Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini informing Dhaani about night school. Dhaani says no, and says I can’t go. Kamini says you can learn calmly at night. Dhaani says nobody will permit her. Kamini asks her not to inform Viplav or anyone. Dhaani is shocked. She says I will work hard and learn. Kamini says ok, I understand. She searches for her papers and says where it is? She gets the papers and looks for her books. Dhaani gives her books. Kamini thanks her, and says I will pack all. Dhaani asks why, are you going somewhere? Kamini says no, and says Viplav is free only in nights, and says she can study later. She says Viplav will be happy if she gets education. Dhaani falls in her trap and says Viplav has promised to teach you. Kamini asks her to do her work. Dhaani agrees to go to night school and says

I will inform Viplav. Kamini says what will be the advantage if you tell him. She asks her to manage her studies without letting him know and says Viplav will be surprised. Dhaani says you said right, Viplav will be happy and surprised. She thinks I will surprise him, I will also talk in english like him. Kamini smirks evilly.

Kamini gives books to Dhaani, and asks her to hide it in bag. She asks her to reach Bhaskar night school. Dhaani is scared. Kamini asks her to leave it. Dhaani says it is okay. She asks her to make her write Viplav’s name. Kamini holds her hand, but don’t let her write his name. Dhaani asks her to write. Kamini says I will write. Viplav comes. Kamini signs Dhaani. Dhaani says I am getting sleep. Viplav says I know, I used to get sleep in childhood during studies. Kamini says I will bring books and asks Viplav to freshen up. Viplav says I am fresh, tell me what do you want to study? Dhaani says I need to sleep. Kamini takes Viplav somewhere and says she will study there. Dhaani wears shawl and feels apologetic. She thinks Viplav will be happy knowing truth later.

Dhaani comes downstairs……Dadi Bua calls Ram deen and comes there. Dhaani hides hearing her voice. Dadi Bua asks why are you hiding here? She takes the supari bottle and goes. Dhaani comes out from hiding. Dadi Bua turns back and goes.

Kamini and Viplav sit on the sofa. Kamini stares him lustly and thinks everything is so romantic. She thinks Dhaani should leave the house, else her try to come closer to Viplav will fail. Dhaani is leaving. Kamini sees her and hugs Viplav inorder to divert his mind. She says bat is here. Viplav says there is no bat here and asks her to study. Dhaani is on road and thinks what to do. Shall I go back? She thinks no, I shall go. She falls down, and a car stops infront of her. Viplav explains to her about hindu marriage act. Kamini stares him. Sun Saathiya plays………..Viplav asks are you concentrating on studies or thinking about marriage. Kamini says my dreams are going to come true. Judge Asthana notices Dhaani and thinks where is she going? He finds Dhaani’s earring and smirks.

Kamini says today’s night is so good. Viplav is about to teach her. Kamini says this weather is signing as there will be a new start. She says it is our new start as a lawyer. She continues to stare him rather shamelessly. Viplav being a clean hearted guy don’t understand her intentions. Dhaani reaches Bhaskar night school and sees tutor teaching the kids. She thinks about Kanak accusations and Kamini’s words. She steps inside the school. Master ji asks her to sit on the empty bench. Dhaani says ok and sits. Kamini shouts seeing honey bee and gets closer to Viplav. Viplav says why you are getting scared, I will make it go. She hugs him purposely and falls on him to trap him in her love. Viplav gets embarassed. Kamini continues to stare him.

Viplav asks Kamini if she is flirting with him. He says if I don’t know you then I would have thnk that you are flirting with me. He tries to go. Kamini asks where are you going? Viplav says to my wife, and says she might be waiting for me. Kamini says she might be asleep. Viplav says no, she must be awake. Kamini calls Dhaani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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      I used to read your updates to understand what I had watched… But now I read them to decide whether to watch. Thank you for alllll your efforts. None of us would be here if you didn’t so it is very much appreciated! ????

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  4. Saraswathi.j

    Still I won,t believe that how can Dhaani believe Kamini her aquientance with her is only a few days ( may be 3 or 4 days ) going to outside at 10 ,o clock in night that to a married woman without informing to her husband and other family members at home in India it is highly not acceptable in terms of her safety ,then with her bad experiences in previous days,that to widow remarriage girl ,she should be very careful she should take every step with care otherwise her marriage will collapse because no family member will come to her rescue .

    1. I think Viplava no Dhani are still trying to appease DB which is why they are making such an effort with VK. Also, VK has been telling the stories of Viplav’s childhood back to him, so they think they know her well, when they really don’t,

      It’s a shame the makers are showing both Viplav and Dhani as naive bordering on a bit dumb. They are both making it too easy for VK to carry on with her dirty deeds.

      I don’t think she is interested in Viplav as much as she is in winning, the car racing thing showed she is competitive so I suspect she has been told of her reward being Viplav and now she can’t have him, she can’t handle that. She has to win,

  5. Okay… Soo lets begin the game…..

    First question…. Shikayat pudiya title bst belongs to… In this page?

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      1. Me too, I’m a complainer but it’s more living by ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’. But I like Sujie’s description of herself so I vote Sujie!

  6. Arshi di u r right. I was Louella who wrote that ff. Just for fun thought to write my birthdate. That number is my birthdate. 19-3-2004=1932004. I m caught because I forgot to change my email address. But I m really excited for this ff. U and lakshmi were right. I m Louella. Now writing the first episode. Thinking to post it early for u all. Hope u will like it. Arshi di I think u should also write a ff. Would be nice to read it.

    1. I got to know it was you by ur birth date only

      Hehe me and a ff..??..seems very difficult
      Still will try if i get an idea
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      1. Will be eagerly waiting for it.

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  8. hey guys our maria’s results came
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  11. If u gt a chance to act with vip.. Whch character will u choose othr than Dhaani??

    1. Dadii
      he hugs her many times 😛 😀

      1. Or it can be shalu too.. 😛

    2. Obviously dadi or shalu.

    3. Shaalu or Daadi

    4. Yes, def Shalu or Dadi, and I would keep making mistakes so that he’s have to hug me again and again…. And again…

  12. If u gt a chance to go with Mishal whch place would you choose????

    1. Hong kong.

    2. If I get a chance, then I will take Mishal to Mustang along with me…….
      For those of you who don’t know, Mustang is a district in Himalayan region of Nepal…with lots of natural beauty …

    3. Ooh, definitely for a romantic walk along a beautiful beach at sunset, in either Goa or Koh Samui.

  13. I think makers should focus on Dhaani’s education track rather than kamini track I think getting Dhaani educated was a good idea

    1. Agreed! I wrote up there somewhere that I thought the way they showed her entering the classroom with the awesome music ever and crossing the threshold was brilliantly done. Showed her starting a new chapter in her life.

    2. Mind you anything other than the VK track would be good right now. She is such bore.

  14. If director asked to u act for a scene aired on the serial in the previous epi’s.. Whch one would you suggest??

    1. Ashram scenes.

    2. Sarla kaki’s I think. Or the shower, or the net, or any of the romantic ones.

    3. of course ashram scenes…….
      and then ViDhaani stay at Sarla kaaki’s home…. and Viplav rescuing Dhaani from those pandit cum morons…… declaring YEH VIPLAV TRIPATHI KI HONE WALAI DHARAMPATNI HAI….

  15. Everyone……. I want all of you to wish me all the best because tomorrow is one of the biggest day of my life….. my life changer….more days are yet to come in which I will need your prayers……… Please wish that everything goes out well tomorrow…………
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    1. All the best dear. I don’t know for what work u r going but for whatever work u r going I pray u will be successful in it. All the very best dear.

  16. Guys I am in Sydney and can’t watch this show but can only read updates
    If any of you guys are here in Sydney please tell I will like to meet him/her

    1. Can’t u watch on internet?xxx

    2. Hi David …welcome …..
      I guess till now no one is from Sydney here….and you can watch the episodes on youtube and if not available you can go to

  17. Eshani that link was a wrong one here’s the link.

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