Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani, Vidha and Parshiya coming to Mrs. Kaushik’s house. Suddenly Dhaani faints and falls down. Parshiya asks Dhaani to open her eyes. Kamini and Viplav standing far from them. Parshiya asks Vidha to get water. Vidha runs to get water and brings it. Mrs. Kaushik takes Viplav to make him meet her new business partner. Viplav goes okay and goes inside. Parshiya makes Dhaani have water. He says you don’t have food and does only work. He says why do you care for Simone’s work. Dhaani says I am fine, but then faints again. Parshiya shouts Dhaani. Kamini sees Dhaani’s face and gets angry and stunned. Parshiya lifts her and takes her in his arms. Parshiya makes her drink water again. Kamini asks who is this man? If Dhaani moved on in life. Parshiya goes to bring auto.

Kamini thinks if Dhaani is alive, then why she didn’t meet Viplav? There is something for sure. She sees Viplav coming and thinks to stop him. She asks Viplav to take her to room as she is feeling unwell. Viplav asks if something happened here? Kamini says no. They leave while Dhaani is standing there waiting for Parshiya..

In room, Kamini thinks how can this be possible? Dhaani is alive. She says there is a big game. Her inner self tells that it is destiny’s game and asks why you are scared? Kamini says where did she stay for 5 years. She says she far from you.. Kamini asks if Dhaani knows that Viplav is here? Her inner self tells that Dhaani doesn’t know else she would have meet Viplav. She asks her not to worry. Kamini thinks why did we come here? If Dhaani snatches Viplav from me then I can’t stay without him. Her inner self tells that Dhaani has some man with her. Kamini says yes, and thinks to find out about Parshiya. She thinks if Viplav comes to know about all this, then how he will react…She recalls Viplav’s words that Dhaani is not dead and alive in his heart and memories.

Kamini says let Dhaani be in his memories and shall not come infront of him. She says if she comes infront then my house and love will go off from my hands. She thinks to find out what Dhaani wants and thinks she is a big danger to her. Viplav comes after bath and opens his suitcase. Kamini wonders if that girl is Viplav’s daughter. Viplav checks the bag and says it is sure that you haven’t packed my bag. Kamini says why I couldn’t pack your bags? Viplav says you haven’t packed neatly since 5 years. Kamini says you don’t know about my feelings, and says you didn’t ask about me. My head is having headache and you didn’t ask me anything. Viplav ignores her. Kamini says you can’t ignore me. Viplav opens the superman sketch and smiles. Kamini asks what is this? Viplav keeps it in his suitcase.

Dulaari scolds Dhaani for going without having food. Dhaani says it was important to meet that man. She says time is less, I have to collect money for admissions. Parshiya says if you are well then only we can collect money. Dulaari says he is also saying the same thing. Dhaani asks him about wedding work. Parshiya asks her to take care and says he will go and do wonderful work. Vidha looks sad.

Dhaani asks what happened? She says mumma is fine…Vidha asks if you will die mumma? Papa is gone, and haven’t return. If anything happens to you. Dhaani says we all will be together always. She tells Dulaari that Vidha brought water for her yesterday. She says Vidha will go to big school and will talk to Nani in english. Dulaari says I will come with you and learn english. Vidha says you can’t get admission, and says I will come back and teach you at home. Parshiya says who will teach me then? I take care of everyone, and make you eat chocolate icecream also. He says you forgot me. What I will get..nothing. Dulaari says why you are saying this..when we came here 5 years back, we would have died without you. He says you gave us shelter, food and everything. She says we can’t forget our favor. Parshiya asks her to tell that they will also stay together with him (baba).

Vidha asks Dhaani, if she wants to see Rakshas uncle, and says we will meet him tomorrow. Parshiya says let Dhaani rest and goes to buy biscuits for her. Parshiya’s friends ask him about bhabhi. Parshiya scolds them for making fun of Dhaani and says she has made us humans and gave respect and taught work. She asks them not to make fun. They says they are our bhabhi only and says they can hear his heart voice. Parshiya says what you both are saying and says Dhaani is from respected home.

Kamini comes to Simone and says it seems you have trained your workers well, and praises the flower decorations. She tells that there is small function at her home, and says her nephew’s mundan. She asks about Dhaani’s number and address. Simone says she don’t organize small events and says she will give Dhaani’s number. Kamini says you are the best. Simone says she don’t have her address and says these guys are with her. She is coming in evening. Kamini thanks her and smirks thinking she will find Dhaani.

Parshiya says we are not suitable for each other, there is no match. He says I want to help her for Vidha’s admission and says she is very much tensed. He says Dhaani thinks of me as a good man and friend. His friend says Gudiya calls you baba naa. Parshiya says Vidha must have heard my aayi calling me baba and calling me baba. His friend says you like it naa. Parshiya says I love her very much and tells that she told story about frog and the princess. He says she slept while telling story, I felt peace and so good. He says Dhaani wanted to admit her in a good school and says he will help Dhaani and will get Vidha admitted in a good school, so that she can become an officer after growing up. He says I will do anything to help Dhaani.

Kamini comes to Dhaani’s locality and acts as if the place is stinking. She sees Dhaani coming out of her house and looks evilly.

Kamini asks Vidha if she needs her ball. Vidha says yes. Kamini asks about her name? Vidha says Vidha. Kamini says Viplav and Dhaani’s daughter and is shocked. She calls Tripurari and asks him to end a big trouble in Mumbai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Zee

    Thank you H Hasan.
    BBBADD episode :'(
    Overdose of Kamini
    Villains coming together Sim/Kam
    Parshiya/Dhani teasing unnecary
    Scheming and plotting starts again

    • Nimisha

      Thanks H Hasan. Kam’s plans have to fail though! And this time Viplav has Vidha so hoping the dynamic is different this time to the pre leap Kam always winning crap

      Please let the show stay positive and hopeful.

      Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase! ??????????????

      • Ade1111

        I really pray so too ?????? just can’t tolerate any more negativity will see how I feel about watching tonight or Tom I hate Kamini and that would mean I only watch few minutes of today’s episode

    • meena

      Of all the people kamini has to be the one to know dhani being alive!!!!! I wished for dadi… Dang….

  2. Arshdeep

    Not good episode today.. The entire episode was mostly kamini…and today we had 2-2..??
    Anyways still enjoyed viplav putting off kamini’s hand and ignoring her?

    Thank you hasan mam for the update?

  3. Arshdeep

    The spoilers on tellychakkar implies that viplav is going to do the same thing he did 5 years ago..not giving dhani a chance to speak ??

    • Nimisha

      I’m hoping the spoilers are wrong… After all this time how could he be that angry again. Mind you he’s probably reverted to being angry all the time as he stupidly married Kam and she makes us all angry!!! Ggrrrrr!!!

    • Zee

      Hi Arshi – yes I didnt realize. How are you dear? You have an exam tomo na- which one? My dissertation is not in the best of places. its a mess right now 🙁 Hve to work very late tonight to sort it.

      • Arshdeep

        I am good zee?
        Tomorrow exam is of jipmer puducherry

        And Dont worry….Keep going?
        I am awake tonight too but not to study??

      • Zee

        Thank you and same to you Arshi!
        So why do yu have to wait till midnght to say thanks- you can do it anytime Bday hotaa toh midnight thik thha lekin thx kke liye midnight kyon?

      • Zee

        Happy Bday Arshi!!
        Wishing you the VERY BEST today and always.
        May all your dreams come true!!

  4. Areeb

    Shukar! Accidentally I missed watching today’s episode, seems Kam is back in her form. ?

  5. Ade1111

    Okay so am not going to comment for now seems like I said before it’s the Kamini Show What was she promised and who is she that she is just all over IKRS they better not promote any more negativity not going to be able to tolerate it again
    Oh dear seems I am commenting ?

    • Nimisha

      Comment away.

      It’s not that bad. I,m confident that with Vidha and Dhani’s new found ability to stand up for herself, it will negate the Kam effect.

      Just want Viplav to be more aware of what’s going on.

      • Ade1111

        I really hope so too he should know by now that Kamini is manipulative oh Gosh I can’t take a naive Viplav again please please

  6. Nimisha

    TOO MUCH KAM! Bleughhhhh!

    Love Parshiya, he does care for Dhani, but doesn’t think he’s worthy. Loved when he was talking about Vidha.
    NOt enough Viplav today, but he did resist Kam grabbing him, so loved that.
    Vidha, Dulaari,Dhani and Parshiya scenes good.
    why do they never let Viplav just see what’s right under his nose.

    Kam track predictable and am guessing she was on the phone to trips, so the cat and mouse chase begins again.

    Besides the Kam bits, good epsiode, poor Vidha worried for her mum.


    • Aj

      When somebody told 2 days back about inside story of Ikrs for giving ishita more preference then other actors. You had given ur own excuse. Now see again the creep kamini show and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………………… hahahahahahaha.

  7. Anne

    ?Thankyou H.Hasan.
    How can kamini think that after FIVE years Viplav is somehow going to fall in love with her??? Deluded. I find the new Tripurari more scary than the old one somehow.Not enough Mishal and Vidha in this episode.????

    • Nimisha

      She just wants him doesn’t she as she thinks she’s better than Dhani., it’s not about him or how he feels at all it’s about how she feels. She has to win… Always. Selfish devil witch!

      I’m curious what happened between them now too Anne. I’m sure there will be flashbacks to show it but after you just asked I’m ??? too,

      I think he married her to appease DB and also aphid to as DB had left all the fortune and AN to Viplavs Bahu, so he had to to ensure his family weren’t kicked out… Maybe… In another 10’seconds I’ll have another theory so will stop now.

      Sorry…. ????????

      • Zee

        Hi Nimisha. I read on an earlier thread (I think Anne) mentioned a plausible theory abt the Vip/aam wedding. Probably that night when Viplav got drunk – Kamini convinced him that they slept together and he got her knocked up. He felt morally responsible for it. That is why Kam said “I wanted to leave but you wanted to take responsibility. He replied yes it was a mistake, but I had gone mad, not you’.

  8. arohi

    Viplav kya yaar !!!!!!! kamini Vidhani ke naam se jaan gayi ki wo tumhari beti he. Why don’t u. Hope this time Viplav will trust Dhani….

    • Arohi vk has seen dhani alive n she knew about her pregnancy so cud easily know about vidha being vip n dhanis daughter but viplav thinks dhani is not alive physically though she is always in his thoughts n moreover he was not aware of her pregnancy so cud not guess.?☺

  9. Areeb

    Again series of conspiracies, lies, missunderstandings, misinterpretations, miscommunications, misappropriations.. breathing.. breathing.. ?

    Okay, Besides all this. Hoping this time these conspiracies will not last longer. And.. And hoping this time her tricks ends up disclosing her real face before Viplav & Dhaani too! ?

  10. Nimisha

    Arshdeep, it’ll be your bedtime soon, so GOOOOOD LUCK in the exam tomorrow. Will be thinking of you ALL day. ☺️

    Hoping you sleep well and wake up refreshed ready to face it and nail it!


    • Arshdeep

      Thank you soo much didi??
      Dont think i will sleeping soon… Will be awake atleast till 12..
      U know i have to say thanks to someone very special?

  11. Louella

    Hasan mam thanks for the update. I watched today’s episode but loved it. Don’t think me mad, okay??

    Kamini was so irritated. Loved seeing her suffer like this. But today the whole episode was just Kamini. But not one there were two two!!!

    Mishal was looking so handsome today as usual. His expressions were wow!! But the way Viplav just ignored Kamini was a thing to watch!!

    Vidha was again cute!! Love her so much!!!

    Hope there will be no love triangle as it happens in other serials!!!

    No comments on Dhaani aka Sanjeeda as u all know what I m going to say……

    • SARAS

      hey louella princess. . nice comments. . How r u?? Hope u had good time in ur holidays. .

      All the best for your coming year.

  12. Areeb

    Arshdeep good luck for your test. ? I think ( not sure ) tomorrow is your Birthday also. 🙂 Will wish and pray for your success in exam! InshaAllah you’ll nail the exam! ?✨✊ Sleep well! ?

  13. Sujie

    Hello everyone…. THANK YOU HASAN MAM FOR THE UPDATE…..
    Whole episode seemed like Kaamini Puran…but glad that Viplav ignores her…..i sincerely seriously hate Kaamini…trust me I am a loyal hater of Kaamini…..
    I wonder how can antagonists know the facts…..reach the place…see the things first that protagonists badly need to do…. This Kaamini can rwach anywhere…she got to know Dhaani is alive..she got to know Dhaani’s address….she guessed Vidha is Vidhaani’s daughter… Why can’t Viplav know all these things???
    Poor Parshiya…… He is genuinely helping Dhaani for Vidha and people gossip about his relation with Dhaani…. Such people do exist in our society…. seriously wonder if a man helps an woman…should he necessarily be either her lover….. Arrey friendship humanity compassion…is also something….
    If spoilers are to be believed Viplav will repeat the same mistake he did 5 years ago….. But I am pretty sure Dhaani has learnt to fight for herself in these 5 long years……
    Seriously this Kaamini is damn irritating…. I will not regret if I get an opportunity to kill her……
    Now Kaamini knows Dhaani is alive…. She will tell it to TP… He might break the news to DT and KT…and shameless people will again unite and do some creepy acts to keep Viplav away from Dhaani and Vidha…..
    These people whi fake themselves as well wisher of Viplav…this kt dt and kaamini …actually they are brought to usurp ViDhaani’s happiness all at once…for their own benefit…..
    Hope ViDhaani reunite soon…. And Vidha knows Viplav is not her unvle but her dearest daddy she hd been longing to meet…..

  14. Sujie

    Arshu….all the best for your exam dear….now go and get some good sleep…… Just kill it … 🙂

  15. Shah

    Hi friends, Telly chakkar says like thats

    Now, the twist in the tale comes.

    Our source reveals, “During the marriage function, Vidha will keep on telling her mother that father will arrive at the function. And surprisingly, Viplav will be there to attend the occasion. Later on, post the wedding, Viplav will come across Dhaani and will get to know that Vidha is Dhaani’s daughter.”

    After learning about Vidha being Dhaani’s daughter Viplav will think that his former wife has moved on in her life and has started her life afresh. Without listening to Dhaani, Viplav will leave the place heartbroken..

    Oops, we feel sad for the couple.

  16. Areeb

    Post leap story’s best part is change in relation of Viplav & Kamini. Sad they got married but happy with the fact Viplav is not even looking at her. ? Pre leap Viplav was taking care of her. And now kam is begging him to at least talk with her properly. Loving the Fall Of Kamini! ?

    • Sujie

      Hi Latha…..
      my comments are already posted…. and more is on the way…. will be back tomorrow morning ….
      good night everyone ……

  17. Porkodi

    Thanks hasanji for the update. Very bad episode… again Kamini knows everything… irritating to see her face.

  18. Episode is very sad .. I hate kamini very much and love viplav for ignoring that chipku gum .. enough of negativity now it’s time to reveal kamini’s truth. How can kamini live with the man who doesn’t love her even don’t care about her ..
    Spoilers is too irritating he should give a chance to dhani atleast he know very well that she love him alot and can never move on .. cvs like misunderstanding, lies and conspiracies but now it’s enough viewers are fed up..
    We were watching this drama because if it’s uniqueness it’s and because of their strong love and trust but cvs are also making it like other typical dramas.


      • Aj

        I never watch such creep things going on right now. I show u real face………….. of Ikrs running creep thing ………….. ..

      • So u don’t watch why are you eating our brain? just stay out of our page and don’t tell me what I should do mind ur own business.. and ikrs jitna bhe sad hojai we will still love it because of its uniqueness so please better don’t say such things to this drama as it’s not just a drama for us it’s our life abhe tameez sey bol rahe hn next time it will be worse

  19. Can someone tell me the repeat timings of ikrs for saturday and sunday in Pakistan excluding 3am and 5am.. I think they do not re telecast it at 1am

  20. vaishnavi

    no vipu n vidhu scene today its very irritating to c vk in whole epi
    anyways i just read the spoilers that vipu knows that vidha is dhaani’s daughter n he mu that she is moved on vipu pls yaar dont do this at least try to speak with dhaani just clear the mu
    pls vk ko again win mat hone dena pls

  21. Louella

    Arshi di all the best for your exam. Do well and also try to comment after your exam. Will be thinking about u. Also have a good sleep now as I have told u.

  22. Porkodi

    Happy birthday Arshi dear…?????
    Have a great birthday in this year… u will get all the happiness on ur birthday… great year ahead for u… once again all the best for tomorrow exam..

  23. Anne

    In Indian law, would viplav be legally married to kamini,if Dhani is still alive? Any body know????

  24. Ade1111

    I think we can all agree we HATE KAMINI ???? I just hope now that if TP tell KT and DT they will now support Dhani in her fight against Kamini
    Since like Nimisha Says is still married to Viplav just hope this PH use their brains properly now ????????

  25. Hi freinds i know serials don’t go by logic but logically below needs to be answered from tomorrow’s n today’s episode 1?viplav saw the address in form but didn’t see parents name ? ? ? ? ? ? Mrs kaushik told dhani to collect from guest room n didn’t take the name of the guest. ?? Ideally she should have send a help with them.?Viplav opening the purse n dhani’s photo fall has already been discussed yesterday ?? ? Dulari leaving alone a t yr old child in a city without locking the house as if its ram rajya.? power cut at mrs kaushik residence n dhanis place was simultaneous n lol there was no immidiate back up at the wedding? ?? seems there was only one guest room in the palatial building n only 1 guest ?☺? Viplav cud have left his visiting card a or a small note along with the purse.? evertime viplav is anti vk but today when she wanted him to stop going to ground where dhani was waiting she made a stupid excuse n told him to accompany her to room n he did listen?????

    • Aj

      Forget about logic , watch only if u r kamini well wisher otherwise close to watch. Today’s hard fact u accept it or not. Rethink urself that why Rupali guha & film farm give excuses after 7 days on FB when Eisha had left or forcefully said for left Ikrs. rethink ur self where there is the FLAME and their is always SMOKE. Why this excuses comes after 7 days think think again. Totally waste now to watch it.

    • Zee

      hi Renu, I agree with all of what you have said abt ‘logic gaya tel lene’
      Except one place, Dulaari was shown talking a neighbour and possibly telling her to keep an eye on the child.

  26. M


  27. Arshu wish u a hsppy birthday. N sll the best for yr jipmer pondicherry. It is easier than Aims n u can easilly crack in first 100. All the best.

  28. Nimisha

    Have a lovely day lovely girl. I know you also have an exam, but make sure you enjoy it LOTS!!!

    Good luck in the exam too!

    Love you lots. Xxxxxxxxxxxx ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  29. eshani

    I think now as kamini will try to harm dhani viplav will come to protect n that’s how thy meet but what is this according to spoilers again viplav repeating the same mistake come on yaar show something positive now

  30. Ikrs is totally spoiled now.dey cross d limit of negativity after kaminis entry.why don’t dey end kamonis track.dey don’t want to move d story further ..only dragging d show.after 5 yrs dey can sense d presence each other but could see each other even being trapped together with the with unrealistic
    The writer n producer should know DAT the trp ll nt increase in dis way rather we all stop watvhnh ikrs if dey show too much negativity

  31. arohi

    Let viplav know the truth abt Dhani . We can accept any thing bt plz want 2 see viplav dhani together………

  32. Louella

    Arrrrssssshhhhiiiii diiiiii!!!!!

    May God bless u with lots of happiness…
    Enjoy your day and also all the best for your exam!!!

  33. Louella

    Saras mam I have enjoyed my summer vacations to the fullest. Now only one week left, then school.

  34. Sujie

    Happy birthday Arshu ….
    Many many happy returns of the day…..
    Wish you all the success and happiness in your life……
    Love you and always keep smiling….
    . 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. SARAS

    arshadeep.. many many happy returns of the day. Good bless you. .
    Hope Your exam went well. .. All our prayers are with you. .. You will be successful…

  36. shanitics

    Epi was quite good.. I always wonder y negative leads comes to knw everything first?

  37. SARAS

    I think it’s film farm’s style to start a seral with theme n with logics etc… Then they start with logicless tracks. . Then the show will go for years n years. it happened with uttaran..
    It was very nice initially. .. After some episodes it lost track n it went on n on. .

  38. Arshdeep

    I am soo lucky to have you all in my life??
    Finally turned 18??
    I was waiting for my bday just to get your wishes??
    Thank youuu everyone??

    So Telling everyone out here..
    I got a present from someone here..
    Anyone guesses???

    Ohh yaa..u are correct??
    I got a lovely lovely present from nimisha didi? a sweet card with bestest wishes and a very cute gift??
    Ahhhh one more chance to make you all jealous?? haha just kidding?
    Thank you soo much didi?????
    Love you??

  39. Louella

    I m thinking to start one more ff. Just want your suggestions. First of all my school is going to start on 13th June. Then I m also handling 3 ffs already. What should I do? Should I start or leave it for next time?? Plz everyone reply. Or I think u will miss an ff.

    • Arshdeep

      Let your school start…and see if you have time to manage one more..then go for it

  40. Louella

    Arshi di today I will ask u questions. So ur first question is tell me a very funny incident, a sad incident, an incident which made u very angry and an incident which made u cry in your school??? Answer if u can. If anyone else wants to answer then they can. Just to know who had the most fun in school. I think I m the one. Let me see who can prove me wrong. I will also tell mine but first u all answer me.

  41. Aj pl be sensible enough to uderstand that we do not want any outsider who is not a well wisher of ikrs n this forum. U r not authorised to post yr comments repeatedly when other people dont like it. Pl its a request to not come over again if u r ANTI IKRS

    • Aj

      This is the open forum & am free to tell my views to anyone. I think it should not be anyone’s personal forum.

      • Louella

        I understand the meaning of it. But if we r the true fans of ikrs then we have to keep patience. If u can’t then u read all the ffs to keep your mind fresh. Even I m doing the same. U will definitely feel good. There r a number of ffs here. U can read those.

  42. shanitics

    Arshi di sad to knw ur exams was a bit tough…?

    Di.. Lols.. I too thr again in ur gang of maths haters?

  43. Louella

    Swetha di when we had gone for trip just a week ago we had a susu gang. A very funny incident had happened related this which I have told Zee. I will tell u but not now. Wait for little while. It’s very funny.

  44. Fatarajo

    I want kamini to be positive but before that something must happen. Because negative roles doesnt suits ishita at all because in real she is so sweet i hope somehow kamini and parshiya fall in love and kamini turn positive lol 😛 only solution currently 😛

    • Sujie

      A good idea Joyee…. Only if makers listen to you.. Even if Kaamini does not turn positive…Parshiya will hamdle her so well


  46. Hina

    Hi, v don’t like new dhani ,v want to see old wali Dhani .
    Be coz now this serial so boring ,sorry to say vid your new dhani.

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