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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak apologizing to Dasharath for failing to keep up her promise of bringing Viplav back home. She tells she apologizes to the widows and asks Viplav to come home. He agreed at first then refused. Dasharath says I think you are lying and didn’t go to Ashram. Kanak says she is saying truth and asks him to confirm with Tripurari. She tells Viplav said that he have to get fees from widows and then only he will come. She says he gave her promise and she returned alone. Dasharath says I am very much disappointed with you and thought you will bring Viplav home.

All the Ashram widows are standing and waiting for Viplav to get up. Viplav wakes up and asks Badi Amma to smile. He takes her photo and says it is a forced smile. She asks her to smile again and take a selfie

with her. He takes selfie with other widows and says he will keep the photos always with him. Dhaani thinks Rakshas might have taken her photo and snatches his phone. Suwarna asks Viplav to take one more pic. Viplav says okay. Badi Amma asks her to come. Viplav tries talking to Dhaani. Dhaani asks Suwarna to come with her. Pandit Phool chand calls Tripurari and asks if he got him beaten. Tripurari says no and acts innocent. Kanak comes there and tells Tripurari that she knows that he has instigated Dasharath against her, and asks her to bring Viplav home else it won’t be good for him. Phool Chand thinks to settle scores with Dasharath and tells Tripurari won’t be save. He puts his house on fire and says Dasharath’s trouble have started. Viplav talks to Sita Maayi. Suwarna informs her about Chaya Kaki’s kids coming there. Viplav takes her out. Chaya Kaki’s kids tell that they came to wish her birthday, and brought gift also. They tell that they need her thump impression on some papers. Viplav asks them to keep Chaya Kaki with them and he will pay them money every month. He asks them to think about the proposal.

Viplav goes to call Chaya Kaki. She tells her kids came for property. She says they want her to name her property on their name and that’s why they came here. Viplav asks her to do as he says, or cry all her life. Dhaani asks him not to interfere. Viplav says I am a lawyer and knows what to do. Chaya Kaki comes out and her kids give her saree. Then they take her thump impression. Viplav takes the papers and asks her to read the papers first. They ask who are you? Viplav reads the papers and says he is lawyer of all the widows. He says I have the right to know what is in the papers and got to know that you are taking signatures on the property papers without her consent. He says he can send them to Jail. Raj Lakshmi gets angry and says she will beat them. Chaya Kaki returns the gift, and asks them to leave. Raj Lakshmi and others throw them out. Viplav laughs. Chaya Kaki cries. Raj Lakshmi asks why you are crying for these kids. Chaya Kaki says she is not sad, as her family is with her. She says you are with me, so I don’t think about others. She cries.

Viplav calls Sushma and tells her that he felt bad seeing Chaya Kaki’s kids trying to take her advantage after disowning her. Sushma says this happens with widows. Viplav says until when this will happen. Sushma says we are just givers and there is nothing for us to take. Kanak comes to meet Tripurari in the hospital and taunts him. She tells your mum didn’t have any scratch on her face, else Dasharath would have thrown her out like a mosquito. Tripurari asks did you burn my house? Kanak says I was with you when your house was burnt, and says she came to seek help from him. She tells Dasharath didn’t give you anything other than home, but it was burnt now. Tripurari says don’t know what to do now. Viplav thinks some widows smile looking at her. He asks Chaya Kaki, how she will celebrate her birthday? Dulaari says she will make kheer puri. Viplav says I will bring cake. Badi Amma says it is not needed in this age. Viplav says we will cut after 4-5 years. Dhaani says no need. Viplav asks Chaya Kaki to ask her heart. Chaya Kaki says she likes to cut cake. Viplav says I will bring cake.

Kanak asks Tripurari to think about his value in Dasharath’s eyes. She says you are his son, but your value is less than a dog. She says your mum’s value is less than 2 rs, if Dasharath would have given respect to her, then no one would have done this. Tripurari asks what she wants? Kanak tells you need a house, and says you are already intelligent. Viplav brings the cake and makes Chaya Kaki cut it. He sings happy Birthday song while everyone claps. Everyone eats the cake. Viplav asks Dhaani, what she calls to Dulaari. Dhaani says Maa. She opens the mouth and he puts the cake. Chaya Kaki asks Viplav to take her to temple. Viplav says he will take everyone. Dhaani refuses to come. Viplav tells about Katha in the temple. Dhaani agrees.
A woman asks a man about the way to temple. He tells her directions to temple. Viplav is going to temple with widows. He meets Police on the way. He then sees the same woman getting unconscious and rush to see her. They make her drink water.

Dhaani tries fetching water. The same woman rescues her from getting electric shock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode..who is the woman?????

  2. Thank u colors for extra 15min… Love #IKRS

  3. Now this woman is getting mysterious….

  4. good episode now the question is that who is this women???n what is she doing now???

  5. Jyotika patel

    she is rashmi desai

  6. Nice episode.. Viplav is cute

  7. Guys I just now got to know that Dasharat has sent this woman to keep an eye on Vidhanni…

  8. Maybe…. I am not damm sure…

  9. In news New widow name is dulsi.she tries to close with viplav her closenes towards viplav make Dhani upset and feel jealous

    1. U have nice name…

  10. spoilers alert…….she is tulsi to be a part of the love triangle betn viplav n dhani……dont know if she is being framed by dadaji……but i guess the love betn vidhaani shud nt happn so soon… shud take tym……we r happy to see the nok jhok betn them……..ufff mere ishq ka rang bhi safed.

  11. Hope the new comer don’t interfere Vidhaani love…..but normally serial always bring tis new faces to drag the stories….wait n c ishq ishq ♡;).

  12. She sent by Dasharat, but she start loving Viplav…:) Love triangle but Tripurari also starts loving her… But Suvarna loves tripurari so she support new widow to get Viplav nd free Tripurari… Kanak wants new widow marry Tripurari so Viplav b free… Dhani realise she stated loving Viplav but her mayi stop her nd tell vidwa dharm…

    Arre common sense guys, that new widow is established actress, she came means came for some imp roles only na?? Ab choti-moti role keliye thodi na utni moti paisa dekhe bulayenge…

    1. You’re right Aaditya I think the same what you said. Tulsi (new widow) …

      Tulsi start loving Viplav
      Viplav start loving Dhani
      Tripurari start loving Tulsi
      Suwarna loves Tripurari
      Dhani will also start loving Viplav and her Mother stop her to loving Viplav because Widow’s rules. I think her mother is hiding something which we not know!

      It will just ‘love topic and jealous’ in this drama.

      Aaditya, I don’t snatched your comment but I just tell you that you are right 😉 I hope you understand me 🙂

      1. HaHa… V love drama…:);)
        R u really frm Germany??

  13. I jst want to see Viplav’s crazyness 4 Dhaani & his fight against old cstms. I dn’t want luv triangle or jealousy. Plz show smthng new.

    1. i second u

  14. Guys b frank Rashmi Desai looks too old for dat love triangle wala role…
    They might have taken some young new girl… It spoiling d entrire look of d serial…

  15. By d way Rashmi Desai per day shoot price is 55000. Much higher than anyother…

  16. Exactly ArShi!! I agree wid u !! Yeh story parThoda innovation chahiye par not usual jealosy n love triangle !!! Sum gotridden of tania !!

  17. are yaar this luv traingle is very common thing every serial will show this drama pls don’t do this yaar we want to see only viplav n dhaani together…

  18. florentina moldovan

    I think it is just a way to show how the widows s lifes are. ALL those painfully rituals …

  19. Are you the same AAditya of PLC , DT, NAUC , WIHTIL ,ARCL (Fan Fiction)??? By the way Your name is not bad… Please reply if you don’t mind…

    1. Thanks Brits…:):) Im not dat Aaditya…:) I watch nd luv IKRS only so comment only this serial thread…:)

  20. sry guys but i dont think so that tripurari loves tulsi bcoz he dont have any idea about her entry in aashram then how its possible
    i cant understand
    anyways lets see what happened in upcoming episodes
    hum to sirf viplav n dhaani ki fighting enjoy karte hai tab tak
    ishq ishq….

    1. Vaishnavi v r talking here abut future episodes…

  21. Dhaani is a cmmn girl who belvs in old cstms & rituals. If she fall 4 Viplav do erly it won’t be gd. It needs to tek tim. It will be gd if it shows Viplav’s 1side crazy luv 4 a crtin period.
    Dhaani’s past should be revled. It’s bttr than luv triangle.
    In Dhaani’s sangeet, it seems she is frm a solvent family. Thn wht happened????
    I’ve also a doubt. If Dulari is Dhaani’s real mther!!!!!! She is so much obssesiv abt Dhaani.
    Bt it’s true ViNi jodi damn cute.

  22. Waiting for upcoming twist

  23. sry aaditya u r right i just saw the promo of ikrs n she is coming at aashram only for negative intension
    her role is negative

  24. Good episode…vidhaani rocks

  25. I agree with Germanygirl till now episode is good but now it will bring in love triangle and drag it like other boring serial

  26. Ho sakta hai mandir me Jo chori Ki baat kahi Thi usse related ho sakta hai

  27. Ho sakta hai mandir me Jo chori Ki bat kahi Thi usse related ho sakta hai

    1. Ram Kruparakhe Shankar

      Mandir ki Chori wahi widow kar rahi hai.. But my logic, how a widow can do all choris??? Means I didnt mean as woman but single person!!!!.. Ek gang tho hona chahiye na means atleast 3or4 ppl??? #Logic

  28. wow…
    i love viplav yar
    i know ke we like suspence lekin kitna wait karaoge. i think ab to dhaani should feel smthing fr viplav….
    well. this was the nice episode

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