany in watching IKRS 🙁 but do find accompany for other shows

    • prachi

      Colors may give dis due to huge fan request. I saw in mishal’s twitter,dey continuously request colors for d blockbuster episode,dats why.

    • SARAS

      joyee .. to lie ikrs one should have good taste lol.. if they don’t have forget it n u enjoy ikrs..
      I seriously don’t understand how can somebody like tpk.. from one v year no movement in story at all. . only pooja path.. making prasad opposite party putting chemicals to spoil it oh god

    • Louella

      Hey fatarajo even I m in the same situation. my brother he will never watch any serials which I watch. He is only interested in wrestling, football shows and he is a fan of the serial kumkum bhagya

  68. @Prachi,I was awake till 2am ,but then I slept as I did travelling for 12 hours from Goa to Mumbai and in the evening attending my friends marriage in Vasai which is very much far away from andheri, made me tired.

    • Saranya

      Gud afternoon Akshay,and i think u are a travel man.full time travelling.sometimes for study sometimes for other things.u can write AKSHAY KA SELFIE

  69. Louella

    Hi renu. I had replied u but I think u didn’t see it. But again I m replying. Aapka bahut swagat hai and sorry for late reply. I had gone to church and just came back

  70. radha

    I never heard about donating golden cat to Charity if cat dies infront of the house…How come poor people can manage this? I see some foolishness in this ritual, what you say? Still do we have these type of customs in this country?

  71. Swara

    Saranya…pls give me a seat in ur phobia gang….
    I am scared of SILENCE. ….
    can’t tolerate silence for a long time…then I feel to run away. .
    Pls wil u give a seat..

    • SARAS

      swara special phobia. .
      I also hate silence but of my self haha. .
      I can stay silent for ten mins I don’t think I can survive 11th minute closing my mouth. ..

  72. Its Roseday today as AM said so the quotes :
    ROses ? are REd,
    Violets are blue,
    I aM counting the dAys ,
    Untill I CAN finally sEE you (FAMILY)

  73. Saranya

    Hello my dear friends,sorry for late reply.
    @Sujie u are extreme phobic,u are afraid of everything.u need a special seat and’t worry u are in our team.
    @Swara,u have a special phobia.i have solution for u.don’t bear silence just speak.if u are in exam hall just ask about answers and help others.if u are in a death ceremony just accompany them in are in our gang dear.

  74. Louella

    Hey saranya mujhe bhi ek seat chahiye aapke phobia ke gang mein. Mujhe chuho se phobia hai. Kya mujhe ek seat milega?

    Hey saranya even I want a seat in your phobia gang. I have phobia of rats. Will I get a seat?

  75. Anne

    I have a phobia about cruelty.If I read or hear a story about cruelty to a child or animal it stays in my mind for ages, I am upset for days. As someone who is writing this with my beautiful many coloured cat on my knee washing her face,I found the cat poisoning upsetting. People here sometimes poison pet cats for fun!!! Sad sad sad pitiful people.?????????????

  76. Saranya

    @kavitha,welcome to our phobia gang dear.i am not afraid of darkness but i hate it.even while sleeping i let lights on.

  77. Hi frnds had ur lunch.iam going vto watch movie NAANAKU PREMATHO guys who know Telugu lang pls watch it. Its msg of luv to wards all fathers.very interesting .u also luv it.

  78. Saranya

    OMG,how many types of phobia: phobia
    2.spider phobia
    2.cockroach phobia
    4.lizard phobia
    5.reptile phobia
    6.silence phobia
    7.cruelity phobia
    8.darkness phobia
    9.rat phobia

    • Sujie

      my parents say the same Saranya…. i am phobic to these things till now…..
      but surprisingly I dissected rat in my 12th…. so my name has been kept weirdo by my sister

  79. Louella

    Sab log kahan chale gaye. Yeh bethaal moderation ne sabhi ko shikaar banake rakha hai. Principal mam aap kahan hai? Rajee toh letter likhe gaya chutti ke liye par aap kahan hai? Har waqt mein akeli comment kar rahi hoti hu. Koi hai jo aaj free hai aur comment kar raha hai.

  80. Swara

    @ saras and saranya..s I have this special phobia. …
    And when I fought with my besty..she keep quiet. .so after 2 mins I will go and again start fighting but she just sit there like statue ..which make me mad..and then patch up..cuz she knew about my phobia….

    • Louella

      Hey swara yours and my classmates’ phobia r the same. In school even if the teacher is there then also they make noise. Sometimes I feel sorry for the teacher bcoz I can’t understand how she handles 67 students in one class specially boys. Thats the reason I like my school bcoz of the drama that I see between our class and teacher.

    • Hey Swara u know whenever I perform bad for my exams my mom never scolds me by she stays silent and don’t talk to me , once somehow I failed my only maths by 1 mark and my mom was so disappointed as maths was my best subject she didn’t talk to with me I was so scared that I studied and scold full marks for my next exam 😛

      • Swara

        Fatarajo…..u r awesome. ..u love ur mom so much just like me…and s I we can tolerate anything…but can’t tolerate silence of one we love. ….that like a slow poison 4 me…

  81. Louella

    Swara I m happy to see that u r there to comment here now with me. By the way u r not the member of our hms, right? Plz join us as we r waiting for more students and teachers

  82. Guys ,just see the first episode of ikrs and swap to the latest episode on 6 feb.
    Tell me how do u feel?
    When was the turning point of our show ,which changed the whole picture?
    express your opinion about it

  83. Fatarajo

    Hey akshay don’t praise me too much there will be a bad eye on me lol and Saran and you are indeed Multi-talented.

  84. Fatarajo

    According to me IKRS is one of the most underrated shows, 1.4 trp seriously it deserves much much more, I understand the dip in trps is due to dragging but 1.4 is too less. And I m dissapointed because all my cousins like almost all the shows I like , even they watched Manmarziyan a lot like we are crazy fans of that show
    N somehow all the shows I really like at least my cousins also watch that and the one which is one of my fav almost all my cousins watch that but i don’t know why tht didn’t happen in case of IKRS n another show I used to watch

  85. Fatarajo

    You know I was planing to tell tem about TU, so that they can also comment but no one watches IKRS at the first place so no use , they do watch other shows but you know when I comment in IKRS it’s more of a friends group 🙂 whenever I ask u watch Ishq ka rang they say Wakil babu drama I say yes they say no not at all 🙁 but shockingly almost all my friends n cousins in singapore loves to watch IKRS a lot and they never miss a single episodes it’s like so strange

  86. Fatarajo

    @saranya there are unlimited kinds of phobia n I realized the phobias almost everyone in our family have is animal related 😛
    @sara pooja path lol, even my lil sis cousin said so but they all still like to watch TPK not IKRS don’t know why n my lil cousin sis always scolds Bihaan 😛 but she scolds Dhaani the most and don’t even watch it :P. Honestly speaking , I still watch that show only for thahaan and even all my cousins watch that but whenever we watch it we scold all the characters especially Thapki but my lil sis loves to scold Bihaan a lot 😛

    • SARAS

      I also hate thapki n like bihan n his name for thapki ” mahan aatma” is awesome. . I like those two ladies badki n chutki..

  87. Subashini

    Hi.. Saranya di, rajee di, raj, BR mam, kavitha, am, philo, louella, Saras, akshay, swara, fatarajo, and all….

  88. AM

    hi ..guys …how are you all …..this is my second last comment till my exam end in this page …..thanks guys for all your blessings …thank you very much ….

    which I commented in morning was just for fun ….thoda tension ho raha hae but in exam times it is OK

    just pray for me guys that my exam will go awesome .and get outstanding marks ….hope for bestest …….. 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    second last comment is why because my last comment will be the spoiler …this week only I will give spoiler …..

    just hope for best of bestest …. .
    bye guys. .bye bye ……. 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

  89. Swara

    Louella..u Forgot me…yar…I am a student of hms…but i love this moderation bhai as our watch man of our hms… he is the best… u forgot me…ooo I am little princess forget me…no mummy. ….mummy…look she forgot me……hahahaha
    Joking yarr…..
    U r little princess. ..
    Don’t get frighten..haha

  90. Louella

    Sorry swara I was so busy in my school, tuitions, play etc etc that I forgot who is there in our hms and who is not. That’s the speciality of our ikrs family. There r so many ppl in our ikrs family that I forgot everything

  91. SARAS

    hi my dear chotu assistant.
    Sorry I could comment only little thanks to moderation.. n sunday busy day for me

  92. Sonu

    @Rahul,thank God finally u commented,now I am relief. Hey u don’t need to say sorry here, we r all friends here. That day just one small MU.Ritwi kaise hai?
    Please don’t leave this family, we want both of u (Purple and u) Take care of Purple, and u also take care yourself..

  93. Sonu

    Hey my dear Little princess, mujhe bhi bool gayi hai kya? Mein mazak kar rahi..
    Hi my sear LP r u forgot me also? Just joking yaar..

  94. SARAS

    kavitha had coffee. . dinner tooo sorry for v the late reply. . hope all of you had dinner by now.. tomm mobday n a beginning of a new week n ikrs n sunday also ikrs next week wrote can’t believe. .

  95. ahana

    Kyun paisa paisa karti
    Kyon paise pe tu marti hain

    Ek baat mujhe batla de tu
    Us rab se kyun nahi darti hai

    Mein barish kar doon paise ki
    Jo tu sach boldegi
    Mein barish kar doon paise ki
    Jo tu sach boldegi…..

    Na haske kadi bolti
    Paise ko sach se tolti

    Kya baat hai kay cheez hai paisa
    Kya baat hai kay cheez hai paisa

    Har baar tera ek roop naya
    Na seedi hein tu hain tedi…..

    Paisa paisa
    Paisa paisa

    Ab jaan nikalegi tu meri
    Kya neeyat hai teri
    Sach bolde, sach bolde!!

    Paisa aavee paisa jaavee
    Ek ka hokar tikta nai
    Sach maan ke kehta daulat
    Na teri na meri

    Paisa paisa

    De dana dan
    dan de dana dan

    Mein barish kar doon paise ki
    Jo tu sach boldegi
    Mein barish kar doon paise ki
    Jo tu sach boldegi……

    Kyun paisa paisa karti hain
    Kyon paise pe tu marti hain

  96. Saranya

    @Akshay if u are asking about reason of low trp i think its the sudden confession or murder dragging otherwise i think the track changing epi of vidhani life is breaking of tp dhani marriage.bcz that epi changed dhani’s attitude towards viplav.after that epi she completely believes viplav.

  97. SARAS

    I was watching dhani’s bday episode is awesome yaar.. his shayari n the feeling with which he was delivering oh.. mishal you r amazing. . our dhani too was very sweet she was also enjoying vakeel baabu’s presence n shayaris. . else she always asks him to go or will be lost in some or the other thoughts. .
    cake wala scene bhee bahut hi badiyatha… kanak vahan nahee hoteehotteeto aurbhee awesome hojata. . haaye kya episode tha. ..
    (cake scene was also awesome but if kanak want there it would have been even better.. wow what an episode)

    • Ya prachi I also watched that only bajrangi bhaijan with my two kids they n me luv it very much.u know after hum aap ke hai kuon after long period I liked bajrangi bhaijan very much.may be most of the salmans movie will be just nice but this is awesome.
      And after that only I came to comment here.

      • prachi

        Kavita n akshya I also love dis movie, after a long tym salman shown his acting talent. N DAT cute grl is excellent…

  98. AM I think ur busy in ur studies but its OK my best wishes will always with u dear take care go through the of luck dear.don’t be tensed be cool.?????????????

    • Saranya

      Today my students asked me to write a story for them to submit in i am decided to take u as my protagonist and the title of story is
      CRAZY AKSHAY CLICKS A u have any objection Akshay?

  99. Saranya

    Yes Guys,Bhajrangi Bhaijan is a great movie.And after many time i loved a salman movie.he was amazing in that.oh that girl was such a cutee.i love salman’s meine pyaar kiya,saajan,dabaang,wanted.BB is a awesome movie with social message.

    • Jyoti

      Hai saranya mera bhi favoriate movie hai bajrangi bhaijan. Ye aisa ek movie hai jo saaab family milkar dekh saaktehein. Kaaal star plus mein telecast horahatha.

  100. Fatarajo

    Even I liked bajrangi bhaijan a lot I watched in the theatres with my cousins and family I loved sallu’s and Munni(Harshali Malhotra)acting there a lot, I watched it several times but I don’t get tired of it at all, I was watching filmfare with my aunt tonight 😛

  101. SARAS

    good morning all..
    kya bache ho der rath tak jaagate ho subah soteho.. (koyi baath nahee)
    translation : what kind of kids are you. . you wake up b all night n get up so late(no problems)

    do “whatever you want to do man do double but don’t trouble your mother”
    hahaha haha. I like this dialog of salman khan its funny. . nice n very meaningful too. .

  102. SARAS

    even I had watched bhajarangi with my daughter. . she was too restless till munni met her mother. … after that she was relieved. …
    the movie is very good in the beginning. ..but later its too dramatic n too unrealistic still its ok munni is tooo adorable. .

  103. Swara

    Louella….don’t say sorry ….I knew u…u r my little princess. .I also have a chotti bhai at ur age…whom I love the most….and good morning princess…

  104. Saranya,Prachi and joyee,u all sleep so late ,your mom doesnt scold u for that.
    I get pasting from my mom sometimes,but it only makes me laugh ? .

  105. Hi Anne,aish,saras,saranya,br,Sara khan,sujie,sonu,shri,varsha,divya,diya,purple,rahul, akshay,Florentine,joyee,raj,rajee,kaviya(pethusri),Tamil,brity,AM,MM,Louella, subhashini,sabita,hritya,prachi,pappu,sandy, and all other ikrs family gud mrg frnds.

  106. Hi guys how are you all. Iam busy with preparation of my exams really feeling tensed yaaaar. Plzzz pray for me and AM can I know which class ur studying. My group is MEC and for me Maths- B is tough plzzzzz pray for my exams. And all the best to those who are going to write exams.??

  107. SARAS

    in my house no one watches serials. .. n they all scold me for watching serials. . I m talking about my siblings. .
    still I don’t care I watch ikrs.. I don’t watch other serial.. I follow story line of swaragini n tpk..
    This month end my niece’s (my eldest sis daughter) wedding. so lot of shopping n work for me. .

    • Fatarajo

      Hey sara u know some of my aunt and cousin says that they don’t watch serials but fact is that they do watch them. One of my cousin he says he hates serials but he watches it secretly he was a crazy fan of that star plus serial saraswatichandra and life ok mere range rangewali he used to watch it crazily he watched cricket
      more but when Saras show came he watched that show the most and we also fought over the remote and when that show became boring he says it’s boring but he still secretly watched it 😛

  108. Saranya

    @Akshay,are u kidding!i can’t even remember a day in which i slept without my mother’s scolding.we have such a bond that we finds our love in quarelling.we are extremely different in everything-in beliefs,attitude,character and in everything.we are in different similarity at all yet we love each other a lot that we can’t live without seeing one

  109. Saranya

    @Sofe,don’t worry about exams.if u have any tensions pls rememeber this comedy of uncivilized old period who worshipped Tolemy’s geocentric theory in which he says that earth is fixed and other planets which he called as heavens surrounds earth and when Coppernicus broke this misbelief with the current solarsystem theory they chased him and killed

  110. Rajee

    Good morning to all my ishqoholic family!!
    Yes guys bajrangi bhaijan is a very good movie but I have watched only the 2nd part & @ d end it is very emotional…
    Generally I have less Patience to watch a full movie. So there r a very few movies which I have watched completely…mostly I like comedy movies…

  111. Rajee

    Hey kavitha… U said Hum aapke hain kaun!!! U made me nostalgic.. This is my last movie I watched in theatre along with full family when I was a kid..

  112. Hi frnds don’t worry in my house also my elders scold me for late night sleeping but wat to do it is habituated. But no worries with any one. elders will always say good thing only na.take it easy yaar.

  113. Saranya

    @Raj i will try yaar.what to do i have no theme.i am fed up of making fun of tp,kanak and and dt.can u suggest me an idea?

  114. Rajee

    Sandy u r a devdut(angel) 4 per my memory u were the 1st person to inform reg ikrs block buster…if this time also its true then its a very exciting news..waiting eagerly 4 Sunday.

  115. ArShi

    I tnk one of the resn of low trp of IKRS is budget. It seems a low budget show. I dn’t kno xctly. Bt I tnk so. Honestly spkng I watch tis show only fr Mishal. I lik his actng vry mch.

    • Fatarajo

      Hey arshi my desifriend I so agree with you. You know when I was watching this show and then I ask one of my cousin she is 9 yr old u watch this? She say who watches low budget show 😛 aiyoo why people care about low budget so much , and then I understand why people don’t watch IKRS much seriously????? I look at the story and entertainment factor more than the budget

  116. SARAS

    you may not believe even today when we go to my mom’s place. . all of us get Scoldings from mom for not sleeping early n not taking bath early. ..
    she acts as though without her scolding we neither raje bath nor sleep. . oh god moms are minds n they are too funny n lovely. .

    actually Even I sold my daughter to sleep early n take bath early (on holidays)… hahaha

  117. SARAS

    hi rajee .. kal aapne sirf aadhi dinki chutti lee thi par poora Din gayab hogayi. .
    (you took half day leave but disappeared whole day)
    hope u had good time. .

  118. SARAS

    I m very very happy with Friday’s episode n its uploaded in youtube also. .. even if today’s episode bit so good o don’t care I can survive with Friday’s episode hangover. .

  119. Bollywood movies I am never tired of: Kabhi kushi, DDLJ, om shanti om, main hoon NA, 3 idiots, PK, Bajragi, ready, golmal, housefull, koi mil Gaya, Krish, Dhoom 2,

  120. Hey rajee don’t worry we minlge all ikrs family and lets watch a movie IKRS show too.I hope this will happen one day.if it will come true na

  121. Sonu

    Good afternoon to all my IKRS friends. Saturday and yesterday night( till 9PM) network problem in my phone. That’s why i am not commented too much.

    How r u all? How is your Sunday?

  122. Sonu

    @SARU, hey mujhe bhi aapki phobia gang mein jagaha deejiyae. Mein bi vipu ki taraha tilachatta se darana.

    Please give me place or seat in your Phobhia Group. I am also scare COKROACH as same as Vipu.

  123. Rajee

    Guys!!!! It was a gloomy khooni Monday 4 me but then suddenly I geared up 4 sm fun comments as already we crossed 300 posts…why not more even if the episode was boring fm the core…
    OK here is the reprise of the scene when Vidhani entered tp’s house in search of clue reg. Shambhu’s death.keep reading & bear with me 4 inconvenience as it may or may not b in flow depending on my time mgmt…

  124. Sonu

    Ek aur wicket nae Vampire ki haath mein. Par iss samay iss samay insaan nahi, bichari bill ne uski bali chadanae ki jaal mein pass gayee.
    One more wicket in Vampire’s hand. This time not a human being, poor cat suffered from her stupid idea.

  125. Rajee

    Vidhani – “angne pe durga ma,
    Duare pe suvarna,
    Kaise ayen tp hum tohar gharma?…”

    RL helped Vidhani to enter TP’s house. Already Durga mai was not @ home & RL motivated Suv to go 4 shopping to bazaar..

    RL-” mandir gayi Durga maa,
    Bazaar gayi suvarna,
    Aja vidhani tu tp me gharma…”

  126. Rajee

    Vidhani entered tp’s house as soon as RL & SUV left for shopping.. Vidhani started their extensive search operation…
    Viplav 4 d clue-
    ” luka chhupi bahut huyi,
    Saamne Aja na,
    Kahaan kahaan dhoonda tujhe,
    Than gayi hai shikayati pudiya…

    Aja sanjh huyi mujhe tp ka dare,
    Dhundhla gayi dekh Meri nazar,
    Aja na…”

  127. Rajee

    Omg ….the bullet raja, tp on his bullet approaching towards his house!!! But this time bechara is in senti mood as his pyari bhabhiji broke his mobile…
    Tp-” mobile gira re Banaras ke bazaar mein,
    Mobile gira re hum dono ke taqrar mein. ”

    Vipu in room with Dhani-
    ” hum tum ek kamre mein band hon,
    Aur tp aa jaye,
    Socho abhi aisa ho toh kya ho?
    Sochi abhi aisa ho toh kya ho?…”

  128. Rajee

    Then @ d mean time arrived our johnny bravo…, meat ki dukaan with dumbo plan…
    He cud smell something fishy as nobody opened the locked door of his house.he thought- kuchh toh gadbad hai- & broke open the door…
    We,viewers stunned- haila! & we thought only inspector Daya (CID) can only do this!!!
    Bravo tp!!! At last ur daily push ups helped u in this…
    ” Na tha tumhara intezaar,
    Aya re aya bodyguard…

    Dhaniji,vipuji dil se dil milao ki,
    A gaya hai dekho bodyguard…

    SUV ki aan,
    SUV ki shaan,
    Vipu kahenge chacha haan
    A gaya hai dekho bodyguard… “

  129. SARAS

    @arshi.. you are correct. . I too feel it’s a low budget serial that’s cy no promos also. . even to shot n telecast promos it costs money. .

    These days dhani wearing designer saree as cost on kanak’s Costume reduced lol…

  130. Rajee

    After entering room tp cud n’t find anybody inside as our love birds were giving close-up test behind that room partitioner …” Paas ao paas ao,Meri sanson mein samao,
    Paas so na…”

  131. Rajee

    While giving that close up test dhani kept her palm on a nail peeping out of the wall without letting it know to viplav… She was in pain but Vidhani fans were enjoying their closeness becoz of that meherbaan nail…lol…
    Dhani-” kaanta laga…
    Hayye laga…
    Ha Aja raja .
    bangle ke peeche ,
    Teri bairi ke neeche,
    Are aha re ahare ahare piya…
    Kaanta laga…”
    Tp searching 4 Vidhani…
    ” bada natkhat hai re viplav baba,
    Ka kare tp chacha, haye …
    Dhoonde re ankhiyan tujhe Charon aur,
    Jane kahan chhup gaya, shambhu kishore..”

    Tp cud not find anybody in his room & fortunately kept the door unlocked!!!!

    Viplav saw dhani’s palm bleeding & showed concern.

  132. Rajee

    Viplav saw dhani’s palm bleeding & showed concern.
    Dhani-” suhana had dard hai…eee..
    Jo tu mera humdard hai…”

    Vidhani came out of tp’s house. Dhani got one small copy from tp’s house..
    Tp caught them coming out of his house..
    He gathered crowd & blame vidhani of stealing in his house…
    Tp-” chura ke kuch mera goriya chali..
    Tene ne ne ne ne ….”
    The crowd know tp’s character. They were like chal be chal…
    ” jhooth bole kauwa Kate
    Kaale kauwe se dariyo,
    SUV maike nahin jayegi,
    Tum dekhte rahiyo…”

    WO Mara papad wale ko…tp became speechless & scared thinking abt SUV’s maike wali baat…so he kept silent.

    Viplav- “kyun Bhai chacha?…”
    Tp- ” arre haan bhatija…”
    Here the scene ends…bye..

  133. Rajee

    Thank u sujie,sonu,saras!
    Saras…Enjoyed my outing but missed u guys!
    Hi hi hi…after returning I was went to bed early….

    • SARAS

      good you had good time. .
      thanks for missing us -:))
      good knows how. .in ikrs family we are all too attached to each other. ..

  134. prachi

    Guys have u remembered telly express conducted some polls lyk face of d yr,show of d yr,jodi of d yr.I think poll of jodi of d yr n show of d yr has finished,but nt face of d has been continuing I saw DAT poll again today on eisha’ s fb page n die hard fan of page of mishal.

  135. prachi

    I cannt think why dis poll has been conducted for so many days.poll should hav stipulated tym So dat one can know accurate result…

  136. SARAS

    jhoot bole kavva kaate.. safed kavvese (kanak) dariyo.. vo ashram rehne jaayengi aap dekhate rahiyo…

  137. Rajee

    Arre prachi…I visited that page & below I saw an article abt the face of 2015. It was mentioned that sahil of suhani…is the winner then what is the use of this no use of voting…this poll is misleading…

  138. Louella

    Saras mam humare hms ka kya hua? Mein abhi zyada comment nahi kar paungi kyoki mere exams shuru ho jaayenge March mein. Mujhe pataa hai ki bahut vaqt hai exams ke liye lekin meri mummy mere peeche pad gayi hai ki abhi se hi padayi shuru karni hai. Toh friends mein bahut kam comment karungi. Sorry par mein raat ko comment karne ki poori koshish karungi

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.