Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mami telling about the rasam and says damad’s leg is washed by bride’s brother and bhabhi. Viplav says I haven’t heard of this ritual before and won’t do and not let Dhaani do it. Raja’s mum says it is our family customs. Viplav says I don’t believe on this rituals. Dhaani says I will complete this ritual. Kanak calls Ramdeen and asks him to bring water in a utensil. Viplav brings water in a utensil and asks Dhaani to leave it, and says he will wash Raja’s feet. Kanak says this ritual is done by both. Viplav says I will complete the ritual. He asks Raja to put his feet. Raja keeps her feet in the utensil. Viplav puts water on his feet. Raja feels irritation and says he must have added salt in water. Viplav thinks he will teach him a lesson for marrying his

sister. Raja tells Viplav that he don’t want him to wash his feet and asks him to leave. Kanak tells Viplav to leave and Raja is asking him to stop. Viplav gets up, says it is strange that you stopped me, but if Dhaani would be doing the ritual then you wouldn’t have stopped her.

Viplav in his room starts laughing. Dhaani asks what happened? She asks why did Raja refused to let you wash his feet. Viplav laughs and says he had mixed salt in the water. Dhaani says Raja is dangerous man. Viplav says he has a plan to beat his plans. Raja’s mum asks Raja if he brought flowers. Raja says flowers. Raja’s mum says you should have bring it for Shalu. She takes him to room. His mum and mami asks him to impregnate Shalu to make her believe of his love. Raja says he will not have any physical relation with her, but her mum and mami insists. Dhaani talks to Shalu and tells her that Raja is not a nice man and have married you for money. She says we have not consummated the marriage as kanak haven’t accepted me as her bahu (strange as that scene is shown). She asks Shalu not to consummate relation with Raja until Viplav accepts him. Shalu promises.

Raja comes to room and tells Shalu that he is waiting for her since long. He says lets make this night memorable……..Shalu apologizes and says even I waited for this night, but we have to wait for a month. She says you have to make everyone believe about your love for me. Raja agrees and wonders what happened to her? Shalu hugs him happily. Dhaani thinks I will send you away from this house also Raja……Viplav says plan have worked, but worries for Shalu. Dhaani says he will not do anything atleast for a month. Raja sees Viplav’s room decorated and says it is so good. Shalu says it is Viplav’s room and says I have never asked for it. Raja says when you are thinking about him, then he shall also think about your happiness.

Dhaani comes there. Raja greets her and leaves. Shalu asks Dhaani what is her marriage gift? Dhaani asks what do you want? Shalu asks her to give her room as her wedding gift. Dhaani looks on. Viplav tells Dhaani that Shalu asked for their room. Viplav says this is not Shalu’s thinking and says Raja might be behind it. Dhaani asks him to give room to Shalu and says we are just giving him room, and let him think he has won by taking our room. Viplav agrees and says I can’t win with you. Dhaani says we will pack our stuff. Viplav says he will not give his volleyball. Raja and Shalu come there. Raja apologizes to Viplav and says you have to leave this room because of me. Shalu asks Dhaani to make her husband understand that she doesn’t like Raja to be unheard. Raja says you might be feeling bad. Dhaani says these things don’t mater to us.

Shalu tells Raja that Dhaani is illiterate. Dasharath asks Viplav and Dhaani, why they have changed the room? Sushma says I will talk to Shalu. Dhaani says she is daughter of the house, and let her stay there. Kanak says she will ask Shalu to leave the room. Dasharath says do you have any problem? Viplav says no. They come to other room. Viplav says you have given our room in charity which is meant for our honeymoon. Dhaani asks him to cheer up. Viplav says I don’t know as it was my first marriage. Dhaani gets sad. Viplav realizes what he said. Just then Raja comes there to return Dhaani’s saree. Dhaani asks him not to touch her stuff. Viplav gets angry and raises hand on Raja, calls him saale…Raja says jija and says you are saale. Shalu scolds Viplav for misbehaving with her husband. Dhaani asks Viplav to calm down.

Dasharath tells that he will keep Maha bhog for Shalu and Raja’s marriage. Kanak asks Dhaani to make maha bhog. Raja says this will be last maha bhog for Viplav. Kanak thinks to kick Dhaani out. Dasharath says this Maha bhog will bring a big change in their life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Mam yesterday I have updated vishkanya.. But today I cannot watch it.. Pls can u update it !

    • H Hasan


      I will update, but it will be late. As I have back to back updates till 10 pm. And ya thanks for yesterday’s update. Nicely written.

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Thnx mam I try to update today also but if I did not u pls update at 10.00after

  2. Episode – 210

    A ‘mahabhog’ is announced to welcome Raja as the son-in-law of the house. Dhaani & Viplav decide to use ‘saam, daam, dand, bhed’ to oust Raja from Dashrath House.

    Episode – 211
    Viplav and Dhaani decide to use Rajlaxmi in order to bring the truth out in the open and expose Raja as a womaniser.

    Episode – 212
    Raja creates roadblocks during the ‘mahabhog’ for Viplav and Dhaani.

    Episode – 213
    Viplav and Dhaani get stuck in a shop while Rajlaxmi is alone with Raja.

    Episode – 214
    Viplav and Dhaani expose Raja in front of everyone.

  3. aish

    This week ”s spoiler is interested as rajlaxmi will be use to expose raja. Can’t wait to watch it
    Lots of drama this week. Thanks to vidhani who brought raja’s real picture as a womanize

  4. aish

    @H hassan, thanks for the fastest update
    Wat will be the kanak, shalu, and dashrath’s reactionaries seeing raja’s true colour


  6. AM

    Episode – 209
    Dhaani is asked to wash
    Raja’s feet.
    Episode – 210
    A ‘mahabhog’ is
    announced to welcome
    Raja as the son-in-law of
    the house. Dhaani &
    Viplav decide to use
    ‘saam, daam, dand, bhed’
    to oust Raja from
    Dashrath House.
    Episode – 211
    Viplav and Dhaani decide
    to use Rajlaxmi in order
    to bring the truth out in
    the open and expose
    Raja as a womaniser.
    Episode – 212
    Raja creates roadblocks
    during the ‘mahabhog’ for
    Viplav and Dhaani.
    Episode – 213
    Viplav and Dhaani get
    stuck in a shop while
    Rajlaxmi is alone with

  7. vaishnavi

    omg very scary precap
    kt dt n raja 3 villain ,dont know kya hone wala hain maha bhog mein i hope vidhaani datkar samna kare inka
    what do u think guys???

  8. Really good that dhani has convinced shalu to not get in relation with raja for a month , i am sure before one month only raja would be exposed.

  9. Arshdeep

    Dhani… Tum itni daani kyu ban rhi ho..??
    Apna honeymoon wala room hi de dia 🙁 🙁

  10. varsha(philo)

    shalu u r an idot,stupid,dumbo,fuggi,worst sis,fit for nothing than eating just go to ur room and eat burger pizza anything raja will enter into the room and will see u eating like a pig his face reaction will be [;-\[;-([;-*
    these are the face reaction raja will show u when u r eating but ur brother in not like that whatever u eat likr pig he will think u as his cute little sister that is brother but today u r behaving badly with u r brother and asking him dont u have shame u r an super duper idiot

    • Saraswathi.j

      From the beginning of the story Viplav,s room is Viplav,s now he is married and he had so many memories in that room with his wife Dhani ,any couple should not allow any one to use their bed room by others it is very genuine Viplavs angry .

  11. varsha(philo)

    viplav is right today raja will ask for room tomorrow he will ask for house day after tomorrow he will ask dhaani (shalu expression will be[;-^
    kona munji

    • Yetty

      Hi Anne, I don’t think you missed it, dhaani was just advising shalu that Raja is a gold digger, she asked her to wait for sometime before consummating their marriage.
      As they too are waiting to be accepted first before going further.( honestly thought they did the last time, you know what I mean dear).

  12. BR

    good evening

    to day epi is good ……vip raised hand to punch raja……….v,good don’t stop give super punch .. he is worthy for wrestling….. give punch

    dhani now u give room to shalu very soon RAJA and his family kabaleeswaram u r house.

    now see kanak face she loves his son very much. …… she does not want her son to leave his room to shalu……..

  13. Raviraj Kaur (Shanoo)

    Hiee Evry1….
    How u all r???
    Todayz episode was awesome just that dialogue by Viplav ; “meri toh pehli shaadi ha na yeh”…. Made Dhaani Sad….. ???
    But the precap… Itz incredible….
    DT, KT & RA Vs VIDHANI…..
    Hope VIDHANI winz…?
    Waiting for tommorrow’ episode……
    Writer u ROCK…. truly an amazing show….

  14. Fatarajo

    I wonder what will happen next? Something or some drama will happen at this Maha something Bhag for sure

  15. BR

    raja u married shalu for money only…… not for love

    Dhani super idea……..within the month … she will reveal RAJA’Sreal face to every body …….in our town one proverb kondavan thunaikku irunthal koorai meale ninnu kovalam …….. DHANI U R VIP ALWAYS WITH U DONT WORRY U WILL SUCCESSATLAST

  16. BR


  17. Meghs(megha)

    Funny epi at first
    but i don’t like viplav leaving his room for that raja. . raja u did wrong by snatching our viplav room…
    Precap is scary for me as if something bad gone happen don’t know y .

  18. vini

    At the end of episode why did viplav hurt dhaani yaar?? Even I was depressed when viplav talked about marriage.

    • Mam it is a big royal feast , a huge social gathering in which pandits are feeded then all other guests also relish the food

  19. SARAS

    hasan mam just to convince shalu dhani lied and acted liked that. ..

    very soon dhani will give good news don’t worry -:))

    • Sujie

      Saras mam…. i replied to you in previous page…but it did not get posted….. I have checked that all the episodes of IKRS are back on youtube…. sigh of relief… 🙂

  20. eshani

    Nice episode…. Poor vidhani had to leave their room viplav was so sad for it….waiting for upcoming twists wonder what KT n DT r planning to do in this mahabhog….

  21. BR

    after a long period I am happy to see am, and varsha……again…….

    vishu maria marees saran renu pijan nim nimisha…..anne … shri…sonu . and others plz enjoy this and upcoming episodes …….share u r joy

  22. Today’s epi is as usual gud .but d most interesting scene is wen vipu pour salty water on his foot.n d way dhani make Salu convince to nt to stay with raja for one month was very cute.I luv her acting in dis scene.n Salu dumb…she is a super dumb I have ever seen.but d precap is horrible. Wat ll happen in mahabhoj.all r planing in der way:-(

  23. BR

    shalu……….. after u become to know raja’s real face …….what r u going to do who is u r pair?

    I think rajlakshmi and raj friend will be the pair

  24. But according to spoiler rajalaxmi is in danger as she is alone with raja.hope vidhani ll save her in right tym.otherwise situation may become worst for rajalaxmi

  25. Lata

    You all have such passion for a tele serial…viplav(dont know) has wierd lips though..shaped differently..well thanks to teleupdates we dont have to watch them if we wish not to..great detailed reviews and such involved the spoilers..wish the makers would also read the comments and take them into consideration while directing the future episodes…

  26. paviabi

    nice epi..when will this awasthi family’s wrong intends came to end?..and now dasharath and kanak again started their evil plan to separate vidhani. but vidhani’s indefinite love help them to overcome this…anyway eagerly waiting for tomorrow epi..

  27. Mirsada

    Hi, spojler super, epi super, Vidha together in action, what is maha bhog, all are hoping divorce Vidha, but in vain.

  28. ArShi

    Hi BR Mam, Prachi, Kavitha Di, Flora, Swara, Sujie, Meghs, Aish, Saras, Rajee, Fatarajo, Akshay, AM, Josh, Renu, arsh, Ranaji, Arshdep… othr frnds..nd ….new comers…gd evng evrbdy
    How r u all?
    Tdy’s epi wa rlly nic. Bt feelng sry fr our Viplav.
    Nd new splrs…..its rlly nic.

  29. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan ji for the update….hello everyone……
    loved Viplav torturing Raaja with salty water…. wished it was hot too……
    Shaalu has really become ullu….pehle to honey wala moon mein jaane nahi diya ViDhaani ko and now she under influence of Raaja snatched her Bhaai Bhaabi’s honeymoon setting wala room……
    Precap…evil ……
    But happy with the spoilers….. because Viplav Dhaani will finally expose that cheapo….and sweet RL will be helping hand…

    • Meghs(megha)

      Sujie i too wished instead of salty water if it is hot it may be more fun right but our vip won’t hurt that much even to enemy he is kind

      • Sujie

        I will continue it …after sometime because I am not feeling well and caught a very bad cold….. sorry for the delay

  30. Yetty

    Nice episode, it’s good to play dumb once in awhile good going Viplav.
    Get your back up plan.

  31. Jack

    Loved the way Viplav is dealing with the problems being created by Raja.. Upcoming episodes will be thrilling.. IKRS rocks!!!! Hope that raja’s real face will be revealed soon…

  32. Meghs(megha)

    Life is full of difficulties added with colorful happiness …
    Dhani had many difficulties in her life then our viplav come in her life n made her life colorful both in sense giving her happy n by love….

    So there is happy moment behind every moments …

    In short happiness will be for vidhani now …

    • SARAS

      dear rosid.. nothing happened in tpk.. n nothing will happen also. .
      its been six months n no change in the story. .Please don’t mind what I said but I m upset with makers. .

    • Louella

      Meghs I m here but a little busy. I will see u tomorrow or on 7th. Bye friends. Good night. And thanks for remembering me

  33. Arshdeep

    I think mahabhog is food prepared for large(maha) no. Of people or specifically poor peoppe as kanak said in precap..

  34. Nima

    hlw my dear IKRSian hw r u all? I’m good. today’s episode as usual superb tha.
    vaisiya k pati raja awasthi hamare vipu se jara bach k rahiyo. ab tumhara swaaahaaaa hone wala hai.
    @pjain, renu n AM thanks for the spoiler

  35. Guys, some body ask the meaning of Saam, Daam, Dand & Bhed

    Please share you comments on this & suggestion.

    Saam, Daam, Dand & Bhed is basically our Chankaya Niti

    Please note that meaning of the four methods of dealing with People in general and Enemies in particular as specified in the Indian Diplomatic Tradition.

    Saam: to advice and ask (If the person understands, then that’s well and good else)

    Daam: to offer and buy (Is not just about money. It’s about exploiting all types of greed in that person by declaring a reward for job well done).

    Dand: to punish (refers to punishment and can be applied to appropriate levels)

    Bhed: exploiting the secrets ( The whole idea is about exploiting the secrets of the targeted person. The various kinds of implementations will vary as per the situation.

  36. Anne

    YETTY, thanks for your reply , I thought they did too! Perhaps she said they HAD waited some time before. ….?xx

  37. Hi frnds gud evg.episode tho bindas tha.
    U know if viplav will hate someone means their life is gone.see how he took revenge of raja.
    Very cute scene of viplav pouring salt water on rajas feet.

  38. Yes bharathi its too dhaani felt sad that for viplav that he said it was his first marriage.
    U know in this type of life it happens some times.after saying this viplav will convince n make dhaani gud.
    No one can luv dhaani as viplav luvs may be its first r second LUV MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL.

  39. Josh

    I don’t know y bt I lov d story more dn anything mishal is awsome as usual hope carries on lyk dis

  40. As DT said I think this mahabhog will become big change in vidhaanis life.
    1.rajas asli character will revealed
    2.may be dhaanis fb will continue with other twist.with dulhaari story.let’s it will change.

  41. bottle many

    i will definitely kill that three idiots
    1) chori mami
    2) lallu mami ( awasti or alligator mammi )
    3) handsome raja awasthai
    its enough to see this three animals in the show

  42. Guys when viplav change his room bcs of shalu DT n KT got angry on shalu.
    I luv DT n KT they luv viplav very much that no one can’t even dhaani too.but bcs of dhaani they show angry on viplav.
    They luv viplav a lot but don’t know how they can’t accept dhaani.
    Guys if like this happens if some one luvs another we expect their life must be more beautiful as they deserve or we think they may be happy by our wish r the person can live by his wish.
    Don’t know DT n KT doing gud t bad.

    • bottle mani

      sanam re you are the real die hard fan of ikrs thats why you worrying badly about nawadays track. so acept this fact please.

    • Request you to pls donot use such words. Every one person has a different choice, mood, likes & dislikes. We will honor of his/ her expression of words.

    • Nima

      arre SUMANWA tumne toh hadd kardi chalo aaj toh tumari shaadi kardenge RAJA AWASTHI se. PHOOLCHAND shaadi ka mantra padho.
      PHOOLCHAND-om krim bhrim chamundaye bichche….SUMANWA k satha ulte fere lelo….ab mathe pe kale rang ka sindoor lagado…ab mangalsutra! ye to achche logo k liye hai SUMANWA k liye to vaisawa badhne chain lagado…bivah sampanna huwa. 😛
      sayed bhooto ki shaadi yeisi hi hoti hogi haina 😀 congratulations SUMANWA :-*

      • Sujie

        Nima…… omg …. good job yarr…. yeti bhanda bhandai pani Suman ji aaunu vayo vane bichara ko daro insult hune vayo…… 😀 😀

      • Arshdeep

        Hahahaha well done nima ??
        Even after this if suman returns and say something then i gurantee she has no self respect !!

      • Nima

        @sujie n arshdeep, SUMANWA k self respect sayed hai hi nahi dekhna aaj raat 12bje k aaspaas jarur aayegi.
        @Renu, ye to sangat ka asar hai ji 🙂 😛

  43. Yetty

    Dhaani and Viplav’s chemistry is superb they know how to pacify each other every time the needs arises.
    In the mist of all their problems they have time for that unbreakable connection.
    Good episode.
    I love ikrs

  44. Yetty

    Nimisha where are you? Mishal is making waves I’m ikrs with his talent.
    Don’t you just love him

  45. SARAS

    good morning friends. ..
    actually what viplav told was very normal word.. actually I have seen may telling is my first marriage so everything is new. . in regular marriage even the other person’s marriage also will be first so it will go fine. .

    but since here it became a sensitive issue as its second marriage for dhani.. he didn’t mean it’s second one for her..
    poor vipu.. aise galtiyaan ho jati hai chinta mat karo viplav. .

  46. Nima

    aaj toh moderator sab meharban hai hum thank you ji.
    bullet train ki tarah hamari msg post ho raha hai 🙂

  47. shanatics

    Gud mrng guys

    Let this be one of the most memorable day in ur life

    Be unique ?
    Think differently ?
    Keep smiling ?

  48. shanatics

    Abt yesterday’s episode….Drama team u 4gt Tat our vip is advocate….His mind is more of naughtiness….and romance….so Always remember
    Think twice before you do something….

    Guyss us Tripati mansion Mein only one bed room is gud one….tat too vip’s…ayey wat a small room is the one thy r recently staying….home ? is this much big but rooms are really small…
    To be honest I loved vip’s room…and the decoration in his room made it luk adorable…I think Vidhaani made tat room look more beautiful…
    Shalu will make tat room ruin…?

    I loved Vip’s room more than any room…

  49. AM

    a big walla welcome from my side to all the new comers ….
    I am requesting all the old members to come back and bring the old TU page #BringOldBack….

    hi BR mam …I am also happy for coming back 🙂
    good morning to all the members of ikrs …. 😀 😀

    • Arshdeep

      Louella will hopefully be back after her exams

      And where is genita di?? Got busy in marriage preparations?

    • Louella

      AM I m also supporting u in bringing the old member’s back. Actually one member is back and that’s me. Now all other old member’s plz come back and comment as we have to teach and learn Hindi tomorrow. So plz don’t be late or u will miss all ur

  50. Hey frnds wat doing all.WHR r old members .I miss u all.plz come back.without you people dis page is members with old meebrrs can rock dis page..missing u

  51. ahanaa

    Aaj hoga evil barish IKRS par humare 2 villians aur ek vamp kya kya kar te hein iska andaza lagana mushkil hi nahi impossible hota jah raha hein……Wat to do suspense badta jaa raha hein……….

  52. Louella

    A big hi to all of u. AM and Arshdeep u took my name and I m here. Now be ready for tomorrow bcoz tomorrow is the last day of my exams then only mazaa no sazaa(only fun no punishment).

  53. Louella

    All the New members, a very big welcome to u all. ( Sorry I m not mentioning all the new comers names as I m feeling lazy to write, actually I have to write so much in exams so now at home I feel lazy to write. Hope u all don’t mind)

  54. Louella

    I think everybody forgot me. That mami must have robbed my name from ur minds, ena? That’s why nobody is commenting bcoz I m not there na. Now I have come na so I will again bring my name in ur minds and go on commenting. This will be better, ena?

    • ahana

      No….. how could we forget our princess huh?….. so happy that you r back dear…. kal hum jamke comment karenge…….ok
      🙂 🙂

    • AM

      no one can forget our cutest sister 😀 …. all the best for your exam …farke likhke ana …but paper mat phar dena 😛 😛

    • Yetty

      Forget you, no way, we were just waiting for your exams to be over.
      I’m glad you are finishing tomorrow.

  55. shanatics

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    This page is very different from other pages ….in al other pages viewers just comment there feelings abt tat day’s epi..tats all… But in this page we nt only just comment bt also interact with each other ….
    I am sure tat old members will surely come one day and comment…Old mem may be busy due to there busy schedule of life and thy do not get time to interact with is and most probably thy will be missing us…

  56. Fatarajo

    Admit it Raja Awashti and his two mom-aunt duo are much much more annoying than DT-kanak-Tripurari trio

  57. Louella

    Swetha, now we r together. We will go increasing the comments. But I think I will be able to comment properly from tomorrow. But never mind I m free now and I will comment now, ok? Now we will show our ikrs power and increase our no. of comments

  58. shanatics

    Geni chechi where are u…I miss u alot..
    Anya chechi whr r u…Thinking of a super duper conversation,uh????

    Bhai are you looking forward for medical entrance or engineering or wat…

  59. Fatarajo

    Will IKRS be telecasted today because I heard that there is 1 n half hour of Thapki today from 5.30pm, I m not sure can someone clear my confusion

    • Louella

      Fatarajo tpk will start at 5:30 and will end at 6:30. So today there is telecast of ikrs

  60. shanatics

    Dhaani decorate ur recently shifted room as a return gift to vip and I am sure he will be tooo happy ?

    Viplav bhai tum kab phir se Dhaani ko Viplav Ki style se thank u kehega….?

    Waiting 4 there naughty nok jhok scenes…Honestly missing those ashram wala scenes…wat abt u guyss u guys to missing those nok jhok scenes….

  61. Louella

    Suman u r too good. U make our day really funny. I know u r a fan of ikrs and swaragini as well and I know u want to join ikrs but u don’t have the courage to say. If u want to come here u r whole heartedly welcome by me. And don’t make us April fool again as 1st April is already gone and u r fooling us now. Lol

  62. shanatics

    Lols I was missing u ….my sweet friend…sure we will start our mission from 2marrow….
    Fatarajo Mst probably our serial will be telecasted….othrwise from 5:30-7:00TPK…thn another half an hour TPK soo mst probably our serial will be telecasted

    • Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      Thanks shanatics because nowadays m not able to watch TV, but today I can that’s why I was asking

  63. Louella

    Suman I have one more advice for u. U will surely know how to type a website. So u type the website, and u will get a good serial of ur wish. There r many choices. If u don’t like that also I have one more idea. U go to any cartoon channel like doraemon or shinchan and u watch it. I m sure u will definitely like it.

    • Fatarajo(RANDOMFAN)

      Hahahahah good answer Louella
      And suman if you don’t watch this show and you hate it its none of our business stop saying the same thing over and over again it gets irritating(I don’t know if u r venting ur frustration or not as maybe u actually like the show) whatever it is stop saying same thing over and over again

    • ahana

      If she does not like that also she can watch dicovery or some cookery channel but spare us from getting irritated…… 😛

  64. AM

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  65. aish

    Hi friends, AM(puff puff), louella, prachi shanatics, fahrin (joyee) I’m also with u in the race of bring back old members

  66. SARAS

    Nice name am… even you guys talk about old members I feel I feel u r taking about me as I m very old compared to you all -:)))

    good knows y today I m totally gone case laughing from morning. ..

    louella nice to see u comment .

    rajee my darling “ek jhalak dikhalaye kabhi ksbji aachal mein chup jaaye”???

  67. SARAS

    hi nimisha n florentina. . where are u guys? ? nimisha how’s ur family doing?
    How the virus has left your house. ..

    I hope you didn’t feel bad as I told to make multiple comments instead of single big comment. .

  68. i hate ikrs

    worst serial of the channel
    local actors & actresses in the telly field
    finally jobless fans of the useless/ meaningless drama

    • AM

      Ooooooooo … so we r jobless fan of meaningless serial ….oh I see …. good ….so what are you doing Here by wasting your time … you have so many jobs na …so do it …. don’t waste time on us …hurry up …otherwise your boss will fired you … 😛 …go go 😛

    • Rajee

      Ha ha ha…tussi bade mazakiye ho..U r too funny… Baki serials mein kya imported actors hain???direct from Hollywood!!!

    • Han.uska comment se to yehi lgata h baki shows m imported actor actress ate h.eng bolte h.bhai konsa show dekhte ho,him ko v thoda bolo him v dekhenge hollywwod k actor actress kese hote h.comment k reply dena.bhag mat Jana darpok

      • Arshdeep

        Dehleez serial ka apna ek page h dear.. waha pe comment kro na…apko apne jese boht milenge?
        Sorry but yaha to sirf ikrs lovers milenge..
        Ikrs rocks..vidhani rocks ..forever..❤❤

    • Fatarajo

      I also love dehleez, but I love IKRS too that’s why I am commenting here not in dehleez page and vice versa

    • Sujie

      I think you need an optician….. eyedrops etc…etc jo bhi medicine uplabdh ho….use karlijiyega…agar better nahi laga….aankhe ko operation karlijiyega….. there are lots of famous and successful opticians ….aapki sari problem door hojayegi…aur samajh mein aajaega ki kis page me aap comment kar rahe ho….get well soon

    • Nima

      pagla gaye ho ka dehleez ji apna aur dusaro k page v naahi maalum…kauno vision problem to naahi haina…next time agar aa gaye toh
      vidhani rockz
      IKRS rockz
      welcome karenge tumko 🙂

  69. AM

    just saw eisha’s single performance on premleela song in CGPA …. I was laughing seeing that ..eisha ko bilkul dance nahi ata 😛 …hahahaha …. but she tried well 🙂

  70. shanatics

    Yup chechi means elder sis in Malayalam….?

    Bhai I am with you go ahead with the new mission…before finding old mem lets 1st catch the new ones who came like burning sun and returned to hibernation…they again went as silent readers…lol
    SORRY☹ if I hurt any one ….
    Just take it in humorous sense…?

  71. shanatics

    It seems like aish is correct…

    Bhai Eisha may be a bad dancer like you…? but at least far better than acting skills..? ….
    Bhai how will u bear this little sis….
    And by the way 4 wat r u looking 4ward I meant medicine or engineering or….

  72. shanatics

    Eisha does not knw to dance ? mishal too do not know to dance….Then how thy are playing Jodi dance….
    Made 4 each other on screen Jodi…

  73. florentina moldovan

    hello, my sweet , lovely family! i don t care if Eisha and Mishal are good dancers, i love them!!! I want them to continue with their super acting….every body dances good but not everybody can act so good !!! they look so good together, i saw the olv and it made my day….they are so funny together, both are so amused, they feel so good together, maybe it is nothing btw them (yet) but attraction for sure it is….if i was Mishal s girlfriend i would be jealous , for sure!

  74. shanatics

    @ i hate ikrs,
    . Do u think we are job-less then no we all are busy people and the fact is tat we take a few min of our life for ikrs are comment on it…
    For all the ikrs members all persons who comment here are fan…
    So you too are a fan now…
    Mmm do not abt u because all members here are commenting on there fav serial page only but you are commenting on other pages too soo I think you are job-less person(sorry?)

    And all the actors in all serials are is we viewers who make them a personality…

    And now Vidhaani are a not locals but are down to earth tat when we luk @ thm we think tat thy are local

  75. shanatics

    Yup bro..
    By the way I saw ur dance…I will not tell u whr bas dekhliya….sis kabhi nahi kholthi apna raazz….? wo bhi bhai ke samne…nvr mind

    • Arshdeep

      Oh hey genita di
      So good to see u back??
      Today only we all were talking about u
      How are you?
      And how r marriage preparations going?

  76. Josh

    Gud job prachi,an,sujie and all who r trying to bring d old member back. Bcoz of ur efforts atleast our oneness is started to b felt. Feeling very happy n thanks to u all n keep it up

  77. SARAS

    wellsaid rajee.. in all other serials all actors are Straight from Hollywood. .

    actually Hollywood is full of local guys -:))

  78. shanatics

    Geni chechi??

    Nice to c u back…

    U remember this aniyathikutti…

    Hw is nivin chacha..and whn is ur marriage ? checchi…

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..