Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st August 2016 Fan Fiction


Dhaani also sits near Viplav. Viplav at once stands up and moves out of the room without even telling anything to Dhaani..
Dhaani- Viplav, u have to forgive them, and this time I will be stubborn and not u….
Viplav is sitting on the steps of the river Ganga with a sad face.
All the moments he spent with his mom and grandpa come in front of him. He smiles imagining it but then a drop of tear falls from his eye.
One by one all the moments vanish and then he finds the sad moments in front of him which was all done by one of his own family members.
Viplav(shouts, with tears)- Why? Why only me?(looks up) U, all because of u! Dhaani says u will not do anything wrong with your children, but its u who brings problems in my life. In this whole world did u find me only as to being a bunch of problems altogether?(looks straight)This time even if God comes down to ask me to to forgive them, I will never do that. Never!
On the other hand,
Dhaani(moving from left to right then right to left)- Where is Viplav? Its since an hour he has gone but still he is not back(joins her hands and looks up)Nothing wrong may have happened!
Sushma enters her room.
Sushma(looks at her worried face)- Beta what happened? Why do u look so worried?
Dhaani(tries to be normal)-Nothing Daadi! Woh actually, Viplav had gone out for some work an hour before but still he is not back!
Sushma(laughs)- Bas, this much only? Don’t take tension beta. Viplav is not a kid! He’ll be back soon.
Dhaani gives a fake smile.
Sushma(smiles)- Oh I forgot to tell u the thing for which I had come here.
Dhaani looks on.
Sushma- Beta, I hope u will be knowing that it’s Karvachauth just after two days, and this time u and Shalu have to keep vrat for your husband’s long life, so I had come only to tell that, u will keep vrat na?
Dhaani(smiles)- Of course Dadi! How will I not keep vrat for Viplav! But…
Sushma(worried)- But??
Dhaani(looks down)- dadaji.. Will u keep vrat for him?
Sushma(angry)- No! He is not called to be a husband. He is better in jail.
Saying so she goes away leaving Dhaani tensed.
Dhaani(panics even more)- When Daadi is not agreeing to forgive dadaji, then how will Viplav do that?
Shalu(enters the room)- Bhabhi, I m there na..
Dhaani- Arey Shalu, u sit! Don’t roam so much also.
Shalu- Oh come on! This is the start, let me at least roam till my tummy comes out?
Dhaani smiles.
Shalu- Bhabhi, bhai and daadi will forgive Maa and Dadaji.
Dhaani(makes a sad face)- No, both of them are so angry that they don’t even want to listen their name…
Shalu(thinks for a while but then smiles)- I have an idea..
The episode ends.

Precap- Shalu’s idea

Don’t be angry on me for making Daadi negative but I had to do this, because always a person cannot be positive na. And Shalu’s idea will definitely work? so plz have patience!

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  1. Areeb

    Finally!! Was waiting for it!! ?

    1. Mariyam123

      Ya! Finally? I was having lots and lots of homework but then I remembered that I had to post the update? So I sat down typing the episode?

  2. Aiswarya

    Thank u louella for the update ??

    1. AanyaSingh

      Hi Ashi? i replied to ur greeting and msg thru private chat but i don’t know whether u received the reply or not bcoz as i’m new to all this i still get a bit confused at times???.

      But yes, it waz so nice of u to greet me and send me a msg. You r very sweet Ashi, always happy for others??. God bless u always ???

  3. Sujie

    Louellu….. I am getting impatient now….
    Thank you for the update…
    And yes….. Shaalu might come up with the idea of Dhaani asking forgiveness for KT and DT as Karwachauth gift from Viplav….
    Waiting…. 🙂 🙂

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes but not Shalu it will be Dhaani’s gift to Viplav? But the idea is different? don’t get impatient, just like me? Even I m getting impatient to share the idea with u but main majboor hu??

    2. Hi Sujie, how are you ? Hope all is well with you and the family.
      ……I hope no one asks for forgiveness….maybe they should all go and visit Kanak and DT in jail but I personally think they deserve to suffer more ….both of them had no guilt when committing their crimes….it’s only when life became difficult for their own selves that they started to repent…otherwise they were happy to continue with their evil deeds……they did not cringe when hurting others !!!
      I know it is a great act to forgive, ………but in certain cases the crime doesn’t befit any forgiveness….esp if these crimes are done over a period of time with full knowledge of the consequences. Each one had ample time to realise that they were not only hurting Dhani but their own son/grandson. I think we should be sending message out there that forgiveness should not be taken for granted and neither should it be given so freely…it should be earned. Just like respect !!

      I think I have said too much….sorry

      1. I totally agree with you Anita. KT and DT did so many criminal acts. They were so cold hearted that they hid the news of Dhani’s pregnancy from Viplav. They knew Kamini was a very bad girl but they still let her marry Viplav for their own interest.
        Dadi should not forgive KT. She was responsible for Shambhu’s death and DT hid her crime bec she knew his ugly secrets.
        Also Even if Viplav forgives them in his heart, they will remain in jail because the law takes its own course and one cannot simply withdraw a murder/criminal case. They have to be proven ‘not guilty’ by the court which seems difficult.

      2. Sujie

        Hi Anita ma’am… I agree with you…and this is what my heart says to me everytime when I am in such dilemma…
        But people are goody good like Dhaani..who want everyone to be together… Dhaani could have taken Viplav away and settled to some other place…but she was taught to keep the family together and she is doing so by trying to persuade Viplav for forgiving KT and DT…..
        my mom is some what like Dhaani… No matter what anyone does….she likes to walk keeping family together …even along with those people who have hunted her in the past…… But thanks to God…. My dad supports my mom like no one else… Just like Viplav does to Dhaani …. Sometimes I feel I got chance to see ViDhaani in real in my mom and dad…. Maybe I have started to think so because of my constant love for Viplav Dhaani…..

        Sorry for long comment….
        Love you all

  4. oh my god louella you can really become a writer of a real soak I bet the serial will be hit. ..
    I am short of words to appreciate your work dear. . keep it up..
    One day when u become celebrity please don’t forget ur principal -:))

    god bless you

  5. AanyaSingh

    Sweetu, thanks for the update and also for answering my queries??? but there r still a few more so thanks for them is pending for the moment???.

    Coming to the epi, a very good one again?. Yes ,one can’t b positive always specially when one has been hurt by one’s own family members. Viplav crying and venting out his anger on God and Dadi getting angry on what Dhaani said shows how much hurt to the core they both r, how much pain they feel when they think that it were their own family members who broke their trust and deceived them. It’s not at all easy for them to forgive Dt & Kt but that’s what Shalu & Dhaani r going to do and being good at heart, eventually Vips & Dadi will forgive them. Well that’s wat positivity is all about. Good going Sweeti??,will b waiting eagerly for Shalu’s idea??. Love to u???

  6. Pujisaran

    Emotional imagination of viplav – soon everything will be alright..
    Thanks Louella

  7. AanyaSingh

    Hi Renu?, sorry? cudn’t reply to ur registration name query as i was stuck up with this thing only. Well, everything is before u now?. I hope u will forgive me? And pl free to ask me whatever u wanted to thru private chat.?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Anya for sharing that info about mohe rang do laal 🙂
      Hope u are doing well!

      1. Hi Mahi, no need for thanks yaar, i’m fine, wish the same for u too?

  8. AanyaSingh

    Yaar guys, seriously Mishal will actually kill me with his looks??? (and added to it his acting and expressions also). Y is he so SWEEEEET yaar????? I just can’t take my eyes off him???. The naughtiness coupled with romance, ufff, itna bhi na tadpao hamein??????

  9. AanyaSingh

    Well i must b appearing mad to u ??but what to do, not my fault, it’s the effect of Mishal magic, can’t help it.?????

  10. Maha_Aijaz

    Thanks for the update..
    Episode was good.. viplav’s dialogues were sad but loved them alot
    Karvachauth vrat.. My goodness waiting for it eagerly
    Impatient to know about Shalu’s idea so excited for the next update 🙂

  11. Maha_Aijaz

    Thanks Aish for liking my fiction this much <3
    Hopefully Anya, u are enjoying it too 🙂

  12. Maha_Aijaz

    Renu di hope u are well! Actually I need a help..
    I want to ask according to hindu marriage rituals first of all garlands or vemalas are exchange than groom fills hair line of bridal than he makes her wear mangalsutar and then they stands up for taking pheras or rounds .. Right ? please correct me if I am wrong
    Second thing is that please tell me the promises which they take while taking pheras.. I guess they are 7 please tell me all and also tell me agni ko sakshi maan k something like that in detail as I need all this in my fiction because I want to give a proper wedding so please tell me..

  13. Renuverma

    Hi elle superb?
    Agree to saras u can become a famous writer.
    Not can but would become for sure.

  14. Hi Louella, ….Vips anger at his family is understandable…..but he should also take some blame….I mean being a lawyer he didn’t use his inquisitive / investigative mind many times in the past when it was necessary to do so(too many incidences to write here). Dhani …the goody goody miss Dhani won’t change I guess !!!
    Glad that Sushma is taking a stand on DT at last…..she shouldn’t forgive him so easily.

  15. Loulu how r u

  16. Good morning friends!

  17. Areeb

    Good going Louella.

    Hello family.

  18. Meghs

    Cutie i am sorry for not commenting in ur ff till now really sry… holding ears

    U doing great job to unite our family ?? so sweet of u the continued ikrs is superb going… keep it up

  19. Pujisaran

    Hi friends Louella is not available today. Our story will be updated tomorrow without any delay…
    Have to pass this night without our show..
    Miss you all n ikrs..
    Let’s start to dream about upcoming episodes?

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