Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani doing Tilak and aarti of Parshiya as he gets ready for the cycle race. She asks him to be careful. Parshiya says I will win only and will make everyone lose. Neighbor tells Viplav that Dhaani and Parshiya’s Jodi is good. Viplav gets irked and says don’t you think that he is quite tall than her. Cycle race begins. Parshiya thinks I will bring washing machine for you Dhaani after winning this race. He thinks I can’t see her sad. Viplav thinks he will know the truth only and will go then. Dhaani thinks your present is Kamini and Atharva and you have to return to them. Cycle race begins…..Everyone cheer for their family member who have participated in the race. Vidha, Dhaani and Atharva cheer for Parshiya. Viplav asks are you cheering for your husband. Dhaani

says yes, and asks him to go. Viplav asks her to tell what happened that night. Dhaani asks Parshiya to be careful. Viplav holds her hand. Dhaani asks him to leave her hand and says you don’t have right to hold my hand. Viplav says I have right even now. Dhaani goes. Dulaari calls Dhaani. Viplav says I will not go.

Kamini calls Tripurari and informs him about her plan. Tripurari says Dhaani is not old Dhaani and says she can get Viplav sign on it. Kamini says Dhaani can’t make Viplav sign on it. Kamini says a person can change but his character can’t change. She says Dhaani will not get signatures of Viplav on those papers, but she will do what I wants. She smirks. Parshiya asks Dulaari where is Dhaani. Dulaari says don’t know. Dhaani comes back. Dulaari asks where did you go suddenly. Dhaani says important work was pending, so thought to do it today. She sees Vidha and Atharva sleeping on Viplav’s lap and asks Dulaari. Viplav says kids gets peace in their father’s lap. Dhaani asks Viplav to come as he needs answers.

Viplav asks Dulaari to take care of kids. He goes inside and says you have become stubborn like me, but don’t know why you are egoistic. He says you might be angry on yourself for leaving me. Dhaani says it was the right decision of my life and I don’t repent. Viplav says I need answer for my question. Dhaani throws divorce papers on his face and says this is the answer. She asks him to go now far away from Vidha and her. She says I don’t have place for you in my life. Viplav picks the fallen papers and reads it. He checks her signs and says you have learnt to sign and are educated now. He says I can figure out that your hand was shaking when you signed on the papers. He says I saw these kinds of papers in court. He says our relation is not weak to break with a paper. He asks why did you come running to hospital hearing about my accident as you love me. Dhaani says I don’t love you….Viplav. Viplav goes.

Dhaani recalls Viplav saying that he did a mistake (slap) and Kamini misinterpreting his words. A fb is shown. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………………Dulaari asks Viplav, what did Dhaani say? Viplav says she gave an answer and handover divorce papers in my hand. He gets teary eyes. Dulaari is shocked too. He holds Dulaari’s hand and takes Atharva. He keeps his hand on Vidha. Vidha wakes up and calls Rakshas uncle. You and Atharva were going to spend time with me naa. Viplav gets teary eyes. He tells Vidha that he has to go now. Vidha says I want to play with you and I like you. Vidha asks him not to go. He hugs her and goes with Atharva. They come to hotel room. He makes Atharva sleep on bed. He looks at the divorce papers and throws it on floor.

Kamini picks it and gets happy seeing Dhaani’s sign on the divorce papers. She says Dhaani, you are a God, and thanks her for ending Viplav and Dhaani’s chapter. Dhaani is crying in her house and burns their pic. She says I have to do this for you, and your son. She says our lanes are changed and we can’t unite, never. Viplav looks at the mangalsutra at his hand and gets sad. Judaai song plays…………………..He recalls Dhaani telling that it was right decision of her life to leave him. Chadariya song plays……….He recalls Dhaani giving him divorce papers. Dhaani thinks Viplav telling her that he can’t forget her and their daughter. She burns the pics. Kamini knocks on Viplav’s door and says I need to talk to you. Kamini thinks until when he will be locked. Viplav opens the door. Kamini says I am knocking door since long and asks him to stop torturing himself. She says I don’t know why she is asking divorce, but know that her decision has shattered you. She asks him not to sign on the papers and says you have never understood me. She says I know that your happiness lies with Dhaani. Viplav looks on.

Vidha talks to Atharva on phone. Atharva says they are going back to their house Banaras. Vidha cries and tells Dhaani that Rakshas uncle is going back. Dhaani looks on shocked. Later Kamini comes and tells Viplav that there is some mistake in tickets as his name is not there. Viplav says you said right last night. Dhaani has to tell me all the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Jessi

    Stupid kamini ko flight se fake na chahiye tha ki phir se na aajaye viplav ki life main

  2. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    I did not watch today’s episode. But read the update now… It was just so irritating. But still I will watch it tomorrow for Mishal, Vidha and Atharva.

  3. Saraswathi.j

    Viplav ,s action heart breaking ,tears trickle from my eyes when he told to Dulaari she gave me answer TALAK and he take Atherva ,by to vidha but she wake up Viplav patting while crying vidha super action of Viplav.

  4. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    What about the race? Who won? But I didn’t understand about 24 hours cycle race. Is it that for a day they drive the cycle? I m really confused. I think I heard it wrong. But they were telling its 24 hours cycle race na? Plz help. If this is a stupid question plz forgive me.

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      You heard it right.
      I did not know about it but my muma knew. She told that its exactly a 24 hrs race. You have to move round at a particular place only not far off..and have to to eat,drink..everything on cycle only. Thats why Dulaari was giving Parshiya food to eat while he was cycling.

  5. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    How cute it would have been watching both the kids on Mishal’s lap right? I want to watch that scene yaar! I m waiting for 5:30am!

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      They werent on Mishal’s lap. They both were on separate chairs on either side and their arms interwined with Viplav’s.

  6. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    I bet I am not the only one who cried yet again watching today’s episode …..???
    Dhaani is keeping her own daughter away and herself away from Viplav for that Chudail…. Now I am sure Atharva is neither Viplav’s son nor that chudail’s….

    Watching Mishal and his natural tears….. It hurted a lot…. I cried cried and only cried… First of all I was sad….and this episode acted as salt and pepper on top of that ….

    Kaamini the daayan ?? when she said about Dhaani being sacrificing queen…. I was like Dhani will become one the day only when she sacrifices you ….
    It’s so depressing to see villains and their cheap tactics overpowering the love….and hurting the immense love of true lovers…..

    Sometimes I am frustrated because in IKRS …there are numerous villains… Motto of each one is to separate Viplav and Dhaani… Artery It really depress??

    I wish Kaamini gets out from ViDhaani s life soon… Please Ishita Ganguly…get out from the show ASAP…..

  7. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    First of all hats off to Viplav’s patience.??????
    The best part was where Viplav was saying goodbye to Dulaari and Vidha.. Tears rolling down his cheeks and he was trying to smile..? My didi was asking why are you watching such a show now and my inner voice was telling Mishal..Mishal..Mishal❤ Love you Mishal?? You nailed it again today.? You made me cry madly.?? Tears dropped down from my eyes too. You left me speechless.? As i say you are beyond perfection Mishal?
    And the part where he was sitting alone dhani’s words ringing in his ears was so emotional..??? And when he opened the door for Kamini and he walked away in white..Mishaaaaal??❤ I know i dont keep praising you the way others do daily but you seriously deserve it man. The life you put in Viplav’s character is amazing? You stole the complete show fact everyday. After the first break my muma and didi were on my head asking me to close it because they had shown in ‘coming up’ Dhani giving divorce and the way she threw those papers on him literally made me cry.. But i anyhow kept watching it only for you Mishal..And i have no regrets i watched it??

    Thank you hasan mam for the update??
    I wasnt in a mood to write anything after watching the update but precap made me to write a bit. An episode full of emotional trauma..?
    The most emotional parts were Viplav telling goodbye to dulaari and Vidha?
    Dhani throwing divorce papers?
    Viplav telling Dhani our relation cant be ended with such papers.?
    Viplav and Dhani crying in their separate rooms with Viplav holding her mangalsutra close to himself and Dhani burning those photos.?

    Some things were soo funny in todays episode?
    Tripurari telling Kamini that “Dhani ab wo bholi bhali wali Dhani nahi rahi..” ??
    I was like dont worry she is still the same. In fact has become a bigger mahan aatma??

    Next one Kamini telling Viplav that your happiness matters more to me and it lies with Dhani.?
    I have never seen a bigger liar than her in the world. If his happiness would have mattered they would have been happily together with Vidha today.??

    Next Kamini telling Viplav that you could never understand me. I think that was the first time she spoke truth. Yesss he could never understand you. How bigger mastermind you are.?? He hates you but still i wonder if he knows you were the reason for Dhani’s separation from him. No not yet..but will soon be knowing..Hopes alive. Fingers crossed. Xxx

    Okay if Dhani wants to be so big mahanaatma let her be. Just tell me once Dhani you worry for Kamini..Atharva..their lives.. Why not for Viplav? If Kamini herself told she never gpt position of his wife for 5 loong years when they thought Dhani is dead. How can Viplav give Kamini her place now after knowing you are alive?? Viplav crying.. Kamini unhappy not getting her proper position of wife.. You crying..your daughter crying… We crying..Can i know who is happy??????

    Thanks to precap and thanks to Kamini for changing Viplav’s mind. Felt like he was giving up but changed his decision after your words. Dont know which secret he is talking about? Some bitter past of 5 years of Viplav’s life. Waiting for some revelations tomorrow.
    Vidha was again so cute? and Dulaari was helpless. You can speak maai but you arent speaking?. You are Dhani’s mum and not she your mother? You have a right to do what you think is right. You know where her happiness lies. You can see Viplav’s pain then why becoming so dumb and prisoner to your daughter?? You are elder to her..knows more the life..the world..still you listen to her and not she listening to you.?? Why??

  8. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    This Kamini only knows to smirk. And her chamcha is that stupid mahant. She can never change. Even if she will get all the pleasures she will not be satisfied. Instead of Dhaani, she would have signed then we would have been dancing

  9. Renu

    Though have not seen but update looks interesting. Seems it was an emotional episode n seems viplav will get the answer soon.

  10. Renu

    Viplav’s comment for parshiya is he too tall for dhani though sounds funny but it shows viplavs pain .

  11. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    How can Dhaani throw the papers on Viplav’s face? How rude! She is changed fully. Only one scene is fixed in her mind! Other all scenes r in Eisha’s brains na!

  12. Ade1111

    |Registered Member

    Oh my Gosh I can’t take it anymore???? this is too heartbreaking and as for that stupid same flashback ????? can they stop already ???? don’t think I can watch it. Am fed up of seeing the pain in Viplav’s eyes yes he did wrong but tell the man what he did ???. Am losing hope and as for Kamini ??????won’t want to offend anyone ??

  13. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Friends I have noticed that whenever m not there the comments r less and when I m there the comments r more. Why is it so? U all miss me so much?

  14. Renu

    Vks plan got successful n she made dhani to arrange her divorce papers but how could she arrange in a day.??

  15. Renu

    So today viplav came to know that dhani is educated now ?? but he cud alao make out that her hands would have shaken while signing.

  16. Renu

    Vk tried yo to manipulate viplav n told him not to sign on pspers n she fell in her trsp??? just because of her viplav has decided to stay back n find the truth.

  17. Porkodi

    |Registered Member

    Thanks hasanji for the update… today episode seems very painful episode…. yesterday also I didn’t watched… today I will watch it together… Dhani ,why u r always sticking on old fb scene other than that u don’t remember anything with viplav… always listening to witch Kamini…. whatever happened in ur life is all because of ur foolishness … but u r giving so much torture to my hero ???

  18. Angel20

    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was very emotional,
    I was really crying watching the episode. Hiding tears from my parents, my eyes were filled with tears?
    Dhaani burning her and Viplav’s photo, giving divorce papers to Viplav was??
    Viplav looking at the mangalsutra was so painful??
    Vidhaa saying Rakshas uncle I like to be with you was awww so emotional? Viplav also saying the same! I really cried today??
    I think the CV’s are playing with our emotions, one day such a boring episode and the next day so emotional and exciting precap! They are really playing with our emotions!?
    Precap is so exciting, the way Dhaani reacted when Vidhaa cutely and painfully said Rakshas uncle jaa rahe hai ?? that clearly showed how much she loves Viplav when she hears he is going away!
    But Viplav is not going yipeee?☺☺ he is determined to know the truth!
    I guess that day is not far when Dhaani will reveal the truth to Viplav☺☺
    Waiting for it!

    Thanks mam for the update!

  19. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi latha my son tharun is third standard
    N my daughter hasini is in second standard.
    Sry yaar I didn’t saw ur reply yesterday now itself I saw that n now iam replying u

  20. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi renuji ur sons name was very nice pls convey my regards n love to them. N tell me wat they were studying.

  21. maha

    Thanks H Hasan mam for the update?
    Episode was heart wrenching.. starting was good when dhani does tilak of parshiya was cute?I was feeling pity on him as he was watching others with pain and suddenly when dhani came with arti plate and he gets happy was cute scene?parshiya is quite cute.. when he was thinking to buy a washing machine for her was really good while viplav was in pain watching this much concern of dhani towards parshiya?vidha and atharva were sleeping holding viplav’s arm was so adorable?dhani has lost her mind.. urgh !! How can she sign divorce papers?oh God she is driving us crazy man?she trusts whole world but not viplav?
    Best lines: tumhen sign karna agaya .. parhna bhe agaia.. awaz bhe bohat buland hogae hai? he was having pain while he was saying this?
    Worst line: tumhen chorne ka faisla bilkol theek tha humara?.. though she was correct at her place but phr bhe without knowing complete truth how can she say that

    Viplav said right bohat akar agae hai dhani mai?his face was revealing his pain while holding divorce papers ? he was watching it unbelievably and yeah when he said our relation is not so week that it will break with a piece of paper was really heart touching?

    When he was telling dulari about this brought tears in my eyes?
    Vidha was so cutely stopping him by calling him rakshas uncle?but viplav was so shattered at that time?

    Koi na dakhe mere anso played after a wrong time oh it was so painful?viplav bhe naa why he dropped papers in vk room?
    Viplav holding mangalsutar was so lovely and when he make it touch his chest was out of the world and was so heart touching + emotional?

    And yeah kamini and tripurari part was yukh?but kamini said right that even now dhani is educated but her nature will not change waqai dhani is so sweet and dumbo?from 1st episode till now she believes everyone except viplav?
    Judaai song uff always make me emotional?

    Precap is interesting ab aar yaah paar .. fingers crossed? atharva calling vidha how cute.. but vidha crying?and dhani was in shock? but I have a confusion if kamini was having divorce papers .. and she was lying to him so that he signed on that divorce papers?

    Now waiting for the spoilers to come true?
    Last but not least mishal was looking?in red though he was wearing it from 3 days .. sanjeeda was looking beautiful.. both are doing and looking mind blowing?? .. vidha and atharva tw hai he cute?

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        I used to write long comment earlier and then break it into parts and post separately but these days not having time so post it altogether

      • Porkodi

        |Registered Member

        Renu u forgot to mention ur name on long post list…?? and sometimes Louella too… love to read all long post..

      • maha

        Thanks Renu di .. actually i was just doing experiment 😀 but u maria sujie nimmy di arshi and shruthy are way more better than me 🙂

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      He was not even in a state to say anything to Vidha..
      Mishaaaal…????❤ When the tear reached his cheeks close to his nose and he wiped it,.smiled for vidha..and just went??

  22. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    N about today’s episode as usual mishal my rockstar he always rocking the show by his lovly acting.
    But in precap viplav says kamini its time to tell the truth.don’t know wat was the truth.waiting for tmr eagerly.
    Omg when Mon 6pm happens.

  23. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    That father thing they were showing that viplav as a father he loves his both childrens .may be atharva is legal or illegal child to him with stupid kamini.
    But he loves both children equally I love that type of scenes with viplav,vidha,atharva.very cute scenes.
    Wat do u say frnds.

    • Renu

      Yes kavi viplav is real lucky to have adorable kids n they are luckiest to det a doting father like him

  24. maha

    Renu di I made suji ka halwa today .. but I didn’t make it alone my mom helped me alot but I made it by ur recipe and it was soo yummy? even I send pics to my cousins friends and every one oh I am too happy? .. thanks Renu di
    Now it’s turn for dhokla ..
    And after that what will be the next dish☺
    I will surely become master chef with ur help?

    • Renu

      Maha r u sure it was good ?? joking . Well i wanted to ask that your mum didn’t scold u goe changing the recipe as i always get scolded by my mom in law in case she sees me making HER W QUOTE PATA NAHI YE KIS BEWAKOOF NE BATAYA HAI KI CHINI KI CHASNI NAHI DALTE OR PANI NAHI DALTR. HAMARE TO BAL SAFED HO GAYE PURI DUNIYA ME KISI KO AISE BSNSTE NAHI DEKHA PATA NAHI KAHA SE AJEEB AJEEN BATE SEEKH KAR ATI HAI KUCH KARNA DHARNA TO ATA NAHI …… N IT CONTINUES ?

      • maha

        Now my mom didn’t say like that? ..
        Renu di it was yummy? don’t understand estimate the power of maha? .. actually my mom also love experiments and it was really yummy.. and u know itne mehnat bhe nahe karne pare otherwise first u should make sugar syrup but adding sugar is simple.. ur I think ur mother in law didn’t taste it .. and if she taste it then she is joking with u?
        Any ways thanks and after dhokla what’s the next recipe

  25. Renu


    • Renu

      Dear miss kavitha even we r dying to know it . Currently its shown viplavs n kaminis son but reaity yet to come outm?

  26. Mishal Raheja

    Sorry whose kid is this Atharva born too doubt it’s viplav and dhaani. Impossible.. Someone please help me with an answer

  27. Anya

    Yaar it was too much today, hw cud dhaani throw the papers right at his face, this was really too much, can’t bear this insult of Viplav. But as usual Viplav stole the show today also, the scene where he says bye to Vidha crying, tears falling from his eyes & he telling Vidha that he too likes her a lot & hugging her, cudn’t handle it yaar, i can’t see him crying like this ????
    ????andhaani this is a

  28. Anya

    And dhaani this is all coz of ur stupidity in believing that chudail kaamini and hurting ur ever loving hhubby &sweet daughter. Wake up u dumb brain ????

    • Renu

      Hi smita welcome to our family.? yes viplav just dropped her to ashram but villain kamini has created all misunderstandings between them n both oblivious of this fact still trust vk.

  29. sawb

    Stupid dhaani…. y r u hurt him idiot… wen I saw his teary eyes, I feel very sad… and I also cried so much…. mishal ur acting s fabulous…. I loved it much…..

  30. gowtham

    I was watching ikrs only for mishal expressions……….
    He made me cry today by his expressions……….
    plzzzzzzzzzz change the track……
    and plz show our purana naughty viplav…….

  31. Jasmine

    Viplav ne aaj rula diya.sach mebhi ro padi thi
    Plz dhaani viplav ko sach batado.viplav ki halat dekhi nahi jati plz

    • Nimisha

      Helloooooooo Renu and Arshu

      Yep, def lost in thoughts dreams hopes wishes desires of MIshal!

      Loving the current episodes. Totally get Dhani’s and Viplav’s and parshiya’s and Dulaari’s and vidha’s characters.

      Loved Viplav and Dhani’s scenes
      Loved Viplav Vidha scenes
      And loved how Viplav took Dulaari’s hands, checked up and couldn’t look her in the eyes, just said he was going.
      Parshiya thinking he cans see Dhani hurt is key, he will help her see things clearly. She’s doing exactly what I would do, hiding being a huge wall of fear.


  32. Rahomas

    y is dhanni recalling only d bad tin Viplav say about her, even if it truth the he said so. y cant she remember the good time n d good things they share together.

  33. SARAS

    dhani is always life that. . She is Mahan aathma for the whole world but bahut buri aathma for viplav. .

    I can’t forget when she slapped him when he came to hand over ashram papers with band baja…
    even today when I recall it pains. .

  34. Anya

    Rightly said, nowadays she is really a buri aatma for Viplav, i swear yaar has she become so stone-hearted that she just can’t see the pain in Viplav’s eyes ?and for whom is she doing all this, that chudail who is the root cause of all her problems? I’m really getting sick of this behavior of dhaani ????

  35. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi my dear mishal lovers very gudrg to u all.have wonderful n gorgeous day to u all.enjoy ur day frnds.

  36. Nima

    |Registered Member

    Hello, Good Morning IKRSian n Mishal ian ?
    yesterday episode me Mishal ne sab ko rula diya I thought SRK emotional hero hai bt Mishal u proved that I was wrong. you just nailed it with your power pack performance?? hats off to you Mishal?

    1 question to PH n CVs without Kamini 1episode nahi dikha sakte? every episode me use dikhana hi hota hai bichari ishita kamini character ki wazase uska face on/off screen dekhna pasand nahi krte
    sorry if I hurt someone?

  37. Saraswathi.j

    Dhaani from the start of the show outer looks tells us she calm and docile,but not she is short tempered very strong situation arise she can face it ,she is always in problems by helping to others,very days alum lend her hand to help others ,she listen and believe all others but no confidence on Viplav ,because of her failure of previous marriage and the related problems make her calm. But she is a fighter for justice,she can sacrifices herself for others,she fight for Tulasi with Viplav,for Suvarna she requested and let loose Tp from jail by falling in the trick of Kanak , she believe DT instead Viplav in ashram case,and straightly slapped Viplav in front of all,but the poor chap bear it calmly he did not even listen a bad word against her by his friend,this is before he earliest himself that he is in love with Dhaani ,Dhaani humiliate him in so many ways but he tolerate all ,after Kamini and Dadi bua entry because already she faced so many humiliations by DT,kT,DT,Asthana,Dadi bua,she is at the verge of collapse herself,then the soothing words of Kamini makes her to believe that she is her well wisher,still she did not realise that she is the root cause of her separation from Viplav,when Kamini approach her and cried in front of her naturally she reacted positively to Kamini ,because Viplav married Kamini and have a son ,what can she do in this situation if she said yes to Viplave where is the guarantee for her if Viplav,s family will accept her she know how DT,kT Tp ,bad nature very well Viplav still not solved who kill his father how bad DT,and his mother,so in these circumstances she cannot relay on Viplav she knows how much he love DT ,kT ,instead of facing again all the troubles she take the decision to stay away from Viplav already she is away from him for the last five years,now if really Viplav wants her to come back to him he has to explain all the situations he faced after bomb blast his marriage to Kamini,and about Atharva,then only they will be together with their daughter after get rid of Kamini from his life only.

  38. Nima

    |Registered Member

    Dhani you idiot tumhe mahan aatma banne ki kya jarurat hai? apni beti ki khushiyo se jyada tumhe kamini n atharva ki badi chinta hai aisi maa toh Maine kahi nahi dekha.
    Dhani sudhar jao itni akad achchi nahi hai vidha k liye

    • kiran

      this serial was going so well but now they also are proving that wrong people are prospering.they should change it’viplav is soooo good dhani should realise it and directors should show that achai always pays

  39. Pooja

    Kamini character I hate it completely – writers it’s bad to show women this way to make others character positive n to get sympathy..
    No women can be like this – understand don’t think any creepy stuff more than this…

  40. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Too much of negativity…… ???
    If a normal couple had to face these problems …created by bunch of morons with a single motto….then would have died of depression ……. Itni negativity kyoon hai aakhir…..
    Logically …..Ishita Ganguly is the root of all problems ….. Sorry if I have hurt any fans of her here….
    Ishita could have rejected to play such role…. ??

    But wait ….. Dhaani is root of the problems she is facing…. She never complained ….she never realised that Kaamini is cunning fox brought by daadi bua….another root of the problem…
    But we cannot blame Dhaani as well…. She was meant to be trusting everyone…..
    Back to Ishita Ganguly…. She came ….her role as Kaamini began….and then began the downfall of IKRS….. The charm that was left vanished suddenly….??

    Then the stupid leap was proposed…. Chalo theek hai…leap aaya toh aaya…. Because af
    the leap we gotta see cuties like Vidha and atharva …and Mishal in a dotting father’s role…..
    But this leap was the reason for Eisha quitting IKRS.. Chalo theek hai…we also accepted it was purely her decision to quit…. She left her debut show just because of the leap….. A reputed PH could not even think of changing the story line…. They could have made some changes…kept Eisha till the end of the show… But no.. Viewers Ki pasand Se jyaada ego bada hogaya …they could not even think the jodi of MiEisha is being adored by people…par nahi….disgusting???
    So in my view entry of Ishita Ganguly and that old hag daadi bua destroyed everything….. The track that was totally not needed was introduced just in the name of increasing TRPs ….kya Mila….. Babaji Ka thullu ????? sorry to say this….
    But this leap made Dhaani adamant…stone hearted….. Because she trusted guide manipulative words of that daayan ……
    Dhaani who used to trust her Viplav even with closed eyes….. Is today asking him if he will take her advantage???
    Dhaani kesi Thi aur kaisa banadiya usko??? Reham karo makers hampe…… Show some pity please……

    The most frustrating thing is not a single villain is fully exposed …the crimes they did are still hidden and our honhar lawyer is just unaware about these things…. Please … some mercy towards us….and complete Dhaani Viplav’s family…. Let Dhaani be mother to Vidha and atharva… Show some flashbacks hinting the truth…. And please throw Kaamini out

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      This does not mean that Sanjeeda is not good as Dhaani ….. She is doing well ….and hope she succeeds ?

    • Nima

      |Registered Member

      awesome post sujie, makers Jo baba hi thullu milgaya DB n VK ko jabarjast ikrs me fhusakar

      • Sujie

        |Registered Member

        🙂 Nima…. Exactly…. Kaamini track was exactly unnecessary…..
        PH wanted to experiment on creating a silver mirror lining on the test tube but ended up burning the test tube

    • Nima

      |Registered Member

      awesome post sujie,
      such me makers ko baba ji ka thullu✋ milgaya DB n VK ko jabarjast ikrs me ghusakar

    • Renu

      Suji seriously cvs had introduced vk to increase the trp but within a week there was a downfall then only cvs cud have moved her out by exposing her or turning her into positive who herself would have gone from the happy vidhanis life but they went on experimenting n now all limits r crossed n if soon she’s is not ousted then of course ikrs wud close down. VINASHKALE VIPRIT BUDHI N CVS KI BUDHI BHRASHT JO CHUKI HAI.

      • Sujie

        |Registered Member

        Seriously Renu di…..
        Kaamini would have left much before ….. But that old hag Dadi bua was the one who instigated her to clear her way of getting Viplav and fulfilling her obsession….DB fueled Kaamini’s jealousy and turned it into nasty obsession…. she was the one who asked to create rift between Viplav Dhaani just because Dhaani was someone’s widow first….. She called Viplav and Kaaminis jodi perfect and addressed Dhaani as road junk…. She could not even think that Viplav loves Dhaani to the moon and back…and much beyond than that 🙁


    Dhaani should recheck everything.sbe should ross cbeck with viplav what she beard from kamini
    Sbe is too innocent
    And the bomb blast seperate tbem

  42. SARAS

    I watch serial for entertainment. … not to be sad all the time. .This is too much. .
    sorry friends I can’t watch it till dhani behaves properly.. seriously I get too disturbed with such track..

  43. Anya

    Guys, pl tell me hw do u use the pics as ur dp?& from where do u all pick up these cooool pics?

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Anya… Once you become registeed member of TU page… You can keep these dpz and can change it anytime 🙂

  44. Ade1111

    |Registered Member

    Good morning everyone hope you all have a good day and week and also hoping we have a good episodes this week yesterday’s was just so draining.
    Enjoy your day. Xxx

  45. SARAS

    I m feeling terrible due to this serial. . my mood depends on this stupid serial.. Don’t know how to get out of this. …

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      I know Saras ma’am….. It feels really frustrating to see our mood depending upon the episodes of serials…..
      I hate being emotional watching a serial…but can’t help it…????
      This feeling is like ? approaching to kill us

  46. Saraswathi.j

    The production house and cvs think that “Rude behaviour ,giving divorce to their husband even though they have Childern without a good cause “is the empowerment of women,and betterment of widows ?

  47. swetha

    Episode was blahhhh…
    Aacha Hua Eisha left the show.. Otherwise she would have been a prey for this stupid story..?
    Poor Viplav?

    The way sanjeeda acted was stupid…
    Dhaani is a dump character now…?
    Whn she was illiterate Her character was awesome but when she attained education her character is dump…

    This for Dhaani character;;;;;!::::::! While counting stars ? u forgot to catch the moon….

    Dhaani wat u knw, just because Viplav loved u too much VK made a separation btwn u and Viplav…. Tat means everyone were feeling jealousy because u got a hus like Viplav..?
    Bt u didn’t realised tat thing…?

    Yesterday’s episode was a blunter episode

    Viplav is acting naturally… He is just awesome ? especially during Viplav crying and telling vidha bye bye ?

    Precap is awesome….

    Vidha is awesome in precap.. She too nailing the show..
    Vidha acts bttr than Sanjeeda?

  48. Anya

    Sujie, thank u very much for replying back ?, i wud b grateful if u also tell wen does one become a registered member?

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Anya….. Go to the topmost menu in tu page on the left hand side …. There you can see REGISTER…. Click there and proceed
      Enter your username …..password…..
      And then edit your profile pic

  49. Saraswathi.j

    Do not compare new Dhaani to old Dhaani ,it is over we viewers cannot do any thing in this respect ,yesterday my neighbor is with me when the serial coming she liked new Dhaani very much ,we the regular viewers are for the last ten months accustomed with old Dhaani that is we feel bad for new one ,……’s 4th 256 episode is nice foe the time being that irritating Kamini is away , I commented may be yesterday ,that Parshya today expressing his feelings of Dhaani how he loves her how he want to keep her happy within himself ,but situation turned otherwise ,the land owners announced to vacate the basti, Parshya resisted with them as a goonda (originally he is a goonda) but our hero entered the scence and declared as a lawyer he will help them ,so all basti wala happy they want to provide him a room in a hotel,but he told a small place in their basti is enough,some one suggest beside Dhaani,s room ,Parshya came to Dhaani with high pitch voice he will fight with Viplav and make Viplav to leave basti but ,Dhaani stop him and his friends , not to interfere in this matter ,the little kid vidha is very happy she wants to play with him……….any how we can see today’s episode with any time in any place ,the relationship between a man and a woman ( except biological father and brothers)for a long time leads to only …………so for the benefit of woman they should maintain a distance to man……

  50. Pooja

    Neighbour’s know dhanni married having baby – how can they say dhanni prasiya Jodi good ..

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Nice logic pooja ya they all know dhaani had already a baby but they say Persia dhaani jodi was nice how come logic not linked here.
      Nice observation pooja.

  51. Saraswathi.j

    Pooja they are basti people regarding relationships they talk like that only ,their habits their style of living even their language is different , it is unfortunate that Dhaani chose such type of colony to brought up her daughter instead of declaring her as Viplav ,s daughter ,her adamant ,ego centric behaviour steals her daughter,s right as daughter of Viplav ,and then how can she give better education for vidha in a big city like Mumbai with her meagre income.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..