Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak telling Dhaani and everyone present in the rasam that it is a ritual to make to be bride eat the meat of the goat. Dadi says it is not any ritual. Kanak says you haven’t done this rasam, but I do remember.Dulaari apologizes to her and says this rasam is against her dharam, and requests her to take the head of the goat. Kanak says it is a rasam and asks Dulaari to cook it for Dhaani. Dulaari folds her hands and says she can’t do this rasam. Kanak apologizes and says if this rasam doesn’t happen then this marriage will also not happen. Everyone is shocked. Kanak says if you want Dhaani and Viplav’s marriage then you have to make Dhaani eat it. Sushma calls Dasharath and tells what Kanak has done in the Ashram. Kanak says Dhaani has to follow all the rituals.

Dhaani steps forward and apologizes, saying she can’t do this ritual and can’t do injustice to her family. She says she will chose not to marry then doing this rasam, and asks her to take back the gift. Kanak says how to take it back. Dasharath comes and shouts at Kanak. He says you have risked my prestige on stake by saying it as a ritual, and asks how dare you to stoop to this level, asks her to go as she is not needed there anymore. Dasharath folds his hands and apologizes on Kanak’s behalf.

Later Dulaari tells Badi Amma that kanak has crossed limits and have insulted them to the core. Badi Amma asks her to stop thinking. Dhaani tells them that she don’t want Viplav to know this, and says his family also will not inform him. She says Viplav will get angry so they have to end this matter there itself. Kanak burns the stuff and swears to burn Dhaani and her widow Ashram if she steps in her room. Dasharath comes and asks why she always done drama. He says I will punish you, and tries to put her hand in flame, and warns her not to do such mistakes again. Badi amma asks Dhaani to eat food. Dhaani imagines meat in the plate and throws the plate saying she don’t want to drink.

Viplav asks Sushma about the goad bharayi rasam. Before Sushma say anything, Kanak says everything was good. Viplav gets Badi Amma’s call. Kanak gets tensed. Viplav says he got phone from his sasural. He picks the call and says he didn’t understand. Badi Amma asks Viplav to take Dhaani out for an outing and spend some time with her. Viplav informs Kanak that he is going out with Dhaani and will have dinner outside.

Viplav brings Dhaani and shows the dream house made by light lamps. He says it is his dream house, and says he will do aarti. He does her aarti holding the light glass and asks her to enter. He tells her about his dream house with her. He discuss about kitchen, hall, room etc. He says he will help her to make food. Dhaani says then who will do your work? Viplav says I will manage. Viplav shows the bed room and says it is intentionally small. He shows the important room and says it is our children room. He jumps and tells Dhaani that he needs 11 kids. He need football team. Dhaani says you have gone mad? Viplav says I got mad in your love…Dhaani blushes. Viplav sits on his knees and says he can’t imagine his life without her. Dhaani says even Dhaani can’t live without Wakil babu. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……as Viplav and Dhaani hug each other.

Viplav makes her sit on the swinging sofa. Dhaani says she is afraid of heights. Viplav shouts and asks the man to keep the sofa down. He shouts for Dadi. Dhaani laughs seeing him scared. Viplav scolds the men and asks them to leave. He asks Dhaani to come and see the romantic arrangement which he has done for her. Dhaani gets emotional and gets teary eyes. Viplav says I have done this to make you happy. Dhaani says it appears to be a sweet dream for me, and asks if our dreams don’t come true. Viplav asks her not to say that and says nobody can stop them. He bends down on his knees and presents her rose. They dance romantically on the song Rang De Tu Mohe Geruwa………

Dhaani gets shy as tries to move away, but Viplav holds her and dances. Suddenly Dhaani sees a candle falling on Viplav’s shoes and gets concerned for him. She hugs him and asks if he is fine. Viplav smiles.

Later Dhaani comes to temple. Pandit ji asks Dasharath why he is doing mistake intentionally. Dasharath asks what happened? Pandit ji says you are pushing your son to death, and says there is a widow yog in girl’s kundli. He says if Viplav married her then he will die. Dhaani hears everything and is shocked.

Viplav is driving his jeep and loses the control on his jeep. Dasharath gets a call and says accident happened. Dhaani gets shocked and refuses to marry Viplav to save his life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Brity

      Hey… Adi… I really missed you all Guys… My hand is still paining… But today was my best day of 2015.. Cause I got my result and It was Awesome…
      Anyways, I’m fine Now but can’t type in PC… Keyboard is still annoyed with my hand… It giving pain… I’m using Mobile cause I can type here by One hand… Whatever, Thanks dude for this comcern…
      And thanks to all guys who didn’t forgot me… Thanks guys I’m very pleased to get such friends…
      I missed today’s episode… So, Just reading written episode…
      And… A very happy new year H Hasan and all… May 2016 bring happiness in your life…
      And Adi.. Can I add you in FB?? If you don’t mind…

  1. Mangai

    wish you all a very happy new year to all our ikrs lovers 🙂 🙂 hope our ishq ll reach the greatest height of this new year 🙂

  2. ar

    oru nal sirithen, maru nal veruthen
    unai naan kollamal kondru pudhaithene, mannipayaa
    mannipaya, mannipayaaaaaa, mannipaya!

  3. ar

    hasan ji! I don’t know Hindi. so please give me a translation for small small things also. in some scence they speak more. but u translate in a single line. I want to understand it fully. pls help me

    • sara

      hey where are saranya fatarajo dear br madam tintin n many others. . no comments?? I think all busy in new year celebration. ..I m really glad I became part of this ikrs family.. feels so nice to be here..

  4. AM

    happy new year to all ….today’s episode is very much romantic … 🙂 ….episode is scary ….let see what happens next ….and BR mam come back plz …..joyee ,varsha,saranya,Tamil share your opinion about today’s episode …..once again happy new year …have fun ….

  5. kaviya

    Hi saran,BR mam,sonu, varsha, Tamil,Sara,kavi,meghs,brity,joyee, marees, rezimie and all IKRS family wish you very happy new year guys
    “Tomorrow is the first blank
    Page of a 365 page book.
    Write a good one” (Brad paisely)
    I hope you all write a good one.
    Once again I wish you all very successful and glorious happy new year guys.

  6. Jyoti ,I like that u think differently than us,but they are made for each other.
    Ur comments are sometimes annoying for all vidhaani fans .so please take care.

  7. Sonu

    Today I missed the episode of ikrs. My bad luck both youtube and written episodes are not updated early. I wonder as well as Sad, whenever I missed ikrs episode, at that day both Written update and YouTube also lately updated.

  8. sara

    swing scene was hilarious enjoyed fully..
    I felt they could have made the scenes much better abruptly they ended n went v to next morning. . I didn’t like. .

    happy new year to all the members of ikrs family. ..
    may this year bring lots of happiness along with good health n prosperity. .

    • kaviya

      I agree with you Sara IKRS is very fast enough to end scenes with high speed. They run fast to next scene without fulfilled first scenes. I think IKRS editor will take responsibility for that.

  9. Hi Br mam,varsha,ranee,saranya,ragini,gennie,
    Sana,purple,sonu,brity,fatarajo,sofe,yogi,prachi,lijiya,gudiya,Tamil,marees,aish,shreya,Sara,AM,chonu,divya,kaviya and all my ikrs family I wish u a very happy new year for u and ur family.may god bless u to fullfill ur dreams and wishes in coming new years.happy 2016 (starts).

  10. And I wish a happy new year to our ishq ka rang safed team,directors, writers,script writers,editors,and for our viplav (mishal),dhaani(eisha),kanak,DT,dadi,shalu,shambu,dhulaari,badiamma,and all actors.I WISH U HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR U AND UR FAMILY.I WISH ALL THE SUCCESS GO TO IKRS FAMILY IN 2016 NEW YEAR.BEST OF LUCK.

  11. Now Dhani may go to Chandi temple Gajipur. to pray for Viplav to save his life and Dulaari family help Dhani and they may help to clear the misunderstanding of Dhani about kundalini

  12. Dadaji will make dhani promise that she won’t tell this to anyone even to her maii and especially viplav. Without knowing the reason viplav will get irritated with dhani. Love sacrifice , all masala mixed, which we usually get to see. please change this pattern

  13. And about today’s episode it was power pack performance.
    DT; very cunning (he is lovable grand father)
    V;very romantic hero(in loving dhaani)
    d;very cute beauty(quite girl loves silently)
    K;very dramatic(mother’s sentiment loves his son)
    Totally todays episode was very power packed.

  14. Rajee

    A big hi to my lovely IKRS family…
    Today we r giving adieu to 2015 & welcoming to new year 2016.
    2015 gave us such a lovely show & I got really amazing friends becoz of IKRS.
    I wish this new year our show becomes no.1. May god bless u all with happiness, love,success&good health …
    Wish u all a happy & prosperous new year!

  15. Hi dear all adorable br mam;varsha; saranya; tamil; rezmie; fatarejo; rajee; brits; am;sonu’kavita; jyoti; vasant hegde hasan;aditya; purple:raj;rahul:ane;kavya:divya;sandy;akshay;sara;prachi;ar;anie;ranaji;mangai;prit;gudiya;jyothi;marees;madhu&many more wish u a happy ;healthy n prosperous new year 2016

  16. Rajee

    Today’s episode was nice…both viplav & dhani were looking very adorable… But I didn’t like d choice of d song much…gerua song is a nice track but I expected a more romantic song.

  17. Viplav u became a romantic RL says u had became really a salman yaar.really I love vidhaani scenes.luv u both guys.wish u happy ikrs new year dear for u both mishal an eisha.all the best for ur future success.

  18. Rajee

    I am waiting 4 d episode 2 b uploaded in you tube as I feel I cud not enjoy properly becoz of d upcoming I will watch it again then only I can comment abt d d way whatever may b d scenes I always like vidhani scenes….

  19. I like that sofa cradle very nice but i think to get dhaani free from fear of height viplav acted that he has fear about height. How cutely he shouts Dada dadi really very nice .seems very innocent viplav.luv ur angle of acting viplav.pls make show very curiously.i think it was very fast in editng scenes.other wise it was very nice.

  20. vaishnavi more

    ohhhhh how romantic very nice luv the epi nvery scary precap
    happy new year to saranya,sonu,shri,h hasan ji n ikrs family

  21. Hi ranee first of all happy new year dear.I saw that u wrote that u don’t like the song.but it was suitable yaar.because viplav ka ishq ka rang safed. Is me rang de ti mohe geruwa it suits they selected this song pls watch it means this only.I think it was right.

  22. Sonu

    Dear BR mam,Shri, Saranya, Joyee, MM, AM, Sara, Sana, Renu, Kaviya, Kavita, Raj, Rajee, ReZmie, Sandy,Sofe,Genipher, Vaishnavi, Purple, Rahul, Yogee, Shreya, Megha, Swasti, Britt, Varsha, Tamil, Akshay, Gudiya, Lifna, Chonu, Marees, and all of ikrs fans wish u Healthy and prosperous HAPPY NEw YEAR 2016.
    Pls forgive me, if I forget anyone’s name.

  23. gennipher

    Hii and everyone.

  24. The second half of today’s episode was sooooooo cuteeeeeeeee and romanticc. Vidhanni looked so lovely in red-peach just made my day. Haha, loved that part when Dhaani says r u crazy ad Viplav says he is crazy in love 🙂 and this Kanak is Kanak uff she is more annoying than DT nowadays, feel so bad for Dhaani rasam ke naam mein kuch bhi?

  25. haivarsha,BR,Brity,saranya,AM,saranya,lifna,gennipher,MM,fatarajo,kaviya,sonu,rajee,renu,
    sana,adi,raj,sara,ar,vaishnavi,shri,kavitha,marees,marine,sofe,ranaji,gudiya,purple n all IKRS family wish you happy new year guys.vidhani dance super,mishal,eisha act super

  26. Vidhaani rocking…..wish u all IKRS family have a wonderful New Year…May tis 2016 year bring more happines n prosperous in everyones life….ishq ishq throughout t year guys….enjoy ♡;)

  27. Happy New Year To All IKRS Fans , May God Bless You With Peace And Prosperity In Your Life, Hasan ji Ur The Best Bcoz Ur The One Who Edit The Update Correctly ?

  28. Tintin

    Viplav-Dhani’s romance was great and very beautiful, wish it lasted a little bit more;
    however, the actions of the evil KT ( Kanak) and DT ( Dashrath) were very sickening.
    Feel very sad with the precap that Dhani will now start rejecting Viplav again, not what we wanted for new year, we want to see more of Vidhai’s romance. ‘ todi khushi poora gham, …todi pyaar zyada judaai/ nafrat’seems to be the motto of IKRS, very disappointed with tomorrow’s precap.
    Pray that our Dabang hero Viplav will rise to the occasion and defeat all the evil designs of bad people and conveys a very good New Years message to the society. Jai Ho Viplav and Dhani please trust Viplav and your true love, Viplav cannot live without you.

  29. sara

    honestly I did not enjoy ydays vidhani much except they both looked so so adorable … camera work n editing not done properly all scenes ending abruptly. . they could have aded more depth to those scenes. .. When they hug y should the camera focus from top? just like jhoola scene sab gad bad hogaya lol. . that jhoola thing was super humorous I too laughed like dhani

  30. AM

    a very good morning and happy new year to all ikrs friends …..and hai varsha ,BR mam,Tamil,saranya,joyee and all ….yaar comment karo plz …miss you all ..but enjoy this first day of year with great fun and joy ….this year is blank for us but we have pen to fill this blank pages of this 2016 with happiness and joy …”

    “do whatever you want to do” ( salman sir’s dialogue 😛 ) ……. 🙂 🙂 😀 …….

  31. AM

    and kal se koi moderation nahi …it is a big gift by tellyupdates for us …bye guys ….see you all later ….

      • Hi fatarajo gud mrg and happy new year yaar.y ur feeling alone we ikrs family is there with u. And did u watched yesterdays episode very lovely and and love the precap .dhaani says if vakeel babu game bachaane keliye kuch bhi kar sakthahai him bhi use bhachane keliye kisi hak thank jayenge.very nice conversation .eager to watch today’s episode.

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        Actually m busy nowadays as I moverseas but commented a lot today as I m going out at nht and free for the whole day

  32. AM

    and a question to all …what is new year resolution for this 2016 ….share it with your ikrs family … 🙂 😉
    my resolution is :- keep calm and keep polite to all my elders and younger … and do my study well and work hard for my future …. 🙂 😉

    now it is your chance to share …come on guys ….

  33. sara

    same joyee I m also feeling lonely y comments? I m listening to songs. ..
    am… I too like “do whatever you baby to do man” the way salman said n the theme too. ..

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      I started watching madhubala last year only as my mom got colors subscribed only last year, so I don’t rememeber, I started watching the show beforee the double RK track and I have watched some episodes in Bangladesh before subscribing colors,

      • sara

        Then u have really missed real madhubala… it was amazing before they got married really.. after that it lost its essence. ..
        they have removed initial episodes even from YouTube. . they were fantastic. ..

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        Ya I saw madhubala episodes before they got married in July cousins house and I really loved it but by then colors channel was subscribed I did like the show but not as much as I did while watching the initial episodes

      • sara

        exactly. . initial episodes were really good. .
        rk’s junoonvala ishq…
        viplav’s ishq ishq..
        I love both lol

  34. kaviya

    Very big good morning guys I hope u all enjoining wonderful new year. Happy new year guys. If anyone see ikrs new promo for maha episode omg its very sad. The news from entertainment tadka its true

    • sara

      kaviya just chill.. all odds will only lead to stronger bond of vidhani… our hero has toks day..”aise hi hamara naam viplav tripathi nahee hain… ab kisike baap bhi hamen rok nahee sakta”..

    • kaviya

      In promo dhanni prays in temple suddenly big bell fell down from top, dhaani not aware of this viplav come push her outside he trapped himself into the bell. dhanni shocked and starts cry.kanak scolds dhaani very badly because of her my son going to die.

      • sara

        Thanks kaviya.. Don’t worry becsuse if all these…we will have one more power packed episode of viplav convincing dhani not to believe all these nonsense kundali etc. n just belive him n his love ..

  35. nighat

    Superb and romantic episode…..loved to see viplav and dhani together…..
    Happy new year to all of you from nighat and whole Pakistan….:)

  36. Rajee

    Finally friends dhani got some change in her hair do& length of sleeves.. Eisha aka dhani was looking really very pretty & flawless.mishal/viplav as usual very handsome.both were just looking so perfect & sizzling..
    It was a grt treat but honestly speaking still Tuesday’s episode was more cute…when dhani will b little bit free & will not resist viplav more that time it will b more interesting to watch vidhani chemistry..

    • sara

      rajee .. oh dear rajee same with me.. nothing can beat Tuesday’s episode. . yday night also I watched it again. .
      that was judy amazing n perfect in every sense

  37. Rajee

    Now I am going for new year celebration.. Wish u all enjoy d first day of the new year…& have a grt year ahead!

  38. AM

    hai varsha …happy new year …. 🙂 🙂 ….and saranya …why you are in hospital ….if anything happens ????

  39. hai tamil i think u changed ur email id now a days we r not talking that much am i right
    really i am missing gaya icant forget u both because u both r my first friends in IKRS then brity BR and others wish u a happy new year guys

  40. Hi ikrs creaters and team we wish u a happy new year.we wish this new give u all the success to ikrs show.we wish u all the best from all our ikrs family and fans.

  41. AM

    guys I found a new on location video …link and written update is ….
    Some rasam is going on in ayodhya nivas and
    Viplav is missing. Viplav went to temple but
    don’t know why. Dhaani and DT went to search
    Don’t know what these twists and turns lead

    before dhani is going away from viplav and now viplav is going away from dhani ….
    directors koi bhi hisab baki nahi rakhte hae ….sab hisab barabar kar dete viplav and dhani ke bich me .. 😛 😛

    have fun in this new year ….

    ” do whatever you want to do but don’t trouble your mother ” 😛 😛 😀 😀

    • sara

      am.. thanks for the link I m yet to watch it I don’t have wifi today so not watching online videos. ..
      may be dt ne viplavko kidnap kardiya hai. . loo

  42. Saranya

    Wishing a very very very happy NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRIENDS.u know the most best way i found out to forget my all pains in the last year is to just burn the calender and about the happy days there is no need of a calender to remember those happy moments.

  43. Saranya

    Friends,after many days,viplav wore shirt by leaving his jacket .and he looks awesome and stylish in that.really loved their chemistry.and dhani looks very beautiful in that saree and that hair style.

  44. Saranya

    Raj,i think u are a silent reader here now and u just post comments when it is i right?

  45. Saranya

    Friends, u noticed something.viplav calls dadi instead of maa when he was in the swing no attachment to that vampire kanak.i think she was caring her beauty and dadi was in charge of them.and is that the case i thank god bcz if that vampire brought him up i can’t imagine our vipu’s condition.

  46. RaDha

    Happy new year to all IKRS family members….I use to read all your comments from last few days….I could see lots of love in this group same like love between Viplav and Dhaani…So I decided to join this group…

  47. Sonu

    Hi friends, yesterday I watched IKRS on location shooting in youtube. In that Dhani and Dulari kaaki in busstop, and took ticket for travelling. At the same bus stop Viplav and Raj comes to leave Pankaj. Then Dhani sees Viplav, (but he don’t see her)and she tries to hide from him and fastly walk towards her bus and go inside. Viplav suddenly saw the Dhani’s backside and told to Raj, hey now I see Dhani in that bus, but raj ignores his baat and told that now a days tumko har jagaha par Dhani dikti raheti.
    I think it airs in tv on today or tomorrow’s episode.

  48. Sonu

    Hi BR mam, how are u and were r U? Please bega banni maam, we are all miss you and your naughty comments. Please try to do atleast one comment per day. Miss uuuu…Take care mam, love u…

  49. Shri

    Hii nanna preethiya gelethi..hegidhiyaa BR yelli ..Howdhu Goa trp..

    Saranya plz tc of urself ma..take liquids mre…dont worry u vl b alrit soon

    • Sonu

      Hann Shri naanu chennagidini, neevu hegidira? Trip hegidae full enjoyna?
      Hann BR mam yellige anta helilla, avru mostly new year celeberationge hogirbekaeno?
      Ivaga nange nim comment nodi full kushi aaytu gotta? EE kade BR mam illa, Aa kaade neevu illa, full bejar aagtittu. Ivaga Ok. Keep commenting yaar. I miss you both..
      Take care Gelathi, have lead wonderful trip.

  50. Sonu

    @ Saranya, yes Saranya you are right. Now hamari IKRS mein phir naatak shuru honelaga. So abb hum logo (ikrs family members) ne voo DT ko sabak sikyaae padega. Infront of all he acts like a very good human being. Then voo logo ki peechae ghatiya harkat kartai rahega. Yeh Mahapandit kya,ek saada insaan ki jagaha mein rehenae ko laayaki nahi hai. I HATE HIM LOT..

  51. subashini

    WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR ; sparkling with fun…. bursting with joy…. cracking with laughter….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. nighat

    Rajee and saranya thank you so much for wishing and welcome from our side……dhani is really very pretty and viplav in fabulous……. Specially his face expression and smile….love them……

    • Saranya

      Hey nighat,u know i am very happy to be part of this family because now i can chat without any barriers of state and country.we all here are definitely different but we are same in our passion and madness for IKRS

  53. sara

    good to hear from you saranya. . please drink a lot of water. . boil jeera in water n drink that water (full glass) everyday it helps. .
    please take care

  54. sara

    sonu I think that will happen after mahaepisode. .after dhani is convinced viplav will be in trouble after marrying her she will leave the place. .
    par don’t worry hamare hero use vaapas leke aayegahi

  55. raj

    best dialog of the epsd

    ” humbhi ek baat bataye… ab dhaani bhi VAKKIL BABU ke bina nahi rahi sakte ”
    ishq ishq rang rang ishq ka rang safed

  56. Saranya

    Now i am feeling very much reliefed bcz now only i can sense completeness in our chating.superb without moderation.really wonderful.

  57. sara

    saw repeat telecast now… today I liked vidhani scenes more. .

    I felt tere haath mein mera haath ho song from fanaa film woukd suit the situation better.

    anyways I like geruva song. .

  58. sara

    saranya. . s even I had observed vip shouting dadi’s name on jhoola..
    Also when he was c leaving from his room he kissed his daadi not jiljil… they don’t seem to have special bond with maa only daadi..
    daadi is so cute n good I love her..

    viplav should make dhani wear those colorful bangles at least now-:)(it seems like it will remain as my unfulfilled wish)

  59. Shraddha Sharma

    Romantic and beautiful episode…
    But precap is very sad… dhani use your brain, its not you to be blamed.. yeh sari planning hai, trap me mat faso….

  60. sara

    after Tuesday’s episode I m in full swing…. lol..

    seriously I wanted them to add that scene. I had felt so bad when they rejected viplav’s gift which he had bought with so much affection. .. idiot safed gang. .. now at least he could give. .. somebody please remind viplav about bangles please

  61. Did anyone realized that today all comments are getting published immediately without any moderation but there is no fan fiction not a single one? Either no one really submitted a ff which lets this page to publish comments immediately(don’t think so) or they may publish ff later and focusing on comments due to too much complaint, but I must say ff has made this website even more popular

  62. Sonu

    @ Sara, no yaar, it will happen in today or yesterday’s episode, because in that scence both Vidhani wore the same costume as in precap.

  63. Sonu

    Good evening to all my ikrs friends. Just now i again watched( i.e4th times) vidhani scence in yeserday’s episode. I am very enjoyed, especially this scence.

    D: Pagal ho tum ekk dam
    V: Pagal tho ho gayee Dhani hum, pagal tho ho gayee hum tumari pyaar mein. Isse pagalpan tho aur kya kahengae? Aur sach bata? abb na tumarae bina hum apnae jindagi ki kalpana bi nahi kar saktae.
    D; Abb dhani ne Vakilbabu ki bina nahi reha saktae.
    Ishq ka rang plays..

  64. Sonu

    About yesterday’s episode, I dedicate this song for VIDHANI
    Sunona sangae murmur piyae minarae
    Kuch bi nahi hai aagae tumarae
    Aaj se dil pe mera ,raj tumara raj tumara

  65. Te spoiler is shocking . In the beginning I was enjoying reading the spoiler of IKRS and then suddenly accident :O I mean seriously, this DT stooped this low for not letting the wedding happen, he even risked his granson’s life , whic shows he loves his useless status in the society and making use of some wrong orthodox beliefs, at least Kanak is better she is doing it in front not like DT who’s doing it behind others, I wanna see what will happen when Vipu gets to know about DT’s truth

  66. AM

    good evening to all guys
    …and purple don’t worry …he will get well very soon …..

    and some news about ikrs ….
    there are lot of troubles will come in vidha marriage …many twists to see …..
    guys see the new on location videos on YouTube ….you all will know about it …go and see those …..
    bye for now guys … 🙂

  67. sara

    Sunday blockbusters promo I just saw. .I have not seen that bigg Bell any temple. ..anyways horrible. .
    viplav will come out of danger n will come out more strong to face the world. .
    provided dhani supports him in all situations. .

  68. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    I m waitin for today’s episode updates like waiting for my results 😛 and vidhaani shuod have directly married after love confession because of annoying DT

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