Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling the kids to remember about the price of the flower bouquets. A man is seen standing on their bouquet shop and says his mood is ruined. Dhaani tells him that the flowers will cheer him up and asks him to give to the person whom he is going to meet. The man says it is not good. Dhaani says it seems you don’t like sunflower and brings yellow and pink roses bouquet. She asks if this is good? Customer says this is good. He says this is what I told to my employees, if the client doesn’t like any product then we have to be ready with some other product. He praises her sense of humor. He asks about his price. Kid says 1000 Rs. Dhaani says no, just 500. Dhaani’s friend says what is the use of honesty. Customer pays her 600 Rs. Dhaani refuses to take extra 100

and asks him to give them a big order. Customer asks her to call at the given number and tell that Shrivastav told you. He says you will get a contract as her daughter is getting married. Dhaani thanks him. Her friend says now gudiya/Vidha will get admission in school. Dhaani takes the bouquet in her hand. Viplav thinks about Dhaani and visiting flower shop with her.

A fb is shown, Viplav and Dhaani visit flower visit. They smell a flower. Viplav looks at the flower and says these flowers have your smell. Someone asks Dhaani to put Rajnigandha in her bouquet and says your bouquets will be fast selling then. Dhaani recalls telling Viplav whenever you see these flowers remember me, and Viplav says you shall remember me. Dhaani refuses to take the flowers. He says I have brought it for 1200 Rs. Dhaani gives him 2000 Rs, and asks him to take those flowers with him and never bring it back. Dulaari asks why do you hate these flowers? Dhaani says I hate that man whose memories is related to these flowers. She recalls Viplav saying I did a mistake and Kamini manipulating his words.

Dhaani gets teary eyes and says she want to forget who lied to me and did fake promises. We shall not remember the man who have snatched our everything, he has killed Dhaani who used to believe on love. I have erased his memories…maayi…and wipes her tears. Kamini comes to Dhaani’s Ashram and sees her pic. She asks Viplav why didn’t you come to the party for the guests. She says can’t you take 5 mins off for me. Viplav says no. Kamini says that party was for your birthday. Viplav says I don’t like parties, you know that. Kamini asks why? She says what if there was some work or important meeting. Viplav says this is my Dhaani’s Ashram and I get peace here. Kamini angrily says Dhaani…Dhaani…Dhaani. She says Dhaani died 5 years ago in a bomb blast and her body was scattered into pieces. She asks happened to you. Viplav says look Kamini.

Kamini says even if you want to collect those pieces you can’t. She holds his hands and says this mangalsutra, which you also ties on your hand. She says Dhaani is dead and your marriage with her is ended. Viplav shouts and says Dhaani is not dead. She is alive in my heart, asks her to make herself understand. He says Dhaani will be alive in my breath, and memories, and until I am alive, she will be alive with me. Kamini is angry. She gets call from Mrs. Kaushik. She asks Kamini if you are going to attend my daughter’s wedding, and says she has booked room for them. Dhaani comes to Mrs. Kaushik’s house just then….Viplav sees Dhaani’s photo frame falling and runs to hold it. Kamini asks Viplav, if they are going to attend Mrs. Kaushik’s daughter’s wedding, and says they are our special clients.

She gives call to Viplav. Viplav says hello. Suddenly the phone flies in air surprisingly and falls in Dhaani’s hand. Dhaani hears Viplav’s voice and looks surprised. Mrs. Kaushik takes phone from Dhaani’s hand and says phone had fallen from her hand. Viplav says I can’t come, but Kamini will come. Kamini apologizes and says I can’t come and disconnects the call. Dhaani introduces herself to Mrs. Kaushik and says she was sent by Mr. Shrivastav for flower decorations. Mrs. Kaushik asks her to meet wedding organizer. Dhaani thanks her and looks at the phone surprisingly. Kamini tells Viplav that they shall go there and they are their special client. Viplav says marriage is happening there. Kamini says we might lose the client. Viplav says let it be. Kamini asks why you behaves badly with me. She asks did I marry you forcibly? You don’t talk to me also. She says I was leaving, but you stopped me as you want to take up the responsibility.

Viplav says I did a mistake, I was not in my senses, but you was in your senses…He goes to change his shirt in washroom. Kamini says you will change your shirt in washroom and says I am your wife. She sees Dhaani’s big photo frame in their room and is about to throw book on it, but stops herself. She gets teary eyes, and says Dhaani…you went from his life, but not from his memories. Dulaari comes home and tells that everyone is running on road and tells about crowdy roads and hot weather. She says Banaras was good than Mumbai. Dhaani gives her water and says there was nothing left in Banaras, and Mumbai gave us work and life. Dulaari tells that someone asked me to take something, and says she brought mangoes for Vidha. She says she has to learn to say mango..Dhaani says she will also learn. Dulaari asks about the order. Dhaani says she got the order and says your chanda will study in english medium school. Dulaari asks where is she? And calls Chandaniya….Dhaani says she is not here as it is dinner time now. Dulaari says dinner. Dhaani says night time food. Dulaari says I will learn also. Dhaani calls Vidha….

Viplav gets Mrs. Kaushik’s call and asks how are you? Mrs. Kaushik says you refused to come, but says God is great and says Anil is going to Australia next week. He asks him to come to attend meeting with him and clear the case progress. Viplav agrees and says we will come there in 4-5 days. Mrs. Kaushik says Anil have no free days before going to Australia. Viplav says okay, we will come tomorrow.

Dhaani runs after Vidha while the latter refuses to eat food. Vidha takes the mango and is about to eat it…Dhaani says I told you many times that fruit needs to be washed before eating. Vidha says but it is clean inside. Dhaani recalls Viplav saying the same thing, and takes mango to wash it. Vidha asks Dulaari to scold Dhaani, and says why she scolds me always. Dulaari says mumma scolds you as she loves you very much. Vidha says then who will scold her. Dulaari asks her to think and tell. Vidha says my papa will scold my mummy, just like her friend’s dad scolding his mum. Dhaani says Vidha want to have fun getting me scolded. Vidha says when will papa come? She says if he will not come? Dhaani says he will come? Vidha says when? Dhaani says he will come on that day when band baja will play, noisy place, balloons will fly in air, etc…It will be a good day…Vidha smiles. Dhaani says it will look like earth have become like heaven..and my vidha’s little heart will say Papa….you have come. Vidha says really? Dhaani says yes…Vidha kisses on her cheeks and goes out to play. Dulaari says she is same like Viplav, and behaves exactly like him. She is stubborn like him only. Dhaani says no maayi…Vidha is just Vidha and is our daughter. Dulaari says I took his name by mistake. Dhaani asks her not to take his name even by mistake..

Kamini asks Viplav where is he going? Viplav says Mumbai. Kamini gets happy. Viplav says he is going for meeting. Kamini calls Tripurari and tells him that viplav got ready to go to Mumbai. Tripurari says something have changed in these 5 years. Kamini says she got golden chance to throw Dhaani’s name and memories out of his life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Louella

    I saw today’s episode. It was only good but not the best. The reason is that our cute Eisha was not there. Without her ikrs is incomplete. Okay forget this now. Again and again if I will take her name she will not come back!!

    Mishal’s expressions were as usual superb. The way he told that Dhaani is not dead was very good.

    Kamini is getting irritating day by day. But today because of her at least Viplav is going Mumbai and there he will meet Dhaani. Excited for it!!!

    I will not say anything about Sanjeeda’s acting. But Vidha is so cute. Just love her!!!

    I have a lot to say but I will leave it for the rest of my comments. By the way share ur opinion about today’s episode.

  2. Now its revealed that vidha is dhani’s real daughter . Adopted child track must be for eisha as she didn’t wanted to be actual mother but currently adoption track wiped off. ?

    • Nimisha

      Haven’t watched yet, but thins very exciting, soo pleased they made vidha their daughter. Makes much more sense than the adopted daughter track. YIHOOOOOOOOO!!.

  3. Need to see how vk married viplav as according to her ; she wanted to go but viplav stopped as he wanted to take the responsibility ? can’t digest it!!

  4. vini

    What does viplav mean that he did a mistake and said that he was not in his that wicked lady kamini said to viplav that she is bearing his child ?and so he had to marry her feeling himself responsible for her pregnancy even though he is not at all interested in her

  5. eshani

    Oh oh very soon we will get to see viplav Dhani meeting dhani is very much angry let’s see how viplav is gonna convince…. Vidha is dammed cute conversation between them was very nice
    Am too curious to know y did viplav marry kamini as she was telling today she didn’t force him to I wonder y
    When dhani gets to knw that viplav is married to kamini she will be even more angry


    • Anne

      Looks like on the night Dhani saw viplav and kamini together, viplav was drunk and kamini told him they’d spent the night together. So he married her to save her honour, such as it is..
      I really do think they are finishing the show ,, we’ve got a couple of months to sort things out then the end.
      I hope I’m wrong,but after viplav and Dhani get back together I can’t see where its going.

      • Porkodi

        Anne , me too thinking the same.. Maybe kamini is using that night when viplav was not in his senses ….afer that that she played dirty trick to trap viplav. I hope nothing happened in between them…

  7. Areeb

    I knew it! ? there must a reason behind Viplav tying knot with Kam! ??

    It all seems a Trick of Kam in association with TP! ??

  8. arohi

    All r too gud today.Bt sanjeeda u r the best.& just perfect for Mishal. They both r strong actor & cute couple. Now full of excitement.

  9. Sujie

    Thank hasan mam for the update…
    Hello everyone
    Episode was okay…..
    Loved the way Viplav shouted at VK …… Just because of that daayan…Dhaani hates her love…
    But Viplav’s act before leap….. His sudden decision of breaking all those relations with Dhaani is still making me angry….
    Quite predictable…… Vidha will make her parents….but waiting for it
    And please someone shout out loud in that daayan’s ear that she never thought to let Viplav go.. instead kept sticking to him a chipku gum….
    could not understand about that responsibility….. OMG such a wicked witch this Kaamini is….
    Have more to comment….so will catch you people up later……
    Bye bye

  10. Zee

    Thank you H Hasan. Havent watched yet. But good to know that VIdha is dhani’s own child. I didnt want Dhani to suffer the loss of her child. Nice casting also – The kid is super cute and looks a bit like all 3 of them Vip, Dhani and Shalu.
    So happy to see KT/DT live in fear and Kam in frustration. thot Trip might disappear aft blast, but he is back like the bad penny.
    One ques – what time are the repeat telecasts of IKRS on Colors India?

  11. Nimisha

    Just watched the episode and again inreallynliked it,

    It feels like the show is energised. I think seeing Viplavs disdain towards Kam has really made a difference

    Little Vidha asking after her papa is very sweet.

    Loved Viplav looking at he the flowers and the flashback with Sanjeeda didn’t feel odd or awkward.
    Loved him shouting at Kam in the ashram
    Also they watched carried on feeding the fish as if he hadn’t heard her and then when she asked can’t you even spend 5 minutes with him, his emotionless matter of fact NO. I enjoyed her pain.
    Loved Dhani’s new found ‘attitude’ and determined streak.
    Loved how Dulaari liked vidha to Buchwaji.
    The moment dhani heard Viplavs choice on the phone, I held my breath.
    Mostly I loved finding out the Vidha is her and Viplavs child. Hurrah! I wasn’t sure about the child track but I am actually enjoying it very much.

    All in all another good episode and I watched without reading the update, I felt brave. And I think Sanjeeda is doing a good job, it doesn’t feel like she’s replaced Eisha as much as taken over the mantle so to speak. (I do miss Eisha, but she has left so just want to enjoy the characters without always having to say that)

    The bit I didn’t understand was why he married Kam. So he said he wasn’t in his senses but she was, so does he know she was manipulating the situation and him all along?

    And is trips now the mahant pandit ?

    Kam in Precap still trying to get Dhani away from Viplav, stupid Kam!

    But looking forward to Viplav meeting vidha and also eventually Dhani. Glad that she is angry with him! Although she did soften slightly when she heard his voice.

    Thanks H Hasan for the update, very much appreciated.


  12. Louella

    Loved the way Vidha was again and again asking Dhaani about her father. She looks so cute!!! Just love her. She and her grandma Dulaari share a great bonding just like me and my grandma…..

  13. Amy

    Loving sanjeedha…waiting to see her with mishal…now dhani hates viplav and viplav’s love for dhani is increased..excited for the further episodes :-* :-*

  14. Louella

    Dhaani hates Viplav. It’s a sad thing. But it’s not her fault. It’s a big misunderstanding between them. When she will know that Viplav has married that VK her hate will turn more deeper!!!

    • Nimisha

      Hey Louella! Xxx

      I’m glad she hates him. That slap, and then what he said to her when he dropped her off at the ashram was too much. I still wonder if it was his plan… But anyway…

      I think Dhani was very wrong to not let vipla know that he has a child with her, although I can understand her reasons, And she did try but Kam was one step ahead as always,

  15. vaishnavi

    vidha u r so sweet just like our vipu n i have fear if vk is going to mumbai with vipu n vk finds dhaani before vipu then what happen i cant imagine
    n i wish if eisha is there i really miss her 🙁

    • Nimisha

      Oh no Vaishnavi, I hadn’t thought that Kam might intercept the meeting. Maybe she,ll be run over by a steam roller with only her arms and legs sticking out of the ground, ???

  16. Fatarajo

    Well I will say IKRS is going good after leap and yeah finally Viplav is gonna meet Dhaani soon and aww the spoilers r cute vidha calls Viplav rakshas so cute and I had high expectations from sanjeeda well we need time to accept sanjeeda as new Dhaani but I will say only glam roles suit sanjeeda only if Eisha continued with the show it would have been best but sanjeeda is not bad but have a long way to go to adapt Dhaani’s role

  17. Porkodi

    Thanks hasanji for the update. Ikrs is goind good after the leap…. My heart is not accepting sanjeeda..the BG music when she heard the voice is not at all suiting her .. That only for Mishal and Eisha….When I was seeing Dhani’s photo ,felt I m missing cuttie eisha. She is also doing good but if it was Eisha means it will be best. Very happy to see Kamini’s suffer to get viplav… u will never get viplav.. Where is DB?

  18. Mishal Raheja

    Hilarious!!! when Kamini asked Viplav i’m your wife yet why not change infront of me…. so desperate… i think that big time werido Kamini is going to have Tripathi’s child!! i’m enjoying the leap so far. But i still think the newcomer not in par with Eisha even though she’s a seasoned actress. Any thoughts guys!!!

    • Nimisha

      We are all sooo used to seeing Eisha as Dhani, but I really do like Sanjeeda. I think Dhani is also a different character post leap. Still sweet but not as naive as before and I think Sanjeeda has so far played her very well.

      I also think seeing her with Dulaari makes me feel like yes it is Dhani. I can happily detach myself from Mishal and Viplav and Eisha and Dhani, so maybe find it easier to accept a new lead.

      Also before Eisha released her statement, i wasn’t sure of how a new lead would work, but after she released her statement, I kinda feel we have to move on. Eisha has and I wish her well.

      Also hats off to the Cv’s. The story has moved on so much from what it was for Dhani, Dulaari and now little Vidha, that it actually isn’t that much of a shock to me to see a new version of Dhani as I was expecting that anyway. Eisha was awesome as pre leap Dhani and I think Sanjeeda will be as post leap Dhani.

      For me it works.

  19. Mishal Raheja

    Nimisha, u r so funny.. did u see how she told Viplav off Dhani’s dead for 5 years… etc etc.. she needs to be put in her place soon.. Plus the Darsharth family too.. I’m sure Kamini must have murdured Dadi Bua after marrying Viplav..

    • Nimisha

      I think he put her into her place very well. She deserved that, she is making DT and KT see sense and suffer and now sheNims getting her just deserts by forcing a guy to marry her. Ggrrrr!

  20. Zee

    Ok watched. But a bit confused…
    So Viplv was not forced to marry Kam – he asked her to stay…strange. If he figured her out and married to torture her, then he shd have looked deeper and seen other things as well.
    Dhani rightly has a lot of anger against Viplv and his memories as well, but then why did she name the child aft him?
    Trip it seems has probably got his pound of flesh and become Mahant. ha ha ha. And Viplv still didnt suspect any hanky panky?

    • Nimisha

      I reckon he suspects which is why he’s opened the ashram in Dhani’s name.. His way of making a difference,

      If trips and Kam have a baby, her child will be Viplavs cousin… Weird!

      And yeah trips as the mahant, ??????

  21. Devga

    Good work sanju…. Got to see a new avatar of sanju…. NOW understood tht she is the best in acting…. Suitable for any role….. Wow fb flower scene was awesome….

    • Nimisha

      Devga, hi again. The romantic scenes in IKRS are very very very good. Hopefully more to come!


  22. Anne

    Little vidha is so cute,I can’t wait for viplav to know that she’s his daughter, also iits such a shame Aisha left , ikrs would have been great ..but the new actress is older and so is real life she’s 3 years younger..So I think when they meet well see some real sparks fly!!!?

    • Nimisha

      I think so too Anne.
      Should make for some cracking episodes. Esp when Viplav meets Vidha and learns that she is his and Dhani’s daughter.

  23. Saraswathi.j

    Really I am surprised to see Tripurari in Mahant dress in yesterday ,s pre cap ,how an illiterate,rowdy,goonda,killer,and a son of pr*stitute become a Mahant ,how it happens ,is Banaras people are such a fools or the makers of this show are making us fools this also can happen in Banaras.

  24. Nima

    Good morning everyone.

    Arshi, safe journey n best of luck for your Exam?

    i like Mishal performance, his angry mood ????? jis andaaz se table lamp ko feka hai usi andaaz se vk(chudail) ko fek deta to mai bht khush hoti I hope that day will come soooooon.

    Lil princess VIDHA love you? u r my Mishal oopps…vidhani’s daughter ☺

  25. Maria

    Good morning friends.. Sorry for not commenting yesterday.. Was out on a fun trip enjoyed a lot with my cousins… That’s why could not comment.. How are you all?

    Arshi di all the best for your exams..

  26. Maria

    Coming to the episode..
    Mishal’s expressions were ???
    Killer expressions…
    Vidhaa is Viplav and Dhaani’s daughter wow that’s so cool now she will unite her parents…
    Waiting for it!!
    Shaaheira’s acting is good but cannot replace Eisha.. Miss you Eisha??

  27. Zee

    Good morning all.
    Have a lovely day! Arshi must be writing her exam, I hope she does well. She has been working so hard. Our education system has recently become so competitive and tough on students. Anyway exams are such a messed-up way of judging our capabilities in just 3 hours. A good doctor shd have compassion and a good heart, but the system just focuses on skills to clear exams.

  28. Gudmrng r u all.afrer any days I dare to comment here.actually got fed up with ikrs whn dhanis character changed.but now story is moving in a gud direction.eagerly Waitng for today’s episode..

  29. Saraswathi.j

    Just I have seen one more time 31st May episode it seems as a mother Eisha Sing very easily perform it than this new comer,Eisha Perfectly fit into the role of Dhaani as this role required softness and as a mother also she can do it why PH make her quit ,why they prefer that Kamini instead of Dhaani.?

    • Nimisha

      Hi there

      I was also going mad, slightly, worrying about what was going on and was Eisha ok, but after her statement, I’m not so worried. I have had many many jobs, for the reason that when I got to a certain point where I was either fed up or had reached as high as I could within a company, I left and hot a new job.

      I feel Eisha has done the same and I respect her for that, I was very worried that she’d been badly treated but was very grateful that she released a statement saying she didnt want to do a mother role, so I think it’s fair enough.

      No doubt she would have been fantastic in it.

  30. shanitics

    Gud mrng to all….

    Cmng to yesterday’s episode it was quite good…
    Mishal’s expression were as usual good.. When he is said she is not …she is not dead she is Alive wow…

    Vk wat a stupid she is..

    Dhaani wat happnd to her… Why she hate our Devadas soo much… If she would had listened to Dulaari..tat Vk is not good and clear her doubts.. Thn this much wouldn’t have happnd.. THEREFORE ALWAYS LISTEN TO UR PARENTS ?

    when Vk said mrin tumhari pathni hoon and tum mere same shirt change kar sakthe Ho!! Uskwliye kyun bathroom…. I remembered vidhaani shower scenes…. And Viplav taunting Dhaani wearing a bathroom towel and dado cmng all those scenes filled my mind…

    Eisha was the best in portraying earlier vidha scenes… She was the best… This Dhaani em.. Okay okay..
    Bt nt much gud as Dhaani.. Bt yesterday’s epi churidar she worn was quite good..?

    The frame,near Viplav’s wardrobe,of Dhaani was like a pic of ghost… Of ot was given to kavackk.. Selection she might have been selected?

    Vidha tat small girl is looking good?

    • shanitics

      Misha di… Seems like it’s ur effect?
      First time it seems I have posted this much long cmnt?

      • Nimisha

        Morning Shwetha. Lol, and the long post effect. ???.

        The episodes are going very well and it is a shame Eisha left, but she did so we just need to give Sanjeeda time while we adjust,

        Hope you’re enjoying the last few days of the holidays,

  31. Nimisha

    Hello everyone…

    Hope you’re all well and having a wonderful Wednesday,

    Arshu, hope the paper is going/went well. Thinking of you!

    Excited for todays episode. Xxx

  32. .Yetty

    Yes ikrs is coming back on track, I think all those ruckus has to happen to clear the atmosphere.
    Guys please does that means rajlaxmi, all ashram ladies and tripurari’ s wife are dead with the blast?
    I’m glad dhaani and Viplav has a child to remind them of their love, vidha she’s so cute.
    Dulaari is the opposite of her former self now , I guess since there’s nothing for her to worry about.
    I loved that DT and KT are enjoying reaping what they sowed, feel sorry for Sushma though but she has to get some of the dose as she didn’t play any role in sorting Dahaani and Viplav misunderstanding. Viplav is the architect of his own miserable life right now, he claimed he loves dhaani still he raised his hand on her, he fuelled the conspiracy. Mercy after death, well I loved that he’s atoning for his sin.
    Sangeeda will get there, the era of peace full and innocent looking dhaani has past. Will wait to see more from her.
    I wish Eisha all the best in her life endeavours.
    Arshdeep dear no doubt you will do us proud, waiting to hear the victory story.?

    • Nimisha

      Lovely post Yetty ???, and I think RL, BA and RL all killed in the blast. Also think DB is gone.

  33. shanitics

    Yup.. Misha di.. Nicely enjoying the last days of vacation with cough… Got cough… ???? crying telling I don’t want to go to school back.. Like a lil girl ??
    June 9th is re opening day?
    I don’t want to go to school….

    • Nimisha

      Awww Swetha, I’m sure once you’re there and you see your friends you’ll love it.

      Hope the cough clears soon. Xxx

  34. Louella

    Swetha di I m completely opposite to u. I m crying to go to school. I want to to go back school. Just read my ff Journey of love. All those masti in school is the same masti I and my classmates have in school. U will just laugh out loud with it. Reading it u will also wish to come in our school. But I m not sure if in this year I will get the same masti or not as I had got in 6th. I m very excited for school. Just two weeks left. On 13th my school will start. Yipee!!!

    • Nimisha

      I used to be the same Louella, loved loved loved school!

      Enjoy your last few days off too.


      • Louella

        Yes di I will definitely enjoy it fully. But my sis is just like Swetha di. She also doesn’t like school, tuitions and all those stuff.

  35. Louella

    Zee sorry I could not tell u any funny moments of my trip as I was in deep depression about Eisha leaving the show and I m still in it. But don’t worry I will surely tell u. So here goes the first and the funniest one I and the whole group remembers and laughs.
    On the first day when we left in the bus, everyone had drunk a lot of coldrink. After an hour all the ladies including me also wanted to use the washroom. All of us got up from our seats and stood in a line in between. We were looking out to find a restaurant so that we can use the washroom. Just then we saw a restaurant and we shouted arey restaurant came stop the bus but the driver didn’t even stop the bus and was going on driving. This happened many times. Now for us it was out of control. Everyone were waiting just for the bus to stop. Suddenly the driver stopped the bus near a petrol pump. We hurriedly ran out of the bus. There was a washroom near the petrol pump. We just ran and stood in the front of the ladies washroom. Everyone r telling pehle main pehle main(first I will go first I will go). But someone had already gone in the washroom. My aunts could not control so they just ran in the men’s washroom. Thank God no men was there and they closed the door and used the washroom. But I, my mother and my aunt were waiting outside the ladies washroom. It was 10 minutes since we were waiting and no one had come out. We saw a window open. So I saw through the window and found out that there was no one inside! And also the door was closed from inside. We went mad seeing it. We had no option left rather than going in the men’s washroom!! This incident no one has ever forgotten and we remember it and laugh loudly….

  36. SARAS

    hi friends. .
    leap was indeed a good twist..
    Sorry really interesting. . I wish it was with original actors… I miss original tripurari.. he was damn good. . it would be too much fun to see him become mahant…

    few things i didn’t like. . can’t see vipu in so much pain he did no mistake in his life he always had noble intension abt everything. . but y he in so much pain always? ??
    I hate dhani more than I used to during her wedding with trip track. ..

    Sorry guys but I m not liking new dh ani at all. . She doesn’t sit that role at all. . She is too plastic .. n over makeup. .

    • Fatarajo

      Yes Saras I agree with u that leap is an interesting twist and thing is we really need time to accept TP and Dhanni as we are so used to the old ones

    • Nimisha

      I don’t think Sanjeeda is at all like that. She seems to wear less make up than Eisha did. I always preferred Eisha before she started wearing all that heavy eye makeup. So less is more for me.

      To be honest Sanjeeda is very beautiful and as someone said earlier it’s not fair to compare them. People on twitter have been calling her plastic too but it’s not very nice and I don’t understand why at all.

  37. SARAS

    everyone following nimisha’s footsteps comment too very long. .

    how can dhani mistake our hero so much n hate him. . hey bhagvan kuch aisa chamatkar karo ki cvs dhani nafrat ko khatam karde

  38. Louella

    Zee here comes the next one. When we were returning, it was afternoon. We went in a restaurant which was empty. We went and occupied the whole place. They were taking a long time to serve us food. So my aunt announced an award ceremony for everyone. She stood up and started announcing awards one by one….
    Shanti(silence) award goes to Louella… She told. Don’t think I m not talkative but there I was not talking too much so I got this award.
    best questioning award goes to Kaamran. He was a boy who irritated everyone a lot in the whole trip. He would go to the driver and ask him why is the Break this way? Why u turned left? Why is this in that way? For this he got best questioning award.
    Then best cute child award goes to Angel… My sister. She was so cute so she got this award.
    (and also she was shouting and telling this and after each award announcing everyone would clap for us. So the owner of the restaurant told us not to shout. But we were continually doing the same thing. Even my uncle warned us but no. We were going on shouting.)
    Best heroine award goes to Amy. My friend.
    Best mother award goes to Maria….. My mother.
    Best selfie award goes to selfie girls…. There were four girls who would always take selfie anywhere they go. So this award deserves to them.
    This way everyone got an award. This incident is also my favourite. It was so good to receive an award. Loved it.

    • Zee

      Hi Louella – i loved reading both your stories very much!
      I also went on a bus trip in Kerala once and had similar exp. I asked my friend to ask bus driver to stop since I didnt know Malayalam. My friend asked, bus driver ignored and I was getting more desperate and helpless by the minute.
      This Kamraan guy must be so funny!
      Pl Keep writing as more incidents come to your mind.
      And IKRS repeat time slot is 3.30-4 afternoon pucca?

      • Louella

        Zee it’s not in the afternoon but at night. So sorry I had not mentioned whether it’s in the morning or night.

  39. SARAS

    dhani seems to have never loved our vip.. else how can she hate him n not trust him at all..

    poor vip… dhani ke photo kobhee it ana pyaarse sambhalta hao… vo hai ki usse nafrat kartee hai???

    my heart cries when I see new montage. . vip standing alone :((

  40. Louella

    Saras mam I agree with u. It’s difficult for us to accept Dhaani so soon. It will take time for u all but for me it will take years to accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani. Only Eisha is my Dhaani.

    I don’t agree with your opinion that Dhani doesn’t love Viplav. She loves him very much. Infact she had gone to talk to him hidingly through the window.

    But when she saw Viplav resting on Kamini she was shocked. She could not believe but when she heard him saying it was a mistake, she got more angry.

    But viplav had told that he did a mistake by slapping Dhaani. But Kamini diverted the sentence and said that he did a mistake by marrying Dhaani.

    Hearing this she was broken. So now she hates Viplav. It’s not at all her mistake.

    • Nimisha

      Agree Louella, that saying ‘if you love someone set it free, if it comes back it was yours, if it doesn’t, it never was’. Sums Dhani up.

      She saw him wit Kam, she manipulated it and Dhani heard that he was saying he should never have married her.

      Also previously he himself slapped her and then told her that he made a mistake to have ever lived her and to marry her and that their relationship was over.

      I’d be pretty angry if I were Dhani. She still loves him, she is maintaining his good image for vidha sake, but she is hurt and right,y so. As she said she trusted him and he betrayed her trust.

      Without trust, you cant have a relationship.

  41. Sonu

    Hi friends how r u all? now the track of ikrs is good.. really missing Eisha too much.. Can’t forget Eisha’s innocent face.. I think this new dhani( Sanjeeda) gets some weight.. She is too thin..

  42. Sonu

    Still now I didn’t watch the today’s episode, thank u Hasan mam for u r wonderfull written update..

  43. Sonu

    Friends don’t get angry on Dhani. Now her hatered towards vipu is right.. ( she don’t know the truth, all this MU created by stupid kamini). Vipu leaver in Ashram, that time also she believes and loves Vipu so much.. Then she waiting for Vipu alone and miss him at that time also she don’t Mu him.
    Then which lady tolerate her hubby in other woman’s arm and telling bad about his marriage( I know this all is MU)
    But I never forget the Vipu’s dialouge about thier(Vidhani’s) marriage…Even today also I am sad about his dialouge, really painfull…

    • SARAS

      actually sonu I haven’t seen those episodes. . where vip slapped n dropped her back . -:))

      then may be dhani has a reason. . in any case.. in anger most talk thibgs wht they don’t mean

  44. Louella

    See Kaamran was not at all a funny person but an irritating person. Not a day he has spent without irritating others! Everyday some or the other person would shout at him or argue with him.

  45. Sonu

    Now new track of IKRS. Again Vidhani’s lovewalla scence shuru hogi. Vipu phirse Dhani ki peechae pechae aur Dhani ne Vipu ko dant karti raheti.. Really I want this love blossom scence again, but meri mann mein uss jagaha ko hamesha Eisha ko chathi hai.. Kya karu? Eisha can’t come back to IKRS. We have to adjust the new Dhani aka Sanjeeda.. I am not hurt Sanjeeda’s fans, I just told my feelings..towards Eisha..
    Love u Eish, I miss u so much
    Har baar Sanjeeda ko dekti hai, uss samay meri aankon mein Eisha ki mansoon cehera, voo cutiee shakal yaad raheti…
    All the bEst for both of u Sanjeeda and Eisha..

  46. Sonu

    I can’t digest the KAmini and Vipu’s marriage.. Director please don’t do like this, u make some changes in thier marriage. I mean it’s not a legal and ritual marriage. (i.e Kamini blackmails everyone that Vipu intimate with her, she makes a lot of drama and finally she decided to get suicide drama.
    At that time Vipu told to her, I can’t get marry u, But I promise u I give u all rights of Triphati Kahandan, u should be like in Daughter in law of our family.. Shaadi Ki bina tum iss gharmein bahu ki taraha rehae sakti, tumko iss samaj mein saari ijjat mil sakthi.. Per mere man mein kabi bhi nahi, meri man aur dil mein hamesha sirf aur sirf meri DHAANI bi reheti hai..
    Finally Kamini agree with his decision( she thinks one day I will get u Vipalv)


  47. meena

    Eisha was remarkably good as dhani… It was better to end this serial than changing her… Or they could do like ek hasina thi. … Plastic surgery… Dhani lost her face due to bomb blast…. And then sanjeeda face… Vipu won’t be able to recognise her… With this drama can continue…. Right?????

    One doubt.. The spoilers said dhani will have miscarriage but they are showing this as vidhani daughter???? What is happening????????????

  48. Mishal Raheja

    Hi Nimisha its true we shouldn’t judge the new comer as she’s a seasoned actress. She’s got to be better.

    My preference to Eishas makeup is natural. While I fine the newcomer a snow white without much makeup.

    Like I said earlier we all just need time to get adjusted and tune into her acting now and see beyond which will help us go further to interest ourselves to like IKRS.

    All I’m curious is why did they decide to take a leap and bring in so many negative characters inside. CURIOUS CHILD!!!

    For now lets enjoy the show while I dig for my own answer. Sorry if I confused all of you???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.