Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming to Viplav and sees him sadly sitting. She asks why did you get angry? Viplav says I am tensed as I said about marriage. He says I didn’t mean to hurt you, but will have time to know marriage responsibility. Dhaani says I can understand and asks him not to worry as she didn’t feel bad. Viplav says true…He says he is thinking how to kick Raja out. Dhaani asks him to wait for the right time and says Raja have two weakness, one is money and other is women. Raja thinks he have slapped him today. Kanak asks what happened? Raja makes an excuse. He says I am sad as Dhaani gave Viplav’s room to me. I have just liked his room, and she gave away her room. Kanak says she is habitual to do good things, and says she will never accept her even if Dasharath and Sushma

accepts her. Raja says you said right, she don’t deserve to be bahu of the house, and praises her destiny. He says he will change her destiny one day. Dasharath gives gift to Dhaani and looks at Viplav. Kanak thinks it seems his heart have melt down for her. Dhaani takes the gift and touches his feet. Dasharath blesses her and goes. Sushma blesses them for happy life.

Dasharath is praying in the inhouse temple. Viplav asks did you call me Dada ji. Dasharath asks do you know why God changes avatar? Viplav says no. Dasharath tells him that God can do anything being God, but he works with his limitations and says we should not cross the limits. Viplav asks what do you mean? Dasharath asks Viplav to respect Raja as he is her brother in law and asks him not to fight. Viplav says God have fought with devils, and says Raja is a devil only. He says you are comparing Raja to God. Dasharath gets angry on him. Viplav says sorry. Dasharath says Raja will be here for few days then he will leave with Shalu. Raja thinks they are planning to send me out of house. Viplav gets a call and he leaevs. Raja tells Dasharath that he went to temple, but the people there didn’t let him present the bhoj. He says people are unaware of Shalu’s marriage with me, when I told them that I am your Jamai. Dasharath is shocked. He says he will call everyone for Maha Bhoj and will declare that you are Shalu’s husband. Raja thinks everybody will know now who is strongest man of Tripathi family and says it is me. (must be planning to change his surname.

Viplav thinks what to do? Just then Shalu comes there to get something. Viplav stops her and asks since when you know your brother? Since 24 years, and asks since when she knows Raja. He says I hope when you comes to know about the secret then it would be too late. Dasharath calls everyone and declares that he will invite all rich people of the city for the Maha bhoj, and will announce that Raja is Shalu’s marriage. Shalu says it is a good idea. Dasharath asks Viplav about his suggestions. Viplav asks Dhaani to say. Kanak says Dasharath’s decision is final. Dasharath asks for Dhaani’s opinion. Dhaani says you must have taken the decision wisely, and says you have accepted me when everybody used to see them as untouchables. She says we shall call poor people of Banaras and shall not exhibit the wealth which we have. Viplav says it is a good idea. Dasharath says you don’t know that we give food to poor people also. Viplav says that is not Chadawa, but Utara. He says Dhaani’s idea is good and we shall make poor people eat rather than rich people. Dhaani apologizes to him.

Dasharath gets up, and says he agrees with Dhaani and Viplav. He says we will invite poor people, and will give them clothes also. He says I will have to do penance and says I will just have water all day and not have anything else. He goes. Dhaani tells Viplav that Dada ji will tell about Raja during Maha Bhoj. Viplav says it must be Raja’s idea, but we got successful to fail him because of your idea. Dhaani gives him sindoor bottle. Viplav fills her maang and asks where is she going? To Ashram…? Dhaani says no and says Kanak asked her to come along with her to temple. Viplav is surprised to hear her and asks her to take care. Dhaani asks him not to worry. She comes out and asks Kanak to come.

Kanak says you might be happy after winning from Dasharath. Dhaani says what is wrong in feeding poor. Kanak says it is good and says we will get more blessings if we make food at home. She asks Dhaani to make food for 1000 people being their bahu. Dhaani is shocked. Kanak says it is easy to say, but difficult to do. She says you have became wife easily, but one needs to do much hardwork to win the inlaws heart. Dhaani touches her feet and agrees to make food for 1000 people. She goes inside. Viplav asks her to give prasad. Kanak comes just then and goes inside. Dhaani tells Viplav why didn’t you talk to her? Viplav says he wants his mum to feel that he is upset with her. Dhaani says Kanak have given me a big responsibility to make food of 1000 people. Viplav says I don’t know why Raja have suggested Dasharath for maha bhoj. Dhaani says lets talk to Raja. Viplav says okay.

Viplav tells Dhaani that they have to use right or wrong means to expose Raja. He asks Raja Lakshmi to do something and shares his plan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Nimisha :-)

    Thanks for the update H Hasan.

    Hello everyone.

    Thanks to those of you who asked after menon yesterday’s thread. Wow. You guys are amazing getting up to 242comments. No way need poor suman had to come and try and gatecrash the party. She’s a silly one but I find her funny.

    Sorry I was awol. I was really ill 8-} couldn’t get out of bed as felt so weak and kept getting temp spikes. Started antibiotics yesterday and feel slightly more human today. Phew!

    Sarah, bless you. I was at all upset or worried about posting shorter comments. Sorry for worrying you. Xxx

    Anne, BR MAM and Yetty thanks for the mentions.

    I’ve just read thru yesterdays thread. The last 2 days there’s been such a lovely happy vibe on here. It is like a tonic! So well done everyone.

    Louella lovely to see you back. Last day of exams tomorrow henna? All the Best!

    I haven’t seen today’s epi yet but will comment more later.

    Lots of love an drugs to you all. Xxxx

    • Nimisha :-)

      Clearly I mean love and hugs to you all. It’s only me that needs drugs at the moment. 😉

      Saras, just to confirm I wasn’t at all upset with you. 🙂

    • Nimisha :-)

      And of course thanks to Renu too for asking after me. Renu, I started watching humaari bahu rajni kant a couple of days ago. Def interesting and different so will let you know how I get on with it. Thanks again for the recommendation. Xxx

    • Anne

      Thanks H.Hasan.
      Hi Nimisha, you sound as if you got it bad! Hope you get well quickly,I think it lingers a bit. Look after yourself with chocolate etc.???.Did I ever tell you I used to work for Thorntons chocs?
      Putting the fancy bits on the easter eggs.
      Love today’s episode,I think Dhaani is becoming a saint.
      Don’t know what to make of Dasharath though.??xxx

      • Nimisha :-)

        Thanks Anne. I love love love chocolate but haven’t fancied any for days which is a sure sign of something wrong. Lol. Wow. Thornton must have been a good place to work. I could get high just on the smell of the stuff. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate heaven!
        Hooe you’re doing well. Xxx

    • Yetty

      Hello Nimisha, it’s really good to hear from you, have missed you lots?
      Hope you’re feeling better?

      • Nimisha :-)

        Yetty, thanks so much. I’ve missed being on here. It’s only been a day but it feels like longer. Everyone on here is so kind and caring and just lovely,including you. Xxx

  2. BR

    good evening friends

    to days epi is preparation for tomorrowand upcoming epi………

    annathanam suggestion is going on……..

    see RAJA”S PANT HUNTER STYLE bcz he wants to hunt all the person and things in the house ayodya…….

  3. BR





    WE R ALWAYS HA HA HA ………….

  4. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan Ji for the update……Hello everyone……
    Could not watch the episode today…but as per the update…i feel it was good and precap is interesting as RL would be helping ViDhaani … Raaja ka baaja bajane mein…. more ViDhaani scenes wanted…… Now finally ViDhaani will use Saam, Daam,Dandh, Bhed to expose Raaja and his evil doings….all the best team for that….
    will comment more after watching the episode

  5. BR

    NIMISHA TAKE CARE …….TAKE gruel and liqid food ……..suop….. every 2 hrs …..bcz u r very weak ………then only we sut to gether [in front of tv ] and enjoy …whistling …. clap hands .. shouting with kushi………

    • Nimisha :-)

      BR MAM, thank you. You reminded me of my mum with your tips. when I don’t feel well, I still just want her but haven’t called on her as this thing has been nasty and I don’t want to pass it on. Thanks and I’ll look forward to sitting on the sofa watching TV with you soon. xxxx

  6. BR

    DT is cunning fellow
    kanak is more cunning and greedy woman
    raja is the most cunning greedy,,and,,womanizer

    how is it? comparision degree… varsha and eng miss saranya okya………………………………….

    • SARAS

      wah br madam. .. you in full mood today. . too good mam..
      you fill in lot of energy with your comments. .

  7. It was real fun to see viplavs expression when he asked dhani that u have accepted kanaks order to cook for 1000 people. ??

  8. Jack

    Good to see involvement of Raj lakshmi…
    Seems that upcoming episodes will be more interesting. KT is getting a bit of soft on Dhani, hope she will not trouble her anymore… Raja is a cunning fellow …. I think DT doesn’t have his own mind.. he seems to be hypnotysed by Raja…

  9. Sujie

    I want to say something….in the page of 5th april, i commented one thing…and that may seem rude…i felt it …so humble apologies….i don’t have any hard feelings for other shows but when some people bash the show and comment like an idiot…then i don’t see anything and go on any extent to give them the answer back… i do watch other shows and mainly i am interested in the title songs more… humble apologies if my comment has hurt anybody…. sorry…. 🙂

  10. Fatarajo

    Already Dhaani’s past is reveled so what is the need of Raja’s character to disturb her. Makers should just stop this raja track and they should keep in mind that there is a lot if abrupted track of IKRS, and then step by step complete those tracks, and later add new tracks

    • Sujie

      I agree with you Joyee… At first when Viplav was staying in ashram and joked with Dhaani oblivious to the fact that he is hurting her with her past,then we thought that makers have forgotten that track…but they showed it now…slowly and gradually unfinished tracks will be shown…there are more unfinished tracks that Viplav and Dhaani need to solve together….we viewers need to be little patient….and we know IKRS is rocking ….right??

    • Nimisha :-)

      That’s what I thought too. Once they got her to trial their job was done but like a very very very bad smell they are lingering.

  11. BR

    renu thx …… veluthu vangarennga ……comments super up to midnight……..

    misrada thx …….I read u r comments happy to see u……

  12. BR

    mirsada I did not bring any thing I wont take any thing ….in our custom atlast they remove a bit of cloth also. . I take u ..renu….. shri…saran….varsha……..nim…sonu….maria megh …joyee….saras kavi ….rana……florinida just like u r lovable frinds moments ……… after this show we wont meet . just like a ray we will go but this ssweet memories ……always be with me…….

    • Nimisha :-)

      BR MAM, I have to say… In my mind I have a travel wishlist and at the moment it includes
      Visiting Anne in Derbyshire
      You in bangalore
      Shanatics in kerala
      Renu in guragaon
      And too many others to list here
      And lots of you in tamil nadu.

      Of course of give you plenty of notice but I feel like I neeeeed to meet you all. I totally love you all!

    • Anne

      We will follow mishal and eisha and meet in their new shows after this one…..hope not for long time…??xxxx

    • florentina moldovan

      My dear BR man, i have a beautiful and happy family in my real life but i have a beautiful and lovely family here too….maybe this show brought us together but i think , from now, nothing will separate us…..mam, you made me cry! I am sure that our bound will never become memory, our bound will be always alive, everyday! We do not share here only opinions about a a show….we share here opinions about life, about living in dignity…we share here life experiences, life lessons, dreams, wishes, pieces of our life….this can t be a illusion, this is our life….our reality. i feel very grateful and blessed to meet you and all our friends! I will never let you go from my life!

  13. Porkodi

    Thanks hasanji for the update. Couldn’t watch the episode … but after reading updates I was happy. Going to see in online..

  14. I could nt watch todays episode fully.but precap is interesting. Rajalaxmi is back to action.waiting for her role.director sir after salus track plz show some rajalaxmis track.I luv her for noughty n straight forward nature

  15. Louella

    Nimisha get well soon dear. So that tomorrow u will enjoy with us the school life in ikrs page itself. I hop. tomorrow everyone comments.

  16. Nima

    thank you Hasan mam for the update.
    I couldn’t watch after half bt no worries WU’s episode was good n precap also interesting.

  17. Swara

    Prachi…I too support u….I tok want rajkekshmi back. …such a cute girl is she……..nd want to know abt dhullari s past tooo…
    So much mysterimysteries r thr….why can’t thm make it reviled. ..
    Wht abt viplav s bro…..???
    For All wanted ans…..

  18. Swara

    Once our shaluu…is too good as she always support our viplav….but now she is blind ….can’t blame her too…she is right frm her side too……
    Let hope our vidhanni will sort out all things soon….

  19. Maria

    Today’s episode was good but the upcoming episodes would be more interesting. And I also agree that there are many incomplete tracks but hope the writers complete them soon. But still East or West IKRS is the best…
    And Nimisha dear get well soon…

    • SARAS

      maria.. he need not complete incomplete tracks soon as after that the they v will start dragging it so b let him take his time n give is good episode every day

  20. Nimisha :-)

    OK. So to the episode..

    Actually no, first of all, OMG in today’s and yesterdays episode, my golly gosh, I have thought that MISHAL was looking even more s*xy and gorgeous and stunning than ever. I think it might be his hair is a bit different. Or maybe I hadn’t seen him for a day…. Sigh… He is just STUNNING. Oh and someone said in yesterday’s epi that he can’t dance, but he really can, there was an epi of Punar vivah ek nayi used, where he dances to 2 songs from Yeh Jawaani Hai deewani and he was pretty good.

    I agree though, some of the GPA dances look quite funny, but they don’t have the bollywood budgets I guess to make them perfect.

  21. Nimisha :-)

    OK, so to the episode.

    Firstly Viplav and Dhani need to learn to close their bedroom door, esp when they’re discussing creep no.1!

    I don’t get DT. Or KT. To be honest, I think they and shalu all deserve to be stitched up by Raja and his mum and mamiji. They all deserve to rot in he’ll together.

    Poor Dhani, she’s really going to cook for 1000 people. I struggle at 19 so she’s a better woman than me. Lol!

    Raja, honestly I just want to punch his face in everyone I see him.

    I’m intrigued by the saam daam thing.. Thanks to plain yesterday for the fab explanation.

    And love raj laxmis willingness to get involved in the precap.

    Yesterday,I thought Viplav and Dhani were very clever tricking shalu into not starting her widely relations with creep no.1. Especially after he called her fat. Seriously I could punch him. Alot!

    And the salt water thing was very funny. Clever Viplav.

    I’m sure I’ll think of other stuff to say.

    Sorry for all my posts. Xxx

  22. Hi br mam we r with u always.
    Today’s ur comments r very funny.
    Happy to see to see like this.
    Ur the inspiration of our ikrs commentors.
    How can we leave u.we r all ur fans like ikrs.luv mam.take care.

  23. Hi nimisha how is health dear.ur msg itself says that ur too weak physically. Take care dear.n come back soon.tu is waiting for u.

  24. Joyee don’t worry after rajas start they will give entry to other new don’t worry.
    This weeks spoiler said that till Sunday raja will get out of ikrs.
    N may within this story our director I’ll show another twist n suspense.
    So let’s wait n watch but current track is to save shalu n from rakshas raja as vidhaani said.
    But thanks to directors they didn’t drag the story for long period everything within a week. Too gud.thank for superb gud show directors n clv.

  25. Nimisha :-)

    The only thing that worries me about getting raj laxmis involved in trapping creep no 1 is that KT and DT will be even more anti vidhva’s and the lovely ashram ladies. They’ve never held back with their nastiness towards them, esp KT. It’s a shame he couldn’t involve someone like taniya who could then prosecute his sorry ass! She must have finished dancing in the nightclub by now eh?!

    • YA nimmy tanya was a better option n i think while dancing she must have fainted n hotel staff must have parcelled her off to her place?

  26. Ur right renu that raja is fully in luv with money n girls that too more on dhaani.
    I think RL vs raja will be funny to enjoy ikrs.
    Vidhaani ur gud going we r all with u pls tear that rajas original face.but take care vidhaani.raja is very cunning than u

    • Hi prachi I think yesterday ur mission works.iam happy to see ur comments so keep on commenting frnds.
      Guys I want to be one day for ikrs comments day that day everyone of ikrs fan should com even silent readers also.
      Let’s see how many commenting members n fans r there completely.
      Buy pls give suggestion for fixing perfect date that all members n silent readers also can give their comments. Wat do u say guys.

  27. K guys u tel the date soon that we can fix the date for all members convenience.
    K frnds all of u gud nite.ikrs dreams .take u tmr mrg.bye.

  28. AM

    I missed today’s epi ….but thanks to hasan mam for the update …awesome precap … good to see RL again …. happy happy 😀

  29. SARAS

    in uttaran previous venture of filmfarm. . rajlaxmi was a negative charecter .. n fool chand was her dad..
    badi amma was the super villian n she was like kt here.. but was very funny…
    I don’t know their real names though. ..
    but here these two have got very good role…

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Saras. I only realised last week or so that Uttaran was a rerun. Do you know how colors decides which shows might get shown again? I Would love them to rerun LTL as I’ve only ever watched it on YouTube.

      Uttaran looks quite good and I saw Baddi amma on it today very briefly looking very different.


  30. SARAS

    hi nimisha. . thanks for your comment n I m so relieved but sad hearing about ur health. . please take care n follow br mams suggestions. .

    • Nimisha ?

      Saras, I feel bad that you were worrying. These antibiotics seem to be working so feel much better this evening that I did this morning, so all good.

      You’re idea of shorter comments seems to work. I think when I last looked there were 246 on yesterday’s episode thread. So well done you! Fab idea!

  31. i love dehleez

    i am so sorry guys i made a mistake on pre-day’s ikrs page
    so i have to apologize for that
    actually i thought to do my first comment for dehleez
    but unintentionally i did my comment on ikrs page.
    i think i can’t do this carefully so i will never try to comment.
    once again sorry …AM / arsadeep / prachi /ahana /fatarjo / sujee and nima
    and also i apologize for the delay in sending this. because i was little busy
    so fogive for that’s also..
    god bless you

  32. Mirsada

    BR,Anne, others, I agree, I ‘m registered at IF, l want to support IKRS, many important and Fan club Mishal Raheja, l’m a big fan of MR so l’m staying with him.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi MIrsada

      I registered but that’s as far as I got. Cold this figure out how to use the site. Is there a new page everyday for IKRS? I,m not normally so bad with these things but for some reason the IF site makes me very confused.

      • Nimisha ?

        India Forums. I think. They run polls on shows and stars and I think Mishal once said that he follows it. I hope he follows this too though.

        Mishal, f you,re reading… Muuuuuaaaaaahhhhh! Love You!??

      • Nimisha ?

        Hi again MIrsada. Can you link to a thread that you post on, to support the show, and then I’ll do the same, please. Thanks so much. Xxx

  33. Arshdeep

    Shalu after knowing the raja’s true face will be like “bhayia hume maaf kar di jiye..humne apki baat nhi suni.. hum raja ke pyaar me andhe ho gye the.. i am sorry bhayia..humne apka room bhi le room apka tha or hmesha apka hi rhega..”
    Hahaha please vidhani ka room unhe jaldi wapas mile
    I loved the decorations by viplav !!
    Hope they will shift back to their room soon…

    • Nimisha ?

      OMG! I couldn’t believe the had to give up their beautiful room.

      Even if they get it back, it won’t be the same. The raja awasthi smell maybe permanently present.

      Poor Viplav worked so hard to get Dhani into his room after they got married and that was his haven and he tried to make it a special place for Dhani so it could be their haven. I hated Shalu for that. And then raja creep no.1 says to KT that he didn’t want the room he was just praising it. Honestly that man!!! Ggrrrr!!!

  34. Anne

    Still got 45minutes to wait for IKRS Still puzzled over Dasharath…seems softer..but he is a secret snake.
    Yes Nimisha, I wish they would close the bedroom door, everybody keeps popping in , or listening .
    It can’t be long before rajas crew get thrown out…please please!
    I can’t stand them !!! Xxxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Anne.

      When Dhani asked Shalu to hold off from making hers and raja,s a ‘proper’ marriage, she suggested a month. I think I had a quiet weep to myself thinking that in to serial land a month could be like 6 or even longer. But when I saw the spoilers in yesterday’s thread, that made me think he could be out of there much sooner. Really hope it’s in a week rather than a month.

      I don’t get Dashrath either. His facial expressions make me think that he,s actually warming to Dhani but then he goes all weird and evil again.

      KT is fuming that he seems to be siding with them, but I know it’s yet another ploy of his.


      • Anne

        She also said..that she and viplav were also waiting until kanak accepted her as daughter in law ?
        Was she lying?
        Got a bit lost there. Got a bit left behind.

      • Nimisha ?

        Hey Anne, I think Dhani,s chat with Shalu about holding off from raja for a month was just a ply on Viplav and Dhani,s part to stop Shalu getting into more trouble with raja.

        After Dhani chats with her, she goes back to the room, and Viplav says, something like, ‘so… Did the plan work?’ I think Dhani, lied to Shalu to make her understand that they were doing the same. I felt quite proud of her. She’s slowly becoming a bit more savvy, love how she and Viplav are working together to end creep no. 1.


    • Dear suman it seems u r a die hard fan of our show n sweet considerate family. U cant live without reading our comments n analysing. Pl give regular comments as now i am reminded of this song which suits your current situation , TUM NA MILO TO DIL GHABRAE MILO TO NAIN CHURANE, here TUM IS ADDRESSED FOR IKRS FAMILY N U ARE CHURAING NAIN BY BEING SILENT?

    • Nimisha ?

      So Suman, did you not find anything else to watch that you do like? Maybe if you cloud articulate what it is about the show that you don’t enjoy, someone might be able to help recommend something different.

      It’s fair enough that you don’t like it. It’s a bit rude to keep coming back time after time insulting this lovely family. I mean, without the starter to the Internet, would you say we are back was to our faces? Wouldn’t you agree that your posts are the height of rudeness.

      Also, whatever your motives are, they aren’t working. We are a tight band of IKRS fans on here. Every time the comment count goes up, we can guarantee that you will arrive at some point spouting your rudeness. Seriously, where did you learn to behave in this way? It’s not very brave or clever or intelligent or anything. It’s nothing more than small minded jealousy.

      Kindly, please refrain from insulting us on here. We are happy to discuss with you the pros and cons of the show, the cast, the plot and everyone has been very patient with you so far.

      I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears and I’m sure you’ll carry on being a rude small minded coward but you do have a choice to stop so I hope you do.

    • Sujie

      Dear Suman…. really don’t know how old are you?? But pity on you for not knowing any English words other than these……. If there is nothing in this serial Sumanwa..then stop watching and get out of here……
      you know what you don’t know anything about utilizing time… I feel sorry for you….in today’s world….you don’t know anything about managing your time….you should not have come here and waste your time….. jindagi mein kuch aur kaam nahi hai kya……and please don’t think we don’t have other work…. Just to remind you….we know TIME Management better than you……
      AND WHo the hell are you to rate the serial….. i think you are suffering from Obsessive Criticizing Disorder……. OCD… You are obsessed with this page Sumanwa…and you are suffering from a disease in which you criticize things like a professional critique….saying this I might have insulted a good professional critique…hope you will understand…if you have brains…….

    • AM

      who told to give rating 😛 …. I am thinking u r great fan of ikrs specially us … so thanks for commenting … thanks to maintain our fun level ..hahaha

  35. florentina moldovan


  36. florentina moldovan



  37. florentina moldovan

    I love this show, more and more each day! Maybe Dhani is illiterate but she is very smart! i like her clothes and jewelry!!! and guys, i think our makers knows about our wishes, they will bring happiness in Raj lacksmi life too!!!! i am so happy !!!

    • Nimisha ?

      Me too. Love the show and Mishal more and more each day.

      Also super excited about seeing more of Raj laxmi.


  38. Nimisha ?

    Right. I’m off to bed. See you all tomorrow. Have just reread the spoilers from the other day,.. Exciting times ahead… Although bit worried that Viplav and Dhani get stuck somewhere leaving raj laxmi alone with raja.

    Anyway, goodnight all you lovely people. Sleep well and see you tomorrow. Xxx

  39. Genita

    Gudmorning ikrs.hope u all are fine. I will try to comment from now on .my wedding prep going well. Have a great day ahead☺️☺️☺️?????

  40. aish

    Good morning friends, Pls remember me in ur prayer as I’m av some health issues.
    Luv u all IKRS family

  41. Hi my dear sweet,cute n luvly frnds.
    Br mam,Anne,saranya,prachi,arshi, Louella,
    Nimisha,nimmy,josh,akshay,rahul, purple,
    Tintin,sabita,genita,sanjana,bharathi, pjain
    Helen,And all my ikrs family.

  42. Hi dear renu gud mrg. N thank u .ya my father is gud n he is taking medicines now but not fully cured.I hope he will alright.pls pray for iam at my native only .
    I came here bcs of my children’s vacation.
    Iam happy to be with my parents now.iam happy to share this.luv u my frnd.take care.

  43. Louella

    Today is my independence day. I got freedom from exams. I m super duper happy. I will go on commenting today.

    • Gud enjoy to yr fullest . childhood is the best phase of our life & in childhood post exams is the best phase. BLESS U!!!!

  44. Louella

    Why the comments r becoming less guys? Today we have to increase the number of comments. Now I have come na, so I will increase the number of comments. Whose there to help me here?

  45. Louella

    Nimisha how is ur health now? Plz take care of yourself. And plz follow the instructions given by BR mam.

    • Nimisha ?

      Feeling a bit better today, the drugs are working so hopefully be back to 100% soon.

      Thank you sweetie! Xxx

      Are your exams over now? Are you freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  46. Louella

    Aish, of course we will pray for u. And take care of yourself. U will definitely be in my prayers dear

  47. Louella

    Meghs u were telling that u have exams. Dud u finish all ur exams? And how was ur exams?

  48. Louella

    Sumanji I think u don’t understand English. I think u didn’t go to school. If u want to receive education u can come in our school in Mumbai. I will help u to learn English. Chalega na?

  49. Louella

    There r many who r not commenting. And it’s our mission to bring them back. Ok friends so mission #Oldmembersback started. But what we have to do AM?

  50. VIPLAV

    Hey guys did anyone see snek peak of golden petal awards? Viplav and dhaani’s dance is just amazing..and also the single performance of dhaani.. i just can’t wait till april 10….

  51. Louella

    Kavitha yesterday u told that one day will be comments day. Let’s ask everyone which date will be the best. Guys which date u all want?

  52. Louella

    I m the only one commenting here. Is anyone here commenting with me? I m feeling very bored here. Plz anyone come and accompany me.

  53. Louella

    Kavitha and flora u both r too good. U both type all the names so easily. Now I feel lazy in writing all the names. U both r too good. Inspite of so many members in our family u both r successful in writing all the names

  54. Louella

    Friends to increase the number of comments we will type only in one para and then the next para in the next comment. What do u say guys?

  55. Louella

    Friends plz tell me who wants to join hms. Plz register ur names and tell whether u want to become a teacher or a student. Plz tell it by afternoon and in today’s episode update we will start commenting in hindi as well as english. If u don’t know hindi then no problem students as we teachers will translate it to English also. Plz tell me by afternoon.

    • Arshdeep

      Louella i wont be a student as i know hindi very well
      But i wont be teacher either as i am not sure whether i will be able to teach hindi or not..
      But whatever help or some tips i could provide.. I will surely do that 🙂

    • Sujie

      Louella …i am with you dear…mujhe bhi thodi thodi hindi aati hai…
      I know little hindi

  56. Louella

    Bye friends I m going now as my sister is asking me to play with me. But plz keep commenting and plz response to me afternoon. I will be back in the afternoon. Bye friends.
    Have a truthful Thursday

  57. Louella

    Saranya, Akshay, Naty, Raj, Rajee, Kaviya, Purple di, Rahul bhaiya, Varsha and all those who r not commenting plz come back as soon as possible. It’s a request. We r missing u guys

  58. shanitics

    Smile ? is the best make up u can put on ur face….so keep smiling ?
    Think differently?
    Be unique ?

  59. Arshdeep

    Loeulla its only u who can definitely increase the comments..
    Look how many comments you posted all together
    Good to see u back..
    And we all are with u
    Love u dear??

  60. shanitics

    Tumhara naam Jana pehchana lagtha hai..lekin tum isliye jalthi tumhara koi details bola or hum tumko tumhe Jana pehchana lageinge…

  61. shanitics

    Lols hw was xams???

    Aish and misha didi no worries ? u will be all right…I will pray ? 4 both of you….think positive thn it surely you will be fully recharged again…?

  62. shanitics

    In yesterday’s episode Viplav’s expression,when Dhaani told 2 Vip tat KT told her to make food for 1000 people,was awesome…
    And kissie ? too superb
    The way RL supports Vidhaani is nice…true friendship

  63. shanitics

    I think now RL’s hero will come and help her from cunning Raja….
    RL’s hero most probably pankaj or Raj…
    By the way Dhaani’s saree in yesterday’s episode suits her…
    I think simple saree and simple designer blouse suits her more…

    • florentina moldovan

      Shanitics, i was thinking the same, Vidhani will be busy and cannot rescue RL but our Raj will rescue her!!! Waw, nice , no?

  64. shanitics

    Do any1 knw which role did Adhiti Bhatia played in film ? vivah…

    Sorry for out of syllabus question….?

  65. Hi IKRS fans,

    Request you to all pls – pls – pls – pls do not comment on negative comments which some persons posted. When we should not think or comments of those persons thyself automatically the ignored.

    I know the famous phrases which are :



    Please enjoy IKRS and keep your valuable comments, desires & expectations.

    • Nimisha ?

      Good idea Pjain. I got a bit angry yesterday but should know better. Will ignore from now on. Xxx

  66. Sujie

    Good morning to you all……
    @ Louella…how did your exams go dear….. ab toh tum aajad panchi ho gayi ho….. congrats…..
    Have a great day to all of you my friends….

    • Louella

      Sujie abhi toh main azaad panchi hu sirf do mahine ke liye. Phir toh meri azaadi udd jayegi par abhi main azaad hu toh do mahine sirf masti masti aur masti hi hai. And my exams went very very easy. Just waiting for the results

  67. florentina moldovan

    good morning and have a great day to my lovely, sweet, wise and talkative LOUELLA!!!!!!

    • Louella

      Good morning flora. Have a great day. U made my day by calling me talkative, sweet, lovely and wise


  69. Arshdeep

    Along with the #bringoldback mission we need to start the #ignoreviruses mission too i think…
    As pjain said dogs will keep barking yaar
    They will keep commenting and we will keep criticising.. To hum me or unn me farq kya raha yaar???
    We need to grow up !!
    So lets promise we wont reply to them anymore.. Look at their comments and just forget what they said.. Please guys.. Its already proved they dont have any self respect.. For how long will they keep commenting when they see they are not getting any attention.. When they see we are not at all affected by them..we are blind to their comments.. They will automatically leave..
    Just an opinion friends. We need to pledge that none of us will post any reply to them.
    Its a request friends

    How many of you agree with me?

  70. Louella

    Arshdeep u r right. Only I can comment so much. And even swetha is there to help me. Today I proved that I m so talkative. And I will increase the number of comments. Yeh toh shuruaat hai picture abhi baaki hai mere dost (this is the beginning picture us now remaining my friend)

  71. Louella

    Guys plz tell me whether we r opening hms today or tomorrow? Principal mam where r u? Plz tell guys. My opinion is that we start it in today’s epispde update and now we will decide who wants to be a student and who teacher. I will become a teacher as well as I m chotu assistant of principal saras mam. What u all want to be?

  72. Louella

    I think comments day should be there when everyone is free. I m not free tomorrow as I m going out but I will comment little bit. When u all want to keep comments day. I m already ready. I want ur opinion.

  73. Louella

    Swetha who is commenting here as viplav is lakshmi. She told me yesterday on her ff page when I asked her. I don’t know more details about her

  74. Louella

    Viplav aka lakshmi if u don’t mind can I know more about u means u r studying or working and where u live etc etc. And of u want to know about me u can definitely ask

  75. Louella

    Wow today we crossed 200 comments. Well done guys and well done to myself Keep commenting guys and we will cross 300 also.

  76. shanitics

    Ohh lols r u writing ff….

    Lakshmi aka viplav…waahh…

    @Renu,Shahid’s niece….bt in vivah shahid is having nephew only na…

  77. shanitics

    Happy ? to know tat our cmnts grossed 200+ in such a short span of time…

    Yup lols I will try to make cmnts gross 300+ ….

    • Louella

      Suman thank u for the advice. But I m watching ikrs as u became too late in advising. If u would have told in August it would have worked. Thank u but I watch other serials as well like naagin, swaragini, thapki pyaar ki, krishnadasi and kasam. So u became late. Sorry and also thank u for ur advice. Plz respond to me as I want to be ur friend. Will u be my friend? I m nit joking. I m really asking for ur friendship but I have one condition. U have to not talk anything bad about ikrs. Will u be my friend?

    • AM

      suman ji apka swaragini kaha gaya …. fan page sae apko bhaga diya 😛 ….so saddd 😛 😛

    • Maria

      You write your own story and click on submit my article on IKRS telly updates page. And fill in the details over there. I hope you understood!

  78. Louella

    Swetha I want to write ff and I have a nice and different story but it is not posting. I don’t know why. So I m not writing it. But I will try.

    • Arshdeep

      Loeulla kaviya di used to say it gets posted after somtime
      Maybe tellyupdates review it too
      So u wait for sometime

    • Sujie

      Louella princess…an attempt to help you

      Name,your email id, title of ff, and you article…instead of writing the article in this page….you copy paste it from Microsoft word…. Don’t forget to check mark”REMEMBER FIELDS UNTIL SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION”
      Category- fan fiction
      upload the picture….you can do it
      and captcha- 1 plus 10 minus 6 means 5…so write 5 and click SUBMIT ARTICLE FOR REVIEW……
      i know you can do it…… go on….waiting for your first ever ff

  79. shanitics

    How to write ff….

    Lols suman is ur Frnd…tats y she commented on 2day…we thought to increase our comments and she also posted her comment on behalf of her..
    So she is our friend…..
    And luk hw nicely she used the language…?

  80. Nimisha ?

    He Anne

    I replied to your post yesterday about you getting a bit left behind with the reason behind dhani’s request to Shalu to hold off making hers and raja’s relationship ‘proper’. Not sure if you saw it. Basically it was a ploy on Viplav and dhani’s part to try and keep Shalu away from creep no. 1 until they can reveal his real creepiness. So yes basically Dhani lied and asked shah to hold off until Viplav accepts raja as his bil. Does that make sense.

    I was also a bit confused and had to watch the episode a couple of times. It was only when Viplav asks Dhani did the plan work, after her chat with Shalu that it clicked for me. I missed that the first time I watched it,


    • Anne

      Great Nimisha! I think even Hasanji was puzzled.
      Love the current story line ,nice to see vidhanis relationship and Dhaanis confidence grow. Hope you get well soon ?xxx

  81. SARAS

    good evening everyone. .

    louella good to see you back with full freedom. . enjoy your vacation. . Do some constructive things too. .Read Good books pursue any of your hobbies. . play a lot (real pay not on gadgets).. have lots of fun ok my dear. …

    enjoy !!

  82. SARAS

    hey louella. . principal is right here..
    but little busy dear. . Tom is festival for us ..n my daughter has holidays so I have to engage her all the time. . still I will do my duty …

    my efficient n sweet assistant is there to manage hms right? ?

  83. SARAS

    long back someone had commented saying our fitoor for ikrs something something… that’s y mishal n esha dancing on fitoor song -:)) in gpa..

  84. SARAS

    I m tired of telling/ begging/ scolding etc not to respond to viruses. . so I have stopped stopping you guys also from replying to them. .

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.