Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak telling Dhaani and everyone present in the rasam that it is a ritual to make to be bride eat the meat of the goat. Dadi says it is not any ritual. Kanak says you haven’t done this rasam, but I do remember.Dulaari apologizes to her and says this rasam is against her dharam, and requests her to take the head of the goat. Kanak says it is a rasam and asks Dulaari to cook it for Dhaani. Dulaari folds her hands and says she can’t do this rasam. Kanak apologizes and says if this rasam doesn’t happen then this marriage will also not happen. Everyone is shocked. Kanak says if you want Dhaani and Viplav’s marriage then you have to make Dhaani eat it. Sushma calls Dasharath and tells what Kanak has done in the Ashram. Kanak says Dhaani has to follow all the rituals.

Dhaani steps forward and apologizes, saying she can’t do this ritual and can’t do injustice to her family. She says she will chose not to marry then doing this rasam, and asks her to take back the gift. Kanak says how to take it back. Dasharath comes and shouts at Kanak. He says you have risked my prestige on stake by saying it as a ritual, and asks how dare you to stoop to this level, asks her to go as she is not needed there anymore. Dasharath folds his hands and apologizes on Kanak’s behalf.

Later Dulaari tells Badi Amma that kanak has crossed limits and have insulted them to the core. Badi Amma asks her to stop thinking. Dhaani tells them that she don’t want Viplav to know this, and says his family also will not inform him. She says Viplav will get angry so they have to end this matter there itself. Kanak burns the stuff and swears to burn Dhaani and her widow Ashram if she steps in her room. Dasharath comes and asks why she always done drama. He says I will punish you, and tries to put her hand in flame, and warns her not to do such mistakes again. Badi amma asks Dhaani to eat food. Dhaani imagines meat in the plate and throws the plate saying she don’t want to drink.

Viplav asks Sushma about the goad bharayi rasam. Before Sushma say anything, Kanak says everything was good. Viplav gets Badi Amma’s call. Kanak gets tensed. Viplav says he got phone from his sasural. He picks the call and says he didn’t understand. Badi Amma asks Viplav to take Dhaani out for an outing and spend some time with her. Viplav informs Kanak that he is going out with Dhaani and will have dinner outside.

Viplav brings Dhaani and shows the dream house made by light lamps. He says it is his dream house, and says he will do aarti. He does her aarti holding the light glass and asks her to enter. He tells her about his dream house with her. He discuss about kitchen, hall, room etc. He says he will help her to make food. Dhaani says then who will do your work? Viplav says I will manage. Viplav shows the bed room and says it is intentionally small. He shows the important room and says it is our children room. He jumps and tells Dhaani that he needs 11 kids. He need football team. Dhaani says you have gone mad? Viplav says I got mad in your love…Dhaani blushes. Viplav sits on his knees and says he can’t imagine his life without her. Dhaani says even Dhaani can’t live without Wakil babu. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……as Viplav and Dhaani hug each other.

Viplav makes her sit on the swinging sofa. Dhaani says she is afraid of heights. Viplav shouts and asks the man to keep the sofa down. He shouts for Dadi. Dhaani laughs seeing him scared. Viplav scolds the men and asks them to leave. He asks Dhaani to come and see the romantic arrangement which he has done for her. Dhaani gets emotional and gets teary eyes. Viplav says I have done this to make you happy. Dhaani says it appears to be a sweet dream for me, and asks if our dreams don’t come true. Viplav asks her not to say that and says nobody can stop them. He bends down on his knees and presents her rose. They dance romantically on the song Rang De Tu Mohe Geruwa………

Dhaani gets shy as tries to move away, but Viplav holds her and dances. Suddenly Dhaani sees a candle falling on Viplav’s shoes and gets concerned for him. She hugs him and asks if he is fine. Viplav smiles.

Later Dhaani comes to temple. Pandit ji asks Dasharath why he is doing mistake intentionally. Dasharath asks what happened? Pandit ji says you are pushing your son to death, and says there is a widow yog in girl’s kundli. He says if Viplav married her then he will die. Dhaani hears everything and is shocked.

Viplav is driving his jeep and loses the control on his jeep. Dasharath gets a call and says accident happened. Dhaani gets shocked and refuses to marry Viplav to save his life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Did anyone realized that today all comments are getting published immediately without any moderation but there is no fan fiction not a single one? Either no one really submitted a ff which lets this page to publish comments immediately(don’t think so) or they may publish ff later and focusing on comments due to too much complaint, but I must say ff has made this website even more popular

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Yes I too see tellyupdates for fan fiction only

      1. Oh Ranaji, did u see my reply to ur comment in ZABHMG page

  2. @ Sara, no yaar, it will happen in today or yesterday’s episode, because in that scence both Vidhani wore the same costume as in precap.

    1. is it? Then Sunday again one more trouble oh god how much should viplav fight?

  3. How are you guys……..I am really sad guys……rahul is in bed due to the accident………..

    1. Hi Purple, so sad. Don’t worry friend, I pray for God, he will get well soon. Don’t loose your faith, be strong.

    2. Get well soon rahul, purple stay strong

    3. hai purple don’t worry he will get well soon

    4. hi he back home from hospital? cheer up he will be fine soon. .We wish him speedy recovery. .

  4. Good evening to all my ikrs friends. Just now i again watched( i.e4th times) vidhani scence in yeserday’s episode. I am very enjoyed, especially this scence.

    D: Pagal ho tum ekk dam
    V: Pagal tho ho gayee Dhani hum, pagal tho ho gayee hum tumari pyaar mein. Isse pagalpan tho aur kya kahengae? Aur sach bata? abb na tumarae bina hum apnae jindagi ki kalpana bi nahi kar saktae.
    D; Abb dhani ne Vakilbabu ki bina nahi reha saktae.
    Ishq ka rang plays..

  5. About yesterday’s episode, I dedicate this song for VIDHANI
    Sunona sangae murmur piyae minarae
    Kuch bi nahi hai aagae tumarae
    Aaj se dil pe mera ,raj tumara raj tumara

  6. Te spoiler is shocking . In the beginning I was enjoying reading the spoiler of IKRS and then suddenly accident :O I mean seriously, this DT stooped this low for not letting the wedding happen, he even risked his granson’s life , whic shows he loves his useless status in the society and making use of some wrong orthodox beliefs, at least Kanak is better she is doing it in front not like DT who’s doing it behind others, I wanna see what will happen when Vipu gets to know about DT’s truth

  7. good evening to all guys
    …and purple don’t worry …he will get well very soon …..

    and some news about ikrs ….
    there are lot of troubles will come in vidha marriage …many twists to see …..
    guys see the new on location videos on YouTube ….you all will know about it …go and see those …..
    bye for now guys … 🙂

  8. u can also check indiaforums as well as …go and check ..

    1. am please tell what’s the spoiler. . I m not having wifi to watch on YouTube. .

    2. But I checked couldn’t find it how did u find it out?

      1. search about ishq ka rang safes on indiaforums will get many update can see the written update of new olv ….

  9. happy new year to all ikrs friends………

  10. hai guys, happy to know that u all remember me……………..

    1. Ofcourse we remember u hritsss. How are u. Happy New Year hritsss

      1. i am fine what about u………….

  11. Sunday blockbusters promo I just saw. .I have not seen that bigg Bell any temple. ..anyways horrible. .
    viplav will come out of danger n will come out more strong to face the world. .
    provided dhani supports him in all situations. .

  12. it was nice without blockbuster of they had to make story bad to make a blockbuster episode. . -((

  13. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    I m waitin for today’s episode updates like waiting for my results 😛 and vidhaani shuod have directly married after love confession because of annoying DT

  14. I love irks a lot

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