Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the goons asking Viplav and Dhaani to open the door else they will break it. Viplav opens them and makes them fall down. The crazy goons fight with Viplav. Viplav picks their sword and asks them to let them leave, and says they are stuck there. He holds Dhaani’s hand and leaves after locking the door. Kamini calls someone and asks him to find Viplav fast. She thinks she will make Dhaani’s life hell if Viplav gets even a scratch because of her. Viplav and Dhaani are running. A goon says they must have gone there and goes. Viplav and Dhaani comes out of PCO. Dhaani asks why did you fight with them. If anything would have happened to you. This is not film and you are not here. If anything would happen to you then. Viplav says nothing has happened. He says if I tell the

same thing. He says you didn’t think about yourself and thought to go. Dhaani says I was managing alone since 5 years, she says I would have died if they kill me, who cares. Viplav says it was your decision to stay far from me, but you was alive with me all these years. He says I would have died if they have kill me, why you are caring? The hear the goon voice and runs. Viplav sees the car with its keys and asks her to sit. He tries to start the car. The goons come there and says beat them.

Viplav starts the car and drives it while the crowd follow them. They reach Dhaani’s house. Viplav opens the car’s door and make her get down. Dhaani thanks him and tries to walk off, but her pallu is stuck with his mangalsutra bracelet. Dhaani looks emotional. Ishq Ka Rang plays…………………….Dhaani frees her pallu with Viplav’s help. Dhaani sees Parshiya coming and calls him. Parshiya asks where did you go? We all were worried. Dhaani says she is fine and asks about Dulaari and Vidha. Parshiya says I was with me and says they got worried. He says I searched you everywhere. Dhaani says I couldn’t call you because of no network. Vidha comes out with Dulaari. Dhaani hugs Dulaari and asks are you fine. Dulaari thanks Viplav for bringing Dhaani safely. Viplav says you are making me feel bad. He says it was good that we were together when riots happened. Dulaari asks him to come inside and have tea. Viplav says no, and says I didn’t call anybody till now. My family must be tensed too.

Vidha tells Dhaani that she was missing her. Dulaari says I was praying for you and prayed that an angel should save you. Dhaani recalls Viplav protecting her from goons and his fight with them. A fb is shown. Dhaani gets teary eyes. Kamini calls Kanak and says Viplav returned because of your prayers. She ends the call and tells him that she is happy as he returned back to her. She says you was stuck because of that Dhaani. He sees him lost in thinking and gets angry. She goes from there. Viplav thinks about Dhaani asking him not to try to take her advantage, and saying that everything is changed. A fb is shown of the same.

Next morning, Viplav comes to Dhaani’s house. Dhaani opens the door and asks what do you want? Why did you come here? Viplav says I need answers for my questions. He says I will go from here after taking the answers only. Dhaani asks him to go. Viplav asks her to answer his questions. He asks what happened after Ashram fire incident and what compelled her to leave her. Dhaani recalls Viplav saying he did a mistake and Kamini manipulating his words. A fb is shown. Dhaani asks him to go. Viplav says I will not go, and can wait here all my life, waiting for your answer. Dhaani asks why did you come back in my life and troubling me. Go from here. Viplav says I have pain in my heart since he saw her which you can’t see. Dhaani asks him to stop seeing her. Parshiya comes there and sees them together. He is about to go. Dhaani asks him to stop and says this is your house and you are my husband. He asks her to stay back. Viplav doubts on him and says husband has to make him remember of his status. Dhaani asks Viplav to go. Viplav refuses. Dhaani says there is disturbance here and asks Parshiya to come. She looks at Viplav and asks Parshiya to come.

Parshiya nods and goes. He asks why you are……Dhaani says much work is pending and says they have to work hard now. She says God don’t like my happiness and asks Parshiya to check the calculations. Parshiya says I will do, asks her not to take tension and says Viplav must have left by now. Dhaani says I know him better, he will not go. Kamini calls Lawyer (strange, she is a lawyer herself). Lawyer says your husband is not officially divorced his first wife and asks her to get them divorced. He says he will get the papers ready. Kamini says she will think and reply them. Viplav thinks Dhaani is inside and he is waiting for her. Dulaari asks what are you doing? He says I am waiting for Dhaani. Dulaari says I am thankful to you, but please go away from here. She is very much tensed because of you. Viplav says nobody cares for me. He says can’t you see my pain and asks her to tell. Dulaari asks do you want to drink tea? Viplav says no and asks her to tell Dhaani to come out. He asks why she is doing drama when she knows that I will not go.

Dhaani comes and says I asked you to go. She asks Dulaari to tell him to leave. Viplav says I need an answer and then leave. Dhaani says okay, I will leave. Viplav asks Dulaari to call Dhaani inside. Dulaari says you both are stubborn and asks him to solve the matter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. maha

    Previous two episodes were so lovey dovey? today’s episode was super duper.. dhani pallu stuck with his mangalsutar wow? .. viplav’s stubborn nature and attitude is mind blowing .. his expressions are ufff? sab ko peechy chorr diya?? .. ikrs is becoming interesting day by day?

    How are u all .. enjoying ikrs .. Good?
    Maria areeb and nisha hope ur fasts are going good
    Louella and swetha hope ur schools are going good
    Arshi all the best for ur exams.. study hard!!

  2. Renu

    Today viplavs expressions while leaving dhani at her home n then taking out her sarispallu from his wrist n finally at her home when he wanted dhani to answers back was really awesome; mind blowing n killer ones. Iam sure sujie today u eould love him far far more than ever.?

  3. Renu

    Though it was surprising to see a car parked with open doors n keys inside but then everything is possible in a series. It was good as long as vidhàni was saved.

  4. Renu

    It was indeed amusing when viplav said what sought of husband is parshiya if he needs to be reminded ??

  5. Renu

    It was really good to see viplav lost in dhanis thought n avoiding VK. Best was when she went out of frustration leaving him slone.??

    • Nimisha

      Lol Renu.

      I feel like doing that when I see her. ???

      When she talks I wanna punch her harder and for longer.


  6. Renu

    That lawyer suggesting about divorce papers to vk hope itvis the last plañ of hers yo separate vidhani.

  7. Lara


    |Registered Member

    Guyz i have a news for all esha’s fans if u dont watch ek tha raja ek thi rani then start watching it bcz esha is gonna be in the show very soon

  8. Renu

    It was real heartening to hear viplav saying to dhani that to stay away gor 5 years was yr decision . Fot me u were slive in every moment. Wakd up dhani pl think.

  9. vaishnavi

    oh dhaani pls ab bata bhi do vipu ko ki tumne use kyon chooda bechara tadap raha hain sach janne ke liye

    • maha

      Yes vaishnavi viplav is in soo much pain now dhani should tell everything..
      When viplav said no one is seeing my pain.. oh that was the sad scene even we can see pain in his eyes .. his face is revealing pain but dhani can’t see it .. all are thinking about themselves instead of resolving misunderstandings they are dragging it?? ..
      But both are doing marvellous acting.. enjoying every bit of it?

  10. SARAS

    even after today’s episode if dhani remains adamant means she is in need of some treatment. ..

  11. Nimisha

    Thanks for the update H Hasan xxx

    Renu, lived your update on the previous thread! Very good! ??????

    So Renu has basically covered all the bits I loved about the show.

    Parshiya is awesome. His expressions when he was telling Dhani off and also when he walked in on Viplav and Dhani were brilliant. Aanshul did concerned friend to feeling awkward brilliantly.

    Loved when Viplav was pleading with Dulaari to please tell him or to get Dhani, and she asked him if he,d like a cuppa with a slightly cheeky, I’m trying to distract you look. And Viplav looking exasperated. That scene made me lol! Garima and MIshal awesome in that.

    The fight scene was brilliant. Viplav taking control. Loved that he offered his hand and Dhani took it. Then when they were looking for a way out outside the way he kept turning but never letting go of her hand. Soo lovely and protective of him.

    When he dropped her back and Parshiya started telling Dhani off, Viplavs, see! Look was very good. He just there quietly listening while Parshiya repeated what he’d been saying in the barn.

    The Mangal sutra moment was so good as Dhani actually recognised it for the first time it seemed.

    Viplav arriving to get answers was another fab scene, in that recent interview he said purana Viplav would be back and he was with a stubborn bang today. Loved that he said he won’t leave until she talks to him. I hope he stands his ground.

    When he said to her that it was go her decision to raise Vidha by herself was so glad as she needed to hear that. I’m not sure why Dhani can’t tell him, maybe it’s too painful for her to say what she saw, she’s been replaying it over and over for 5 years and no matter how tough she pretends to be that she is over him, in reality she really isn’t. Violav did hurt her and he did tell her that he made a mistake marrying her, but what she head wasn’t Viplav it was Kam and even though when she has that flashback and she sees that, she still feels incredibly hurt by Viplav. So so sad.

    Lovely Precap with Viplav holding Vidha and still waiting for Dhani to come out.

    We saw kam and the lawyer talking about the divorce… I dint understand that. I thought the was a 7 year thing which would make Kam’s marriage to him null and void. Also when she said mera Viplav at one point I thought never, not even in your dreams.

    Why did the lawyer say that if Viplav divorced his first wife Kam’s marriage would be stronger.. Is Viplavs second marriage not dead in the water now Dhani is back… ???

    Anyway, I started saying I agree with all of Renu’s points and don’t have much to add, and
    here I am after 70000 words and still going! Lol! ????

    Hope everyone’s had A lovely day! Xxxx

    • Renu

      Oh nimmy luv u. Was just about to shout out for U ?annie ?ola ?yetty n ?porkodi n here u are. Long life dear. ???

      • Nimisha

        Hey Renu, we were posting at the same time. They appeared writhing a minute of each other.

        I was thinking of you too. So long life to you too lovely!

        Love you too ???

  12. Renu


  13. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Fantabulous episode?? Loved it totally and madly❤
    The first bits where Viplav fought with the goons and when he offered the hand and she took it was lovely?
    Just loved the part where Dhani says if something would have happened to you? Viplav keep  hurting yourself a bit..maybe then she will realise and accept that fact that she still loves you a lot? I am loving the way they fight?uselessly..?anytime..anywhere.. Viplav telling her to be quiet as he dont want to fight with her while they were running from the goons was awesome?? When Dulaari offered him tea and he said no he will leave but he was continuously looking at Dhani that moment? as he knew she wont like it? or expected something to be said from her side?

    And when they were missing each other..Dhani as how he saved her..And viplav thinking about her words..? “Vidha” is just Superb??

    Dhani ziddi and Viplav usse bhi ziddi..i am loving it seriously???
    And i literally had tears in my eyes? when Viplav was pleading Dulaari and saying cant you see my pain?? Awww viplav lots of hugss to you?? How can they be so stone hearted??? Dulaari you were thanking him for saving her daughter. It wasnt the first time actually that he saved her. Cant you once tell him why dhani hate him as a gratitude to him?? Again that filthy flashback was a must today? I had my eyes close down? Enough is enough han✋ Stop showing it✋

    I am speechless now? Actually every time… Mishal Raheja is beyond perfection❤ The part where he was standing alone out and saying Dhani how can you do it? You know i wont go without getting your answers..he looked so amazing ??
    And then Dulaari coming and asking him if he would like to have tea to divert him was funny?? and then a sudden reaction by Viplav. He has come to ask for answers yaar, why dont you give him????

    The funniest part of todays episode was when Viplav said “Kesa pati hai..jise baar yaad dilana padta hai ki wo pati hai..” ???? Hahaha he knows you arent married Dhani
    Parshiya understands everything. He knows Dhani is sad and therefore wants her to talk to Viplav but Dhani mam is very happy to give pain to Viplav and get herself too???

    Ohhhh how can i forget to mention kamini today?? Love the way Viplav dont give a damn to her.?? She really needs to be here to give us bit funny moments? He was so engrossed with Dhani’s words completely capturing his mind❤ Kamini had to leave him with Dhani’s memories? Dhani saree stuck with her mangalsutra. And yeah she recognised it i guess. Reminded of the scene exactly 5 years back when Dhani’s saree stuck in jeep. The same music..same situation…Viplav leaving her to her home. But yess this time it wont be to break the relation but to unite the broken relations??

    Sanjeeda is at her best when she is shocked or surprised i feel?? Ohh Dhani was so shocked to see Viplav at her door? I feel Dhani will be manipulated easily by Kamini and she is gonna sign divorce papers and then again Viplav is going to force her to tell why she hates him. The question is why Dhani dont tell him the truth? Whats The main reason behind it??
    Parshiya and Dulaari please help Viplav..Please.. He needs you. ??
    Either Dhani needs to say the truth or Viplav needs to figure out everything himself soooon.. Otherwise its going to irritate us more. I am loving it but everything in excess is harmful.

    • Nimisha

      Hey Arshu. Great LONG post! Love it! I feel my work here is done. I have handed over the long post baton to you and a few others, ???

  14. Renu

    Pethushree in your ff eisha is an angel n saves viplav but here vi0lav is an angel.n saves dhani?☺

  15. Lara


    |Registered Member

    I m soo sorry bcz zee tv doesnt come in my tv so i watch it in geo kahani and it hasnt reached the current track i m again very sorry

    • Renu

      Hi amisha on being asked if u wud take dhani home viplav laughed out n said to take dhani home!! Is she a packed biryani.??

  16. Loveleen

    Episode is good but I really hope they don’t drag this a lot more…Dhani not telling the truth…I hope she tells him.

  17. shanitics

    Thanksss to Hassan mam?

    Viplav fighting ? a good fight

    I just wonder how in serials leads always get a car which is having a key in it..?

    Dulaari maai is soo good in today’s episode

    Soo again ishq ishq song ? for sanjeeda-mishal jodi.. Seems to be first time,is it???

    Vidhu.. Is looking cutie.. Bye bye ? Rakshas uncle ??

    Viplav in white dress ?
    Red ? Viplav is simply ??

    When Viplav asked Dhaani to tell I was like tell Dhani.. Or else I will tell Dhaani

    Keisa pathi hai Jo usse pathi hone dilane ka yaad…. Superb dialogue?

    Stubborn Viplav… Viplav is too good in Today’s episode!!

    In short today’s epi side was ziddi episode

    • Kavitha


      |Registered Member

      Hi swetha gud mrg u ask names of viplav n they used to
      Viplav ; rakshas,vakeel saheb,vakeel babu,pyaara rakshas, called by dhaani.
      Dhaani; shikayat ki pudiya,nakchadi ladki,rajkumariji,maharanisaheba,parvathi,dhaani viplav tripati, called by viplav.
      Guys if any other names are there that I missed used by both vidhaani.
      But few names caller by other characters like dadi,DT,KT,dulhaari n others.

  18. SARAS

    Good morning friends. ..

    oh cutie vidha…. so adorable. . viplav carries her so cutely is a test to siul y can’t idiot dhani see their comfort with each other n soften a bit? ??

    stuck with one fb?? he has told n proved ample times how much he loves her n what she means to him. ..
    still stuck with sane fb???

    Please makers next time woke showing that clip please mute it..sick n tired of same words. .

  19. Kavitha


    |Registered Member

    Hi frnds renuji,anneji,arshi,nimisha,swetha,latha,
    saranyasaranya,lakshmi,and all ikrs lovers,and all silent leaders.

  20. Kavitha


    |Registered Member

    Frnds I I saw video of vidhaani iv that was very interesting in that mishal says she is not old dhaani she don’t know about past she is new one n she have memory loss he comments on her.
    I think mishal too dam missing old dhaani aka eisha even he toooo know that their jodi made sensation on TV screen.but he can’t express openly I think how sad na frnds.

    • Renu

      Yes kavi i too saw it n was about to write it m loved the way he said dhani has a memory loss. How can she answer my question as shr is not old but nrw dhani.??

    • Porkodi


      |Registered Member

      May be he too miss eisha… but he is happy with sanjeedha also… Loved their conversation in that video…

    • Nimisha

      I saw that as the total opposite. I thought he was supporting her and saying she’s not the old Dhani probably because soooo many people are still banging on and on about Eisha coming back. Not here but on IF and Twitter. To me he sounded a bit fed up at the question. I think he even said its a ninsense question. He seemed defensive probably because he is aware of what’s been and is still going on.

      That’s how I saw it. Mind you that’s how I feel so maybe I saw it that way for that reason.

      It was a really good interview and they both seem comfortable together.

  21. eshani

    Good morning ppl….
    Episode was super viplav’s stubborn behaviour was super y don’t dhani jus tel d truth….viplav is adamant on knowing d truth….saree getting stuck was awesome with d amazing BG song remember that was d last scene of thy both together when he went to drop her to ashram

    Kamini part was super she doesn’t knw wht to do love seeing her like this

  22. Renu

    Good morning eshani. Yesterday’s episode was good except for VK OR CK PART (VILLAIN KAMINI OR CHUDAIL KAMINI )?

    • Nimisha

      Agree Renu, except I actually love love love watching Viplav totally ignore her. I almost expect her eyes to roll back in her head, and steam to come out of her ears, and then wish for her to go pfft but she never does.

      The scene where she’s on the phone, yep agree, spoils the episode. She is like e dementor and sucks the life out of me! Grrrr!

  23. Sujie


    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone….
    Wish you all a lovely day family ???
    I watched the episode …and was so engrossed in my Mishal that I forgot to comment….. ????????

    • Nimisha

      Hey Sujie. Hope you’re well,

      Are you off to study abroad soon? Sorry if you’ve already told me but missed a few days on here.


  24. Sujie


    |Registered Member

    It seems if makers are short of any other flashback scenes…. That’s why they are showing that annoying flashback again and again…..
    Dhaani stop being so adamant….. And please iss baar Kaamini ke jhaase mein matt aana…I’m telling you……

    After watching the episode I realised Kaamini might have cleared the exam by cheating…..for her the meaning of LLB should be LATAK LATAK KE BARELY PASSED …. That is passed with great difficulty…… And the reason is simple …she was always busy in planning and plotting …..wondering who made her a lawyer…. ???

    • Nimisha

      That flashback is the reason she’s not talkin though.

      We have had a few other lovely ones, but this is the key ‘thing, at the moment.

      As for kam, I suspect Dhani will sign the stupid papers out of frustration at Viplav, to get rid of him as he is being so stubborn at the moment, just how he knows kam is behind it.. Come on makers, NO MORE blind Viplav.

      He ignored her yesterday and was disappointed that when she said thank god you’re safe, this was all that Dhani’s fault, that he didn’t blow up at her! But he was lost in his own thoughts.

      Just hope they talk soon, or at least Dhani does
      And hope kam is exposed and that Viplav gives her hell
      And that then kam dies, In a horrible painful way!

      By the way I asked in my long post, but it might have got missed ???

      What about the 7 year thing making Viplavs second marriage null and void???

      • Renu

        Hi nimmy tryly agree to your views specially the vk part. ? legally as per hindu marriage act the couple cant marry second time without divorce or if both of them are alive . Its possible if there is a demise of any one of them. I know that if a lady dies within 7 yrs of marriage then it can be a criminal case against the hubby. In this case i doubt viplav had got their marriage registered n they dont have a proof either viz no photograph no witness means they r not legally married. Had their marriage been legal then viplavs second marriage cud land him in trouble. Here the cvs r contradicting as when the marriage isnot legal then there is no question of divorce n if cvs show a flash back narrating viplav getting his marriage registered then automatically his marriage with Vk is invalid then of course divorce is must.

      • Nimisha

        But the lawyer on the phone to kam seemed to imply that Dhani and Violav are married, legally as otherwise, if it hadn’t been registered, there would be no need for the divorce….?????

        The makers dealt with the same issue for raja and shallus wedding being void, so is it something to do with the fact that he,s been living with kam for a while???

        Agree that it’s a contradiction, by the makers.

        Thanks so much Renu for clarifying this for me. ???????

      • Saraswathi.j

        I know one real case of divorce ,there is one couple girl is rich than boy ,they had a daughter,after her birth he developed that she is not his daughter etc….one fine day applied for divorce ,the girl told she was innocent she does,t want divorce,it startED 13 years back still the case is running ,if both wife and husband are willing as mutual divorce THERE is no problem if any one said no it is highly impossible to get divorce…

  25. Renu


    • Ade1111


      |Registered Member

      Well Said Renu
      Agree with everything you said I can see the passion of everyone on the forum and that’s what make it special and if Simi don’t want to read personal comment just move on to the next comment.

    • SARAS

      Well said renu..
      I too wanted to tell Simi the same thing. .
      The point simi pointed out was tu will object to personal communication.. I wanted to tell her our comments go thru mideration.. if they find it not appropriate they will not post it. .
      so we need not bother abou “may object “.. .. so simi just chill don’t worry. .

  26. Ade1111


    |Registered Member

    I think in my opinion it’s time they start revealing some secrets and they are prolonging this issues between them for so long am getting fed up of seeing the same flashback in almost all the episode since the leap think it’s time for a new flashback maybe remind Viplav of what he said while dropping Dhanni at Ashram and maybe Dhanni can just remember some good things Viplav have done for her. As much as am loving the show am also getting irritated at the same time for how long do we have to wait and watch someone like Kamini getting away with so much rubbish. Think it’s time they hear the story up a bit and start telling us what has happened in the last 5 years and am sure they will see a rise in TRP
    But just you guys know it’s just my Opinion.
    I love this show and want to see it back in the top shows as for me here in the London it’s the best show on Colours and the actors are working so hard.

    • Renu


      • Nimisha

        It’s definitely a manipulated TRP game!

        I watch a few and I really don’t understand it al all!!!

        TPK! Had a gorilla recently.. I mean…really. And Kasam hasn’t moved on in terms of the story for months and months. I enjoy both but in my own chart they would never be at the top. IKRS has such a good story, complex layers and amazing characters, but the TRP’s are so low.

        Would love to know how these TRPs are calculated. Are they boxes in poeples homes that monitor what they watch?

        Also, lots of people watch from outside India, so are there any online sites which get included in these calculations? I know if you watch in India HotStar is used to track nUmbers watching.

        Just curious.

  27. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Simi I m sorry to ask but what’s your problem if we chat also? If moderators don’t have no problem then why u? Plz don’t mind me asking. As Renu di said till when u will not become a part of this family, u will not understand anything! Sorry if I have hurt u

  28. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Yesterday I had a dream in which Kamini was walking on the road. Suddenly a man with a bicycle started following her. He was going to hit her but Kamini ran. She went on running and the man kept on chasing her. It was a superb scene yaar! Then comes Parshiya! He sees Kamini running with the man chasing her. He thinks this Kamini is such a characterless person! Yesterday she was with Viplav and today with this man. Kamini calls him for help but then parshiya goes ignoring her. This was the funniest dream I ever had!

    The second dream was about Mishal and Vidha coming in my house. They came in my house. I was going to talk to them but my Granny woke me up to go for school! I was so angry but the first dream made me happy! Kamini dream was really very funny for me.. I was smiling in my sleep while seeing this! Aise sapne roz mujhe aate rahe!

  29. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Yesterday’s episode was ok ok. Vidha was again so cute!! She was for a short span but then too loved her!

    Viplav is best!! Very good Viplav! Tit for tat! Dhaani is being stubborn so Viplav too is doing the same. Mishal ur expressions were just so cute. I even had your dreams yesterday along with Vidha and Kamini. For the first time I loved Kamini because of my If u didn’t understand then just read my comment above!

    Sanjeeda’s acting was ok ok. She is becoming better.. Parshiya is also good. But Parshiya if u r truly in love with Dhaani then plz sacrifice your love for her. True love is when we sacrifice for our love. I hope u will do this. At least there will be one more smart person in the whole drama!

    This Kamini is a lawyer? She doesn’t look so. I thought she is only a But why did she call the lawyer inspite of being a lawyer herself. Instead of Dhaani she needs the divorce papers to sign. Viplav will be so happy that He will sign the papers on the road

    Precap is very interesting. Let’s see who wins in being the most stubborn. Very excited.

      • Renu

        Yup nimmy actually real charity or donation is when u don’t tell similarly true love is when u shower upur everything vz Time; wealth health emotions etc on the other person u love at your will n not as a sacrifice the moment u think u r sacrificing ot means TRUE LOVE IS VAPOURISED N IT IS MERE OBLIGATION. SNYWSYS DEAR ITS PHILOSOPHY N U DONT NEED TO UNDERSTAND AT YOUR AGR. ??

      • Nimisha

        Renu, I know what you meant! ???

        Louella is too young sometimes for some of the things she says. Amazing really!

        BUt, Louella, I think you should be playing, running around on the grass in bare feet, hanging upside down and laughing so loud that it makes your mums ears ring, colouring, reading, learning and basically having LOTS of fun! That’s what I was Like at 12. Don’t grow up too fast lovely! Enjoy being young and free and happy! I am old enough to be your mum and that’s exactly what I hope my two will be like at 12. I also wouldn’t let them watch IKRS, as I think it’s way too negative sometimes esp for my daughter who is 8. I don’t want her to think it’s acceptable the way women are portrayed, you know?

        You’re way more mature than my two will be. I am doing everything I can to ensure they say as young as possible for as long as possible. If that makes sense.

        I think you’re amazing, just don’t grow up too fast. Xxx

      • Nimisha

        And agreed, Parshiya is a good example. He loves Dhani selflessly and does what he can to help her, and does it without any expecatation of anything in return. Think I have a small crush on him too. ????

  30. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Maha happy to see u back commenting. Well my school is going superb and happy to know your fasts r going well. May God help u always to complete your fasts.

  31. Mariyam123


    |Registered Member

    Renu di I m here. I slept yesterday and today I had school so couldn’t comment. I m going to do my homework now.

    Bye everyone and take care.


  32. Angel20


    |Registered Member

    Yesterday’s episode was awesome except VK
    Everything was perfect
    Viplav saying “Yeh kaisa pati hai jise yaad dilana padta hai ki vo pati hai”??
    Vidhu was so cute?? but more than that Mishal was looking? hot?
    VK preparing divorce papers! I guess she should prepare her and Viplav’s divorce papers?
    Dhaani please tell the truth! I guess really makers don’t have any other flashback’s because in those fb’s Eisha was there?
    Can’t see Viplav in pain?? but his acting drives me crazy☺☺

  33. Kavitha


    |Registered Member

    Hey Louella ur dream was too funny yaar.parsia thinks yesterday she waas with viplav today with is person was too funny n I wish ur mishal dream come true for u.any keep dreaming ikrs all the best.

  34. Ade1111


    |Registered Member

    Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Viplav (Mishal Raheja) questions Dhani (Sanjeeda Sheikh) about past five years, reveals his-Kamini’s relationship truth
    The upcoming episode will show that Viplav had managed to drop Dhani safely home from Mumbai riots and endangers his life for Dhani.
    Viplav now wants to get reason behind Dhani’s not return to him after accident, tries to ask Dhani.
    Viplav questions Dhani about it but she refuses to answer, Viplav instigates Dhani so much that she bursts out.
    Dhani reveals that he was saying their marriage a mistake and was getting closer to Kamini that why she left them forever.
    Viplav reveals truth
    Viplav is shocked knowing this and tries to explain it to Dhani, but fails as Dhani is crying and not listening to him.
    Viplav finally reveals that he don’t love Kamini but is running a fake relationship and don’t love Kamini.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.
    Hope it’s true this would be very exciting

    • Nimisha

      How cool is this!!!

      THanks OLA! You’ve made my day!

      It says upcoming epi so wonder if it means today.

      So excited to see Dhani blurt something out! Anything is better than her nothingness! JUst hope she listens, or someone else hears and tells her when she’s calmed down!


      And! OMG!!! Viplav will be told finally and will know about kam! I hope she tells him that kam told her! ??????????????????

      And i hope this happens before she tries the divorce trick on Dhani.

  35. Renu

    Wow ola ? means dhani eould burst out the reason. Hurray. .now it seems to be interesting looking forward to see it. Thks a ton dear.?

  36. Pooja

    Friend’s is that true – dhanni gonna tell the truth ah.. at last let something happen.
    Adee111 thanks..
    What about today’s episode… ?!

  37. Ade1111


    |Registered Member

    I know it’s very exciting I can’t wait go watch it???????? hopefully Viplav can then kill Kamini ???

  38. Saraswathi.j

    July 1st episode is nice quiet funny Dhaani fall into the trap of Viplav in the precap we will wait for tomorrow,s episode

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.