Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav and Dhaani meeting each other. Viplav says doesn’t know why Tripurari said that. Dhaani says there is someone else involved with him. Viplav looks on. Tripurari laughs at Kanak and says Dasharath send her to Ashram. Kanak says you have become stupid like him and says her work have become easy now. She says she will put black spot on widow’s character and Dhaani will get troubled and leave Viplav.

She comes home and tells Viplav that she is going to Ashram to follow the widow rituals. She says she is going for 7 days. Viplav is shocked and calls Dasharath and Sushma. He asks them if they know about it. Kanak says if Bapu ji wants it then I will follow it. Dasharath tells about widow rituals. Viplav says you will not go for one day or 7 days.

Kanak says it is a matter of just 7 days and then I will return my house. She says I will leave in the morning, and Dhaani knows about it. Viplav says only I wasn’t aware of it. He hugs her. Kanak thinks she will separate them amd does the planning.

Dhaani cleans the Ashram. She asks Raj Lakshmi to clean the floor as well. Raj Lakshmi says she hates you and asks why she is behaving good with her. Dhaani says Dasharath told me that she is like my mum. She asks her to stop talking. Raj Lakshmi says one day your goodness will drown you. Kanak comes to Ashram. Everyone greets her. Kanak tells Dhaani that she came there bare foot and asks her to clean her feet. Dhaani washes her feet. Kanak asks her to clean it properly. Dhaani washes her feet and brings slippers for her. Kanak tells everyone that you people might not like to see me here, but what to do! I have to follow the widow rituals.

Kanak goes to room and throws tantrums saying it is a small room. She says she will be suffocated here and says she will stay in the lawn. Dhaani says I will show you other room. Raj Lakshmi says it is okay. Kanak says I don’t want people to say that I came here to troubled you, and asks her to put her bed in the lawn. Just then Dhaani gets Viplav’s call. He asks if Kanak reached there and says he will come there to pick her. Dhaani says it is a matter of belief and says Kanak have come with her wish. Viplav says she couldn’t refuse Dasharath. They argue. Dhaani asks him to cut the call. Viplav asks her to cut the call. Dhaani cuts the call and keeps the phone. Raj Lakshmi says they love each other a lot, but keep fighting. She calls Viplav and informs him that tomorrow is Dhaani’s birthday. Viplav asks her to give idea. Raj Lakshmi asks him to think. Dhaani comes back and asks if Viplav called again. Raj Lakshmi says yes, but she haven’t picked the call.

Later they come to market to buy stuff. The shop keeper gives her chit. Dhaani reads it that she is looking good. Dhaani asks have you gone mad and tries to go. The shop keeper gives her another chit. Dhaani understands that it is given by Viplav. She reads the chit. She goes to temple. Viplav admires her secretly while the song Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………A boy comes and reads Viplav’s message. Ishq Ka Rang plays………..

Kanak drinks something and then throws the pot. She says she will do Poocha. Dulaari says she will clean the floor. Kanak asks her to clean the floor properly. Raj Lakshmi asks her not to clean it. Dulaari says it is okay and says you will be my samdhan soon. Kanak says you are not my samdhan and god knows if the marriage will happen or not. She asks her to call choti malkin. Dulaari agrees and goes. Dhaani comes home holding the flowers. Kanak asks if she brought it. Dhaani says it is given by Viplav and says he loves Dhaani very much. Kanak is irked and asks Dulaari to give her chappal. She goes. Dhaani wonders why Viplav didn’t call her again. Later in night Viplav comes home and sits beside her while she is sleeping. Dhaani is awake though. Viplav says Dhaani is sleeping and this is the right chance to kiss her. Dhaani gets up and asks what you are doing? Viplav says you was acting to sleep. Viplav says he has jumped the wall and came to her….He says happy birthday….He gifts her dancing couple show piece. Dhaani looks happily.

Dhaani cuts the cake. Viplav sings happy birthday Dhaani. Kanak says this is your last birthday. She makes halwa for Dhaani (must have mixed some poison or something). Viplav says he will eat first and takes bowl from her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sonu utta agitha?

    aksay enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    saranya I am also v,,poor in hindi

    rajee ,and sara . thnyavar for apko padasala swakath …

    sonu tumari family koon naya sadas yan ? plz correct any one
    mere tharf hamesha hamesha swagath for all

  2. where are you kavitha? No comments at all. ..
    genniefer you too..

  3. Sarasji, do u want any Hindi teachers in your coaching centre??
    I am always happy to help ✌

    1. Please join us akshay . . you are most welcome need both teachers n students. .. and comments from all

  4. Sara I m with u even I know Hindi very well and I get very good marks in my Hindi paper. So those who want to come in our Hindi medium school u r most welcome. Our rules r very simple. All students have to comment daily in Hindi.

  5. Chaliye sab log ab boliye kisko guru banna hai aur kisko vidyarthi banna hai. Yahan sabhi ke liye bahut jaga hai aur hamari principal ka naam hai saras mam. Jinko bhi yahan admission lena hai woh kripya saras mam ke paas jaye admission lene jaye aur mein unki choti assistant hu. Jaldi se kijiye yeh offer sirf aaj ke liye hai. Yeh offer chote aur bade dono ke liye hai. Jaiye saras mam ke paas ek seedi line banaye woh aapka admission bhi karvalengi aur woh bhi free mein lekin sirf ek shart par. Aap sab ko sirf aur sirf hindi mein baat karna hoga jisko Hindi nahi aati hai woh hume inform kar de hum aapko dus din mein hindi sikha denge

  6. I wish our kank want two sons. ..and that second one will marry our rajlekshmi…so kanak will become a good mother in law….or rajlekshmi will make her…

  7. This is the translation of the above comment which I wrote.
    Come on now everyone tell who wants to be student and who wants to be teacher of our Hindi medium school. There is space for everyone here and the name of our principal is saras mam. Those who want to take admission in our school kindly go to our saras mam and I m her little assistant. Do it fast as this special offer is only for today. This offer is for both small ones and the big ones. So plz go and make a straight lone near saras mam and she will make ur admission free but only with one condition. I have to ccomment here only in Hindi. And those who don’t know hindi inform us we will teach u Hindi only in ten days.

  8. BR mam that is why god sent gold medalist vakil babu for dhani.. May b vip’s next mission will b “dhani bachao,dhani padhao”

    1. viplav’s mission was ashram bachao.. now his mission will be dhani padhao..

  9. When viplav entered ashram ,from that day, he not only made all of us to watch the episode with full enthusiasm but also lived each moment of it as if we were actually there.
    Thanks vipu bhai and ikrs to make our life great with such a wonderful family

  10. Good afternoon friends. Where r u saras mam we have to open our Hindi medium school. Those who want to be a part if this school whether it is a student or a teacher go to our principal saras mam. Plz come saras mam help me in handling our sweet school but now u have to handle our school alone as I going tuitions but I will come in the evening so be ready New teachers and students I will be back at 5pm so be ready

    1. itni pyaari aur achi assistant milegito principal kyoon dean banneko bheectayar hoon main lol…
      pyaari louella.. mujhe hindi grammer nahee aati sirf baat karsakteehoon.. lol..

      translation: if I get such good n lively assistant I m ready to become even dean not just principal. . but I know only speaking hindi not grammer. ..

  11. Hey Akshay,for me sitting in front bench is more u know why?my teachers always stand b/w rows at the middle of the we are far from their sight.u know usually we becomes hungry in b/w the we use the opprtunity and have choclates and biscutes and one day suddenly teacher turned back and she caught us.thank god she only said next time bunk the class and go to canteen.

    For second language, there will be a mix of students from all departments.and the teacher who takes sl is a poor many boys usually comes by windows at the middle of the class.sir did not notice that and continue teaching.that’s a usual thing.

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  13. Sorry it is hurted not hunted

  14. Viplav always wears shoes that he wears outside in house also.this is not a good thing viplav.yesterday too u sat on dhani’s bed with same shoes.its not good for health.understand Viplav Tripadi LLB.

    1. correct saranya even I noticed it. . that too the quilts are so clean n pretty and he sat on them with shoes on!!! chee chee.. dirty boy

    2. Saranya…. I think our Vipu should be little health conscious…. right??? 😛 😀 😛

  15. Arre saranya for others LLB- bachelor of Laws but for viplav its-
    Bachelor of Love..
    Law means kanoon…jaise kanoon andha hota hai like that love is also fact sometimes insane & our vakil babu is sailing in love…he is oblivious of other things…

  16. Good afternoon guys…… so happy to read your comments…. best of luck to those who are starting online classes of hindi via this page 😀 🙂 ….. Aap sabhi apne kaam mein safal ho jaaye, iski kaamna karti hun…… 😀 😀 … few words in hindi from my side 🙂 😛

    1. Thanks sujie…

    2. Thank u so much Sujie..

  17. Hi Saras, I am ready to give your fees. Upcourse i must make 10 comments per day. Sometimes i am busy in my work, that time forgive me ok?
    No saras next time don’t change your name, when new SARAS join to our family. It’s too lovely name as you.

    1. Thanks chonu.. for saying lovely to me… next for assuring me I don’t have to change my name again. ..
      where are you staying in blre.. I stay in banashankari

  18. Hi BR mam nandu ootanu aagi coffee kooda aytu. Nimdu tea aayta? Take care, love uuuuuuuuuuuu..
    BR mam hamari family mein aaj Sara Khan naya sadasya hai.

  19. Hi Shri, where r u? Pls do comment yaar.. Miss u Gelathi..

  20. Hi guys where r u all? in our family Hindi Medium School starts now. Whoever don’t know Hindi and wants to speak in Hindi, come fast and register your name. I am also already joined.
    One more thing our families little princesses( Louella) told we take that class, we must speak Hindi within 10 days.

    1. all are here except our assistant princess. . she has gone to tutions..
      bur moderation is playing spoil sport..

      moderation please humpar meharban hojaayiye aur thoda jaldi jaldi messages post kardeejiye…

  21. swara,,,,, as per the show … vip is having elder bro ..he is a doctor..

    but he did not attened his dad funeral …. after that also we are searching …

    here and there. so many times I mentioned ….RL also elder than Dhani … if he is not married still. then u r wish will fulfil


  23. rajee Thanks for the meaning of saras..
    I m in love with my name now.…

  24. it was a happening day here. . I really enjoyed today’s conversions.. thanks all of you .. it made my day. .

    ..bhagavan jaane ye kaisa paagalpan hai.. aur bonding to itna majboot hai.. mujhe to is family se bahut jyada lagav hogaya hain….(Do you guys remember new year eve viplav was total pagal I m also feeling same total pagalpan)

    good knows what madness is this. . our bond sends so strong .. I m too attached to this family now..

  25. In yesterday Dhani looks very cute, so pretty. Her saree is superb(especially border). I really liked BG music so much. I like too much that starting tune than song when Vipu enters Dhani’s room in night. It’s too good.
    Thank you so much for who is the creator of BG music. Really good work. I am lost whenever BG music came. The songs are really heart touching and too romance. Good work, keep it up IKRS working team.

  26. Yesterday I am laughed when see Drama Queen’s hair style. Director sir, this hair style not suitable to her. Please change it. Actually She is beautiful. Change her costumes, now a days she is not looking good.

  27. where is our real senior teacher jyothi..
    its been a long time I saw her comments. .
    jyoti madam comments please

  28. Guys now BR mam joined to our HMS(Hindi Medium School). Saru and me both also already joined. Then tell us who is intrest to speak in hindi and take appointment in our HMS. Come fast..

  29. Hi SARAS i am staying in Mattikere near Yashwantpura.

    1. oh very far..

  30. @ Anne and Aish, please don’t mind dear. Some times I am most comfirtable with Hindi than English. Thats why i posted. One thing i want to speak in Hindi. In our family HMS started. You also join this school ok?

  31. BYe guys, see u to night. Take care, love u all..

  32. Hi sonu pl include me as a teacher as i am from north &can read, write hindi

  33. Hi sara khan; u are welcome to our sweet caring family i have a feeling that u r actress sara khan is it

  34. Hi Saras mam ur assistant is back but with my little cousin sister. Her name is Angel Actually she also is in my tuitions and now she is playing with me so I m with her now. But I can comment how much I can. If I don’t play with her na then next time she will not play with me when I go to her house so I m here only. Just this moderation should leave us

  35. I totally agree with u akshay Wakil babu coming in ashram n staying there was the best track of IKRS till now

  36. Hi sonu let’s start the admission of all the students and teachers first nowI have yo rewrite all the rules in the page of today’s episode so friends after today’s episode we will start our hms( medium school) so friends I will meet u after today’s update as I m stuck here with my little cousin sister. She is just back of me today. I have told her that I m talking with my friends as she will not understand anything. She is in sr kg now. So I will meet u in the comment page of today’s episode. Bye

  37. There r many mistakes in the above comment of mine as my sister Is not leaving me.

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