Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani thinking if anyone is there in the house or not and thinks Dulaari asked her not to go. Viplav opens the door and finds no one. He comes back to Dadi and informs her that nobody came. He says I opened the door, but there was no one, strange. Dadi tells him that she made Sargi for Kanak and laddoos for Ashram ladies. Viplav calls Kanak and asks her to pack the laddoos as he has to take it for Ashram. Kanak gets angry and asks the servant to bring tiffin. She hesitantly packs the laddoos in tiffin and thinks don’t know about grahs. She mistakenly packs sargi in the tiffin. Viplav brings tiffin and gives it to everyone. Badi Amma asks him if he had kheer. Viplav says he had in dream. Badi amma asks Dhaani, if you didn’t give kheer to Viplav. Viplav asks

Dhaani if you came to my house and not met me. Dhaani says she was getting late and NGO women came. She says you sent them. Viplav wonders when did he sent and says it is okay as far as work is done. Raj Lakshmi asks him to open the last box. Viplav tries to open it.

Chaya Kaki asks Raj Lakshmi to have laddoos from other tiffin and says you will get fat. She asks Viplav to thank Dadi. Viplav keeps the tiffin without opening it. He tells Dadi made laddos and sargi for karwachauth and asks Dhaani to keep fast. Badi Amma says we are widows and how can we pray for our husband’s long life. Dulaari asks him not to poke nose in matters he didn’t know. She says you might have become lawyer by bribing. Chaya Kaki says Dhaani became widow within one year of marriage and haven’t celebrated even 1 karwachauth. Viplav realizes his mistake and apologizes. He asks her to lower her pain and share her husband death story with him. Dhaani is tensed. Viplav asks everyone to share their pain. Badi Amma says we can’t share pain with anyone, as we don’t want you to feel pain. Viplav folds his hand and says he will leave.

Viplav thinks how can anyone live life alone. He thinks Dhaani must have wishes. He thinks Dhaani will celebrate karwachauth next year. In the night, Dhaani picks up the sargi tiffin and opens the box. She thinks nobody eat it. Viplav thinks to get Dhaani married to someone and bring colors in her life. Dhaani eats the sargi unknowingly. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………..Viplav looks at the sky. He thinks how can they spend life alone with such a young age. He says second marriage is possible and Dhaani can bring happiness in anyone’s life.

Jhumki insists Dhaani to come to park. Dhaani agrees and asks her to come to Shiv temple. Dulaari stops her and asks her not to go. She says today is karwachauth and all married women might be praying in the temple and they don’t want any widow’s reflection to fall on them. Jhumki says so we can’t go and asks what Dulaari was saying. Dhaani says we can’t go today and tries to make her eat. Viplav comes and brings soft doll for Jhumki. Jhumki says she don’t want to meet anyone. Viplav asks do you want to play game? Sushma comes to Dasharath. Dasharath asks if she is going to attend marriage. Sushma tells that today is karwachauth, and viplav asked her to get ready. Dasharath says he remembers and compliments Sushma. Dasharath gets a call from the NGO lady and she informs him that they went to Tarni Ashram and did his work. Dasharath is happy. He looks at durga and thinks he has to handle both women on karwachauth day.

Jhumki’s mum comes and takes her. Jhumki asks why did you sent me with that man. Her mum says I will never leave you. Viplav asks how can you sent your daughter with someone. Dulaari scolds her, and says she is a widow, but didn’t send her daughter with a stranger. Jhumki’s mum says she is helpless and have two more daughters, and that man pretended to be good. She regrets for her mistake. Jhumki gets sad as she has to leave with her mum. Viplav takes her in his lap and says we will meet soon. Inspector asks Viplav to come for some paper work. Dulaari asks jhumki’s mum to take care of Jhumki. Dulaari thinks how can anyone do this. Just then postman comes and asks to call owner Viplav Tripathi. Badi Amma tells that he used to stay here, but he is not owner. Chaya Kaki says may be Viplav gave our address as he thinks of ashram as his home.

Kanak asks Shalini to call Dasharath and Shambu as moon can appear at anytime soon. Shalini goes. Dhaani misses Jhumki. Dulaari says we all are missing her, and asks Dhaani to eat something as she is hungry since morning. Viplav hears them and thinks Dhaani is strange, she didn’t have anything but looking fresh and not tired.

Shalini tells that moon is appearing. Dasharath makes Sushma break the fast. Viplav makes Dhaani eat something thus breaking her fast. Dhaani finds some important papers and says she shall inform Viplav. Viplav calls Dhaani and asks for papers. dhaani tells him that someone escaped with his papers. Viplav thinks this is happening for the second time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pls h has an give a fast u vidhani……….???????

  2. wow . 🙂 great as dhaani is gonna celebrate her first karwachaut unknowingly 🙂

    1. it might be a dream sequence….

  3. Thanks for the written update.

  4. Nice episode… I like it….so dhaani takes first karwachauth for viplav in unknowingly…. Yepppiiiii…… I wish next time knowingly happen..but very very late update…..

  5. nice episode….. always Dulaari was irritatting… vidhaani scenes r awesome♥♥♥

  6. Viplav acting pakkkkkkkkkahhh….lovely episode……. i like ikrs so muccccchhh

  7. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy boringgggggggggggggggg

  8. Pls Dhani marry to Tripurari, suvarna marry to viplav… So this way v see same drama happened in Swaragini… Im so excited to see such…

  9. Nd Britto missing u… Hope ur exams going well… Study well k nd best wishes…:) Tc…:):)

  10. Swarangi serialla nooo……adi boring.It was something new keep it viplav dhani in new different love story.Today viplav ask dhani husband innaikavadu kettane. I love the female song voice.pls tamila kooda nengale podunga.

  11. My huge request dub in polimer channel for mishal always fan team

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