Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja’s mum doing the rituals and making Shalu wear the shagun dupatta and does her tilak and aarti. Viplav asks Dhaani to stand with him for sometime. Dhaani asks him not to hold her hand else others may doubt at them. Viplav says he is impressed with her bravery today. Mami/Bhabhi makes Shalu wear the bangles and eyes it. Sushma hopes best for Shalu’s married life. Viplav asks Dhaani where is her bangles? Dhaani says she haven’t wear it intentionally, as they might identify her because of bangles. Viplav ties thread on her hand. Raja comes there and says he will take a selfie with them. He takes a pic with everyone. He sees Viplav with a girl and takes their pic. He thinks he has to find out about the girl. A guest asks Kanak to call her bhabhi. Kanak says

Viplav isn’t married yet.

Viplav asks Dhaani to come following him. He goes on stage and says Bhabhi will also come. He tells him that all the women present here as Bhabhi’s of Shalu, and asks every women to do the ritual and get Shagun from his mum. All the women do the rituals. Viplav tells Shalu that she is getting love from many bhabhis. Dhaani comes near her and do the rituals. Viplav smiles. Dhaani makes her wear the anklet. Viplav thanks her. Kanak gets suspicious.

Dasharath says goad bharayi rasam is complete and asks them to take God’s blessings, and asks where is Raja. Dhaani misses seeing Raja again. Dasharath asks Mami to come as well. Viplav jumps near Dhaani and asks how is his Kamaal? Dhaani says she will leave. Viplav asks her to have food. Dhaani refuses. Viplav asks her to lift the ghunghat, and kisses on her forehead, asking her to go. Dhaani is about to go, but Kanak comes and asks her to stop. Viplav is shocked. Kanak asks who are you and why you are wearing ghunghat like this? Dhaani turns towards her. Kanak asks if you are dumb? And says she will see her face.

Kanak is about to lift her ghunghat when Viplav breaks the glass and shouts that he is hurt. Kanak and Dasharath ask him to come and says lets call the doctor. Dhaani leaves from there. Kanak sees her going and thinks she might be Dhaani. Durga and Suwarna come there. Durga says we have come to say congrats to Shalu and gives gift. Kanak says okay and takes the gift. She asks them to come and says I have some work for you. She takes them inside and tells that all servants are busy today. She says servant who was about to come and wash utensils haven’t come. She says Dasharath’s name will be ruined. Durga says I will wash all the utensils. Kanak asks her to sit and wash all the utensils. Suwarna tells Durga that she will also help her and sits down to wash utensils.

Kanak comes to Viplav and snatches his phone. Viplav says he was sending message to Raj and asks if she has a doubt on him. Kanak asks why did you refuse to Ria. Viplav says he didn’t like her. He asks if she came to know anything about the veiled woman. Kanak says no and says she has left. She shows her girls photo and asks him to select the girl. Viplav says I will think about my marriage once Shalu’s marriage is done. Kanak blames Dhaani for his decision.

Tripurari comes to Dasharath’s house and asks servant about his Amma and Suwarna. Servant informs that they are washing the utensils. Tripurari gets angry and goes there. He asks Durga and Suwarna to get up and says what they think about themselves. He says this drama will not go on, and promises to her that he will return to Banaras when he gets more rich than them. He says he will ask them how it feels to wash someone’s utensils.

Dasharath tells Kanak that they shall not force Viplav and says everything will be fine with time, and asks her not to do any foolishness. Raja comes to Viplav and shows him photo of his with Dhaani in ghunghat. He says you are caught and asks if she is your girl friend, and blackmails him to say the truth. Viplav agrees and says she is my GF. He says I didn’t tell anyone at home, and that’s why asked her to come wearing ghunghat. Raja says this happens in films. Viplav says my love story is like film story.

Dhaani comes home and see the burnt pics. Dulaari says sometimes it is better to burn the past. Dhaani asks are you fine? Dulaari says I am fine, asks her to get ready so that they will go to market and buy the marriage things. She says Viplav might come at anytime after Shalu’s marriage and insists for early marriage. Dhaani hugs her. Dulaari says you are very lucky to get Viplav and says even God wants you both to be together.

Dulaari and Dhaani come to the market. Bhabhi and Raja’s mum also come there and see the purse. Dulaari tells Dhaani that they will buy a purse for Shalu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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