Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shambu asking for Viplav as they sit for breakfast. Tripurari comes and sits on the dining table. Viplav comes and sees Sushma’s face. They sit for breakfast. Dasharath asks what happened? If he had no sleep at night. Viplav says nothing. He tells Sushma that he is habituated to sleep on floor now. He gets Lala’s call and he says he want to meet him. Viplav says okay and asks him to meet near the chowk in 20 mins. Dasharath asks him to have food, but Viplav goes. Dasharath calls Dhaani and tells I am your well wisher. He asks her to reach Shiv Gowri Chowk and says that man is meeting Lala today. He says black truth will come out soon.

Dhaani gets shocked and lies to Dulaari that it was a shop keeper’s call asking when will they deliver chunari. Lala meets

Viplav and apologizes for his doings. He says he came in someone’s talk, but now his eyes are opened and that’s why he wants to return the Ashram papers. Viplav asks him to do something for the widow’s betterment. Lala agrees and asks him to help him get mukti. Viplav says okay. Dhaani comes there and looks at them. She doubts on Viplav. Viplav appreciates Lala’s effort and hugs him. Lala requests him not to tell anything to the widows about his doings. Viplav agrees. Lala goes. Dhaani calls Viplav. Viplav walks towards her and then thinks he will give good news in his style. He leaves without talking to her. Dhaani looks tensed.

Dhaani thinks why Viplav didn’t talk to her and pretended as if he has not heard her voice. She wonders what he was doing with Lala. Dasharath is going in his car and sees Dhaani walking on road. He signs the driver to hit Dhaani. His speedy car hits Dhaani and she falls down on the road. Dasharath gets down the car. Dhaani greets him. Dasharath says he brought her safekeeping/amanat which will make her happy. Dhaani sees the Ashram papers and asks Dasharath, where did he get those papers. Dasharath says he got papers at his house, and apologizes to Dhaani for Viplav’s doings. He says my son does childish things without any intentions, and says I was proud of him, but I was shocked when I saw the papers. He acts to become great in her eyes and says I will pray God to save your Ashram. He says if Viplav does this work then I will pray God to give him understanding about right. He requests her not to tell anyone about this, else people will make stories. He says it is a Diwali gift from my side, and asks her to be happy. Dhaani is shattered.

Viplav brings band baja to the Ashram with people dancing with him. Dasharath and Tripurari come there. Dasharath asks him about the celebration. Viplav tells him that Ashram has become theirs and says Lala has signed on the papers. He says his motive has been fulfilled. Viplav continues to dance happily. Dasharath gives his watch to Tripurari for his work and asks him to keep eye on Viplav. Dasharath apologizes to Viplav in his heart and thinks he is doing this for his betterment. He says I will celebrate this Diwali on your return and for my win.

Dasharath asks the servants to decorate the house with lights etc. Tripurari pretends to worry about Viplav. Dasharath says I will help Viplav come out of this situation.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hasan Ji thoda jaldi update kijiye ye episode many r waiting here..plz plz plz

    1. H Hasan

      I am updating as soon as it is airing on TV. Please be patient. Complete update will be posted as soon as show ends on TV.

      1. Yup.. Its really fast update… Tq

      2. Tq this was very fast….

  2. Too much dragging…. But serials r meant for dragging only right.?!

  3. Plus don’t bore the serial… pls stop this misunderstanding between viplav and dhaani.

  4. Stop the misunderstanding between viplav and dhaani

  5. thanks hasanji

  6. draagging…

  7. Daiv cheythu serial boring aakaleyyy… ?
    Eni ethu kooodi nashipppikale… ☹
    plzzzzzzzzzz ?

  8. story romba methuva poguthu

    1. Ama…ipa drag panna start panitanga…

  9. Thank u so much hasanji…it was really a fast update. Aur story toh pata nahi kaha ja rahi hai dhaani n viplav ko jitna kareeb hona chahiye tha utni hi doori.bas ab jaldi se ye misunderstanding khatm ho jaye.lekin its not dat easy too..again purani dushmani

  10. varae wait cheyyam.

  11. I aprciate stry ritr 4 giving imp to evry chrctr.DT & kank acting suprb.Vidhani is alws suuuuuprbbbb♡♡♡♡♡

  12. we hav now less no of ppl commenting here…..does it mean ppl hav started disliking the show

  13. Lifna, nashipikuvayirikillada.
    Dewali varae wait cheianalae DT parayunat..Nokam..

  14. Y dasarath betray viplav like dis……..

  15. Not watching for past few days because show getting too boring!!

  16. Its irritatting….. Y tis misunderstandings……. Plz vidhaani together soon….. Thank yu hasan ji

  17. Happy to see Malayalam comments here…

  18. Isn’t it possible to show just vidhani scenes? Can’t bare dt, kt n trip. Waste of time. I really take out time with some great difficulty to watch ikrs just to see vidhani. If they drag much n show problems in their relationship then for sure I’m going to stop watching this show….. Plz don’t bore like other shows. Udan was going very well till now but suddenly chakor’s double roll came in…… Rubbish, unrealistic! U r showing d serial to send a great msg to Ppl then y u r taking help of unrealistic n superborring tracks? Plz stick to reality n sustain the huge fan club. Hope the makers will understand our part. All the very best ikrs….
    One thing I Wud like to share that I saw mishal in my dream yesterday….. Aha it was very romantic dream!love u vips…

  19. Yupp Gudiya… Ekdum correct…

  20. Ahh sariya aparana… Ethayalum… W8 cheyyaaa …. 🙂

  21. Initially I also found it very irritating but now I am taking it in a positive way.I feel like vidhani love story is going to move in the actual track which the makers had shown in the promos in the very beginning,…. Passion and aggression of viplav for dhani….fingers crossed…hope for the best….

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