Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav going to room angrily and thinks what you have done beta Shalu….He gets tensed and wonders what to do now? He thinks why did Dasharath agreed and thinks Raja is not good right for her. He wonders what to do? He comes out of room with the stuff. Dhaani asks what you are doing? Viplav says this is our stuff, we will not stay here anymore as a cheap man like Raja became damad of the house. Dasharath asks what you are saying? Viplav says this man have misbehaved with my wife, and I can’t accept him. Dhaani says this is our family, how can we leave them. Viplav says they don’t care about you, and me, and don’t respect my decision. Kanak tells him that Shalu had cut her wrist and that’s why they agreed for her marriage with Raja. Viplav says

I know very well what you can do to fulfill your wish, but doesn’t know that you will ruin her life, and even Dada ji. He says I can’t sit here and sees her ruined. Kanak says Shalu loves Raja and says I know well that Dhaani had a relation with Raja in the past. Viplav says you know very well, and asking me to stop. Raja asks Viplav not to leave the house because of him. Viplav angrily asks him not to interfere in his family matter. He says I am leaving the house, but not breaking relation with anyone. You all can be happy now. Dasharath asks Dhaani to accept his decisions and stop Viplav.

Dhaani goes behind Viplav. Dasharath asks him not to leave the house. Viplav angrily goes out. Dhaani comes out and tells Viplav, we will not leave our house and go. Viplav says which house? Didn’t you see how they behaved with me, they don’t care about their son. He says I am not stubborn, I just want to make everyone understand that I am not part of the family anymore, and can’t see whatever is going to happen in the house. Dhaani asks him to understand and says this is what Raja wanted. We have to face him as we know his face. Viplav says you are not understanding, our family don’t trust us. Dhaani says we are not going anywhere. Viplav says you can stay here then it is your decision. He says you are right. Sad version of Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……….Viplav asks her to stop there itself….Shalu blames herself and says Viplav left house because of her. Raja says everything will be fine. He says he knows Dhaani very well and she won’t let Viplav leave. He says if Viplav leaves then he will bring him back and promises her. Shalu hugs him.

Raja comes out and sees Dhaani standing. Dhaani angrily says you have became Shalu’s husband because of cleverness, but remember one thing that you are just Shalu’s husband and she is my sister. She asks him to be in limits and not to think of doing anything bad. She says I am not just bahu of this house, but a protection shield. you have to face me before doing anything.

Raja’s mum tells Kanak that she will leave now. Kanak asks her why she is going and says it is late. Raja’s mum says she will stay in hotel for tonight. Kanak asks them to stay in the house. Raja’s mum says no and says we will leave. Kanak stops them and asks them to stay till Shalu recovers, and says Shalu will feel happy. Raja’s mum and mami agrees. Raja tells Dhaani that rope is burnt, but still there is strength. Dhaani tries to answer him. Just then Raja sees family member coming there, and starts acting. He says he don’t want her or Viplav to have any problem because of him. He asks where is Viplav? If he went? He says he will bring Viplav home and will convince her. He asks her to come inside the house, else she will get ill in heat. He says I will bring water for you. Dasharath gets touched by Raja’s words and says I like when you said that you want to take care of us. He calls Dhaani and asks her to come inside. Dhaani says I will not go anywhere and asks him not to worry.

Dasharath asks Raja to come inside. Kanak looks angrily at Dhaani. Viplav thinks about Shalu’s marriage, and Kanak’s words, Shalu and Dasharath’s words. Dhaani calls Viplav. He cuts the call. Dhaani thinks I have to bring Viplav home, turns and sees Kanak standing. Kanak says you are shamelessly resting in my house being a beggar and my son who is Kanak Tripathi’s son is roaming on street. Dhaani says Raja’s intentions are not right. Kanak says if your intentions are good? She says Raja belongs to a rich and reputed family. She says you have separated mum and son. She asks do you know about your dad and where is he? She says you should be out of the house, and asks her to leave the house, send her son back home and asks her not to return with Viplav. Dhaani is hurt. She goes out of the house.

Viplav comes to Ashram with his baggage. Dulaari and Badi Amma ask him about Shalu and his stuff. Dhaani comes and knocks on the door. Viplav tells them that Dhaani must have come and asks them not to inform her about his arrival there. Raj Lakshmi opens the door. Dhaani asks if Viplav is here? Raj Lakshmi says no. Dhaani leaves. Viplav comes out. Dulaari asks what is happening? Dhaani is searching for you. Dhaani comes and says I know you will be here. Kanak comes to Raja’s mum room. Raja’s mum says she will handover the jewellery to Shalu. She says she wants to keep puja at home and handover the ancient jewellery to Shalu. Kanak says puja is fine, but these bangles are fake. She says I can identify real and fake jewellery. Raja’s mum are shocked and says I kept real jewellery in locker because of the thefts, and says that’s why she got fake jewellery made.

Kanak says no problem. Mami says you know well about the jewellery, but your son got copper. Raja’s mum says Dhaani is shameless girl and says if she has any self esteem then she will leave the house. Kanak says she will not leave so easily, and says I couldn’t kick her out because of my son. She gets Dulaari’s call. Dulaari informs her that Dhaani and Viplav are in the Ashram. Kanak says your widow daughter got married to my son and have separated my son from us. She says didn’t she tell you that Shalu got married to Raja and that’s why Viplav left house. Dulaari is shocked and drops the phone shockingly. She informs Badi amma about the same. Dhaani talks to Viplav and asks him to look at her, says you are leaving your family because of that Raja. Viplav says I am not angry, but can’t bear whatever is happening under that roof. Dhaani looks on.

Raja tells Dhaani that he will take care of her. Dhaani asks him to stay far from her. He stops her and says nobody is at home, as he sent everyone to temple. Dhaani asks him to stay far from her and runs. She sees Viplav home and hugs him happily. Viplav stares Raja angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx for the update mam I hope there is no problem in updating.. Mam one request pls update vishkanya also fast tmr I beg u becoz I don’t know hindi after watching show I look forward written update only

  2. Arshdeep

    Dhani is so smart ?
    Her dialogue “hume pta tha tum yahi hoge” ??
    It made me burst into laughter in between a serious scene??

    Precap superb… ab nhi bachte tum raja awasthi.. viplav wont spare u?

  3. Anne

    Thank goodness! It does not look like viplav and Dhaani relationship is in doubt . Raja is so creepy ugh.

    • Nimisha ?

      Thank goodness indeed Anne.

      I love that Viplav is still a good enough partner that he let Dhani make up her own mind about staying. He insisted initially but then stood his ground and left.n I still think she should have also gone.

      Just hoping Viplav saw what raja was up to in the precap and not just Dhani running towards the door.

      We know how he doesn’t have the best timing to catch people out eh?

      • Nimisha ?

        I didn’t say that very well.

        I meant I love that Viplav lets dhani make her own decisions. Yes he was annoyed but it was refreshing to see him not dragging her along outta the madhouse.


      • Anne

        Yes Nimisha, i hope it is fairly quick with the unmasking of rajas crew..But I think Dhaani s past is mixed up with them somehow.why did she marry rajas brother ? Has her family been cheated out of money etc? More to come I think and hope
        BTW mishal is gorgeous.. ?…

      • Nimisha ?

        Anne, I suspect you’re right about her past. Her marriage was just arranged so there might not be anymore to the family ties beyond that,

        And YES. MISHAL IS GORGEOUS!!!! ????????????

        And a fine fine actor too.


  4. Nimisha ?

    Thanks for the written update H Hasan

    OMG! Good episode!

    Viplav’s anger and frustration could be felt all the way over here. Mishal rocked today’s episode. Loved his calm but through gritted teeth statements.

    Dhani, why didn’t you go with Viplav?? Are you a sucker for punishment. Seriously husband first. Always! The i laws done deserve you.

    Love that Viplav went to the ashram. That’s the only place in the world where they are loved unconditionally.

    The precap looks good. Creepy raja. Poor Dhani, but kinda feel she shouldn’t have been there. Thank god Viplav turned up when he did.

    KT, DT, Raja, his mum, mami and Shalu.. Meh!

    The rest were brilliant!

  5. Sujie

    Hello everyone… thank you hasan ji for the update…..
    episode was okay….. precap is interesting….now Viplav will not leave that cheapo……
    Kanak raani knows the difference between original gold and the fake one…but can’t see right and wrong…always blaming Dhaani for wrong doings of someone else…
    Raaja and his family……. totally faltu people….cheapos group…..
    Raaja…u idiot… Viplav’s look in the precap….kilerzzzzzzz…. Viplav iss Raaja ka band jarur bajaega…….

    • Ya sujie knk can see the dif bt gold n covering bcs she is covered with gold.
      U know if dhaani n dulhaari past will revealed means in that fb dhaani will be some big shot than tripati family.then she tel dhaani as bikaari n also accept as her bahu.I think so.til that time she will blame n tease dhaani always.

      • Sujie

        Yes Kavitha… my hear says Kanak will try to get friendly with Dhaani after knowing that Dhaani belongs to a well to do family…… you remember in one of the scenes where Dulaari was reminiscing Dhaani’s sangeet ceremony or some ceremony…they were shown quite rich…jewelries, etc……and then Kanak will not call Dhaani a beggar……
        I can say Dhaani was rich because if she wasn’t ..then Raja and the badmash company would not have trapped her in marriage…
        And Nimisha…you are so right….

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Sujie, KT blames Dhaani not only for the wrong doings of someone else, but her own wrong doings as well. She’s a crazeeeeee.

    • Hi my dear florentina many more happy returns of the my dead frnd.
      I wish may ur all dreams come true. That gives u more happiness.
      Keep smiling always.enjoy ur day my frnd.

    • Guys y sooo less comments.
      U know I like that dhaani comes n hugs viplav as he saved her from that stupid raja.
      Always when dhaani is in danger viplav only saves her.
      Viplav the best saviour of dhaani.
      Mishal the best hero.

  6. Hi my dear ikrs family.a very gud evg to u’s episode is awesome na.
    Guys do u think precap is real.
    But I think its dream of viplav that raja screeps dhaani n viplav will come n rescue.
    Bcs viplav have know already that if raja is in AN nivas as dhaani he can do this type of just he imagine in his dreams that raja can do this.

    • Arshdeep

      I think its real kavitha.
      According to me viplav must not have returned with dhani from ashram that time and dhani would have came back alone.
      As raja says he has sent everyone to temple so i think viplav at that time is returning straight from ashram only and is shocked to see dhani running and scared. And equally angry at that pshyco raja..
      our handsome angry young man ? waiting eagerly for tomorrows episode

  7. eshani

    Thanks for the update…..mishal was rocking with his pperformance….precap is super excited viplav will not spare raja….gud that viplav came to dhani’s.rescue

  8. Marees

    I d’t know why?.. Dt thatha easily trusted raja words.. even u d’t believe ur wife words and also ur bhahu words but why? DT…he is cunning, so cheep and pretend to u ….ithu kooda theriyama neengalam eppadi than banarasku punchat thalaivar aaneengalo?…

  9. Yetty

    Thank you Hassan ji, for fast and accurate update.
    Hello everyone, good day to you.
    Good episode, I like the fact that Raja’s face is coming out quickly in the precap.
    How ironic it is that kanak at one glance recognises a fake jewelry but could not identify genuine relationship.
    I hope they will not put theft on dhaani because kanak and the awarthi have joined hand on her.
    Is it possible to get shalu to divorce Raja later when his true face comes out or is it going to be Raja will fall in love with her. don’t know how the twist will unfold finger crossed.
    Action packed episode with Viplav taking is cool with serious principle.
    I love ikrs ?

    • Anne

      Hi Yetty, yes I thought it strange that kanak knew about the gold but didn’t suspect anything was wrong seems incapable of rational thought . Viplav believes Dhaanis story about her previous married life, but the snakes are causing trouble blaming Dhaani. As long as vidhani stick together all will be well.?xx

      • Nimisha ?

        Someone on here guessed that Dhani probably comes from a very very wealthy background, so will look forward to seeing KT’s face if that comes to pass.

        I too hope raja’s truth is brought to the fore soon too. I do find myself feeling slight sorry for Shalu. She has been a pawn in raja’s game to get his greasy creepy hands on Dhani.

        Just really hope that Viplav heard what was going on in the precap. I know he believes Dhani, but he also needs to see it for himself. How very convenient that raja manages to send the whole family to the temple and he isn’t expected to go.

  10. Nima

    thank you Hasan ji for update….today’s episode was as usual superb tha…jab ashram me viplav dhani se chhup raha tha wo scene mujhe funny laga
    jaise viplav n dhani lukachipi ka khel khelrahe ho πŸ˜€

  11. saranya

    Seriously,are u kidding Awasthi family?how could u,that too in front of jhil jhil Rani kanak.hahahaha.u people brought a bag full of gold covering jewelleries for Shalu.very funny.this time,only in this matter kanak rockz.hahahaha.

  12. saranya

    Things are very easier now,soon everything will be ok bcz our cute bakwas mami and her dear babi is wearing gold covering so they will be hospitalized soon bcz of continuous itching and Raja has to go with them to care of them,shalu will n’ go there as she can’t bear hunger too much time.and again vidhani life will be in safe zone.

    • Anne

      Yes ,they will all be in hospital or may be mental hospital , overeating,allergies,stroke etc .lol
      Viplav and Dhaani can have the house to themselves…. Bliss…?

  13. Arshdeep

    Happy birthday flora ???
    God bless u with lots of happiness nd good health..?
    Keep smiling alwayz ?

  14. Nimisha ?

    Gong back to KT, she truly eleven the awasthis are a ‘great and rich’ family. She also believes Dhani and her mother are nothing.

    She doesn’t seem to get that something doesn’t stack up. Raja is going to be a ghar jamai, his mum shows off all the jewellery that KTbidentifies as fake but they distract her from that by calling Dhani copper.

    If that’s the case, how did Dhani ever marry into that family in the first place?? Hmmm KT?

    Is there no way that viplav can do some sort of credit check on them? He forgets that he,s a kick ass lawyer sometimes.

    He,s also in a tricky situation as whatever he does to raja he is also doing to his silly sister. You alsmost need Shalu to witness his creepiness for herself.

      • Anne

        I think it was Saras who said when getting Dhani s passport for honeymoon. Viplav may fimd out about her birth. The plot thickens. Lol…

      • SARAS

        s anne.. but did sure she is from a rich family. . in that sarala kaki’s house. . There was dulari’s photo as a suhagan not vidhava n that room was not open to anyone. . that’s y…

    • Yetty

      hi nimisha, I have a strong feeling that dhaani is from a wealthy home, that’s why raja is bent on having her. greedy set of people.
      The awaithi might have tricked dhaani into marrying munna also for their usual selfish reason.
      Viplav will surely find out the truth about them

  15. Nimisha ?

    Arshdeep, did you ask me if I’d ever visited India before?

    We visited, for a long holiday in 2003. Spent about 12 weeks there. Saw loads of beautiful places and loved it. I,m hoping I’ll get to go again someday. I could quite easily imagine myself settling there. I loved Mumbai and goa, also Ooty and Kerala and lots of other places. It’s a stunning country and so diverse.


    • Nimisha ?

      Me too. They are so lovely.

      Keep thinking the writers need to give Baddi amma a bit more of a story. She’s lovely and needs a story that will put a big smile on her face. Xxx

  16. Sujie


  17. SARAS

    good morning friends n lovely ikrs family. ..

    These days comments are very less inspite of having blockbuster episodes …
    can we do one thing to increase the count? ?When we are typing multiple Paragraphs can we post it as different comments instead??

    Just a thought n request of feasible to you. .

    have a wonderful day. .

  18. SARAS

    @nimisha s I too feel badiamma needs a larger role n I want a full fledged love story for rajlaxmi..she is sooo Good both as an actress n charecter rl..Hope writers do that. .

    • Ya Saras I agree with u now a days com r very less.
      So we can do this na instead of going with a single com we can go with short n many more com.
      Guys all of u also pls go with this idea.let’s see how it works.
      We need increase in no of comments. So frnds pls go on.

      • saranya

        I also support u Saras and Kavitha,we shouldn’t give up.i wonder why there is only less number of comments for these fleshy and impt its better to express different ideas as seperate comments rather than multiple paragraphs.some recent shows have considerable count of comments.i am not saying for a competition,i am just saying to express our love towards our show with this simple task.

      • Arshdeep

        Its good idea to increase comments.. but where are the old members??
        Many are missing nowadays..

  19. Fatarajo

    Hi everyone Fatarajo is back with a bang I was busy these days and moreover was facing internet issues

  20. SARAS

    hey bday baby florentina. . wish you many many happy returns of the day. .
    be the way you are spreading love n happiness.. may your life be filled with loads of love . happiness n prosperity. .Love you n lot of tight hugs..

  21. saranya

    Many many happy returns of the Day My Dear Florinta.good blessu and happiness will fill in ur sweet life journey.

  22. Fatarajo

    I don’t know why IKRS makers is too busy in showing raja track, I just hate this raja.
    There are so many other tracks which are incomplete
    1) Piya track (they just showed that Piya and Dhaani share a connection)
    2) Tanya track (she just came, made Dhaani drunk and again went back)
    3) Tripurari track(I know Daksh have quit the show, but should have given an ending by exposing Dashranth)
    4) Ram track (his marriage just broke off with Shalu, and he didn’t do anything yet to confront Dashranth)

    Itna Sara incomplete tracks :O I think the one major reason why IKRS trp is low is because of these tracks as the makers just jump into another track without ending the previous track which makes viewers confused and hence they stop watching the show

  23. SARAS

    hii joyee welcome back.. nice to see ur comments. .
    hey writer will bring in all v the tracks one by one. .. see how dhani’s past track unfolded.. he c will do everything with having lots of vidhani scenes in between it will be good. ..just enjoy..

  24. Anne

    Happy. Birthday Florentina. Many happy returns. Love your posts darling xxx:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. Anne

    They should make a programme just with the ashram ladies. Fighting injustice amd crime lol lol.
    Serious or comedy..
    Fabulous!!! Xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      I know Anne, it’s hard isn’t it…

      Esp knowing that all our friends here will see it sooner. I started watching online but it means come 830 I’ve already seen it, used to watch it again, but not so keen with watching the awasthis again.

      • Anne

        You took the words out of my mouth ! !
        I’m still kofkof but slowly improving.sleeping better.?

    • Yetty

      Hello Anne, likewise here, can’t wait for today’s episode, have missed three episodes now just reading the written updates.

  26. Nimisha ?

    Fatarajo, helloooooo

    You’re right, there are so many unfinished stories.

    I think the shambu death one needs to be dealt with as that seems to have been forgotten. Viplav needs to uncover the evidence that DT has in the form f the dvd recording.

    Also, KT and tripuraris conspiracy to kill DT and Dhani

    Mind you Viplav does know KT will stoop to any level to get what she wants, love that he knows that about her.

    • Fatarajo

      Exactly nimisha there are so many tracks incomplete that I don’t remember all lol πŸ˜›

  27. Louella


  28. Nimisha ?

    Saras and Kavitha, I will try and keep my comments shorter and will try and post more. Not easy f me to do but I will try.

    I think part of the problem with comments on here is that the story with Shalu marrying raja has taken a very predictable turn. I know I was very disappointed with this. Then Dhani staying and raja being indecent, it’s all a bit YAWNSOME, if that makes sense.

    I nearly gave up with the show due to the awasthis but found you all on here so am stckng with it. But I’m sure lots of peeps must have been disappointed with how the story is going.

  29. Nimisha ?

    The other issue is that most of us are interested in the overall story of Viplav and Dhani, so again from my perspective, seeing Dhani stay back when Viplav walked out, yet again trying to prove herself t be the dutiful Bahu, it’s all very predictable. Which woman in her right mind would stay in a house full of people who hate you when the only person who loves you is no longer there? Also who in their right mind would stay in a house where there is a man who has time and again, behaved inappropriately with you, esp when your husband and protector has left???

      • Just read your comments. and just add that The IKRS story what we liked most is a love story not just liked any other story.
        But it is the relationships with a Husband and Wife the great and full trust, respect with each other, By any point situations they both are faithful and dedicated with each other and both should know every feeling well connected with great respect.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Dhani forget her duty as a wife why she is behaving as a bahu without husband where is the question of bahu duty she should fallow Viplav because he is a good husband and it is also impossible for her to fight with all enemies in the in laws home if she has that guts she would fight and change the attitude of her first husband and show the right path to Raja.

  30. SARAS

    nimisha please go ahead with wats comfortable for you. .. only if possible v you can break your comments that’s all. ..

    joyee.. Even I found udal interesting. . I like that new imli.. she is so so pretty even as young kid imli was much better compared to chakor

  31. SARAS

    I was kind of disappointed with the story after dhani entered an… but from yday episode I m liking it .. I liked when vip went to ashram after leaving his house. . how sweet of him. .

    • Nimisha ?

      That was very lovely when he went there.

      One thing I didn’t understand though was why he didn’t want them to tell Dhani he was ther. Any ideas?

      • He thinks that in every good or worst situation we are united and even no body is separated Vidhani . I think for this intention to remain united and make him understand by Dhani.

  32. Yetty

    Good afternoon guys , hope day is going on well.
    Happy Birthday to you my sweet darling florentina, I wish you all the good things of life and many more beautiful years ahead. Enjoy your day.

  33. Arshdeep

    The best Spoilers πŸ˜€
    Viplav decides to go back home after Dulaari makes him understand that he should be with Dhaani in his house, and to fail Raja’s evil plans. Raja thinks of an evil plan to get Dhaani. He sends all family members to a temple including his wife to make his evil plan work. Dhaani looks for family members and sees the house empty. Raja informs her that he has managed to send everyone to temple so that he can spend time with her. Dhaani warns him not to touch her. Raja pushes her on chair. Dhaani gets scared, but fights with him with strength and runs to save her respect. Just then Viplav arrives there to save his wife. Dhaani hugs him happily. Raja gets tensed thinking Dhaani might reveal his bad intention to Viplav. Viplav beats up Raja for eyeing his wife.

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