Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshiya asking Dhaani to have medicine else Dulaari will scold her. Kamini hides seeing her going. She wonders she has seen Parshiya somewhere, and thinks she saw him with Dhaani and opines that Dhaani has married him. Parshiya goes asking Vidha to play. Vidha’s balls comes near Kamini. Kamini picks the ball and asks do you want ball. Vidha says yes. Kamini says I have a condition and asks about her name? Vidha says mumma asked me not to talk to strangers. Kamini says I thought to play with you, and says friends…Vidha says her name is Vidha…Kamini thinks Viplav and Dhaani’s daughter. Vidha asks about her name. Kamini says I will tell you later. She asks about her mum. Vidha says Dhaani.. Parshiya calls Vidha. Kamini asks who is he? Vidha says he is my baba, and

plays with me always. Kamini asks Vidha to go and says we will play later. She gets worried thinking Vidha is Dhaani and Viplav’s daughter and is like a bomb which will burst someday. She thinks to stop the blast and says only person can help me.

She calls Tripurari and tells that there is a big trouble came, and their secret will be unveiled soon. She asks him to come to Mumbai and says this work can’t be done in banaras. Tripurari says he has connections everywhere and asks her to tell what to do.

Mrs. Kaushik asks Viplav about Kamini and says she is not here. Kamini comes and asks what the hell is going on? She says I couldn’t understand that you have hired deceiving, low class people for the marriage arrangements. Mrs. Kaushik asks what happened? Kamini says my diamond ring is missing since an hour. Mrs. Kaushik says I will enquire about the ring. Kamini says if the thief will tell that he has stolen the ring, and asks her to call the police. Viplav says you might have kept it somewhere. Kamini says she will call the police. Viplav says this is wedding house, and says if police comes then it will be bad, are you in your senses. Mrs. Kaushik apologizes to Kamini and says I will search your ring. Kamini says we have old ties with you, and says I want my ring back, it doesn’t matter if you find it or buy another one, else Viplav will not fight your case. Viplav looks on. Mrs. Kaushik is shocked.

Kamini goes to her room and takes out her ring from her purse. She thinks if I have done big drama, and thinks Dhaani should never meet Viplav, this is the only way. One has to twist the finger if ghee doesn’t come with straight finger. Viplav comes to room and says I am sure that ring is in the bag. Kamini asks him to check. Viplav says why did you say to Mrs. Kaushik that I will not fight her case. He says it is my job and it is my decision. Kamini says I lost my ring and you don’t care, you should have supported me, but you cared for Mrs. Kaushik’s daughter. Viplav says you are being insensitive out there. Kamini says can’t you see my loss and pain? Viplav laughs. Kamini asks what is so funny? Viplav says pain…for losing ring. He says you are saying pain for losing the ring, you don’t know what is pain actually is.

Kamini says ofcourse, how do I know what is pain? Only you can understand pain..and says you are Dhaani’s idol. Viplav looks at Dhaani’s pic and smiles. Kamini says you always takes Dhaani’s name and says I am tired now. She says I understood your pain, but did you ever understand my pain and emptyness. Viplav asks her to check her purse and is about to open it. Kamini snatches hand from his hand and says I am a liar and is lying, so this Dhaani was a epitome of truth. She tries to break Dhaani’s photo frame. Viplav asks how dare you? He says nobody can take Dhaani’s place in my life, and says there is only one Dhaani in my life and will only one. I will not get colored in your drama. He says I am missing Dhaani’s Ashram and going to banaras. I will be leaving in the morning. Kamini smirks and asks Viplav to listen to her. She throws her bag on the bed and thinks work is done. She thinks before Dhaani comes here, we have to leave this city.

Parshiya asks Vidha to sit there and goes to talk a drunkard man. He also acts as drunk man and teases the real drunkard by taking his wine bottle. Vidha smiles. Dhaani comes out of her house. Parshiya gets tensed, and returns his wine bottle. Dhaani asks what is happening here? Parshiya says he was troubling people so I made him silent now. Dhaani scolds him and asks him not to do this mistake again. Parshiya says mother’s promise. Dhaani asks him to drop Ganpath to his house. Parshiya says okay and asks him to get up. Dhaani asks Vidha to come inside home.

Kamini comes to her room. Viplav says your ticket printout is there, tomorrow flight to catch. Kamini picks it up and apologizes to Viplav. She says I have apologized to Mrs. Kaushik also. She asks about Viplav’s ticket. Viplav says we are not going together. Kamini says I will also come with you. Viplav says I am going in morning flight and you can attend the marriage and come in the evening. I have a meeting to attend in Banaras. Kamini gets relieved and says it would have been good if we go together. Viplav goes, Kamini says it seems God is with me, it is good that Viplav is going first from here, she says Viplav goes home and Dhaani shall go to hell.

Dhaani teaches maths to Vidha. Vidha asks shall I go to baba’s room and watch TV. Dhaani asks her to study silently. Vidha says no. Dhaani says you need admission in a big school naa, so you have to work hard. Vidha says I will also come for the wedding and will make you meet Rakshas uncle. You can thank him there. You should thank him as he returned your purse. She says you made me learn manners then why did you forget? Dhaani says okay, I will thank him. Vidha gets happy and says you will like my Rakshas uncle. Dhaani gets thinking.

Viplav is leaving. Mrs. Kaushik asks him to stay back and says she is searching for Kamini’s ring. Viplav says I am not angry with you, and says it is best that we leave because of the drama, and Kamini will also leave after sometime. He says I have a flight to catch and goes. Kamini calls Tripurari and tells him that Viplav has left, and she will also leave. She asks him to come there and do the work. Tripurari says I will kill both mum and daughter and asks her to continue doing his work. Kamini says nobody shall know that Dhaani is alive. Tripurari asks do you think I am stupid and says come here, you will get good news of their death.

Dhaani comes to a shop and looks for chunari. Viplav spots her and gets down of his car. He comes and keeps hand on her shoulder.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks H Hasan mam for the update precap is too good I think viplav will see her.. please this time viplav should see her please..

    1. Yes maha viplav should see her???????

    2. I was so excited when viplav tried to open vks handbag to check the ring but she shrewdly foiled his attempt ??

      1. kamini is very clever in snatching remember that scene when kamini snacthed dhani’s letter from viplav’s hands..

  2. now theu will show that its not her

    1. Hope it is dhani only

  3. Thanks Hasan mam for the update

  4. The episode was boring today!!???
    Nothing to say but that VK getting into my nerves now! Just hate her!!??
    But yes the precap seems interesting!!

    1. Agree to u maria.

    2. Agreed?

  5. Yes but loved it when Viplav talked rudely with VK… Only that was good about the episode!!!

    1. Ya i too enjoy whenever viplav ignores her ; actually he always ?☺ he has clearly told vk that he only loves dhani n can’t give that special place to anyone still she is trying ????

      1. But guys u don’t know that rupali guha has given vk a special place now enjoy…………IKRK…………..

  6. Hi hasanji thank u for r u.I was here after a long time till now iam just silent reader to this page.but trying to be regular.but I was missing u too as well as our ikrs frnds.any way happy to be here back.thank u once again mam

    1. Hi kavi. Pl try to come regularly as we miss u too.

  7. Hi my dear ikrs frnds I would like u to tell one thing frnds.till now my heart is not accepting ikrs but still watching for vidha n viplav.don’t know y when of all I watch show I feel some lost feeling in my heart.n it pains too.u know in each n every dialogue n action of ikrs show I was damm missing eisha there. The only one single feeling Eisha hi tho acha hoga .wat to do frnds??

    1. Dear kavi even me n rather every one is missing her as she has a special place in everyones heart. Agreed that since beginning we r used to see eisha as dhani n it is difficult to accept any other. Had sanjeeda been with the show since inception then obviously there wud have been no issue. BUT AS NIMMY SAID THE SHOW MUST GO ON. BITTER FACT IS THAT EISHA HAS LEFT FOR HER OWN PERSONAL REASON. NOW WE HAVE TO CONCENTRATE ON VIPLAV N DHANI . i.e) THE CHARACTERS SHOWN N NOT THE ACTORS THEN ONLY WE WOULD BE ABLE TO ENJOY THE SHOW WHICH IS ROCKING N SERIOUSLY I AM LOVING IT. ? N DON’T BE DISHEARTENED AS SOON WE WOULD GET TO SEE EISHA IN ANOTHER LEAD ROLE.?

  8. And now finally viplav n dhaani suspense kal khulne wali hi(waise lagrahe hi bas).do u all think viplav will see dhaani tmr. In my opinion he won’t.
    I think viplav will see dhaani with that new guy who as acting like gud frnd, in first meeting of leap only mishal thinks that dhaani had step forward in her life after leaving him(viplav).then new MU n kamini flop tricks already going on.
    Wat u say frnds.everything is same like other story.
    One thing gives interest means that’s only viplav n vidha scenes. Makes people to luv ikrs show.

    1. I think Viplav will not meet Dhani toorrow!!!!!

    2. Jenniferobunomu

      Yes u are right, about that. Why can people in love stay in love. I hate bad people,

  9. Cvs donot kill Dhaani and vidha , do not bring misunderstand between Dhaani and Viplav already they suffered a lot ,punish DT,Dadi bua,kT,Tp,kamini

  10. Really I miss my old ikrs charm in TV n also as well as in tu too.everything is gone nothing is to do there.

    1. Rupali guha has given u charming face like kamini now enjoyed it in IKRK after 5 year of leap.


  11. Y has colors taken off the subtitles. I dnt watch. I js read the updates. I dnt understand hindi. So unfair. I am in south africa. Please put it on again.

    1. Exactly Raeesah, wonder why it’s not subtitled, that alone putting me down ft lately.

      1. I twitted them about it I just record the morning repeat that always have subtitles

  12. Hi to all IKRK family members……………….

    1. Hi good friend aj welcome to our family.?

  13. Nimmy; annie; ola; yetty where r u

    1. Renu I’m here only, waiting to watch the episode

    2. Am here Hun comment stuck since morning
      Miss you all


    1. hi renu good morning. .

      yday I watched dilwale on tv.
      I had read a lot in reviews but its worse than that -:))
      n best part is after watching dilwale I m feeling ikrs is sooooo good lol

  15. Well not sure if I like episode or not am actually getting tired of watching VK I fast forward her part so not caring for her at the moment. As for Precap all I can just do is pray and Pray it’s Dhanni he sees atleast we can be happy a bit. Am in serious positivity am getting fed up already of this cat and mouse game. I know PH love VK but I feel like they owe us now ????? well me ???????

  16. Mishal Raheja

    Looking forward for tomorrow’s episode

  17. Happy Birthday to you Arshdeep, many more beautiful years ahead with fulfilment of destiny. Hope you enjoyed your day

  18. Writers can take misunderstandings for 100 more episodes….now vk is the only lead of the show……..

  19. Renu I agree with KAVITHA. something is paining me while watching this episodes. First thing eisha quits. Secondly this kaminis track irritating me somuch. CVS, makers why they are promoting kaminis role I don’t know.

  20. Hi good morning friends.

  21. Bt When Viplav comes 2 know Vidha is her daughter then all misunderstandings will solve betn Viplav &DHANI.& Tripurari is coming to Mumbai 2 kill both Dhani&Vidha…..Stupid Mahanta!!! He has no work 2 do. He want 2 take revenge 4m Dashratha !!! Bt it seems he is taking revenge 4m dhani & Viplav….spcly Dhani!!!!

  22. Good morning everyone. ..
    I have but watched episode yet but post leap I enjoy only onething..
    vip ignoring swaha team n snubbing kam badely…. I love it. . Hope he continues to do that. ..

    I don’t think vip will meet dhani so soon. . He sees her but when he reaches it will be someone else -:((

  23. Hi arohi how will viplav come to know vidha is his daughter and kamini is full fledged in her cunning works

    1. Yeah slowly slowly he will come 2 know abt that. I think Vidha is the one who will tell him !!!! & viplav kitna trust karte ho dhani ko ?? tumne toh kaminise mrg karliya he!! Dhani toh nehi ki he ..And when dhani will know that Viplav kamini se mrg karliya he ….God knows wo kitni nafrat karegi Viplav se!!!!!!!

  24. Good mrng to all…
    Missed yesterday’s episode… Bot was happy knwing that Hassan mam is here with a detailed update? thanksss hassan mam…

  25. Viplav ko sach pata toh chalega ek din ki Vidhani is his daughter…. bt dhani ko jab sach pata cahlega ki kamini is viplav’s wife !!!!!!!!!! I can’t think what will happen!!

  26. Hello everyone…… Good morning
    Kaamini daayan can never mend her her ways……..????????????????????
    But loved the way Viplav lashed out at her sarcastically…….. That sudden laugh of Viplav…..saying Dukh ……ring khone Ka……arey Dukh Ki spelling aati hai ???????????????
    Mishal was looking cute in that…….
    But I wish Viplav slapped that witch when she was about to throw Dhaani’s portrait…… He had guts to slap Dhaani 5 years ago….for the truth she told ……but he couldn’t slap that VK when she was going to throw the portrait and talking nonsense …..Ek bajaana chhahiye tha na kaan ke niche ????
    Parshiya was also good …. Wish RL was alive….. And shifted to Mumbai along with Dhaani and family…..
    Hit and miss was expected….but seriously want ViDhani to unite soon
    Kaamini…..whatever you do you cannot come between Viplav and Dhaani…..
    When Vidha was asking for ball to her…. I wished Vidha…..she is the witch who separated you from your father….who destroyed peace in your mom dad’s life……. Ask for the ball and smash Kaamini daayan’s head with the same ball?????

  27. Good morning all?
    Arshdeep,HAPPY BIRTHDAY ??? sorry so late.?
    I so want it to be Dhani,its about time they met ,enough heartache !!!
    I like Sanjeeda she’s looking younger in the last episode..
    I hope when Viplav and Dhani are together again properly, that we see them back at AN and a new story starts!.They will have Vidha with them , it would be Bliss to see them as family. ????? And I also would like to see Kamini die, lol , sorry everybody but I would be first in line .?

  28. Wat happnd today.. No1 is cmnting?

    1. Moderator having lunch ??? ? ?

      1. Hi annie any idea abt nimmy. Wish she is on a flight for INCREDIBLE INDIA ?☺

  29. Arshi di.. Misha di…. Sujie di… Parchi di… Areeb …. Lols… Hey whr r u all???

    1. Swetha di I’m here. Came back after tuitions.

  30. Morning All have a fabulous Monday ?

  31. Shweta arshi wud not comment for few days due to exam but i worry about others

  32. hi shantiks..
    today nimisha.. arshadeep are missing. . so less comments

    1. Yes saras n louella is too missing. Though i miss br mam; saranya; akshay. Varsha prachi n flora a lot.

  33. My comment on episode…. is under moderation since 9:54 am

    1. Finally read sujie ?☺

  34. Hello Renu and Arshi.
    I was running around today for submission it was so hot and crazy, but Its finally done.
    I will take a few days off frm my laptop screen, eyes are hurting. But will check TU once a day. Arshi hope your exam and Bday were both good. Best of luck!!

    1. Hi zee now it isn’t hot n quite pleasant ?☺

  35. Hello everyone. Finally I m back. Went for tuitions and came just now. Okay so I have a good news. I have posted a new ff. Here’s the link-

    Plz read and also there is a question for u there. Plz answer me and also comment your opinion.

    1. Sorry that link is wrong. This is the correct link.

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