Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini informing Dhaani about night school. Dhaani says no, and says I can’t go. Kamini says you can learn calmly at night. Dhaani says nobody will permit her. Kamini asks her not to inform Viplav or anyone. Dhaani is shocked. She says I will work hard and learn. Kamini says ok, I understand. She searches for her papers and says where it is? She gets the papers and looks for her books. Dhaani gives her books. Kamini thanks her, and says I will pack all. Dhaani asks why, are you going somewhere? Kamini says no, and says Viplav is free only in nights, and says she can study later. She says Viplav will be happy if she gets education. Dhaani falls in her trap and says Viplav has promised to teach you. Kamini asks her to do her work. Dhaani agrees to go to night school and says

I will inform Viplav. Kamini says what will be the advantage if you tell him. She asks her to manage her studies without letting him know and says Viplav will be surprised. Dhaani says you said right, Viplav will be happy and surprised. She thinks I will surprise him, I will also talk in english like him. Kamini smirks evilly.

Kamini gives books to Dhaani, and asks her to hide it in bag. She asks her to reach Bhaskar night school. Dhaani is scared. Kamini asks her to leave it. Dhaani says it is okay. She asks her to make her write Viplav’s name. Kamini holds her hand, but don’t let her write his name. Dhaani asks her to write. Kamini says I will write. Viplav comes. Kamini signs Dhaani. Dhaani says I am getting sleep. Viplav says I know, I used to get sleep in childhood during studies. Kamini says I will bring books and asks Viplav to freshen up. Viplav says I am fresh, tell me what do you want to study? Dhaani says I need to sleep. Kamini takes Viplav somewhere and says she will study there. Dhaani wears shawl and feels apologetic. She thinks Viplav will be happy knowing truth later.

Dhaani comes downstairs……Dadi Bua calls Ram deen and comes there. Dhaani hides hearing her voice. Dadi Bua asks why are you hiding here? She takes the supari bottle and goes. Dhaani comes out from hiding. Dadi Bua turns back and goes.

Kamini and Viplav sit on the sofa. Kamini stares him lustly and thinks everything is so romantic. She thinks Dhaani should leave the house, else her try to come closer to Viplav will fail. Dhaani is leaving. Kamini sees her and hugs Viplav inorder to divert his mind. She says bat is here. Viplav says there is no bat here and asks her to study. Dhaani is on road and thinks what to do. Shall I go back? She thinks no, I shall go. She falls down, and a car stops infront of her. Viplav explains to her about hindu marriage act. Kamini stares him. Sun Saathiya plays………..Viplav asks are you concentrating on studies or thinking about marriage. Kamini says my dreams are going to come true. Judge Asthana notices Dhaani and thinks where is she going? He finds Dhaani’s earring and smirks.

Kamini says today’s night is so good. Viplav is about to teach her. Kamini says this weather is signing as there will be a new start. She says it is our new start as a lawyer. She continues to stare him rather shamelessly. Viplav being a clean hearted guy don’t understand her intentions. Dhaani reaches Bhaskar night school and sees tutor teaching the kids. She thinks about Kanak accusations and Kamini’s words. She steps inside the school. Master ji asks her to sit on the empty bench. Dhaani says ok and sits. Kamini shouts seeing honey bee and gets closer to Viplav. Viplav says why you are getting scared, I will make it go. She hugs him purposely and falls on him to trap him in her love. Viplav gets embarassed. Kamini continues to stare him.

Viplav asks Kamini if she is flirting with him. He says if I don’t know you then I would have thnk that you are flirting with me. He tries to go. Kamini asks where are you going? Viplav says to my wife, and says she might be waiting for me. Kamini says she might be asleep. Viplav says no, she must be awake. Kamini calls Dhaani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    Viplav is right in precap
    He is not doubting on her bcoz he knows her
    He cant think bad about her.. but she is worst of all??

    • Nimisha

      He doesn’t know her though. She knows all about him. He just knows her because of DB.

  2. Louella

    Today I saw the whole episode and it was not at all good. Poor Dhaani!! I was feeling very sorry for her. That Kamini is truly irritating. Just hate her to the core. How dare she hug our Viplav!!!

  3. Arshdeep

    Viplav needs to get shudhikaran ??
    How many times she falls on him??

    Does anyone start loving someone if you fall on them????

  4. Louella

    Today no vidhaani scenes, kt and dt scenes. Sad for vidhaani scenes and happy for no kt and dt scenes.

  5. Louella

    One more bad news for me. I don’t know why its again and again happening with me. Today I was playing and I got hurt on my legs. Np need to worry. It’s paining a little but till tomorrow I will be okay as my Granny has applied me medicine with all her love so I will definitely become alright. And one more thing plz don’t scold me for this I have got enough scolding for this but I know u will scold me for my good so scold me today. I m ready for it.

  6. Louella

    Arshi di what was the good news which u wanted to tell us. I have no more patience. Plz tell fast. I m curious to know.

  7. Alas at last viplav cud realise vk is flirting with him . Well today she was acting really kiddish ambiguously. Want that viplav shud throw her out

    • Nimisha ?

      Sounds like she’s on full-on bunny boiler mode.

      I’m guessing Dhani has gone to night school.

      Feel I need to punch her again. Doof doof doof at VK’s face! ???

  8. Arshdeep

    Okay i will tell one of my favourite dialogues of viplav

    19th december episode….

    “Yeh hmari hone wali dharampatni lagti hai..
    Sahi suna aap logon ne.. yeh VIPLAV TRIPATHI ki hone wali Dharam patni hai..

    Agar aaj ke baad kisi ne bhi iski taraf aankh utha kar bhi dekha na to ganga mayia ki saugandh uski aankh nikal denge…!!!!!” ?????

    • Nimisha ?

      Is that wher he rescues her from the tree? When the religious types are wanting to burn her alive?

      That’s another super line! I think someone should translate the favourites from the previous thread for Anne, Yetty, Flora and any other non Hindi speakers as they are beautiful lines!

    • Sujie

      wow wow wow…….. i don’t know why but I get goosebumps whenever I watch Mishal aka Viplav’s action along with the dialogue ….

    • Sujie

      and another one…… aaja agar dhaani ko kisine haat lagaya toh ganga maiyya ki kasam kaat ke rakh denge…..

      • Nimisha ?

        That’s the Viplav I think I love. The uber protective one. Who fights for her.. With everyone. Ooh yes. Goosebumps indeed.

        Were there any goosebump moments from today’s episode?

    • Porkodi

      This is my favourite dialogues of viplav… at that time Mishal expressions when seeing Dhani was mind blowing…I loved it .. Yday also I watched that episode from Die hard fans page.. I cant come out from previous episodes…That episode is best episode ever.. No one can beat our Mishal

  9. Arshdeep

    Time to tell what i got this morning….!! Something which gave me intense happiness.. something i havent expected right now??

    Time about 11.45 a.m.
    I was studying that time
    The bell rang
    Muma went to check whose there
    And came back with a small parcel for me.. and she said something came on your name (usually everything comes on papa’s name)
    A bit strange for me..!!
    Without looking i said “is it a admit card for any of my exam?”??
    Offcorse it was not..???
    I looked at it..turned it..could not get a name of the sender..suddenly saw something on right side written “postage paid UK”
    I cried loudly Muma its something from “NIMISHA DIDI” ????
    I opened it up..saw a beautiful card sending me “good luck”
    Omg i almost fainted????
    Then regained…opened it out… and then at last saw the beautiful name written??..and said “muma maine kha tha na yeh nimisha didi ne bheja hai”  ???

    I just cant express how happyyy i was????
    It maybe just a card for some…but for me it was very very special thing…very close to my heart…??????
    I just LOVE you soooooo much di???????
    Thank you sooooo much for this????? surprises are always beautiful?? and this one was the best i had ever got..!! ?

    • Arshdeep

      Okay so right now guys i have something to tease you..and make you jealous…hahaha…
      I got a parcel from UK…can u imagine..UK..??? ??? hahaha??
      Just kidding,…dont mind it..
      But i am sooo happy..Dancing almost????

    • Louella

      Arshi di I m very happy seeing u jumping with joy. Seeing ur happiness I m feeling good.

    • Mahira

      OMG! Really! ? How sweet is this! ??? Nimisha you really are a good hearted person!

    • Nimisha ?

      Awww Arshdeep. My eyes are leaking now. Soooo pleased it got there okay. A bit late for the 1st…

      Now you have my details we can TALK. Or what’s app. BUT only if your lovely mum is happy with it. Infact, we could FaceTime or Skype and I could meet your whole familY!!!

      I have never done this before, with anyone! So I realise that might sound a bit weird.

      Love you lots xxxx

      • Arshdeep

        Love you too di??
        We can mum wont be having any such problem..
        We can skype too…but will be having i think a problem of language communication
        My family dont speak english
        We cant facetime? coz i think its for iphone users..
        And having an iphone is still a dream for me??

      • Nimisha

        I also don’t hav an iPhone.

        I know some Punjabi…kidaaaaaaaa and saaaasrikal.
        So I could say hello at least.

      • Wow nimmy well thought gesture ???sweet of u to send good luck the way how cud u manage the details i am sure not over here

      • Arshdeep

        Shall i send u a msg on ur no.? Then u add my no. And then u whatsapp me..maybe my contact will be visible to you…

      • Nimisha

        Yes. I think send me a message and then I can add you.
        I don’t know how it all works. But I can’t add you as I don’t have your number. I think…

      • Nimisha

        Cool about your papa too! Love it,

        Can you send me a what’s app request??

        Or an email?? An sums will cost a lot I think…
        Add my no to your contacts and then it should appear in what’s app I think.

      • Nimisha

        Renu, not advisable on here, but Arshu put her address up and then asked the moderators to delet it. Not a good idea, but no harm done I think.

      • Arshdeep

        I added the no. It dodnt appear
        I deleted ..again added still not appear
        I asked my didi to add still not appear
        So m gonna sms uh or email u
        Will try soon

      • Nimisha

        Arshu, just googled it and you add my number to the what’s app contact but don’t add leading zeros, so +44…
        Then close what’s app and launch it again
        Then you should see me. And as I’m on what’s app you should be able to message me.

      • Arshdeep

        Finally i got you there
        Just a small mistake havent added + before ur no. And just when i added it appeared??

    • VIPLAV

      oh arshi di such a cute surprise from nimisha di 🙂 loved it
      kaash mujhe bhi mil jaathe

    • Sujie

      arshu…. nimmy ….you both turned CHUPA RUSTAM………. awwwwwwww……. so lovely …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 … happy for you……… 🙂 🙂

      • Sujie

        it means you both revealed this secret now…and we did not get even a single hint about you sending a lovely card…your love for arshu….

      • Arshdeep

        I am surprised we wrote everything openly and no one got a hint
        How i gave you my address and all..??

      • Nimisha

        Aaat, thank you. I didn’t say because I wanted it to be a surprise for our lovely Arshu! And I wasn’t sure it would get there so as hard as it was I thought I’d better not say a word. Xxx

      • Arshdeep

        You really surprised me

        I had thot it on my bday but it came so soon and i was on cloud 9 actually

        Aaah i love uuuu????????

  10. Louella

    Arshi di don’t say sorry to me. U r my elder sister and how can I not be worried for u. It’s obvious that I m very tensed about u. This is my nature. I m always worried about my loved ones whether it may be my family, friends, relatives or brothers and sisters. U may be far from me but u are very near to my heart. Always remember this. Also whole ikrs is very near to my heart. Never dare to say sorry to me or I will scold u. U don’t know my anger. So plz don’t say sorry. Sending u big and tight hugs!!!

  11. Don’t know with what intentions VK has sent dhani out one is that she wants to spend some quality time with viplav but does she has some other reason she might want to defame her.??

  12. Meghs

    Guys u mis took my words sry for late reply i saying i had my exam on 21 so not able to comments …

    • Nimisha

      Meghs, do you have anymore exams coming up? I’m sure you’ve said, but can I ask again, which exams your studying for please?

      • Nimisha

        Wow! Soooo many students on here, you’re all a super clever bunch I think.

        Good luck with it Meghs. And then you’ll be freeeeeeeee! Of exams for a bit at least!


  13. Meghs

    Cutie i know hw much love plays that doesn’t mean u don’t take care urself.. U take care ur legs first then play u should take reat now for 2days no outside play.. Only in home u play …

  14. Already we have eough villains KT . DB. DT VK PC N NOW THISCMR ASTHANA. The way he was stating at her n picked her earring shows his intentions.

    • Nimisha

      I said yesterday… It’s a conveyor belt of nastiness! What is wrong with the writers!!

      They are determined to go down this rice and repeat cycle. Grrrrr!

  15. Hi frnds a very gud evg to u all.have a great night my dear ones.
    Frnds after a long time today’s episode was very awesome.I was just chilled with this episode really superb.
    Viplav viplav viplav wat luvly husband of course even my hubby too.but today he was SPL.
    Wat u say frnds.

    • Nimisha

      Ooh, I’m so rubbish at standing my ground. I was like nope not watching and then read your post and now I wanna watch!!! Lol!

  16. Nimisha ?

    Hmmm the episode sounds too awful to watch.

    I haven’t read the update yet, sorry H Hasan. NOt sure how you can stomach watching and then updating for us. You are truly amazing! I would have gon on strike as soon as VK entered the show.

    I will read it later, so thank you for doing this terrible task. It is appreciated!

  17. Fatarajo

    Kamani no matter how hard u try u won’t be able to seperate Vidhaani, one thing best about Vidhaani is Viplav’s trust on Dhaani. And this kamini track is a good for nothing track. C’mon makers there are so many tracks, like Piya track, Dulaari track, and so on solve them first believe me you won’t realize while solving all the tracks how months passed by 😛

  18. Sujie

    thank u Hasan mam for the update
    hello everyone…..could not watch today’s episode but reading the updates…i wanna punch that Kaamini…she thinks falling over someone again and again is called love… but I am pretty sure Dhaani Viplav will fight together with this Kaamini …. Viplav….. dimaag ki batti thoda jalao…atleast you thought that Kaamini might be flirting with you….. stress on this more and more….and I know you will come up with any solution to defeat this Kaamini….and feeling bad for Dhaani …… wish Viplav knows Dhaani is in trouble

    • Nimisha

      Sujie, I laughed out loud at the wanting to punch her. I just typed the same thing up there somewhere.

      I’m worried about Dhani now.


  19. Zee

    Nothing about the episode it sounds awful. But the thing that brought a smile today was Arshi’s moment of happiness. So sweet.

  20. Laughed out when DB 2as searching for her supari container. Th3 moment she looked on the sofa where dhani was sitting n said òh u r hiding here is th8s the place to hide i thought that dhani is caught but next moment realised that it was for supari case☺?????

  21. Hi arshideep this answers for ur questions dear sorry I can’t reply u at that page bcs I was busy in some mam
    2.I like mishal in any coloured shirt.but truely he is awesome handsome in sky blue color shirt.
    3.I like when ikrs title song is running in that pot making scene it was memorable for me.I thank clv for giving such a good scene.
    4.I want to meet br mam n renuji.I luv them.then all of u people r my heart touching souls.
    5.I like the ikrs quotation tum ooper wale se duwan mangh rahe ho aur hum tumeh.
    And also chahe kuch bi ho, jo bi ho,kaise bhi ho Hume tume pasand hi. bcs of this everyone attracted to our ikrs.
    6.I want to meet mishal first then eisha.
    Bcs mishal is gud hearted person up to I know him.eisha still child but senior in acting.
    7.I like eisha in white saree bcs she looked awesome in without makeup too n she attracted viplav in white saree only.
    8.I like dulhaari maayi bcs her language is dam beautiful.
    9.First I like DT acting he silent villain n then KT she sounded villain.n she rocks that we all hate her dirty manner.
    10.I joined in November I think but don’t correctly if any knows tell me.
    11.I like all dancing shows like jdj n nach baliye n children’s show ibdb n singeing shows too.and also in comedy nights I like only bharathi.
    12.finally iam dam happy n proud to be here.guys u know after coming to tu page as comment or I was learnt many first I was just nothing here.but now I can rule this world that much gave me this tu frnds.luv u all guys for ever.
    And one thing guys if we all meet at one place my wish is we have meet at my home.that’s the our all meeting spot.I know my home short my hearts place is always big for u guys.I was really glad to be here with frnds.luv u sooooooooooooo much .umahhhhhhh.lots of hug.

      • Meghs

        That’s perfect answer ..
        That’s so sweet of u akka..
        Love u akka…
        Lots of hug for u too…

    • So sweet of u kavi only heart shud be big . ??we should run after personal development of kids n ourselves rather than running after materialistic things.

    • Nimisha

      Yes Kavitha, that is indeed a beautiful answer. The heart has an amazing capacity to grow, so as this family grows, there will always be space. Love it! Thank you, xxx

  22. My god such a poetry.pls don’t scold me I was in such mood after seeing arshis quiz it was really happy to express here.sry frnds.

  23. Mirsada

    Kamini -Vamp is disgusting to puke, harassing Vip.fuj?but they will not succeed.

  24. And Louella u deserve scolding without hesitatingly. Bcs u don’t here wat we will say.pls take care dear.luv u a lot chellam.

  25. God when will this kamini stop wearing golden blouse m waist band they look too much?????she would have looked graceful in nice cotton saris with full sleeves v neck blouses which normally all lady kawyers wear.

    • Nimisha

      I was thinking the same. It’s a bit like flashing lights around her non bouncy chest! Sorry but it’s true. And then like Swetha’s cousin said the camera angle is in the wrong place!

    • Zee

      True about VK, but KT, Raja’s mom, Raja’s mami, Dadi all of them over dress. Who wears heavy silk saris and heavy jewelery at home in sweltering Banaras? Dhani too, but she is a new bride, hence forgiven.

      • Totally agree i dont know about others but i wear only very small earrings n 4 glass bangles at home alos also the mangalsutra cottonsuits n NO MAKEUP EXCEPT FOR A DOT SIZE BINDI . CANT EVER IMAGINE MYSELF IN A FORMAL COSTUME AT HOME. That ways there was a serial KAR BAGH 12/24used to ome atleast 7 years ago. In that serial only they used to show all ladies in normal costume without silk saris n heavy ornaments.

  26. And arshi sry to ask this can i know were r u from.I really don’t know from were u r.and pls tell me that u have stones in ur kidneys is it small means starting stage r big.bcs if it was big I have suggestion to u dear that’s y pls reply me soon.

  27. Yes nimisha if watch the video of today’s episode u love it much bcs viplavs acting was superb as a gud husband as he needed shudhikaran as arshi said.he was very luvable it soon my luv.

    • Nimisha

      Ooh, okay Kavitha. I will. Thank you.

      I loved all your answers to arshu’s quiz too. DHani in the White saree, to me, was the most beautiful. She’s sooo beautiful without all the make up and jewellery that that look really brought that out in her.


  28. Louella

    Nimisha di and Sujie u both felt to punch that VK but I felt to kick her. If she would fall on me she would have been in hospital. Hope it would have happened in ikrs!!

    • Nimisha

      Ooh Louella. Maybe we punch her til she falls and then you kick her. Outta IKRS.


    • Sujie

      hahaha chhuttki…… 🙂 As Nimmy said our punches would be enough for Kaamini…till she gets your kick…she will be out of IKRS

  29. Hi frnds gud eveng to episode was gud as I m very happy when dhani went to night scl. After many days ikrs makes me happy.n today I saw a new version of sanskari ladki who always srch for a chance to hug n fall on viplav. But precap is very interesting. Finally viplav knew abt kamains intension. Its luk interesting now.

  30. Arshdeep

    Nimisha di
    Shall i send u msg on ur email right now..
    Will u reply now itself.??

    I am worried i havent read the email wrongly??

  31. Anne

    I thought when Kavitha kept throwing, literally! throwing her body on top of a puzzled Viplav it was hilarious. The only chink of light is that Viplav is getting suspicious (oh really?)about time!!!
    Looks like Dhaani is going to get accused of all sorts of dirty deeds,but at least she got to the school room so she has some sort of alibi. Is the man in car the judge who knows Dasharath?

  32. Yetty

    Hello friends, how was your day?
    Hey Arshdeep it’s so good to see you’re back to your usual self, and I’m so jealous of you right now ?.
    @Nimisha thanks for caring.
    @Louella, take care of yourself when playing, its no fun when you have pain.

    • Nimisha

      HinYetty. Good day here. Hoe about you? Hope you’re well. Good to see you again!xxx

      • Yetty

        Sorry for the peek a boo, I usually comment on way to work but work changed had to travel underground with no network.
        Always read all your comments though, sometimes I think I’m back to silence reading.
        Love you all still, I will steal time now and then to say hello.
        Good day and great weekend to you all??

      • Nimisha

        No need to apologise Yetty. Cup whether you comment or not, it’s just nice to know you’re there. ?

        By the way, congrats on the new job. Hope it’s working out well. Are you in London? It’s very hot here at the mo, not compared to India hot, so hope the underground isn’t toooo unpleasant.

        Have a lovely day. Xxx

  33. Arshi first u listen to me u ask Amma to prepare banana tree strip fry .I don’t know its actual name .but I’ll try to get the name soon.n inform u.
    And also barley rice its gud for kidney stones.and u drink water fluently that too I a have tip.
    First when u wake up from bed go to kitchen n have big glass of water that too in sips not like fluently drinking.remember only in sips of water.
    If u follow this regularly u will be alright with few days.u drink water within one half hour once.let’s try it u will be alright n ur pain will also chummantar.

    • Arshdeep

      Okay didi
      Thnku soooo much
      I will try everything especially the sips of water hmm?? thnkuuu??

  34. Oh sooo cute of u Louella. Aisa mafi mangey tho mein kaisa na kahungi beta.
    Ur mistakes r luvly n ur appolise too luvly.k
    I have a treatment for ur leg black spot.if u have park near by ur home u go n walk slowly in the grass that was there in park.
    It will be massagable.if not u ask grand ma to massage ur feet softly.then that pain will dippeae n black spot will be disappear in three four days.take care.bye.

    • Hi only sobti good to see u back after many days. My child u shud know that all people in a family dont have same taste so howcome all can have a same liking for yr hero barun . Our ikrs family is close knit happy family n very possessive about the star cast here people from different zones background differnt languages different age groups are all united on a common platform if u want to join us u r most welcome if not then u shud not waste yr valuable time n comments on this page as liking towards something is individual choice which cant be forced upon . BALL IS IN YR COURT TO DECIDE. GOD BLESS U N GIVE WISDOM TO CHOSE TH3 RIGHT PQTH AMEN!

    • Ya amisha she would reach safe but of course viplav wud ask her whereabouts n that oldie judge would defame her also he has her earring too to prove dhsni had gone out in night.

      • Nimisha ?

        Oh… Is that what they’re up to! Gosh, not only religious types are corrupt, but judges too. Ikrs is full of them!

  35. vaishnavi

    oh god pata nhi ab kamini ki real face kaise aayega vidhaani ke samne i hope ye jaldi ho jaye
    i cant see vipu with another girl vipu pls keep distance from kamini

  36. savi

    I think in tomorrow episode judge will show earrings of dhani to DT ,aapki bahu raat mein bahar ghumti hai aur aapko pata bhi nahi

  37. Anne

    Watching Balika Vadu.the new male lead ,a doctor, is terrified of cockroaches and our heroine laughs at him and gets rid of it.
    Is a steal from IKRS ,how dare they!! Lolxxx

    • Nimisha

      Ooh, why don’t I remember the cockroach scene in IKRS… When was that then. Me get have to rematch it as it sounds funny.

      • Nimisha

        Ooh, will have to look that up. Vaguely remember it. Oh yes, when Dhani picked it up and brought it towards him. Lol! I do remember now you said it was in the ashram. Happy days! When we only had to worry about DT, KT and cockroaches. Lol!

  38. Saraswathi.j

    The same night school seen is in “diya our baati” where heroin Sandy goes to coaching centre to get selection to IPS and her husband himself helps her without the knowledge of his mother.Here Dhaani without informing her husband going to night school at 10 o,,clock night is it safe for her.,already she faced so many humiliations Kanak plubicly in the busy street humiliate her,pool chand humiliate in the temple ,for sharan in the Kalash much hungama in the ghats ,Tripurari kidnapped and sale her to Arab country,and nearly facing death along with Viplav ,and that no one except Viplav in the Ayodya nivas like her with all these troubles she went to tuition in the night without informing her husband ,who will come to her rescue if any thing happen in the streets, here at home Kamini taking advantage of tuition seducing your husband ,here I want to tell you one story from our Ithihasas ,Bramharshi Visvamitri doing tapas to achieve Bramharshi title ,Indra the head of Devatas afraid of him send a damsel Menaka to break his tapas slowly she succeed in her mission and have a daughter Shakuntala the great poet Kalidasa written Meghasandesham on her ,Visvamitra a grate tapsvi can not concentrate on his tapas because of a woman , so Dhaani the cunning Kamini is planning to take over Viplav your husband , open your eyes and think act wisely to protect your Viplav from that Kamini.

    • Nimisha

      Saraswathi, I have t watched the episode yet, but why did Dhani not tell Viplav? In the Precap yesterday she looked like she was sneaking out? What was the need for that? Also, yes you are right, Dhani has already faced sooo many difficulties you,d think she’d know not to leave the house without at least telling her hubby. Silly girl!

  39. Nimisha

    Moderators are on fire today, they are like Kung fun Fighters! Karate chopping the viuses outta here.

    BRavo Moderators! Bravo. ???????

    You guys are the best!

    I was really not liking people using my name earlier so really do mean it. Thank you sooo much!

  40. Nimisha

    Ok, so watched the episode and… Hmmm….
    – Mishal in White ????????????
    -Dhani is such a gullible person. She agreed too easily to VK about not telling anyone.
    -the judge scene was interesting,, sort of. Are VK and DT in this together ? Did the plan for Dhani to be out so that he saw her and that too after DT played his temple in Dhani,s name act in front of the judge??
    -Mishal in White ????
    -VK, is Soooo obvious (doof,??doof,??doof ?????) And not a very good seductress or good at s*xy. The way she was talking was just weird. It’s a shame Viplav doesn’t say something. The way she kept grabbing him. YUk! Just totally annoying!
    – but our gorgeous man who was in White, is totally unaware and he does the best eye roll /awkward looks ever. Kavitha, you were right.

    I know Viplav will stand by Dhani so the judge can do whatever. What is VK calling Dhani for? And why do the writers have to have such long shots of VK on Viplav. I’m know it’s to show it from her perspective, but since when did this become the ishita show. Irritating!

    So yeah… Umm.., both Dhani and Viplav need to wise up.

    Oh yes, and did I say Mishal in White…. TOTALLY dreamy! ???? I actually think he is getting more and more and more gorgeous by the day!

    On that note, Goodnight everyone!

  41. Nimisha

    Oh, and now! Thanks to VK I hate the sun satthiya song, BIG TIME! used to like it. But it’s ruined forever.

    So VK ?????????again.

  42. Nimisha

    Some of you will, no doubt be waking up soon, so Goood Morning. it’s Friday! Have a fun one!


  43. shanitics

    We nvr loose frnds.. Bt we come to knw who ur real frnds are…. Good mrng…
    Keep smiling
    Be unique ?
    Think differently ?

  44. shanitics

    Yesterday only Viaami scenes… Bt the way Vip handed Kamini was superb.. Whn she kept hr fingr on his hand and removed it was nice…. I was thinking if she seen vidhaani showr scene thn she might have fainted…. Lol

    I think nw master ji is gng to disclose smethng… Do nt knw bt have a doubt… Or master ji is gng to help Dhaani… Master ji is havng a role it seems….

  45. shanitics

    MISHA di after I read Arshi di’s cmnt abt ur post I was like ? Woow Misha di… Proud to have a di like u?…. Kisses and tight hugs for u…

    Misha di I am jealousy of u…. Hw did u manged it.. I meant hw u gt address and all??? Hope u will tell me…
    Sifrh Arshi di keliye hi hai,, yaahaan main bhi hoon???

    Arshi di u r a lucky girl?

    • Nimisha

      Hello Swetha

      Don’t be jealous at all. I will defo do the same for you one day. Arsh said you’re on FB with her so she’s going to try and get your details when she can and she can pass mine onto you, in a private message.


  46. eshani

    Good morning to all IKRS fans… many comments today….too much chatting going on

  47. SARAS

    Good morning friends. . Sorry I m not commenting much these days. .

    just happen to read about arshi n louella…

    arshadeep.. Don’t feel so bad for what happened on exam day. .. s it was definitely shocker. . but whatever happens is for a reason .
    I always believe a quote from amitabh bachan…
    “man ka ho to acha na ho to zyada acha” believe me its truth.. We surely are unaware what’s in God’s mind for us. .. just relax n study for the upcoming exams. . Please don’t loose your heart. .
    God bless you.

    • Arshdeep

      I believe in god
      whatever he has done must be good..

      But i am not able to study anymore now
      look how many days have gone and i am not studying 🙁 🙁

  48. SARAS

    louella my dear… falling is part of playing n life as well. .. its important you get up firmly after the fall ..

    In fact you overcome fear of falling if you fall while playing. .. Don’t hesitate to play cos u fell.. Take care you don’t hurt urself much .. the marks on your knee n legs show how yoy enjoyed ur childhood. . . . I will definitelynot scold you for falling n getting hurt while you play. .. but I will definitely scold you if fear n not play. …Take care n enjoy your childhood

    • Louella

      Thank u saras mam. U r truly right. But the pain is not yet gone. So i m resting for today. Can’t walk properly.

  49. SARAS

    arshi I have a therapy for yr stones. .Just try if it helps. .

    drink abundant water may be three ltrs or so. . don’t go till its too urgent… When u get tooo much urgent do a brisk walk n then go. . itseems stone will be flushed out with that. . It’s harmless you can just try

    • Arshdeep

      Thank you saras mam
      but i am unable to drink soo much water.. Feels like vomiting it all out 🙁 🙁

  50. shanitics

    Kithne kiya hai sabne…. Jabse net offer lhatham hogaya meine ff read karna stop kiya soocha Ki Net recharge karunge tab read karungi sab… Lekin ff read kar kar ke thak gayi….. Assa laga Ki Draupathi ka saree Ki tarah hai… Kabhi khatam nahi hongi…?

  51. 1932004

    Hi friends I have started a new ff named Revenge or love. Do read the intro and also identify me who I m? Plz comment there. Hint is I m writing two ffs of ikrs together, one is this one and second is…… Why I tell? U find it on ur own. Let’s see who guesses me. And plz guess me in that ff comment box. Hungry for comments.

      • Nimisha

        Oh no! You’re really going through it at the moment.

        I recommend, a bowl of crisps/chips, chocolate, or whatever you think of as comfort for, water rope course for the stones, and a few good films. Snuggle down on the sofa and lose yourself in them for a few hours.

        Or colouring! Or both!

      • Arshdeep

        Oh you said chocolates..chips and all..?

        I havent taken anything since morning..
        Just one roti in morning and then only water nd water??

      • Nimisha

        Are you not allowed to have those? It doe st have to be that. Just whatever you think is comfort food. I love vegging in front of the tv. A good movie is like therapy because you can switch of from yourself for a while.

      • Arshdeep

        Movie is a therapy for me too
        But right now my stomach is paining very badly..unable to sleep… tried watching out tv but noo..thats not changing my mood??

  52. Anne

    Good morning/afternoon IKRS fans.?
    I can’t get upset over Kamini jumping all over viplav because it was funny, she is so BAD at it !.
    After witnessing the love between vidhani she thinks she can seduce viplav??? She has much to learn.
    Worried about Dhaani out on the street,and where is kanak?
    Questions questions!xxc

  53. Anne

    Yes Nimisha, I thought viplav looked particularly hot , in white , one advantage or the scene was that we got plenty of Mishal..?

    • Nimisha

      Anne, I have a new mathematical calculation definition.

      PH + Woar = Mishal Raheja ???????

      Gosh he was soooooooo dreamy.

      Agree VK is pathetic. Her seduction style was to constantly hound him.

      I know he’s human but I really cannot see him ever being interested in her. And poor Dhani, when will she learn. She made it too easy for VK to convince her to lie to the one person she should never lie to. Surprises are fine but not if it involves putting yourself in danger.

      By the way, I watched online, so think I might have missed something, is the new MasterJi teacher dodgy? Is the judge dodgy?

      The way the teacher turned around I couldn’t tell if they were trying to make him look creepy of like a man of mystery. I was sooo relieved that it was an actual classroom she went to.

      Really hope VK’s ploy to get rid of Dhani comes out soon.

      How was the gardening? Did you get loads done? I hid indoors as was very tired.

      • Nimisha

        Oops. Another long post. The trouble is, in my defence m’lord, that the text box is small and I can’t scroll in it so can never see how much I’ve written until I hit list and then it’s like ‘woah! Oops’ didn’t mean that to be soooo long!


      • Arshdeep

        Only bcoz you said mishal in white??? a no. Of times
        I watched the episode today
        And he was actually sizzling in white????????

  54. Louella

    Kavitha thanks for the forgiveness and also for the treatment. I will definitely try it.

    • Nimisha

      Louella, you could be having growing pains? I remember at your age being in absolute agony often at night. I think the pains were there in the day too but keeping busy meant I was distracted. It could be that, plus you’ve hurt yourself a couple of times too.

      Can you have a warm bath with salt or a nice herbal bubble bath?

      Hope your feeling better soon. And well done on the swimming. I still hate deep water, need my feet to be able to touch the bottom. It’s an irrational fear when you can swim, but there you go… Well done again! Xxx

      • Louella

        Nimisha I have hurt myself a couple of times. In November when I had gone to my village. There I had gone to my great grandfather’s bungalow. There was a hole in which there was water to use and it was very deep. Up of that there was a cardboard which was not very strong. I, my two sisters, my brother and my uncle went to take a round back side where the hole was placed. I didn’t knew there was a hole there and I stepped on the cardboard and the cardboard broke and I fell but I held my hands on both the sides and I got saved. I had got very hurt which was paining at least for two-three weeks. Till now I have the mark on my leg. It was another worst day in my life. I had cried so much and seeing this even my sisters cried. Remember that day very nicely.

      • Nimisha

        Sending you big hugs Louella. Your wits saved you that day!

        I’m still ???

    • 1932004

      Really even I was so scared. And before me someone else has also fell in that hole. And also they have fallen fully inside. That’s what makes me so scared about that day.

  55. Louella

    Arshi di as u said I m taking rest today. I will not go to play today. My legs r paining. So today playing is cancelled. Morning also I didn’t go. I was playing at home with Angel, my cousin sister.

  56. Louella

    Arshi di today my leg was paining and as Renu said if we get busy in our work our pain gets vanished so today I had gone for swimming classes and today I learnt swimming. I m so happy but now I have to practice in a deep pool. I’m a little scared but will definitely do it.

    • Arshdeep

      Good girl?
      You will never believe i have spent a full year standing just at a corner of a pool without moving myself a bit..
      My sis..used to pull me to come and learn..but i was like nhiiii mujhe dar lagta h?? ?????
      Then next year another trainer came..i started moving myself…and then finally i learnt swimming and now i am good at it..proud of myself??
      Now we simply go and swim at the deep side..
      Swimming at shallow end dont give us much enjoyment

      Loong time i think..need to go again ..hope i havent forgotten to swim????

      • Louella

        Today I was feeling so scared to go to the deeper side but my mother was shouting at me there and then she stood there in silence without looking at me so how could I not go to the deeper one. I can bear anyone shouting at me but I can never bear anyone ignoring me. So i had to go and luckily I got a new friend.

  57. Nimisha

    Arshu, how was your night? Did you manage to sleep? Hope you’re not in too much pain. xxx

    • Arshdeep

      Yup yesterday it did not pain at night time
      We will be going for colored x ray just to find if the stones are pointed ones..coz they hurt much..
      Someone suggested us for it

      • Nimisha

        Ask about the zapping treatment that Anne mentioned. It’s not intrusive and done with ultrasound or something like that, I think.

      • Arshdeep

        U know today when i was taking medicine in morning..i said that i wont be drinking soda anymore..
        And my muma said..i will complain about you to your nimisha didi on whatsapp??

  58. Nimisha

    Oh, I forgot to say that in this episode I really loved, apart from Mishal in White ????, the way the showed Dhani entering the classroom. That music they played is awesome and I think it was quite a moving moment, signifying the start of a new chapter in her life. The irony was VK was also talking about a new chapter but fortunately Viplav stopped her in her tracks.


  59. shanitics

    Arshi di.. Login to FB….
    And hws ur pain now???

    Drink as much as water as u can… It will be a relief… Try it;;;

    • Arshdeep

      I will login after sometime
      Sorry i did not reply much

      Today instead of my stomach is paining badly???

  60. shanitics

    Can we play a game… I will ask questions just like wat Arshi di did yesterday….


  61. Louella

    Friends I think we should play a game. Let me think a game. My battery is getting low. I will keep it in charging and will come in 30 minutes with a nice game. Bye bye!!

    • Louella

      Who r u? U r caught because real hasanji comments but then at the right hand corner it’s written ‘author’ and it’s not written in ur comment. U r caught. Now get out from here. Yesterday Nimisha di and today hasanji. Too much

    • Nimisha

      Is that really you H Hasan??

      I used to read your updates to understand what I had watched… But now I read them to decide whether to watch. Thank you for alllll your efforts. None of us would be here if you didn’t so it is very much appreciated! ????

  62. Priya

    Nimisha di please tell me your fb address
    I accidently removed you from my friend list please

  63. Saraswathi.j

    Still I won,t believe that how can Dhaani believe Kamini her aquientance with her is only a few days ( may be 3 or 4 days ) going to outside at 10 ,o clock in night that to a married woman without informing to her husband and other family members at home in India it is highly not acceptable in terms of her safety ,then with her bad experiences in previous days,that to widow remarriage girl ,she should be very careful she should take every step with care otherwise her marriage will collapse because no family member will come to her rescue .

    • Nimisha

      I think Viplava no Dhani are still trying to appease DB which is why they are making such an effort with VK. Also, VK has been telling the stories of Viplav’s childhood back to him, so they think they know her well, when they really don’t,

      It’s a shame the makers are showing both Viplav and Dhani as naive bordering on a bit dumb. They are both making it too easy for VK to carry on with her dirty deeds.

      I don’t think she is interested in Viplav as much as she is in winning, the car racing thing showed she is competitive so I suspect she has been told of her reward being Viplav and now she can’t have him, she can’t handle that. She has to win,

  64. shanitics

    Okay… Soo lets begin the game…..

    First question…. Shikayat pudiya title bst belongs to… In this page?

    Answers can be mre than a person

    • Sujie

      Shikayati Pudia… I know I don’t complain here that much…but I am a mini complaint box…so shikayati pudiya goes for me

      • Nimisha

        Me too, I’m a complainer but it’s more living by ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’. But I like Sujie’s description of herself so I vote Sujie!

  65. Louella

    Arshi di u r right. I was Louella who wrote that ff. Just for fun thought to write my birthdate. That number is my birthdate. 19-3-2004=1932004. I m caught because I forgot to change my email address. But I m really excited for this ff. U and lakshmi were right. I m Louella. Now writing the first episode. Thinking to post it early for u all. Hope u will like it. Arshi di I think u should also write a ff. Would be nice to read it.

    • Arshdeep

      I got to know it was you by ur birth date only

      Hehe me and a ff..??..seems very difficult
      Still will try if i get an idea
      But after my exams gets over

  66. shanitics

    If u gt a chance to act with vip.. Whch character will u choose othr than Dhaani??

  67. Fatarajo

    I think makers should focus on Dhaani’s education track rather than kamini track I think getting Dhaani educated was a good idea

    • Nimisha

      Agreed! I wrote up there somewhere that I thought the way they showed her entering the classroom with the awesome music ever and crossing the threshold was brilliantly done. Showed her starting a new chapter in her life.

    • Nimisha

      Mind you anything other than the VK track would be good right now. She is such bore.

  68. shanitics

    If director asked to u act for a scene aired on the serial in the previous epi’s.. Whch one would you suggest??

    • Sujie

      of course ashram scenes…….
      and then ViDhaani stay at Sarla kaaki’s home…. and Viplav rescuing Dhaani from those pandit cum morons…… declaring YEH VIPLAV TRIPATHI KI HONE WALAI DHARAMPATNI HAI….

  69. Sujie

    Everyone……. I want all of you to wish me all the best because tomorrow is one of the biggest day of my life….. my life changer….more days are yet to come in which I will need your prayers……… Please wish that everything goes out well tomorrow…………
    I will tell you what is the work only after I return back to my home in the afternoon tomorrow… wish me luck……. 🙂 🙂

    • Louella

      All the best dear. I don’t know for what work u r going but for whatever work u r going I pray u will be successful in it. All the very best dear.

  70. David

    Guys I am in Sydney and can’t watch this show but can only read updates
    If any of you guys are here in Sydney please tell I will like to meet him/her

    • Sujie

      Hi David …welcome …..
      I guess till now no one is from Sydney here….and you can watch the episodes on youtube and if not available you can go to

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.