Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak coming to Dhaani. She apologizes to Dhaani, and says I have lost, I tried hard to separate you and Viplav, but I failed, I realized I was selfish fool, now I realized my mistake and accepted you as my bahu, I know you and Viplav are made for each other, Dasharath told me about your widow yog, we will find some solution, then no one can separate you and Viplav, there is one solution, just you can do this. Dhaani asks for the solution, and she will do anything for Viplav.

Kanak tells her about the deep jungle and a big temple, there is an old huge bell, people say that the bell is pure, if anyone prays to Lord sitting under that bell, then widow yog can also get cleared, I don’t know its true or not, but you can try it, can you do this. Dhaani says I m ready

to do anything to clear this widow yog. Kanak asks her to do the puja in her white saree/widow clothes. Dhaani agrees to do this puja. Kanak asks her to think well. Dhaani says nothing will happen, I will do anything for Viplav, thanks for helping me. She takes Kanak’s blessings. Kanak acts sweet.

Dhaani says I will come in engagement, when my prayers complete. She leaves. Kanak smiles and says don’t worry Dhaani, you won’t need to take any trouble. Dhaani walks to the jungle and someone follows her. She reaches the temple. Kanak looks at her. Dhaani sees the bell and sits praying under it.

Viplav calls Dhaani and says whats the need to go to any temple. Shalini comes and asks Viplav to come, everyone is calling. He says Dulaari told me about Dhaani doing puja in big temple, she is not taking my call, I m going to her. Kanak talks to Dasharath and says now no one can save Dhaani now, she is sitting under that huge bell, I will cut the rope, then bell will be down and Dhaani will go up, she will die. Dasharath says I m proud of you for the first time, why did I not think of this before. She asks him not to worry, now I will come home with good news. He says great, and ends call. She takes a knife and looks at the rope. Dasharath is happy and asks Sushma to get ready. He compliments her. She says everything is done, Dhaani and others have to come, I will get ring. He shows he is very happy and sings.

Kanak starts cutting the rope and says today Dhaani will die. Viplav reaches the temple and looks for Dhaani. Kanak tries to cut the rope a lot, as rope is very thick. She gets a big knife and hits on the rope. Viplav sees widow sitting under the bell, and the bell sliding down on her. He gets shocked and runs to her.

He pushes the widow and the huge bell falls over him. He gets wounded and crushed under the bell. Kanak calls Dasharath and says congrats, Dhaani is dead. Dasharath smiles. Kanak starts leaving and sees Viplav’s car there. The widow screams seeing him. Kanak hears the scream.

Dasharath turns and gets shocked seeing Dhaani and the widows. Sushma asks Shalini to call Viplav. Shalini says he has gone to get Dhaani from temple, but Dhaani is here, then why did he go. Dasharath gets shocked. He asks Shalini to call Viplav and call him here. Shalini says he is not taking call. Dasharath says I have to go there, that place is very inauspicious. Dhaani says I will come along. Dasharath and Dhaani leave. Kanak runs to see and gets shocked seeing Viplav under the bell. She screams and shouts for help.

The ladies gossip that mahurat passed and guy did not come, its abshagun. Dulaari and Badi Amma get displeased. People come to help Kanak in saving Viplav. Dasharath and Dhaani come there and run to see Viplav. Everyone try to lift the bell and cry. Dhaani cries seeing Viplav’s state. Kanak pushes Dhaani and says if you are seen around my son, I will burn you, why did you say you are going to do puja here. Dhaani says I did not tell him, Badi Amma called me and said mum fell down, so I rushed. She leaves and another widow comes there to do puja.

Kanak slaps and beats Dhaani. She asks her not to come close to Viplav. She calls Dhaani unlucky for Viplav and asks her to realize this. Koi na dekhe mere aansu………….plays……… Dhaani cries. Kanak runs crying.

Dhaani comes home and recalls Kanak’s words. Badi Amma and Dulaari console Dhaani, and say its all fate that happened, we can’t blame anyone. Dhaani says no Badi Amma, its all happening because of me. Badi Amma asks her to think good and good will happen.

Kanak asks Dasharath to believe her, Dhaani was sitting under the bell, I don’t know when Viplav and another widow came there, I was busy in cutting the rope. Dasharath asks her to drink this liquid. She asks whats this. He says this is poison. She gets shocked. He holds her head and says you can’t be forgiven, you have to drink this poison, Viplav is in this state because of you. He feeds her the poison. Sushma comes and stops Dasharath. Kanak coughs. Dasharath says Kanak is the sinner, Viplav was dying there, Kanak has sent Dhaani for that puja. Sushma asks what are you saying. He says I m going to see Viplav, let Kanak die.

He goes to Viplav. Viplav gets conscious and asks about Dhaani. Dasharath says she is fine. Viplav asks where is she, does she know about this incident. Dasharath says she is very sad, so she did not come. Viplav asks about ring ceremony. Dasharath says we can do it anytime, once you get well. Viplav says we can’t delay it for long. Dasharath agrees and says we will keep ring ceremony tomorrow, call ashram Shalini, tell them Viplav got conscious. Shalini goes.

Dasharath tells Viplav that you are my life, I can’t let anything happen to you. Dasharath comes to Kanak, and sends Sushma to Viplav’s room. He asks Kanak to thank her fate as she got saved from him, if she does mistake and harms Viplav, then he will burn her to ashes. He leaves.

Dulaari tells Dhaani about Dasharath’s message. She calls Dhaani lucky that she got Viplav. Dhaani says yes, indeed, but he is unlucky that he got me, whatever is happening with him is because of me. Badi Amma and Dulaari worry and think to talk to Dasharath about Dhaani’s fears.

Viplav asks Kanak not to get angry on Dhaani, and not blame Dhaani for this incident. Kanak asks why will I do anything. Dulaari and Badi Amma come with widows. Viplav says he is fine and asks for Dhaani. He says he got saved by Dhaani’s love, where is Dhaani. Dhaani sits alone and recalls Viplav.

Viplav comes to meet her, and asks why is she wearing white saree, he knows there will be some reason. He show the engagement ring. He does the rituals. Kanak fumes at home. Viplav holds her hand to make her wear ring, and she takes her hand away. The ring falls. He picks it and asks her. She says I don’t want to marry you. He gets shocked.

She says I don’t want to marry anyone, I wanted to tell you. He smiles and holds her, asking is she joking, its bad time to joke. She says I m not joking. He looks at her…. And says I m getting scared now, don’t joke Dhaani, stop it. She says I m saying truth, I was ready before, but I realized I was doing a mistake, I request you to leave. He says it means you did not come for ring ceremony intentionally. You can tell me if anyone told you something. She says no one told me anything, just leave. He says I won’t leave and holds her hand.

He says till you tell me the reason, I won’t go. She drags him out and shuts the door. She cries. He says I won’t go Dhaani, how can you do this with me, atleast tell me whats the reason. He sees Suwarna and asks her whats the reason for Dhaani doing this. Suwarna says fate has come in between. He says I won’t go without getting an answer. Dhaani comes out and says I m doing right, I will not say anything, don’t knock the door now.

Pandit tells Viplav about Dhaani’s widow yog, he will die if he marries her. Viplav says it means this is the reason for her refusal. Suwarna reads Viplav’s letter for Dhaani, that he is giving his life. Dhaani runs to stop him from committing suicide.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Suresh

    Bohut achha laga aaj ki episode. Lekin serial bohut fast ja rahahe. But i hope the serial will more interesting day by day.

  2. Tintin

    Dhani is Viplab’s hearbeat, he cannot live without her; For Viplab, even a single moment of love with Dhani is better than a 1000 yeas without her; Dhani please understand this and please do not hurt Viplab, you both are made for each other and so cute and innocent together.
    Felt very tense before the episode, but a post on India-forums made me smile- Viplav and Dhani’s Sangeet, evil Kanak ( KT) is dancing and the crafty Dashrath (DT) is the DJ!!
    Jai Ho Vidhani’s love, Jai Ho IKRS, we are just cannot live withour Viplab-Dhan’s pure and innocent love.

  3. Today’s episode was so emotional. I don’t know if I should name it Tv ka blockbuster or Tv ka disaster, everytime the Maha episodes always shows something very wrong and only negativity. I felt so bad to see Vidhanni in this state, I m so angry on Kanak, even when DT tried to kill her she still takes his side is she crazy? Hope after this poison thing somehow that Kanak turns positive and protects Vidhaani from DT. I actually like Kanak’s character and if it was in a positive one it would have been my fav character in IKRS after Vipu, Dha, Shalu. So sad 🙁 can’t see Vidhaani in tears.

  4. But I must thank colors channel for giving us fans a treat by getting to watch IKRS all 7 days this week, it feels so good to know that we can watch 13 consecutive episodes for 13 consecutive days 🙂

  5. Saranya

    Gud mng friends.we are thankful for u very beautiful everyday updates.but pls don’t make us sad by doing this injustice late update to us. Everyday Suhani,yhm and all are there though they telecasts after our show.don’t do this hasan ji pls.

  6. Sujie

    Thank you for the beautifully written updates……. but don’t do this injustice by putting the updates late….. Hope you will understand…………. <3 IKRS From NEPAL……

  7. AM

    hii …guys good morning to all ikrs friends …..
    yesterday’s was very good and emotional also ….I didn’t see the episode but by reading it is really good …..but they are little bit hurry ….I think because of the dragging MU track(1month) ..all complains a lot …so they are going fast …I thought …. 😛 ……

    • sara

      that mu went so so slow. . we were all fed up.. now its ulta its going on bullet train actually it should be other way. . here they could go slow n show us some nice moments n lot of feel good emotions. .

  8. sara

    so joyee sangeet gingeet all going to happen for the marriage. . Then when will marriage happen god… Don’t know how much more our vip-love has to fight to get his princess (raj kumariji as told by viplav)…
    thanks colors for the mahaepisode. . but I m sad ikrs makers also going direction of other makers like showing scary temples n doing some graphics all nonsense…hope they don’t continue it

  9. Rajee

    Good morning to all!
    A big thanx to colors for showing maha episode of IKRS! Thanx to Hasanji also!
    Sara, that post in India forums reg vidhani sangeet was just a fun post.
    Yesterday’s episode once again a very emotional episode…guys! Join u late on.
    Bye..hv a grt day!

  10. Gd mrng family/friends…………yesterday epi I fill like criying…..and I hate this kanak….. I know after all she is a mother but she cannot blem dhaani 4 all this!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi guys gud mrg .3rd Jan update is done.don’t know when was it updated.I tried till 1am but update is not it was updated.hassanji y this much delay to update.sir pls update our soon as possible.gug mrg to all my ikrs family frnds.

  12. Hi guys gud mrg .3rd Jan update is done.don’t know when was it updated.I tried till 1am but update is not it was updated.hassanji y this much delay to update.sir pls update our soon as possible.gud mrg to all my ikrs family frnds.

  13. Marees


  14. In upcoming epi……..

    Viplav meets dhaani at the ashram and shows there engagement ring.dhaani avoid him she tell him that she will not marry him and not keep any relation with him.she returns the ring to him. He scold her for refusing to marriage. She ask him to leave from her ashram and get angry.dhaani is mistaken and has fallen in dashrathas trap. Viplav datermines to make dhaani understand wat she means to him dhaani is doing this to save her love..dhaani and viplav have an argument he said u made a joke of me to say yes and no for marriage she say everything does not have a reason.dhaani stops viplav and confess love again viplav was annoyed with her for having superstition viplav makes her understand that she is everything for him and nothing else matter she apologize to him viplav tells her that if he does not haveconfess her love to him he will jump down the cliff she confess love and hugs him he ask her not to move back from marriage dasharath is triying had to separate them and stop their marriage…….

  15. rids

    U know what in yesterday sepisode kanak was crying because her son was in danger. In anger she scolded dhaani… but did you people notice.. when a mother cries for her son the feelings are supposed to be genuine… but in that slso kanak is scolding dhaani tat her vidhwaa dosh is the reason for this. Inspite of the fact tat she knows its not true. . How can she lie even in such agony

  16. Guys tell me wat is chidale.all knk used to cal dhaani as chidale.tell me the meaning.sorry I really don’t it any bad scold dhaani.

  17. sara

    chudail kanak.. you tried to harm others child.. see ur child got hurt…
    and look at her she made the Bell fall n blaming dhani’s kundali what kind of hypocrisy is that? ?
    May be world is full of such people in reality. .
    watching repeat of ikrs feeling very very bad for vidhani

  18. Shraddha Sharma

    Itna late update kyu ho raha h yeh show… kitna wait krna padta hai…

    Dhani plz viplav s dur mat jaao and use your brain k in sb s kuch nhi hota hai balki dasharth and kanak jaise logo k wajgha s hota hai jo kisi b hadd tk jaa skte h

  19. Hi ikrs frnds.may its be a mistake of knk to try to kill our dhaani. But she is very well done that her son is injured.I really liked that.but DT played a different character he supports knk but he blames knk itself when his grand son was injured.there is share for both DT and knk what they had done to vidhaani. But that DT blames knk.but don’t understand wat type of love it was towards their son and grand son to DT and knk.
    If they has that much luv towards viplav y can’t they go through as viplavs wish.
    If not y can’t they tell straight forwardedly face to face that we don’t like ur marriage with dhaani.

  20. Rajee

    Kajal nishad is very good actress but I hate kanak. Kanak doesn’t deserves to b called as a mother.she herself is a chudail. While she was crying I didn’t have sympathy 4 her. What kind of mother she is who can’t feel d pain of another mother. If Viplav is her son then Dhani is also someone’ s daughter. A mother is d 1st person to understand her child’ s feeling but KT can’t feel d pain that Viplav will have when he will loose dhani. How KT cud think of killing dhani??? Now why she is shedding tears as this is what she wanted to do…hurt viplav…

    • Agreed with u Rajee bang bang, I read in an article in timesofindia that in real life Kajal Is one year younger than Mishal , and she say it was difficult for her to be convinced to play the role of a mother

  21. Rajee

    I hate kanak 4 blaming dhani 4 all this mishap. Its like’ ulta chor kotwal ko daante’. When dhani cries she makes me cry..when KT pushed dhani I felt like I will hug her & wipe her tears…she looks so innocent & cute like a small baby…

  22. Rajee

    The background song played while dhani was crying was making d scene more emotional. Those lyrics r really very touching.

  23. sara

    dt n kanak should understand at least now. . whenever they tried to harm dhani its viplav who got hurt…At least now please stop hurting them. .
    At the same time howcould dhani think viplav will just go away if she refuses to marry?? All are idiots. .simply troubling our hero..

    • Rajee

      Sara plz don’t blame my baby, dhani !
      My reply on behalf of dhani-
      ‘ koi na dekhe mere ansoo,
      Chhup chhup ke main rounn’
      Other idiots r happy to trouble Viplav but Dhani is helpless as ppl r blaming her for all d mishap.. Viplav got injured so many times so she doesn’t want to risk her love’ s life..but it is also true Viplav can’t live without her…poor Viplav- dhani…feel very sad for them.

      • sara

        oye rajee…
        I also love doll dhani.. hum uske aansoo samajhsakte hain.. par viplavka pyaar ka kyaa? bechara uske aansoo kaun dekhein?

  24. Wah wat performance viplav .viplav says dhaani ke Nina humara jindhigi adhura hai.and in absence of he a lonely came to dhaani and tries to engage the ring.but after she refuses to engage he tells that don’t do this to me .then also he didn’t get angry on dhaani .he asks dhaani with cool minded.koitho Baja hoga mama Kane keliya.chodho sub mujhe nahi jaan na.wah very nice dialogues. Director sir it was half butter half bitter.half salty and half sweety.

  25. Rajee

    I hope precap is not a dream. Viplav should know d truth.
    How Viplav will feel & react when he will know d real face of KT & DT…
    He will sing –
    ‘KT, DT pyar ke dushman hayye hayye,
    Mere pyar ke dushman,jaan ke dushman,
    Hayye hayye,
    Yeh zidd na chhode, mere dil ko tode.
    Yeh hone na de Meri Dhani ko Meri dulhan…’

    Wake up Viplav… Catch d culprits

  26. Guys I have another a days dhaani is in coloured dress.when she was going to temple she wearer white saree which was instructed by knk.but no one knows that she was in white saree.even viplav also don’t know this.when he went to temple he saw a girl praying god.that she faces opposition side. Now got this idea if viplav by knowingly is it dhaani or not he saved that girls life.our director didn’t show anything about these all confusion.he must show that one was sitting under the temple bell viplav has saved that girl by knowing that is dhaani or no.if it was shown then viplav will be the real hero.because that scene tells not only dhaani if any other girl is there also viplav will save her life.this was my feeling about that scene.

  27. Sorry guys wat to do now a days I have so many doubts towards ikrs because i said before itself that something was missing there in this story.

  28. Saranya

    Gud afternoon friends.why so less comments?don’t even reached 100 till now.come on guys and comment.

  29. Rajee

    Hi kavitha! U r right reg vidhani romantic scenes. Editing is a big problem. The scenes will end abruptly. By d time we start floating in their love ocean this editing throws us to the coast.. At least one day they can show us a full vidhani episode without any interruption of pyar ke dushman DT,KT,TP etc.

  30. Saranya

    I too think that our show is travelling in a jet speed except one thing.viplav easily comes to know everything but he fails in understanding the real enemies of his love.i think he is a lucky boy bcz in his life he gets everything he wishes very fast though he suffers for today’s epi i think everything will be sort out .what a lucky boy u are hero.

    • It’s good that show is moving fast which why trp is also raising every week, I hope it doesn’t become like Raja Rani as Raja Rani track once was like a jet speed and then suddenly they brought this crash called Avdesh track and the jet crashed which means Raja Rani serial became boring and worse(just hope that track gets over) and also trp dropped very badly.

  31. sara

    hey saranya. .. you entered just now we are commenting from morning. .

    viplav saves all woman n respects woman.. you remember he tried to fight with that man misbehaving with suvarna that night. ..Also he made dt apologize to kt…

  32. sara

    Today everything will be sorted out and expect some nice vidhani scenes. .. hope editor saab doesn’t spoil it by abruptly ending the scenes n directly taking us to jail to meet printed pajama…

  33. Rajee

    Guys I have a question 4 u.
    Till now I think viplav have tried Indian costumes 5 times. Out of those which is ur favorite one.?My fav is that blue & white attire he worn during deepawali.

    • Saranya

      Rajee,i too like that diwali dress out of all his indian attires but unfortunately he wore it in the bitter times of their i commented earlier he is really handsome in shirts,cute,stylish and young in jackets.especially blue jackets,it suites him very much.i think blue and red suites him very well.what do u think?

  34. sara

    that raja rani story I never liked nor their chemistry. .. I did not like the hero at all. . n dristi oh god I m tired of her monotonous expressions acting and role too. .. cant stand her any more..
    I did not like her much in madhubala too but rishbala chemistry was awesome. ..

    • Oh I like the show a lot. In the beginning it was one of my fav show even now it is but last 2 weeks among all the shows I like this is most boring one because of the track . I like Siddhart Karnick(hero) he looks so cute without mustache and beard I saw his pic in India forums. But hate his look in the show.And I likeDhrasti’s acting.

  35. Saranya

    Oh my God,are the hairs of kanak real,if so its really beautiful and she looks very pretty in that kali avatar look which suits her personality.

  36. Guys do u know one thing today I was watching she and kjl’s range na mohi megeruva song that time I see only viplav and dhaani when went to new year date and were dancing to this song.i dint see shr and kjl in their song itself.see how much I was involved ikrs show.I am going mad of this show.if any shouts on me at my home I ask him don’t shout like dhaani.y u always like casual and happy like viplav.our family members and brothers ur filled that show ikrs.wat to do guys ikrs tho ithna acha hotha hai tho pagal hona bhi bantha hai.viplav and dhaani go through ur luv journey by entertaining all of us.I wish this journey should not get bored for any silly of luck ikrs team.

    • Rajee

      Same here kavitha. Previously I didn’t find gerua song that much catchy. But now I love d song & always humming it. I even sometimes call my hubby as bachuaji.. Yesterday I was watching vivaah movie & in my mind it was only vidhani.. While watching wake up sid movie also I was thinking abt vidhani. When RK realized his love it reminded me of viplav’ s realisation of love 4 dhani… Hey kavitha! One question. We r normal na?

    • Saranya

      And rajee we are not normal now.we have gone mad over IKRS,better say more mad than viplav’s luv to dhani.

  37. Rajee

    Yes Sara Dhani is like a doll as viplav said. I think we don’t need to worry as our hero is going to extract d truth fm dhani..hope 4 d best.fingers crossed.

  38. Saranya

    The success of our show partly goes to music.i really wish they don’t change our music director.dhani’s sad version ishq ka rang is simply superb,then mere ishq ka rang is so sweet,title song is powerful,meaningful and melodious.BGs are just awesome.then the manthras and other chantings,oh,i just love other serial has such an exceptional music,i think.what’s ur opinion guys?

  39. Saranya

    The meaning of Viplav’s name is revolution.and as the name suggests,he is going to make a revolution by breaking all superstitious rules.and i think there is no other hero in our serials like viplav.i have never seen such a meaningful,powerful,crazy,romantic, and cute hero in other shows.

  40. Pinki

    Super duper episode……..kya dhani n viplav li shadi hogi….agar hoti h to a good msg to society…..

  41. Rajee

    Yes I am in complete love with d music of IKRS.. It creates a magic & makes every scene amazing to watch.both d male & female version of title track r soothing,sad version is very emotional, when viplav is in some mischievous mood that time also a suitable background music, kashi nivasi song is something that creates some waves in my nerves which I am unable to describe. The best music ever on TV. .

  42. Pinki

    Super duper episode……..kya dhani n viplav li shadi hogi….agar hoti h to a good msg to society…..i agree sara

  43. Ya saranya ur right for ikrs The title song which was sung by rekha bharadwaj was very nice.I have my ringtone to mobile also ikrs female version.really I luv that song.daily I used hear 20 to 30 times in a day.and this is highlight of the show.did u watched it in previous episodes every episode ends with this song according to that situation. Omg if I want to say I must write a book of story about this ikrs show .that much I was linked to ikrs.

  44. Guys I like viplavs sky blue shirt when he worked on his birthday and teases dhaani.and I like the T-shirt and coat that one day dhaani unfortunately enters viplavs car and the cars their will get punctured. They r struked at a tea very nice scene yaar.and also diwalis blue black coated pijama.and in yesterdays I don’t like green but in green pijama he was amazing.

  45. Sonu

    My big hi to dear BR mam, Shri, Saranya, Joyee, Brity, Varsha, Tamil, Kavitha, Kaviya, Marees, AM, MM, Sara, Sana, Vaishnavi, reZmie, Gudiya, Lifna, Nisha, Rahul, Purple, Akshay, Hritya, Gennipher, Sofe, Sandy, Raj, Rajee, Rids and all of ikrs family members.

  46. raj

    unexpected situation

    hey baby when we are together doing tings that we love.
    every time you’re near i feel like i am in heaven feeling high
    i don’t want to let go girl
    i just need you to know girl

    i don’t wanna run away i don’t wanna be alone
    baby now i need to hold you tight now and forever my love

  47. Sonu

    Today i don’t feel about yesterday’s episode. I am so happy with precap. I am eagerly waiting for today’s episode. Now I just pray precap is must be true, it’s not a dream of anyone.

    • vaishnavi more

      oh yes sonu the precap is true its not dream of anyone i saw that in sbs where vipu is almost commit suicide n dhaani stops him then vipu ask her why she dont want to marry with him then dhaani told him about vidhwa yog then they hug each other

      another sbs news “vidhhani’s engagement ceremony is happen n after complete ring ceremony dhaani is dancing”
      cool na just waiting for that epi

  48. Sonu

    I already know, Viplav must gift MOBILE to Dhani. Because that day in phonewala scence Dulari kaaki’s entry between VIDHANI’s conversation. But that day I am full josh mein thi, so I can’t comment about this matter.

  49. Sonu

    Hey Saranya, I am also like JILJIL in Kali avatar. She looking good in loose hairs and not cover the saree ki pallu on head.

  50. Rajee

    Hi Sonu! In dhani’s mobile viplav’s name saved in English… Whether dhani can read English??? OK whatever yeh achha hua that Viplav gave that gift.they can now talk anytime, anywhere.

  51. Sonu

    Hann Rajee, I noticed that. I think Viplav ne save kardiya his name on phone. Hann aeh tho accha hai, no one can not disturb them.

  52. Hi rajee and Sony don’t worry guys .now a days the mobiles r filled with all languages. We can select wat lang we our viplav also used this technique to understand that dhaani can’t read may be he saved his name in Hindi itself and given to our cute dhaani.because he luvs her that much that he can do anything for dhaani.wat a cute couple.with telling anything he can know that dhaani don’t know English.

  53. sara

    I had mentioned also that day that dhani needs to be gifted a phone. .

    locket anyway he gave her . What about bangles? he has not given it to her yet

  54. Frnds once dhaani had taken jacket from viplav that was given by viplav .when dhaani suffers from cold viplav covers her with his coat .this is shown when they strucked with punctured dhaani gave it return to viplav.dhaani and RL tried to give it back but they can’t. But dhaani returned it I don’t know whether she returned it or not.

  55. Sonu

    Hi friends, are you saw the telly updates spoilers of IKRS? too nice. It happens on today’s episode.

  56. Saranya

    Guys,reasons for my less commenting now a days
    1.after knowing abt my infection my parents wants to make sure that i am perfectly often visiting hospital and i was like,don’t consider me as a patient amma and i just hate going hospital and having medicines but i have to take a lot of medicines and water now.even my brother who is now in mumbai call everyday and enquires abt checl ups. mng i have to go to college and at evening my students will come for tutions.
    3.due to late updates no time. have to read a lot and study.
    4.about sat and sun i have music cls
    And i think now the first one is over and have to go there only after two weeks

  57. Rajee

    May b dadi will give those bangles herself to dhani & abt that jacket even d writer has forgotten.

  58. sara

    saranya thanks for the meaning of viplav… I had never heard name viplav n dhani before. .. but I loved both names. .. they sound so sweet may be because we love them. .
    I love when viplav callls ” dhaani”

  59. Sonu

    Now a days story going too fast, director sir littlebitt slow keejiyae, jyaada slow mat kariyae. But track is going on very well. Aur jyada VIDHANI scence ko rak deejiyae. We want most of VIDHANI’s romantic scences.

    • This week they showed Vidhanni scenes, the first 4 days they showed most Vidhanni scenes 🙂 but last 2 day especially yesterday no Vidhaani scene only weeping that’s why didn’t like yesterday’s episode

  60. sara

    ever since I m seeing telly updates spoilers it will be same as previous precap n sometimes they also write some assumed stories like the way they mentioned priya its dhani’s sister n also about love triangle etc.. which doesn’t seem true at least as of now

  61. Sujie

    Hello everyone….
    seems like it will take some time for me to get accepted in this family of IKRS fans…… But i will keep trying and commenting……….. Let’s be friends…… is that ok??

  62. Sonu

    @Sara, don’t worry dear. He must give the Bangles to Dhani. I think after marriage of VIDHANI, Viplav’s first gift for Dhani is RED BANGLES, not only a gift, he also makes dhani to wear bangles.

  63. sara

    The more you comment people start noticing you hahaha. .
    Welcome to the family of ikrs fans. .

  64. jyoti

    Episode was so nice but ………………………………… …………………………. …………….. ……………………….. ………………………… ……………………………………. ……………………………….. ……………………………………….

  65. Sujie

    Thank you everyone….you all are very nice……. Even though we do not know each other ,we are joined by our love for IKRS….
    actually before commenting for the first time , I used to read all of your comments…

  66. sudiksha

    Why does only IKRS update take sooo long ….. I have noticed that other upda!tes cuk much faster..plz post it faster.

  67. sudiksha

    Why does only IKRS update take sooo long ….. I have noticed that other upda!tes cuk much faster..plz post it faster.plz,plz

  68. AM

    where is today’s episode update ?? 🙁 ….hasan ji it is not fair ….don’t do that … a days I am unable to watch the show because of my studies …so only I read written updates …so plz update fast after the episode air ….plz 🙁 🙁 🙁

  69. Saranya

    Indian repititions are at 10.30 am,12.00 pm,3.00 pm.but where is our updates fatarjo?i think hasan ji went to vidha sangeet ceremony.hey hasan ji,we are also excited to attend their marriage,but we have to discuss many things and plan many things before pls update.pls.

  70. H Hasan ji l love the way u write the updates it’s very good and straightforward and clear, which is why I don’t get confused , thumbs up for that. But your areas for improvement is u must update the episodes fast like if they show it on 6.30pm maybe update on 7 or 8pm. Nowadays it’s quite late seems that u r very busy so no problem 🙂

  71. Shri

    Hii BR..Sonu..Saran and all my dear ones of IKRS…hw are u dear frnds

    OMG just not able to bear their struggle .. wonderful going…eager to see their wedding

  72. Rajee

    Saranya.. Its really funny!
    Aisa toh nahin… Updates r also going through moderation… Lol..
    By d way I hope everything is OK with Hasanji & will b back very soon with d updates!

  73. sara

    no written update for ydays episode even now. . anyways. .
    episodec was very good. . viplav rocked n dhani as usual touched my heart..
    “mat karo itna pyar dar lagta hai” It was so touchy

  74. sara

    my comments get posted after a very long time. ..
    I think we will have to express our views here only as there will not be update for 4th looks like

  75. Hi ikrs and ikrs fans gud yesterdays episode i love vidhaani scenes at last dhaani reveals kundli matter some wat they were together todays episode will be awesome because our vidhaani is going to dance today.eagerly waiting fortodays episode.don’t know wat problem with hassanji.every it will be delay for update.but today there is no update at anything problem to him.some illness or something don’t know. Sir pls update our show after the show is aired .it may after half an hour or one hour late.but pls don’t do this to us.we fans really hurted.

  76. Saranya

    Gud afternoon everybody.hai varsha,BR mam,tamil,
    Purple,rahul,and all my friends.

  77. Rajee

    My fav dialogue of d episode is-
    Viplav telling dhani- ‘ Maine toh tumhe Mann hi Mann apni patni maan liya hai’

    • florentina moldovan

      rajee, please translate this in english!!! I DIDNT UNDERSTAND WELL THIS DIALOG!!!! PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!

  78. Saranya

    Yes Rajee,may be updates are also going through moderation.this moderation is really unlucky.look,when moderation restarted our updates vanished.

  79. raj

    Friends see my stupid video(music tone with dhaani) on YouTube…
    Name: music+ ishq ka rang safed (36 seconds)….
    I love that tone very much….. My favorite tone of ikrs

  80. Saranya

    Aare dhani,kya soch rahi hoon aur itna kyo pareshan ho rahi hoon.shaayad aapki sasu maa tume dee se pehachanthi nahi liya sare pareshani bhula kar ek dhamakedar perfomance kijiye.aapko motivation chahiye tho aap sera close up ka naya ad dekho.Allu Arjun ka super performance aapko motivate karunga.

  81. Wat saranya do u know alluarjun .iam big fan of him.I like prabhas and allu arjun.u know Telugu.or ally arjun is famous at Kerala also .I think so u know him right.

  82. Tho hamari viplav ne teekhi kaha.bharosa nahi hai dhaani tum par,pathanahi kis kiski bathome aakar shadikeliye na boldethiho.isliye him aajhi shadhi karna chahthe theeey.

  83. Moderation
    + ve: more security, comments with less offense , fan fictions
    -ve: comment gets updated late
    without moderation
    +ve: comments gets update immediately, can express more opinions easily and save time
    -ve: Maybe some offensive comments and no fan fiction

  84. Tho hamari viplav ne teekhi kaha.bharosa nahi hai dhaani tum par,pathanahi kis kiski bathome aakar shadikeliye na boldethiho.viplav tum hoshyar rahna padega nahitho pathnahi dhaani ka mood kab basal jayegi.

  85. Saranya

    Shri,i have no hope on the ystd update now.i hope atleast they update today’s that i decided to comment here in this page.

  86. Saranya

    Guys,that balloon is a mahapandit then why is he asking another pandit about muhurth?may be he doesn’t know anything.ignorant fellow who only knows to plot against others.

    • sara

      lol saranya. .. you r too funny..
      he seriously doesn’t seem to know other those two songs”tore bin laagena mora jiya”n “gori tere nsina kajajara bin kaare”

  87. Saranya

    Dhani again passed the qualification test for baby,super running.if u run like this u can directly reach Boston without flight.

  88. Saranya

    Again bandage look but did u noticed something?vipu’s hand is fractured and it was put in plaster,but when he hugged dhani,no problem for his fractured hand.kya baat hai,dekho pyaar ka kamal.

  89. Saranya

    Krishnadasi replaces Big our hope for repitition of IKRS in that time slot went in air.but the only relief is atleast they started promoting our show.

  90. BR

    the fell on vip only minor injured ..if the bell is made of paper mold but it shows very big in size , 5persons removed . and this is one year project …. at least he has taken to the hospital…..nothing just like jil… jil .dt forced to drink poison nothing happened to her bcz she is the most poison creature ,,,, all the epi r going fast what we expected…. I think so no update take more time for moderation if it is serial ,, some thing I cannot digest ….. now a days mishal face is not so cute as the beginning ….. it is now rough …. sorry this is my opinion

    • sara

      exactly br madam.. well said about bell n jiljil. .
      I also finding mishal face not so cute these days. .. These days I m finding lot of age difference also…

  91. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Today’s episode 4th DEC in short
    Viplav g wearing purple sherwani wih bandages =-Ooes to ashram and then Dhaani in her white saree closes the door on his face and say that she don’t want to marry himT_T and then aashram ladies and dulaari scolds her for talking to viplav like that, and whennthey went in all thenashram ladies ask her why she dont wanna marry viplav dhaani say she dont wanna marry for 2nd time -_-! And then dulaari scold and tell badi amma to explaij dhaani, she does so but in vain 🙁 and then suwarna talks to dhaani seperately in the room and dhaani say she dont wanna do this and she say she also love viplav a lot n dont want his life be in danger

  92. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Viplav with raj goes to priest n say he kmow his dadaji say all qualities match and then priest say dhaani got vidwa yog(widow something) qnd viplav say confirm dhaani got to know about it before him and refused to get married and then tells raj to do something.
    SuwArna gets the letter viplav sent to dhaani n reads to dhaani that Viplav loves her a loto (∩ ω ∩) And knows about the vidwa yog n say that viplav life is dhaani so he decided as wedding will nothappen he will commit suicide and see him for the last time as a dead body =-O and then dhaani runs immediately with letter on her hand like olympics ishq ka rang plays n viplav walking to the cliff like angry man (╰_╯)# and then dhaani stop viplav qnd say what is this, viplav say i know everything i dont believe in kundlis u belive i will die after we get marriee, butif u refuses i will anyways die T_T and then dhaani confesses and they hug o (∩ ω ∩) o andthen ishq ishq plays

  93. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    After that, In viplav residence viplav dada says to kanak u must have done something if anything happens to my gwndson i wil not spare u :-\ n then angry young viplav brings dhaani holding her hand and swy loudly i say so many times i dont believein kundli, no one listened to me, he is angry on all specially kanak and then he say he will marry dhaani tonight itseld,dadaji say do with customs, vipkav hesitates and then viplav dada say tomorrow will be engagementeont worry viplav agrees unwillingly, and viplav dada tells him to drop dhaani, viplav angrily takes dhaani away, i
    Vidhaani scenes where dhaani says she didnt like the way viplav spoke to elders vippav says he dont like to speak like that but he had to which is why everyone agreed and say he kniws them since kid and say he would shout to get anything and say to dhaani nothingis more impotant than u o (∩ ω ∩) o and then dadaji say time is 7pm for engagement not early or late a min n tells evryone to make arrangements,(dadaji partwas shown in mid of vidhaani scenes)
    Precap: dhaani says to dulaari if god wants this marriage then i agree (something like that didnt understand) and then dulawri hugs and blesses dhaqni, in engagement dhaani wwar cream color saree and kanqk say dancers coulent come for somereason so dhaani my daughterin law is good dancer she will dance everyone is shocked

  94. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Sorryfornthe galti ki pahar my hindi is weak i had to ask my aunt what it means for some part, n no subtitles, thatsbwhy dont understand some part ignore itbwas bored so decided to give a short descripttion

  95. sara

    I think the secret of dhani’s fitness is this marathon only . . see had she noy burny the cycle she could at least use cycle.. she could reach before him. ..

    • I m not that crazy I was just bored, as today I was at home and packing for te whole day, finished my pack up an also watched all episodes of my fav show so I decided to write that update

  96. Saranya

    Kavitha,i like Allu Arjun and Ram charan very much.after seeing Bahubali i like prabhas also.anways Allu and Ram has a huge fan following in Kerala.their films comes dubbed as we don’t understand and the language.

  97. eSujit

    There should be more ViDhaani scenes …that too romantic one ..because these days only emotional scenes are being shown…….
    Mishal is looking handsome in that purple outfit ….. WHENEVER THEY SHOW CUTE SCENES OF ViDhaani, I forget about those flaws like:
    Viplav not taken to hospital even after getting injured because of that huge bell
    Viplav having no problem in his plastered hand while hugging Dhaani
    Kanak not taken to hospital even after DT made her have that bottle of poison…..
    Right guys??

  98. Anne

    Thankyou SO much for update Fatarajo! I only speak English so don’t know what is happening! Thanks.

      • Anne

        I understood very well. I like to know the main points,there was a lot of talking and emotion in the episode that I had no idea about.Thanks again.

  99. Saranya

    Viplav’s face is no more cute now,i too noticed it mam.especially in that bandage look,very rough.and in sherwani he looks very serious and jacket looks are always cute.but his smiling makes him cute in all dress.

    • He looked like angry young man, he will burn In anger :O only the last scene he smiled what a relied, already he looks very bayanak :P, with angry expressions I get very scared 😛

  100. Rajee

    BR mam & Sara if u can watch d date scene of Viplav- dhani again then have a look on mishal’ s face while giving that red rose to dhani, he looks very cute& adorable….

  101. guys spoiler for this week

    Episode – 129
    At Viplav and Dhaani’s engagement party, Kanak tries to humiliate Dhaani by asking her to sing a song.

    Episode – 130
    Dhaani and Viplav get engaged. Meanwhile, Kanak joins hands with Tripurari to get rid of Dhaani.

    Episode – 131
    Dhaani and Viplav decide to rescue Suvarna from Tripurari.

    Episode – 132
    Viplav misunderstands Dhaani. He thinks that she got Tripurari released from jail in spite of knowing very well that Viplav was totally against it.

    Episode – 133
    Viplav confronts Dhaani about getting Tripurari released from jail.

    • First 2 ones r so good. Wow Vidhaani engagement without any problems wow. And the next ones r like r u kidding me? Vipu please don’t misunderstand ur Dhaani she must hav some reason biggest mistake Vipu did was not to marry Dhaani he should have maaried her he was right

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.