Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi bua telling Kamini that she won’t let her go in this condition. Kamini says but. Dadi bua asks her to understand God’s sign and asks her to understand. Kamini agrees. Viplav takes lift from the passerby car, and makes Kamini sit. He asks Dhaani to come. Dadi bua says I will not go with her. Viplav says shall I leave her in jungle? He asks Dhaani to sit. Dhaani sits in car and they leave. Viplav brings Dadi Bua, Kamini and Dhaani home. Dasharath asks why didn’t you take her to hospital. Dadi says today I saw near death experience, and curses Dhaani for their condition. Kanak says her destiny is bad. Dadi Bua says one woman was savitri, who had saved her husband’s life, and other is Dhaani, who tried to kill her husband. Dhaani cries. Dasharath asks her not to

cry and face the situation. Viplav takes her side and says nobody is seeing her goodness. Dhaani says everyone is right and I don’t deserve forgiveness.

Kanak tells Dadi Bua that Viplav replied to them and left. Dadi Bua says my head is shaken today. Dasharath asks her to rest and takes Sushma with her. Kamini tells Dadi Bua that she will come. Dadi bua asks what is the reason to stay back, and says I understand everything. She says Viplav cared for you very much after the accident and I have seen affect on you. Kamini says you are thinking wrong. Dadi Bua says you loves Viplav…? Kamini says he is married. Dadi bua says she is like rope in the neck, and says Viplav deserves you and not Dhaani. She says Dhaani looks for a servant and you both look like a couple. She asks her to rectify Viplav’s mistake. She asks her to go forward than Dhaani and hold Viplav’s hands. Kamini gets thinking.

Dhaani comes to inhouse temple and recalls Dadi Bua’s words. She thinks big accident would had happened because of her, and asks God why he didn’t give her a chance to educate. She says why are you punishing others and cries. Kamini comes to Dhaani. Dhaani thinks Viplav came and takes his name. Kamini says Dhaani….Dhaani says if something would have happened to you, because of me then…Please forgive me. I can’t bear Viplav’s anger, but not his pity. She says how he would feel that his wife is uneducated. Kamini asks why are you thinking like this. Dhaani says if I was educated then would be good match for him, can I study? Kamini asks her to wipe her tears and asks her not to feel pity on herself. She says if you want to get education from heart then you can study. Dhaani says really?

Kamini says I will teach you and get you respect which you deserves. Dhaani is happy and hugs her. Viplav comes and hears them. Dhaani thanks her. Kamini smiles. Viplav says I am really happy as a woman only understands an other woman. He says you are example for everyone. Dhaani thanks her. Dadi Bua comes. Kamini asks her to rest. Dadi Bua thinks Kamini have hit axe on her feet.

Later Viplav tries to apply bandage. Dhaani brings lep and says don’t know if it will heal your hand. Viplav says I know that my hand will be relieved now. He apologizes to her on his family’s behalf. Dhaani applies lep. Viplav says I was telling….Dhaani hugs him and kisses on his face. She apologizes and says I couldn’t forgive myself if something would have happened to you. Viplav asks her to stop apologizing and continue kissing. Dhaani kisses on his cheek. Viplav says you didn’t do it intentionally. Dhaani says Kamini is so good, and promised to teach me. Viplav says I will also help you and you will learn soon. He touches her and Dhaani makes a sound, says she is hurt. Viplav looks at her wound and applies ointment/lep on it. Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………….He kisses cutely on her cheek. Kamini puts her black eye on their romance, and gets jealous with teary eyes. She comes to Dadi Bua and says Dadi ji.

Dadi Bua throws her suitcase on her feet and says you want to go naa. Kamini is shocked and asks what happened? Dadi Bua says what do you think that I brought you for society’s welfare. You want to become great in everyone’s eyes. She says these things look good to hear, but it is called stupidity. She says you couldn’t get Viplav, so thinking to make Dhaani suitable for him. She asks her to pick her bag and leave. Kamini says I have promised Dhaani and this will happen. She takes her blessings and says this is the only way to get Viplav. I will make her Mohra and reach Viplav. She says Viplav and Dhaani will stop me. She says I love Viplav very much and can’t lose him, but it won’t be easy as Viplav loves Dhaani. She says I thought to win Viplav’s trust first and then his love. Dadi smiles. Kamini says Dhaani will give Viplav’s hand in my hand one day. She asks Dadi Bua to bless her. Dadi Bua blesses her jodi with Viplav. Kamini smirks like a vamp.

Dadi Bua asks Kamini, what will happen to her law education. Kamini says I will sacrifice to educate Dhaani. Viplav says I have heard everything and will teach her law.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good morning IKRS fans,hope things move on in a positive way,tonight.So many questions , but perhaps the writers will surprise us,they are good at that!
    I can’t wait to see Dhaani as Queen of the house,Viplav as proud and loving husband.
    I think Dhaani will shock us when she realises Kaminis plan , I think she will turn Tigress to get rid of her , hope so anyhow.
    How hard would we fight for Viplav?????

    1. Good morning Anne,
      Really want the writer to change dhaani’s image quickly, I know the literacy thing is to that effect.
      If dhaani goes to a proper school she won’t get to know the truth about vk but the should have tried something else than home schooling by someone that is not qualified herself

  2. Hey friends..!! ?
    How are you all??
    Sorry to worry you all but i am not fine at all.. My exam did not go well..!!????? I was in shock for past few days trying to divert my mind somewhere alse but failed.. ?
    On 1st may in morning before my exam my stone pain started.. Ahh the worst horrible unbearable pain ever..!! I went to hospital..had injection.. Still at 9.55 again 5 min before exam it again started.. My speed became slow.. My pain was hurting me a lot..wanted to cry loudly..?? i was not able to sit even. Time was going on. I could not attempt much questions as i was prepared and as i had expected from myself. No expectations from this exam..
    I just lost everything within those 3 hours.. My childhood dreams were shattered. I am not going to become a doctor…wish it was a dream..!! Noooo it was a reality..!!!!!!
    I was not in a mood to talk to anyone..
    Never even thought about it.. i was fine a day before exam..had a good sleep and the next morning this all happened.
    Dont know why it happened with me only??

    1. I am speaking a lot i know.. Really Need to talk to tell how i had almost lost my life that moment.??
      Dont know how long it will take for me to get back to that cheerful arshi..
      Sorry again friends.. will try to come back soon…☺
      Missing u all sooo much??

    2. Ohh I forgot.. stupid me..
      Thanks to everyone for your best wishes and prayers..
      Maybe it was because of your prayers that i could atleast sit for the exam..had a chance to do something although not much..

      Some students were not even allowed to enter bcoz they were late..

      Thank you so much friends ???
      Love u all?

      1. It’s great to hear from you ,I’m sorry your exam went badly,are you sure? Perhaps it went better than you think.. Keep commenting,we’ve been worried about you xx ?????????

      2. Sorry to worry you all..
        The exam actually went badly than i would have ever thought..??

        I have one more chance..of Aiims exam..
        Will try to work more hard for it
        And hope so my health permit me to do well in that exam..!!

    3. Dear arshdeep keep trying.u ll b successful. Today u r nt looser,but when u give up trying DAT DAy u ll b a loser.dis chance u tried ur best but ur health did nt permit prob try hard next tym n keep urdelf healthy.koshis krne wolon k kvi har nh hota h.try hard next tym.god bless u sis.

      1. Thanks a lot prachi di..??
        I am trying.. but again n again i think why it happened with me?? ??
        I was not having any such problem earlier??

    4. arshu…. don’t worry dear….. you never know it might have gone well and you are stressing much…everything’s gonna be fine …… don’t lose hope and please take care of yourself okay??
      I KNOW YOU ARE BRAVE….. GO girl…don’t worry

      1. Thank you sujie di..
        I was brave..but not now.. i keep crying when i am alone..??
        I had never expected this to happen.. i was full prepared for the exam..but…??

        Still i will continue..i will give my best for next exam
        You all give me so much courage and hopes..
        Thanku sooo much??

      2. don’t say that Arshu… you can cry as well…it makes your heart light…..
        You know what an incident happened with me too…..
        I fainted a day before my chemistry practical exam…… was rushed to hospital and then I went to for taking my practical exam …. Although it was for 3 hours…i came back after 15 minutes because I was not feeling well… I fainted on my way back home too…but i did not lose hope…and I was called for the next time when I was fully recovered… so arshu…you should also keep the hope alive…. i am sure you will get success…i know its your dream to become a doctor and want to see you fulfilling your dreams….
        pata nahi hum milenge ya nahi…but i can get informed about your progress via this page…so keep smiling and never lose hope dear

      3. So sad to hear abt what happened with you
        I wish i get a chance again to prove myself
        Thank you so much
        I promise i wont lose hope
        I will keep trying till the day i succeed..!! ?

    5. Hey Arshdeep, I’m sure the result is not out yet, so fingers crossed.
      Hope your health is good now.
      I will encourage you to look on the bright sides.
      Whatever happens life goes on, don’t be depress because of that, we all know how hard you studied for it.
      When life throw a sugar they say make a tea or dessert out of it, you are wise .
      Chart to you later.?

      1. Result isnt out but i myself know how much i m going to get ..and thats not enough to get admission in mbbs

        Went for ultrasound yesterday.. have 2 stones of 5mm and 3 mm on both sides?
        It pains badly. Yesterday i took medicine 3 times just to avoid pain. ??

        Still thanks a lot.. the last line is soo good..
        I will still try my best. Thanku for your support ??

  3. Helloooooooooooo everyone.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!!!


    Arshdeeeeeeeeeeeep, you okay Hun? Xxx

    1. Nooooo i am not okay didi..????

    2. I dont want to study anymore now
      Losing trust on my fate??

      1. Just replied down there ⬇️

        If you feel angry, sad, happy, like screaming, let yourself do it Arshu! Don’t bottle it up.
        You’re allowed to be pissed off at the situation and if you don’t feel like studying at the moment, then don’t.

        Seriously me scream into a pillow, punch it too, and have a cry. You’ll feel better. And then, because you are you and because you are a superstar! You will want to study again and you,ll fly.

        It’s fine to have bad days as it makes you appreciate the good ones even more.

        I love you as do lots of us on here. Just imagine there are many many of us all around the world wishing YOU well. How amazing is that! Xxxx

      2. Yup cried a lot hugging my muma
        She was consoling me but she herself was crying

        Wonder for which mistakes i had to pay that day..?? ??

        I am not a superstar..
        But i promise i will do everything to become a star in your eyes atleast..
        I will again start trying..
        I wont stop until i get what i want..!!

      3. Thank you once again di.. thnku soo much

        And thanks to tellyupdates.. i got such wonderful people..?????

    3. How r u di??

  4. Kya hua aajkl comment itni kam qh

    1. probably because of the Kamini kaamini track….but hope this will end soon and we get to see some peaceful ViDhaani moments…….

    2. Today i am going to spend most of my time here
      1st to increase commnts and
      2nd to refresh myself…..!!

      1. That’s more like it

      2. That’s the spirit! Xxx

  5. Good morning to you all and a wonderful Wednesday.

    1. Morning Yetty?

    2. Good morning /afternoon Yetty

    3. Good afternoon??

    4. Hey Yetty!!

  6. Didn’t watch epi yesterday ,so watching this morning ,kamini is a snake.
    Hope viplav gets his brains back soon.
    Nimisha I think I agree about Viplav seeing Kamini as a sister. Vidhani are so sure and secure in their love that they are blind to danger.?xxx

    1. Same here Anne. Just psyching myself up for the 930 repeat. I know VK is a snake and I know what to expect but I get soooooooooo engrossed that i wonder if I shouldn’t watch. I also want the makers to understand how bad this track is but they are either on self destruct or they have a master plan. But watching, like many of us, for Mishal ?????

  7. Hi arshi don’t worry everything will be fine.don’t be upset.let’s see how was results.n ur not willing done this na so y ur worrying about it.the pain n all was suddenly don’t worry everything will become fine.we r all with u dear.luv u .don’t be disappointed dear be happy.

    1. Thanks di
      I wish i could have performed better??
      Love u too? thanku for always being there for me?

  8. Hello swetha and louella.. how r u both??

  9. Arshu do feel bad about yr current situation but trust me i have faith in destiny wbich is as important as hard work . If to become a doctor is in yr destiny then no matter what. U would☺if say u cud attempt 80% of exam due to yr pain but who knows highest itself is 80% u are ananlysising individually but result would be the best of all which could be you. Also there is no end to the world if god forbid u get less as then there is always a second opportunity. Cheer up be cofident n u can conquer the world. Waiting eagerly for yr sweet smile.??????????☺

    1. Thanku so so so much??
      My muma says the same..ditto..
      Hopes are very few … but still i wish i get admission anyhow..
      My 2 years hardwork must not go in pain..or else have no other option than to accept what god has written in my destiny..

    2. That’s lovely Renu. ArShi, Renu is right you CAN conquer the world!

      1. I will…!! ?

  10. hi guys any body know
    y the spoiler is not updated
    from 26th april
    y there is no spoiler alert
    for 1week

    1. Cool actually they mostly don’t give ikrs spoilers. If u want the spoiler in this site u have to wait till Friday.

    2. Some of the episodes suggest the story is in a state of flux. Maybe no spoilers means they don’t know what’s coming next,

      My personal spoilers would be

      Next episode., maya episode., Viplav and Dhani get away on their honeymoon, alone and have lots of romance and nok jhoks

      Next episode .. Viplav and Dhani return, stronger than ever and overhear DB and VK plotting, both are shocked but resolve to never allow their plans to succeed.

      Next episode… Dulaari mai needs to go to see some family. Viplav and Dhani accompany her to…. Sarla kaki,s house where Piya and Sarla kaki are happily surprised to see them. Viplav and Dhani spend some alone time together ???

      Next episode… Dulaari Maai, Viplav and Dhani re acquaint themselves with Sarla kaki and Piya and Dulaari,s past is revealed. Viplava DB Dhani go for a walk and see the ice cream seller playing the same tune and another romantic scene is shown. ????

      Next episodes… Dulaari Maai,s truth is out. She left her home under a misunderstanding, all realise that she belongs with her family so she decided to stay there… Viplav and Dhani are sad.. But also happy that Dulaari Maai has such a lovely family who are also very very very rich. Dhani is happy that Piya is her half sister. Dhani is sad but Viplav is there to distract her… ?????

      How does that sound? Makes the way for dulaaris past to be revealed and also for her to make a happy exit from the show.

      TRP,s sky rocket… Colors change the show time to the primest of prime time slots. Lots of promos and repeats follow and The fans are super happy with new fans joining the party.


      1. Maya = maha

      2. Superb spoilers for this week by nimisha di..??
        Loved it..?
        Please add her to give suggestions to ikrs writers..!! ??

      3. Wonderful Nimisha! Loved it ..more please xxx??

      4. They should hire me… Don’t you think? I’d soon stop them in this stupid DB VK track!!
        Sigh… In my dreams! Lol!!!

  11. This is the reason why i love to come here..
    I feel myself so light after sharing everything with you all
    You all are just amazing
    I had never imagined i would get so caring and supportive friends in my life..!! ??
    I dont know how many times i need to thanks you all for being there for me alwayzz..
    But i will continue saying it again n again
    Thank you soo much.. i am lucky to have you all????

  12. Oh Arshdeeeeep

    First of all sending you the biggest most reassuring hugs I van.

    Really good to see you back. So sorry to hear you weren’t well. Stones sound nasty so hope first and foremost the pain is under control.

    As everyone else has already said, don’t worry about the exam. You did your best, you probably did much better than you think so just wait and see what happens. And if the worst happens then you have the next one as a fall back.

    I know it’s not ideal, but it really sounds like you couldn’t have done anymore that you did. Shit happens sometimes and you mustn’t beat yourself up about it.

    I know you’re feeling rubbish about it, but really glad to hear your talking about refreshing yourself and on here. We’re all here for you. Also, hoping we can speak very soon. I’m waiting for something to happen but can’t tell you too much about it yet. But very excited that we might get to chat soon.

    Lots of love my lovely girl. Chin up. You are amazing and brilliant and super. You just had a bad day.

    Big hugs and lots of love and kisses

    1. Pain is unbearable
      Its still paining right now
      It is fine only till the medicine gives its effect for atleast 4 or 5 hours and then again it starts..i think it wont be ending until it goes out from my body..?

      Love uh soo much di.
      Your presence is enough to make me happy??
      I wish some miracle happens only then the results would be in my favour.. otherwise no chance.. the exam was nt soo tough..
      I regret because i could have attempted much better if my health would nt have betrayed me? indeed it was a bad day..worst day for me..?
      Wish it does nt happen next time..!!

      1. Its amazing that you even managed to sit the exam! At all! That’s what makes you a Superstar!

        Can you let the exam body know that you had a medical emergency? Would they let you try again in the next round? Sorry if these are stupid questions,, I don’t know how the system works.

        Would that be worth trying at least? I’m sure the questions you answered you will have done well on. It’s very hard to concentrate on anything when you’re in so much pain, so maybe if they knew they could make some sort of allowance for you it answering as many questions as you had hoped for?

        One of the things I live by is ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’ if that makes sense. There is no harm in letting them know,


      2. Not stupid questions
        But there is no chance for me to go in next round..
        Here decisions are made without even once thinking about a student…his/her whole life..watever they say is the final verdict and its of no use to ask them even..
        I had a bad day…. but will try to turn it soon itno a good one?

        Can u imagine the entry was closed at 9.30
        The one who reached even at 9.35 wasnt allowed to give the exam
        2 students of my centre were not allowed to write exams coz they were late

        I was asked to remove earings at the gate…to remove my hair remove kada(kind of bangle if u know we wear)..i was wearing it for many years.. and so it wasnt getting off…somebody gave us cream..and my muma was just pulling it out.. and i know how i get hyper in such situations… i was trying to calm down myself..
        Huh that was such a horrible day..??

      3. Lateness is fair enough. I,m a bit of a stickler for time keeping, but you had just been to hospital.

        Can’t you at least ask, or write to them and explain what happened? I would even if I was certain they wouldn’t do anything, I’d want them to know. How about your college tutors, can they help?

        But, the main thing is you have another chance so don’t give up.

        What’s the prognosis on the stones? Do you have to let nature take its course.?

      4. Are they kidney stones? One of the worst pains there is ,better to have operation .Sometimes they can blast them into dust so they pass out .You are young for so much pain ,love and prayers being sent to you ,xxxxxxxxxxxxx?????

      5. No di its not possible here
        I cant tell them abt what happened with me..
        Anyone can come and say any such excuse..whats the proof i have??

        And my coaching institutes called me to ask how was my exam..
        I had really great teachers there..
        I took their blessings the last day i went for mock tests and they were so sure about chem sir said u will surely get a selection

        I feel like i cant even look at them..i didnt even called them back anymore
        I thot before the exam.. that next day i will surely go to meet them haappily but of no use now??
        Many people had much expectations from me…and everything got ruined..??

      6. Yup kidney stones …
        We are not going for an operation anne di bcoz doctors say they are formed again n again.. so how many times we will go for an operation
        Drinking lots of water and soda
        Thnks a lot for the prayers??

      7. Arshdeep, you should talk to your teachers. They had high expectations but will be totally supportive and will totally understand. You have nothing to be embarrassed over.

        Be proud of yourself for even attempting it.

        I’ve heard of the zapping thing Anne mentioned. Is that an option? Sounds like a long painful waiting game otherwise. I,m not good with pain or lack of sleep so really feel for you. So sorry you’re going through all of this. Xxx

      8. Will trying visiting to my caoching centre.. Have to gather up courage 😛
        not everyone understands na..

        And muma went to doctor today for asking why it pains again and again.. I almost take 3 or 4 pain killers a day.. If not pain killer than an injection..
        But doctor only says drink more and more water..
        Having an operation at this age is not good i suppose..
        So will wait till it leaves by itself..!!

    2. Arshi di truly u r an inspiration for me to be strong in any situation. I have tears in my eyes knowing about that horrible day. Even I get hyper at such situations. I never like being late in school, tuitions and other places. I get tension if I reach these places late. And it’s a big thing that u at least sat for the exam in this situation. If I would be in ur place I could not sit there even for a minute. Truly u r a great inspiration for me.

      1. Louella ,how’s your leg? Did you go to the Doctors?xxx

      2. Hehe ur comment is making me cry happily??
        At that moment i could only see my exam..
        I could feel my blurred future??
        I was moving myself continuously sitting on my seat..
        Aaahh that day???
        Please no more talking about it..
        I am not so good that i can be someone inspiration

        Anyone at my place would have done the same when you can feel its the last chance than pain doesnt matter much

  13. Frnds I have seen one olv now it was very disgusting .bcs in that kamini was teaching dhaani in viplavs room there is sudden powercut n viplav comes there n hugs kamini in dark thinking she is dhaani.then dhaani comes there with a candle.again same disturbances.will kamini success in her trap for viplav.very tensed.

    1. Nope, she won’t succeed. Viplav won’t let her.

      Just want him to say something to her like, he misses Shalu so much and it’s nice to have her as another sister in the house.


      1. Hahaha would like to see kamini reaction to this..??

      2. Nimmy that was something which ViDhaani fans wanted to hear……. I wish script writer of IKRS takes this into consideration 😀 🙂

    2. Yes saw that!! But Viplav does looked shocked? , he’d better look shocked!??lolxxx

  14. Hi frnds all of u ad lunch frnds.pls share ur opinions.and today iam free to com here.

    1. Hi Kavitha,

      I’ve only just had breakfast, but could quite happily eat lunch now as am very hungry.

      By the way are you on IF and Twitter? I,ve seen a Kavitha on both so wondered if it’s you.


  15. Arshdeep, as if by magic this just appeared on my Twitter feed.

    For you my lovely..

    1. Awww as if it was written for me only??
      Love you?????

      1. ??????
        Love you too!

    2. I have heard and read many times that kidney stone pain is worse than the labor pain..!!
      Have experienced only the first one yet and its unbearable..
      Ahhh…its still paining????

      1. I,ve heard that too. Sounds incredibly painful. Poor you! Still amazed you even made it to the exam. Not many would have you know. Really very proud of you for going for it! And whatever happens it’s good practice for the next one.

        Onwards and upwards !

      2. Thats the problem di
        I am not having much options now as i told u NEET has come up which means admission in colleges all over india will be done on a single test AIPMT and that test i have lost..

        I have only one other option of AIIMS exam.. nothing else??

  16. Arshi di I m not at all good. Actually I was playing without my slippers and I don’t know what happened to my leg. It’s paining and there is a black circle type like a boil. I m feeling very scared if there is a stone or something else. Now I m lying down on my bed and commenting. But u don’t worry I m ok. I have two reasons for which I m not good one was my leg and second one is ur exam. I was shocked to know that ur exam was not at all good. I m worried about ur pain. Is it ok now? Once when I was going to write me computer paper even I was not feeling well. I had breakfast but I vomited even water also I had vomited. Nothing was left in my stomach. Also I was not even able to stand or sit. I was so weak that I couldn’t write my paper and also I didn’t got a chance for re-exam. It was a worst day in my life but my pain is nothing is front of yours. I understand how it feels when dreams r shattered. But plz don’t take tension. Be strong and face ur problems. U know I wanted to become a teacher in school but that dream is shattered as my mother explained me that a teacher has to face so many problems to teach the children. I was very sad but I calmed myself and I thought to take commerce when I will finish 10th. Even I have thought to take tuitions after 10th, also start embroidery, paint, also write books. These r my hobbies and I will definitely use it when I will become big. Even u think something which u like and also u r good at like drawing, taking tuitions, stitching etc etc. Then u will forget all ur tensions. U know I m praying for u everyday, day and night. I know one day u will become a very great doctor. But u have to be strong. And also u can do other works na like I have thought to do after 10th. Then u will be busy and also u will be happy that u have done something good and nice. Di plz take care of ur health. I know it pains a lot if a stone goes in. I don’t know whether in my leg stone is gone or what has happened. In the evening I will go to the doctor and show my leg. Plz take care of yourself. I will pray for u and I believe u will do it. Don’t say sorry for worrying about u. I m your younger sister and it’s my duty to worry about u. If u take me as ur sister u will not say sorry.

    1. Aww my sweet sister .. ok i wont say sorry
      But atleast i can say thank you
      You pray for me… i know god always listens to children prayers..
      And if he wants i will become a good doctor
      And u please take care of your leg.. go to doctor today itself
      I will definitely pray for you too..
      And my stone is still paining..i think its not going to be alryt until it is expelled out??

      Again thnku sooo much dear??

      1. Ur welcome arshi di. Ya I m going to the doctor today itself. Take care of yourself. My pain is nothing in front of yours. Take rest dear. Sending u big hugs.

      2. U too take rest
        No need to play today
        Have rest

    2. Awww Louella.
      Sending you big hugs too. Your leg sounds sore.

      Have you had it checked out by a doctor? Could it be a bite of some sort?

      At least two of your hobbies, drawing and embroidery, you can do whilst your laid up.

      You sound like I was, or still am,. I was also very chatty as a youngster, and as you all know I still need to talk, even if it’s to myself which I often do on here. Lol.

      I bet you’re helping keep your granny young. Love that you have such a lovely close relationship with heR.

      1. Aww Nimisha di. Even I m sending u big and tight hugs. Np I didn’t show my leg to the doctor but I m showing it in the evening. I think I got hurt from a stone as there r a number of stones in our building ground. Yes u r right I m sharing a very close relationship with my granny. She is with me the whole day. My mother goes for office so I m with my granny and grandpa.

    3. And becoming a teacher is a good job but its actually sometimes troublesome.. my sis too never want to become a teacher because she feels children bad mouth abt teachers on their back..
      Becoming a lecturer in college is much easy life..just few lectures and you get a lot of money

      1. Arshi di u r right. Sometimes when our teacher shouts us for no reason even I get angry. So becoming teacher is cancelled.

      2. Hehe good ??
        These days Many other choices to go for

    4. Darling,please take Very Good care of yourself,tell us how Doctor visit went.?xxx

      1. Yes Louella, def let us know what the doc says. Xxx

  17. Kavitha I had lunch. Even I m free. If I will share my opinions u will have a number of comments in front of u. The reason is bcoz I also have the hobby of talking. At home when I talk with my granny I don’t stop and I go on talking that too in night and my granny is very sleepy because she has a lot of work to do the whole day. When I start talking my Granny calls me old woman who talks very much and also shouts at me for talking so much and not giving her to sleep. It’s not even a day when I have not received scolding from my granny even on my birthday. From this u can say I m so naughty. This comment proves that I m so talkative.

  18. I m back after two days. I was very busy but today I m free only bcoz of my leg. I have pain so I m not doing any work. Or I have a lot of work to do like posting my ff, drawing, embroidery writing ffs and so on. My work is endless whether it is in summer vacation or during school. But today I m free only bcoz of my leg. I came from play and I m now commenting. In the evening again I will go to play inspite of having leg pain but I don’t care. Oh God!!! Again I started talking. Today I realised that I also have the hobby of talking.

  19. Arshi di today u have to ask a question to me. I m in need of talking. I m so bored that I need someone to talk to me and ask me many questions. Anyone here wants to ask me questions?

    1. Haha okay i will try for that..
      Give me some time

    2. What is yr favourite color favourite dream destination what do u want to become once u grow up is yr homework over

      1. Ooh good questions Renu.


  20. Kavi di. not in a mood to talk about that olv… its disgusting….but I hope at the end of the day ViDhaani remain together and Kaamini DB track gets over………
    you know what , I was watching those old glorious episodes…and listening to the IKRS songs…along with Mishal’s serial LOVE STORY wala song……… humming these tunes and writing some stuffs

    1. Keep looking at the picture that Eisha posted. It makes everything seem much better!

      Nit going to watch that OLV,

      Can I ask, do PH’s release OLV,s to test a story line??? They don’t always make the final cut so honest wondering?

  21. Wow its raining here today
    Veryy happyy????☁☁
    Love to walk in rain..!! ??

    1. Oops the light went off…!! ??
      Need to use net pack now to comment ??

  22. Hi arshu seems even weather wants to cheer u up suddenly it has become pleasant ????????????????

    1. Yes renu di..wonderful weather
      I love it??

    2. Love it when it rains after a long time. I love the smell of the earth when that happens. I remember being in mahabalipuran in 2003 and it had been hit and dry and in the evening as we sat down to eat, the heavens opened and I experienced Indian rain. Was totally awsome. And the smell was to die for.

      It’s been really hot there so it must be totally lush when it rains.

      1. Ya ya i toooo loveee that smell
        Its just awesome❤❤

  23. Renu my favourite colour is red and pink and luckily I have my logo pink. I have not yet thought about my dream destination but when I will grow up I will become an accountant in bank as I m very good in maths. Also I m thinking to other jobs like artist work, embroidery, writing books(already I m writing an ff).

    1. Thks dear good to know about yr future. I know u would excel in writing painting. Do u sing also

  24. Arshi di in ur place it’s raining but in Mumbai it’s so hot. If we want to play we have to play in the evening. Now it’s afternoon so there is no one on the road. Only a few vehicles roaming around.

    1. Hehe it was hot here too.. but much better now..??
      Thank god it rained here
      I live in PANIPAT and i wonder why here is so less rain? How this city got the name (PANI)????

  25. Ok, so I watched the episode.

    Still feel slightly disappointed that Viplav doesn’t speak up more in front of his family, KT was super mean but DB was on a mega rant, to quote Anne, it makes him look weak and weedy! He did speak up but it felt too little too late, also he was stood by VK whilst Dhani was ‘attacked’. As soon as they started he turned around in frustration but should have gone to her and and out a protective arm around her,

    When Dhani ran off, it was a shame we didn’t see a scene with her and Viplav.

    In front of Bhagwan, Dhani was still blaming herself poor thing, VK is a vicious snake!

    The Romantic scene was again spoiled by VK’s evil eye! Viplav was apologetic but I don’t buy his ‘I’m helpless’ line. He promised to protect and look after Dhani, but maybe I missed the, ‘except against his family’ small print.

    The makers are changing Viplav and I don’t like it. Not one bit! Didn’t see the Precap as wasn’t shown on the repeat,

    Overall impression… Romantic scene nice but still too much screen time given to the evil ones.

    1. There was a time when you used to be jealous of us for watching the episode earlier than you and u used to watch it online

      And now you are waiting for the repeats?

      1. It’s for my sanity… Lol! ?

    2. And as for stones let nature take its turn

      Drinking lots of soda.??.water..limca..??
      The pain actually eats up my sleep
      It daily pains at night.. as the right one has entered the pipe so it hurts more

      1. Sounds really miserable.


      2. Yaa the one who experience can only understand how it actually feels

        dont worry it dont bother me much when i am talking to you 🙂

  26. Hi Arshdeep! Hope your health is fine now.
    I just came to take the update of yesterday’s episode but read your comments. Couldn’t stop myself from commenting.

    Don’t feel bad dear, time teaches us the best lessons of life! Take some time and relax! And do hope for the best! InshaAllah, your result will be good. ?

    I can understand what are you feeling right now as you dreamed passionately about this. Would like to share my personal experience. I told you that I’ve done masters in Udru Literature. You know what’s surprising in it? Before that I took the entrance test of Medical Uni. Got selected also. ? But all was in vain. Because I gave the test only to full fill my Babajani’s wish. As he wanted me to at least try for once. But that time my only goal was to study literature. But I took the test as it was kinda obvious that my Babajani wanted me to do MBBS like my two BigBs. But Allhumdulillah! blessed to have such a family, they stood by side and supported me in my decision. Still my Babajani supports me , he is proud of me that, I achieved my decided goal! So would just say, stay focus and confident! InshaAllah! you’ll achieve everything with your hard work and focus!

    Worried about your health dear. Hope you get rid of that pain and stones. And do smile in front of your Mama dear. I know it’s hard for you to calm down! But try and stay calm ! As it’s not over! I’m sure you won’t give up on your dreams!! be strong!! Okay?

    And the most important thing. I was really missing my new younger sisi! ?

    Take very good care of yourself! ❤

    1. Health is ok ok..

      U r soo intelligent i can say..?
      Good that u got what you would love to do..
      And your ff tells us all how beautifully you write?

      I just read the previous episodes.. they were wonderful as usual..??
      I missed you too appi??

      Thank you sooo much????

      You too take care if urself?

      1. And yesterday i was laughing while watching tv.. and my mum was constantly looking at me
        Maybe because i laughed after many days
        I asked her to come for a walk with me aftee dinner and she said first promise me that you will keep smiling like this..only then i will come..
        I was shocked.. she was almost crying?
        She knows very well what i am feeling at this moment so keeps cheering me up..
        She said me today when i was crying in pain bcoz of stones.. wish i could take ur pain on me.. ??
        And i felt very bad that i am making her cry coz of me
        So i am trying my best to stay happy?

        Will continue my hard work to get what i want

        Once again thanks a lot appi???

      2. Lol! I doubt that intelligence part. MBBS seems in our blood actually. ? Babajani is neurosurgeon , Brothers are Gynecologist. ? Doctors everywhere! ? Thankfully my fiance is not doctor! ? Haha. ?

        And Thank-you!!! For liking it dear!! ? Although I was busy little busy these days, but posted. ?

      3. Yeah I can understand. Your mummy would be worrying too seeing you in this tough and hard situation. But only you can relax her. Keep your mood light! And stay happy dear! ?

      4. I too wanted to become a gaenochologist..

        Ohhh so you are engaged..
        When is the marriage??
        We are invited or not??

        And i will try my best to stay calm and happy 🙂

      5. You will be InshaAllah!! ?

        Yes engaged. ? Not yet decided, probably next year.

        Ahhh!! You are most welcome dear!!! ??? Will you come?? ?

      6. If i can i will surely come

        U live in lahore na??

        I always wanted to go on a road trip to ladakh with my frnds
        Wish i could go soon..!!

      7. Yep in Lahore would go to Islamabad after marriage. ❤

        Really! Wow! Yeah go on! ?

  27. I don’t if it’s me or you guys are also facing the difficulties with this new updated site. ?

    I came just today to spend some time here! But this damn site is working so poor! Lagging my phone! So many GAdds! ? I’m unable to read comments! Don’t know what happened here in two days! ?

  28. Lol! Hey there Everyone! Just read your comments! ? As expected you all are not so happy with this Kamini attacking om Vidhaani. ? But I would maintain my consistency.. I fully enjoyed that car racing wala episode! ? Now the Marathon begins! Kamini finally showed her true face and dirty intentions. ? She will now go to any extent! To steel someone’s HUSBANAD! quite pathetic. Anyways, she is all set to draw misunderstandings between Vidhaani. ? Lol. ? But definitely she will not get Viplav so easily !! ?

    Loved that Candle scene & that Banded scene!!! Mishal was as usual freaking hot!! ?? Loved them Cuties!!! ?

    Also a bit worried , as Mishal would be teaching her! ? But still will be looking forward to it! ?

  29. Confession time,I have a secret dread , that Dhaani will be educated and will become a very bright and capable person ..but viplav will be killed and Dhaani lives her life supporting social change for widows etc… I remember my lovely Paro dying in Rangrasia ,it still hurts!
    Sorry ,but I don’t trust the writers.?xxx

    1. Oh no! ? Why did I read this!! ?

    2. Nooo please that sounds horrible..!!

    3. I’m going to have to watch that show Anne. Although you did give away that she didn’t actually die. Lol!!!

      1. She did die,but there was a 7yrs leap and the actress came back as a relation been living in america . Saranya Irani who was superb in both parts,there was a streak of comedy in the show,Rudra..a very stiff n correct army Major quite sophisticated and Parovati a “simple” village girl .Fabulous!! Xxx

      2. I loved Sanaya irani in that dance show, she seems like a really lovely person.

    4. If that happens it,ll be like LTL again and I won’t watch post that as for me the show is about Viplav & Dhani.

  30. hiiii ..guys are you all ?? forget me ?? hehehe ..kya karu ..not interested in ikrs from two months .. but ikrs always best ..kya hua mae nahi dekhta …

    hii arshdeep …I saw your comments .. feels sad hearing about your exam ..but don’t cry like this .. this is not end ..this is just beginning .. failure always come before success … don’t loose hope … let’s see what happens .. what will be your rank strong . be positive … and for freshen your mind . you can read my ff also 😛 … hehehe …stay happy … 🙂 🙂

    1. Yaa a lot of positivity i got here
      Thanks to you also??
      Will keep trying..?

      And yaa ur ff is a great relief.. enjoying it a lot??

      1. itna achcha laga mera ff comment bhi kardo yaar … 😛

  31. Why the telly updates is not shifting comments to next page
    have to scroll down lot more..

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