Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dulaari and Badi Amma leaving from Dhaani’s house after meeting her. Kanak asks Dhaani to keep glasses back for servant use. Dhaani nods. Kanak talks to her badly. Dhaani recalls Kanak serving them tea in servant’s glasses. Just then Viplav comes and gives her clothes asking her to wear it. Dhaani informs him that Badi Amma and Dulaari came today and says she got tears in her eyes seeing them. Viplav asks her to go and get ready. Dhaani comes wearing black saree. Viplav says Oh God Dhaani, you are looking gorgeous. Dhaani asks if I am looking bad? Viplav says gorgeous means Shaandaar. I don’t want to go anywhere now. Dhaani asks him to come.

Shalu asks Kanak about her conversation with Raja asking him to wait for 2 days. Viplav comes there and informs Kanak

that they are going out and will be having dinner outside. Dhaani asks him to go, and tells Kanak that she will come soon and asks her not to worry. Kanak asks did you plan outing asking me, and asks her why she is asking now. Dhaani goes. They reach hotel. Viplav introduces Dhaani to Shekhar and his parents. He tells that Shekhar’s brother is his college friend and Shekhar is a good guy. Viplav tells Dhaani that he told them everything about Shalu and they have no issues. Shekhar’s parents say that these things happen and we have no objection. Shekhar says he is very lucky to be considered to marry Viplav’s sister. Viplav smiles.

Dhaani and Viplav comes back home. Viplav hits on the plate to call everyone. Kanak, Dasharath, Sushma come there and asks what happened? Viplav says he has selected a guy for Shalu and his name is Shekhar. Dasharath says if he is Pandit Murari’s son. Viplav says yes. He says I didn’t tell Shalu before meeting them. Dasharath tells that he knows Shekhar and his family and they are very nice people. Kanak is also happy. Shalu asks how can you fix my marriage without informing me. Viplav asks her to see the guy and decide.

Dhaani comes to Kanak. Kanak asks her not to work in any of the arrangements for Shalu’s marriage. She says she will send breakfast through servant’s hand. Dhaani smiles and thinks today is the good day and I will not feel bad about your sayings. Shekhar and his family come there. Viplav asks Dhaani to call Shalu. Shalu comes wearing saree and sindoor on her forehead. Everyone is shocked. Viplav asks have you gone mad? Shalu says I haven’t gone mad. This sindoor is of Raja’s name. She announces to the guest that she loves Raja and have accepted him as her husband. She says I don’t care if you people will accept him or not, but I will not exhibit myself infront of stranger men.

Viplav asks what nonsense? Shalu says this is my decision and I have taken it. She folds her hands and apologizes to Shekhar and his family. Shekhar says I think we shall leave from here as it is your family matter. He tells Viplav that you should have talked to your sister before inviting us here, and should get your sister married to the person she loves being a modern man. He says I can’t marry her and asks his parents to come. Viplav apologizes to them. They leave. Viplav says you would have talked to him, he is a nice man. Dasharath asks them to stop it and says I can’t bear it anymore. This house was never like this before, nobody have respect for elders. Kanak says when outsiders is taking a decision then house will be like this. Viplav goes to Shalu and asks about her drama.

Shalu says she didn’t do any drama. Viplav slaps her. Shalu says your love is love and my love is not love. Viplav says I am your brother. He tells her that Raja is a cheap man and have tried to molest Dhaani. Shalu says Raja is innocent and haven’t touched Dhaani. She says will you forget Dhaani, then how can I forget him. She cries badly. Viplav is shocked and comes back to Dhaani. He tells her that Shalu is misunderstanding him. I made her understand that I am her brother and can’t think anything wrong, but she is stubborn to get Raja. Dhaani asks him to give her some time and says everything will be fine. She asks him to make her understand with love and not with anger. She says I will talk to her and make her understand, may be she understand my point. She asks him not to worry and says everything will be fine.

Kanak asks Servant to bring Dhaani’s breakfast. Dhaani sees parathas burnt and brings it. Viplav insists to eat Dhaani’s parathas and takes a first bite. Dhaani, Kanak and Dasharath looks tensedly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Mam pls update all scene correctly in vishkanya I beg u and thnx for IKRS update!!!

  2. Nimisha ?

    I was still posting on the previous thread and just noticed this one.

    Wow! Hasanji. Amazing work. Thank you again.

  3. iiedn

    Hi guys can anyone say me that is mobile app
    r windows app because the video is not running in the system
    the vedio is looading for long time

  4. iiedn

    where shall i watch the vedio after one dayy
    can u saw me the website ttoo watch colors serial

  5. Arshdeep

    Thnku hasan ji

    This shalu is so irritating yr
    Fatty pagal hogi h raja ke piche?

    Feeling sad for viplav ?

  6. eshani

    Dhani was looking so pretty in black saree and viplav very handsome….such a cute couple….thy look so gud together….this KT how much she taunts dhani n whts with this shalu….these two deserve raja only let her get married then she will know….

  7. eshani

    @arshdeep….vidhani actually went to meet the guy n his parents for shalu’s wedding..
    .but thy were looking stunning

  8. mangai

    wahoo.. what a precap :))))) whatever harm come to dhaani that befall on viplav :)))) sure even paratha too !!!! not bad this saas bahu track than other serial ..

  9. Hi everyone,
    How are you all?? I didn’t watch today’s epi yet but read the update. What’s up with shalu All she does is moan. She’s getting on my nerves. Actually it will be better if she gets married to that psyco Raja then she will realise her mistake.

  10. SARAS

    oh ho this viplav spoilt our dinner plan by inviting that shekhar’s family. .
    anyways hope you all enjoyed the dinner. .. though only salad was served -:))

  11. Sujie

    Hello my friends….
    Thanks a lot hasan mam for fast update……
    I am enjoying this ‘Different than the others ‘saas bahu saga….. Precap is interesting …..
    Now I really wanna tell Shaalu to marry that psycho and stay with him so that when she falls in problem and knows how her so called love Raaja is…then ViDhaani will come to save her and she would have no words even to apologize…
    What to say about Kanak…so disrespectful….. waiting for the day when she will realize Awasthi family’s true character……
    DT the chameleon …… such an ungrateful oldie….bhool gaya ki jis ladki ko woh secretly harm karne ki kosish kar raha hai…. she saved him from aghoris……. I wish Dhaani should have left him to die…atleast ek member jo ViDhaani ko alag karneke liye planning karr raha hai…wo upar chala jaata……..
    expecting more ViDhaani scenes as Mishal said in an interview….they have shot scenes for 2 songs….waiting for that

    • Nimisha ?

      Sujie, exactly. She should have left him to the abhor is. DT is the biggest hypocrite and idiot! And so completely ungrateful to Dhani. Doesn’t make sense.

  12. maha

    Hello… today’s episode was good asusual vidhani scenes were good.. the way dhaani consoled viplav was nice..

    Dhaani was looking pretty in black saree.. but friends if I dnt mistake do u ppl remember piya’s grandma wore similar kind of saree in sarla kaki’s house..and ur opinion pls…

  13. Nimisha ?


    Just watched the episode on

    Hmmm… Shalu the ullu! Who’d have thought they’d find someone as lovely as Shekhar for her, after the other lovely guy Ram. But no, she on,y has eyes for the evil Raja.

    The dinner date turned out to be a meeting to arrange ullu’s wedding, that was a shame although both Dhani and Viplav looked lovely.

    What KTbsaid about what can you expect when outsiders make decisions for the huge was very hurtful. I wish Viplav had said something back. It was his idea and decision, not Dhani’s,

    Poor Dhani, KTbis really making her life miserable. Calling her manhoos. She’s more lucky for her husband VIplav that KT was for shambu.

    Anyway, quite a sad episode. Maybe some of you are right. Let ullu marry raja and maybe she’ll then learn her lesson. As long as they leave that’s fine. My only worry though is that they won’t and he’ll become a ghar jamai which means he’ll be in close proximity to Dhani which is obv not good.

    At least we didn’t see the awasthis today, that was good.

    Hmmmm bit of a sad epi really,

    And the precap looks horrible too. I wish KT would give it a rest. but good old Viplav is sticking by his Dhani even though she isn’t saying anything about her ill treatment which looks like he’s going to be on the receiving end of.

  14. Nimisha ?

    By the way, where can I see the olv that some of you mentioned in yesterday’s thread?


      • Nimisha ?

        Hello again. I watched it. Love his interviews. He always seems to have a bit of a laugh with the interviewers. Also, he mentioned murder… I wonder if he was referring to shambu, or an upcoming story. Ooh the suspense.. Da da daaaaaaaaaa!

        Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!

  15. Nimisha ?

    Oh, and I loved the saree Dhani wore for dinner. Love that it was black with white. After all… Ishq ka rang saved hai. La la la la la laaaaaaaa la la laaaaaa ???

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Yetty. I started watching online as otherwise I’d have to wait until 830 and since discovering you all, I can’t wait.

      Hope you’ve had a good day. Xxx

      • Yetty

        Hello Nimisha, how was your day dear? I couldn’t watch it online because it’s not subtitled . I wish I could find a site that does subtitling.
        It’s frustrating sometimes when you have a good show to watch and you can’t understand a word.

      • Nimisha ?

        If I Ever come across one, I’ll be sure to let you know.

        I u dear stand Hindi, but don’t always get the gist 100% which is why the written updates here are so helpful.

        Hope you’ve had a good day. I seem to have caught my daughters bug, feel a bit icky.

        Take care. Xxx

  16. ahana

    Guys i seriously think dhaani must stand for her rights and raise her voice…..
    What wrong is wrong….. She must be strong, relationship’s can be saved if there is honesty not with people like kanak. KT does not deserve a bahu like dhaani……
    Sorry if I did hurt anyone,but this is what i thought

    • Sujie

      absolutely correct ahana….. If Dhaani will not take stand for herself and think that she can change a devil like KT DT and Ullu Shaalu…then she is wrong….i know she is following her mother’s teachings of keeping family united and all that…but if Dhaani does not do so…it will be easy for ungrateful people to create rift in ViDhaani’s relation…. Viplav is supporting Dhaani in every thick and thin …so she should also stand up and voice her opinion so that Viplav will be proud of her good natured wife who knows to give opinion without hesitation…… and can live life fearlessly

  17. Fatarajo

    Uff again typical saas Bahu saga as usual Bahu ka paratha spoilt by Saas, only watching it for Vidhaani

  18. Raviraj Kaur (Shanoo)

    Hello evry1…
    Sorry i was busy so couldnt txt nything….
    I just cant undrstand y colors cant promote something so different nd unusual from the typical saas-bahu dramas…..
    MISHAL AND EISHA THEY BOTH ROCK….. OSM CHEMISTRY nd an eternal lov story…. ????
    IKRS fab show… Just hope it doesnt get to the same old same old thingz as in other serials……
    Need to keep up the good unique wrk…. Fingerz crossed…

  19. SARAS

    hey guys they keep reusing the outfits n sarees… previously I have observed lot of such things. .. a dress yellow with blue embroidery. . madhu from madhubala wore the very same dress was worn in uttran n sarees also simar madhu all use same saree n that chunaris etc. . so don’t have to be surprised. .

    how mean of viplav to gift that dadi’s saree to dhani.. I think he has not v stated earning from vakalat so Borrowed from daadi.. anyways she will be prooved to be dhani’s actual
    daadi only. .

    • Anne

      The studio probably has one costume department that everybody uses, I do think Dhaanis saree’s are lovely in themselves but too heavy patterns for SO young a girl .I’d like to see her try a few western styles now and again–just to please viplav. Although i think viplav would like her in Anything .?X

      • Nimisha ?

        I was thinking the same. Dhani was dressed to the nines, whilst Viplav, who looked gorgeous was basically in jeans. I also thought that when they arrived at the dinner place which looked more like a cafeteria with the wooden slat seats and tables,

        Mind you, I wouldn’t complain if Viplav took me there. ??

  20. Anne

    Very disappointed that viplav slapped shalu , is this accepted ? Police would be called here.

    • Yetty

      Yes o, it’s an abuse of the highest order.
      What happens if the wife slaps the husband? ?

  21. Yetty

    Hello everyone just finished watching ikrs
    What can I say, Sujie and nimisha has analysed it well.
    Shalu should be ignored now, she wants Raja ok ,go to him and see.
    Like seriously I need a volunteer to teach kanak a lesson, dhaani is too slow for my liking.
    @ Saras I think what Anne said is probably what happened with the costumes. I love ikrs but today’s episode is sad?
    See you later guys

  22. Nimisha ?

    Hi again Anne,

    The whole slapping thing is terrible I think. It happens too often on all the shows I’ve watched. Usually it’s women slapping other women, or parents slapping their children. That wasn’t a good scene. You could tell that Viplav felt bad as soon as he ha done it, but it shouldn’t have happened. I agree.

    • Anne

      I just mentioned it , but I do realise things are different in other cultures,but it seems to go down the generations. We can’t even slap our own children’s bottoms here without being prosecuted. ! ?

      • Nimisha ?

        Hi again. My post about slapping was meant to be a reply to yours but not sure what happened.

        The whole slapping thing is a bit weird. I used to find it upsetting when Dulaari slapped Dhani in some of the earlier episodes.

    • Nimisha ?

      Lol Anne. Canteen is a very non romantic sounding place hey? Lol!

      You were right by the way… Shekhar was quite cute. ?

    • SARAS

      y did viplav never bring this alliance before. . I mean after ram’s episode? ?? he never seemed to bother about Alliance for her. . always after ashram ladies n dhani.. mr romeo. ..

      anne .. they shoot in film city where they have set up for common things like market. . temple. .hospital etc. . in all serials is the sane temple. . hosp too only the board changes as sident serials are based in different cities.. similarly hotel. . they don’t go to real Locations (normally)

      • Anne

        Thanks Sara’s, sounds like a v interesting place, wonder if they do public visits? Lol. I know that when ever an actor has to fall off a cliff , it’s usually the same cliff . ! Any way a good morning to you?x

  23. Meghs(megha)

    Hi everyone good morning ….

    The epi was nice…. But i didn’t like viplav slapping shalu… Shalu was deeply hurt … She have misunderstanding regarding dhani.. Viplav should bring raja truth first not shalu marriage…

  24. SARAS

    good morning dear ikrs fans. .
    have a wonderful Friday…

    I feel shalu is right in her position n y not. . Family only showed her the boy saying he is good his family is good etc now when she loves him n believes him y r they against her marriage?
    But the fact sge is overlooking is. .. incase raja really loved her (as he claims) inspite of pleading so much by all the family members y did he refuse to marry her? ?? he has never assured her he will marry her anyways. .

    actually I m not clear on raja’s stand or plan. .

    anyways I m totally confused! !!

  25. Meghs(megha)

    Exactly saras this alliance for shalu vip bring now it could be early shalu was too right in her place. Her marriage stop at lst moment so she consider raja husband anyone could do that…

  26. florentina moldovan

    Saras, i think Viplav didn t find another alliance for shalu before because he thought she is not prepared for marriage, she wasn t interested only on food….let us remember-how many things happened until Dhani trust Viplav???-many……..Shalu trust Raja blindly….Raja wants only money from this family and to be next to Dhani….if he can find a way to obtain money without marry shalu he will not marry her….

  27. Swadheenta


    aitbaar nahin karna
    intezaar nahin karna x2
    had se bhi zyaada tum kisi se pyaar nahin karna x2

    ikraar nahin karna
    jaan nisaar nahin karna
    had se bhi zyaada tum kisi se pyaar nahin karna x 2

    manzile bichad gayi
    raaste bhi kho gaye
    aaye phir na lautke
    jo deewaane ho gaye

    chaahaton ki bebasi
    doorio ke hum mile
    bekaraariya mile hi
    chain yaar kam mile

    koi toh wafa kare
    koi toh jafa kare
    kisko hai pata yaha
    kaun kya khata kare

    aisa na ho ishq mein
    koi dil ko tod de
    beech raah mein sanam
    tera saath chod de


    don’t trust ( anyone )
    don’t wait ( for anyone )
    don’t love anyone beyond limits
    don’t confess
    don’t sacrifice your life

    my destination got scattered
    the paths got lost
    they won’t come back
    those that became crazy in love

    the distress of desires
    i got the sorrows of distance
    i got restlessness
    my friend i got less peace of mind

    don’t be restless
    don’t wait for anyone
    don’t love anyone beyond limits

    someone should be faithful
    someone should be oppressed
    someone knows over here
    who and what mistakes are made?

    it should be like this in love
    that someone breaks a heart
    in the middle of the street my dear
    they leave your company

    don’t express your love…
    don’t wait for anyone….

  28. Suda.Anant

    Why are there no repeat telecasts of Ishq ka rang safed? I’m not free at the time you are telecasting. It’s unfair. You are repeating all the serials so many times but not this? Please give a repeat telecast in the morning or at noon. You were doing it before. Why have you stopped it?

  29. SARAS

    in the promo of gpa… which is the song nagin couple are dancing???
    Can somebody please tell me?

  30. florentina moldovan

    omg, i can t see anymore on you tube not even a show by colors! they are mad! there are so many sites where we can find the movie….others will have traffic and they dont….omg, stupid channel!!!

  31. Anne

    Can anyone tell me why raja wont marry shalu now, have i missed something?
    YETTY, i only spk english (i am english) so got same problem as you.

    • Louella

      Anne even I m thinking the same. Actually Raja was marrying shalu only for her wealth which is on viplav’s name. But it’s great dhaani stopped their marriage and now shalu wants to marry Raja only but I think raja is playing a new game with shalu. Can anyone plz answer our question.

    • florentina moldovan

      no, he didn t speak about his plans, i think he wants blackmail Triparti family, he doesn t like shalu, he only wants theirs money and being with Dhani….

    • Yetty

      He’s working on marrying her, not for love but for the luxury and revenge on dhaani for not accepting his advances.
      May be shalu will change him or shekar will save shalu at last.
      Fingers crossed.

  32. Anne dear i think that raja wants to marry shalu to get access to Tripathis wealth n to be near to dhani as he has some infatuation towards dhani. From the chore of his heart he doesn’t like shalu at all n tries to avoid her.

  33. Hi dear renu n all my ikrs family.gud after noon to u all.
    Wat frnds all of u had ur lunch.
    Sry for late entry.
    Wat frnds u all irritated with shalus drama na.even me too .
    But our vidhaani r not less than her they don’t giveup shalu to that psycho raja.
    I think viplav n dhaani will show rajas real face by acting like gud to raja n should record his real face.then only that stupid shalus brain will workout.
    Any way our vidhaani awesome couple.
    In dono ko kisi ki nazar na spot(.) For this luvable couple.

    • Sujie

      Yes Kavitha…really wish that…. and I also want Dulaari’s background to be shown which will ultimately prove that Dhaani was quite well to do before her first marriage… so that Kanak will get friendly with Dhaani after knowing Dhaani is rich

  34. Hi nimmy if uwant to watch something different ftom the sas bahu sagas then i would recommend comedy. BAHU HAMARI RAJNIKANT on LIFE OK . in this a punjabi man married to dominating bengali lady. Out of 3 sons one is married toa punjabi girl n other to Bengali. But she is not happy n wants tomarry off her 3rd son to a girl of her choice. Unfortunately 3rd son is a SCIENTIST. N designed a robot. RAJNI looking like a lady. he wants to spend time with his robo to modify n update it further. He is well aware that on marrying hislife would be different n he would not be able to develop his robo. To getout of this dilemma he portrays robo rajni as areal girl n declares her ashis would be. His father isshown to sweet n he immidiately accepts but mother Surili tries to stop it but finally both are married over coming all hurdles. Now it would be shown how a robo works like newly married. It wasreal funny to see the discharged robo in middleof marriage??u can enjoy on watching . real hilarious. LOL??Sorry friends if i have bored u with my stupid comment. ?

  35. shanatics?

    Hiii guys my net offer is finished soo donot knw when it will be charged…

    For the time being yesterday’s episode was good…

    Felt sad ? 4 Dhaani whn vip said gorgeous and she didn’t understood….

    Shekar quite gud guy …I think director is trying to either open or close a story ….with his help…shekar is right tat ;-jahan aap jaisa baiya toh…his views abt vip is correct…

    Dhaani looking nice in black saree..
    VIP too long mind blowing….
    Thy both r made for each other….
    Soo be unique ?
    Think differently ?
    Be +ve?

  36. Guys,

    here is spoilers

    Episode – 205
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 01 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    Viplav and Dhaani are shocked to see Raja married to Shalu.
    Episode – 206
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 02 Apr Set Alert
    Viplav and Dhaani try to reason with Shalu while Raja decides to become ‘ghar jamai’ of DT house.
    Episode – 207
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 03 Apr Set Alert
    Dhaani is asked to wash Raja’s feet. Will Viplav allow her to do it?

    • Sujie

      i am damn sure Viplav will not support anything like washing feet and welcoming that Raaja….
      I know Dhaani is in danger because Raja Awasthy, the creep is back…..but I have much faith in ViDhaani’s relation than in cheap tactics of villains………
      I want ViDhaani to unite for unmasking the psycho and his family so that Shaalu will really feel guilty for not listening to her brother who loved her more ……i want to see that face of shaalu which is guilt ridden full of thoughts that She did not stop insulting her loving brother and sis in law for that fake Raaja…really wanna see her in guilt….so that ViDhaani and their goodness will make whole Tripathi family guilt ridden for not believing their son’s faith for that cheapo Raaja……
      And finally I apologize for this much long post

  37. Guys, Now Vidhani romantic seen are over and family drama is going to start again. Shalu is taking wrong decsion will pay the price for hole Tripathi Family.

    This is really an eye opener for DT, KT, Shalu especialley the hate Dhani.

    Hope Vidhani will be remain united till last.

  38. aish

    already watched today’s episode, it’s a wow especially the bathroom romance.
    As usual whenever kanak plans anything against dhani she ends up been the one affected, I loved it wen she ate the burnt parathas and dhani end up eating a good one.
    As for shalu, I guess her apology was a planned one and thank God she end up marrying raja, so I will say she’s also welcome to the tortures club as raja and their family will torture her more than wat kanak is doing for dhani. I also love viplav’s punches.

    • Arshdeep

      Vidhaani romance…awwww… Love it
      Yr dhani itna sharmati kyu h 😛
      I dnt think unke beech me kuch hua h ..she was feeling so shy to see him 😛
      Anyways viplav dialogue were awsm today as always
      “Yeh viplav tripathi ka style h..sabko dekhne ko nhi milta”

  39. Anne

    Hi Arshdeep and Aish.. I m glad you have posted , I thought something was wrong . But if others are affected feel
    Really needed update for THIS episode. Wow!! No idea what any body said, can’t speak Hindi ….aahgggggg.??xx

  40. Yetty

    Good evening everyone, please what’s up with update?
    Just watching ikrs
    Will talk to you guys later. Cheers!

  41. saranya

    Why there is no update!it was an awesome epi,so i decided to keep commenting and commenting.but all went like line drawn in water.

  42. Dot

    Story line is one dimensional too much prominence given to negativity and also in a household this much of cruelty to Dhani by her MIL is unthinkable in today’s society the evil is upheld all the time over good

  43. Yetty

    Oh my oh my! The shower scene is the epic I loved it and the kiss on the check is a cheeky one .
    OK shalu you’ve had your way, what ever happened it’s your choice.
    Viplav, Mr Romeo had the burnt roti joyfully.
    Good support Viplav.
    Very nice episode, I enjoyed every bit of it
    I love ikrs

    • Anne

      I agree Yetty, pity about update ,I would like to know what was said by everybody . Shower scene quite visual though…

  44. florentina moldovan

    friends, so sorry for the news about Pratyusha Banerjee….i am very sad but i hope this show help a lot of people overcomes barriers and do not give up never on happiness , hope or living! at least, being alive, we can change the world!

  45. florentina moldovan

    amazing epi!!!!! we joined the love , now we will join the thriller again!!!!! exciting!

  46. florentina moldovan

    maybe Viplav is not the first man in Dhani s life but Mishal categorical is the first man Eisha touches !!!! ha-ha-ha!!!!!!! poor Eisha, she looked so frighten…..guys, i want a video from this shooting scene….just kidding!!!!!

  47. florentina moldovan

    i love this lines
    Dhani -what are you doing?
    Viplav- -loving you!
    please , someone write this in hindi, i just love this dialogue!!!!!

  48. Arshdeep

    For all those who dont know hindi
    I will give you some hints
    Obviously i cant remember each line
    Nd i cant write so brilliantly as hasan mam describes
    The episode started with dhani coming to shalu.. She remembers viplav telling her that his sister shalu as a small child used to bring tea for him in small bottle caps. So dhani offers same to shalu. She tells her that her brother loves her dearly. She says her relation is new but shalu relation with her brother is from the day she was born
    Why she is not talking to her brother because of her
    Then shalu says sorry bhabhi..i have hurt you and bhayia so much (she was actually acting only) shalu hugs dhani and says bhayia will also forgive me
    Now as u have forgiven me you go happily to ashram for pag fere (ritual)
    Kanak comes to DT and sayd do something .. I have given 2 days time to raja’s family
    Dt sayd dont worry.. Our good days are going to come and sings da re ni dha ni.. 😛
    Next morning viplav wakes up.. Dhani says atlast you woke up
    Viplav – no i am still sleeping
    Dhani-then wake up
    I have to tell you something.. Shalu maan gyi.. Yesterday night i talked to her
    Viplav asked what she said
    Dhani- why should i.tell is something between nanand and bhabhi
    Go and wash ur face
    Viplav- have you ever seen a lion(sher) washing his face
    Dhani Ohhh.. So lion hunt also by itself
    Take ur breakfast by yourself
    Viplav ok ok lion also feels hungry and he goes
    Next all are sitting at dining table. Dhani and shalu comes. Shalu asks sorry from DT and DT forgives her.
    Then she holds her ears and ask sorry from viplav.Viplav hugs her
    They all sit for breakfast
    Kanak gives the parantha and sabji to shalu and asks dhani to bring for her from kitchen
    Viplav says you start eating from my plate but dhani says she will bring from kitchen
    She goes and see burned paranthas kept and no sabji
    She comes with those paranthas and tea out
    Viplav ask why she has not taken sabji.. She says she like to eat this way only.. She used to eat in ashram
    Viplav says ok so today i will eat this and u eat mom’s made roti
    Dhani and kanak are shocked
    Kanak quickly changes her parantha with burned ones
    Viplav eats them
    Kanak gets cough and thinks because of this dhani i have to eat burned paranthas today
    Daadi says eat fast as you have to go to ashram. I will make you ready today
    Update in progress 😀

    • Porkodi

      Thanks arshdeep . U had done a good job. I m waiting for the updates for long time because I m bad at Hindi. Little bit I can understand. So much of thanks.

    • Anne

      Oh oh ,ARSHDEEP !!!!! This is brilliant!!!!!!!!
      I can’t speak a word of Hindi only English
      Thankyou so much .
      This is the detail I always miss.I never really know what’s being said only get the general story.??????

  49. Louella

    Yesterday something happened which I didn’t even thought. Yesterday my friends called me to play with them in our building. So I went down and we were playing at the backside of our building. While we were playing I saw in one house, ikrs is going on. I was so happy that I was watching it throughout their open window as it was on the ground floor. And what a timing! I got to see dhaani’s kiss towards viplav, it was the last scene of yesterday’s episode. I was so happy seeing that scene. Friends I think I m becoming naughty seeing viplav and dhaani’s naughtiness. I know friends that u will be thinking that seeing in others house is a very bad thing but what could I do, I wanted to see ikrs, so I saw. I think that if u all would be in my place u would also do this, right?

  50. Louella

    Flora it’s a bad news that Pratushya banerjee committed suicide. I m sad as we would watch balikavadhu before.

    • Arshdeep

      Ya me too came to know just now
      i was completely shocked
      she was a sweet actor
      Cant understand why she had done so

    • florentina moldovan

      yes, my sweet little wise princess….is sad but i think people should talk about this….if we want something to change, we should face it , not running away or not talking about…i think we should pray for her soul to find peace……more sad is that someone suicide to find peace but they do not realize that, in fact, they will lose the peace forever…i think our prayers helps her soul so i ll do it!

  51. SARAS

    good morning friends. . not really good morning. . I m very upset with pratyusha… they get stardom in early age n life becomes difficult after that. .. how sad. ..I liked her in balikavadhu n she was very pretty. ..
    god please give everyone enough courage at least to live their life. ..

  52. Sujie

    good morning everyone…..
    bathroom romance of Viplav and Dhaani…. omg….. :O :O
    and daadi saying’sahi jaarahe ho tum log….. you’re going in the correct way……
    kanak raani had to eat that burnt roti herself and she is saying she will not forget this… so basically she should keep quiet and stop troubling Dhaani .. still in hangover of yesterday’s. sizzling bathroom romance…..i wonder if Eisha feels nervous or not during these kinds of scene..
    lastly have a good day to you all

    and please do read my 2nd ff…as i am back with that…… This is love

  53. Arshdeep

    Dhani takes out sarees. Viplav ask her to wear green one. And asks her to get ready.
    Viplav goes to shower.. And calls dhani to bring his towel
    She brings and turns her face seeing him naked.
    He asks you are shying to see me like this and holds her arm and pulls her inside. She asks what are u doing. She gets wet from shower and says i have already bathed.
    He says so what bathing again n again is good for health and to bath with husband is really beneficial. He kisses her.
    Dhani- kya kar rhe ho(what r u doing)
    Viplav- pyaar kar rhe h(loving u)
    And i wanted to thanks you bcoz you talked to shalu
    Dhani asks is this ur way to thanks
    Viplav says yeh viplav tripathi ka style h..sabko nhi milta
    This is viplav tripathis style..not everyone gets are lucky
    Dhani says but i am getting wet
    He says so what ..m also getting wet
    They love each other
    Ishq..ishq plays

    Dhani cries cockroach. Viplav what where it is. Dhani runs away. Viplav runs behind her.
    Daadi comes in thier room. Dhani hides behind viplav. Daadi says shall i close my eyes. Viplav asks are you seeing me for the first time like this. Daadi says first time with dhaani
    Viplav says daadi then you make it a habit to see such romantic scenes or else you knock and come. Daadi says fine m going. Dhani stops her. Daadi gives her clothes and ask her to change quickly. She goes.
    Dhani is sitting. Daadi makes her wear earings and says we didnt know our viplav will bring such a beautiful bride.
    She asks viplav to fill dhani’s maang. He fills it. They take blessings of daadi. Viplav says to dhani daadi is right i should fill ur maang daily. This will make our love more strong. He kisses her and says we should do this also daily. It will also make our love so strong. Dhani asks him to look other side and kisses him and says now your shingaar is also over.
    They both come down. Vippav says its too hot outside. I will bring the car and then only you come otherwise dulaari will say meri buchiya ko kaala kar diya 2 din me 😀
    He goes and brings car. Shalu comes from behind and says goodbye to dhani. Dhani feels like something wrong is going to happen.

      • Arshdeep

        Ur most welcome anne
        I am amazed that u dont know hindi still watch this
        How u enjoy the episode without knowing what they are speaking??
        I hope louella and others will help u to learn hindi after their exams so that u can enjoy the episodes in better way ?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.