Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tripurari coming to Ashram and tells Dhaani that Durga called her. Dhaani says she will come to meet her. Suwarna tells Tripurari that she wants to meet his mum and asks him to marry her. Tripurari asks her to have patience. Dhaani comes and asks Suwarna, to whom she wants to meet. Tripurari makes an excuse and says he will make her meet pujari soon for work. He thanks Dhaani and asks her to come. Tripurari and Dhaani come home. Dasharath sees her coming and thinks Kanak’s plan might fail. He stops Viplav and asks him to sit with him for sometime. Viplav says he need to go now and leaves. He doesn’t see Dhaani going to Tripurari’s home. Dhaani comes to Dhaani and asks how are you? Durga asks Dhaani to take a gift which will remind of her always. Dhaani refuses

to take gift. Tripurari asks her to take it. Durga asks her to think as shagun and keep it. Dhaani says now I will leave. Durga asks Tripurari to drop her home.

Dhaani thanks Tripurari and says she will go alone. Kanak pretends to call on phone and says she is busy since morning, also brought things from market and says she has to keep fast for Viplav (strange). Dhaani sees her talking and comes to her. She asks how are you now? Kanak says she is fine now, and tells that she does exercises after Viplav asked her. She asks her to confirm with Tripurari. Tripurari confirms her. Dhaani thinks of Viplav’s words that he has taken mum to hospital. Kanak asks what happened? Dhaani says nothing and goes. Kanak is happy to create misunderstanding between them. Tripurari thinks she is a clever woman.

Dhaani comes back to Ashram, and tells Dulaari that Durga called her to give coin as a gift. Dulaari scolds her for visiting Dasharath’s house often. Dulaari picks the call and says voice is not coming. She gets fed up of blank calls. Dhaani picks the call and someone says that I am your wellwisher, and helpless as I can’t come infront of you. He says someone close to you is going to betray you and asks her to be alert. Dulaari asks who is there? Dhaani tells it is a blank call and thinks if it is a genuine caller or some prankster. Dasharath’s face is shown. Dasharath talks to Viplav and calls him heir. Tripurari is annoyed. Some villager come to Dasharath with his problem asking him to help. Viplav asks him not to cry, and says he will help him. Tripurari tells Dasharath that the villager is talking about him and he is the one who snatched their land for temple. Dasharath gets tensed. Viplav offers to fight the villager’s case. Dasharath says you will soon go to America, and asks the man to go promising to help him get the land back. Viplav insists to fight the case, and asks the man to meet him outside court. The man thanks Viplav and leaves. Viplav thinks what has happened to this city.

A man comes to Ashram and tells that he came from election commission. He asks about Viplav and says his name is written for ID card. Badi Amma says they stay in Ashram. The man says that only Viplav’s name is written in the list. Dulaari says our name is not anywhere, but Viplav’s name is everywhere. Badi Amma says I will talk to Viplav and wonders how can it be possible.

Dasharath sings song and gets a call from the same person who visited Ashram. He tells him that the work is done. Dasharath sings happily. Viplav thinks it might be Lala’s work and calls Lala. Lala asks how did you call me today. Viplav tells him that Ashram papers were stolen again, and asks him to return papers. Lala swears that he didn’t steal the papers. Viplav says I am warning you, and threatens to kill him.

Dhaani is lost in thinking. Raj Lakshmi asks her to give table and asks what she is thinking? Dhaani tells her that whoever is coming have asked about Viplav and says I am scared that someone is eyeing our Ashram. She says something is related to Viplav.

Viplav comes to Ashram late in night. Dulaari scolds and insults him for coming again. Later Dhaani walks on the road, and Dasharath’s speedy car hits her. Dasharath gets down the car and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice epi but cant see tomo…
    Missing Brits, hope exam going well… Take care nd best wishes… :):)

  2. Yaar vipu n dhaani ko support karne wale kam paav kheechne wale jyaada hai including Dat dulaari stupid of dashrath he hit dhaani by his car lets c wat happens tomorrow. Ab toh only viplav can help dem…he s cooool

  3. Very quick update thanks hasan.

  4. pls misunderstanding problem not again again show

  5. Oh no Dasharat is tryinig to create prob btwn vidhani

  6. Till now the serial is going well. Now pls don’t ceate misunderstanding s between vidhani and drag the show. This is a unique story, always keep ths uniqueness. Love u vidhanniiiiiiii????. Hii aaditya, renu and tamil

  7. Hai adi.Ithink you and brity my friends?.pls I am joint your friends team

    1. Yupp sure Tamil…:)

  8. Vipaani are both good

  9. Nyc episode !! Vaise,hw r u britty ?

  10. Hii guyzzzz! I too wanna join in ur frndzzzz team

    1. Why not Anaya… U r most welcome…:)

  11. Oh god.!!!!! Misunderstanding…… Shitt……

  12. I waiting for 2row epi. Well going. Keep it up.

  13. Whatever goes to ishq rang safed i never hates that the story. Different thought of the story never gets the failure.

  14. Both moms r annoying, Kanak n dulari. I just hate dt and trips…. Plz plz plz at least in this serial make d couple come together forever. Create whatever troubles n stories u want to but plz do not disturb their love and togetherness. Can’t dare to see vidhani getting separated for any damn reason. As in other serials plz for god’s sake don’t show any accident,double roll, separation, mrg to another one n so on…. Can’t bare those stupid tracks in this msg giving show. Director and writer plz take note of this. Plz don’t break fan’s hearts as in other shows…. Hope everyone will agree n we will never get dissapointed in this show. So far very well going. All the best ikrs team. Special love for mishal n isha..

    1. yes i totally with the commentor. One of the best dramas i watch. Gave up looking Thapski

  15. Gudiya, me also praying for that. Hii

  16. After the karvahchote sequences these serial wants to show that vidhani r made for each other’s…..

  17. Hai frds….

  18. I totally agree with you Gudiya. I wish they hear us! I just hate DT,KT,TP,Dulari.How dare TP putting a bad eye on Dhani? I just wanted to punch on his face & Dulari …just want to stitch her mouth..very annoying…

    1. Rajee u can tell anything abut DT,TP nd Dulari but not abt our 1 nd only KT… Iam big fan of her… So it wl hurt my soft heart…;)

  19. not bad epi…

  20. OK OK sorry Adi? Don’t take it to your heart becoz I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiment. Hope u understand .I am very fond of Dhani ,so I can’t see ppl hurting her.

    1. Hay just kidding… HeHe…:) Infact I too like Eisha, she is gud nd nice person as much I interacted wid her… Hope soon ishq ishq…:)

  21. Hi raaji, anaya n every one .
    Didn’t like today’s episode coz lot of dt, kt, trp scenes n v less n again Vipu’s insulting scene. I just hope dono ko kisi ki nazar na lage. Just keep that stupid saand trp away from vidhani.
    Agree that dulari is very irritating but she is far more better than kt as her motto of scolding Vipu is not bad. She knows their limits as widows in d cruel society so just wants to protect her daughter as she loves her v much. I must admit that dulari acts superbly, her dialogue delivery and accent of language is best. Hope she will improve positively for vidhani’s love. Plz makers don’t even try to separate vidhani, Infact bring them closer and get them married. I’m sure each n every viewer Wud love to see it. Whatever twists and turns u want to show, keep showing without disturbing vidhani’s togetherness… Hope you won’t make us dissapointed as other serials do after few initial interesting episodes. Plz keep vidhani fever going on till end….

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