Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

After 5 years……
City: Banaras

The Episode starts after a leap of 5 years….Viplav comes in his car and stands infront of Dhaani Ashram. He recalls and a fb is shown, Viplav tried to get inside the Ashram when he heard about the bomb blast, but the police refused to let him enter. Reporter tells that all the widows have died today, also Dasharath’s bahu Dhaani and her mum died. Inspector says it may be cylinder blast. Fb ends. Viplav opens the Ashram door. Delivery man comes to Tripathi house to deliver cake. Kanak says we don’t eat cake and asks him to take it back. He says Mrs. Viplav Tripathi have ordered cake. Kanak takes the cake inside the house and tells Dasharath and Sushma that Maharani have ordered it for Viplav. Sushma says he will throw it out, have

never had any sweets since many days. Dasharath says I would have kept puja for him. Kanak says he will sit nor come near the puja place. Sushma says don’t know when he will smile. Door bell rings. Sushma opens the door. Delivery man says Mrs. Viplav Tripathi have ordered the bouquets for party. Sushma asks him to keep it inside. Kanak says with whom she asked about the party. She don’t ask us and kept us on a corner like a garbage. Dasharath asks her to talk silently, and says he can bear Viplav’s anger, but not Kamini’s anger. He says that chandaal might sent us to jail.

Door bell rings. Kanak is going to open the door, Kamini pushes Kanak badly and opens the door. She gets some stuff from the delivery man and signs on the receipt. She turns and scares everyone with her vampish looks. She asks Kanak to clean the house as guests are coming. Sushma says you shouldn’t have kept party. Kamini says today is Viplav’s birthday, I am his wife….If I wish I could make stars floored on his way. Dasharath coughs. Sushma asks what do you think that he will come. Kamini says he will come surely. Sushma says he don’t apply tilak, and if he will come.

The widow woman try to apply tilak on Viplav’s forehead, but he refuses. Widow says you have given us new identity and respect in the society, and gave us work also. They blesses him for long life. Viplav says it will be punishment for him. He looks at the walls of the Ashram and thinks about painting it once…smiles. Kamini is angry and says I will erase Dhaani’s reflection from Viplav’s life. Viplav have to make a new start with me…and he has to accept that Dhaani is dead….she acts like possessive and crazy woman. Viplav looks at the hand impression on the walls of Ashram and gets emotional. (It might be of Dhaani, before she left the Ashram after their marriage). He recalls finding Dhaani’s mangalsutra in the Ashram after the bomb blast. He says Dhaani…I know you are with me always.

City: Mumbai:

A girl is seen running…..Dhaani calls her name Vidha…(Vidha from Viplav and Dhaani) and asks her to listen to her. Vidha says she wants to call her Papa. Dhaani takes her home. Dulaari checks the cloth on Vidha and says she will make frock for her. Vidha shows the sketch, and says this is Vidha, mumma and asks where is her papa. Dhaani’s new face (Sanjeeda Sheikh) is revealed after the leap. She gets emotional seeing Vidha’s sketch. Vidha says she wants to talk to her Papa and wish him on his happy birthday. Dulaari gets teary eyes also, and asks her to come, says she will make frock for her. Vidha insists to talk to Viplav. Dhaani says she is working. Vidha makes angry and innocent face. Someone comes there. Vidha calls him baba. He asks who is troubling my gudiya….he asks if today is your Papa’s birthday and congratulates her. Vidha asks him to make Viplav’s sketch and says she will give him gift. He says I didn’t see him and asks her to bring his photo. Vidha says she don’t have her pic. The man sits down to make Viplav sketch.

Vidha asks Dhaani to tell about her Papa. Dhaani gives description of Viplav and praises him. The man says sketch is ready. Vidha asks him to show his pic. Vidha sees the sketch and says my papa is super man….The man says your Papa is hooper man, will come here and take you. Vidha gets happy and goes. Dhaani looks at the sketch and tells Dulaari that she has to forget all the bitterness and tells Vidha that her papa is the best, we can’t lower him in her eyes. Dulaari says she can understand. She asks if you got money for Chanda’s admission. Dhaani says she talked to principal and he lessened the fees, says she has to give 50000. She says if my daughter studies in english medium school, then she will make her family proud, realizes about Viplav.

City: Banaras

In the Party, Sushma asks who are these people? Dasharath says I don’t know and says nobody asks him anything. Kanak tries to go to her room. Kamini stops her and asks her to serve snacks to guests. A guest asks him about Viplav. Kamini says he will be here in 5 mins. Kamini asks Kanak to give juice to guests. Kanak comes back to Dasharath and Sushma and says she is Kamini….witch..Sushma says you used to call Dhaani by same name. Kanak says she was mad to call that to Dhaani and says she was better than Kamini. She says since Dhaani left, we are ruined. Dasharath asks Kanak to manipulate Viplav against Kamini, else she will kill us. Kanak says Viplav also stays in office, and says she didn’t get any chance to tell about Kamini. Sushma says since Dhaani left from here, everything is shattered. Kamini comes there and asks Kanak to take care of the guests. Sushma tells Kamini, you are not doing right.

Kamini makes Kanak serves snacks to guests. Guests asks Kamini to call Viplav, and says if he attends the party then this will be lively. Kamini makes an excuse that foreign delegates have come from france and he is busy. She calls Viplav. Viplav is busy in a meeting with a parent or NGO man in his office at Dhaani Ashram, and says he is never busy for kids. He gives a cheque of 5 lakhs rupees and says his company welfare dept will take care of children admission and education, and asks him to come to him if he needs anything. He sees Kamini’s call, but ignores it. He talks to a girl and asks what she wants to become? She says lawyer like you? Viplav smiles and says….good. They leave. Viplav looks at new Dhaani’s pic, and says you want to learn naa, I will give education to these kids.

Dhaani tells Kamini that this is Dhaani’s Ashram and I get peace here. Kamini says Dhaani is dead 5 years back. Viplav throws something and says Dhaani is not dead. He says Dhaani is alive in my heart and will be with me in my breath, until I am alive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. arohi

    What a performance by Sanjeeda & Mishal…WoW!!! hats off 2 both. They made me cry. Story is interesting now.

  2. philo [:-(................[:-\

    thank u for the update hasan mam i thought that some one will give update due to time slot but happy to see ur update

  3. vini

    Epi was awesome. Sanjeeda u did a great job.i didn’t felt that the dhaani was replaced.really luv u sanjeeda

  4. Khadeeja

    Can’t wait to see Dadi Bua. The root of all problems. Poor Viplav. I pity Dasharath and Kanak. They supported kamini. And look what has happened

  5. philo [:-(................[:-

    sanjeedha can take dhaani’s place but she cant take eisha place .eisha is so beautiful and innocent than that sanjeedha. i dont hate sanjeedha. but eisha is best suitable for dhaani no one can replace it and when i saw those photos i was in super duper anger they want to erase eisha name ,but eisha will be in our heart forever.i thought to watch IKRS today because i hoped that sanjeedha can make it but after seeing those pics in IF
    i got more angry .now i am done with IKRS a very big bye to IKRS
    sorry guys if i have hurted anyone
    i am typing this from my heart

  6. vini

    But one thing that disappointed me is dat they did not show much improvement in lifestyle of dhaani.they could have shown her educated,strong,rich and stylish.or anyone among these qualities.

    • Arshdeep

      She must be educated now and offcorse a strong woman as sanjeeda said in her interview but not rich..

  7. Anisha

    SANJEEDA is so damn amazing! But what Viplav did with DHANI was not good! I want DHANI to tell Viplav that he doesn’t deserve her when they meet later on! I want to see DHANI ‘s independent side! Hats of Sanjeeda!

    • SARAS

      no vip never did anything bad with dhani never. . He has always clarified misunderstandings.. It’s dhani’s mistake. .

      • Nimisha

        Saras, that slap was awful. Then he wouldn’t listen and then he told her they shouldn’t have got married. Now he is living in hell with VK and Everyday he knows he was wrong.

        I too hope Dhani plays hard to get and tells him a few home truths. And then they can get back together. ???

  8. mangai

    superb epi :))) especially for kanak who realizes her mistakes 🙂 good going on … still missing eisha.. but the new dhaani s not bad at all .. it is her job:-)) she portrayed well..

    • Arshdeep

      Both are two different individuals… no comparison between them please in terms of looks

    • anjali

      sanjeeda is durga from ek hasina thi… she is beautyful eisha is more innocent and cute

  9. jyoti

    i was silent reader since 20 days. nw i was shocking to hear eisha singh quit the show. mujhe tho rona aarahahe. but hope sanjeeda will fulfill 100% suitable the character and makes us so emotion.

  10. Arshdeep

    Thank you hasan mam?
    Watched the episode today

    So viplav married kamini???????

    DT… KT ki haalat dekh kar to maze aa gye???? atleast they are paying something for what they did??
    khoon choos choos ke maar degi..??? ab dhani achi lgi??
    Thank god a bit sweet with dadi atleast
    The way kamini pulled KT? i hate kamini but its good she treats those culprits the way they deserve..??? they only got kamini married to viplav??

    The mortage changed..!!

    Tarini vidhwa ashram changed to dhani ashram
    Mishal looked awesome?? and a bit mature..
    So he is working for the widows..and the ashram is again as it is…
    Flashbacks of previous episodes?? and the bg tune which came while he was looking at the hand prints on wall??

    5 saal me toh tum mita nhi paayi dhani ki yaadein…ab kya mitaogi..kamini????

    Viplav…viplav..if you love her so dearly why you agreed to marry kamini…whyy????

    And i was right..She is “vidha”

    Whose this new guy??

    The moment they were showing viplav turning to watch dhani’s photo on wall… i was like which pic there will be…and suddenly saw sanjeeda pic?? but she made a good start.. All the best our new dhani?

    Anyways i am upset about viplav marrying kamini a lot??
    Lets wait what happens next and when will our vidhani meet

  11. Arshdeep

    Some bits of today’s episode-

    “Shararti ankhein
    Naak pe hmesha gussa… har pal..”????

    “Dhani humari sanso me zinda hai…humari yaadon me zinda hai..
    Jab tak hum zinda tab tak humari dhani zinda hai..”❤

  12. Arshdeep

    I stopped a bit for reading fan fictions… sooo many are there now..
    So sorry i wont be able to comment anymore but i appreciate all your efforts..
    You all are doing a wonderful job.. will read them all together soon..
    Maria..lakshmi..avijit..sujie di…louella..nancy..philo…joyee…shwetha…maha…ranaji….goldie mam…appi… you all are awesome people??? (Did i miss anyone?…i am sorry then)
    And shruthy.. If you are reading my comment just want to inform you…your writing…just 2 episodes i have read..but they impressed me a lot..
    Keep writing..?
    All the best everyone

    And louella will soon read your last episode too…as soon as i got time…?

  13. M

    Why did u all make Viplav marry that wicked kamini ? If the love of VIDHAANI is so strong then how could that happen ?

  14. Haven’t watched the episode yet but amazing episode huge round of applause for kamini? she treated kanak very nicely she deserve it. Can’t wait to see dB who was the root cause of all problems she was dying to make vk as her bahu. Viplav still love dhani and is lost in her thoughts very happy but why he married kamini yaar this should not happen but I hope there must be some solid reason behind it .. I haven’t seen sanjeeda acting as dhani so can’t comment on her but we will surely miss our eisha .. viplav has become more down to earth man .. cvs has shown a very good episode after many days
    And guys please calm down as I know kamini and viplav marriage is a big shock but think positively viplav is not like that surely there must be a reason or may be they are acting as married couple in front of all anyways it will reveal later but have faith on God not on cvs because they always disappoint us ?

  15. Arshdeep

    Okay just to inform i am going to chandigarh tomorrow.. Will try to comment whenever i get time..
    Keep watching ikrs.. Hoping for some wonderful episodes ahead..!! And also hope the directors dont disappoint us again… With much difficulty many of us have recovered ourselves… So please show us something worth watching.. And all the best sanjeeda..!!

  16. eshani

    Nice start I liked d episode vidhani missing each other actually viplav missing her a lot n dhani seem to be very angry n missing as well of course she has to be….too much pain for viplav jus cant see him
    As expected kids name is vidha it would have been nice if it was their kid only
    Kamini troubling DT n KT was amazing thy deserve this waiting to c dadi bus
    I think under some pressure viplav would have got married to kamini otherwise he wouldn’t have as he is still madly in love with dhani
    Waiting for upcoming episodes now seems interesting….

  17. M

    Really missed watching our original Dhani … why did u change Dhani ? She suited the role best. I hope u do not make the new Dhani fall in love with anyone else or make her hate Viplav .Pls at least don’t do that. It Iis so annoying to see that KAMINI. And the saddest part Viplav is married to her in spite of loving Dhani so much.

  18. Yes arshu u r right viplav shouldn’t have married VK BUT seems after dhani he had lost interest in everything n under sheer pressure of DT ;Kt; ( who themselves were indirectly pressurised by Vk) & DB HE would have agreed though it seems that he is least bothered about VK.

  19. Fatarajo

    Okay seems show is back on track but will be bit difficult for people to accept Sanjeeda in Dhaani’s role well I also miss Eisha a lot, well we should give time to sanjeeda also. But one thing is good that DT n Kanak r positive now n Vidha awww what a cute combination of name , but Yes missing Eisha a lot

  20. vaishnavi

    wow awesome performance from mishal n sanjeeda but fir bhi eisha ki kami feel hoti hain we cant forget that innocent face
    n vk married to vipu how n why vipu do this his still love dhaani then why
    n kt dt ka haal dekhke maza aa gaya

  21. Today’s episode was not bad as i had expected. ? Viplav standing in front of dhani ashram n with his office set up n dhanis mangalsutra tied around his wrist n rembering nostalgic sweet memories at ashram were emough for anyone to cry n i did get emotional. Vks new makeover is still worst she seems to be decked up n has the command of entire house. Surprised to see kt sprinking perfume on guests standing at the gate?? (remember dt had punished her in vidhàni’s engagement ) agreed that Kt n Dt r guilty n in order to save their skin r tolerating vks rude n insulting attitude but what about dadi. Atleast she should raise het voice but she politely told to vk that u r not doing good. Dadi bua who was desperate to marry vk to viplav was seen nowhere n i bet if she had seen her behaviour then certainly would have blasted.?? When vk boasted that viplav is busy with foreign delegates he was seen giving donations to Ngo☺??atleast now kt has realised her folly of cursing dhani . Good dadi also made kt realise the same??? vidha is a sweet little girl n her insistence of wishing her dad was too heartening. Eisha had perfectly moulded her in dhanis character n its really difficult to see someone else but now would have to …..?looks that dhanis brother N her daughter woulď unite vidhani soon. ?

  22. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan,I would love to know what YOU think about the new stuff?
    I liked the new show,so far, but will know for definite in a few days I suppose.Viplav looked great, and I like the new Dhani I think,she’s so different to Eisha its hard to make comparisons..
    Kamini !!!!! Gosh she’s really riding so high that her fall will be spectacular…….. I thought I would never say this but almost felt sorry for kanak !Almost.
    Looking forwards very much to tomorrow s episode,but I don’t want any more shocks???

  23. Devga

    Wow my sanju nailed it again…. Proud to b ur fan…. Back in to watching ikrs only bcz of u sanju hats off…. Continue….

  24. Zee

    I did not watch ep. but update was so detailed – really good update. Thanq H Hasan!
    I agree with Renu abt KT getting fruits of her sins. Kam seems to treat her real bad :).
    You r rght Arshi – if Viplv loved Dhani so much, then why marry Kamini. Its an insult to her memory. Its an insult to his inteligence and his law degree. He cd nt figure out DT and Kamin’s role in all the drama. Even if they emotionally blackmailed him to marry Kamini, he should have stood up for once. This majnu-giri is nonsense and shallow. Which brings me to the last point abt his law degree. This is not rocket science but there was no gas connection in Ashram, they cooked on wood and coal stove – so how cd he believe that there was a cylinder blast.

    • Arshdeep

      Exactly thats what i was continuosly thinking what stupid reason they were giving for the fire in ashram..

      And no matter how much sad viplav was..or was lost…or distraughted… That does not give justice to his act of marrying kamini

  25. Zee

    So Arshi as per your promise to your sister – you will not be watching IKRS anymore?
    Have a good trip in Chandigarh, go to Sukna lake if the wtr is good, and sect 17 if u have time – my favt places in Chandigarh.

    • Arshdeep

      I cant resist.. but i will try..
      Though she forgot..and did not ask me to leave the show?
      But i am very firm to my promises actually

      Yep mine favourite too…?
      Sec 17 has lost much of its charm and gathering due to elante mall especially in summers
      Anyways thank you?

  26. Nimisha

    Haven’t watched yet… H Hasan, this is the first update I’ve read in days and it’s beautifully detailed and I can picture it all.

    So Viplav did marry whatsherface… ??????☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️??????????????????????????????????????????

    But Mishal looks hot ???????????????????????????????????????????????

    And little girl Vidha ☺️☺️☺️

    It hi it will take time to get used to the new Dhani and as much as I will miss Eisha, I really wish Sanjeeda very well. We are all still processing a new Dhani as it was only Spring on us a couple of days ago, but I am very happy to be finally feeling like i want to watch..after days

  27. Nimisha

    By the way, as Viplav is married to Dhani stil, that makes his marriage to Kam void, yes??? Like when Shalu married raja who was already married.


    • Ade1111

      Like the way you justify things and yup I miss Eisha but will have to get used to the new girl. I have promised myself not to get too emotionally attached again that way I will enjoy it more

    • Zee

      Hey there hope you had fun with family.
      Technically they are married, acc to HIndu law if there is no news of a person for 7 yrs, only then a marge is considered broken. I learnt this bec somebody I know lost trace f her husband in a war situation. Her family wanted to get her married again after 3-4 years, but lawyers said that she wd have to wait until 7yrs were over.

  28. Hi my dear ikrs r u all.
    I was absent for few days.bcs of busy work.
    But now iam back.n also missing my old ikrs n old ikrs frnds.
    My god eisha Singh replaced to sanjeeda.hears very one can replace eisha.she was very beautiful,innocent, talented debute princess’s left show feeling sad for her.
    And my vidhaani jodi without eisha don’t know how they seems to be.but old jodi is always best for me.every moment of ikrs with vidhaani scenes r epics of ikrs.luv u both eisha n mishal.

  29. Frnds for me don’t want whether viplav married kamini or not.
    I want to know how viplav will meet dhaani again who is Mumbai.
    N how he reacts by seeing her own child.(don’t know it real r adopted child.but I saw news as dhaani fell down she got miscarriage n she adopt one girl child).
    And that new guy who is saraswathichandra show ways relation BT dhaani n that guy.
    I don’t want others about DT,KT,trp n all.
    Let’s see how show turns take place.
    But feeling very sad for eisha missing her so much. Its better to end the show.wat to do don’t know to watch it or leave it.
    R main leads.if any one missedeans show will definitely affects.let’s wait n watch.
    Wat u say my frnds.

  30. And one more thing when they show recalling scenes of dhaani viplavs description I remember only eisha as dhaani.
    And most of them used to see eisha as dhaani.suddenly how can changes take place yaar.I can’t take it easily.can u guys

    • Kavi welcome back dear. Good to see yr comments. Few days back a yellow logo with yr name used to come frequently. Though some would have thought it as u but i think it was not u. Pl tell dear.

      • Arshdeep

        I also knew she was not kavitha di..because her writig style was quite different from didi’s

    • Nimisha

      Hinkavitha, good to see you back.

      It will take time to get used to seeing a new Eisha, but into think Dhani is in good hands. I had a good feeling watching Sanjeeda yesterday.

  31. Annie dhani didnt has brother but i am presuming the man who srew sketch to be her SWORN BROTHER as vidha was calling him mama. ( mothers bro) . Likely possible that this guy wud have helped dhani n her mother to settle in alien mumbai.

  32. A'isha

    I will be watching this serial from now on cos I know is time for Viplav and his family to suffer ????? and other reason is that for Sanjeeda cos I just loved her from Ek Hasina Thi ????

    • Nimisha

      Hey A’isha.
      Viplav a little bit of suffering and
      His family , ALOT of suffering ????
      Kam , nothing short of a fast exit from the show ??????????
      Welcome to our lovely go familiy. We’re nice here so think you’ll lik it.


  33. maha

    guys i m sorry as i have promised to comment daily but due to studies and internet problem i wasn’t able to comment
    and i think most of u guys do not know much about me so here is my intro i am maha from karachi, pakistan i am 17 years old and studying in my date of birth is 7 june (my birthday is on the way) now enough of my intro
    now guys its ur turn give me 😀 how old r u in which class do u read and from which city u belong

  34. maha

    i was watching eisha’s picture as dhani and literally tears came in my eyes .. cant forget her ever she was too lovely will miss her alot and it woll take a loooooong time to accept sanjeeda as dhani ..

  35. Nimisha

    Still haven’t watched yet, keep getting butterflies thinking about it.

    I fell very proud of us all on here. We will all miss Eisha as most us have said but I feel proud that as a family we are happy enough to welcome Sanjeeda.
    She has already brought new people onto this thread, which is great.

    We are all still slightly in shock at Eisha’s exit, and it will take time but hopefully we’ll soon start enjoying the show without thinking about the differences. I hope so anyway.

    Anyway, going to say goodnight.

  36. Nimisha

    Hello again.

    Some watched it and …. I absolutely loved it!

    Mishal you are an utterly gorgeous man! wow! ????

    Ok, so loved Viplav’s entry and Dhani Ashram brought a tear to my eye, his flashback finding the Mangal sutra and his tears, set me off properly,

    Was sad that the ashram ladies were all new but lovely to see him there in his office surrounded by pics of the love of his life. A very emotional episode.

    The little girl Vidha, with her similar to Shalu voice, is so cute, really hope she is Viplav and Dhani’s

    please don’t flame me, I did miss Eisha, but really liked Sanjeeda as the new Dhani. Her facial expressions during the flashbacks had me a bit emotional.

    Garima was awesome as ever as Dulaari. Still very emotional but lovely to see her as a granny and also her scene with Sanjeeda made me believe inDulaari,s and Dhani’s bond.

    Hilarious to se KT and DT brought down from their tower of arrogance. POor Dadi looked like she has the worries of the world on her shoulders.

    Actually enjoyed watching whatsherface NOT getting her own way for a change. She is much better as just a villain rather than the grey character. Still dislike her, but Viplav didn’t answer her calls and it’s seems he can’t send her either, which is fine by me.

    Lovely to see Viplav using his vakil skills to help children and lovely that he’s doing it in Dhani,s name. I was convinced he hadn’t married that one, but he has so as ever the makers have managed to keep me guessing. I wonder if his company will help with the fees for Vidha’s school.

    Vidha’s uncle guy seems like a good guy so nice to meet him too.

    I feel that in the way that two negatives make a positive, whatsherface vs DT and KT sort of cancel each other out so the episode felt a lot less negative and I actually felt it was hopeful after a long long time.

    Precap looks awesome. Mishal is just warming up in terms of what we’ll see in terms of his acting. I think he will deliver some awesome performances and that is exciting. He spoke in English ??? and he shouted at whatsherface ????????

    I want to tweet my appreciation to the makers. But I will get flamed there. Maybe I’ll do it in the morning.

  37. Kavitha T

    Embraced myself to see the leap. Not so much on my favour that too my Dhaani isn’t there.

    My personal thoughts on the new Dhaani not at all a fit for dhaanis role. Sorry guys.

    Mishal as usual took it away. My hero

    Will read update then decide whether worth a watch. Not keen to comment much just go with the follow until something connects me to IKRS.

    Love you all

  38. Kavitha T

    Can someone tell me cos Kamini got married to Viplav???? As I saw tillak on her forehead?????

  39. SARAS

    Today I cried while watching episode. ..
    Story going really well. .I wish esha had continued… Then it would be really awesome. …

    poor vipu… he is to bear so much pain

  40. Kavitha T

    So if Kam got married to viplav means that another story to how they both got hitched.

    Where is Dadi Bua? She’s not seen.

  41. vini

    Guys today we gonna get TOI spoilers of this week.fingers crossed.keep calm and trust mishal and sanjeeda

  42. Amisha

    since Eiasha left this show I lost interest. I don’t think that I can continue watching it. i have nothing against the new girl but I’m just use to seeing Eaisha a lot ??? and after hearing that she give up I got shocked???!!!

  43. shanitics

    Gud mrng to all…
    Eisha was the best.. VIP is looking awesome in that black suit…
    Nice to c kanak is repenting in her life…..
    Viplav married ? kamini…. Or not…
    I thought the same name VIDHA
    Eisha was soo good…
    Seems like it will take time to catch with this new one…

    Love u all

    • Nimisha

      Morning Swetha

      How are you?

      Hope all’s well with you.

      Eisha was very good and we all know and love her as Dhani, but I genuinely feel Sanjeeda will continue the good work Eisha stared. It will take us time to get used to it, but I felt reassured after the Dulaari scene with her, if that makes sense,

      We are nearky into June, so school starts back again soon for you. Hope you’re enjoying the last few days of the hols,

      Lots of love, xxx

  44. Fail to understand that Vk had overhead Kt n Dts secrets n she doesn’t has any proof against them then why r they so afraid of her n tolerating her. Even dhani had just overheard but Dt had proved her wrong so now if KT N DT GO AGAINST VK N SHE TRIES TO SPILL THEIR SECRETS THEN ALSO VIPLAV WOULD NOT BELIEVE HER.

    • Arshdeep

      She has tripurari with her.. although viplav wont believe him much but still
      She must be having the video of DT’s theft

    • Nimisha

      Maybe he knows everything already.

      I think he married VK to punish himself for I’ll treating Dhani. Being with her must be like being in a living hell!

  45. Nima

    hlw everyone hw r u all? I’m f9.
    yesterday episode I watched. yaisa laga new time slot, new show, 1st episode, bt jb viplav ko dekha to yaad aaya arre ye to hamara #ikrs hai 🙂
    Viplav dhani k yaado me ji raha hai, Dhani k name se social service kar raha hai ye mujhe achcha laga.
    bt ye kamini :@ mujhe bahoot irritate karti Mrs viplav tripathi kaise ho gayi CID ko vejna padega pata krne k liye 😉

  46. SARAS

    renu logics don’t work here. .. We have to see n believe what is shown. …

    I think before dying dadibuva blackmailed vip n married him to kamini n he must have told them he will never give dhani’s place to her. .
    let’s see how it goes. ..

    • Nimisha

      Ohhh, I hope you’re right.

      Kam is soo desperate to win that she would have agreed knowing he on,y loves Dhani.

      Good thinking about DB making him agree on her deathbed,

      Shame they didn’t kill Kam off though, preferred DB to her and feel she could have been an ally.

  47. SARAS

    how can dhani always mistake viplav??
    How can she say he cwas bad.. hiw mean of dhani.. I hate her.
    I used to hate when she called him rakshas… now I hate her more than kamini lol….

  48. Sujie

    Hello and good morning everyone….
    Could not comment much yesterday as I had not watched the episode….Early in the morning I watched it…..
    Mishal was looking damn handsome in that suit….. ????
    He made Dhaani Ashram his office….. ???? and it was emotional….. The way he looked at the handprints..
    The reply he gave to one woman on being blessed jug jug jiyo……. Ab aur kitni lambi sajaa kaate kaki….. I was like Viplav your Dhaani is alive….we know that..and you will also know it soon… ???????
    The only thing I did not liked was he married Kaamini…but I trust him …have faith in him…..
    Kt was like iss bhediye Se jyaada woh me na bhala…… And I thought ab kanak raani Ko dhaaniki yaad Agai…..she used to call her chudail…ab bhukto
    At first you and DT used to think how to separate Viplav and Dhaani…..ab Dhaani Ki yaad aarahi hai…..
    DT called Kaamini chandaal…..omg…they are so scared of her
    It was fun watching kt and DT badmouthing about kaamini Daayan…they are repenting ??????????????????????

    • Nimisha

      That line after the ashram lady said wish you a long life was very sad.

      Ok, I am quite an emotional person and often cry at things, I haven’t really got teary eyed at IKRS before, don’t know why, but yesterday I got teary seeing Viplav in that scene where he finds Dhani’s Mangal sutra and his other flashbacks,. And then got teary again at the flashbacks dhani was having,

      Twice in one episode,. It’s like rains after a drought. Lol!

      I agree that the only thing that was disappointing was that he married Kam, but he is punishing himself for Dhani. What bigger punishment than having to endure Kam. Also,lived seeing that he really hates her in the Precap and that he wears the ms around his wrist.

  49. Hi renuji n arshi n others thank u for remembering me.
    Omg another kavitha also here in absense of me.goodgood good any Kavitha must be there our updates.happy to see her.

  50. Louella

    Hello everyone. I was posting my ffs. I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode and even if I would have watched it, I would have never liked it just because Eisha left the show. I m still feeling the shock that Eisha has left the show just for the reason that she didn’t want to play a mother role. I will never take Sanjeeda as Dhaani. I think she is a good actress as u all have been telling but for me Eisha was the best. Sorry if I hurt any Sanjeeda fan here.

  51. Louella

    Hello maha. I m from Mumbai in India. I m 12 years old and now I m going to std 7th.

  52. Louella

    Arshi di all the best for your exam. Also have a safe journey. Do your best!!! And come back soon.

  53. Saraswathi.j

    Marrying Kamini in what ever circumstances by Viplav is not justified,marriage is not playing with dolls , is Kamini is recognised as Viplavs wife or not? So as a true lover of Dhani he should not marry Kamini what ever it may be ,coming to original Dhaani in the last interview Viplav told that we can learn from Esha how to ignore people,may be she herself left the show ,so it is better not to mention her because if we are doing it continuously we lost the spirt in the present story while we read updates,

    • Arshdeep

      I said the same..his act of marrying cant be justified..

      And i was confused first..but when eisha herself told she dont want to portray mother’s role so wont say anything more about her but will keep missing her

    • Jaroor dadi buaa ki last wish hogi ki viplav kamini se shaadi kar lo. Aur mujhe toh ye bhi lagata hai ki vidha jise baba bolti hai usse end mai dhani se pyaar ho jaega. Serial mai yahi hota hai. I love this show veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much. Eisha singh ko show nhi leave karna chahi tha. Mother ka role try nhi karegi toh comfortable feel kese karegi.eisha plzzz come back again.Your fans miss uuuuuuuuu!!!

  54. Sujie

    loved Viplav and Dhaani’s daughter’s name VIDHA….
    and that new man…. I guess Vidha called her Baaba.. he seems a good man…may be support system of Dhaani in new environment of Mumbai……
    I know Eisha has left the show but still I can visualize her rather than focusing on Sanjeeda…. If Eisha was there…one wish was to be fulfilled..seeing her in salwaar suit…….
    But I hope Sanjeeda portrays the role well…of course we are habituated to Eisha as Dhaani….. We should adapt to the situation as well….
    Talking about VK… it seems she has taken over the whole wealth DT had accumulated since years….. and this might be the reason DT does not even utter a word……
    DT was behaving like a typical gossip monger while talking to Daadi and KT…. and he was asking KT to complain about VK to Viplav……
    Kanak was remembering Dhaani …when she said… Jabse woh gayi hai hamari durgati ho gayi hai…. She and DT deserve that…but still hate this Kaamini to the moon and back….
    CV’s might show DB dead ….and she was the one who forced VK upon Viplav….. She should not die…instead she should realize losing Dhaani had made Viplav so sad…and her so called Sanskaari Kaamini bitiya urffff Daayan is not at all Sanskaari….. Hate her to the core as she is the root of all these pains and problems in Viplav and Dhaani’s life …………..
    I am sure Viplav will never fall for that Kaamini…. the way he threw that table lamp in the precap made me think he is sooooo irritated with Kaamini’s obsession..and not at all interested in her…. I wished he brushed her off with that lamp…so that her face gets smashed… I saw Datta Bhau’s shade at that time in Viplav….. Mishal stole yesterday’s episode… And Sanjeeda too tried her level best….i hope we get to see ViDhaani’s meeting soon post leap…. and this Kaamini should be thrown out soon… as I don’t want makers to pamper her and keep her in the show till it ends someday…
    What say guys??

    • Arshdeep

      Viplav was actually very irritated with her and even ignored her phone..
      He is satisfied to live with dhani’s memories

  55. Sujie

    Arshu…. all the best dear…. just kill it…. and wish you a safe journey …….
    You’re gonna rock 🙂

  56. Ade1111

    Morning from a rainy London
    Watched the episode without subtitles(stupid colours) so could not understand nothing but will watch again this morning
    As for new Dhanni will have to remember her name looks like she was doing good but have to hear with subtitles but like I said before I don’t mind no more emotional for me again. I definitely think Viplav was blackmailed into marrying Kamini I don’t think there is any other relationships between them except she has his name so am interested to see. Now my problem with the PH they now have a good story to work on but they are known for spoiling the story line so now am hoping they stick to it no matter the Trp and bring Dt Kt TT to justice now am waiting to see how Viplav would be filled with even more guilt
    Exciting times ahead
    Have a great day guys
    Juliana and Nimisha ???? Twitter is so much fun with you guys
    Enjoy your day family ?

  57. Sujie

    How can I forget those rocking lines of Viplav in English…. Mishal spoke English in yesterday’s precap… and the moment was like wow wow wow!!!!!
    He shouted at Kaamini’s face( which is like a ‘PHATA HUA DHOL’).. DHAANI IS NOT DEAD!!!! SHE IS NOT DEAD……

    I am so sorry for disrespecting a woman like this….but this Kaamini is getting on my nerves…..

  58. Mishal Raheja

    Good day ladies since there is a Kavitha on board I’ve changed my name to Mishal Raheja… So less confusion..

  59. AM

    hiiii …is anyone remember me here except who commented in my ff ..?? 😛 ..nahi yaad hae firbhi koi nahi … hello I am the AM… 😛 … I am an old member of this ikrs tu page but not in age OK 😛 ..just 17 years old boy :)…hahaha ..sorry …
    so new Dhani ha .. I don’t want to see new ikrs … very sad to see sanjeeda as Dhani ..I know she is a good actress but she can’t replace eisha’s place. ..viplav was good yesterday ..but without eisha as Dhani ..he was incomplete …chalo itna hi bakunga …
    hahaha ….
    and arshi so enjoying in Chandigarh ha …all the best for your exam tomorrow …. farke ana OK .. 😛 ..but exam paper far mat dena 😛 😛

  60. Ak

    I love the show but change of Dhani is not digestible and I don’t know how viplav marry Kamini as he love dhani from the core of his heart then how can he do this and marriage is not a forceful thing u can do without ur will.

    • Nimisha

      I think technically his marriage to Kam will be bull and void as he is still married to Dhani and she is alive.

      How he married Kam,… I think emotional blackmail must have been used and maybe he did it to pun his himself, you know to make it a living hell. He knew he wouldn’t be happy with her so that’s why he agreed. You’re right he would have said yes, but other than because he is punishing himself I can’t quite digest it, just very pleased we were soared the spectacle as it would def have been an episode to avoid.

      Some interesting times ahead I think!

      • Arshdeep

        Saras mam point i found strong that maybe DB is dead and while going blackmailed viplav to marry VK

  61. Zee

    Ok finally watched and here’s my two-bit
    Very nice, well-done ep. Good connections betw past and present
    Fully happy to see D/KT suffer and realize their crimes every single minute.
    Sorry but Kam tho over dressed looked quite good in her new get-up. Happy that she may hav got Viplv on paper but is still so insecure.
    Garima is a great actor, she is also not old enuf to play grannie, but she’s great
    Sanjeeda is drop dead gorgeous not sweet like Eisha, but not fair to compare
    I still haven’t forgiven Viplv 4 wt he did to Dhani, but MR aced it again. He looks smoking hot as the brooding guy, yet flashes of the old smile when he was talking to the kids.
    I was so agnst the leap – but I seem to have converted 🙁

    • Nimisha

      zee, that ps how I feel. I,m also converted and also haven’t forgiven Viplav fro what he did but looking forward to when they next meet and hoping Dhani plays guard to get,

      Lovely succinct analysis, how do you do that? ???


      • Zee

        Thank you Nimisha,, maybe succint is easy on the eye, but long posts have an old world charm 🙂 Remember i am a fan of the LPA!

      • Nimisha

        I think you’re right! The makers are the masters of misunderstandings!

        Eeeeekk excited to be excited again about what’s to come.

        Thanks for sharing!

    • Arshdeep

      I am afraid that his marriage to kamini will make dhani think that what she saw that night was right..and as soon as she left he married her

  62. Arshdeep

    Did everyone got the spoilers??

    Episode – 263
    06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 31 May
    Viplav shouts at Kamini for forcing him to go to Mumbai for a wedding and tells her that he can never forget Dhaani.
    Episode – 264
    06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 01 Jun
    Vidha runs into Viplav at the wedding and calls him a ‘rakshas’.
    Episode – 265
    06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 02 Jun
    Viplav and Dhaani cross each other’s path and narrowly miss seeing one another. Will Viplav know Dhaani is still alive?
    Episode – 266
    06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 03 Jun
    Viplav decides to follow Vidha to her house.

    • Ade1111

      Oh spoiler looks very interesting ??? Vidha calls her dad the same name as her does too???? oh I hope VK does not find out first about Dhanni being alive ?

  63. Mishal Raheja

    Thank you Nimishaji… I’m feeling fantabulous using his name.. Too much of fame in using it… Faints

  64. AM

    ya…I saw comments ..really you speak very less 😛 ..hahaha …
    exam farke ana …paper nahi 😛 ..all the best arshi 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.