Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath explaining to Kanak about the yog in Kundli and says if we do anything to Dhaani then it will happen to Viplav. He asks her not to do any conspiracy. Badi Amma tells about the mahurat for their engagement. Viplav goes to talk to Dasharath. Dulaari asks Dhaani what is going on in her mind and asks why did she went to jungle for doing puja. She says Viplav was saved somehow from the big accident and asks what does she want. Dhaani says I don’t know what I want, and says she has handover her life to God, and left the tension. Viplav comes back and asks Dulaari, if she is happy and not tensed. Dulaari laughs and says you always burst the bomb. Viplav jokes with her. Dulaari says I will beat you both. Viplav and Dhaani looks smilingly at each other.


brings a shawl for Dasharath and says it is a gift from her. Dasharath gets happy and tells him that Kanak said that she is happy and will welcome the guests by standing at the door itself. Kanak says I will do everything for my son’s happiness. Dasharath gives her traditional spray bottle and asks her to sprinkle it on the guests. He asks Viplav to come and says they will talk.

All the guests come to the engagement function. Some of the guests taunt on Kanak and says she was searching princess, but got a widow. Just then Dhaani and Ashram ladies come. Kanak tells Dhaani that the spray is finished and taunts her. Dhaani says she doesn’t need any outer happiness/smell as she got a good life partner like Viplav and he will make her happy. Kanak is angry with her reply, while everyone looks on proudly.

Viplav greets them. Dhaani and everyone greet Dasharath. Viplav says I will bring something for you to eat. Kanak stops the waiter and tells him something. Dasharath compliments Dhaani’s beauty and asks waiter to give them sherbet. He spills sherbet on Dasharath’s clothes. Dasharath gets angry, but controls his anger, and says he will go and change his clothes. Kanak asks him to let her attend the function.

Viplav asks Dhaani to take the sherbet, but she refuses at first. Viplav says his hand is paining so she takes and drinks it. He drinks the same sherbet/juice from the same glass. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………Kanak asks Viplav to go and change the clothes. Viplav goes. Kanak announces that she called Orchestra, but they didn’t turn up. She says my to be bahu is a good dancer and singer as well and has won in the competition. She asks her to dance.Viplav comes back and tells Dhaani that God has given her qualities for which she should feel proud and happy. He announces jugal bandi of Dasharath and Dhaani.

Dhaani dances on the song Mukunda Krishna………………Everyone looks on happily as she performs, while Kanak is irked. A Man tries to misbehave with Suwarna and asks her to come with him saying he will keep her happy. Dhaani sees that man misbehaving with Suwarna and slaps him hard. The man asks how can you slap me when you called me here as a guest. She asks Suwarna, why she was quiet when he misbehaved with her. Suwarna says I don’t want anything to happen in your engagement function, and this man was behaving with me. Dhaani folds her hands and apologizes to Dasharath saying that this man haven’t done right with Suwarna. The man warns Dasharath that they are not doing right. Viplav says they are treating him good and asks him to leave. The man says you are trying to become hero by marrying a widow. Dasharath asks everyone to come for engagement function. Pandit ji says mahurat is on. Dhaani and Viplav stand for exchanging the rings. Viplav tries to make Dhaani wear the ring, but the ring is of small size and she couldn’t wear. Viplav wonders how the size is small as he brought after checking her size. Kanak recalls replacing the ring. Pandit ji tells that he mahurat is only for two mins and asks them to hurry up.

Dhaani and Viplav spend some romantic time after their engagement. Kanak meets Tripurari in jail and says that their enemy is one, ie. Dhaani and says she has an idea to deal with her enemy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. In engagement, dhani’s costume was as same as normal days, same light color saree (not heavy worked nor dark color), and her ear rings are too small, and don’t change her hair style. I thought in engagement dhani must wear the lehenga, but not wore.
    I hope in marriage scences Dhani must wear that LEHENGA ( gifted by viplav, when her marriage fixed with TP) and maang tikka, full of bangales, zumuka etc.

    1. agree with you sonu.. but for dhani wearing color saree only is very special. .
      you know all ikrs budget for jewelleries is consumed by jiljil. so no budget left for dhani’s jewelry lol

  2. Yes Sara u r right ,just watched the precap again.. can c the ring in dhani’s hand

  3. yaa Sonu ..wanna c her little different as u said

  4. BR mam I saw your comment, superb. Nim comments nodid mele JYOTHI full sust aagodlu ansuttae. Return commentae maadilla..

  5. BR mam, aapka javab for Sala is absolutely right. I am also very big fan of ARSHI( Arnav & Kushi)

    1. My first show of hindi serial is IPKAND. For me, first is best. This serial is evergreen, ARSHI body chemistry is wonderfull. After IPKAND, i am used to watch Rngrasiya and Beintha serials. But unexpectedly this both serials are air off in less time. Before starting IKRS, i am always ( whenevr I free) used to watch ARSHI love scence on you tube. Now a days VIDHANI is my best.
      Please shala, don’t comment like that type. I know you loves our VIDHANI a lot. But we have no rights to blame other actors. we did coment like Baru crazy, then what is the difference between that Barun crazy and WE? They are good for their own roles.

      1. Sorry its Shals.





  8. Dhaani’s hairstyles is simple yet so beautiful . Please don’t change that, i totally agree with Sara.
    But i think its going to change after some episodes as i saw in one pic

  9. Till today it was viplab who I admired the most for his way to express his love and feeling
    One of the best episode in ikrs in my list.

  10. ♡OLAF♡ (reZmie)

    Gud evening buddiess.. back fro school afta biology revision exam.. i wrote well so wanted to share dis joy wid uall..
    @saran yeah u r ryt dear studies first…… me too happiee to c all ur comments..
    @joyeee… hey mickey.. olaf is a snowman in d animated movie FROZEN(2013) !! U myt hav seen it.. check it out…
    Vaise hw woz d day yaar brity mickeyjoyee saran BRmam AM MM varsha shri Sonu rajee ridz sara sujii akshay raj purple n rahul genni tamil n aAaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll of dem … am asking uall cuz it woz a funday for meh.. again 4days study leave…next is chemistry inorganic…
    mom permised to watch tdays episode also.. (last n final itseems.. )
    U ppl wud v thinking.. “too many times she told bye n cuming back.. ” wot kind of gal is dis.. ?? ”
    Isnt it?? Yaaaaar woottu say
    poora din book ke saath time bithana bohot mushkil hei…. bore hochuki hun… full day ratta maar (mugging up d ncert book n studying.. )is soo difficult
    aafter asking n asking..only mom allowed to watch ikrs n comment on tellyupdates… soooo plz excuse me guyzz one more day of freedom after dat full time wid bukz only… 😛

  11. I hope there is no separation or any misunderstanding between ViDhaani ….they are amazingly awesome…… Mishal and Eisha both rock…..
    The negative character of Kanak is nice as well …..
    ViDhaani rocks…..
    Love IKRS

  12. ♡OLAF♡ (reZmie)

    Dnt worry itz same me rezmie bus id change kiyaaaa 😛

  13. ♡OLAF♡ (reZmie)

    Hey… i posted a commnt but cant c it nw !!

  14. Why is evry1 busy wit exams y i am relaxin’ at home with notin?:-/

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