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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath coming to meet Tripurari and looks angrily. Tripurari irks him and asks him to have parathas. Dasharath goes angrily. Tripurari laughs. Dhaani asks Suwarna if she has changed the CD when she came to Ashram. Suwarna asks why she and her husband are blamed always whenever something wrong happens or when Viplav loses any case. She says Tripurari has changed. I haven’t changed the CD. Suwarna says you people were my best friends and I thought you both as my family, but you think me as a liar and theif. She asks Dhaani to think what she wants to think, and says our way is different now. I will not give you any more explanations. She goes. Dhaani says who have taken that CD.

Kanak talks to Tripurari and asks him not to ask CD. She disconnects the call and

says you have a habit of recording voice, and says she will use the CD against him. Viplav comes and calls her. Kanak puts saree on the CD.. Viplav asks you seems to be worried. Kanak asks him to have food first and asks him to go. Viplav looks at the saree and tries to lift it, but Kanak says she will lift the saree. She sends him out, then she hides the CD. Suwarna tells Durga that Dhaani doubted on her. Durga says she is very nice. Tripurari asks why she praises Dhaani, and says Dhaani will support Viplav as she is going to marry him. Suwarna says my husband is right for me and I can go to any extent to save him. Tripurari thinks Suwarna have come on right track now.

Viplav is tensed and thinks about Tripurari’s words that the person planning Shambu’s murder is Dasharath’s family member. He thinks Kanak is hiding something from him and wonders what? Viplav comes to her room and searches for CD in her room in the box where she has hidden the CD. Kanak asks what you are searching? Viplav apologizes and says my mind is not working. Dasharath asks why you are tensed? What is the matter? Viplav apologizes to him also. He says I have done a big mistake and apologizes again. Viplav says few things are not going from his mind and tells that he found Dasharath’s phone today. He says he thought he is hiding something. He says he felt Kanak is also hiding and apologizes.

Kanak says you are thinking that Babu ji or I are involved in your dad’s death. She asks him to look at himself and says you are doubting on your family. You are saying in Dhaani’s tongue, and says do you feel Shalu or Sushma can kill Shambu. She acts and cries……Viplav says I said that my mind is not supporting me. Sushma says Kanak and Dasharath can’t do this and asks why he is believing on Tripurari’s words. Kanak says you are doubting on your family because of him. Dasharath asks him not to worry and hugs him. He says you haven’t done any crime. Viplav says Maa said right…how can I doubt on my family? I want to be alone for sometime. Sushma calls him, but he leaves. Kanak acts to cry.

Viplav is seen in the temple area. Dhaani comes there and calls him. Viplav says I did a mistake by doubting on my family and telling them about Tripurari’s words. He apologizes to her also. Dhaani says it is okay. Viplav asks her to punish him. Dhaani asks if he has gone mad? Viplav says I am feeling incompetent to get love. He says he wants to stay alone for sometime and get some peace. He says he will leave this city for few days. Dhaani says Tripurari has played game with you and wanted you to doubt on your family. He wanted to break you mentally, but I won’t let him succeed. I will be with you always. She asks him to come to Ashram, to celebrate happiness for something. Kanak searches for the CD and wonders where did it go? Viplav didn’t get it then where it is? Dasharath comes and shows the CD. He says you would have showed some intelligence and kept it at safest place, so that I don’t get it. He says I know that you will do any mistake. He puts her hand in the box, and says your and Tripurari’s secret is with me now. He warns her and says I will not leave you. Kanak looks on angry.

Kanak brings laddoo and makes Dasharath have it. She tells him that she might have mixed something in it. Dasharath is shocked. Bijli calls Viplav and says she was forced to change the statement by Dhaani. Viplav is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. florentina moldovan

    hi guys! today i voted IKRS on tellytadka on best show launched in 2015! do not alow to be sad! I also falow the page Die hard fans of mishal raheja on fb! Come there and do something for our show!

  2. Hey Rajee,even this song ? is perfect for romance
    The song is :


    1. Yes perfect akshay!

  3. Hey Rajee don’t know what to say.u are amazing .u made my day.waiting for tommorow’s kamal.

    1. Hi saran! Thanx a lot.. Now I am going 4 voting.. So afterwards I will write my next.

  4. Plz, voten, voten, voten, for Ishq ka rang safed, best schou 2015, currently 1 place.

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    But where to vote ?

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    1. florentina moldovan

      Anne, hi to you! i voted a lot but….now is only 2nd place cause lot of our friends didn t know about this poll…sorry, i tried to bring here the link but the moderation didnt published it….i am very sad….i think i will not came here again soon….hugs for all my friends…you can find me on fb with this name, location Bistrita….

      1. why florentina. . Why are you leaving this page? plead don’t do that. ..keep commenting at least one or two pee day. .

    2. Honestly speaking I was happy when I saw IKRS at No.1 at least it came 1st and then later I saw IKRS at no.2 in te comments I became disappointed wen I checked tellytadka I realized the show at no.1 is also my fav, so I m quite confused which one to vote for as both r my fav

  8. colors always withdraws my favorite shows. . which were really good. .
    like’ na boke tum na maine kuch kaha’
    madhubala’ bani, rangrasiya etc..
    that’s why I m worried about ikrs..
    anyways ikrs has just started so b they will not (may not) off air it so soon..
    that mstsh neither has a Theme nor story.. neverending misunderstandings.. still people watch it god knows y..

  9. Gudmrng frnds.guys Go to telly tadka page,n vote for ikrs to make if best show of 2015.u can visit fb page of die hard fans of mishal raheha n der is d link.still more Dan 1000 votes needed to make it best show.we can do it together.

  10. Hi friends …good morning BR mam .Varsha .tamil.joyee .saranya.sara.sonu (sowmya).brity.ranaji.akshay.Jyoti .purple and rahul …. ?????..
    I heard that matsh end on 26 feb ..ranaji don’t be sad 🙂 …. watch ikrs ..much better than that ??????…
    Tum log itna off air ke bareme bat kar raha ho ..mujhe dar lag raha hae …stop thinking about that … ????
    many comments come …come on guys make it 350..???
    very sad for kapil sharma…I am a huge fan of him …don’t miss any episodes of cnwk …I saw comedy nights live yesterday …I don’t like it much …jada nautanki …. ????…hope this nautanki end soon …
    kapil uncle return plz but not in colors … he is best one can take his place in comedy ???????
    bye guys see you all in night ….just 14 days to go for my exam …I am dying in tension ?????

    1. Haha lol AM main toh tension main par Gaya tha isliye Maine Yeh post kiya tha but thanks to that comments increased 😛

  11. Hey guys I just checked out the tellytadka website, and when I read the comments I was disappointed that IKRS was 2nd but when I saw the show which was 1st I was happy as that is also my fav show. I don’t knw which one to vote for IKRS or that show as both r my favourites . You can check out the link here:
    Sorry, but I really like the show at no.1 a lot and IKRS equally that’s why 😛

  12. florentina moldovan

    Dear Sara, i comment almoust every day but lot of my comment do not cross the moderation or cross it too late…i feel like the moderation team doesn t like me… i explained my reasons but , again, they didnt publish…i feel very sad…

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      1. arrey rajee u made my day by saying my dear rk’s dialog. .”biwi tussi ja rahe ho tussi na jao”

  13. Am bro ,exam aur studies ka tension aur upar se off- air show hone ka tension.?

  14. kapil for sure was very good but off late cnwk had become monotonous. . sane type of how n looks like kapil had put on lot of head weight that’s not good for anyone. . success shouldn’t get into your head. .. ydays of cnl I too didn’t like much but krishna is also very good multi talented… got to wait for sometime. .
    I miss siddu n his shayari n thoko. ..

  15. Hey Florentine! Sent u friend req .plz accept but I have n’t uploaded my photo. Later on I will. Name is rajshree.

  16. Hey florinta,don’t leave yaar.we will miss u.pls.moderation makes me also mad but my love for IKRS and bond with my friends makes me coming here again and pls don’t leave.the good feeling we gets from here can never experience in other social networking don’t go.

  17. Good morning friends! I am back with one more scene…its the engagement episode of vidhani…
    Viplav welcomed his honewali patni & in laws offering sharbat.
    Viplav to dhani-“chhoo lene do najuk hothon ko,
    Kuchh aur nahin jaam hai yeh…”
    Then he did some ishare(signals) to dhani for a kiss.
    Viplav- “Zara sa jhoom loon mein”
    Dhani-“are na re baba na”
    Viplav-“aa tujhe chum loon mein”
    Dhani-“arre na re baba na”
    Kanak had same plan in her mind to insult dhani..she sent Viplav to her room 4 bringing her bangles..annoyed Viplav went 4 d bangles.
    Now the next seen reminded me of sholay where gabbar asked basanti to dance.

  18. So in this scene-
    kanak- gabbar,viplav- veeru,dhani-basanti

    Kanak to dhani- bahut nachaniya hai!!
    Oye chhamiya! Dui char thumka name bhi dikha de …
    ” ae chhori Zara nachke dikha,
    Zara thumka laga…”
    Dhani in her mind-” main naagin naagin, naagin naagin, naagin dance nachna”..

  19. Vipu returned & heard her momma asking dhani to dance..our small screen veeru motivated his basanti to take the challenge & praised her-
    ” o gori tera jhumka bada funky funky type da,
    O gori tera thumka bada kinky kinky type da,
    Katili Teri ankhiyan jaise nok nukili knife da,
    Kisi hit gaane pe Jo kamar matka degi toh ,
    Yeh dil banjayega shehzada,
    Har limit ki height pe chadhke ,
    Dance basanti…DDD dance basanti”

    1. rajee baas kaar yar u will kill me can’t stop laughing

    2. Rajee,my jaan hamari dosti pe kasam gha kar kehathi hoon,ham bangayi tumri fan.aare abhi tho party shuru huyi hai.baaki ka kamal jaladi hi aana waala hai.haina Rajshri?

  20. Vipu even included his dadaji in this performance by asking him to join dhani..DT acted as the DJ..
    Viplav to DT-“DJ wale mera gaana tu chalade,
    Thodi volume oonchi karke,
    Zara pace tu badhade…”
    Dhani stunned everyone with her graceful performance..
    Dhani to kt-” yeh duniya,yeh duniya pittal di,
    Yeh duniya pittal di…
    Baby doll mein sone di,
    Baby doll mein sone di…”

    Next scenes will b d swing scene after engagement & rain romance… Which one u want to read 1st…plz suggest…

  21. And frnds don’t worry ikrs will be always best in our TV shows so don’t think that ikrs will off air .so guys go on commenting. N just wait for vidhaanis success in viplavs father death case.n they marry without any issues.this my opinion till this happens pls go on watching older episodes of ikrs n enjoy.our show ikrs always rocks.

  22. Just imagine kanak dancing ? on naagin dance ? nachna song with tripurari.
    Lol ? I cant stop myself from laughing.

    1. Tomare mu mein ghee shakkar

  23. Namaste, let’go, vote, ????

  24. Finally ikrs on top…now I am taking a brk ..keep voting… Now time to concentrate on work. .bye for a short brk…

  25. Oh god this murder-ation…murdering my emotion..its more than an hour bt my comment not posted…

  26. florentina moldovan

    hi, my friends, i keep voting! So cool! increases even 6-7 votes one time! Rajee , i accepted you as my friend! thanks for finding me! A great hug to you and to all my family! Sara, Saranya, thank for your words, i ll be back but now i am busy with my vote! kiss you all!

    1. Thanx Florentina 4 accepting…but I must admit that I am almost inactive in fb..I only open to hv a look on my friend’s updates.. Its boring there…I love to b here more than there..

  27. Now ikrs is in top position. Keep voting to maintain dis position

  28. Hi frnds I saw the SBB news matsh Is going to end n ishani enters naagin as third kasam replaces matsh need not worry about ikrs show is on off air.this is not as that much possible. To end this show early.
    I want this show up to 1000 n above episodes. Let’s wait n watch

    1. Thanks a lot kavitha for the update… I m so relieved. …
      I liked kasams music. ..

  29. We r in first place now …….whenever I am having free time am trying to cast more vote for our IKRS………I request all of u to do the same…….

  30. Yes radha voting when free but bad thing is, this is the part 1 poll & part 2 yet to come.for part 2 poll it will b easy for voters as they will get a target to achieve….

    1. K Rajee…..I am keep voting voting….

  31. hi rahul…
    saw your reply just now sorry for the late reply. .
    see this kind of family problems do arise .. see rahul don’t go by any body’s opinion.. neither your parents note her parents. . you sir and think with your own mind n heart. ..

    if you have stopped replying to purple cos of your parents its definitely your mistake.. see sge is your would be wise your life partner.. you need to take her into confidence n tell her clearly the problem instead of running away. .

    I don’t know what’s the issue n y ur parents are advising you otherwise .. but I will recommend meet purple discuss with her the real issue..
    purple please meet rahul one n listen to him…
    if you really love each other I don’t see any reason why things can’t get sorted out.
    see rahul whomever you may marry this v kindv of friction of families boundv to crop so everytime you cannot run away from the situation n break the relationship. .. you have to be responsible enough to convince your parents/partner (whoever is wrong) about what’s wrong in their thinking ir doing. ..

    all the best dear takecare ..

  32. do you guys remember vipla said “bhagake le jaayenge tumhe” when dhani said kundli nahee milito???..
    how cute n nice expression…
    that’s the confidence n reassurance required in a relationship. .
    @rahul you also need to reassure purple about your commitment sans with purple. . with small wind relationship shouldn’t stumble. ..

  33. Guys not only voting in telly tadka an also comment in that page about ikrs because they can know y people like ikrs and y is in first place. Pls go n comment in telly tadka page. All ikrs fans go on soon.I did it so u also…..

  34. Everyone is so busy with voting that no one realized that our show crossed 300 comments here 😛 XD

  35. Ya joyee every one is busy with voting but now iam waiting for our another thinking iam eagerly waiting for the show.because
    Dhaani said viplav she have a good news,don’t know wat was that news.
    And knk gives laddu to DT if it was really poisoned r not iam really waiting eagerly.
    Guys any one give me this weeks spoiler. Am pls give this weeks spoilers Yaar iam don’t tolerate this tensions.

  36. Hi Sara r busy with voting pls go n comment in telly tadka page yaar.
    Not only Sara every one pls comment there yaar.then only ikrs wins the top position.

  37. A bad news for you guys…purple tried to commit suicide…she is admitted in hospital…..plz pray for her speedy recovery

    1. Oh my God, purple sis u will recover soon my wishes r always there with you

    2. Why? SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!.God will be with purple & heel her physically & mentally.

  38. Guys tell if mishal raheja done the film pyaar vyaar and all that,love story is that any short film wala hai.yaa alse movie tel me pls.

  39. People,IKRS is voted on first place. I’m so happy. 😀

  40. Pls anyone share me link where to vote yaar pls plssss

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