Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshiya telling Dhaani that she is innocent and Viplav has been fooling her. He asks her to tell Viplav. Dhaani says she can’t let Kamini and Atharva’s life to be ruined and says let the things be as they are. I will think that Viplav is not here. Parshiya says okay and says if you get any tears in your eyes, then I will beat him. Neighbors give the pillows, matress etc to Viplav, and asks him to tell what he needs. Viplav thanks them. Neighbor says you are our lawyer and rakshak also. Vidha comes there silently and says I didn’t give you anything. Viplav asks her to give cute kiss. Vidha kisses on his cheek. Viplav gets happy. Vidha says I will bring plate and spoon for you. Viplav asks her to ask her mum first, else she will get angry. Vidha says my mumma helps

everyone, and says she will get the plate and spoon. Viplav thinks I don’t come under everyone and think don’t know why she hates me so much.

Vidha tries to take the plate from stand and it falls down. Dhaani asks if she is hurt? Vidha says no. Dhaani asks what you are doing? Vidha says she is taking spoon and plate for Viplav. Dhaani says others will give as they are giving other things also. Vidha asks you helps everyone, then why not Rakshas uncle. Dhaani asks her not to be stubborn. Vidha says how he will eat food? Dhaani asks her to learn 2’s table. Vidha sits down angrily.

Dhaani asks her to read the tables loudly. Vidha reads the table loudly. Dhaani asks why you are shouting. Vidha says I don’t want to learn. You tell that we should help others, but when I tries to help, you stopped me. Dhaani gets angry. Dulaari asks Vidha not to throw the book and apologize to it. Vidha apologizes to Dhaani and book. She says I have promised Rakshas uncle that I will give him plate and spoon, but Mamma is refusing to give. Dhaani takes plate and sees Viplav in it….Ishq Ka Rang Safed…plays……….. dhaani cries and says I feel weak seeing you infront of me. You have a wife and son, go to them. I have learnt to live without you. Vidha tells dulaari that you can scold my mum as you are her mum. Dhaani asks Vidha to promise and asks her to come back fast after giving the plate and spoon. Vidha says just 5 mins. Dhaani says no, you have to come back fast. Vidha agrees and goes. Dulaari laughs and says she thought something else. Vidha knocks on Viplav’s door and gives plate and spoon. Dhaani sees a girl inside and gets doubtful.

Viplav closes the door. Dhaani wonders what is happening? She says it is a limit. She knocks on the door asking Vidha to open the door. Viplav opens the door and asks what happened? Dhaani asks Vidha to come. Viplav says let her sit for sometime. Dhaani refuses bluntly. Viplav asks what is her problem? Dhaani asks Vidha to go home. Viplav asks why you are sending her. Dhaani asks him to have any shame. Viplav says I don’t understand. Dhaani goes straight to his house and tells Viplav that he can do anything, but not infront of her daughter. She asks architect lady not to romance with Viplav infront of her daughter. Viplav says she is an architect of Agarwal builders and came for work. Architect lady asks if you are his wife. Dhaani says no, and says his wife is in Banaras. Architect lady goes. Viplav asks Dhaani to stop and asks if she is feeling jealous….and smiles mischieviously. Dhaani says jealous and me….why I will jealous.

Viplav says you saw me with that lady and came running to me. He says so much have changed, but you are same jal kukri…Dhaani asks him to think what he wants to, and says a characterless man can think anything. I don’t care. Viplav is shocked and asks what? He follows Dhaani and asks how dare you call me characterless. Dhaani says you are characterless, and I don’t want to tell you reason. How can I be characterless to you, I loved you so much and you have trusted me so much…HE says I am curious to know what is my mistake. Dhaani says I don’t want to talk to you and says you have done mistake 5 years back. Viplav asks her to tell. Parshiya comes in between them, warns Viplav to be in limits.

Viplav goes and collides with a man (Dulaari’s husband). His wallet falls down and he goes.. Viplav picks it and sees Dulaari’s pic, thinks he has seen her somewhere. Vidha looks at Dulaari’s pic and says she is looking beautiful. Dhaani says yes, she is very beautiful. Dulaari says this pic was taken when I was pregnant with you, I feel bad that I couldn’t tell your dad about you, and he never bothered to know. Dhaani asks Dulaari not to get sad. Dulaari says I am sad that you didn’t get your father’s love. Dhaani says you have given me double love of father and mother. Dulaari says nobody can take mother’s place, but father is a father only. She says kids get strength from their father. She says if he would have been here then………..Vidha brings her drawing book and says she made family tree. Dhaani looks at Parshiya, Dulaari, Vidha, space for Viplav’s pic and her pic.

Vidha tells Viplav that she wants his pic for making family tree. Viplav says my pic. Vidha says you are my family too. She looks at Dulaari’s pic with Viplav and says she is nani. Viplav is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Finally a “KAMINI FREE EPISODE”????

    The loveliest scene was of Father-Daughter ?
    The cute kiss Vidha gave to Viplav?? Both are masters in giving beautiful expressions?? Vidha loves to be with her Papa. And wow her Rakshas uncle is in her family tree? Vidha rocks..Dhani shocks?? Vidha is such an obedient child. Dhani scolds her a lot still she always say “Sorry muma”..haww sweet?

    I am sure Vidha is the only one who can unite her parents.❤ The way she forced Dhani to give her rakshas uncle spoon and plate was awesome. Papa ziddi..muma usse bhi ziddi…and Vidha usse bhi zada ziddi?? Dhani is the mother of all. Scolds her own mom too.??? The Vidha-Dulaari scenes were so sweet? Lovely lovely nani?

    How can Dulaari say that Dhani’s father never came to know about her. Dhani when drunken was telling to Viplav that her father used to call her “Rani”. Isnt it??
    Anyways Dhani’s father is coming in parts..just a colliding scene with someone and then lost for some days?? Hope this one will be his longest visits. Hope his track will help to bring Viplan ‘n’ Dhani togther and Dhani will finally blurt out the truth in front of Viplav.

    Ahh Dhani jealouss..?? Loved that jealous wali Dhani(Reminded me of the scene when Kamini had just entered the show and she threw her saree on Viplav??).. That jealous Dhani gave Viplav his naughty smile for a few moments and then her worst attack on him calling him characterless that made viplav lose his senses and questioning her even harder but Parshiya???? Wrong wrong timing man. They were fighting in the chawl only. Anyone didnt notice or question them?? But the expressions were mind-blowing. Those teary eyes of Viplav while he said that “jis insan ne tumhe beintehaa pyaar kia..jis insan par tumne khud se zada bharosa kia..tum use characterless kese keh sakti ho?? ?. How can you say that Dhani?? Gosh..!! His voice still ringing in my ears…?
    Exciting precap?? More of VIDHA-VIPLAV scenes??

    Thank you renu di for the spoilers and hasan mam for the update?

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      awesome post Arshu…loved it…
      and yes Blunder…. I was also thinking about the same…but maybe Dulaari maai made up that story just to pacify the then Chhoti Dhaani…..

    • maha

      Awesome post.. Arshi that blunder made me laugh yaar? too good
      And yeah that jealousy thing was good.. maza aya .. they have shown something good after a long time but saying characterless to viplav was toooo paining yaar?

      Anyways are u Ok ? I mean u are not commenting on any ff so is everything ok ?

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Thanks maha??
        It was painful offcorse but the rest of things made up for it overall.?

        I am perfectly alright. Just worried for the upcoming exam and so quite busy with studies. Try taking out this time to comment here but not reading any of the ff. I read the title of your ff *special episode*. Only I know how i stopped myself from reading it telling myself that it will great fun to read them altogether after exam. Sorry han. I know you and all others writers are just awesome? Even i am dying to read and comment but..but..just few days more?

    • maha

      Oh its ok dear .. studies comes first Ahaan !! no need to say sorry 🙂
      yeah it will be fun … even my exams are on december so I am very worried and busy that’s why didn’t comment much .. Anyways study hard after that party hard, best of luck InshaAllah u will succeed 🙂

  2. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    I want to see Viplav back in shirt and jeans. Boht matured wali look hogyi ab. I am loving him this way too❤ but i loved the previous one more. He looked so naughty..,young??

    • maha

      Even I want to see him in that attire.. he was looking??? in that though he looks handsome dashing in this one too but I like that more?
      But I don’t think we will see him in that attire again as that he was playing a role of a young boy but now he is playing a matured character

    • maha

      Oh !! Don’t loose hope yaar we will surely watch him in that attire again .. OK now 🙂

  3. Renu

    Yes arshu even i thought the same dhani in drunken state had told viplav that her father used to love her a lot n call her rani then how come now dulari said that like viplav her dad was not aware of her pregnancy ??????

  4. Renu

    Another blunder when dulari n dhani must have ran away from the bomb blast they must have been empty handed tben how come dularis photo has come??

  5. Renu

    In a span of a minute cud see transformation of naught looks to pained anguished looks when dhani told him character less. Jow cud she even think of it . Being his freind n later wife sbe was well aware of good moral values imbibed in viplav. How cud she forget following incidents ?WHEN VIPLAV CHANGED HER SARI TO SA E HER FROM COLD AFTER PULLING OUT OF WATER. ?AT SARLA KAKIS HOUSE THEY WERE TOGETHER IN A ROOM FOR DAYS ACTING AS HUSBAND WIFE BUT VIPLAV NEVER TOOK ADVANTAGE ? WHEN SHE WAS DRUNK VIPLAV HAD TAKEN HER TO HOTEL SO THAT NO E IS AWARE N MAINTAINED DISTANCE FROM HER DURING THE STAY.? EVER AFTER SECRETLY GETTING MARRIED VIPLAV MAINTAINED HIS LIMITS UNTILL THEIR RELATION WAS REVEALED TO EVERYONE.

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      There is a very very drastic change in her character..????

      I can understand her pain but still…its too much?

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      Hey Renu hope you good. I know she has really changed a lot but am hopeful soon we will get some MU clearing up soon.

    • maha

      Renu di .. it was a really good post, 101% agree with u actually dhani has lost her mind.. she has forgotten everything?and really it would be painful for viplav?enough is enough dhani please stop torturing him .. tell him everything or be quite?

  6. Renu


  7. Pooja

    Eid Mubarak – today episode it’s cute – vidhha u stole my heart.. cute talk ???
    Dhanni do you remember many called u characterless n viplav was the one who proved u innocent in d court .
    Too much of possessiveness made you to take such decisions..
    Expose the truth soon…

    • Renu

      Yes pooja dhani needs to think from cool mind as she is double minded . She doesnt want to clear mu with viplav as wants his marital life with vk to be smooth n simultaneously she is being over possessive about viplav n vidha.

  8. Renu

    Arshu in family tree shown vidha has pasted dhanis dulatis n parshiyas pic due to whih dhani was shocked. Bigger shock wud be tomorrow when she wud paste viplavs pic as in todays precap she was requesting viplav for his pic☺

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Actually i was shocked too when i saw parshiya’s pic beside Dhani..but then i noticed she had written on the other side of Dhani’s pic “Rakshas uncle” in the empty space which shocked Dhani..?

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Renuji I appreciate our CVS for his simple common sense of vidhas school family tree activity.ya this type of work is usually given in schools I have same experience of this activity.but our CVS used it n linked trick with story it looks natural thing.
      So today’s episode was very tragedy

      • Renu

        Yes kavi dear due to this family tree vidha asked dulari for her pic n same she noticed in viplavs room as in precap leading to final joining of all links.

      • Renu

        Kavi in delhi n ncr all central government offices n schools r closed for EID ON THURSDAY.?

  9. Renu

    Cutie vidha was unnecessarily arguing with dhani for spoon n plate to be given to viplav as in viplavs room one cupboard was stacked with utensils n other was stacked with cans of all raw materials n cud even see a jar of pickles ( MARTBAN) ?????

  10. maha

    Thanks H Hasan mam for the update?
    Finally tomorrow is Eid?
    Eid Mubarak to awlll?
    Love u all?

  11. Renu


    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Yes I too recal old scenes of vidhaani fights when viplav hugs kamini in kaminis entrance episode. She is jealous of viplav of course jealous tho hoga kyun ki humari viplav hi this ithna handsome.kya renuji.

  12. Renu


  13. Renu

    Parshia has been giving hints to dhani indirectly for a relationship. Today also he clearly told her that he would beat viplav in case there r tears in her eyes dhani why can u understand his intentions n maintain a distance . Make him realise 5hat she is only meant for viplav n he should not think about her.

  14. Ade1111

    |Registered Member

    Lovely Episode think they changed writers not sure how they forget what they said in previous episodes like Arshi said such a big blunder so now it will seem that Dhanni did not even know her dad.
    Vidha is just so so Cute
    And am hoping that soon Dhanni talks soon am praying
    Also thankful for a Kamini free episode

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      As i said a few days ago the writers themselves must be so day they will forget who is whose son and who is whose wife.????

      They wil be so messed up and wont know how they are going to bring out the truths???

  15. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Wow wow wow !!!!!
    Mishal and his expressions…. ❤️❤️❤️??
    Stone hearted Dhaani…… Jalkukdi was awesome ???
    And yes how can I forget it was CHUDAIL KAAMINI FREE episode ???
    Vidha…… She is rockstar…… Jaan of IKRS..,,.
    Viplav Vidha scenes are soooo cute …. ???
    And Parshiya …..?

  16. Kavitha

    |Registered Member


  17. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    N coming to episode my god today’s episode viplavs reaction when dhaani says he is characterless I too get angry on dhaani.
    U know no one can’t bear it that any one says characterless he is right to get angry on dhaani.but today I hate Persia he came BT vidhaani.I don’t like that interference of Persia Disturbance of India.

  18. molu

    Can anyone tell that how to become registered member..i dont think atharva is shalinis son..if it is..why viplav is not telling dhaani that..atharva isn’t his son and marriage with kamini is just a samjhoththa…it is true that everything happened with dhaani was very bad..but she should give one chance for viplav to explain..anyway …please. Make clear everything ikrs.

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      That’s the problem molu here so many unanswered questions are there.don’t know when they reveal all this .we too just waiting for that day only.

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      No chance of Atharva being Shalu’s son.

      Molu go to the menu option on top left and chose register option. Fill in the details and you will be registered.

  19. Hema

    can’t dhani say to viplav that you said that you did a mistake by marrying me & all themisunderstanding will be cleared in 2 mins.

  20. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Guys did u observed one thing when dhaani was in drunken stage at club scenes she says humari baavuji na humey raani bulaya karthey they.n so on.
    But today dulhaari says dhaani that I didn’t I form ur dad about me iam pregnant with on.
    Yeh kya chal raha hi.did our writers became gajini they were forgetting every scenes that were connected in past episodes.
    Wat do u say frnds.

    • maha

      Yeah kavitha di ghajni effect hai?
      Actually cvs should watch each episode thrice like we do so that they will remember each and every scene?

  21. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    I just felt bad that day when Viplav came to drop Vidha and Dhani back to their home and Dhani said him that you have a wife..a son.. I was really expecting some meaningful reply. That was the biggest chance when Dhani atleast spoke something.. But Viplav’s reply was exactly out of topic. He said you only tell me whom to remember and whom not..? Just like cvs wanted to drag this issue and so didnt give us a perfect reply that time otherwise everything would have been clear then and there 🙁

  22. Anya

    Yaar, has Dhaani gone mad or what? Is she not in her senses? How dare she call Viplav “characterless”? ??????????A minute before she was feeling jealous on seeing the architect girl with him & d next minute she is calling him characterless ????. U can also b called characterless, being married all the time roaming with that Parshiya on his bike, now isn’t this characterlessness? foolish, indecent dialouge. And that utter fool parshiya, too irritating today, ??????all the time poking his nose unnecessarily in dhaani’s life. Who r u to come in btwn Viplav &dhaani? Better he stays out of all this. Good that Viplav scolded dhaani for calling him by that word, she needed a tight slap rather. But no,instead if feeling sorry,she is shouting on Viplav. God, dhaani, u r just too much. ??????

  23. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Did someone spray “Kaminicide” yesterday?? She wasnt there today????
    A big big relief???
    No one is missing you VK. PLEASE STAY AWAY FOR SOME MORE TIME. ?? ?

  24. Nima

    |Registered Member

    my angry young man Mishal your expression?? haaye Maar dala everyday you make me so crazy…..deewani… mastani…ho gayi_???

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Nazar jo teri laagi main deewani ho gayi
      Deewani haan deewani, deewani ho gayi
      Mash’hoor mere ishq ki kahaani ho gayi
      Jo jag ne na maani toh maine bhi thaani
      Kahaan thi main dekho kahaan chali aayi..
      Kehte hain ye deewani mastani ho gayi ❤❤???

  25. maha

    Viplav smiled mischievously.. oh God?? I haven’t watched it till now but will watch afterwards for sure?

  26. Anya

    Cutest was Vidhaa today, how she took favour of her father & almost fought with dhaani &how innocently asked duaari to scold dhaani as she was her mom’ s mum. Too good Vidhu ???? i love ur innocence. And the sweet kiss she gave to Viplav, the sweetest scene of today ??????????.

    • Renu

      Yès anya i too feel the same thar vidha is cutest. I think she would get an award for best debut child actor ?

  27. H Hasan


    Thanks everyone for the wonderful Eid Wishes. We will be having Eid here In India, on Thursday.

    A Very Happy Eid Mubarak to all my readers. I wish best for everyone here. Keep watching the show and keep reading my updates.

  28. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Its was 12th February 2016 episode where Dhani told viplav that her dad used to call her “Rani”. And viplav promised her that he will bring her dad for her. And finally he is going to fulfil his promise now?

  29. Anya

    Hi Molu! Welcome to IkRs family. Molu, tap on the menu on the top right hand of this page(three horizontal lines), a drop down menu will open, u can tap on the “Register” option there, a page asking ur name, mail id etc. will open, just fill up the form there.

  30. maha

    Now we will see vidhani fight in english
    as dhani used to say besharam in previous episodes but now she will say characterless 😀
    Taraki hogae 😀

    • Renu


      • Saraswathi.j

        I think these are cooked ones Mishal is more than 100 percent good actor never both Eisha and that satraj come to the level of Viplav,his face is such thet it can express what he thinks in his brain will directly transform on his face it is a rare case that is gods gift ,that barun sobti also perform very well it is their gift ,do not comparison I certainly say both lead actors in Ek tha raja and Ek thi Rani never reach Viplav,and another thing that golden petal award which Dhaani get may also be manipulated ,she is not such an actor at that time.

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Its a fact that Mishal is far far above in his acting talent and to draw his viewers towards him than Eisha and Sartaj. No one can ever beat him.
      I feel people on indiaforums became anti-ikrs and wanted Mishal to leave Ikrs after Eisha left. That could have been a probable reason for his decline. But that really dont matter. Unless and until we know Mishal is the best.? The really fans support in each and every situation. If those people cant be on his side just because Eisha left the show..what kind of fans they were????
      Eisha is cute and really a talented actress. I feel the show etretr is gaining popularity because of that college wala love and all that too. Havent watched the show from starting but the people who have watched points faults right now too. Just when Eisha entered people were saying there that she was supposed to be a brave girl with swords and all.
      Anyways Eisha deserved the award. She has given us beautiful memories with this show?. And probably she was the best among other nominees for the award.

  31. Renu


    • shanitics

      Hi.. I’m here.. Due to school ? busy schedule can’t put many cmnts as I used to put..?
      Srry di.. And If I thought to put many cmnts damn, network will become less.. Or net pack will become slow

  32. Anne

    |Registered Member

    Loved this episode, very clever way of re creating the ashram ,when viplav lived there.Living next door to each other!!! looking forward to the arguments to come.Little vidha is so gorgeous and Dulari is so natural with her.Parshiya seems to be a good person,even though he loves Dhani I think he will put her happiness before his own.Mishal looks as hot as ever, love his waistcoats.??????

  33. Shruthy

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys! So sorry, I didn’t comment. Laziness you know…
    Anyways! As I came on TU now, thought to comment about today’s episode.
    First of all, a billion thanks to CVs for these lovely papa-bethi scenes they give us. Haan Vidha doesn’t know Viplav is her father, but she loves him like her own father. She met him like maybe just 1/2 months ago but now she can’t even remain one day not seeing her. When she came to know Atharvaa was going, more than the fact he was going, she started crying because she couldn’t say bye to her Rakshas uncle. That broad smile she gets on her face seeing Viplav… And the latter is not less loving her. That scene where he comes to the competition area to take Atharvaa from there. But Vidha stops Viplav and tells him he wanted to play with him, for what he cryingly answers her that he has to go. By the way, HOW DARE DHAANI GIVES VIPLAV DIVORCE PAPERS?? Thank God, Viplav didnt sign on them …
    But yeah the way he came back and Vidha had a smile seeing him and then she wanted to give him something from her side also like the other colony members. She is so lovely! <3 And hayye, Viplav asking a big and cute pappi. Both looked soooo adorable man. But still she wanted to give her uncle something more. Viplav knows Dhaani so much and even asked Vidha to take her permission first. I can't believe she doesnt trust him this much that she cant realize he is really caring for them, and that he wants to be with his daughter. So sad thinking Viplav cant really enjoy being with his daughter even being so close to her.
    Dhaani got jealous of that girl, that was funny! Seeing Viplav's smirk after so long was such a pleasure. *__* He looks so cute with that teasing smile. But … it got vanished when she said that word! How can she… I was so disgusted that Dhaani got such a change over. She still believes that Kaamini, the one who spoilt Vidha's happiness to be with her father, as a nice girl, and Viplav as a cheater. Oh My God! At least, tell him whta you heard na, instead of irritating us remembering and showing it in B&W everyday. Even if she tells him and gets off him forever, I would feel happier. I can't see Viplav crying in pain because of Dhaani's bewakoofi. She got stronger but she is not really where she has to. 🙁 At least, I am happy Dulaari khakhi is still letting Vidha be with her father, and believes him. But she could have also told him why .. Khair!
    Upar se Parshiya that Parshiya! How dare he gets ready to hit Viplav! That's true I like him but he has no rights to touch our Viplav. Btw that made me laugh when he said "if you keep disturbing Dhaani, then you will have to see the real me". Arey Parshiyaji! You don't know what Viplav babu is able to do when angry. So better you don't get hurt getting between ViDha. Viplav respects you a lot, so better not interfere in their personal matters, hmmm?
    Dhaani's babuji back after so long, saw him last time (and also first time) in the hospital. Hopefully this babuji track will get ViDha closer. Dhaani must get her father back, and Vidha also. PLEASE BHAGWAN!

  34. Genita

    |Registered Member

    Hi I everyone…. This Sunday is my marriage … Actually it was said on august 14 the but due to some reasons we changed…. So I am inviting u all. I will not be able to comment as you all only days are left for my marriage……need ur blessingssss… you all

  35. eshani

    How can dhani say tht viplav is characterless I am not liking d way dhani’s character is shaping up good eisha left

    Vidhu was so cute throughout d episode

    Dhani feeling jealous was super I think viplav will win again in his mission staying next to her

  36. shanitics

    .. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends ?
    Thankss to Allah for helping all my Muslim friends at the time of fasting ?

  37. shanitics

    Vidha cmng and searching in Viplav’s room.. And Viplav looking at her in a confused ? manner was the best starting… Isn’t???

  38. shanitics

    Dhaani being jealous.. Was superb.. Just felt old charm was again cmng.. Bt.. Remained as my charm itself.. No1 can again bring that old charm of ikrs back… Am I right??

  39. shanitics

    Jhalpukkudi.. Hahah tat was the best vidha scene ever after the leap.. It seems….
    When he said jhalpukkudi.. I remembered eisha…. She was the best jealousy girl.. Isn’t???

  40. shanitics

    Bt just after that charming scenes the stupid scenes came…
    Character less? if he would have been character less then.. He would have crossed limits much be4…
    Dhaani how dare u said Viplav is character less ?

  41. Amisha

    Congrat Genite!
    ” I pray that God will bless your marriage and may you have years of happiness ahead of you!”

  42. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Renu di missing Louella Dcosta? Here I am….. I slept early yesterday as I was tired. And got up late today as I m a lazy girl. Today and tomorrow is a holiday for me, so many comments from my side.

  43. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Yesterday’s episode was so good yaar. Loved each and every bit yaar.. It was a Kamini free episode as Arshi di said. But Atharva was also not there. It was maa-beta free episode!

    Vidha was so cute re! Her kiss was just aww!! Viplav asked a good gift from her. She is so stubborn re. Bechari! She would take a slap from Dhaani because of her stubborn behaviour! But she acts so well. Just love her!

    Dhaani jealous ha? The way she was knocking the door in a hurry was really funny. When the lady asked, ”aap dono husband-wife ho?” , I felt like arey tell na you both r husband-wife. But alas! This Dhaani said no!!

    The ladies r so sweet. They r calling Viplav rakshak and not rakshas. Loved them too! Specially the lady who asked Viplav to stay beside Dhaani’s house.

    Dulaari was also very good yesterday. Vidha was saying right! She looked so beautiful in that photo. Hope her past soon comes out. Waiting eagerly for that.

    Parshiya why r u stopping Viplav? He has not even hurt Dhaani and u r thinking he is bad? But what Parshiya said to Dhaani was correct. She should say the truth to Viplav. Even I m waiting for

    How can Dhaani call Viplav characterless? Agreed to Viplav’s dialogue, ”jo insaan tumse itni mohabbat karta tha aur jis insaan se tum khud se zyaada bharosa karti thi vahi insaan tumhe aaj characterless lagta hai?”. Loved his dialogue!

    Mishal was again amazing! The way he teased Dhaani jalkukri was so funny re! His each and every expression was heart touching!

    That man is Dulaari’s husband. But Dulaari was saying he left her. Then why he has Dulaari’s photo? Abhi toh puri ki puri daal kaali hai!

    Aww! Vidha is making family tree. So cute! I wish she puts Viplav’s photo is papa’s column then it would be a complete family!

    When Dhaani asked Vidha to say loudly the tables, the way Vidha said the tables loudly was just so funny. I was laughing that time! Then after that the way she threw the book was sad. Dulaari- Vidha conversation was just awesome!
    Vidha- Aap mamma ko kyu nahi kehti rakshas uncle to plate aur spoon dene?
    Dulaari- hum kahenge to tumhari mumma nahi manegi.
    Vidha- toh aap unhe daat lena.
    Dulaari- agar hum unhe daatenge to woh hume daat lengi. Aajkal woh hume daat ti rehti hai.
    This conversation goes on in my house too. I and my nani talk this way only. When my granny saw this scene she said to me,” see she is just like u. ”

    Precap is interesting. Hope something good happens today!

  44. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Many more happy returns of the day br mam(rukmany mam).may god bless u with lots of love n happiness filled in ur life.keep smiling always.?????????

  45. shanitics

    AISHWARYA DI.. I’m a malayali and u???

    Seems to b u too a malayali?

    Where r u from??

  46. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Sach mein Dhaani badal gayi…. She called Viplav CHARACTERLESS….. if it was before leap it would have been BESHARAM……
    Dhaani is progressing…. And mind it this is the kind of upliftment of widows makers want to show…….. Calling husband characterless…..that husband who loves immensely..respects…..cares….
    I know before leap Viplav was the one who left Dhaani crying….. But Dhaani was manipulated by Kaamini’s words…..
    socha na tha Dhaani will be like this post leap…. bichare Viplav ko characterless boldiya…hope everything sorts out soon……
    What say friends

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      Agree di. Dhaani has changed after leap?. The one who loved her the most is now characterless for her. Its too annoying now. All happened because of that Kamini.???

  47. SARAS

    I loved many scenes yday.. vidha dhani n dulari’s was too realistic..
    yday for a change sanjeeda acted well in few scenes. . much better…

    calling him character less was last thing he could take. ..
    What if he returns her same words! !!!!

  48. Pooja

    Please don’t let good people suffer- expecting a lot from today’s episode..
    Don’t disappoint viewers

  49. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Whoever has sprayed Kaminicide plz come out fast… Arey arey don’t get scared . I m going to give u an award
    Because of u yesterday I didn’t even get her dreams????. My dreams as well as the episode was Kamini free????

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Along with awards …los of blessing uss insaanko who spread Kaaminicide…..
      Bhagwaan…. Please keep us and that mahan insaan who invented Kaaminicide happy…. And jug jug jiyo …phulo phalo…. Phulte raho 😀 😀
      love you all 🙂

  50. SARAS

    dear br madam.. many many happy returns of the day. . we miss your comments. .
    Have a wonderful day n days ahead..

  51. SARAS

    I happen to see ye vada raha poster its exactly same as ikrs… hero standing in one side hero in with daughter. …
    who has copied whom ib don’t know. .

  52. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Just now watched the 12th february episode..only few parts
    Damn…That jealous Dhani looked so cute..?? When she sat before Tanya could sit?? Viplav teaching her to eat noodles..and tanya getting jealous??
    And when she was drunken…asking Viplav to dance with her…and while sitting on car bonnet…she looked even more cute❤

    And MISHAL in Black..??????? My God❤
    I want him back in that attire????????

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Awww….. That episode is downloaded on my cell phone…..
      Jira Aloo Vs Noodles….. Jira Aloo won…. But Dhaani wanted to try noodles…. And yes Handsome hunk Viplav aka Mishal in black shirt ….. Feeding her noodles……
      Those were the days and those were the episodes…

      And another one when Chudail Kaamini makes entry in AN and Viplav holds her thinking Dhaani….. Coming back to her room …Dhaani throws her saari on Viplav’face….. Ohooo….. 🙂

  53. Saraswathi.j

    Yes I also saw it, just enjoyed ,really nice episodes they are in die hard fans of Mishal reheja videos

  54. shanitics

    Hey.. I got another chechi.. Here..?
    Even my uncle’s daughter’s name is same… Then I got 2 Aishwarya chechi..?

  55. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    🙁 🙁 🙁 Fb deleted all those videos of episodes of IKRS in DIE HARD FANS OF MISHAL RAHEJA VIDEO facebook page…….. What am I gonna do when I would not be able to watch it at 6…. I used to watch it ….. i used to save it if I liked…. I have collections of some of those wonderful episodes but NOW HOW TO MANAGE…. hey bhagwan!!!!

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..