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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath asking Viplav to stop worrying about widows and says the proverb “ As you sow, so you reap”. Just then Viplav gets Dhaani’s call. Dhaani asks him to return her Ashram papers and says it was very important papers. Viplav tells her that he don’t have her papers and says I am not your lawyer anymore. He disconnects the call.Dhaani tells Suwarna that Rakshas have their papers. Dasharath tells he is feeling bad as the widows are treating him badly. Dasharath asks him to get ready. Raj Lakshmi accuses Dhaani for having an affair with Viplav and says you have wasted our money in phone calls. Dulaari scolds her and asks her not to tell anything to her daughter. Rachna tells Raj Lakshmi is saying right. Dulaari says everyone knows about your character.

Badi Amma asks them to stop it.

Dasharath gets Tripurari’s call informing him that his work is done. Dasharath tells my grand son’s problems have ended and troubles for widows have started. The widows reach Ashram and see their staff outside the Ashram. Badi Amma tells it must be Lala’s work. She asks them to pick their stuff and get in. Dulaari and everyone see the Ashram locked and cries. The groom’s family come to Dasharath’s house. Dasharath asks the groom about Viplav’s meeting. The groom tells it means Kranti. Dasharath tells he is proud of his grand son. Viplav says don’t know who is after the widows.

Raj Lakshmi scolds the goons. Dhaani says don’t know why this is happening to us. Badi Amma tells this Ashram is of Lala and he want it back. Dhaani says DM saheb asked us to stay in Ashram. Badi Amma tells she got DM’s number from his security guard and goes to talk to him with Suwarna. Kanak brings Shalini and asks her to serve the snacks and tea. The prospective groom looks at her. His mum tells she wants to talk to Shalini. Dasharath says why not. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani, if you know this from before. Dhaani tells she didn’t know as Ashram is her home too. Raj Lakshmi accuses her for taking Ashram from their head. Dhaani cries. Dulaari scolds Raj Lakshmi and asks her to mind her language. Kanak tells her daughter will be a perfect house wife. Dadi tells we have taken good care of her. The groom’s mum tells she has become fat because of her care. Dasharath coughs. Viplav says shall I tell something.

Badi Amma asks Dhaani to call lawyer and asks him about the stay order papers. Dhaani agrees and says we shall talk to Vidhi first. Viplav tells the prospective groom and Shalini shall meet and decide, if they want to marry or not. Dasharath agrees. Viplav brings Shalini to room and asks her to talk to the boy. Raj calls Viplav and asks him about the case. Viplav tells my family and friends trust me a lot, but that widows doubted on me. Raj asks did you meet that widow again. Viplav asks him to wait and see Dhaani’s call. He ignores it. He tells him that when he reached DM’s office, he sees that girl in his office. Dhaani and Suwarna goes from there. Viplav sees misscall and call the number, but the boy picks the call and says some aunty called you. Viplav thinks aunty. Shalini talks to the groom and he likes her. She asks will you reject me. He says why shall I reject you and tells person’s heart should be beautiful.

Badi Amma tells we shall talk to DM in the morning. Raj Lakshmi tells Rachna to come with her and blames Dhaani again. Dhaani says our family will break if you go from here. We shall stay together. She promises that they will return to their Ashram. The groom comes out and tells he liked Shalini. Everyone is happy. Kanak gives him shagun. Dasharath tells them that he is happy as Viplav won the case, so he kept a small party. The groom’s family agrees to attend the party. Dhaani tries to break the lock and is threatened by the goons.

While the party is going on and some dancers are dancing. Dhaani comes to meet DM at the party venue. Viplav asks why you came here? Did you miss me and came following me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid Raj Laxmi!! Dhanni you are also brainless.Viplab was saying repeatedly that he doesn’t had the papers but you was not listening to him.Think which person came from a long distance to full his promise,how can he cheat you??? Even Viplab is not asking any fees.

  2. But good going…

  3. Raj laxmi talking too much yaar better to b quite……& Dhaani should drops her egos & gets helps frm Viplav to fast safe all….looking forward for a fast action soon…..ishq ishq

  4. uffff this rajlakshmi! she’s getting on as if she’s actually doing something to save the ashram

  5. after all everything is going well Y this nok jok is very sweet & get good base to their love

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