Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath enquiring with the cyber cafe owner about the widows visit to his cafe. The man tells that they came to email some papers to someone, without giving their email id, so I sent them from here. He tells they wanted to send papers to Delhi. Dasharath asks him to help the widows. He thinks Delhi………

Raj Lakshmi comes to Ashram and tells Dulaari that the lawyer is fooling them by asking them to send email. Dulaari asks where is Dhaani. Dhaani prays to God to help her find a way. Meanwhile Viplav waits for the documents to arrive in his email inbox. Kanak scolds Shalini for getting fat day by day, and tells that why she is not getting married. Shambu comes and asks her to stop it. Kanak says today you will not get food to balance your weight.

Shalini cries.

Tania comes and asks Viplav to come to gym. Viplav tells he is feeling to stay at home and is tired of waiting for the mail. He gets Dhaani’s call again, and asks when will you send the documents. I have to file the case. Dhaani says I apologize. Viplav says how I will fight the case, when you have no interest then go to hell. Dhaani starts crying. Viplav asks why you are crying? Tania takes the call. Dhaani tells she is helpless and asks her to save her Ashram. Tania notes down some details and asks her not to worry. Viplav says it is difficult to understand woman. The shop keeper asks Dhaani to give 110 Rs, for 1 hour call. Dhaani tells she has just 20 Rs. The man asks someone to go with her and bring the money.

Dasharath comes to meet Durga and is greeted by her. She gives him lassi. Dasharath scolds Tripurari asks to do his work. Tripurari tells that he will get the information till evening. Dasharath goes inside the house with Durga. Tripurari is angry.

Dhaani comes to Ashram and tells that she has to give 90 Rs to the public booth man. Raj Lakshmi tells that lawyer has been fooling her, and tells she don’t have money. Badi Amma comes and gives the money. Suwarna tells Dhaani is doing all possible efforts to save this Ashram. Dhaani tells that lawyer is not fooling me and is trying to help me for sure. Viplav gets Dhaani’s call again. Viplav tells I talked to you badly last time, I understand your helplessness and that’s why I apologize to you. He says I took court date from the office and asks her to fax some papers. Dhaani says fax? Viplav says I will send someone to collect those papers. Dhaani asks about his fees and says they don’t have money right now. Viplav asks her not to worry about fees and they can discuss later. He asks her to keep the papers safely. Dhaani is relaxed. Dasharath praises Durga. Durga tells that Tripurari didn’t do his work and tells she will scold Tripurari. Dasharath praises her again and talks sweetly.

Tripurari meets Suwarna and she tells him that Dhaani talked to some lawyer in Delhi and he assured to take the case. She says lawyer will send someone to take the papers. Tripurari thinks of a plan. Dhaani asks Badi Amma to check the papers. Badi Amma checks. Just then a man comes and takes papers. Dhaani asks him to thank the lawyer and thanks the man also. The man takes the papers and leave. Dhaani tells Ashram ladies that no one can throw them out of Ashram now and we will stay here. Badi Amma gives the credit to Dhaani. The man gives the papers to Tripurari, who gives papers to Dasharath.

Lala informs Dasharath that the lawyer who is fighting Ashram case is Viplav Tripathi. Dasharath gets shocked. Dhaani calls Viplav and asks if he is coming to fight the case. She waits for his answer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow episode!!!So many calls for Viplab from Dhanni.That was very romantic.I am very happy to see the Promo where Viplab handover the papers to Dhanni and Dhanni was starring at him happily.Viplab you are really a hero.But that Tanaya…She is sweet,can’t see her turning negative when Viplab will fall for Dhanni.Overall good one!!’

  2. Nice lovely & romantic storyline……just waiting to watch how this couple goin to tie the knot soon. Hope this serial give a new hope for hopeless womens & single mothers. Happy watching ishq ka rang safed……ishq ishq wow. DHANNI & VIPLAAV made for each other ♡♥;)

  3. nice and romantic episode.

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