Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani thinking if she is doing right by marrying Parshiya, and thinks she is doing this for Vidha’s happiness. Viplav thinks why did Dhaani do this? Pratibha comes to room to get shagun thaali and picks the mangalsutra (which was sent with the letter). She thinks it is new mangalsutra and takes it along with Shagun plate. Viplav talks to Dulaari. Dulaari says I know it is difficult for you to stay here. Viplav takes a leave. Dhaani looks on….Jo bheji thi dua plays……………Kamini comes there and thinks marriage is still going on, if Viplav is here then why marriage is happening. She thinks to go inside and see.

Kamini sees Viplav and asks are you fine? She says this have to happen some day, and says I explained you, but you didn’t listen. Whatever happens

is for good, and asks him to come with her. Viplav says I don’t want to talk. Kamini says I have seen your pain and saw what you went through since 5 years, but Dhaani don’t care about your feelings and moved on. She brings Dhaani’s marriage chunari and bangles and says you kept it safely. She says Dhaani has moved on, then why you are not moving on….Viplav says just because I love her even now. Kamini says you love her, who has never cared about you or your feelings. She asks him to take chunari and bangles and return it to Dhaani. Viplav takes it in his hand and burns them. Dhaani is seen sitting in the mandap.

Dhaani stands up for garland ceremony and thinks about Viplav’s words that he can do anything for Vidha’s happiness. Mangalam Bhagwan …..plays…….She puts garland on Parshiya’s neck hesitantly….Everyone shower flower petals on them. Parshiya then makes her wear garland. Vidha is happy. Parshiya smiles. Parshiya gives shagun gift to Dhaani. Dhaani sees her mangalsutra in the plate and takes it silently. Pandit ji asks to do ghatbandhan of groom and bride. Vidha says I will do and ties the ghatbandhan….Viplav breaks the bangles, and says her memory will not bother me now….I will never return here. Dhaani and Parshiya starts taking pheras….God’s idol is shown, witnessing the marriage. Viplav and Kamini sit in the car and leave. Suddenly Vidha faints. Dhaani and Parshiya rush to Vidha, leaving the pheras in the middle. Dhaani asks what happened? They try to make her come back to senses, but in vain.

At Viplav’s hotel, Atharva breaks glass. Kamini scolds him and calls receptionist to send room service. She scolds him for hurting his hand. Viplav comes and asks him to show his hand. He bandages his hand..Atharva asks where did you go Papa? Nobody told me about you. Viplav thinks he was doing all that in Dhaani’s love. Kamini says now we will start a new life as Papa is back. She tells Viplav that she can understand what he is going through, his true love has betrayed him. She says you have to move on as two lives are connected with you. I told you always that Dhaani never need you, but you never listened to me. Viplav says I did wrong, I have realized……He says Vidha will always be my daughter even after Dhaani is gone from my life. He says I married you for Atharva, and have never loved you, and will never love you in future. Kamini looks on.

Dhaani and others bring Vidha to hospital and say it is an emergency. Nurse says I have to call doctor. Dhaani gets angry and asks her to call Doctor immediately. She prays for Vidha’s recovery.

Dulaari asks Dhaani to inform Viplav about Vidha’s illness as he is her father. Dhaani calls Viplav and asks where are you? Viplav asks you got married and is happy naa, he refuses to listen to her and disconnects the call.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Iamsofianeak

    |Registered Member

    Heeeello Ikrs’ fans , I didn’t watch many episodes i think since viplav & dhanni come up with multiple plans to bring Raja’s truth in front of the family
    what happens next plz ? they bring his truth or not ? and who is parshiya ? & kamini ? vidha ? yoooo !! isn’t viplav and dhanni are in love !!

    • Mahaaijaz

      |Registered Member

      Hey.. u have missed so many episodes re..
      Raja was exposed then dadi bua came and she called that chipkali kamini after some episodes she realized her feelings for viplav and started conspiracies to separate vidhani.. then dhani came to know everything about dt and kt and she tried to tell viplav but in vain.. after that dt insulted dhani and her mom in temple so dhani grabbed his collar and answered him back meanwhile viplav came there and saw dhani in that position and thought that dhani is wrong so he dropped her at ashram.. after that dhani was expecting and wants to tell this news to viplav whereas dt kt and kamini joined hands against dhani then one night dhani reached AN to tell him the news while there was shalu’s bday anyways he entered his room and saw viplav keeping his head on kamini’s shoulder and he was drunk kamini saw her through mirror and started doing her acting that viplav why are u saying u have done mistake by marrying her and all that dhani can’t take it anymore so she ran from there and again reached ashram after some seconds bomb blasted because of tripurari and all ashram ladies died except dhani and dulari (don’t know how) and they flee from banaras to mumbai while viplav assumed that she is dead then there was a leap of 5 years viplav was full changed man he still loved dhani and was living her life in his memories.. he had married to kamini and has a son named atharva (don’t know how and why it happened it has to be reveal yet but we think that it was that kamini’s plan to get viplav and that boy is the son of her and tripurari) here dhani is settled in mumbai and has a daughter named vidha which u know she is a florist and parshiya is the one who helped her from the first day she entered that place in short he became her supporter who gave her shelter and all that.. then viplav came mumbai to attend a wedding and that
      wedding planner was dhani after that they met in a party viplav was shattered and asked her many questions but dhani didn’t answered amd lied that she is married to parshiya and she doesn’t love her now then she come to know that kamini and viplav is married and has a son and viplav comes to know that he has a daughter so he tried to win her trust get his answers and tried hard to finish the misunderstanding so that they can live a peaceful life but every time dhani dumbo insulted him and never gave his answers, a reason behind this was that dhani doesn’t want to come between kamini’s happiness and doesn’t want to break her house and for that she can separate a daughter from her father (strange naa but she is a mahaan atma so she can do anything) this was going like this, when one day kamini kidnapped viplav and sent a letter to dhani from viplav that Marry parshiya for vidha and for her happiness then with much difficulty she agreed here kamini released viplav, he came banaras and saw that dt is making tripurari as his heir viplav was broken that his family has betrayed him and he left from there to be with dhani because he came to know that dhani wasn’t lying that day and at the day of wedding Viplav came back and saw wedding preparations and all that he asked dhani and she answered that u only want this but viplav didn’t get anything nd was completely shattered because he doesn’t know anything naa anyways he blessed dhani and was leaving but was stopped by vidha she insisted and he stayed back and now all this is going on.. one more thing vidha call him rakshas uncle and viplav calls her shikayte puriya.. vidha calls parshiya as baba..
      Hope u get everything now I have missed many things but I hope now u understood the current story..

  2. Saranya

    After many days,IKRS went straight into my heart.i don’t know what’s the reason.suerb epi.Vidha started this stupid marriage game and it stopped also bcz of Vidha.we all know that nothing will happen to Vidha,she felt ill just bcz to reunite her parents.anyways seeing a child in that condition makes very sad though it is just an acting and one more thing i loved Sanjeeda’s acting when she argued with was is the first time i loved her acting.

  3. sharmi

    Happy to see that dhani didn’t marry parshiya.vidha get well soon and unite ur mom and dad.

  4. Saranya

    After many days our chipkali mam kamini aa gayi.i felt sympathy for her actually.she tried in vain for more than five years and she is going to get’s good that she didn’ practiced as a lawyer bcz she don’t even have the common sense to understand that noone can seperate vidhani.arey pagli,ab tho sudhar ja nahi tho log tumhe pagal kahke bulaungi.sorry sorry,mein tho bhool gayi thi tum pehele se hi pagal ho.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Yes saranya if seems episode was loaded with VK. pagal to vo hai hi agar udka dimag sahi hota to vo vidha ko alag nahi karti.

  5. Saraswathi.j

    Production house and writers kept a dance sequence for the sake of actor ( not for Dhani charecter) how many episodes come in future ? How omnipresent Kamini came with chunari

    and bangles .? May be she continue till the end !!!!!!!!!!
    Always Kamini enter in time promptly she is the root cause of all troubles to Viplav and Dhaani life , still she is doing harm to Viplav and Dhaani.

  6. Saranya

    Guys here is a major look out notice,
    Name:Dadi Bua aka Shakuni(Shani in Kundali of Vidhani)
    buddhu jaisi)
    Complexion:fair(but unfair behaviour)
    Height:arey mujhe kaise malum?
    Job:panditain(panditain in seperating married couples)
    Identification marks:
    a thief look in face and acts like she eat only veg.

  7. SARAS

    dularis mind keeps going off n on is it? suddenly how did she realize vip needs to know about vidha’s state??

  8. Mahaaijaz

    |Registered Member

    Thanks mam for the update..
    Finally today colors tv telecasted ikrs.. episode was just Ok .. vidha faints in the middle of pheras.. thank God parshiya didn’t make her wear mangalsutra.. oh God viplav is in so much pain can’t see him like this.. eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  9. Mahaaijaz

    |Registered Member

    Renu di, maria, areeb, arshi, nimi di, ola, louella, lakshmi, latha and many are missing.. hope u all are fine☺

    Kavita di u asked about sangharh’s story actually its based on surrogacy topic..

  10. Unknown

    Hey everyone I hope everybody MST be missing d old vidhaani days….and d current episodes are truely very boring…so here’s a solution for this guys…we all can enjoy d old vidhaani only on rishtey channel…and WO bhi everyday guys….from 8:00pm to 8:30 pm
    …I know DAT I m new to dis ikrs GRP but I am watching ikrs from the very first episode and really enjoying a lot so I felt I MST share dis with all of u…aur haan pata nhi kis reason se PR ikrs ka naam changed hai it is mohe rang do laal only on rishtey….

  11. Saraswathi.j

    Hospital scene over action always shouting in a hospital who shout like that on nurse and doctors,they are acting as if doctors and nurses are ready todo their orders on their finger tips ,Dhaani do not know how to tackle situations calmly ,why she is shouting like that ,she is ready to marry 4th time and doing the same keeping 5 year daughter not telling her her fathers name to her and readily sit on wedding altar already she fainted two times never bother now she is shouting on nurse and on doctors even as if she is paying for them ,how she is threatening as if any thing happened…?what nonsense Dhaani always mis judge ….you listen only Kamini…..!,!!!!!!

  12. Saraswathi.j

    Dhaani when you realise you are doing wrong,first husband died,you face criminal charges,then you are ready to marry Tripurari,by chance with viplav,s help you are saved,then marry Viplav you left him,have a child ,you did not even bother to inform it to your husband ,and ready to marry another without getting divorce from previous husband ,you think yourself you are so perfect ,when Viplav pleads you did,t bother to answer and you are not willing to tell vidha Viplav her father ,you did,t bother when she fainted two times ,you are busy in your marriage,now you are shouting on nurses and hospital people and on doctors .?as if all nurses and doctors are your servants?

    • Mahaaijaz

      |Registered Member

      Oh yes 🙂 happy friendship day to whole ikrs family.. I have got soo many friends through this site :-* love u all <3

  13. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Precap though is not good as viplav is so hurt that even without listening to dhani he abruptly asked her that now u r married n must be happy

  14. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Liked viplavs straightforwardness in talking to vk. He bluntly told her that he married her for atharv n has neved loved her n eould never love her too

  15. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Seems dhanis destiny wants her to wear only viplavs mangalsutra. Thats why prathibha took it unknowingly n kept in shaguns plate.

  16. Rufina shalini

    All these reasons are just because of stupid Dhani’s misunderstanding…. Nonsense is going on…. All just because of her…. How can she marry just like that with any guys…. May be in future if she is not happy with parshya….then again she would marry another 😳?

  17. Saraswathi.j

    The hospital looks a good one how can Dhaani pay hospital bill ?even her new husband cannot meet this because she cleared his loan by giving her golden bangles.then how can she meet the bill ,always do dances ? Cvs please create a good solution the dance scene seems as if you created it to please actor she told that she loves dance……..

  18. Saraswathi.j

    Tp,and Kamini are the two persons who knows the secret of Atherva,still two blows are waiting for Viplav to shatter him again …….

  19. Saraswathi.j

    How pratibha think that Mangalsutra is a new one ,Mangalsutra should be by bridegroom not bride.

  20. Saraswathi.j

    Why colors love repeated love break ups, exchange of bride bridegrooms , multiple marriages ,misunderstanding between couples , why they and their writers did not see good and positive attitudes of people,why they are broadcasting abborations and abnormalities of minute percent that prevailed in society they are blowing up and made them as shows ,why they like such type of stories ? Are they need psychiatric treatment to see the worlds positiveness ? And make good shows ‘,,,!,,,,,,

  21. Shanitics

    |Registered Member

    Pls go and read.. And pt cmnts…🙏

    And yeah.. I’m back with a fully recharged net pack…

    Omg many new members… Many new names… Can anyone hlp me by telling who all r the nw mem here…

    Lols al the bst…😊

    Yesterday’s episode was blahh blahh epi.. I was like Dhaani marry tat guy.. And free our Viplav… Viplav divorce VK and take Athrava with u and fly to Boston…

    Aacha Hua.. Vidha ko char aa Gaya…😉

    Lt me tell u guyss I honestly lost the interest now in ikrs… I started to watch this serial because of the unique plot.. Unique chemistry… And adorable scenes… Bt now ..😞

  22. Esh

    |Registered Member

    Hii ppl how u all?? I am commenting after a long time here sorry guys for some reason telly updates page was not opening properly for me it used to open n close off immediately some virus I guess anyways how u all doing

  23. Esh

    |Registered Member

    I don’t even wanna comment abt dhani n her marriage feeling so bad for viplav….

    Guys is it true that this show is gonna end by august 28th

  24. Kavitha

    |Registered Member


      • Kavitha

        |Registered Member

        Yes renuji this platform of tellyupdates n ikrs both r very close to my heart bcs of these two I got luvly frnds.really me tooo happy for this.

  25. Aiswarya

    Guyzz today I went to guruvayur temple (famous sri Krishna temple ) for the first time wearing Kerala sari .I have prayed for all of you☺☺

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Wow aish I toooo have a Kerala saree which was gifted by my Kerala friend when I was studying.thank u dear u made my day on this friendship day.bcs that’s the only remembrance of my friend who were very close to my heart.thank u for praying for all of us.god bless u dear.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.LUV U

  26. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone…………….
    I am back 🙂 🙂 Happy friendship day to you all 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Love you all……

  27. RK

    Happy friendship day to all 🎉🍰🍫🎉 finally viplav and dhani will unite….but when will viplav come to know d truth of kamini….

  28. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Hello dearies..
    Hum thode din dur kya hogaye ….lagta hai sab hume bhulgaye……
    But no worries…… Sujita….. Naam toh suna hi hoga……

    I missed you all….and happy wala friendships day once again…
    Talking about episode…honestly …I did not watched it yesterday…. I thought ab directly monday aatega….and i was soooo lazy to come to TU page….
    khair…no more bak bak…talking about episode…
    Parshiya’s mom took thaaaaaaaaat mangalsutra and its proved yet again that Viplav Dhaani are destined to be together…..
    Thanks to makers……who have made Viplav serve cold drinks when Dhaani is enjoying the rituals of her 4th marriage…. Kabhi kabhi lagta hai…that day is not far when Dhaani will be marrying someone else in Vidha’s teenage…. and surprisingly Viplav and Parshiya both will be found serving snacks to the guest….. And Dulaari maai will be readily seen consoling Dhaani that she needs to do ……th marriage for teenage Vidha(Fill in the blanks yourself….and let me tell you ….sorry for being so harsh and bashing Dhaani….but I could not control as this is the limit of stupidity)

    And yes…another thing.. Vidha fainted like this before also….but uss phoolsi bacchiko bas ek do kisses deke…mere baccha bolke thoda pyar diya…but nobody really bothered to take her to the hospital….it does not make any sense to shout loudly on nurse to call doctor….STOP BEING INSANE Dhaani…..Lets not talk about how she can manage hospital bills…. because expecting a logic from a daily soap is IMPOSSIBLE………

    Kaamini ke bareme mein kyaa kahoo…. she is paidayashi chudail….. and she has access to everything.. Galike goons se leke logon ki private assets….she has access to everything…….. AMAZING…ISN’T IT

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Hi sujie dear how r one will forget u.yes I tooo became irregular to tu.but sometimes I’ll be here even many interruptions r happens keep commenting my lol
      Happy friendship day dear luv u.big hug for u.

    • SARAS

      sopper sujie..
      dulari convincing dhani to marry fifth time for teenage vidha n both parshiya n vip serving cold drink n snacks. .. -:)))

  29. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    And …… i forgot to ask one thing…. from when Dulaari maai became dual faced…….. few days back she was convincing Dhaani to get married to Parshiya…. and now she is in so much ease to tell her Daughter that Viplav is Vidha’s father and he needs to know…..
    Maai and maaiki buchiya…
    When was their mind at that time when they were constantly humiliating Viplav???
    No doubt I am feeling much much sad for Viplav….

    100% sure now…that someone is from the ser…jiska dil Kaamini pe aagaya hai…that’s the reason she is not leaving the show

  30. vaishnavi

    happy frienship day to all my sweet ikrs family
    n i feel very lucky to hv friends like u thanx guys for being part of my life 🙂

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