Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav cracking jokes and making Dhaani laugh. He sees her laughing and tells poetry complimenting on her beauty and confessing their love. Dhaani says it is the best days of her life. And then asks him to leave as Kanak might see him and feel bad. Viplav says I came to wish you on your birthday. He wishes her happy birthday and tries to kiss her, but Dhaani keeps the dancing couple in between them. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……….Raj Lakshmi comes. Viplav says bone in the meat, can’t I hug her. Raj Lakshmi says everyone is waiting for you. He looks at Kanak and asks how are you? He asks Dhaani to close eyes and make a wish. Dhaani closes her eyes and makes a wish. Kanak says celebrate it, and after this you won’t be able to alive to celebrate your birthday.


asks Dhaani to cut the cake. Dhaani cuts the cake. Viplav sings happy birthday Dhaani….Dhaani makes everyone have the cake bite. Viplav asks her to make Kanak have the cake bite. Dhaani gets tensed. Seeing Viplav there, Kanak asks Dhaani to make her eat the cake. Dhaani makes her eat the cake bite. Kanak forcefully feeds cake into her mouth. Viplav says it is my turn now as I brought the cake. Badi Amma tells Dulaari to leave the kids alone, and let them celebrate. Kanak is irked. Viplav tries to smears cake on Dhaani’s face and runs after her. Kanak looks at them and is irked. Dhaani asks Viplav to look there. Viplav says when you are infront of me, why shall I see anywhere else. Dhaani tells him that Kanak is here. Kanak asks them to enjoy and says she is not looking at them.

Kanak says I am going to sleep and puts matress in the lawn. Viplav asks Dhaani, how can she let his Maa stay in the lawn. Dhaani says you will get cold and asks her to sleep in room. Viplav says you would have thought of this before and asks Kanak to come home with him. Kanak says she will stay. Viplav says she is going to be your mum also. Kanak thinks just see Dhaani what I can do. Viplav takes Kanak inside. Dhaani thinks I know what you are going to do, but I will win you with my goodness. Dadi tells Viplav that she made food for Ashram ladies and and laddoos for Dhaani. Dasharath asks where he is going? Viplav says to Ashram. Dasharath asks him to give blessings to Dhaani. He asks about Kanak. Viplav says Kanak is very stubborn and tells that she wanted to sit in the lawn, but he made her sleep in room. Dasharath says I know what she is trying to do. She wants to separate you and Dhaani.

Raj Lakshmi brings breakfast for Kanak. Kanak calls her near her and gives her gold ornament. Raj Lakshmi thanks her and says you are not that bad. Kanak says only time will tell. She sees Viplav coming to Ashram and takes broom from Dhaani’s hand. She asks Dhaani to sit and make flowers garland. She starts sweeping the floor. Viplav enters and is shocked to see Kanak sweeping the floor. Dhaani says Vakil Babu……….Viplav stops her and says you have done a right thing. She says your body pain will go, and you will become heathy and lose weight. He asks her to keep sweeping the floor. He gives laddoos to Dhaani and says it is sent by Dadi. Dhaani says I will eat and asks him to go. Viplav gives food for all and tells that he is going. He says Dadi asked me to make you eat laddoos and makes her eat it. Kanak is irked. She asks Viplav to go. Viplav talks to Dhaani again irking Kanak and says bye bye. Once Viplav goes, Kanak asks Dhaani to sweep the floor.

He comes home and sees Dadi and Shalini buying sarees. He calls Dhaani and says he will buy all sarees for her. Dadi takes the call and says you are very lucky as Viplav wants to buy all sarees for you. Dulaari calls Dhaani and she disconnects the call. Dasharath comes and asks Viplav, what he is doing. Viplav says he is going to buy all sarees for Dhaani. Dasharath asks what about Sushma. Viplav jokes that sushma told him that Dasharath is zero in romance. Dasharath asks Sushma ji. Sushma says no, I didn’t say this. Viplav says I am joking and everyone laughs.

Dulaari informs Dhaani that Kanak is making halwa for her. Dhaani brings dry fruits. Kanak mixes something in Dhaani’s bowl and keeps it aside. She does the garnishing and asks Dhaani to go.

Dhaani is about to eat the halwa, but Viplav takes the bowl and says he will halwa first made by his mum. Kanak is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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    Frnds I m getting mad abt ikrs day by day.I was drmg abt ikrs now.actually I was drmng abt ashram scenes DAT viplab cane to ashram n told dhani to make spicy food for him n for dis way he wants to change d lyf style of these widows.

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    Arre our DQ forget her brother in law? After came to Ashram, she didn’t call to PP. I think she is very busy with her Drama. So she don’t have time for talk with her lovely BL(brother in law)

  22. Rajee

    Bachhon( students)!! Let’s learn smthing…
    In this episode what we learnt?
    ” Jo dikhta hai, woh hota nahin,
    Aur Jo hota hai, woh dikhta nahin.”
    Translation- what we c is not d actuality & what is the actual we can’t c..
    KT is showing herself as a helpless creature but she is not. In fact she is d most harmful person. She suddenly started brooming the yard when viplav came but stopped it when he left ashram…but day will come when Viplav will c his mother’s actual face..
    “Har chamakti cheez sona nahin hoti”-
    All that glitters is not gold…

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  25. The episode on 4 feb was complete real package ? of romance .
    They acted like as if they were already married ? to each other.
    Dhaani wanted viplav and she didn’t hide her feelings for him ,which she did often.
    Now the real love starts between vidhaani.

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