Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja’s mum counting the money and asks Mami not to keep eye on it. Just they hear someone coming and Mami comes the door. She says Shalu, you are here…….They ask if her family knew that she came here. Shalu says Viplav is busy with his wife and don’t have time for her. She cries and hugs Raja, saying she can’t live in that house. Dhaani tells Viplav that I was thinking what did I do, so that I got a husband like you. Viplav says I was thinking the same thing, and drinks tea. He asks Dhaani to take a sip. She takes a sip. Raja comes to meet Kanak. Kanak asks what is the matter? Why did you call me here. Raja says Shalini came to meet me. He says I called you here as if I dropped her home, then people might mistaken us. Kanak blesses him for thinking about their

respect and says Viplav don’t care about them at all. He informs her that he is going back from Banaras tomorrow. Kanak asks why? Raja says my dad is alone there and I have to take care of my business. Shalu gets tensed. Kanak asks him to wait for 2 more days. Raja asks why? She convinces him. Raja agrees. Kanak takes Shalu and they leave. Raja thinks he can wait for even 2 years and calls her to be mum in law.

Dasharath asks where is everyone? Sushma comes there. Dasharath tells her that he is very hungry. Servant informs them that Kanak went outside. Sushma says I will cook food for you. Dasharath says no need. Dhaani asks Sushma, can I make food? Sushma says yes sure. Dasharath gets angry and says Sushma ji…just then he sees Viplav standing and asks Dhaani to cook food. Dhaani goes to kitchen thinking about Kanak’s threat that she will break her feet. Viplav also comes to kitchen and tells Dhaani that Dadi gave you permission to cook food. He lifts her in his arms and brings her inside the kitchen. Dhaani asjs what are you doing? Keep me down. He tells her that he knows her cooking taste, and asks her to make delicious food so that others get mad after eating it (means get happy eating food made by her). Dhaani says okay and starts making food. Viplav helps her in the arrangements while the song Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………………

Dasharath and Sushma sit for lunch/dinner. Sushma asks Dhaani to eat and says you made our favourite food. Dhaani says I will eat later. Sushma gets up and refuses to eat food. Dasharath also stands up. Dhaani says okay, I will sit and sits down to have food with them. Viplav throws his spoon and bends down to pick it up. Dhaani also bends to take it, but Viplav holds her hand, and says I will pick spoon later. Sushma asks Dhaani what happened to her right hand. Kanak and Shalu comes home. Sushma asks them to have food. Kanak goes angrily to her room and tells Shalu that Dhaani is getting strength from Viplav. She says as I went out, Dhaani got a chance to enter kitchen. She says Dasharath changes colors fastly. Shalu asks her to let Viplav go, if he insists to go again, and says atleast they will not see Dhaani’s face. Kanak beats Shalu and says you have gone mad in Raja’s love. She says I won’t let my son go anywhere.

Dulaari and Badi Amma come to meet Dhaani. Sushma greets them and asks to come inside. Dhaani asks them to come. Sushma says they have come to take you to Ashram. Dhaani says can I come tomorrow? Sushma says actually Viplav is taking Dhaani out for dinner. Dhaani goes to kitchen. Dulaari asks about Dasharath. Sushma says he is very happy with Dhaani. Dulaari asks about Kanak. Sushma doesn’t answer. Kanak scolds the servant for letting Dhaani enter kitchen and calls her beggar widow. Servant asks are you talking about choti malkin. Kanak scolds him for calling her choti malkin and threatens him. Dhaani comes there and says her maa and badi amma came here. Kanak says first I will do aarti as you entered kitchen yesterday. She asks her to go. Dhaani says only I know how to make their tea. She leaves. Kanak asks Servant to serve left over tea in servants’ glasses. Servant hesitantly agrees. Kanak comes out and greets them. She recalls Dulaari insulting her in the Ashram. She asks them to drink tea. Dhaani touches the tea glasses and thinks it is cold. However she serves them.

Viplav and Dhaani goes out to have dinner. Kanak and Shalu looks on angry. Viplav tells Dhaani that they have come together for the first time after marriage. They reach home. Viplav informs everyone that he has seen a guy for Shalu and his name is Shekhar. Later Shekhar comes to see Shalu. Shalu comes and looks uninterested.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Br mam, rajee, prachi, sonu buchia, Louella, flora, am , saranya, joyee, phillo where r u

    1. florentina moldovan

      hi, Renu, i am here, i was just a little busy!!!! i enjoy every epi!!!! so nice, so positive, so sweet…i think i didn t see something similar in this kind of shows…..they are so beautiful couple, so made one for the other….amazing…..eisha is so beauty and versatile….it means she is going to be a great actrice!….a fresh couple, a happy couple, always together……thank you , makers!!!

  2. I hope shallu has married raja and goes to live with them. Hah !!
    What will happen then I wonder.

    1. florentina moldovan

      me too, anne….i hope her saas torture her properly! it is the only way to know the truth….but i think that only persons who will fight for her will be our Vidhani….i bet that kanak and dt will not care anymore about her….will no agree divorce if Awasti family will treat her bad…

    2. Anne, if she has done that, he will be a ghar jamai – I’ve a son in law who lives with the girls family, and he will be a super absorbent sponge that will suck the life out of them all. I think that is raja’s plan anyway, so he can get close to Dhani again. Makes my skin crawl he’s such a creep.

      I really hope it doesn’t happen though as like Kavitha said above I don’t think I can bear that either. I would expect his mum and mamiji to also come and live there, in the little house that trips and his mum stayed in,

      I really hope not tho.

      1. I.e. A son in law… Not I’ve a son

      2. I really don’t want rajas mum n auntie to be in it much longer. Super irritating esp. the thieveing aunt. She like a pantomime dame almost masculine, not a shred of femininity about her, a bit strange and odd character really.?xx

      3. That’s exactly how I feel. Horrible characters, all three of them.

  3. Good night everyone
    Thanks Hassan ji for fast and accurate update.
    See you guys in morning.
    Sweet Dreams

  4. florentina moldovan

    Mirsada, happy birthday and many, many happy years !!!!!!!

  5. Hi guys What’s up
    How are you all?? ?

    1. Good here Anjum. How are you?

      1. I’m all good thanks nimisha ?

      2. Hey nimisha you also watch TPK don’t you bcoz I see you there commenting.

      3. Hi Anjum, yes I do. It’s quite good but moving very slowly at the moment. Recently also got into Kasam. I don’t watch any other stuff apart from LTL.
        How about you? Xxx

    2. Hi Anjum , I’m fine hope you are. Sleepy now, see you tomorrow xx

      1. Hi Anne actually I’m feeling very sleepy bcoz I just had a bath and I’m going straight to bed. Anyways goodnight sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.?

  6. good morning all. .
    Have ac great Thursday. . I will host a evening dinner for all of u..
    be there sharp 6:30..
    dress code black n white. .

    President varsha. . vidhani foreign tripkeliye paise bache hain kyaa?
    yaa dinner pe hi sab paisa khatam hogaya??

    1. thanks SARAS dear for sweet invitation
      I would come for sure i am pure veg so please don’t forget oh I have no black n wbite saree as my mom in law doesn’t Allow me to wear these 2 clrs ???. . i should rush to market n purchase new sari for evg dinner would catch u soon????

      1. how sweet renu u r buying new saree .. I also need to buy one. .

    2. SO SWEET OF U. Thanks SARAS dear for KIND invitation
      I would come for sure i am pure veg so please don’t forget oh I have no black n wbite saree as my mom in law doesn’t Allow me to wear these 2 clrs ???. . i should rush to market n purchase new sari for evg dinner would catch u soon????

    3. HI FLORA THKS FOR REPLYING , GOOD TO SEE U. have A great day.

    4. Thanks for the lovely invita Sara. I’ll be there. Looking forward to it. Very muchly! Xxx

  7. as usual episode was superb :-* 🙂

  8. Watched the olv
    shallu was sorry for what she did..
    Itni jaldi kese maan gyi wo ..
    All were sitting together at dining table
    viplav’s interview fabulous..confusing the journalist
    He is too smart

    1. Arshdeep Maybe Shaalu is just following Raja blindly and its their plans…because itni jaldi fatty maann toh nahi sakti…and ya Mishal’s interview…… he was like..AAPKO JOURNO KISNE BANAYA???

      1. Yaa it must be their plan
        Nd mishal’s expressions wen she said or btayie?

    2. Hi Saras n all ikrs family a very gud tobu all.have a great day frnds.
      Arshdeep I too watch that olv.shalu Ask sorry for her Mis behaviour with his bro n sister in law.but she acts like that raja said her to do like that.its not her wish to do like disgusting na.
      Don’t know how our vidhaani will clear shalus matter.let’s wait n watch.

      1. Hmm ryt yr..

  9. M.R ( actor )

    good morning color fans
    keep watching keep supporting
    thank u
    luv u all

    1. hey is it real mishal? ??
      We are always here to support you n ikrs.. can’t promise to support colors they are not always fair to their loya viewers..
      its great to receive attention by the actors of the show. . thanks for the comment. .

      1. Is dis real!!!.if real tq M.R for commenting here.we ll support u n ikrs always. Luv u too

      2. florentina moldovan

        i have a feeling that they know everythyng about us….i don t know if could be him but i feel that he is the one who thank us…Saras, again we had the same idea…..must be true, then!

    2. Are you really Mishal Raheja……if yes then OMG…OMG….. we will always support you…we love IKRS…..
      love you too Mishal….. 🙂

    3. Omg.. if its real mishal raheja

      Then to tell u
      You r super awesome
      Love ur acting..your looks..your killer smile..your expressions
      Love you soo much
      You rock..ikrs rocks ??

    4. Love you Mishal…..your acting..your looks….your expressions…..your emotions in your eyes… them a lot……
      much love from one of your biggest fans….. that’s ME….
      love you.
      keep on entertaining us….
      IKRS rocks…… 🙂 🙂

    5. sharanya rajkumar

      OMG… OMG…. OMG….mishal sir ur in tu page
      i can’t believe….. r you real MR ????? if yes then WE LOVE YOU SO SOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH u also keep rocking rocking and rocking

    6. die hard fan of ( I.P.K.K.N.D )

      are you real mishal rahoja? if YES then you go to hell

      1. Hello die hard fan of IPKKND….a name for you
        Iss Poisonous Keede ko Kya Naam Doon….if you don’t like ikrs or mishal raheja…then why commenting on this page….get lost

    7. omg 😮 😮 😮 ….mishal raheja ….

    8. is this real Mishal Raheja??? if yes, OMG!!! our most handsome hero comment here thank you so much.we always love you,your acting n support to our show #IKRS. 🙂

    9. Good afternoon, from London.
      We aren’t necessarily Colors fans, More IKRS fans and Mishal Raheja fans.

      If that is really you Mishal then, you can definitely count on us to keep watching and keep supporting you and the rest of the team.

      If its NOT really you, then Mishal can still definitely count on us to keep watching and suppoting him and the rest of the fantastic team!

      muuaaah! ???

      1. Well said Nimisha, good comment!

  10. Good morning br mam, florentina, meghs, philo, Saras, fatarajo, sujie, Maria, sonu, divya, shanatics, ranaji, Anne, natty, yetty, vaishnavi, nimisha, Saranya, rajee, prachi, louella, Am, varsha, swara, aisha, nachibu, mirsada, meena, kavitha, alani, porkodi, anjum, arshi, arshdeep, nimisha, paviable, renu, anisha and all others that I was unable to mention their names (pardon me pls), also the silent readers u’re not forgotten.

    1. Gud mrng aish

    2. Good morning aish

    3. Hi Aish…sorry for late reply…how are you

    4. florentina moldovan

      good morning, Aish!

    5. Good morning / afternoon Aish , have a good day..? xxx

    6. Hello Aish. I’m a bit late so will say Good Afternoon to you and everyone else on this wonderful forum! Xxx

  11. @ yetty I asked u a question buh u refuse to answer, THANK U
    @ Aisha, where are u from

    1. Good morning aish, I’ve been a bit busy.
      I’m sorry about that, if you check 29/3/16 written episode your reply is there. I hope I’m forgiven?

  12. Nimisha
    I never replied but read ur comment daily
    They r a bit too long but really meaningful.. i actually like to read them
    Its clearly seen u love mishal raheja to the core…you r a big big big fan of him
    So in case its real MR who has posted a commnt here u must rpli to up ur heart to him?

    1. Arshdeep. That’s such a sweet message. So sorry for my LONG posts. I suffer with my brain being a bit of a run away train, once it’s out of the station, if can’t stop. It leaves the station most days just after I watch IKRS…

      Can you imagine, if that is THE Mishal? ( swoons, gets dizzy, faints and he catches me ???)

      1. By the way, the runaway train line is very appropriate for me but it’s a line Naku said in LTL, Did I say I liked that show??? ?

      2. Haha ur excitement itself tells how u r crazy behind mishal…nd ikrs too ??

        U may not like a show but you will definitely watch if mishal is there ?

        Sorry if i said anythng wrong.. dont mind hmm

      3. Hey again. You didn’t say anything wrong, at all.

        I tried to watch Maharashtra Aryan which was kinda curious. I watched the bit where Mishal plays a baddie. He was good in that but I couldn’t get into it so haven’t got beyond 1 episode. I like to be open minded and give things a chance, but no matter who is on the screen, if I can’t get into a show then I,lol find something else.

        And yes, I do totally and utterly adore Mishal. I would be a complete blithering idiot if I ever met him though. So I can adore him from the safety of the Internet and tv. ?

      4. Maharakshak Aryan.

  13. Good morning everyone, its a bit cold with clear sky in this part of the world.
    I wish you all a good day

    1. Hello Yetty. Xxx

  14. Good morning everybody hope you are all well.Want to see what Shallu has done. ?

  15. Hi my dear lovely friends, how r u all? A very good afternoon to all IKRSians…

    1. Oh my logo was changed..

    2. Hey Sonu. Good afternoon to you too!

  16. good afternoon friends

    1. Hello Shri!

  17. Hi My dear lovely friends, how r u all? A very good afternoon to all IKRSians..

  18. In yesterday episode, fiest time I didn’t feel bad for Shalu and didn’t get angry on KT, when KT beats Shalu. Yes KT u were right, this Shalu gone mad in Raja’s love. Foolish Shalu..

  19. hi ….he is not real MR I think …. he don’t have any time to tweet then how he comment here …impossible ..

    I came here because this week there were no spoiler of ikrs so can’t post …now spoiler are also doing partiality ..hahahaha 😛 😛 😛 …

  20. and this week trp is 1.2 …last week it was 1.4 …but don’t worry last week was two great miracle making match of INDIA…. one is Ind vs bd and second is Ind vs aus match …so how can anyone missed the match ….. so don’t worry chill ….bye

    1. Hello AM. Can you help me? What does trp actually mean and how is it measured?

      Thanks so much. Xxx

    2. ha ha ha. IKRS always in low trp. stop to watch .

      1. oh …so now u r responding to my comments also suman ji ….thank u …see …how much I am famous ….see see … 😛 …. who request u to watch ikrs ..go and watch swaragini …suman ji 😛 …

      2. Suman, low trp mean nothing. Shows that are different and challenge age old ideas won’t appeal to everyone, but that doesn’t mean they are not good. Those shows, like IKRS are brave as they try to break down barriers. Did you know that for the first time in many many years women in an ashram in India actually celebrated Holi properly, why should a woman be forced to live her life without colour or hope just because she is a widow.

        Who knows if IKRS inspired those women. It doesn’t matter. Traditions and customs are great, but it’s up to each new generation to ask questions and adapt those to help people move forward.

        I believe, this show, in its own small way, is helping move people in that forward direction. The trp is simply a popularity rating, when a show is brave and addresses topics that some people will find uncomfortable, obviously it isn’t going to be as popular but that doesn’t matter when there are such important messages being delivered.

        If, as your name suggests, you are a woman, then you should already know all of this. Women not only in India but around the world are in a much better position today than they were historically. It is because of positive changes brought about by people question what had always happened before, that we can vote, work, chose our
        husbands, etc etc etc But there is still a long way to go and I for one will always support anything that helps do this.

        If you don’t like the show, fine, don’t watch it. There are plenty to chose from. But never judge it simply by its trp.

        I hope that makes sense.

  21. Again false trp?

    1. Low trip,makes me wonder what’s going on.

    2. High trp does not a god show make methinks!

  22. Renu, u asked about me and I m here. Actually my internet connection was over, so couldn’t comment and also my exams r going on. I was studying just now but took a break and came here to comment. Thanks for remembering me dear.

  23. I think the one who commented mishal raheja’s name is not he. I can’t believe it and how can u all. Did u all forget that we can use anyone’s name and comment here. But leave it. If it’s real then mishal raheja I m sorry but we can’t believe anyone as we have many times got like this false comments.
    If u r mishal raheja then plz reply back as we r a die hard fans of u and eisha singh.

    1. Hi Louella,welcome back . You have to put your e mail in to comment so shouldn’t the Moderator know if its a virus//troll .Let’s ask HIM……???!?

    2. Hi Louella

      How are you? I agree it’s probably not him, but it could be. Also, the name said M.R actor, and we all assumed it was our M.R the actor. But it could be anyone. Whatever, if it’s him, cool, if it’s. It him, cool. He knows we all love the show. I’m pretty sure there is a little worker bee at either Colors or filmfarmin who goes through all these sorts of sites and reports back.

      And some actors do find the time to reply. For example Garima Vikrant who plays Dulaari ma seems to acknowledge tweets. So it is possible that MR sees these. But either way, our love for the show is unconditional, henna?

      1. florentina moldovan

        nimisha, agree!!!! i am sure it was Mishal and i am sure it was Eisha in october or when it was….she said something important and people could not imagine till then…

  24. @ u didn’t hurt or offend me. Ur response was not clear enough. I didn’t see ur fb name there. Anyways, if u intend saying it I’m waiting for ur fb name buh if not no problem

    1. @ aish this is for you [email protected]

  25. @sujie, I’m fine and u

    1. i am fine too aish….

  26. I don’t know if the comment done by MR is done by Mishal himself or any fake comment… i poured my heart in excitement….if that is not by Mishal then…… i will hope to see his comment one day…and if its really real…then would be grateful to him …… for his love for viewers of IKRS…..
    we rock…. 🙂

  27. good afternoon everyone. Hope you’re all having a great Thursday so far.

    I replied on the previous page to some of you before I realised that we were on the newer comments next page. Sorry.

  28. Thank you to the moderator peeps here today, my posts are appearing in super quick time.

    Love it. ???

  29. I don’t know if it’s mishal or not..
    from the message I felt it could be him. . somebody on his behalf also. . its a very general message. . n I m sure he will not see our reply. .. I just felt like sharing my displeasure with colors n love for ikrs so I did. .

    1. Hi again Saras. Will there be dancing at the dinner tonight? Trying to decide between heels and flats. Xxx

      1. sure there will be singing n dancing tooo. .
        in that olv video mishal has told they have shot two song sequences anyway. ..
        you can wear heels too but make sure you don’t slip like kanak -:))

      2. Excellent. I’ll wear flats then. I find heels so uncomfortable.

        My dancing is a bit ermmmm mad, so might be a good idea to move ornaments outta the way ?

  30. Well nimmy weather dancing ornot. But i have to wear heels in sari. I don’t like sari in flats, just my perception?so u chose yr comfort level as i an used to heels ha ha.

    1. Hey Renu, I feel in a dancing singing mood.

      Btw , I saw you on the TPK thread. I got int that after the first trishakti epi with IKRS. Didn’t get into SSK though. SSK is always in the top 10 for trp ratings. Not high, but up there. Not my cup of tea really.

      How are you anyway, lovely? Hope all’s well with you.

      1. Thanks nimmy. I am ok rather have gained weigh sitting at home . well i do see tpk since beginning of the show i usedto watch SSK initially at inception of show approx 4 years ago but have not seen since 2 years

    2. Just out of interest, how tall are you?

      I’m not very tall, only 5’6″ but I tower over my sisters and mum and most of my extended family so I have always worn flat shoes as otherwise I feel too tall.


      1. Wow u have a good rather beautiful height which i have always yearned for. I am too short just 5feet 1 inch

      2. Hi Renu. It’s funny how we all have different ideas. I always yearned to be 5’9″

  31. worst serial i hv ever seen in my career. faltu show

    1. If you click home at the top of this page Suman, you’ll see lots and lots of other shows. Hope you find something you do like. Good luck.

      1. nimisha you are awesome. ..nobody else guided suman better.. I m sure suman will never come back to this page ever again..

      2. Speechless good reply nimisha mam

      3. Sanjana, pleeeease call me just Nimisha or nim or nimmy or Misha or whatever. I truly don’t deserve the Mam bit

      4. Saras, just following our lovely louella’s instructions of replying positively to the people who come here to slate the show or any of us.

        If Suman really doesn’t like the show, fair enough. It doesn’t take away from the fact that we all love it.


      5. Great rply nimisha ??
        Hope she will find sumthng of her choice?

  32. Hi Louella baby good to have u back. Good luck for yr exams.

  33. saw the precap again. . s shalu haa sindoor on. . so did she marry raja secretly? ?? Good for vidhani .. kanak ji aap bhee kisi ameer aadmise secretly shaadi karke vida hojaayiye ayodhase…
    aap ki bidayipe humsab zaroor shhamik honge

  34. florentina moldovan

    friends, i want Shalu marry Raja and the other meet Raj lakshmi!!!!! she deserves a good man!

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