Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tripurari drinking tea at Dasharath’s house and says it is good. Dasharath asks him to name his ancestral property on Viplav’s name. Tripurari laughs and says why you are loving your grand son suddenly. He says I am still step son..He says you trust so much on your lover and spoilt grand son, who is always ready to sacrifice everything on women. Kanak looks on. Tripurari says atleast he is not selfish like you, old man . Dasharath asks him to be in limits. Tripurari asks him to be in his limits. Kanak asks how you are talking to Babu ji. Tripurari says time has changed, I have equal right on that land. Dasharath says wah…and taunts him..saying you are asking rights. Tripurari asks him to stop quietly, says Kamini doesn’t know about it, else she will transfer it on

her name. He asks him to do as he says, and calls him Pita ji….goes.

Viplav opens his wallet and sees Dhaani’s pic. Just them her pic falls down, Viplav bends down to pick it and finds a purse under the table. He opens it and sees Vidha’s form. Mrs. Kaushik asks what happened? Viplav tells her that it seems that girl’s mum forgot her purse here, and shows the form which have address also. Mrs. Kaushik says she will call her and she will come and take the purse. Kamini asks Viplav to listen to her. Viplav goes ignoring her. Kamini says he is too responsible. Dhaani comes back to Mrs. Kaushik house with Parshiya to take her purse. Viplav senses her presence and asks driver to stop the car. Dhaani also feels strange. Viplav turns back, but doesn’t see her.

Dulaari tells Vidha that she is going to market and asks her to play there itself. Vidha is seen playing with kids. Viplav comes there and asks someone about the address. Dulaari misses seeing him. Vidha sees Viplav and asks Rakshas, why did you come here? Viplav says, Shikayathi pudiya…you are still angry? Vidha says my name is Vidha…Viplav says okay, you can call me Rakshas. Vidha asks why did you take my mumma’s purse. Viplav says I was stealing your mumma’s little angel pic. Vidha asks him to give it. Viplav doesn’t give it to her. Vidha blackmails him that and says she will fall and make her dress dirty. Viplav says you are a dramebaaz and returns her mamma’s purse. He says I came to return your mumma’s purse and asks if she will take a selfie with her. Vidha says yes. Viplav takes selfie with her and shows her their pic. Vidha says big phone, it is good. Viplav says I will leave now.

Vidha says whenever a guest comes, mumma and nani give them water, and asks him to come home. Viplav says no and says he has work to do. Vidha takes him inside the house. Parshiya and Dhaani check for the purse under tha table. Simone comes and insults them. She asks servant to give them free food, and asks what you are doing here when I kicked you out of job. Dhaani says we left the job, and was not fired. Parshiya asks her to return the purse. Simone says what I will do with your little money, and says we can’t get even one time food in that. Dhaani says you are right, but that money is for my daughter’s admission.

Simone asks them to go as everyone will come for dinner now. Parshiya says we will not leave until we get the purse. Mrs. Kaushik comes and asks Dhaani if she forgot her purse. Dhaani says yes. Mrs. Kaushik asks her to take her purse from guest room. Dhaani goes to guest room. Vidha gives water to Viplav. Viplav makes her sit beside him and asks who stays in house. Vidha says mamma and nani went for work and says mama stays also. She says her mumma will send her to english school, once she gets money from her flower business. She says she will show her mumma’s purse. Dhaani and Parshiya knock on the door of guest room. She says nobody is here. Parshiya says lets go. Dhaani says it is not good to go to someone’s room. Dhaani’s photo frame falls down. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………

Dhaani picks his opened suitcase and tells Parshiya that she will keep the clothes back in bag. She keeps clothes and keeps the bag. She then lifts the photo frame, and turns it towards her, just then electricity goes off and she couldn’t see her pic. Parshiya says we shall leave from here, else people will think that we came to steal things. Pic falls from Vidha’s hand. Viplav says it might have fallen in darkness and says I will meet your mumma next time, and befriends with Vidha. Vidha gives him superman sketch and says it is for you. Viplav smiles and says superman. Vidha says he is my papa. Viplav says I will keep it safely. Vidha asks what is your name? mumma will ask me. Viplav says Rakshas uncle. Vidha smiles.

Viplav comes back to wedding house. Mrs. Kaushik asks where were you? Viplav asks Simone why did you fire flower decorators. Simone says they were down market. Viplav says you have done wrong with them and talks about professional ethics. He asks her to call them back. Simone says I don’t want to keep them, and says I already told Mrs. Kaushik. Viplav says okay, I will leave the case right now. Mrs. Kaushik asks how can you do this? Viplav says sure, just like she did. He says you also agrees with her. He asks her to call them back to work. Mrs. Kaushik asks Simone to get them back to work. Simone says no and says you can’t pressurize me. Viplav says I am a lawyer by professional and will not let you snatch others rights. He asks her to call them back and also apologize. Mrs. Kaushik says they were not lying. Simone refuses. Mrs. Kaushik asks her to understand and assures Viplav. Simone gets angry.

Dhaani checks her purse and tells Dulaari that everything is here. She asks what is his name? Vidha says Rakshas uncle. Dhaani is shocked and asks what is his name? Vidha says I don’t know, but he is same as in your story. Dulaari blesses him and says good people do exist in world even now. Parshiya says we shall thank him. Dhaani says we don’t know him. Vidha says I will make you meet him. Parshiya says it is night, we shall go tomorrow. Dhaani says no, and says we shall go right away and thank him.

Precap: Vidha, Dhaani and Parshiya come to wedding house. Vidha says Rakshas uncle is very nice, I will make you meet him. Dhaani faints and fall down. Parshiya shouts Dhaani and asks her to wake up. Vidha calls her mumma. Kamini hears them and says Dhaani is alive. She looks for Viplav and sees him coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mishal Raheja

    Nimisha saw that fainting Kamini sentence…lol hilarious. That witch is gonna get it from Dhaani.

    1. Hi Mishal. I sincerely hope so!

      With both barrels or both fists, whichever our dear Viplav prefers.

      Honestly , Mishal, when read back my sentences to you, my heart actually misses a beat. I am slightly excited to Bebe saying hi Mishal but also paranoid that my ‘Mishal on the brain condidtion’ is affecting what I say, so am double checking that you are actually called Mishal and its not just me. Mishal.

      If that makes sense, Mishal.

      ????????? love you Mishal Raheja. Xxxxx

      And you Mishal ?

  2. Pls letvidhaani meet and clear all misunderstandings.

    1. Hello M

      We’ve not met! Or have we..

      I am the dory brained one so welcome if you’re new or great to see you again if you’ve been here a while. ???

      By the way, do you work on for her majesty’s secret service.. You know… Like James Bond? ???

      1. Oh yes and your comment on the previous page, agree. Wish Kam would not get in the way, but of course she will, but I hope Viplav has been training his senses over the last 5 years and that he can see through any ploy of Kam’s.

        Pre leap he was blind and he doesn’t. Pani what’s going on inAN, so it’s not looking good i know….

      2. He was blind and he doesn’t always see what’s happening in AN

  3. Super duper episode… Loved the conversation between viplav and vidha ??. Mishal’s cute expressions with vidha was mind blowing ??? … when viplav ignores kamini ..loved that scene.. kamini u will get more nosecut from our viplav…. Where is DB? what happened to her?
    Eagerly waiting for tmw episode.

    1. I think DB has been killed off and left everything to Kam which is why she is lady muck of the manor, AN.

      The evil trinity mentioned something about her owning everything but the land they were talking about. I think so anyway,

      And yes awesome fab episode. Also excited to see tomorrow, xxx

  4. Good morning family…..
    Have a great day…..and let me tell you….. I’m still hanging in Papa Beti convo of yesterday …????❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Good morning Sujie. Have a lovely day. Even I m thinking about the same thing. Such a cute scene it was!!

  5. Shahzeen fatima

    Plz dhaani aur viplav ka patch up ho jaye

  6. Shahzeen fatima

    Nice episode precap was very nice

  7. Awesome epi,..when litl vidha me mumma ko kya bataungi ..apka nam kya he ?..and viplav answer by keeping finger on his lips cuteeee expression..?????????????????how cute that adorable girl is….lv her…alottt?….she should tell dhani that he calls me shikayti pudiya ..?????maja aayega,..but plz not again kamini chudail..kahiki…aisa kyu hota he ki .. ..har indian serials me negative charatcrs has gud audibleness and four eyes?….and positive chrtrs are all deaf and mute and blin?????

  8. Kahi aisa to nahi ki DB ko kisi kalkhotri me band kiya he???…like other serial..then dhani will find raz ka darwaja ..then truth with proof will come out?????

  9. Good morning friends!
    Have a lovely day 🙂

    1. Good morning Zee. Have a great day.

  10. Do NT knw why this site is not getting open in my mobile ?

  11. Till now I am thinking ? abt vidha and Viplav convo… Hw sweet it was… Viplav’s expression is killing ones…. Vidha is looking awesome? Her expressions too… Just like Viplav…

    Whenever I see sanjeeda I feel that she is not Dhaani… Till now in my mind Dhaani is Eisha…? lovely sweet innocent eisha… Do not knw how sanjeeda-mishal Jodi will look like..

    It will not be as good as Eishal Jodi,,Isn’t???? WAT U SAY MY FRNDS….

    Viplav – Dhaani means eisha -mishal Jodi…

    Rupali …. These words for u
    Dhaani attire suits best for eisha and her acting was mind blowing and eishal Jodi was breathe taking one… No1 could replace eisha’s place from viewers heart
    Sorry if I hurt anyone sanjeeda fans especially.. Sorry?

  12. I saw the episode today morning at 5:30. Aww it was so cute.

    Mishal’s expressions were just superb. He was looking too handsome!!! And the way he was calling Vidha Shikayati pudiya was just so cute…….

    Vidha is just so cute. In such a tender age she is acting just awesome. I just love her now. To tell u I watched the episode just for Vidha and Viplav…..

    The daughter-dad Convo was the main thing marked in yesterday’s episode. The way Vidha was calling Viplav Rakshas uncle was so cute. And also her dialogues like, ”Mera naam Vidha hai koi pudiya budiya nahi” was very cute. Even when she blackmailed Viplav saying that she will make her clothes dirty was just superb. In short the whole episode was cute just because of Vidha and Viplav.

    The old Tripurari was good and this new one is also good. Loved the way he was controlling Dashrath and Kanak.

    When I saw Sanjeeda and Parshiya together. I thought they both r husband wife. Because till now I have never taken Sanjeeda as Dhaani. I thought their love story will start and then Eisha will enter there. But all this will never take place.

  13. Swetha di even I m not accepting Sanjeeda as Dhaani. She is not my Dhaani and will never be also. Eisha and Mishal chemistry was just unbeatable. Sanjeeda maybe a good actress but not for me. Even if any Kareena Katrina comes and says I m Dhaani, I will never accept it. If I will not accept these superstars as Dhaani, how can I accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani? It’s impossible. And also the Sanjeeda fans, I want to tell u that plz don’t force us to accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani. Plz don’t do it. We r the fans of Eisha and u r of Sanjeeda. So u follow Sanjeeda and we will follow Eisha. So plz don’t do it. Also some r saying that Sanjeeda is too old for the role of a mother. Plz don’t say this. It hurts Sanjeeda Fans…..

  14. wow very nice episode bt missing esha lot

  15. That new guy Parshiya’s ( Bohat mushkil name hai. Still unable to pronounce it. I don’t even know the spelling Copied it from the update. ? ) friends teasing him with with Dhaani’s name calling her Bhaabi. ? After that creepy Kam another man jumped in to take part in the Nobel Love Triangle Game. ? Although, till now he seems to be a good human being only trying to help Dhaani, to give her happiness only. But still don’t know writers can do anything. ?

    A lazy day started with a boring OLV. ? Good day. ?

  16. watched ydays episode. .
    overall it was okok..
    usual hide n seek. . n to make that happen lot of silly things like current gone. . going to Market in the night etc. .

    I have few doubts (mysteries) did the photo frame fall without any wind or toofan—- Did paatalidevi push it? ?
    2.y did vip pick up a purse which was in that cupboard also opened it?? manners less fellow -:))
    3.when mrs koushik knew vip has gone to return the purse y did she tell dhani he could be in guest room? ?
    abs so on…..

    if when oarshiya shouts dhani.. how come only kamini hears it not vip also
    is there only one dhani in this world? ??


    1. I think it was supernatural powers

      The photo frame falling
      And then he decided to look at the photo of Dhani, when standing near the purse. The same supernatural powers made him drop the photo which as he picked up, he saw the purse.
      Same pesky supernatural powers caused a power ur so neither saw the photos.

      I wondered that about Dhani,maam didn’t actually see her, only hear her name so hoping to see that she sorts herself out from her paranoia as dhani is dead, to her.

      Hope Viplav sees the girl crying and wonders over,

      Of course none of this will happen but I live in hope.??????

  17. I liked the olv.. parshiya part.. poor parshiya.. tum humari rajlaxmise shaadi karlo

    1. Lol at still trying to marry RL off. I thought she dipped in the bomb blast…

      1. Died even

  18. Hello everyone

    Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday.

    Louella and Swetha, I’m not trying to forcing anyone to accept anything, I respect how you both feel. But the fact is that Sanjeeda is Dhani now, Eisha was awesome, but she left.

    I also think Mishal and his pairing with her was fab, but to be honest, whenever I’ve seen Mishal with any other actress, he has been fab. Obv everyone has their favourites, but for me my current favourite pairing is about the characters that I’m watching at that moment, so Viplav with Dhani or Dutta with Naku, I actually think Mishal is such a phenomenal actor with those amazing expressions that he makes me believe in which ever relationship , be it his mum, sister, best friend or partner.

    Anyway,Swetha asked so am responding here. We haven’t seen Mishal with Sanjeeda yet, but I known will believe in that too as I know Mishal will make me believe that Viplav is seeing Dhani.n just like when I saw Garimaji acting opposite Sanjeeda, I really studied her face and all her expressions told me Maai was talking to Dhani.

    1. Yes, bad bad bad but predictable predictable predictable.

      After all the child has been Introduced for this very reason, ?

      But good opp to see some awesome acting! And also to give viewers a chance to see a different dynamic between Viplav and Dhani. I imagine if they went straight into the romance stuff first there would be a more fierce anti Sanjeeda campaign,

  19. To be honest,I thought the story is moving at a rapid pace compared to some I’ve seen. In less than a week they are both in Mumbai lol,at the same wedding lol,and looks like Dhani lives within walking distance..
    However I don’t mind any of this as long as Kamini suffers and suffers a lot!!!?????There will be a showdown at some point and I will have a glass of wine, cake,chocolate just to celebrate!
    Only good stuff to come,once the evils have been exposed.

    1. Agreed Anne! I’ll join you in the celebration!

    2. Hey Hun
      Will definitely join you in celebration as well I hope they just make her suffer slowly so that way we all get satisfied and enjoy watching it(I will pray for it) as for spoiler all I can say is that will just get me upset yes they need twist but common they need to stay tying up loose ends I mean how much more and please how long will this wedding take place for they need to start moving the story on am enjoying the series again and please guys lets give SS a chance
      You have a lovely day
      And hmmmmm Madam Nimisha go do your other stuff or am going to start with you on Twitter again ???????

      1. Lol Ola, these posts on here post at all sorts of times getting me into trouble. ???

        Just checking in again after sitting down for a cuppa. Time here is 14.29??? just in case you’re still keeping an eye on me, ??????

  20. If they are only in Mumbai for the wedding/business they doesn’t leave much time for vidhani to meet..?

    1. Hopefully Viplav moves to Mumbai too?

    2. Hope Dhani stays as far away from AN as possible.


  21. If that tellychakkar news Tobe believed. . super natural power has to work.. They were seperated for five years n vidha is also five years. . then how is it possible that dhano moved on in life to have to have baby? ?

    He has visited vidha s house n age has told point naani n mummy n maama love here. .

    1. Good point! Lol

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