Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini asking Viplav if he wants to go back to Dhaani. Viplav says I just needs answer. Kamini says may be I came in between your questions and answers. She says I think I should go away from your life, I will give you divorce and not Dhaani. Viplav looks on. Kamini says you wants to stay with her, it’s ok. I won’t stop you. I am tired of fighting with you daily. I will go far with Atharva. Viplav says Dhaani had left me, and I haven’t left her. She has taken this decision and not telling me. He says I got married to you, and you are my responsibility. You didn’t do any mistake. Kamini asks him to answer. She says I am your responsibility and she is your love, you will choose whom? Dhaani or me. Viplav asks her to pack her bags and says we are going back to Banaras.

Kamini gets happy. She informs Atharva that they are going back home. Atharva gets happy and calls Vidha. He cutely says it was good that I took your number, else how I would have informed you that I am going back to Banaras. Vidha asks with Rakshas uncle. Atharva says yes and cuts the call.

Vidha cries and tells Dhaani that Rakshas uncle is going and asks Dhaani to stop him. She says I want to meet you. Dhaani asks Vidha not to cry and says he has to go, he didn’t come for forever. She says bus will come, we will go now. Vidha says no, she says she wants to meet Rakshas uncle. Dhaani asks Vidha not to be stubborn. Vidha goes cryingly. Dulaari asks Dhaani to let Vidha meet Viplav. Dhaani says it is not good. Dhaani says I also lived without my father. Dulaari says Viplav’s love for you and your daughter can be seen. She asks her not to separate Viplav and Vidha. She gets teary eyes and goes. Dhaani thinks she has hurt both Viplav and Dulaari.

Someone comes and handover tickets to Kamini, saying Viplav has booked it. Kamini says Dhaani is out finally from our life, and says we will go back to Banaras. She checks the ticket and sees her name and Atharva’s name. She panics and says where is Viplav’s name, thinks to ask Viplav.

Parshiya wins the cycle race and dances with everyone. Dhaani comes out, hears the drum sound and sees everyone dancing. Parshiya’s friend asks him to ask Dhaani for a dance. Parshiya says time is not right now, and says he will ask when the time is right, and she will not refuse. Kamini comes to Viplav and says there is some mistake in the ticket, as your name is not in it. Viplav says no, and asks her to go to Banaras with Atharva. He says what you said last right, Dhaani has to say all the truth, either this way or that way. He says he will come back after knowing the truth, and asks her to go. Kamini says she will stay with him. Viplav asks her to go. Atharva comes and asks him to come as well. Viplav says I will come, and till then will talk to you on phone. Kamini says it is do and die situation for me too.

Everyone is dancing celebrating Parshiya’s win. Dhaani also dances as Vidha insists. Parshiya smiles. A person comes there and says you people haven’t given reply to Agarwal builders notice. He says you shall vacate the chawl soon. He shows the court notice. Parshiya gets angry on him and asks who are you. The person asks them to vacate the chawl within 15 days and then bull dozen will break the homes. Parshiya threatens to beat him. Dhaani asks him to calm down and asks not to take law in his hands. She says this is legal notice. The person goes with his men. Parshiya says I will do what they will do. The neighboring women get tensed about their homes. Dhaani says we have to talk to good lawyer. The men of the chawl say that the good lawyers take much money. A woman asks who will help us?

Viplav comes and says I will help…Vidha smiles seeing Viplav and says Rakshas uncle. Viplav says I heard that you needs a lawyer. Woman says yes, and says but we can’t pay your fees. Viplav says it is okay and asks them about the case. Someone says that they need all the house. Viplav says he will see the court notice. Dhaani takes him to side and says you were going to Banaras naa. She asks him to go. Viplav says I know that you don’t need me, but I will help them. He tells the people that he never loses the case. The people get happy and plays the dhol, also lifts Viplav on shoulder. Viplav says now we will talk about my fees. Woman says just now you refused. Viplav asks her not to worry and says I just need a small place in your chawl. Someone says that he will book AC room in the hotel. Viplav says he wants to understand the case better. Dhaani recalls Viplav staying in the Ashram and a fb is shown.

Kaku asks Viplav to stay in the room beside Dhaani’s house. Dhaani asks Kaku, why you are saying this. Kaku says if he stays with us, then can understand us. Vidha says we will play daily and calls him Rakshas uncle. Neighbor says he is our Rakshak. They say we all are with you, tell us if you have any problem. Ishq ka Rang Safed plays………….Dhaani looks at him and goes inside. Parshiya looks angry. Viplav thinks he was alone before, but now everyone is with me. Parshiya comes to Dhaani with his friends and asks her to say yes, and says he will beat Viplav. Dhaani says you will not beat him and asks his friends to go. Parshiya says I will do what I can do. Dhaani says it is not needed. She says if he thinks that I will be trouble then it is his misunderstanding. I don’t care.

Vidha tells Viplav that she will bring plate and spoon from her house. Viplav asks her to ask her mamma. Vidha asks Dhaani. Dhaani says no, and says someone will give. Vidha says you helps everyone, then why not Rakshas uncle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Wonderful episode today?? Superb❤
    Viplav’s entry in chawl was perfecto?? “Hum karenge madad”? The smile on his and vidha’s face brightened the whole screen?? The way he was continuously looking at Dhani while he was lifted and dhol played and vidha dancing. In fact he was completely looking at dhani for the whole time he was in chawl. His determination to know dhani’s departure truth made my determination to watch the show stronger than ever. Those flashbacks of Viplav coming to ashram?? Exactly the similar scenes now. Thats what i always wanted to see. And finally its there?? Damn excited now. I can say today the old IKRS is back.?? Finally Viplav-Dhani together at same place again?Wanted Dulaari to be there at that moment too..was missing her?? But loved the last part seriously. ❤ Very excited for tomorrow? A couple of episodes now going to be exactly working on the previous track..the nok-jhoks..Ohh i am going mad i feel. Please dont read my comment?

    Vidha-Dhani-Dulaari scenes were heart touching. Very very well said Dulaari???But whats the use now? You people dont take a stand when needed. But Dhani needed that scolding. Dhani is so confused right now. She herself dont know what she is doing with herself and her daughter. Atleast she realises how rude she is these days. Dhani pointing to her father today that she also grew up without him..symbolises his story is going to be soon starting in the show. Vidha was so cute in asking to meet her rakshas uncle. Once out she got so busy in dancing with her baba that she even forgot she was going to meet her Rakshas uncle.?? The father-son scenes were again so sweet and cool.? Both the children are lovely?

    Kamini has already wasted money on tickets a number of times so i whole-heartedly hope its her final departure from Mumbai to Banaras. Have a safe trip Kamini and enjoy torturing KT and DT at banaras?? Once again a big Thanks to you for igniting the fire again in Viplav’s heart..Finally an aar-paar ki ladai..!!? I am excited..! How long will Dhani be able to bear Viplav with her mouth shut. She will open it…I just wish sooooooon…. Both Dhani and Viplav thinking its not Kamini’s fault. They need to be enlightened with the truth soon. I feel the Kamini’s chapter is gonna remain close while Dhani’s dad chapter will open but she wont be leaving yet.? Kaaash i am proved wrong. ??

    Precap is awesome. Vidha helping her Rakshas uncle and finally noticing the fact that Dhani is only mean to Viplav and help all others? And Viplav as the best father dont want her daughter to tell lies to her mother at all.?

    Didnt like Parshiya telling he will beat Viplav and all but can understand he dont want anything  to be around that hurts Dhani. But when Dhani yelled back at him was awesome. She just said not to do gunda-gardi but there was a deep meaning behind her words. Parshiya needs to understand it soon and unite them. The right time for you to tell Dhani that you love her will never ever come i guess. I feel sorry for you but “VIDHA” are made for each other. Unite them. You will receive a number of blessings. Please Parshiya.. ??

    Everyone was soooo good today (as usual actually)..Viplav..Dhani..Dulaari..Parshiya..Vidha.. Even the chawl people.  Well done everyone????
    In my excitement i forgot to say-
    Thank you hasan mam for the update. I had missed the first part today before first ad as something was wrong with my TV?? But thanks to you??

  2. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Viplav’s lawyer brains would work perfectly for chawl’s case but still not for his own life’s case. 🙁

  3. Renu

    In todays episode just 2 major things one is vk is finally going back to banaras n second viplav would now stay adjacent to dhani n that too with all support of the basyi people ☝☝☝???

    • Porkodi

      |Registered Member

      Yes finally Kamini will go to Banaras….we will not see her for few days… good job Kamini… because of u only viplav decided to stay here…

      • maha

        Renu di I will try dhokla on 3rd day of eid 🙂
        but I am little bit scare as its quite difficult to make and even my mom doesn’t know anyting about it .. but still will try .. Thanks and love u di :-*

  4. Renu

    Vidha was too cute when she told dhani that u help everyone then why not rakshas uncle.?

  5. Renu

    Parshiyas freinds keep on provoking him to propose dhani thank god he didn’t n is waiting for the right time but it would never come as by then he would realise dhani’s love for viplav.

  6. Renu

    Today dhani was nostalgic when viplav said that he would stay in basti it self for the case study in depth. At ashram too he had said the same when he had come to stay so now it seems vidhàni’s lo e story wud start afresh.

  7. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi hasanji after along time I was r u??? N thank u for ur lovely updates.we r addicted to ur updates.

  8. Pooja

    Prasiya why you do like this – can’t you see there love – why feeling jealous – how can you beat him !? What he did to you

    • Renu

      Ya pooja didn’t like parshiyas attitude towards viplav. Probably he was doing it as hs thinks viplav is root cause of dhanus troubles but i am sure slowly viplav would win him over n then he would try to unite vidhani.

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      No pooja if he loves dhaani truly then Persia himself give his love for viplav n dhaani.let’s see if he will turn -ve or remain +he role only.
      We too think +ve onlyv that he will be +ve

  9. Renu

    Today dulari was right in saying that if u want to live alone u can but 2hy do u snatch her fathers love from yer but dhani unknowingly did hurt dulari by saying that so what even i had yearned for dad but still managed so vidha can also manage.

  10. Renu

    Though vidha was in tears to know about viplavs leaving mumbai but real elated to see him.back
    Just loved her adorable smile at that moment.

  11. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi my dear ikrs loving family how was today’s episode. But I was totally confused yaar.
    Here viplav says kamini is his wife she is her responsibility so then how come.
    He wants both wife at a time .
    Avva kavala buvva nu kaavala viplav ki.
    Sorry its Telugu word that he wants both of them.don’t know yaar how story takes place.but I want only one thing vidhaani reunite n kamini exit from the viplavs life n also show too.

  12. Renu

    When vk had asked viplav that i am ye responsibility n she is yr love pl decide as i dont want to come in between. Viplav has clearly yold her to go back to banaras vk pl understand answer is in yrs front.

  13. Nima

    |Registered Member

    i thought aaj AAR YA PAAR ho jayega bt writers chewing gum ki tarah lammmmmmba khiche ja rahe ho.

  14. SARAS

    vidhas question in precap is apt..

    I felt the serial is going back to initial episodes total remake of same story. . There it was ashram here chawl… seemed very silly…

    somehow dhani n parshiyas relationship is not convincing.. They seem to do business together for that they don’t have to always roam around in his bike together. ..
    dhani never used to Even shake hands with men how could she so easily always mingling with parshiya?? strange. ..

    in that basti if they both were living so closely all these years then don’t u guys think neighbors talk ill about one ever seems to have asked dhani about her hubby n vidhas dad so far.. howcome???

  15. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    The best part of today’s episode…. Minimum part of Daayan 😀
    Vidhu….my doll….why are you so cute saani??
    Dulaari Maayi did right by making it clear cut that if Dhaani does not want Viplav to meet her..then its her wish…but she cannot stop Vidha from meeting Viplav…. Jiyo Dulaari Maai…
    And Atharva..he is also cute….my instinct says he cannot be Kaamini’s biological son… But maybe Shaalu is his biological mother..
    Parshiya …and his friends…. Soch toh lo bolne se pehe ke you are taking about beating Viplav….. You cannot…..

    The way Viplav entered the locality and said Hum ladenge aapka case….. Took me back to those days….. And Eisha in flashback…..
    That time Viplav stayed in ashram and now in the chawl….. That time Rajlakshmi was utterly fond of Viplav..and called her Salman…. And now Vidha is his fan…..
    Gosh…. Mishal amd his expressions 🙂
    Loved it …… 🙂 🙂

  16. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Thanks hasan mam for the update. The episode was very interesting.

    Vidha and Atharva were again so cute today. Their conversation was just aww!! Atharva is very smart ha! Just like his papa. And Vidha too just like her papa. Both r the same.

    Kamini was looking very happy today. Loved when all her happiness vanished when she saw that Viplav’s ticket is not there! But Ishita is acting very well. Our hateness towards her character shows the goodness in her acting! Well done ishita!

    Mishal was again superb. His expression were mind blowing. Love him today!

    I hope there will be some nhok-jhoks again back in the further episodes. The flashbacks were just awesome. Reminded me of the old ikrs. Best part of ikrs were those golden moments. A new ray of hope has come. But if something else happens then it will not be bearable for me.

    Oho Parshiya won the race. Very good Parshiya!

    When Vidha was dancing she was looking so cute. But she should have been in Viplav’s arms instead of Parshiya’s! Loved the scene when Viplav was carried by the people!

    Why is Dhaani bringing her personal problem in the society problem? She knows that Viplav is a very good in fact a superb lawyer but then too why she is stopping him? It’s unbearable. track should now be changed. I hope it happens.

    Precap is so interesting. Vidha is very smart. Good question Vidhu! What will Dhaani answer?? Excited to know. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

    Tomorrow is the spoilers day. My heart is beating fast. What will be the spoilers? Hope all is well at least in this week

  17. Porkodi

    |Registered Member

    Thanks hasanji for the update… wow today viplav’s expression while entering chawl was awesome??? Today vidha and atharva was so cute…
    Finally dhani remembered some different old fb scenes … very happy…viplav pls make her to remember all old scenes… and recreate all those…we r very excited for upcoming track

  18. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    I was like jiyo aunty ji ..when that lady said DHAANI KE BAAJU WALI KHOLI MEIN REHNA …
    The way VIplav was lifted up…fixing his eyes on Dhaani only… And flashback of those moments….. Awwwww 🙂 🙂

    • Renu

      She it was do sweet of her to offer viplav her room adjacent to dhani. Obviously out of sight ouf of mind but if they will stay close love would blossom for sure.

  19. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Maria, Maha, Areeb and all others, I wish u Eid Mubarak in advance. Don’t know if I will be able to wish u or not so wishing u in advance

  20. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Swetha di and Maria di hope your school is going all well. Enjoy your school days. Also tell us some exciting scenes whenever u r free.

  21. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Good wala night Friends.
    Have Mishalian wala dreams.
    Take care!
    Bye… Will meet u tomorrow……. Till then take care and also keep missing

  22. Pooja

    Why dhanni .. don’t you remember he was almost dead to save you – supported you all the time – mad at your thought’s..
    One single line spoiled your life or you spoiled your life on your own.!!!!????

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Absolutely correct pooja…. Viplav was not bound to save her at that time…he could have left her to die….but he didn’t

  23. Anya

    Hi Sujie! Thank u so much for answering my question. I wud b grateful if u cud also tell me when or how does one becomes a registered member of TU?

    • Renu


  24. Nimisha

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone!

    Loved the episode!

    Everyone was brilliant in it

    Loved that Dulari told Dhani off
    Loved that Viplav has resolved yo find out the truth and is mixing into the chawl to be Dhani’s neighbour. Wasn’t expecting that and loved it!
    Poor Parshiya, on such a high after winning the cycle race, dreaming of Dhani. Brought crashing down to earth by by the eviction notice and Viplav,s arrival
    Loved how Viplavs voice entered the chawl, echoing his authority and the way he walked in, ???? live everything about MIshal including his amazing voice. Yesterday it was trembling with sadness, today he was authoritative and commanding! ?????
    VIdha looked so pleased when he arrived.. Dhani surprised,relieved but remembering she’s supposed to be angry lol!

    Don’t understand why Viplav said kam did nothing wrong and that she was right! And worried she,ll go back to Benares tell DT, KT and trips that Viplav is going to make Dhani tell him the truth about what happened, and will cause them to go aft her again,

    Hate kam, want her gone.

    Really loving the current track, and I mean all of it! Well, apart from kam.

    Renu, I said hello on yesterday’s thread, today, thanks for the shout out. Hope you’re well.

    Hope everyone else is too.

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Hey lovely Renu ??
        surprised it made sense with all the silly typos. I have a screen protector on my tablet and I think that’s what causes all my errors. I never used to be so bad at typing! Honest! ???

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Did not think about that kamini telling dT and KT thing but they need to think logically. Offcorse Dhani is better than Kamini for them but yes they wont like to lose their Viplav.

      • Nimisha

        |Registered Member

        Hey Arshu ??
        It will be a bit predictable and a bit disappointing but she’s up to something and not sure, apart from trying to kill Dhani herself, what else she can do.

    • gowtham

      Yes nimisha garu… viplav is brilliant in changing his voice according to the situation…..
      his voice modulation was superb… from the beginning of the serial…..
      Actually he gave life to the viplav character by his acting…….

  25. Yetty

    Hello everyone, Good to see all the comments.
    Thank you Hassan for the update.
    Loved the episode

  26. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Omg frnds u all r analysing our show pin to pin beautifully. I was getting very interested more to read ur com today itself.from last many days I don’t have time to read all com I’ll read just few .but today everyone com was superb analysis.
    Ikrs jindabad sab ko writer banadiya.

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Frnds pls clear me my doubt’s.
      1.ya dhaani left viplav after bomb blast.viplav thought she is dead.if he thinks dhaani is alive still then y he married kamini.
      2.OK tripati family forced him to marry kamini he married for family.
      3.OK even he married he didn’t accept kamini as his wife .then how come atharva.
      4.its OK again he accepted kamini as his wife for surf naamke vaasthey so n so atharva born for them.
      5.then now after viplav saw dhaani y he follows her if he moved on y can’t she.
      6. Ya he told dhaani bcs of u I was still suffering with ur life love bla bla bla.y??? it correct he moved on with his wife kamini y he wants reason or not reason from dhaani.wat can he do after knowing that all.think reality yaar.
      8.its OK then theses things r nonsense he was still loving dhaani n he want dhaani means he don’t accept kamini too as his wife means then y he talks about that kamini n atharva r his responsibility he have to do his responsibility.
      9.and n finally he has to choose oy one dhaani or kamini.dhaani love kamini responsibility.
      10.and if dhaani says viplav wat happened that night with kamini wat he said to her wat viplav will do how he reacts n all confusing me.
      Wat to do frnds pls reply me pls.

      • Latha

        |Registered Member

        Kavitha before bomb blast viplav told that everything is over between us in the temple. He got irked while seeing dhani with parshiya and viplav not even thinking that how dhani will feel while seeing with him kamini and atharava. .and simply asking what happened after bomb blast. We are all die hard fans of mishal that’s why we are scolding dhani.. but in that much pain also dhani thinking that let him happy with kamini. Dhani u r really Mahanth asthma.

      • SARAS

        kavitha dear…
        Only one answer .. viplav is madly in love with dhani… There is nothing answer geenswer he is looking for. . He cannot stay away from her so finding some reasons to be around her that’s all. …

        That night kamini has taken advantage of drunken state of viplav. . result is atharva….
        because of that instance only he seems to have married kamini to give legalitt n name to her would be baby…so he thinks they r his responsibility. ..

        dhani his love. .

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Hey kavitha di..
        I have my own theory behind all this.
        So will share it..
        I feel Kamini was there with Viplav 5 years back while he was drunken. She misused him and next day must have said that you had spent night with me(thats why Viplav said i wasnt in senses but you were)
        And maybe in a day or few days later must have said i am pregnant.(she might be preganant with Tripurari’s child or maybe with Viplav only..less chances of Viplav)
        So Kamini became her responsibilty. Thats why he would have married Kamini..not under family pressure. And then came he must be almost equal in age to Vidha too.
        And he actually didnt move on. He was forced to move on because of kamini becoming pregnant.
        He suffered in her absence. Only if she was there..he wouldnt have to marry Kamini.
        He just wants to know his mistake for which Dhani never returned back to him.
        Viplav will confess he did a mistake and all.

        But i feel until and unless Kamini dont speak the truth her truth can never come out? Or it can come when she isntalking to someone or speaking in herself and someone listens everything. Thats the only way i guess..or by tripurari.

      • Latha

        |Registered Member

        And another thing that trps kidnapped atharava and shot dhani and escaped safely. But no body thinking how this happened and who is hiding behind this.

  27. lovely

    hello friends i have a silent reader of all your comments. i dont like this dhanis facial expressions almost same expression for everything, our da=hani was very beautiful this one is expressionless what say

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Hey lovely. Welcome to Ikrs family.?

      I feel that we arent liking Dhani’s expressions because we are so used to seeing Eisha. I am sure if she would have been from starting of show..we would have liked her. And theres no point in criticising her..we have to accept her the way she is..doesnt matter we like or not.

  28. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Eid-ul-fitr mubarak ho !!
    Thanks to Allah for giving my friends and muslims all around the globe the strength and endurance to complete all their fasts during Ramadan succesfully.
    God bless you all???

    • shanitics

      The epi was quite good when cmnpared to othr episode .. Who is Athrava?

      Precap was chweeet…(sweet)?

  29. Saraswathi.j

    Is Atharva was really Viplav,s son ,he told in today’s episode Atharva is hamara beta hyena,that means really that boy is his son?
    Then the decission of Dhaani away from him may be right ,how can she live with Viplav when Kamini is with him?

  30. Latha

    |Registered Member

    Viplav u maybe getting answers for your questions from dhani and what will u do my boy and how will you solve. U have to choose either responsibility or love.

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Hi latha gud mrg dear .ya may be viplav scolded dhaani in temple in angry n leave dhaani in ashram.but dhaani was not angry on viplav when she got news that she is pregnant she run to viplav to say the gud news.but there kamini misused viplavs drunken stage.there only MU BT vidhaani.
      So after bomb blast she left viplav thinking kamini n viplavs wrong connection.she says viplav me kamini ki baahon mein hi.
      But still non answered questions were ruining my mind.

      • Latha

        |Registered Member

        Kavitha if dhani would have stayed back in ashram after bomb blast these villains would have killed the child vidha also.

  31. Saraswathi.j

    Why Kamini asking Viplav will you chose responsibility or love,love means Dhaani ,is not Dhaani his responsibility ,because he married her in temple and they live together ,is Dhaani not his responsibility ,? Then why Kamini lawyer asking Viplav like that ,for the lost five years he is not living with Kamini as a husband ,many times Viplav told this to Kamini ,did not commit the same mistake again,” our marriage is duniya ko dikavat ke liye” so how can Viplav solve his problem and invite Dhaani into his life ,how they will live together without solving all these problems ,how he will solve it ?

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Correct Saraswati Ma’am….
      Loving someone does not only mean love love love and omly love should be there…. A relationship needs redponsibility towards each other

  32. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Yes saraswathi n latha these were the questions going through our my mind too.
    Even I was waiting eagerly for everyday episode that they will reveal fb of viplav n kamini but they don’t .our CVS is too sincere in such type of dragging situations.
    U seee they didn’t show this week too.
    Actually now the track of that area case matter I think this will be connected to dhaanis father matter n goes on but they don’t reveal viplav kamini fb soon.
    Wat do u say frnds.

  33. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    N a very gud mrg to all my dear ishcolians n mishalians.have a great day frnds.luv u all.
    Thank u for replying me frnds

  34. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Sabko Eid mubarak…… Those who are celebrating it…. Enjoy….. And those who are not…. A happy Tuesday to them ……
    Love you all…❤️??

  35. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    This has become confusion… Is atharva Kaamini’s and Viplav’s kid…..
    Did that daayan really misused state of Viplav that night which compelled him to marry Kaamini…..
    But in my view,if Kaamini was atharva’s real mother…she could have used Atharva as a link to come close to Viplav… rather than keeping such a cute kid in boarding school… After all she is an obsessed woman who wants Viplav and his love at any cost… If Atharva was her own son…she should have brainwashed atharva so that atharva helps her in bringing her closer to Viplav …
    But mind you Kaamini…. You will never get Viplav’s love …. Marr jaaogi tab bhi nahi….?

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Yes sujie nice reply to kamini married jaogey tho thab bi nahin.
      And one thing she dont want viplavs love yaar she needs viplav at any cost that’s it.
      That much irritating culprit she was.
      But nice acting of ishita who creates this much of negativeness in all our her acting too.
      But still waiting for fb yaar.

  36. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Yes arshi ur right until kamini didn’t open her mouth we can’t get correct answer about all my questions I think.
    But I think one thing that if viplav is pure in his love with dhaani he will get his dhaani back in anyway.
    N another thing definitely atharva is not legal son for viplav n kamini I think so.
    Even after he came to know that atharva is not his son he will accept atharva as his son n gives love as vidha only that is viplav.
    Wat u say frnds.

    • Latha

      |Registered Member

      No renu kamini never opens her mouth and tells truth because she madly loves viplav and that’s why she separated dhani from viplav . She knows everything about both the Dumbo’s viplav and dhani and they never doubted her and that’s why she was planning lots and lots

    • Renu

      Hi kavi to ttuly agree to u. Once vks secrets r out definitely all mus will get cleared n then there would be no need of dhani answeing viplav too. Its sure thar viplav would live with vidha n dhani n accept atharv as his son though biologically he is not . Looke atharv is either adopted by vk or of vk n some one else.

  37. SARAS

    hi friends good morning. ..
    I want to clarify one thing. . my comments about sanjeeda os 100percent unbiased. .. if she was c there from beginning I would not like her acting then also. .. We need not like all leads acting just because they r there from beginning. .. she may have too many fan following that direct make her acting ikrs nice. .. if age acts well I m here to appreciate her..

    She is not able to establish good chemistry with anyone. . I don’t like her chemistry Even with vidha.. ibfact dulari vidha n even parshiya vidha chemistry is good. .. not dhanisi hope she works on her acting

  38. Priyanka Gosai

    I guess there r 2 many twists n turns in dis TV program so instead if getting interesting it’s getting boring b-cause the answers 4 questions r not given.

  39. gowtham

    In the previous episodes police said to the kamlini that we dont leave the case………
    then what are they doing?
    atharva go to banaras………..
    and the writers leave that part……..
    My only hope is while investigating the case…………. police wil reveal the truth of kamini to viplav…
    In the viplav’s point of view there is no mistake of kamini…
    then he has no right to behave with kamini like this…
    By seeing the viplav behavior towrads the kamini after the leap.. I think he know the some real face of kamini………But he didn’t know anhting…
    He still believe kamini is a good person which I can’t digest..

  40. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    I wonder if writers forgot about Dulaari Maai’s past again….
    Few days ago… He was shown…They collided with each other.. were unable to see faces….. Dulaari Maai’s photo in his purse….and again he vanishes…..
    Hope that track comes and sone confusions are cleared…..
    One thing…. In yesterday’s episode when Dulaari asked Dhaani not to stop Vidha from meeting Viplav….then Dhaani said she had also lived separately from her father and is surviving till now….and Vidha will also survive without Viplav…. That means some big twist is there behind this track……
    And that demolition of chawl for business…. I hope Dhaani’s pappa is not the one who wants the demolition

  41. saras

    technically agreed .. it was viplav who had said our relationship is over n dropped her to ashram n now asking her reasons….
    here comes the emotional part of that story…
    he knows those words cannot break their relation n for sure someothingelse is the reason for their separation…(which is actually fact)
    the way viplav believes dhani cannot marry anyone else n love somebody else ..
    he expects dhani too to have that trust his love he cannot give dhani’s place to anyone else be it in his life or heart….thats his faith,,,
    unfortuantely our dear dhani never had any trust either on viplav or his love… just saw one scene and stuck wth that for five years…
    even kamini has told her in five years viplav has always lived with dhanis memories and has never given his wife’s place to her… still she is adamant….

  42. SARAS

    in ydays episode I was feeling kamini is only better for vip.. At least she really loves him. .

  43. Saraswathi.j

    The way Dhaani grabbed Viplav,s hand in front of all basti people itself shows her love towards him and her influence and authority on him.she is just acting that she has no feelings for him ,I do not know the film language and meaning ,after marriage where does arise feelings etc.. That is before marriage once that chapter is over now only responsibility of home husband,and Childern and other family members,why these filmy people talking about feeling s ,if any one not have feeling that means did they go to divorce or marry again …….

    • SARAS

      correct saraswathi…
      I have one more was standing in front of her door for two days n she drags his hand in front of all will they not question who is he to her? ??

      I agree after marriage responsibility Comes into picture yet without love n respect for each other I think life becomes meaning less. ..

      • Saraswathi.j

        I already told ,that feelings is cinema language in real life it won’t be like that in general in Indian couple,do not think otherwise if you are married and have Childern ,what is your priorities,what always you think to do something for your Childern and to your husband ,just think before marriage how are you and what are your priorities,slowly day by day in a married couple with Childern ,all the priorities are your Childern and husband not yours even a single one is not yours,that is the magic of Indian marriage and wife and husbands relationship,the same to your husband also ,they did all the work for whom , for his family only ,family means you and your Childern these cine writers show all backwas….

      • Saraswathi.j

        Definetly the basti people will question ,that will come in coming episodes, the language and thinking of elite people are different,basti people language is different their thinking also different they use foul language,that is common for them ,it is there way of life they won’t feel ashamed,there relationships also different……but they do not have crooked nature like urban people….

      • Saraswathi.j

        Viplav,s accident in Mumbai after Dhaani rejected him and says Parshya is her husband all that sort of nonsense of Dhaani ,Viplav driving heart broken and met an accident

  44. Saraswathi.j

    Yes Sara’s Viplav himself told Dhaani and left her in front of ashram ,because at that time Dhaani,s mis deeds at its peak and after listening the secrets of DT,kT,Tp,nearly she is mad and try to tell to Viplav but Kamini mix Bhang in her milk ,she told all the secrets in front of others,at that time Viplav is not in the hall,he managed to save her from his family members,but. DT did so much of hungama that Viplav has to leave the house or he will stay at temple and left the house,so in the morning Viplav advised Dhaani go and ask sorry to DT,she came but DT knows that she knows their secrets and she a danger to them so he want to get rid of her,he scold she and his mother as pr*stitutes and they can live there only,so Dhaani get angry get his collar break his rudraksha mala at that nick of the moment Viplav came and saw Dhaani dragging his Dadaji collier and scold him,he just astonished why she is doing like that ,in that angry mood he told all nonsense to her and left her at ashram,but he went to ghat to meet her she did not turn up then he felt why she not come,he has done wrong by raising his hand on Dhaani why I get so much of angry at that time and he heavily drink,and memorising I did wrong by raising hand on her,that is what happened,but Kamini saw Dhaani coming to meet Viplav from the mirror to tell him that they becoming mother and father,but Kamini manipulate the situation and his heavy drinking utter all the crab and hold Viplav as if they lovers,Dhaani misunderstood and cried and tell Dulaari,they went to ashram ,Suvarna came with a bomb in her bag ,the ashram people listen the sound and Dhaani take it from Suvarna bag ,Dhani and Suvarna fight for so ultimately it fall in to well ,Viplav did not know all this because he was drunk,in the police call him and ask Dhaani ,s husband Viplav Tripati,he stunned next five years leap ,DT ,kT,Tp Kamini managed that all ashram people died in bomb blast through media etc..Viplav reach and did not find any one Dhaani,s mangalsutra is there on the ground he picked it that is what he is wearing as hand band….now he wants to know why she left him without informing,she is alive and has his daughter why you not call me that is eternal question ,,so also wants to know it…

  45. Renu


    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Renu di …thank you for the spoilers….. okay…its gonna be interesting … 🙂 But how can Dhaani call Viplav characterless… I must say yeh Dhaani pura badal gayi…..
      I mean Dhaani open your eyes rey….he is the same Viplav who fought with the entire Banaras who questioned Dhaani’s purity and her character…..
      Hayee….poor Viplav….. He will be seeing this day…when his love…his life..calls her characterless….

  46. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Omg thank u for spoiler renuji.looking this week some vidhaani scenes will be positive approach with each other.
    Any way dhaanis father gave entry to unite vidhaani. Let’s see how story takes changes.waiting eagerly for today’s 6pm.

  47. Saraswathi.j

    This calling Viplav charecter less may be taken from ” iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ” there Kushi call Arnav the same way , these creative ,s copy many from other shows,even the settings are same ,now the scenes are in the ashram streets only just copy cats.

      • Sujie

        |Registered Member

        Renu di…dresses might be same…but when Mishal wears any dress on screen…that becomes trend….may it be casual wears he used to wear before leap…or formals that he wears now 🙂 🙂 My hero… isn’t it??

  48. gowtham

    plzz reveal the truth of kamini……….
    I can’t bear the dhani words
    how can she call viplav characterless………
    plzz writers at least reveal the truth of kamini to dhanii….
    she behave so rudely with viplav day by day…..
    I lost the interest by seeing those scenes…

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..