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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tripurari coming to Suwarna and tells that he knew that she would definitely come to his house. He says you might have thought that you have heard my conversation cleverly, but Viplav will not be killed, but it is Dhaani. He twists her hand and asks what she will do now, laughs. He then ties to her on the chair, asks her to rest on it till he goes and gets the work done. Dhaani is on the road looking for Viplav. An old lady walks on the road and stumbles. Dhaani asks her to walk carefully and offers to drop her home. Suwarna manages to get her hands free. Dhaani tells that the way is dangerous. Just then Tripurari comes in car. The old woman pushes Dhaani inside the car. Suwarna comes in an auto and sees Dhaani taken away by Tripurari. She follows the car, but she misses

the car. She thinks to inform Viplav.

Doctor informs Viplav that Dasharath is fine and will be discharged tomorrow. Viplav thanks him. Dulaari and Badi Amma come there. Dulaari tells him that Dhaani got a call and she left immediately in a hurry. Viplav says my phone’s battery is low. Badi Amma gets worried. Just then Suwarna comes there and informs Viplav that Dhaani’s life is in danger and asks him to save her. Viplav, Dulaari and Badi Amma are shocked.

Viplav asks what do you mean? Suwarna tells Tripurari….and says she followed the car in which Dhaani was kidnapped, but then the car disappeared. Dulaari cries. Viplav says I know where he took Dhaani. I will bring her back.

Dhaani is tied on the chair somewhere and calls Maayi. She shouts for help. Dulaari prays for Dhaani’s safety. Suwarna brings Tripurari to the place from where Dhaani was kidnapped. Viplav asks her to tell everyone not to worry and says he will bring Dhaani. He asks her to go. He sits in his jeep. Tripurari tells her that he wants to kill her right now, but then he wants her to give a pain which she can’t forget all her life. He talks cheap things. Dhaani spits on her face and says you can’t be anyone’s husband. She asks him not to touch her. Tripurari holds her neck. Dhaani asks him to stay away from him. Tripurari says since the day I have seen you, I got mad…seeing your beauty…He says I will touch you the way, no one can ever think of touching you again. He laughs. Dhaani gets shocked.

Tripurari tries to make her drink wine forcibly, but she throws the glass. He says you didn’t see me because of Viplav. Dhaani asks him to let her go. Tripurari says okay, and says I can give price for your beauty. He opens the rope tied to her hands. Dhaani tries to run and collides with his man. She falls down. Tripurari’s goon tells him that they got 50000 money for Dhaani. Dhaani hears them. He calls Dasharath and tells him that Dhaani’s name will be cleared from Banaras till tomorrow. Dasharath gets happy. Tripurari asks his men to be alert. Badi Amma and Dulaari gets worried. Sushma prays for the troubles to go from their house. Kanak blames Dhaani and Sushma, and says Tripurari and Durga are here because of her. She says you would have controlled Dasharath. Shambu asks her to mind her language. Kanak gets angry on him and says she will drag Durga and Tripurari out of house. Sushma stops her and says you will not do anything until Dasharath returns. Kanak asks her to wait and watch.

Badi Amma calls on Viplav’s number. Dulaari says we shall inform Police. A man comes in a Sheikh’s attire and gives 1 Lakh for Dhaani. Dhaani gets tensed and asks the man not to come near her. She holds the glass piece asking him not to come near her. She shouts for Maayi. The goons outside thinks he is enjoying. The man in Sheikh’s attire is Viplav. He removes his moustache and says Dhaani. Dhaani asks him to take her away from there. Mere Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………..Dhaani asks him to save her and says they are very dangerous. They made me drink something. Viplav asks her not to worry and says he will take her home. The real Sheikh comes and asks where is that girl. The goons come inside and asks who are you? Viplav offers to give more money and throws something in their eyes. He runs with Dhaani. The goons follow them. Tripurari thinks Dasharath will be very happy today. He gets his goon’s call informing that Dhaani has eloped from there. Viplav walks lifting Dhaani on his shoulder and makes her sit in his jeep. Dhaani asks how did you know? Viplav says I heard goons talking about her and Sheikh. He says I thought to come there in Sheikh’s attire. He tries to start the car, but gets tensed seeing the petrol finished. The goons reach there.

Kanak throws Durga and Tripurari’s stuff out and asks her to get out, accuses them for Dasharath’s condition. Later the goons hits Viplav with a iron rod and he faints. Dhaani looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice btt no such thing to read for well they will dragg so much

  2. Yeah we r praying here for u guys..hope ur keeping better raj ,hwz u BR

  3. terrible precap . hope something ll good happen like they both fell near t cliff into t water like other show scene.. let s wait n see wat happen,!

  4. good evening to all …yeah rajee …I see in news that there is raining again …hope all are safe ..plz pray for them ….
    and I watched ishq ka rang safed 5th dec epi again on YouTube ….nice scenes of vidha ….awesome ….how dhani holds viplav hand …it can’t be explained by words …awesome …precap was lit scary …hope positive happen ..let wait and watch

  5. new olv guys ….viplav and Dhani fell into the river ..goons thinks that they have died but tripurari says the goons to find their dead bodies ….now it will be interesting …hope so ….and all plz comment yaar ….itne kam comments kyu ….

    1. AM your update very interesting
      This will make viplav and dhaani more closer more exciting……………

  6. Hai varsha,tamil and other Chennai residents hope you are safe.seen news in sun news.i am very tells that you people are suffering without milk,electricity and proper sanitation.and it is bad that govt. is dragging the water draining process and is incapable in doing adequate measures regarding this ;their inefficency may cause dangerous diseases to the affected.hope they will do something for their people’s betterment.

  7. Hai guys.pls watch Sun News u will get the real picture of sufferings of Chennai’s dreadful.

  8. DHAANI – armaanon ke is gulshan men
    tum aa’e ho saawan ki tarah
    yaar badal na jaana mausam ki tarah
    mere yaar badalna jaana mausam ki tarah

    VIPLAV- tum kya jaano mere dil men
    tum rahati ho dhrkan ki tarah

  9. Please unite viplav and dhani. samee pair avanga.

  10. Viplap and dhani will make a good couple

  11. yes …they are very cute and sweet couple onscreen ….

  12. Gd Morng Guys !! Gd to know the River Scene AM.. ]

  13. VIPLAV – kaise kahuun bina tere zindagi yeh kya hogi
    jaise koi saza koi badduwa hogi

    main ne kiya hai yeh faisala…
    jina nahin hai tere bina

    DHAANI – mujhe koi de de zahar hanske main pi luungi
    har dard sehe luungi har haal mein ji luungi

    dard e… judaayi sehe na sakuungi
    tere bina main rah na sakuungi

  14. Hi to all IKRS fans, aaj ka episode accha hai. Intresting and curiosity for next episode.
    Hi BR mam and Shri, how are u?? and all chennai people in IKRS group take care..

  15. Thank u saranya for your concern!

  16. Hii Sonu doing gd n hw abt u? ofcos waiting for the episode curiously

  17. hi shri and sonu thanku . I went to hospital . usually I go to jeyadeva hospital but to day I went near by hospital. for past one week I was not well I fell sle epy thoda my sugar level high . I will be okey soon. . so I could not answer sorry see u in the evening .

  18. raj , enna ujalakku mariyacha . u r comments r fully in hindi ko njam enkalukkum puriyatumappa.

  19. The best thing wt we like from this serial is kidnapped on one day and saved her on same day, this means too many things showed in one episode .so i dont think its getting dragged ,to be frank 99% of episodes r beaing covered with too many things & not atall boring, tq so much and only thing is ,we all the whole grp is waiting for them to realise their love, so in that case ,jst feel its been dragged…

  20. Apart from the widow’s love story , the episodes carring many things in that half an hours time is the biggest positivity of the serial..not like other serial’s, holding one kidnap scene and dragging it for a wks time.. so we love IKRS..keep it up

  21. yes you said very true . shri …..ikrs is not boring ….it is awesome …superb …..nothing to say …very different and awesome love story

  22. shri thanks . . I take med for fever also tc br yes shri if I cannot take care I will take tc from the earth.

  23. shri u r right they started to know that they love each other . bcz in hospital vip said ” why did u hesitate to talk to me if I think that, I become mad that day I felt very bad” that means some one u love more ,if that person is not talk to u ,at that time , u r always thinking the same u wil become mad if u r not strong in mind. this is true. now she trust vip more than others . sep 10th epi vip said to dhani” “”don’t go alone” he holds her hand . but dani asked vip ” how dare u totouch me “” ok rajkumari .. but now she holds his hand and requested to him to save her. she allowed him to take her, on his shoulder ,see the difference

  24. I thing Viplav loss is memory

  25. i love this serial very much because of viplav who resembles yester year rishi kapoor bubbly nature u can see the consistent acting of dhani resembles yesteryear jayabhadhuri hats off to the entire crew being a tamilian i love this serial

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