Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani, Vidha and Parshiya coming to Mrs. Kaushik’s house. Suddenly Dhaani faints and falls down. Parshiya asks Dhaani to open her eyes. Kamini and Viplav standing far from them. Parshiya asks Vidha to get water. Vidha runs to get water and brings it. Mrs. Kaushik takes Viplav to make him meet her new business partner. Viplav goes okay and goes inside. Parshiya makes Dhaani have water. He says you don’t have food and does only work. He says why do you care for Simone’s work. Dhaani says I am fine, but then faints again. Parshiya shouts Dhaani. Kamini sees Dhaani’s face and gets angry and stunned. Parshiya lifts her and takes her in his arms. Parshiya makes her drink water again. Kamini asks who is this man? If Dhaani moved on in life. Parshiya goes to bring auto.

Kamini thinks if Dhaani is alive, then why she didn’t meet Viplav? There is something for sure. She sees Viplav coming and thinks to stop him. She asks Viplav to take her to room as she is feeling unwell. Viplav asks if something happened here? Kamini says no. They leave while Dhaani is standing there waiting for Parshiya..

In room, Kamini thinks how can this be possible? Dhaani is alive. She says there is a big game. Her inner self tells that it is destiny’s game and asks why you are scared? Kamini says where did she stay for 5 years. She says she far from you.. Kamini asks if Dhaani knows that Viplav is here? Her inner self tells that Dhaani doesn’t know else she would have meet Viplav. She asks her not to worry. Kamini thinks why did we come here? If Dhaani snatches Viplav from me then I can’t stay without him. Her inner self tells that Dhaani has some man with her. Kamini says yes, and thinks to find out about Parshiya. She thinks if Viplav comes to know about all this, then how he will react…She recalls Viplav’s words that Dhaani is not dead and alive in his heart and memories.

Kamini says let Dhaani be in his memories and shall not come infront of him. She says if she comes infront then my house and love will go off from my hands. She thinks to find out what Dhaani wants and thinks she is a big danger to her. Viplav comes after bath and opens his suitcase. Kamini wonders if that girl is Viplav’s daughter. Viplav checks the bag and says it is sure that you haven’t packed my bag. Kamini says why I couldn’t pack your bags? Viplav says you haven’t packed neatly since 5 years. Kamini says you don’t know about my feelings, and says you didn’t ask about me. My head is having headache and you didn’t ask me anything. Viplav ignores her. Kamini says you can’t ignore me. Viplav opens the superman sketch and smiles. Kamini asks what is this? Viplav keeps it in his suitcase.

Dulaari scolds Dhaani for going without having food. Dhaani says it was important to meet that man. She says time is less, I have to collect money for admissions. Parshiya says if you are well then only we can collect money. Dulaari says he is also saying the same thing. Dhaani asks him about wedding work. Parshiya asks her to take care and says he will go and do wonderful work. Vidha looks sad.

Dhaani asks what happened? She says mumma is fine…Vidha asks if you will die mumma? Papa is gone, and haven’t return. If anything happens to you. Dhaani says we all will be together always. She tells Dulaari that Vidha brought water for her yesterday. She says Vidha will go to big school and will talk to Nani in english. Dulaari says I will come with you and learn english. Vidha says you can’t get admission, and says I will come back and teach you at home. Parshiya says who will teach me then? I take care of everyone, and make you eat chocolate icecream also. He says you forgot me. What I will get..nothing. Dulaari says why you are saying this..when we came here 5 years back, we would have died without you. He says you gave us shelter, food and everything. She says we can’t forget our favor. Parshiya asks her to tell that they will also stay together with him (baba).

Vidha asks Dhaani, if she wants to see Rakshas uncle, and says we will meet him tomorrow. Parshiya says let Dhaani rest and goes to buy biscuits for her. Parshiya’s friends ask him about bhabhi. Parshiya scolds them for making fun of Dhaani and says she has made us humans and gave respect and taught work. She asks them not to make fun. They says they are our bhabhi only and says they can hear his heart voice. Parshiya says what you both are saying and says Dhaani is from respected home.

Kamini comes to Simone and says it seems you have trained your workers well, and praises the flower decorations. She tells that there is small function at her home, and says her nephew’s mundan. She asks about Dhaani’s number and address. Simone says she don’t organize small events and says she will give Dhaani’s number. Kamini says you are the best. Simone says she don’t have her address and says these guys are with her. She is coming in evening. Kamini thanks her and smirks thinking she will find Dhaani.

Parshiya says we are not suitable for each other, there is no match. He says I want to help her for Vidha’s admission and says she is very much tensed. He says Dhaani thinks of me as a good man and friend. His friend says Gudiya calls you baba naa. Parshiya says Vidha must have heard my aayi calling me baba and calling me baba. His friend says you like it naa. Parshiya says I love her very much and tells that she told story about frog and the princess. He says she slept while telling story, I felt peace and so good. He says Dhaani wanted to admit her in a good school and says he will help Dhaani and will get Vidha admitted in a good school, so that she can become an officer after growing up. He says I will do anything to help Dhaani.

Kamini comes to Dhaani’s locality and acts as if the place is stinking. She sees Dhaani coming out of her house and looks evilly.

Kamini asks Vidha if she needs her ball. Vidha says yes. Kamini asks about her name? Vidha says Vidha. Kamini says Viplav and Dhaani’s daughter and is shocked. She calls Tripurari and asks him to end a big trouble in Mumbai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  9. I think it’s film farm’s style to start a seral with theme n with logics etc… Then they start with logicless tracks. . Then the show will go for years n years. it happened with uttaran..
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