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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani and Viplav looking each other surprisingly. The DM asks to start the case. Lala’s lawyer presents the case and says Ashram owner Lala wants the widows to vacate his Ashram, but they refused. Viplav tells this Ashram is their home since many years and they pay the bills. He talks in favor of the Ashram ladies. Viplav tells he has agreement and electricity plus water bills. HE says this proves that they are Ashram’s care taker and they took care of Ashram. He says it was not Ashram, but their happiness and hope. He says Lala ji got greedy and asks them to vacate the Ashram. He says Lala ji’s father had given this Ashram on charity. The DM asks them to show the proofs. Viplav asks Dhaani to show agreement papers.

Viplav asks Dhaani to give

papers. Badi Amma tells that they have given the papers to his man. Viplav says he didn’t send any person to collect the papers. Dhaani asks him not to lie. Viplav says you are telling me a liar. He requests the DM to give them some time to collect the proofs. Opposition lawyer tells that they are wasting the time. DM says I can’t help without any proofs. He is about to tell the DMment, but Viplav stops him and asks if he accepts photographic proofs. He shows the Ashram photo and tells it is more than 40 years old. He asks him look at the old ladies of the Ashram and tells Ashram is home for them since many years. He adds that Ashram ladies even pay the rent to Lala all these years and that’s why he didn’t send any eviction notice before.

Viplav tells these women are fighting for Ashram alone, without any help. He requests the DM to give him some time to submit the papers. Badi Amma asks him to have sympathy towards them. The DM sanctions stay order. Lala’s lawyer tells that they are emotionally blackmailing you. The DM asks him to show the proofs on the next hearing else the case will go in Lala’s favor.

Viplav asks Dhaani, why you are angry? He asks her to bring the papers next time else he won’t be able to fight the case. He tells I will inform you about the next hearing. Viplav thinks they didn’t even thank him. He says I would not have fight the case if knows about her. He hears Raj Lakshmi talking bad about him. She doubts his intentions. Suwarna says why he will do bad with us. Dhaani says he can do anything being Rakshas. She sees Viplav standing and hearing her. Viplav comes back to Dhaani and tells I don’t understand what is your problem. I can’t believe that you are talking ill about me. He folds his hands and asks her to stop blaming him for the circumstances in their life. He says everytime Viplav can’t do a mistake. Dhaani thinks oh so he is Viplav. He says I didn’t send any man to take the papers. I came here from Delhi. He says you people might be blaming me for all the problems. Raj Lakshmi says they know how to treat him. She says she knows his acting and blames him. Dhaani folds her hands and asks him to return her papers. She asks him to leave the case. Viplav asks her to stop it and says I am leaving this case. Who are you to ask me. He says good bye and good luck.

Kanak taunts Shambu. Tripurari calls Dasharath and informs him that Viplav reached on time and got the stay order. He tells bad news is that Viplav refused to leave the case. Dasharath asks where are the widows? Tripurari tells they are here. Dasharath tells him something and asks him to do if he wants him to trust him. Kanak shows the decorations to Dasharath. Dasharath tells he likes rangoli, and asks Sushma to praise her rangoli. Sushma tells I have made it. Dasharath ignores her and taunts. Viplav comes home and greets Dasharath and Kanak. Dasharath takes him to a side and asks why you are ignoring my belief. I told you that I will take care of the widows, then why did you take up the case. Viplav says I want to attend Shalini’s function. He tells his mentor Ravi Bajpayee asked him to take up the case. He tells he left the case as the widows accused him for hiding the papers.
Raj Lakshmi talks bitter and asks Dhaani to feign praying to God. Badi Amma asks her to stop it. Raj Lakshmi blames her and tells even Dhaani is betraying us. Dhaani thinks to take those papers from Viplav to gain their trust again.

Dhaani and others come to Ashram and see their stuff thrown outside. Dada ji asks Viplav not to worry about the widows and tells the proverb as they sow, so they will reap. Dhaani calls Viplav. Viplav tells her that he is no longer her lawyer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. I love the lead pair
    Dhaani – viplav
    nice pair
    and good chemistry.
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  4. vidhaani fan

    Viplav rocks dhaani needs to smile and be confident more. She’s got thus permanent worried look on her face….I wonder how she looks when she laughs

  5. Yes……Dhaani should thank to viplav for wat he did for them. Should smile to him….ishq ishq.

  6. very nice pair

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