Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua seeing Viplav coming and says you did right. She says Dhaani’s life will be successful now, and signs Kamini that Viplav is here. Viplav hears them. Dadi Bua says she will become literate now, and praises Kamini for doing Dhaani’s welfare. Kamini says it is my duty to teach her. Dadi Bua says if you teach Dhaani, then what will happen to your law exam, as it is your last year. Who will teach you then? Kamini says I will do something. Dadi Bua says how you will manage? Kamini says I will be happy if I can teach Dhaani. She says Viplav don’t have to be embarrassed because of her now. Viplav says I heard everything and tells that he has super man ears. HE says I will teach Kamini, final year LLB. Kamini says but. Viplav says it is a deal and asks her to shake

hands. Kamini shake hands with him. Viplav asks Dadi Bua, if she is okay. Dadi Bua says just as you decide. He asks about her leg? Dadi Bua says she is fine. Kamini thinks her first move to get Viplav is right.

Dasharath is in the temple and says Maharani Satidevi, you are my sister but now my enemy also, I will get my status back from you. Some devotees come and touch his feet. Dasharath asks them to stay at a distance. He sees Mr. Asthana coming and thinks he is Banaras’s big judge. I will have to do some drama. He asks the people to take prasad and says you have always contributed in my programmes. He says I need your maha daan and talks about widow’s remarriage. He says we have to change according to time. He says Viplav has married a widow and have become example. He asks them to make Sita Maa’s mandir on Dhaani’s name and says the charity money will be used for widows’ betterment. Asthana hears him and says your thinking is so great. Dasharath greets him. Asthana says I want to help you in your great move. Dasharath thanks him. Asthana leaves. Dasharath thinks he can rule on people even now.

Kamini teaches Dhaani. A for apple…..Dhaani says ap-ple. Viplav laughs. Kamini asks her to try and says you will learn slowly. She teaches her, Apple, Bat etc. Viplav goes and thinks to surprise Dhaani. Kamini asks Dhaani to think something else with B. Dhaani says Bua ji. Kamini asks her to use english word. Kamini says B for bottle. Viplav calls Dhaani and asks for his night suit. Kamini asks her to go and give night suit. Dhaani goes and comes to their room. Viplav hugs her and asks if you will waste all night in education. Dhaani asks him to move away. Viplav asks her to say word with L. Dhaani says Lal Dant Manjan. Viplav laughs. Dhaani says let me go and learn. Viplav asks her to learn everything from Kamini, but says he will teach her love. He says L for love, pyaar and says he needs it. Dhaani pushes him and goes. Viplav says L for lady love, my lady. Dhaani comes back to Kamini. Viplav says Dhaani…I love you. Dhaani and Kamini hears him. Kamini teaches her ball. Viplav asks Dhaani to give his tshirt and hides it. Dhaani gets up to go. Kamini makes her sit and says you can’t learn like this. She asks her to sit and learn, and says I will go and see. Dhaani learns the word.

Kamini gets an idea and switches off electricity from junction board, and then comes to Viplav’s room. Viplav says you have switched light off and keeps hand on her mouth. He says I for Idea, and says you missed me and that’s why came here. He says always be with your husband. Kamini looks on. Viplav asks her to say I love you. Kamini enjoys his company and doesn’t say anything. Dhaani comes holding candle and says Viplav…looking at them. Viplav is shocked and says sorry. He asks why didn’t you tell me. Kamini says you didn’t let me speak. Viplav says I thought Dhaani is here. Dhaani laughs. Viplav pats his head on her head. Kamini gets jealous. Dadi Bua calls Kamini and asks about the light.

Kamini goes and switches on the light. She asks Dhaani to learn from Viplav now. She comes back to learn from Viplav. While Viplav is teaching her, Kamini stares him. Viplav looks at Dhaani and smiles while teaching. Kamini gets jealous and says it seems you don’t want to teach me today. She goes. Viplav closes the door. Dhaani asks you are like a kid. Viplav says yes. He apologizes to Dhaani for hugging Kamini mistakenly. Dhaani says I will never doubt on you. He falls on bed with her. Kamini thinks my idea will fail as Dhaani is always around him. She thinks how to go near him. She picks a book and gets an idea. She thinks Dhaani have to study in night, so that she goes far from Viplav. She says I got a good place for you Dhaani, away from him.

Dhaani is going somewhere in night and hides seeing Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Fatarajo

    KitNI achi show Thi IKRS I had high expectations from this show but this kamini track spoiler it no doubt Ishita is a good actress but she suits in supporting roles more . And show focus is totally lost. From widow remarriage it’s now typical saas Bahu saga. I m afraid that show may go off air n worse still Mishal may quit as he is very choosy. Show is going on only for the acting. Vidhaani love story is good but overdose Ho Gaya 😛

    • Agree joyee this villain track doesn’t suit ishita n this should be ended soon with fresh start of all pending issues viz ria, dulari s past, viplavs brother, shambhu s murder n rls wedding.

  2. Nima

    no lights so enjoy only WU ‘eagerly want to watch dis episode for only vidhani’s cute sa romance n L for laal dant manjan 😀

    • Yes n TRUST IN ANY RELATION IS VERY IMPORTANT AS IT TAKEs a second to destroy a relationship of years if trust is broken

  3. Arshdeep

    Could not get the precap
    Where dhani must be going??
    Is it a part of kamini’s plan??

    • Louella

      Arshi di I think Kamini has told Dhaani to go somewhere to study so that no one can disturb her but actually Kamini wants to spend some time with Viplav so it’s her plan. And also I think Kamini has told to go secretly so when Dadi bua came she hides. This is my guess.

  4. Arshdeep

    There is a whole day to study.. why dhani dont understand??
    Night is meant for vidhani romance only?? ??

  5. Maria

    Today Vidhaa romance was as always cute but that kamini just hate her.. Kabab me haddi

  6. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan mam for the update……….. Hello all
    L for laal dant manjan and L for Love coinciding …………
    enjoyed the ViDhaani part undoubtedly…… and hopefully when Kaamini DB track comes to end….all of us would be happy …imagining that day…… and I pray TRPs will increase….. even if it does not increase I just hope for this Kaamini-the husband stealer’s track to finish…….

  7. Louella

    Arshi di, nimisha di and Anne, thanks for ur care. I m very happy that I got such a lovely family in tu. Thanks to all of u!!! Sending u lots of hugs. But now what I m going to tell u I think u will get angry on me. Plz don’t get angry bcoz first only I have got a little scolding from my mother. Actually today in the evening my leg pain was very less so I didn’t go to the doctor. But now it’s paining a little. Plz don’t scold me as I have already told my granny that I will go to the doctor tomorrow and also I will inform u all what the doctor said. Plz pray for me so that my leg pain goes ASAP.

    • Nimisha

      Hi Louella
      Glad to hear your leg was less sore but you’re granny is right, def go to the doc tomorrow.

      Fingers crossed it will be better by the morning but if it isn’t, GO! Ok?


      • Louella

        Thank u so much Nimisha di. Ya I will definitely go to the doctor by tomorrow and inform u.

    • Arshdeep

      Want to scold you..bcoz you did not go to doctor..moreover went to play..
      But you are such a cutie can somebody scold you

      But take care dear.
      Tomorrow morning itself you should go to doctor
      dont delay anymore

    • Sujie

      go to doctor tomorrow Chuttki… will be happy for sure to know that your leg pain will be less in coming day

  8. Sujie

    i seriously pray that in future they show Viplav Dhaani working together with love for the welfare of widows and ladies of the ashram also being helping hands ….

  9. Louella

    Arshi di u know when I went to play my leg pain was vanished but when I came home I realised its paining. Truly if I will go to play now na I will also forget that I had got hurt.

    • This is call concentration if u concentrate fully on any thing then u overlook rest all . Also out of sight out of mind. More u think about anything then that thing revolves n overpowers u. In my case due to age n medical reasons severe pain is there in calf muscles n thighs . Once i am in kitchen or doing routine chores i just dont realise it but the moment i sit or lie down then severe pain is there. Cheer up n do go to doctor so that pain can subside else it can trouble u more.

  10. Louella

    Today’s episode again was missed by me but I m not in a mood to watch the episode as reading only was enough. I can’t see ishita playing a negative role. She doesn’t suit for this role.

    • I also dont watch at 6.30 as it is auto recorded so that i can see at my convenience but don’t wish to see.

  11. Louella

    Swetha, Jyoti, Saranya, Saras mam, BR mam, zea, marees, meghs di, arshi, aish, genita di, prachi, raj, rajee, swara r missing. Why r u not commenting? Plz come back and comment. Missing u all.


  12. Nimisha

    Hmmmm. I haven’t watched so thanks H Hasan for the update, I can visualise it all sooo well.

    I was drinking tea whilst reading and nearly choked at Viplav saying he has superman ears! Errrr no. VIplav you don’t. Lol ???

    So will wait to read more comments and then decide whether to watch or not.. I am not going to get upset over VK the witch anymore!


    • Arshdeep

      Hahaha superman ears.. 😛
      you can watch it..
      Atleast for Vidhani scenes..!!

      When viplav will hug kamini once you will feel very bad but when viplav was again n again looking atvdhani whipe teaching kamini and she was irked..haha maze aagye mujhe toh.. 😀


      • Nimisha

        Hmmm interesting!

        I’m behind the makers are showing all this from VK’s point of view. It’s become her show alsmost.

        I know what you mean though, something isn’t right, quite, it’s almost as if the snippets of romance aren’t enough against the tide of ‘let’s separate Viplav and Dhani’ track that we are being forced to endure.

      • Nimisha

        I also am sticking with the Viplav sees VK as his sister. So maybe that’s why he can’t see it.

      • Nimis

        I’m not behind the makers at all…. I meant, I’m sure the makers are showing all these things from VK’s perspective. I have nothing against the actress but seriously I absolutely cannot stand VK or DB. I’ve had enough of the meanies! Just let Viplava be Dhani Be!

    • Porkodi

      Nimisha today u can watch the episode for vidhani scene. Don’t miss it. That was too good.. but don’t see Vk.

      • Nimisha

        That’s the trouble, prokodi. She is like dry rot… Creeping silently and spooling everything.

        As you all know I hated the awasthis. VK is pretty much, much the same.

        But as you’re all saying the vidha I scenes are great, I will watch for that… But maybe tomorrow.

        Thanks for thinking of me. Xxx

  13. Porkodi

    Hi Arshdeep hope ur health is ok. I read all ur yday comments just now. I was thinking of u past three days…. how u did the exam. Don’t worry .Definitely u will become doctor. The result will be good for u .Don’t lose ur hope. Cheer up. Drink plenty of water … everything will be ok.

  14. Zee

    They started well with a good theme, nice episodes etc and then lost it totally.
    Ayodhya Nivas gets house guests who never seem to leave – first raja and co and now DB and co. Lucky Shalu escaped that hell hole.
    Btw has anyone watched Mahi Way? Its an old series 2010 i think. But was quite nice – funny and realistic! its on youtube.

    • Nimisha

      Exactly zee.. A conveyor belt if nastiness. One after the other and then the next and the next,

      Thing is, Dhani will ALWAYS have been a widow. As long as DT and KT fight that, this same ol same ol will continue. First DT got Trios involved, then raja, then DB.

      • Nimisha

        First DT got Trips involved.p in trying to seperate Viplav and Dhani, then KT tried by trying to kill ashram ladies, then DT called raja and then DB…

      • Zee

        hi Renu,
        Ive been meaning to tell you that my name is Zee, not zea. Zea is a masculine name :/.

      • Hmm so u r a girl as i had thought reverse?apologise gor itm by the way is it yr real or nick name n where do u belong to.

  15. lony

    While doing d show..viplav had told that since the show is nt like any other typical sas-bahu nok jhok n since he found d storyline to be quite unique and strong..he decided to make a coma back with the show..
    Bt now I can guess how he might be feeling..with the story taking such dramatic turns..where there is hardly any message to the society about the orthodox Banaras Hindu culture…
    The show is only watchable somehow bcz of d amazing chemistry of mishal& eisha..
    But as much as we know about mishal..I am having a strong feeling that he may quit the show..
    Director ji..pls do something to the content of this story…or we ara gonna lose a such a beautiful pair in the near future..

    • Arshdeep

      OMG It sounds scary..
      Eisha probably would never quit her debut show but mishal can..
      Thats why i used to ask many times that why mishal left LTL ?? Was there a similar reason??
      He had made a comeback after a loong time.. dont want to lose him again..!!
      What the hell are you doing writers???

      • Nimisha

        Well.., sorry, she has a role on another show. She may be doing two shows but she might also be going. Sorry.

      • Nimisha

        I did t say that well at all. I meant, sorry. I don’t know if she,s leaving but she has got another role on another show. Siya ke ram, I think. Not sure how it works with shows so she may still be on IKRS or maybe she’ll be on the other one full time.

        To be honest, there’s nothing much for her on this show is there? She could have had her life story shown and maybe she could have also been shown has having a life after widowhood, but the writers are determined to continue on the lets separate vidha I track.

        It’s tragic when there are sooo many unfinished and brilliant plots already present. I still don’t get why this or the awasthi one were necessary. The only good that came out of the awasthi one was it helped Dhani clear her name of her first husbands murder. That was all that that plot added,

  16. Louella

    Hey friends the magic is again visible. Just comment and see. Ur comments will be posted within a second.

    • Louella

      Arshi di definitely but I can’t play now. U tell me the game tomorrow afternoon. I wanted to play but tomorrow I have to wake up early.

      • Arshdeep

        Ohh no problem we will play something tomorw afternoon
        Good night..sweet dreams??

  17. Zee

    HI Nimisha, Louella, Renu, Arshi, Saras and all friends whose names Ive missed, Still not watching, but talking (read cribbing). I feel so cheated by the makers. Change is not always good atleast doesnt work for IKRS. Old characters TP, Suvarna, Durga mayi, RL, Dulari mayi were better than the new recruits. Yes Trips too – i loved to hate him.

    • Arshdeep

      Hello zee
      Love to read ur comments

      Agree old is gold??
      Kindly someone inform the makers too..

    • Nimisha

      Hey Zee. I,m close behind you on the not watching front. BUT I have to comment on here as I actually really and truly LOVE everyone here. I feel like we’re a proper little family, helping and supporting each other. You also all listen to me witter on and on, so I,m a happy bunny! ?

      • Zee

        Hi friends!
        IKRS has been so disappointing lately that even the cute Vidhani scenes that I used to die for are not making up for this BIG dose of nastiness. But always nice to read comments to feel reassured that I am not the only one complaining. Maybe our comments will compel writers to change the track and remove VK. ufff I cant stand her! Muh pe Ram Ram bagal mein chhuri! As if DT was not enough!

  18. Juhi

    Hey guys I’m new here
    IKRS kuch zyaada hi boring ho gaya hai
    Vidhani scenes r however life saving
    Hate 2 C Kamini
    Shalu ki shaadi ka kya hua ?
    Ussi ke liye to DB ruk gayi

  19. vaishnavi

    nice to see vipu’s naugty ness n dhaani ko disturb krna
    n just hate when vipu holding kamini seriously i dont like this track
    vipu jara bachke raho yaar n logo ko samjho kyo ki jaisa dikhta hain vaisa hota nahi

  20. Wonder viplav can’t make out the differnce in fragrance of dhani’s perfume if she use one but i bet VK would be using it??

    • Saraswathi.j

      Dear Renu once I read that each and every person has a specific odour of his or her body naturally no need of any perfumes that in between wife and husband it is more expressed so our Viplav Ji please learn how to identify your better half even in dark with open or closed eyes practice it because that Kamini will stay for few more episodes !

  21. Saraswathi.j

    Ayodya nivas is a big house the teacher and student can sit at any corner and they can proceed their work ,but why they are in front of bed room of Viplav ? Why Dhani invite Kamini to their bed room for tuition ,it is meant for Viplav and Dhani you should maintain some decency ,there is lot of difference between Dhani and Kamini in their stature ,Kamini is lean,short,round face with sleeveless ,backless blouse,so it is impossible to consider her as Dhani ,let it be a mistake but immediately Viplav should leave her,no he is taking about love to her,one day by mistake he will accept her as his wife then only Dhaani can understand kamini,s nature why writer Ji and Directer Ji you are spoiling such a good story you yourself build many good episodes now and then I have a doubt why Mishal is accepting to do such silly scense he himself told once that he is very particular about his roles he won’t care for money only want good roles as he already have enough money because his family background is from business ?

    • Nimisha

      DT is just full of hot putrid air! He’ll say and do anything to get his own way,

      Seriously the man is deranged.

  22. Mirsada

    Thank god, Kamini will be a complete loser, wow our Vidha, love, romantic, Viplav not even a minute without Dahni.

      • Mirsada

        100 %, l’m about to break, traveling with mother in Bosnia for three weeks but l will be there with you, and our Vidha.

    • Nimisha

      Good to see you back MIrsada. hope all’s well with you!

      Renu, you are amazing, you are the TU whisperer, I’ve noticed you often mention peeps and they appear back on here,

      Can you try this with Ahana? Haven’t seen her for a while. Arshu mentioned her earlier.


  23. Mirsada

    I think it will Dashart now make a big thing, and it help a lot Vidha, Dadi Bua will lose with Kamini.

  24. Mirsada

    Today l enjoyed epi, Viplav can not be stoppend when it is Dahni in its vicinity.He’s the King of Bollywood.

  25. shanitics

    To say abt today’s epi… Vidhaani scenes superb…
    Do u knw even after the serial came to an end vidhaani scenes were as lively for nearly 30 min… VIP’s dance ? aftr VK went out was awesome… I was thinking vidhaani scenes everytime….
    Arshi didi saachi bola night is meant for vidhaani romance..
    Vidhaani as usual cute and lovely

    • Nimisha

      VIplav and Dhni romance can’t be confined to any particular time of the day, they are in love so any o’clock is romance o’clock. ?????

      • Zee

        Ok I am curious to know why they have not consummated their marriage as Dhani told Shalu. They are passionate, so much in love and married. Dhan said that they are waiting for KTs approval! I actually find this a bit weird and abnormal.

      • Nimisha

        No, they have! Most definitely. H Hasan said on one of her updates!

        They only lied to Shalu to stop her from doing t with raja as they were trying to reveal his truth and didn’t want her to get more attached or pregnant.

    • Nimisha

      Hope you managed to get to sleep in the end Swetha. What do you think of shahid,s new film, udta Punjab? The trailers make it seem very different and interesting, I think? Also think he,s looking a but s*xy in his rockstar avatar. ????????

      • Arshdeep

        Udta punjab is going to be a great meaningful movie..
        Havent watched the trailer but know the concept about drugs and all in punjab
        And when diljit dosanjh is there in movie?? it will rock??

  26. shanitics

    Lols jab net recharge Karun gi tab bahut cmnts dal dungi… Warns dekho..every day I used to cmnt a post..on .6th net gts recharge

  27. Anne

    I can’t see this story lasting a long time hopefully. We might get Dasharath and his temple building. By the way, why is dhani learning English, she cant write her own name in Hindi, her native language.? Xxx

    • Nimisha

      Lol Anne at the learning English. That’s exactly what I thought when I read it. A is for Apple. G is for give me a break! Lol ????

  28. shanitics

    Arshi di.. Sry to hear tat xam ruind u…
    Didi nvr loose ur hope… Always be happy tat u hav gt a mom u consolded u whn u were sad and didn’t scolded u 4 nt writting well.. Be happy because u have gt a platform,tu, to share it thoughts… NVR wrry.. Do nt make that 3 hrs ruin ur 2 years of hard wrk….
    Be strng… U r always an inspiration for me and lols.. I will surely again pray for you… Srry of I hurt u again by making u remember those moments again….
    Really srry frm my heart…

    • Arshdeep

      No no shwetha u never hurt me
      Thanks for all those inspiring words??
      When you all are with me you wont let me leave hope i know??

  29. shanitics

    Opps!! Forgt to cmnt Trust shwn by Dhaani hands off…
    Hope this trust continues for evr…

  30. Amisha

    I’m not liking the precap… why is Dhani leave in the dark anything can happen to her and she can study during the day??

  31. Nimisha

    Hello again

    So just watched the episode. Lovely Viplav and Dhani. ????

    VK! I also wanna punch her. Only once you’ve finished with her Renu ?

    The funniest bit of the episode was when Viplav was going through the books with VK, their bedroom door was closed! Properly! So, we know it works. Then when she left VIplav went to close it and it opened. He may be a vakil babu, but honestly I think I may have to get on a flight to Benares and teach him how to close the door for Viplav Dhani time – ALWAYS!!!

    The scene where he grabs VK went on too long. Surely he must have felt that she wasn’t Dhani, with no sleeves and she must have smelt different too. His reaction on seeing Dhnai was brilliant. Dhani,s trust in Viplav is awesome and his neeeeed for her is amazing, IN YOUR FACE VK!!! ??❌?

    Then, VK, in her oh so sanskari ways goes and thinks she has to get Viplav to herself. She is tooooooo stupid and evil and just annoying. Can I punch her again!

    Oh, and DB… Could punch her too!!!! ???

    And what was shraddha’s dad from Thapki doing on here. I was very confused for a minute. Not sure what DT was up to. But, don’t care anymore.

    Mishal was looking REALLY GORGEOUS today, have a bit of a thing for him, just in case you hadn’t noticed, esp in blue… Or orange… Or white,… Or topless ???????????

    Right, I’m off to bed now to dream some Mishal walla dreams lol!

    By the way night school doesn’t usually mean, in the middle of the night here. It means evenings. Dhani was looking very beautiful in that shawl she had on.

    • Nimisha

      Oops. Sorry that I wanna punch all the meanies. But I do. And anyway, renu started it up there ↘️ Somewhere. ????

    • Arshdeep


      The hugging scene actually went for sooo long??
      And his expressions were seriously awesome????

  32. Hi frnds br mam,saranya,saras,sonu,avijit(AM),Louella
    Ahana,rajee,raj,Anne,renu,nimisha,arshideep, joyee,maha,megha,sujie,aish,preeti,
    Sree lakshmi,anjum,Sasha,dillu,sarakhan,
    Akshay,rahul,purple, diya,divya,mahvish,
    Joona,hritya,gennifer,shri, neerja,naty,tintin
    Shivani,pjain,nimmy,Prachi,shanitics,amisha,vaishanavi,juhi,neetu,zee,iony,porkodi ,silent readers n all new comers and also hasanji A VERY GOOD MORNING TO U ALL.HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY .ENJOY THE DAY KEEP SMILING ALWAYS.LUV U ALL.

  33. Sujie

    Now enough of this LETS SEPARATE VIPLAV AND DHAANI track…… I am sure that writers will surprise us with Viplav getting to know about Kaamini’s intentions and Dhaani Viplav tackling her together leading Kamini Kaamini’s GAME OVER….and Daadi bua’s too…….
    Viplav used to utilize his 6th sense when he was in ahsram…. THAT TULSI WALA TRACK……..
    we want the same in case of Kaamini’s truth revelation……… so that ViDhaani can get rid of her….. THE HUSBAND STEALER

  34. Louella

    Good morning to all my ikrs family!!!
    Have a great day!!!
    Keep smiling!!!
    And most important, do anything but don’t trouble ur mother!!!!

  35. Louella

    Hey friends a good news. My leg is not paining now. I can run, jump, walk and do anything. But still I will go to the doctor to show that black circle type. Arshi di how is ur leg? Worried about u.

    • Arshdeep

      Yup u still go to doctor
      My leg dont pain dear.. i think you took stones in some wrong way
      I will explain you where it pains

    • Arshdeep

      My pain is due to kidney stones.
      I have severe pain in side and back below the ribs. One stone on the right side of 5 mm has come in ureter so it hurts more.

  36. Louella

    Friends I m going for swimming classes with my cute little sister Angel. So bye friends. Meet u in the afternoon. Arshi di u think the game to play in the afternoon. I will definitely play it.

    • Arshdeep

      Good luck and take care of urself

      I too used to go to swimming … will join soon again

      Yup i will think of something or else we should play tomorrow..shwetha will get a net pack till then

  37. shanitics

    Misha didi its nt luvaria.. Tats for sure… Di do u knw wat I did yesterday. My sleep were somewhere hidden till 2 am… And I was thinking wat to do.. So I wrote the intro of my ff on night 1 o’ clock?

    Misha didi I was nt thinking abt Udta Punjab but abt the sweet adorable cry which will be soon heard by the couples (Dream Bhaia and Bhabhi) on the late September or early October…?

  38. shanitics

    Lols I am super excited to be hear again to chat.. Putting a cmnt makes me sad….

    Nw only one day after that I will be hear with a bang bang.. With these cmnts u can knw tat I will be cmng tomorrow with a bang bang?

  39. Episode was funny.but viplav u should conscious abt presence of Dhani. Don’t hug anyone blindly. I think kamini send dhani to night school So dat she can closer to viplav. But by dus track dhani ll become educated n dey may join hands together for social welfare

  40. eshani

    Good morning IKRS family….hope all of you doing well…..other than vidhani scenes nothing is interesting for me to comment

  41. Hi frnds now only I watch the show that very nice guys I think our CVS was showing this track to say how was viplav luv n also support dhaani even in any situation how he handles.

  42. Hi Louella cutie pie take care about ur leg n enjoy ur vacations dear.
    Hi arshideep how r u now.u too take care dear .keep smiling always.

  43. Frnds do u know may be the current track is bad but our mishal acting is he was fully attached with dhaani that he don’t know who is kamini n who is dhaani he was fully immersed with dhaanis luv.
    Guys u know when some is fully luv with a person it all happens some times without not to worry about it.

  44. Viplav ur too crazy in dhaanis luv yaar.see while kamini teaches dhaani u disturbed them n when u teaching kamini ur concentration is only on dhaani.
    Wah wat a luv viplav u rocked in UR acting skills.
    I lived that scene when kamini exits from their room he jumps like a kid n also he said that she is kabab mein haddi.ya she is.

    • And our DT is very cunning with computerised mind.he know how to change color with whom n how to make plans for perfect situations.
      Today also DT gave msg that in this generation too widows all r suffering with so many he want give some support. So in many ways our ikrs saying new msgs to our society. Our ikrs rocks always.

    • Sujie

      loved Viplav aka Mishal’s expresstion “”””””aahhhhhhhh” and his hands on his mouth WIDE OPENED with shock…….

  45. eshani

    it was funny to see kamini when she said dhani now continue the remaining studies from viplav and vidhani started laughing and got close face to face kamini’s face was worth watching…..

  46. And I saw in our andhra news papers that in vridhavan a widow ashram people played holi with full of happiness that showing that they break all the rules of Indian superstious rules.
    And I showed it in our family n neighbours too that our ikrs also showing this only telling msg to our society.
    Ya I saw it at fb GRP itself but the people around me don’t know such things.
    Now when I saw it in news paper in Telugu language they easily got the point.
    So how cute na ikrs that’s y I luv it.don’t y people don’t know this things.

    • Louella

      It’s do good to know about this news. If other women have the right to play holi then why can’t widows? This is the msg which ikrs gives. Not only for holi but also for other things. It’s very good to know this news.

    • Nimisha

      That’s amazing! Some customs are just awful and defo need to be broken! What a fantastic image it conjures in the mind!

    • Nimisha

      Kavitha, I just tweeted about this. I hope you don’t mind. It’s very exciting.

  47. I think if kamini quits show after revealing her evil in tensions then viplav will only take step to educate dhaani.
    If instead of kamini entry directly if viplav say to dhaani to learn education she will think that he was unsatisfied with dhaanis character. At first viplav said dhaani tum Jo bi ho jaise bi ho mujhe pasand hi dhaani.
    N now if he directly say this to dhaani means it will not be good.
    So our CVS entered such characters.n now kamini character should be revealed soon n our luvly viplav starts educating her.that’s the intension I think.
    Wat u say frnds.

    • eshani

      agree kavitha viplav was not bothered tht dhani is uneducated instead of bringing kamini’s character thy could have showed tht dhani was interested to learn and asked viplav for help

    • Nimisha

      Or… Viplav could have shown her things as they went and done it in a nice way rather than making a big thing of her ‘studying’

  48. shanitics

    Misha didi… Lols… Arshi didi…
    Hurray yippee ? do u knw net gt recharged.. I am supr excited ?…..

    Nw I can cmnt here mre than once a day.. Yipeee…. Missed u guyss soo much

  49. shanitics

    Misha didi.. Lols… Arshi didi
    I was thinking ? to chart a flight ✈ and land on the terrace of each one’s house ?…. Missed u guyss soo much…
    Give me soo many tight hugs and sweet kisses ?….

    For u all… Here is my tight hugs and kiss

    • Nimisha

      Aww Swetha, I would love to meet you all too.

      One day.. One day.

      In the meantime here’s a biiiiiig hug and lots of kisses


  50. Arshdeep

    Nimisha di you know i got something veryyy special today?????
    You know what it is??

  51. Anne

    Why does Dhani keep viplav at arms length? ZEE, Dhani lied, it was story she and viplav agreed on to keep Shalu from Raja. If I’m wrong, someone please tell me, otherwise i agree its unnatural. Xxx

    • Nimisha

      Anne, you’re rightbitvwas a ruse to stop Shalu becoming more involved with Raja.

      IMG! Just realised, even Viplav and Dhani have been involved in breaking up a marriage. ????. I’ve on,y just really realised that!

  52. Louella

    Thank u to all those who cared for me. I m so lucky to have like this family here. Sending u all big hugs.

  53. Louella

    Swetha di u came back with a bang. I was also missing u so much. Sending u also lots of big and tight hugs. U remember the mission na? If u forgot I will tell u. It was that we both will go on commenting and increase the number of comments.

  54. Louella

    Arshi di I m not going to the doctor. The reason is that my Granny told me that if ur pain is gone why go to the doctor. So I m not going also and I m alright. Before also I have got hurt on my leg but it was not paining but the black spot was left. Now I apply cream and it’s going little by little so the black circle will also go very soon. Don’t worry. I m very worried about u. Get well soon and take care of yourself dear!

    • Arshdeep

      Okay ji
      As u feel good and as ur granny says.. she knows better offcourse..
      But take care of yourself and take rest too..?

  55. Louella

    Arshi di now Swetha di also came. Let’s play a game. Do u know any game which we can play here?

    • Arshdeep

      I will ask few questions..just a quiz..everyone should answer..
      Some relating to tellyupdates page..our ikrs family..some relating to the show..your choices and all..
      Just few questions..
      Everyone must tell..
      Is it okay??
      After that we may play some other game

      And try to reply in my comment .. not in a separate comment please..!!

  56. Hi eshani ur right iam from andhra only.that’s my native near thirupathi. But I live in bangalore I came here for my children’s vacation.wat about u were r u from.

  57. Oh Louella u too same like son yaar.u children’s play very excitingly n then when u hutted with something u can’t bear that pain.he too same like u dear.pls take care while playing too.when ur playing pls concentrate on ur surroundings that with u cannot hutted further.take care cutie.

    • Louella

      Thank u so Kavitha. Ya we don’t Cate when we play but afterwards when we get hurt we sit and cry.

  58. Arshi pls tell that game ya so that pur Louella don’t go outside for playing n she can play here safely .wat u say dear.

    • Louella

      Ya Kavitha. But I have to go at 5. If my friends come to call me and I m not ready I tell them to wait for five minutes and then again they go down. Then after 5 minutes they again come to call me. That’s their problem. They can’t play also without me and also they don’t have patience.

  59. Arshdeep

    So here I start with everyone’s permission?
    Be truthful..!!
    And try giving out one answer..if not one then two..but not more than that.
    I will give my opinion too..

  60. Arshdeep

    So coming to first question whose comment you love to read the most here??

    Try saying out just one name..the one that comes first to your mind..!!

  61. shanitics

    Arshi di.. U activated ur FB account,uh?? cool…

    Di may I knw whether ur 12th results are out???

    And Arshi di sirfh Misha di ko hi hai surprise ? Mujh KO nahi hai kya,?

  62. Arshdeep

    Third question-

    Which song you think is the best to be played for vidhani’s romantic scenes?? ??

  63. Arshdeep

    Coming to the Fourth one…

    Who is the first person here in this family you will like to if you get a chance.. ????? ??

  64. Arshdeep

    Okay the next fifth question here it comes

    Which is the bestest dialogue you love of mishal aka viplav???

    I know we all love all his dialogues..but still chose one..only and only one..your favourite one..!!

    • Louella

      I like this dialogue, ”tum uparwale se dua mangrahi ho aur hum uparwale se tumhe.” this dialogue was said by Viplav when they were in Sarla kaki’s house.

    • Nimisha

      Pyar Ka Rishta Pati Patni Ka Rishta because he manned up and told the truth.

      Also when he said to Dhani that she is perfect just as she is.

    • shanitics

      All dialogues
      To choose one.. Tum upar wale se dua maang….. Aur hum tumge…

      Sarla kaki scenes other dialogues too

      • Nimisha ?

        Purple Nimisha is not me. But you know that right. I don’t and can’t do succinct. You know that right???

    • eshani

      when dhani got arrested and kt told him to stop thinking abt dhani viplav’s amazing dialouge “aap uske baare main sochna band kardijiye hum uske baare main sochna band nahi karenge” and also “yeh suman nahi ho sakthi yeh hamari dhani hai”

    • Sujie

      Undoubtedly …….. tum upar wale se duan maang rahi ho aur hum uparwale se tumhe…….
      but most of you are writing that so I will go for:


    • Nima

      “tum upar wale se duwa maag rahi ho aur hum upar wale se tumhe” ye dialogue mujhe irks dekhne ko force kiya aur Mishal ki jabra fan Banadi 🙂

    • Nimisha

      Site wouldn’t refresh for me but I,m here. Need to pop out for a bit in a bit but putting it off to play the game! Good by the way,

  65. Sujie

    Can I also take part in this game……
    eager to answer these questions…… are my answers…………
    Mishal looks dashing in all the colors but BLUE, BLACK,ORANGE…… My Mishal ( blushes)

  66. Meghs

    Good evening ikrs family
    I am back..

    I had exams on 21so not commenting
    n moreover nw ikrs too was fulll kamini.. I just can’t tolerate her.. I like ishitha in ss but wt happen to her role in ikrs yaar…
    I want viplav teach dhani not kamini

    • Nimisha ?

      Helloooooo Meghs! Good to see you back. Hope you’re well and you’re exams went well.

  67. Meghs

    Hw can u irresponsible for ur health yaar take care of leg… Atleast 2 days don’t play outside it may effect ur leg… I come to know now about ur leg otherwise u may even have to prepare to face me…
    N missing my comments naa so happy someone remember me to here

    • Louella

      So sorry meghs di. But what to do I cant live without playing that too in summer vacations. And now I m alright so no need of taking tension. Anyways welcome back. By the way how was ur exams??

    • Sujie

      that was the promo I watched first in youtube and was intrigued………… but never made it to watch it on TV….. you know what Renu when Dhaani was going to get married to that printed pajama …I was silently praying PLEASE PLEASE VIPLAV,DHAANI KI SHAADI ROKO…….. and there was no looking back from there…watched it since then………

      • Nimisha

        Actually, can I change my answer, that is also my favourite. My memory forgets things too easily!

  68. Meghs


    Sry i don’t know about ur exam not well..
    But believe u can try nxt time.. U can prove urself . Don’t feel bad k…

    Take care ur health. First..

  69. Actually want to meet all nimmy annie flora saranya saras sujie prachi rajee louella pjain zee arshi sonu kavi mirsada maria mahira laxmi nima vaishnavi eshani phillo joyee……… but first br mam

  70. Arshdeep

    Sixth one

    If you get a chance to meet either mishal or eisha .. Whom will you chose to meet?

  71. Arshdeep

    Seventh one here

    Which dress suits dhani the most? White saree..colorful saree..suit..western dresses??

  72. Arshdeep

    8th one..

    Which lady you like the most in ashram including suwarna..rachna.. excluding dhani..??

  73. In real western dress but in the show sari with ulta pallu ie the way air hostess draoe or we all on household but the ulta pallu which she wears in all saris (except for the stolen black sari of rias grandma when vip ssid dhani ur looking gorgeous ) not good

  74. Arshdeep

    Ninth question….

    Whose acting you think is the most powerful..full of emotions..lively…?? (OTHER THAN THE LEADS)
    Kindly chose only one…!!

  75. Arshdeep

    10th QUESTION

    Do you remember the date when you joined this family??
    If yes then mention it..

  76. Arshdeep

    11th question

    Which reality show you would like them to watch in after this show??

  77. Nimisha ?

    Hello everyone

    So, as embarrassed as I’d be if it happened, cause let’s face it I AM embarrassing, I just tweeted Mishal and told him there’s a lot of love for him on here and linked him to this page and asked him to have a read if he can.

    I hope no one minds, but if you do, tell me and I,ll delete the tweet.

    Ok.. As you were.. ???

  78. Arshdeep

    I read it di
    But i dont know even the names of all star plus shows so could not get much involved in it

  79. Arshdeep

    So need to ask for your favourite dialogue of dhani too??
    Which one it is??

    (I got to know of sujie di)

  80. Arshdeep

    Lastly express how you feel to be a part of this beautiful IKRS family…!! ??❤??

    • Louella

      My answer is that I feel like I m a princess over here. I always feel happy to be here to comment and chat with all of u. Even if I m in a bad mood if I comment here my mood changes in a minute. This is the a true feeling coming from my heart. I feel like I m really everyone’s cute little princess over here. So sending all of my ikrs family a very big and tight hug. Love u all!!!

    • Sujie

      i didn’t know about this TU thing at first….. I feel really blessed to have friends like you all…… We are from different places, are of different ages, different backgrounds….but bound by this lovely platform…we just don’t discuss about show ..but discuss our life here…… relations are made happily here…. I had not thought about coming here and mingling with all of you like this……
      We are getting love,care, support, suggestion and much affection here……… what else is needed in life…., Haven’t met each other now ..but still we care for each other a lot…and I am sure if we meet someday….that day will really be a FUNDAY……………
      love you all…… so blessed to have you people in my life… TU family…my digital family ….. hope we meet someday …. 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL … ALWAYS KEEP SMILING

  81. Arshdeep

    Thats all for today..?
    Will meet you again with some more questions..some other day..
    Till then be happy..keep smiling….keep watching Ikrs..and keep commenting.. ??
    Love you all?????

  82. Nimisha ?

    This Isn’t me!!! Who are you??

    I’m a bit weirded out. I had to really think did I post this and nope, I did not.

    Nice name by the way… Whoever you are!

    • Arshdeep

      That is what i thought
      I never saw you ttalking abt star plus serials
      She must be a fan of them and wanted us to read it taking ur name..

  83. Nimisha ?

    Okay, just to clarify, that other Nimisha , up there is not me. Tis a different one.

  84. krishnai aka ww

    A Note to all colors Serial’s fans:

    I had made a poll for colors serials to vote for the best serial and Jodi…. Pls do vote for your favorite Jodi and serial.

    Thank you.

      • krishnai aka ww

        well i dont know whether u know me… i m frequent in siya ke ram, krishnadasi and dehleez page…… i did this just to find the best hindi serial and jodi….. thats all

  85. Louella

    Arshi di I wanted to tell u this because this thing is again and again coming in my mind. U know when u told me that u couldn’t write ur exam well and ur leg is paining very badly I felt like this happened with me. From yesterday don’t know why my mood is bad and sad. I couldn’t understand why I m so sad when there is not a reason to be sad and then I remembered that u were in pain. Don’t know why I m feeling like I m having a strong connection with u. After reading ur yesterday’s comments I m so sad but u don’t worry and never think that because of u I m sad. Don’t know why but I m sad from yesterday and even today I was feeling u r in great pain. Truly I m feeling a strong relationship with u. Reading ur comments about ur leg I get sad and worried. From yesterday I m thinking about u. Plz inform me about your health everyday so that at least I can know how u r or my whole day will go thinking how is ur health. Promise ur younger sister means me that when u r in pain u will inform me and also tell me everyday how u r feeling. Never think that because of u I m in tension. Remember that we r sisters and I m not there with u only in happiness but also in bad times. Don’t think I m taking so much tension about u. It’s my nature with everyone whom I love and also think as my own.

    • Arshdeep

      Omg i am sorry to trouble sorry
      Aww i just love you..i love you…i love you??
      I never had friends like this on net.. my mother always fears abt internet frndshp.. when i told her abt u all she again said how you know that they are true..
      I will show ur commnt to my mom for sure

      You are soo sweet baby
      If i ever get a chance to visit bombay i promise i will anyhow come to meet you
      I really regard ypu as my younger sister and will always????
      always stay happy dear..dont worry abt me.. if u wil worry i will stop telling my problems here..i cant see u in pain bcoz of me..
      Okay so keep smiling always??

      • Arshdeep

        Just to correct you my leg doesnt pain
        It pains near my stomach on right side
        Just check once on google abt kidney stone will get it rightly..

        Dont want to bother you
        But it actually pains alot
        Mostly at night time…
        Today also it started at 3 am.. and my father always has first thing to say
        Chalo hospital..injection lagwa lete hai??
        And me like no no medicine le lungi
        Its a very severe i told its worse than the labor pain even..
        You cant cant cant sleep..i keep turning around myself until it gets fine…

      • Arshdeep

        I think i am again troubling you?

        As didi said it was a lovely message
        Thanks a lot for this dear????

      • Nimisha ?

        Sounds really horrible. I,d be taking the injections esp if they help you sleep. But I am a wimp when it comes to pain. Fingers crossed its better soon. Xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        I also never had friends on the next before you all came along Arshu. I never reveal my name or anything. But I have he and I feel very happy sharing with you. Not the viruses though.

      • Arshdeep

        I know you are true di
        and i have a proof of it right now in my hand
        will tell it to everyone
        just waiting for today update to share my happiness
        please hasan mam please update it fast

  86. shanitics

    Arshi di… Here is answers for the rest…

    7) colourful saree
    10)23 feb
    11) Comedy nights and JDJ
    12)I feel blessed …. I am soo happy that I gt many frnds and siblings… I feels sooo bad if I missd a day without cmnting here..?

    • Arshdeep

      Wow thnku so so so much tellyupdates
      Thanks a lot
      Really hats off to your efforts..
      You take care of all the wrong commnts posted..
      Thnku once again?

      • Nimisha ?

        Yes TU moderators. There are a few more false Nimisha,s up there.

        Thanks so much for helping me stay sane.


  87. Nimisha ?

    So, Colors uk have started to shuffle their shows around on Colors and rishtey. Kasam is moving to 830, and one of the new shows is advertised as 7. Currently IKRS is on at 830 here which is a good time I think. I think krishndasi is als moving to a diff slot.

  88. Anne

    Do you know how long to get to bottom comments!!!haha over400 today! Been out now got to drink tea n read .lol?xxx

    • Arshdeep

      Awww ??????????????????????
      My muma told me today i am happy that u still smile after everything what happened with u and bearing all that pain..

      I have a simple answer its because of you all here??
      Specially bcoz of you today di
      Surprise was,….??? no words for it

  89. Nimisha ?

    Ooh Arshu

    Just thought, when you asked who’s comment we first like to read, we Hav ego give credit to H Hasan and also Sona for alllll their efforts! Without them we wouldn’t have anywhere to meet, would we.

    Also HUGE thanks to the TU peeps for all there efforts at keeping us going. I know I talk a lot so I am really really really really really grateful to them for allowing me to, well… Be me.

  90. Louella

    Arshi di I told na not to worry about my tension for u. It’s my nature. U know my cute little cousin sister Angel is truly a nakhrewali means always making sad faces for something. She is not my real sister but I m always in tension about her because she is scolded by all for her faces which she makes. I m so worried about her. Reading this u would have understood my nature. So don’t say sorry for it. Now u r sharing with us ur pain so I m in pain when u will share us ur joy see how much happy I will be!! So be happy always and share ur pain with me everyday so that I can pray for u. To decrease ur pain I m sending u big and tight hugs. I hope we will meet one day. Then u come and meet all my friends and also have a visit to my school. Then u will know how the boys of our school!!

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe u made me smile?
      Maybe i am like your little cousin
      I dont make faces but moves my eyebrows like once nimisha di said dancing catterpillar eyebrows and my muma scolds me for it??
      I wish the day comes soon when we meet

      So hows ur leg now..?? Hope its not paining

      I am alright till now..much better than last few days ? havent pained the whole day today till now?

  91. Louella

    Arshi di I just read the information about kidney stone pain on Google and I m teary eyed reading it. I wish we could meet. I m truly praying for u everyday and I believe u will be fine very soon. And everyday share with us what the doctor said, okay?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.