Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Amma talking to Viplav and says we have always respected your decision, but whatever you have done today is not right. Viplav says my family don’t trust me and says he don’t have any option left. He says he will shift to hotel and says he can’t stay under same roof as Raja. Everyone is shocked. Viplav says Shalu married him. Dulaari asks Viplav not to do mistake and says that house is yours and also family. Dhaani says if the house catches fire, then we should not run, but set the fire off. Viplav says he can’t see the happenings with Shalu. He says nobody is worried, but I am worried. Dulaari says Kanak just called and is worried about you. Viplav asks who made a call? Dulaari says Kanak. Viplav says you are lying, and says you called her. He says he will

leave from the Ashram. Dhaani tells Viplav that she is going back home and can’t leave them.

Later in the evening, electricity is not at home. Dhaani calls Dadi, Kanak and wonders where they are? Raja hums tu hain meri kiran music and tries to scare her. He tells Dhaani that he sent everyone to temple and pushes her on chair. Dhaani asks him to stay far from her, and makes it clear that she will not get afraid of him now. She runs and collides with Viplav. She hugs him happily. Viplav sees Raja and asks if you are thinking yourself as damad of the house and says I can clear your misunderstanding. Raja says don’t take me wrong, I was just telling her that family went out. Viplav says I know what you wanted to say or do. He crushes Raja’s feet with his feet. He says you and your mum have done bad with Dhaani, but I won’t let you do anything as here Viplav Tripathi stays. He says game have just begin. Raja is angry. Viplav goes near Dhaani and smiles looking at her.

Dasharath, Kanak and others come home and see Viplav. Dasharath says I am feeling good as you came back home. Kanak hugs Viplav. She looks at Raja’s feet and asks what happened? Raja says he had collided with something in the temple. Viplav asks him to beware in darkness. Raja’s mum asks Shalu to bring medicines. Viplav asks her to apply ointment carefully. While being in room, his mum and mami ask what happened? Shalu applies ointment and goes to bring turmeric milk. Raja’s mum asks him to say how did he get the wound?Raja gets up angrily and says Viplav have hurt her. Raja’s mum gets angry.

Viplav thanks Dhaani for making him understand and bringing him home. He says you said right, I have to stay in house and keep eye on Raja. Dhaani rests her shoulder on him. Viplav says one thing is good and that we are together. He says your love is like a God’s gift to me. Dhaani says I am happy that you think this way. He says I have to know what is Awasthi family’s strategy. He says Shalu’s marriage will break as we can’t let her stay with Raja. Dhaani says Shalu will hate us even more. Viplav says she will love us even more when she comes to know about the truth. He says Shalu got their honeymoon cancelled. Dhaani smiles. Viplav gets closer and says I will not go anywhere leaving you. Dhaani says I know.

Next morning, Dhaani wakes up and sees the decorations in the room. She asks did you do all the arrangements in the night and haven’t sleep. She asks did you make me sleep on bed? Viplav says yes. Dhaani says how did you manage to do all this, and says you always makes me feel special. Viplav says you are indeed special to me and holds her hand lovingly. Dhaani rests her head closer to his head….Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………………Just then somebody knocks on the door. Viplav opens the door. Kanak looks at them and asks Viplav to come down soon as they have kept puja for Jamai Raja.

Mami tells Sushma and Kanak that Bhai and Bhabhi wash Jamai’s feet with water and milk in this rasam.

Viplav says he didn’t hear about this rasam before. Dhaani says she will do this rasam, and is about to wash Raja’s feet. Just then Viplav comes and stops her, says he will do the rasam. He washes Raja’s feet probably with hot water. Raja is shocked. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx for the update mam can u pls tell which writer gonna update vishkanya? Pls

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Then who will update vishkanya today????????????????????????????????pls mam if u can update then pls do mam becoz there is many fans waiting for written update pls mam

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Mam I have sent in small summary what I saw in that epi! Don’t worry mam I think they will post my update…. Thnx mam u carry on if they did not post till morning u post it..

  2. I m speechless abt today’s episode. Wat a fabulous episode. I m very happy DAT after so many days I saw data bhau in viplav.I was continuously looking the scene wen viplav protected dhani n hit him by her foot.awwww it was totally amazing .he looks very handsome n attractive in angry mood.I cannt take my eye off him dur to his flawless acting.such a phenomenal actor he is..

  3. ahana

    Dhaani and viplav together will make raja away from their family…today’s vidha scene was epic the love and bond between them will leave all the viewer’s astonished and awe struck as to how they support each other in all types of circumstances…..

    If only colors had put some repeats during the other time of the day Ikrs would be a hit….and there no promos also this is unfair… Wat say ikrs family

  4. N ikrs day by day moving beautifully..with beautiful n adorable romance of vidhani n superb acting skill of all characters .all nailed der acting.n precap is very interesting. Tomorrow’s epi is watching worthy.tq director sir for entertaining us by showing such a beautiful show. Long live. Ikrs

  5. aish

    Hassan mam shukron,
    Wow! Raja’s scenes in AN is going to be interesting as I can’t imagine viplav washing raja’s feet with hot water buh that’s good for him. I believe viplav and dhani will surely reveal the true colour of the awasthis especially that of raja going behind dhani.

  6. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan.xx
    So pleased vidaani are together in this ,although I wish raja wouldn’t whistle that tune its awful and creepy. Loved the return of Dutta Bhau for a while and how viplav is so protective towards Dhaani. ? xx

  7. saranya

    Mishal back in Action,aaj tho maza aa gayi.i always complained viplav’s careless behaviour of wearing shoes inside house.par ab nahi.mein tho kehathi hoon ki aaj se aap hamesha ghar par shoes pehanke goomo.kab saroorath padegi,patha nahi haina,isliye and bakwas mami,be ready,bcz next time careful se chori karni hai kyoonki agar viplav ne pakad liya tho aapki body gold coverings pehnne ke liye chod doongi.aapko woh zinda jala doongi.samjhe rani sahiba.then u will count stars in day itself.

    • Ya saranya I too thought same thing.always y viplav wears shoes in rooms n even on bed cots also.but today its worked its OK kabhi kabhi aisa bhi karna padega.

    • Sujie

      Yes Saranya….. Cleanliness gaya bhaad me aaj toh loved Viplav for wearing shoes and crushing Raaja Awasthy’s leg

    • Hi my dear was the episode very awesome show na.
      Guys do u know when raja n shalu married I thought that raja will torture dhaani.
      But ikrs directors made amazing episodes torturing raja by viplav seems very cute n superb na.

  8. Fatarajo

    This show is awesome because they always show Vidhaani scenes and know how to keep fans happy. One of the most underrated shows if current times. Only if IKRS could have been consistent in showing certain tracks instead of ending tem abruptly or leaving them incomplete and had more promotions show would have definately been one of the top shows. In December month IKRS had good trp due to complete tracks and also enough promotions. I hope makers realize that and they start completing tracks, and I m already thankful to them by not creating MU between Vidhaani and also loved the way Viplav answered That Raja Awasthi by washing his leg with hot water lol

    • Yetty

      I agreed with you Fatarajo, the writer always capture our heart with vidhaani scenes.
      Was so scared thinking the awaithis will create misunderstanding between them but glad to know that Viplavs love is unconditional.

      • Nimisha ?

        Agree with you both. There was a phase where it was one misunderstanding after another between Viplav and Dhani and I’m so thankful that they are now together I whatever they do. Even if they disgrace wth each other or get angry, it’s not for long and seems much more realistic.


  9. Anisha

    Guys the ppl on Twitter here please listen up! IKRS has NO UPDATE EXCEPT 3:30am!! So we are trending on Twitter with #WeWantIKRSRepeat!! Please do join us!!! Hasanji great update

    • Nimisha ?

      Just out of interest, have Colors or the production house ever said why there is only one repeat at stupid o’clock? Seems very strange to spend money on a show, and then not help it do well.

      • Nimisha ?

        I should say here in the UK we have at least 3 repeats of IKRS and at good times of the day too.

        Is there such a thing as trp for the uk only?

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi again Anisha, I just searched on Twitter and couldn’t see this. Can you help? Thanks.

  10. Wow, Finally our Datta Bhau is coming in his own full of action. Great going yaar. So admire as you act like our Datta Bhau.

  11. saranya

    Aare Viplav bhaiya,ye aapne kya kiya!water nahi acid chahiye,for his dirty legs.sirf legs nahi haath ko bhi chahiye treat,acid waala dhamekdar treat bcz he insulted dhani with those evil hands.make him eat special ladoos made from donkey waste and give him perfume made from rotten vegetables. Then only rasam will be complete.

  12. BR

    good evening ,,,,,,

    to day”s epi Sabash ,,……itha ithan ethir parthene…rombanala……



  13. Meghs(megha)

    Wow.. Such a nice epi i missed but thanks to hasan ji for update … Detailed version of the epi…

    Viplav rocks ….

    Precap more interest … Vip washing raja leg in hot water …

  14. Nimisha ?

    Love Mishal as the angry young man. The way he portrays Viplav is mesmerising.

    Love how Viplav moves seamlessly between full on rage and angr in his eyes at raja to sheer love for Dhani. Love how he is so protective of her.

    KT’s face when she knocks at their door is one she must have learnt from the same acting school as raja,s mum. Horrible horrible women.

    The precap looks good too. Love that evil mami,s attempt to belittle Dhani and Viplav backfires. Lol!

    By the way, did I say, LOVE MIshal!!! ?????????

  15. Arshdeep

    The funniest dialogue of todays episode “shalu ki zindagi to barbaad ki hi ..hmara honeymoon bhi cancel karwa dia” ??

  16. Sujie

    Hello everyone…. Thank you hasan ji for the update….
    Aaj toh maja aagaya…… Loved the episode…. Raaja’s foot crushed by Viplav….loved the way our hero Viplav protected Dhaani……loved the way their love and care was showm….awwww….so cute.. ViDhaani scences awesome…..and precap…. jamaai raja ke pairon ko garam paani mein boil kar do Viplav……. 😀 😀

  17. Sujie

    And so happy to see a glimpse of Datta Bhau in Viplav …… my hero …. 😀 🙂 love you Mishal for you acting….

  18. Thank u very much my dear frnds for ur cooperation for making short n cute many more comments. When I saw today’s comments iam really very much happy about this that how our family is very cooperative n concern towards each other.

  19. BR

    yes VIP u have to save whole family from kiladi RAJA”S FAMILY

    first u r wife 2 shalu 3 they can do anything for u r property ….

    I want to see data bahu again ………..u r lawyer part is over now data bahu part ……

    adara mattai adi karakkanum…….padara mattai padi karakkanum……..

    kanak unakku etha sambanthi………..RAJA”SMOM>KANAK………

  20. Yetty

    I’m happy that Viplav is back home, to protect dhaani.
    Can’t say much now, will wait till I watch the actions.

  21. Yetty

    Oh no, what is Raja feeling like, is there any ritual like that, where you wash someone feet after marriage?
    I like the game Viplav is playing with them now, acting innocent when done something bad

  22. BR


  23. shanitics

    mishal rockss…
    wat an acting…superb..
    raja VIP has started his badlapur from ur legs last day of badalapur his hands will be on ur head… he is not like ur bro..if u luk @ Dhaani he will be thr… If u touch her …oppss touch…
    be4 touching Dhaani Vip will come 4 ur touching…

    wat a eomantic hubby..even in these days vip vip didn’t 4gt his romeo face..

  24. saranya

    Yeh tu ne kya kiya Raja.meine tumhe ek gift diya tha na,woh kaham hai?mein kab se intazar kar rahi hoon,patha hai.aankhom taras rahi hai tume tp ke kapadom mae dekhne ke liye.jaldi aao aur duplicate moonj lagana bhoolna math.moonj nahi mila tho dt se poocho,uske paas duplicate moonj aur baal ke ek showroom hai.jai shankar raja ji.

  25. BR






  26. Maria

    Hi, sorry for commenting after so many days
    Today’s episode was awesome loved the way Viplav crushed raajas feet. I would like to see Viplav crushing raajas neck one day. And the precap is awesome too. Luv you mishal, and luv your acting too

    • Nimisha ?

      Lol Maria, i think we’d all love to see him do that. Preferably with his foot again. A nice and slow and painful crushing of the neck.

  27. Nimisha ?

    Loved that the episode started with the ashram ladies and Baddi Amma and Dulaari Ma giving their valuable words of wisdom. Love those ladies. ?

  28. eshani

    Vidhani scenes were best super support and care between both of them poor vidhani missed their honeymoon loved when he arranged the room for Dhani their love is growing stronger day by day that’s d best..raja’s feet getting crushed and tomorrow’s hot water scene very nice…ab raja ka baaja bajega when vidhani r together n not only raja entire family

  29. Nima

    power cut ki wajase last scene hi dekh paye, WU n comment read krke bahoot khoosh hu. aaj ka episode to kamaal dhamaal ka tha. 3:30am ki alarm lagake soyenge anyhow mujhe Mishal k wo Datta looks dekhni hai.I’m crazy about that(Datta Sriman Patil) looks 🙂 😛

  30. bharathi

    I like viplav way against raja s so superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr precap s also nice and i m eagerly waiting to see viplav and dhani performance on golden petal awards

  31. SARAS

    hahaha. . what an episode amazing amazing. .I bet it would top trp if it had telecasted in prime time. ..
    as always viplav rocks.. his love for dhani is indescribable. . uff I m speechless. .
    kya perfect time pe entry maara viplav. .

  32. Nimisha ?

    I wonder how Viplav will get to the bottom of what the awasthis,s are after.

    Raja’s sole motive is proximity to Dhani. That and he does what his dumb my tells him to do.

  33. saranya

    Viplav ko haraana mushkil hi nahi namunkin hai mere dushman Raja.aap Raja Awasthi hai tho woh Viplav Tripathi hai.ek Raja ko haraana ke liye praja ke viplav hi kaafi hai.deek ussi tarah iss local Raja ko haarana hamara branded hero dayina haath ka ghel hai.picture abhi baaki hai mere dushman Raja Awashthi.

  34. BR

    hi SHALU plz always keep firstaid box in u r hand ……bcz u r honourable hub raja will be hurt by vip …….. . tomorrow see free medicure will be given by vip…. and next day manicure so every part of a body will be puntured……. daily haldi milk be ready ..


  35. Hi guys
    How are you all
    Hritsss where r u dear
    Ranaaji Thanks for Vishkanya Summary Love Vidhaani
    Raja just go to hell
    Disturbing Vidhaani

  36. SARAS

    viplav tum sahi jaaraheho..
    be nice to them infront of everyone but torture them in their own way. .
    rajaki bajagayi baara…

    yday kanak asked dhani about her dad n khaandan.. mrs kanak tripathi may I ask the same question to you? ?

    agar aap kanak tripathi hain to vo bhee dhani viplav tripathi hai.. samjhe ya samjhaayen.

  37. zea

    Hi frnds….. Hw r u all….. Wowew….. I watched ikrs after a long time due to exams and mumma ne mobile bhi le rakha tha….. God!!!!…. Eisha!!!!…. Shz liking sooooo beautiful in coloured saree…..and new hairstyle….. And our hero mishal… He is so angry today….

  38. Kathy

    Hi am Kathy am a silent reader of ikrs I read all ur comments …. Loved to read them … Can I join u guys … Today’s episode was fabulous …. The precap …. ?? raja n hot water he really deserve it from vipu….??

  39. vaishnavi

    waah todays epi was amazing i mean kya maza chakaya raja ko vipu ne very good vipu that u return to the home n waiting for precap hot water for raja i cant stop laughing while they showed precap

  40. vaishnavi

    one more thing abt todays epi almost every members of this family said that ” vipu ka dutta wala avatar his looking damn handsome in that look i am totally in luv with mishal”

    • Nimisha ?

      Here here vaishnavi! Well said! Very well said!

      By the way, isn’t our Anne amazing? She doesn’t speak Hindi or understand it but totally understood your post. Our collective love and appreciation for Mishal has no bounds, including it!!!

    • Yetty

      Oh vaishnavi! That look totally mesmerized me , I wonder how dhaani feels about it.
      It’s wickedly awesome

    • Kathy

      Mishal indeed a great actor … His expression ? It’s always kills me…? Ha mei marjawan…hope my hindi correct…

  41. Hi anisha I too make pitition in twitter to colors to retelecast ikrs at mrg n evg also.
    But don’t know y they don’t do pur favours.let’s see but I’ll do request continuously.
    Frnds pls all cooperate with us to make request to colors.

  42. Raviraj Kaur (Shanoo)

    Hello Friendz…..
    What an episode…. Just loved it…..
    Superb timming of our hero MISHAL ….. Boy u rock.. … ???

    The way Kanak looked at DHANI’S arms nd Viplav’s hands for those bangles and that made her super sad nd angry….. Osmmm

    Wish they had promos nd repeats…. ?? They probably would hav been the best….??

  43. surya

    Thank you all….i am a fan of ikrs and hasanji….i love the unity here unlike in swaragini where there is always a fight between swasan and raglak fans..
    Moreover I suggest them to change the name from swaragini to CID swara and family….

  44. SARAS

    poor dhani having only one or two sets of sarees n blouses. .
    but lot of jewelry. ..jil jil ne sab gehne tumhe de diya kyaa?

    • Nimisha ?

      So Saras, what is it with the sarees that Dhani wears? Are they a current trend? I really dislike the blouses. I,m no fashionista and much prefer simple styles. I think I preferred the simple white ones to the ones we’ve seen her in recently.

      I also don’t like the heavy eye make up and the v shaped sindhoor on the forehead. Much prefer the sindhoor on the parting he hair. Somehow looks more natural.

      Just wondering really.

  45. Anne

    I hate rajas mum n auntie , the smirking idiots.WHY can’t anybody see what they are ? I wait for the day they are thrown out of the house preferably chased by local dogs. Lol ???

    • Anne

      One thing about lkrs is that I look forwards to each episode because mostly I have no idea what’s going to happen.Which is very unusual in a soap. The writers keep surprising us ……love IKRS .?xxx

      • Anne

        When Tripurari left there must have been some alteration in the storyline. I wonder what might have been? I’m not complaining at all….I love the current track ……just curious…just me I’m very nosey!!! Trips mother and wife have disappeared, I hope they return.
        BTW… How stupid is raja? To try to disrespect VIPlavs wife, when he’s just beaten him up ,,with every chance Dhaani would tell her husband ?

        Love the loving looks between viplav and Dhaani……. The beating heart of IKRS…xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Me too Anne, me too!

      It’s a bit weird that no one spots their evil grinning when they are so obvious!

      • Nel

        About the grinning, I feel the directors only make u see it, but the reality of the serial is the actors don’t notice their evil nature till it’s a bit late

  46. Fatarajo

    Hahahahahhahahahaha LOL Saras XD no wonder why Dhaani looked so tired her body can’t even take the weight of Jhil Jhil’s jewelleries, how will she even overcome Jhil Jhil’s plan 😛

    • SARAS

      it actually looks silly.. just because she is wearing color saree they are decking her up with so much jewelleries. . it v would be nice if she was simple. ..

  47. Nima

    I’m sooooooo happy 🙂 today’s episode just finished to watch.this episode was mind blowing awesome episode tha.
    Mishal ji, after long time I saw Datta in Viplav :-*
    vidhani scene always rockzz :-*

  48. My god ishq ka safed website waalo Hume msg kiya ithna achi bath hai it really same website of ikrs r some virus. Don’t know but happy.

  49. Sujie

    Good morning everyone….. god bless you all….
    Have a great day 🙂

  50. paviabi

    i did’nt watched this one week epi due to exams but now the exams are over ??and i’am free to watch this lovely show IKRS.. a very gud pleasant morning to all..?

  51. SARAS

    good morning. .

    nimisha actually esha sing being a teenager didn’t have any saree blouse. . so she is wearing her mom’s (her mom’s wedding blouses).. that’s y they r so old fashioned n goddy..

    One more possibility: production guys had procured cloths for tripurari’s pajama. . suddenly he exited so to save cost they made blouses from the same cloth. ..

    • Sara’s di I think it may v d traditional custom of Banaras. As dhani belongs to a traditional family datswhy director makes her wear dus type of blouse n saree

    • Nimisha ?

      Hello everyone!
      Saras, they must be her mums wedding blouses! Lol!

      Also, the must have bight a job lot of bad prints for fripurari and then when he left the all drew straws to see who should get them, and poor Eisha drew the short one. Lol!!!

  52. Kathy

    Good morning all … Eagerly waiting for today’s episode … I hope it’s worth to watch …?

  53. AM

    do u all remember me ?? 😛 😛 …how can you forgot ur spoiler man 😛 …hahahaha ….. I was busy these days …. but come back …hehehe …episode nahi dekhta abhi but funny precap ..
    just saw two days older olv …in that Dhani was saying to shalu that viplav and she will not like husband wife until all agree … I was thinking then what’s about the shower and chocolate scene …. is it not what husband wife do …… 😛 😛 …aur kya chahti hae ae ladki 😛 ..kya dekhayenge aur … be aware of Dhani …ae ladki kuch bhi kar shakti hae 😛 😛 ..hahaha ….

  54. shanatics?

    Arey wahh..ab Dhaani marriage ? se kya matlab hai…thy did everything and after ta she told those dialogue it seems ?

    Nice 2 c u Bhaiya

    By the way have you guyss saw an video ? named A day out with Dhaani..If nt just watch it it is nice one..

  55. shanatics?

    Choori mami nw wat u will do..ab tumne koi be choori Ki toh vip will catch…he is a very good lawyer…of course u know it frm the time he realesed Dhaani….

    Nw hw will u spend the time….
    In yesterday’s episode Kanak was angry watching bangles in Viplav ‘s hand….I was thinking if she came @ tat Time whn bth were having shower romance @ tat time Dadi came..if it was KT..thn. IMAGINE

  56. Great reply by VIPU to Raja for crushing his legs. The big difference is that Earlier Raja touched the feet to Dhani with bad intentions. Now VIPU has been crushed with good intentions with the safe of his whole family from creepy Awasthis.

    Great reply for uplift the self esteem his better half.

  57. Nima

    @Sujie my dear “this is love” ko next episode kaile update garne? I’m still waiting yar…..plz update soon.

    • Sujie

      Garchu Nima…. don’t worry…. chadai nai garchu…actually rugha lagera basira bhayera sakyaauna paako chaina…..
      I willl upload it soon….sorry for the delay dear

  58. Shri

    gorgeous dhani n hansome viplav,lovely couples..made for eachother..

    and their married life is really aweaome coz of our viplav…very intresting …we were waiting for months together to c them like this..

    thankyou director n the whole team of IKRS

    you all hav given us the treat by showing our couples together..

    and also plzz inform Kanak wat is dhani’s backRound is..

  59. Shri

    Hi BR..Sonu ..Saranya..Kavitha..Floren


  60. SARAS

    avijit main soch rahee hoon tumhara naam spoiler am se spoilt am rakhana chaaheeye.. bahut bigad gaye ho .. comments hee nahi karte…!!!

  61. Kathy

    Read somewhere dulari’s husband had a another wife n his daughter is piya is that true????

    • SARAS

      kathy it was given in one spoiler like that. . but in serial they have not shown anything on that yet..
      in one of the rooms of that house dulari’s photo was there. ..that’s all

  62. Nimisha ?

    Wow people! Just checking in for today. 175 comments! Wow!

    Well done you lot!

    There’s a real happy energy on this thread today. It’s like a tonic!

    Looking forward to today’s.


  63. aish

    This week ”s spoiler is interested as rajlaxmi will be use to expose raja. Can’t wait to watch it

  64. aish

    Lots of drama this week. Thanks to vidhani who brought raja’s real picture as a womanizer

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