Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath coming to meet Tripurari and looks angrily. Tripurari irks him and asks him to have parathas. Dasharath goes angrily. Tripurari laughs. Dhaani asks Suwarna if she has changed the CD when she came to Ashram. Suwarna asks why she and her husband are blamed always whenever something wrong happens or when Viplav loses any case. She says Tripurari has changed. I haven’t changed the CD. Suwarna says you people were my best friends and I thought you both as my family, but you think me as a liar and theif. She asks Dhaani to think what she wants to think, and says our way is different now. I will not give you any more explanations. She goes. Dhaani says who have taken that CD.

Kanak talks to Tripurari and asks him not to ask CD. She disconnects the call and

says you have a habit of recording voice, and says she will use the CD against him. Viplav comes and calls her. Kanak puts saree on the CD.. Viplav asks you seems to be worried. Kanak asks him to have food first and asks him to go. Viplav looks at the saree and tries to lift it, but Kanak says she will lift the saree. She sends him out, then she hides the CD. Suwarna tells Durga that Dhaani doubted on her. Durga says she is very nice. Tripurari asks why she praises Dhaani, and says Dhaani will support Viplav as she is going to marry him. Suwarna says my husband is right for me and I can go to any extent to save him. Tripurari thinks Suwarna have come on right track now.

Viplav is tensed and thinks about Tripurari’s words that the person planning Shambu’s murder is Dasharath’s family member. He thinks Kanak is hiding something from him and wonders what? Viplav comes to her room and searches for CD in her room in the box where she has hidden the CD. Kanak asks what you are searching? Viplav apologizes and says my mind is not working. Dasharath asks why you are tensed? What is the matter? Viplav apologizes to him also. He says I have done a big mistake and apologizes again. Viplav says few things are not going from his mind and tells that he found Dasharath’s phone today. He says he thought he is hiding something. He says he felt Kanak is also hiding and apologizes.

Kanak says you are thinking that Babu ji or I are involved in your dad’s death. She asks him to look at himself and says you are doubting on your family. You are saying in Dhaani’s tongue, and says do you feel Shalu or Sushma can kill Shambu. She acts and cries……Viplav says I said that my mind is not supporting me. Sushma says Kanak and Dasharath can’t do this and asks why he is believing on Tripurari’s words. Kanak says you are doubting on your family because of him. Dasharath asks him not to worry and hugs him. He says you haven’t done any crime. Viplav says Maa said right…how can I doubt on my family? I want to be alone for sometime. Sushma calls him, but he leaves. Kanak acts to cry.

Viplav is seen in the temple area. Dhaani comes there and calls him. Viplav says I did a mistake by doubting on my family and telling them about Tripurari’s words. He apologizes to her also. Dhaani says it is okay. Viplav asks her to punish him. Dhaani asks if he has gone mad? Viplav says I am feeling incompetent to get love. He says he wants to stay alone for sometime and get some peace. He says he will leave this city for few days. Dhaani says Tripurari has played game with you and wanted you to doubt on your family. He wanted to break you mentally, but I won’t let him succeed. I will be with you always. She asks him to come to Ashram, to celebrate happiness for something. Kanak searches for the CD and wonders where did it go? Viplav didn’t get it then where it is? Dasharath comes and shows the CD. He says you would have showed some intelligence and kept it at safest place, so that I don’t get it. He says I know that you will do any mistake. He puts her hand in the box, and says your and Tripurari’s secret is with me now. He warns her and says I will not leave you. Kanak looks on angry.

Kanak brings laddoo and makes Dasharath have it. She tells him that she might have mixed something in it. Dasharath is shocked. Bijli calls Viplav and says she was forced to change the statement by Dhaani. Viplav is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Fatarajo

    Noooooooo no misunderstanding please I can’t tolerate these I hope that Viplav doesn’t believe what that bijili said if he does so then there will b no difference between him and other serial actors who tend to misunderstand their love

  2. aish

    This is too boring and getting offline. Pls no more MU BTW our vidhani. I was eager to read today’s update due to AM’s spoiler buh was disappointed to see this. Bilji is a betrayer

  3. Sujie

    Hello lovely IKRS family
    comment your views on today’s episode
    Its time for Viplav to see KTs real face….
    Bijli took Dhaani’s name and again Viplav will get angry with Dhaani…. Why????
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode..hope Viplav clears all the misunderstanding !!!!!

  4. Sonu

    @Renu,yesterday u did a good job, hatts up u rember everyone’s name of our family? Really u r great..

  5. Brity

    Hi.. Guys… How are you all?? I know I have taken a longgg Holiday… But someone told me at Morning to come up.. So, I can’t ignore that…
    But guys I didn’t watched any episode after Viplab’s Dad’s death.. So, can anyone please shortly tell me after what happened…

    • Sonu

      Hi Brity,how r u? After a long time nice to see your comments.Arre yours DP also changed. Are u changed your e mail id?
      How is your holiday? Atleast make one comment per day yaar..

    • Ranaji(narendran)

      Brity welcome yaar after death viplav files case against tripuari he searches proof he calls bijli and asks for help bijli and tripurai will have a talk that video will be recorded and viplav will keep CD in his room tripuari will come to steal it kanak will tell we can give it to dhaani kanak will change CD and give viplav case comes to court and dhaani gives CD but it will be played a song dhaani will be blamed for it bijli also will give statement against viplav and tells they are forcing to tell this and viplav and dhaani romance and loves scenes.. If I missed any part I am sorry this only I remember??????

  6. Sonu

    Hi my dear friends, BR mam, Shri, Saru, Saras, Joyee, AM, MM, Dilu, Joon, Florentiina, Megha, Swara, Louella, Swasti, Varsha, Tamil, Divya, Prachi, Gudiya, Anne, Akshay, Kavi, Kaviya, Raj, Rajee, Ranaji, Jyoti, Nisha, Hritya, Purple Rahul, Genni, Sofe, Marees, Marine and all of ikrs fans.
    Please share your opinion about today’s episode?

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  10. Fatarajo

    Lol today I was watching IKRS yesterday episode with mom and then that rain scene popped up and my mom was like aaj Kaal ke bache bhi na kaha bhi shuru hohjata hain (nowadays people start to romance anywhere) 😛

  11. BR






  12. Saranya

    Today i am really really happy not bcz of epi but bcz my friends came back.
    BR mam,Brity very happy to see u back and Brity one comment atleast per day.this is a request.

  13. Saranya

    BR mam,Mishal is not going to quit.i just wrote that bcz he did the same thing with his earlier serial lagi tujse i wanted to convey my concern to him,i know he didn’t even saw that message but what if he happends to see that’s it.

  14. florentina moldovan

    hi, friends! i feel very disappointed, i don t know ….i am full of this mu! i can t handle it more….now i am angry, maybe until monday i will be better but now i am just angry…good things happens only in dreams??? what is this???

  15. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR mam,
    Rezmie,genni,purple,rahul,Tintin and all my dear friends.

  16. BR





  17. AM

    hi guys are you all …. I like today’s episode …mishal’s actions and emotions when Dhani came it was awesome …superb acting ….and don’t worry guys spoiler wise it will one day late
    …according to my given spoiler about Saturday’s …it may be shown on Monday ….so don’t lose hope ….everything all right …..don’t think about precap …there will no mu again ….don’t worry guys ….

  18. AM

    I think today is a reunion day in this page because all old members come back ….welcome back brity ..ranaji …BR mam …..
    varsha come yaar …why no comments ….come yaar 🙁 🙁 ….

  19. florentina moldovan

    i felt so sad only on Diwali, i think, it was also so painful….when Dhani throwed the bike on fire and bouth were so angry….AM, WHAT ABOUT YOUR SPOILER??? i expected so much this day!!!!! Am, just kidding! hi to you!!! I think monday will be the DAY!!!!! I think the answer to this mu is that Vipu decide getting married with Dhani!

    • AM

      yes mam ….I think the same …don’t worry …everything will be good …keep faith to god 😛 😛 😛 …hahahaha ….

  20. Saranya

    Ranaji we also require ur valuable pls focus here also.find some time from ur MATSH page.

  21. prachi

    Tripurari’ s face already revealed, all knows abt tripurari. But it takes tym to reveal KT and dadaratha’s everyone started confusing viplab even bijli.let’s see how many hurdles to cross vidhani for der marrige

  22. Radha

    Today episode was not as per the expectation…..In precap Bijli told to Viplav negatively about Dhaani…Again misunderstandings….seems to be serial is running in a circular way….serial is running on misunderstandings and compromisings…seems to be lead pair as taken back seat, Kanak and TP are running the show….If the same repeats more time it is going to be one among the other serials, not the different one….Show vipu&dhaani marriage as soon as possible….

  23. Saranya

    Guys,i think there will be no misunderstanding bcz Viplav always took efforts to clear misunderstandings with epi too that will happen.another reason is that our writer takes great care to not show mu track after confession epi.of course he always bring us to the verge of misunderstanding track but it will travel to another track soon.really thank u for that writer ji.

  24. purple

    Hi everyone…epiosode was nice…sad to tell here…but you guys are my family…my engagement is on the verge of breaking…..plz pray for my future

    • ArShi

      Oh Purple,I’m felng sry fr u. I hop evrtng will be rit. I pray fr u. Dn’t be upset. All will be gd fr u.

    • AM

      kya hogaya di ….don’t loose hope …don’t be sad …obstacles come in everyone’s life …but who overcome it strongly they are winner …don’t loose hope …believe in your love di 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Saranya

      Hey Purple don’t worry we all are with u.nothing wrong will happend.just be bold yaar.we are here to support u.

  25. Swara

    Hi Br Mam..u r back…so happy. ..
    And I just joined here on ur absence ……..but I knew u…because I was a silent reader……
    And mam how r u???

  26. Saranya

    I think our director couldn’t able to return from that forest and is under spell of that aghoris.or is that parthali devi caught him and is playing with his mind.anyways now he is standing stuck without knowing what to do that he fails in creating that old romantic magic of IKRS.Don’ worry sir,i will help u,i well send chota bheem to help u. He is a master in fighting with these type of witches and evils.i gave him a box full of laddus and he immediately agreed.his friends are also coming.they’ll let u free from aghoris and that evil godess.

  27. Swara

    When bijli enter I thought something good is going to happen and I told my mom about viplv move to take videoo…..but now wht is going on…..bijli making vidhani to viplav and dhanni nooooo…..viplav u must go out frm this place but take our dhanni with u….

  28. Hiiiiiiii Guyssssss, how are u allll. Nice to see u Brity after a long time have a great Sunday Guyss. View ur opinions on todays epi guysss.

  29. Brity

    Thanks Ranaji and Sonu…
    But why Dhani wears white shrre, and what happened to marriage?? I am totally cluless…. .
    And also Thanks Sofe for your compliment…
    I really missed you all.. …

  30. Sujie

    No more misunderstanding between Viplav and Dhaani please please….. Viplav, our hero please do not believe Bijli…. Please…
    This Suwarna, how could she forget that Viplav rescued her when that printed pyjama, dupatta left her to die, stabbed her and buried her alive…. Did she forget that???
    One more thing, in precap it was shown Kanak is saying about something mixed in the laddoos… will DT also die???
    As per spoilers Viplav will think to end misunderstanding and announces that he will marry Dhaani soon….. I want to know when will that happen??
    Please bring some mesmerizing ViDhaani moments……

  31. Saranya

    Hai AM,so count down for exam starts.don’t worry,it seems that u are preparing just enjoy.i think u luv physics and dislikes chemistry.u posted something like that before.i think chemistry is easy to get marks.its good really good.i luv both chemistry and physics.

    • AM

      yes saran di …love physics and hate chemistry though it is scoring subject …studying hard …hope for good …just pray for me …. 🙂

      • Saranya

        AM,actually physics is a great and somewhat tough subject.its superb that u loves it a means that u are very brilliant.we all will definitely pray for u and sure that u will pass with flying colours.then that’s the time for ur treat for ur IKRS family.i need vanila ice cream.what about arranging a late night party at will be awesome.full family having ice cream in background of mist.then we should visit our wakilbabu’s and shikayat ki pudiya ki ashram.what’s ur opinion?

  32. Saranya

    ps:kolaveri parody.don’t throw rotten eggs on me if i spoiled the original song.

  33. Rajee

    Hello friends! Nothing more too say abt the episode & precap…only one word”BAKWAS…..”…already my mood was not good & this episode & precap were like ‘ Jale pe namak’.oh god! My mood & tongue both hv become bitter…when kanak asking viplav again & again that how he cud doubt them I just put TV on irritating… I’ll stop today as my mood is not good..
    Good night to all!

    • sara

      rajee don’t be upset just chill. .
      I was also lil upset after watching today’s episode n precap. . though I know there will not be any mu still I was bit disturbed by watched comedy nights bachao it was very good. .
      Now I m much better. .

  34. BR



    • Sujie

      Hi BR mam, I am okay..,. You are back and we are happy… I have been silent reader of IKRS updates since its start ….but now I am here and cannot think of not commenting on this page…. So happy to see you 🙂

  35. Saranya

    Hai Raj,i am superb.and what about u?actually i didn’t saw today’s epi but no regrets and i am not in a urge to watch it.i decided to watch it at monday only.

  36. Preeti

    Why are they introducing more negative characters?? KT,DT and Trip were enough to irritate us….now even Suvarna is irritating because she supports her husband ‘the snake’.
    seriously CVs are testing our patience.They rush all ViDha scenes and drag all KT drama and crap.

  37. Saranya

    Brity,i think she is wearing white just from the thought that now too she didn’t got married to viplav and Shambu’s death happened just obvious reason is shown for that.

  38. sara

    good evening all. .
    I was expecting a different episode today as per the spoiler anyways. .For to wait till Monday. ..

  39. Saranya

    Rajee don’t get irritated,i have solution for ur problem.we should send that vampire to joker of batman movie.he couldn’t bear even a single word without his wish.and we all know vampire aunty very well.she’ll definitely open her cauldron mouth and everyone know what will happend next.if he is not available we can send her to Tom and Jerry.noone can handle her well like them.

  40. Dear freinds i am humbled n excited to sèe yr coments thks a lot in today’s episode i was happy to see viplav searching kanak’s box but it was aa great disappointment suvarna is speaking like jhiljhil probably as she is wearing her jewellery. Also today kanak’s makeup was too much

  41. Hi brity how are u. After a long time. Good to hear from you again.
    Hi sonu, Sara, varsha, saranya joyee, BR, AB, fatarjo,raji,purple n all fans. Could not watch today’s episode…..
    From updates it looks quite upsetting episode.

  42. zea

    Hi frnds…… Today I saw shaadi vaadi and all that movie….. And you know guys …. I found our cute heartthrob mishal…… He is totally different there….. Love that!!!!!…. If you too are mishal’s fan then you must watch that out…

  43. Anne

    The story has to go downwards before it can go upwards otherwise no point .Otherwise may as well watch baking show.Strong capable actors are always good to watch, they can make gold out of rubbish. By the way,Kanak looks like across between Lady Macbeth and Medusa , much respect to her as an actress, I remember her slipping and crashing to the floor in one Now, can I ask a favour , can anyone tell me what Kanak says to Dhaani in the cracked mirror scene. AND please can any anyone tell me the recipe for the tea I see being drunk in Hindi dramas?? I drink lots of tea here in the UK but I know it’s different. Would love to try the real Indian recipe.. Love to all wherever in this world you are x.?

    • sara

      hi anne…
      kanak says “I will saperate you n viplav in any case”

      we add milk to tea.. you boil water put tea powder once it starts to boil add milk n sugar n drain it in the cup..
      taste varies s per the proportion of milk n water also how strong is the dicoctio of the teapowder

    • Saranya

      Anne there are many methods to making indian tea,and my mother follows this one:
      Step 1:boil 3/4 cup of water(to make one tea).if u want a cremy tea u can lessen the amount of water.
      Step 2:add sufficient milk as per water.for creamy tea add more milk and boil it
      Step 3:add sufficient tea dust to it.usually one tea spoon for one cup of tea.if u want light tea add less and for strong tea add more.boil it and add sugar as per your taste

      If u want ginger tea squeese it and add it when water is boiling.if u want cardmom tea. Break it add it when water is boiling.
      This is my way of making tea.others will impart u more knowledge about tea making.


  44. sara

    good morning friends. . all of you have a nice Sunday. .

    today’s look of kanak was really scary over makeup n hairstyle horrible. .

    This shows how can a make up turn a beautiful lady like kajal also to bhootani..

  45. sara

    dt is such a cruel person. . The way he squeezed kanak’s hand into box was horrible. .. though she is very bad .. showing cruelty like that is equally bad

  46. Fatarajo

    For me my favourite is chemistry 😛 luckily in my engineering course there is science but I hate biology 😛

    • AM

      yes too hate chemistry ….and I have computer science not biology ….and I like computer science …so no tension for me 😛 😛

      • Fatarajo

        In my course I will get to study a lot of maths n science relaed things n I like both the subjects at least no English language I just hate english language , and also no need to study mother tongue anymore

  47. Hey guys don’t u feel that this misunderstanding track is making IKRS lose both it’s charm and trp the charm is still there for me but I wonder why makers r showing it like that, they should show Vidhaani scenes did u all realize when they show Vidhaani love confession and date and engagement trp was 2 and now due to this track trp is only 1.6, 2 is not bad, actually good for 6.30pm slot but 1.6 is not good at all

  48. Hi my dear ikrs frnds gud mrg to each and everyone.
    Hi br mam,Brity happy to see ur comments again.
    Hi sonu how is health now take care dear.
    Hi renu I really surprised to see all our ikrs frnds with new entries also.n happy to see this much of people in our ikrs .but sad thing is less comments.

  49. And today’s episode is nothing to discuss regular MU n issues so there is no matter of discussing.
    Let’s see this Monday starts with new story n twist of ikrs.

  50. raj

    good mornig kitchen superstars (sara, saranya) and good morning to all
    ” song onnu kekalama? ”

    shaniya twain’s lovely one

    ( when i first saw you, i saw love
    and the first time you touched me, i felt love
    and after all this time, you’re still the one i love )

    looks like we made it
    look how far we’ve come, my baby
    we mighta took the long way
    we knew we’d get there some day

    they said ‘i bet they ‘ll never make it’
    but just look at us holding on
    we’re still together, still going strong

    you’re still the one i run to
    the one that i belong to
    you’re still the one i want for life
    you’re still the one that i love
    the only one i dream of
    you’re still the one i kiss good night………..

  51. Swara

    OoohOoohoooo this devarji and bhabhiji is testing my patience…..on that tulsi issue viplav identify her at first day itself ….but now he is thinking to run away. ..I think u want to take advice of swara (swaragini) cuz she is a part time investigator. …

  52. Joyee, I love biology as we got interesting facts about our body and other living things.
    But the day teacher started teaching about human heart ,I thought CS was better option ?

  53. Rajee

    Good morning to all lovely ppl!!!
    Joyee I was a biology student as I found physics difficult. I was good in chem & bio.
    Thanx Sara & saran 4 making me feel better…saran u r hilarious.. My fav kapil Sharma quit his show but u r there to entertain.. .thank u…o guys my mother is calling now…so will join u later..bye…

    • Fatarajo

      Yaar Kapil is a superstar, but Hamara saranya bhi kam nahi, I miss Kapil but not problem saranya is there 😛

  54. Same as my friends ,even they hated biology as it was very difficult to understand and descriptive
    As we are talking about biology ,I have a funny thing to share
    One regular day of our college, we all friends were present having fun ,joking,chatting with each other during bio lecture. In that lecture,mam was teaching structure of amoeba in detail,it was obvious that we had no idea wat was going on.Suddenly mam pointed one of my friend to come on the platform and draw amoebae on the board .he managed to draw something which was looking like SpongeBob cartoon.After being asked by teacher wat u have drawn,he pointed his finger to a girl who was our friend having big eyes.That day we saw first time our teacher laughing ? with the whole class.

    • Saranya

      Akshay,this incident remembered me one of my friends experience.he proposed a girl and was waiting for her answer in classroom.his friend was drawing a phlagella(i don’t know the spelling is correct as i am not a science student)in his record book.suddenly that girl entered but she don’t even took an effort to look at my friend’s face.he collapsed and told his friend”what happened.why is like this?”and suddenly his friend replied without turning his head from record book”now it is like this,after shading it will become a complete phlagella”.i think there is no other answer to cheer him up than this though he did that unintentionally.

  55. Saranya

    And Raj,i am not a kitchen superstar,whenever i make a tea,my father tease me that its not a tea but its mere loose water with colour of tea and i learned to cook with somewhat good nature is when my mother felt ill.and the most perfect thing i can make is dosa and omlette.i am a master in those that i can say with more confidence.

  56. Rajee

    Thanx to moderation I am back b4 my previous comment got posted…
    Welcome bk brity!
    Purple & Rahul I don’t know what is d actual prob bet u both but fm my experience I can only tell u that in every relationship mutual understanding is very imp…& instead of asking & blaming each other we should ask to ourself abt the reason of all the prob. There should not b any space for ego in a relationship..ego in a relationship is very dangerous… One more thing , just a simple adjustment does miracle in a relationship.. One step from both the sides can reduce the gap …so guys chill & enjoy the beautiful life given by god forgetting all the worries in life…be happy!

  57. Saranya

    I think Swaragini is the serial which has highest number of fan fictions.whenever i look into recent posts i can only found those fan fictions.

    • Fatarajo

      Ya Saran one day I was going to read Swaragini written update after 3 pages I finally found it, but I love to read all the Swaragini ff the writers r doing a great job I was planing to write one on Swaragini but too many Swaragini ff already n all r quite good, but I never miss reading our IKRS ff by Kaviya, Sujie n I miss divya’s ff, I always make sure I read the ff of all the shows I like a lot, when I have time I read the Swaragini ff and other shows ff which I used to watch before like MATSH,KKB

  58. Sonu

    I don’t mind for Precap, We already know no MU happen B/w Vidhani. But I have one request to our director, please change the current track of ikrs. Don’ t show MU track repeatedly, because our viewers loose interest to watch this show. So show ki TRP ke liye aap aeh track ko jaldi se katam karki, aur jyaada vidhani scenes deejiyae..

  59. Rajee

    “Wakil babuji Zara dheere chalo..
    Bijli khadi khadi yahan bijli khadi..
    Naino mein noton ki gaddiyan..
    Samjho na phulwa phul jhadi..
    Giri giri giri bijli giri,
    Ispe giri uspe giri, lo gir padi”

    Viplav baba!! Bijli (thunder)kahin par kisi pe bhi pad sakti hai..pehle tp pe now its ur turn…so beware of Bijlijee..

  60. Rajee

    Yes sonu I am fed up with this mu mu game…& I simply don’t understand why the hell they show this kind of upsetting precap every Saturdays.

    • Louella

      Hey sonu I m here. I m feeling well now. Thanks for asking. I m not commenting nowadays bcoz of my health, school, tuitions and studies but I m trying to comment once a day but till April I will not be able to be completely free but after my exams I will comment day and night. Yesterday’s episode Karnak was looking fully a devil. Woh apni asli roop mein aa gayi

    • Louella

      Sorry for not replying asI had gone to church and my friends had cone to call me so could not comment but nowI m free so I can comment bindass

  61. Sonu

    Arre Bijli why u do like? You loose our all of us faith. U already did a mistake by gave wrong proof to police against TP. That day I am not angry on u, but liitle hurted. I know TP must blackmail u, so u told false. But why u again try to create MU b/w our Vidhani. This time u are not in control of TP. You are really good women hotae tho, tumnae silent se TP se churakar, Banaras chodkar chali thi. Viplav ki Mann mein dhani par shak nahi dalti thi..
    Tum chupchap se Vidhani aur Banaras ko chodkar chalo, varna hum tumko nahi chodoongi..

  62. Rajee

    Ikrs completed 151 episodes. On this eve I want to give a musical representation of diff episodes of ikrs…kindly bear with me..
    I’ll start with the beginning…

    It was a cosy evening viplav celebrating his birthday on a boat with his friends raj & pankajwa.. They partied whole night..
    ” aaj botla khulan do, daru sharu ghulan do,
    Whisky da peg laga ke sari duniya bhulan do…
    Bajate raho… sabki ..bajate raho
    Sabki bajate raho sabki bajate raho..
    Party all night party all night
    We do party all night”

  63. Rajee

    In the morning when the trio woke up pankaj saw dhani on the river bank..
    Pankaj – guru kya lag raho hai?
    Yeh toh koi sundari hai sundari..
    Viplav- koi pari hai kya?
    Viplav turned & saw dhani.he got mesmerized by dhani’s beauty..
    ” goriya re, chhoriya re,
    Tera jalwa dekha toh dil huwa milkha,
    Badi tez bhage re eee..
    Mannma emotion jaage re
    Mannma emotion jaage re”

  64. Rajee

    Viplav swam across the river in search of dhani. At last he found her..he approached towards her.
    Viplav- ” ruk ja o dil diwane,
    Puchhun toh me Zara,
    Ladki hai ya hai jadoo
    Khushbu hai ya nasha,
    Pass woh aye toh chhuke mein dekhun Zara”
    Dhani-” ayi main toh ayi baharon ki anjani ek jahan se,
    Chhuna na door hi rehna,
    Pari hoon main,pari hoon main.
    Mujhe na chhuna”
    Dhani refused to give prasad to the drunk brat, viplav..
    Viplav’s friends came & asked him abt d incident.
    Viplav- she said no to me…
    His friends added fuel to fire saying how dare that girl insulting him..
    Viplav- ” khud ko kya samajhti hai,
    Itna akadti hai,
    Banaras mein nayi nayi ayi ek Ladki hai,
    Iska ho gaya arre humse samna ,
    Ao chakha de maza”
    But DT came to ghat for puja so viplav & co left instead of teaching a lesson to Dhani.

  65. Rajee

    The same morning when viplav offered his utara prasad to dhani, she refused to take it.
    Dhani-“tere utara ka taste nahin chakhna,
    Oye makhna oye makhna..
    Tera utara tere pass hi rakhna ,
    Oye makhna oye makhna..
    Main toh hoon kudi matwali
    There haanth na ane wali,
    Deewane dilko Jake samjha”

    Viplav took it as a challenge.
    Viplav-“aaj na chhodenge
    Bad hamjoli,
    Khelenge hum holi
    Khelenge hum holi”
    Knowingly he threw colors on dhani.
    Dhani-“laga chunari mein daag,
    Chhupaoon kaise,
    Ghar jaoon kaise”

  66. Rajee

    Dhani upset with viplav’s evil act called him as ‘rakshas’..viplav & co fumed on dhani hearing this..
    Viplav-“burre burre hum hum hum shaitan,
    Zara Zara bachna re humse”
    Raj & pankaj- guru isko toh sabak sikhana padega..
    Viplav -“aaj na chhodenge tujhe,
    dum duma dum,
    Tune kya samjha hai mujhe,
    Dum duma dum”

  67. Rajee

    Viplav changed ganga water dhani kept for puja, with wine.
    All the pandits blamed dhani for trying to pour wine on shivaling.police took dhani jail.viplav came to jail to accept his mistake.
    Viplav to dhani-
    “Woh sikander hi diston kehlata hai,
    Hari baazi ko jeetna Jise ata hai…

    yahan ke hum sikander,
    Chahen toh rakhlen duniya apni jeb ke andar,
    Arre humse bachke rehna Meri jaan..”

  68. Rajee

    Then stone pelting scene when viplav protected dhani.
    Dhani-“koi pathhar se na mare mere deewane ko”
    Atlast viplav understood his mistake & came to ashram to beg sorry fm dhani.
    Viplav-“sorry. . .. O o o o sorry.
    Itni si baat pe itni khafa ,yeh bhi koi baat huyi …
    Sorry o o o o sorry”
    And fm here their tom & jerry chase started…
    Bye friends.. Next time another scene..

    • Sujie

      Rajee… awesome yarr…loved it…… you are so talented…you have songs for every ViDhaani scene…. keep up the good work dear… 🙂

    • Sonu

      Very good afternoon Rahul. No Rahul, here no one get angry on u. But little upset about both of yours present situation. You both are our families VIDHANI. We are all concern about yours relationship. Please as soon as clear yours problem.
      Hum nahi dek paaye tum dono ki pareshaan, dard…

    • Sujie

      I have been silently reading that rahul and purple are ViDhaani of this family… Please sort out all the misunderstandings and be happy….
      Pray for the best for you two…..

  69. Saranya

    Rajee yaar awesome awesome awesome.i can’t explain how much i enjoyed it.u are brilliant.all those scenes are evergreen episodes of IKRS.superb yaar superb.and don’t compare me with kapil sharma.i am just a liliput in front of him.

  70. Saranya

    Rajee,agar kapil sharma ka jaga koi le sakta hai tho who aap hai.aare waah kya baat hai.kamal kar diya aap ne tho.

  71. Fatarajo

    Guys I read somewhere that two shows of Colors r in danger of being offline which are MATSH n IKRS :O I hope it’s false but maybe because both IKRS n MATSH have low trps compared to other colors show but these two shows especillay IKRS is so much better than shows like SSK so sad and these two shows r quite popular in Asia so I m quite surprised. Like my best friend she only watches MATSH among all the hindi shows

    • Saranya

      My God no no no.colors,don’t even think about that,just go through this page and u will understand that how many people are crazy on IKRS.we all really luv mishal and eisha,viplav and dhani.writer ji pls change current track and go back to super romantic episodes of earlier.we want our show and don’ want to wrap up it soon.

      • Uff this colors wala always like to off air wrong shows I will hate colors if they deceive me again by off airing IKRS, they deceived me before by off airing Beintehaa, after Beintehaa the show I really liked and still have the charm is IKRS. I also liked Swaragini, Thapki, MATSH but charm of these shows r lost, Thapki show still got very little charm, but IKRS has a lot of charm, I hope makers don’t decrease the charm with these useless MU track, or colors don’t deceive me again

    • Sonu

      This is so sad, please colors team don’t close our serial. I think our serial timing is one of the most reason of decreasing trp rate. So colors team SSK serial ko 6.30 mein fix kariyae. Our serial ko 7.30 mein deejiyae. Then u see TRP rate of IKRS. Please don’t close this wonderful serial its maa humble request..

      • Sonu u r right ……better to change the timing of IKRS,they can movie IKRS to 7.30…..this serial is very good plzzz don’t stop screening the serial….

    • Sujie

      No, this can’t happen.. Please… Don’t ever think of ending IKRS… TRPs are always not one and only means to see if the show is popular or not, Viewer’s choice is also something…..
      If a show like IKRS goes off air, then it will be clear that people still want to see saas bahu drama rather than such shows which carry social messages…. IKRS has fabulous concept, incredible cast, excellent directions and its so perfect….. So please don’t end this abruptly….
      I personally feel the chemistry between Mishal and Eisha as ViDhaani is awesome…. Mishal and Eisha have nailed the roles very gracefully…
      We love to hate the antagonists like DT, TP, KT because they are fabulous actors…..
      Everything in IKRS is perfect…..
      I literally smile and get goosebumps because of excitement whenever ViDhaani’s awesome scenes are there…. Their eyelocks, their fights, their love, their dialogues, everything is so nice…….
      I love IKRS ….. So please Colors chaanel if you want to end any show, end shows like SSK or any others… but not IKRS ….please ……

  72. Saranya

    Suwarna ek din saroor aayega jab tum tripurari se poochega
    “ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya janoo tripurari”

  73. Saranya

    Joyee tum bolo tho sahi ham IKRS ke liye kuch bhi karne ko thayaar hai.filmy bhi ho jaayengi aur parthali devi bhi ban jaayengi.

  74. Sonu

    Hi Rahul and Purple, how r u friends? I know you both r not good now. I don’t know what’s your problem, but I give one suggestion. Friends please don’t take any wrong decion in present yours mind set. You both meet and solve u have any doubt, misunderstanding and all facts through face to face and not in phone. Relationship is like a Mirror, once it break, then we joint it, but broken symbols remain. So you don’t do like that.
    @Rahul, in day before yesterday comment, u told u r going to meet Purple. What happened? R u not meet purple still now? Why?
    @Purple, don’t worry dear, our Rahul is good and gentleman. He takes good decision.
    Friends jaldi se meetkar apna problem solve kariyee, don’t give long time, don”t delay it. Some time this delay will spoil our relationship..
    I hope as soon as you are get alright, All The Best friends..

    • Rahul

      Hi sonu …..I went to meet her…..but she is not in her home…..I dont what is the real problem…..I feel like she is going far away from here…..but I cant lose her …because I love her…..I know I am not attending to her msgs,calls because I dont know how to react to her….one of the problem is that some problems arosed between the families ….my parents are compelled me to drop this engagement……but I don’t know what to do…how can I tell this to her

  75. Anne

    Hi Sara and Saranya.Thankyou for replying to me, I’m going try the tea,but I’m not sure where to get tea dust. I can only buy tea leaves in small individual bags,but must be able to get from somewhere. We have a large Indian population so must be somewhere♨♨♨!! Fatarajo, I hope you are wrong about IKRS ending , but I remember Beintehaa and Rangrasia ending at a gallop. I was SO upset when Rangrasia finished,I loved that show so much .We are going to get Madhubala starting soon like Utteran which started a little while ago .Seems to be repeats at present. Happy Sunday xx

  76. Louella

    U r right fatarajo everyone r in a filmy mood and they will make us also filmy by sharing their filmy thoughts

  77. sara

    oh god so many comments it took me a lot of time reading all comments n rajee you made me nostalgic remembered all brow scenes. .

  78. sara

    hey rahul n purple please read rajees message. . that’s exactly what I would also advise..
    please bith of you take a step towards each other things will be fine. .
    god bless both of you. .

    believe me even after marriage sometimes it feels everything is over but life starts all over again and everything seems beautiful…..its possible only when both of you trust each other believe in your relationship abcd don’t take decisions in haste. .. sit down think calmly everything will be fine. ..

  79. Louella

    Hey rajee liked ur musical presentation. Plz give more. Thodi aur hasi mazak wali musical presentation pesh kijiye. Hum aapka intizaar kar rahe hai. Really plz give some more about current episodes

  80. Louella

    Chaliye chaliye thoda aur commént kijiye arrey thoda aur kya bahut comment kijiye aaj toh hum comment kar karke hamare jaani dushman moderation ko bhagake rahenge.

  81. Louella

    Arrey sab log so gaye kya. Mein yahan akeli reh gayi. Plz come fast I m sitting and commenting here alone. Come and accompany me while commenting

  82. sara

    every stage in life is best in its own way. .I enjoyed everystage n role of my life. .. When I was in collage (engineering) I had a friend who was my guru (mentor) in copying. . oh god we enjoyed exams lol.. we have ample hilarious incidences where I was unable to perform as per my gurus instructions. .. it was too much fun..
    I never really did copying (i couldn’t)but my guru kept training me till the last exam..
    When you guys talk about collage n exams I feel nostalgic. .

  83. Sonu

    Hi saru, I am fine.
    My name is SOWMYA, most of my friends used to calling me as Sony. So I put my name here as Sonu. Friend u call me as Sony or Sowmya, as your wish.
    I did BBM. My native place is Udupi ! Karnataka state) and now working in a private comp. as a Accountant in Ban galore.

  84. Louella

    Really Sara even I like school bcoz of exams and after exams they show us the papers in the class itself so we all wait for yhe papers eagerly so all the children who sit on the first bench see outside to see if the teacher is come with the papers or not. And if the teacher is come without the papers then all the students including me ask the question to miss where r the papers. Really we enjoy so much in school only the problem is that we have to get too early

  85. Louella

    Swaragini ff r increasing day by day. I think everyone r watching this serial nowadays. Everytime in recent posts I find this serial ff. I wish instead of this serial our ikrs serial becomes the mist popular serial

  86. sara

    anne madhubala was very good. . tgry goofed up at the end n stopped it also. ..I recommend you watch it if it’s telecasted there. ..

  87. sara

    today I saw a promo of new serial called kasam.. I don’t know which serial is it replacing. . hope it replaces matsh.. its running risky out of content. ..anybody any idea!!

  88. Anne

    I read this and it went straight to my heart it is so true,see if you agree. Relationships fail not because of lack of love,but lack of friendship.

  89. Fatarajo

    Saran let those useless tracks like Patali Devi, Dayan stay away from our show humara show Aab jaisa hain acha hain (till now our show is ok)please no Patali Devi or Dayan Track, I can’t tolerate these kind of tracks n IKRS makers won’t even dare to think about these tracks as I m sure Mishal Raheja would immediately quit the show if these kind of tracks r shown in IKRS n he is a very good actor so I don’t think makers would want that but I loved what YHM did they did show ghosts but it was a plan so it was kind of logical.
    And I feel IKRS is best at 6.30 slot because when a show has time slot shift that is when the show starts to spoil which is what happened to YHM, Beintehaa, Qubool Hai, Satrangi Sasural, so I feel slot change is not a wise move off-air the show would be better and bringing a season 2 with same leads would be also good but in india season 2 serials don’t usually click so I feel just let the time slot as it is and then let the show go on

    • Saranya

      Joyee,even i don’t like these stupidity entering our show.IKRS is a very realistic show and i don’t like to spoil it by those nonsense and u are right even our Mishal couldn’t be able to bear those foolishness.let our show have it’s own unique identity.only request is not to wrap up it soon as it is a worthy show with social message and u know i only watch IKRS and i listen to promos for information of other shows,that’s it.

  90. Sonu

    Wow India won all 3 T20 series against Australia in Sydney. Today’s matches last over when India batting is fabulous. I am so happy.

    • Fatarajo

      Yes I saw that match India played really well and Sonu u watch cricket? I just love cricket. Even more than hindi serials 😛 but not more than IKRS actually equal to IKRS 😛 from 24 feb Asia cup t20 will start can’t wait for it

  91. Saranya

    Lets begin the party with one and only cheat Tripurari and lalach Bijli.come on tp,sing this song:
    ” tere liye signal thod thadke aaya banaraswali Girlfriend
    Chod chadke”
    “Chal choota na mere liye signal thod diya tu
    Police tuje bhagaya
    Sach bol tu”
    “Gharwalom ko bhi bye shy bolwal ke
    Aaya banaraswali
    girlfriend chod chad ke”
    “tere aankhoein ke ishaare muje vulgar lagi
    Tu waapas jao apni dump suwarna ke paas”

  92. Saranya

    Hai Sonu,no no no hai Sowmya,i luv that name bcz my sister’s name is also soumya.she is just three years old and what to say about her,she is like lord krishna,very naughty,always think about how to tease others.she sleeps at 5.00 in the morning till then her job is to disturb others from sleeping.she is staying in mumbai.

  93. Ranaji

    Guys pls wath matsh it is going to end pls help to increase trp of matsh??????????i beg you guys pls yaar

    • Sonu

      Don’t cry Ranaji, once a time I mean one and half months before I used to watch MATSH, that time I could not miss the one episode, I am also fan of matsh, Shakti and radhika. From the first day to still now they separate Ishveer. But I watch it. But now I am so fed up from ishveer’s separation. I thought after Milan’s incident, ishveer get unite. But both are again separated.
      For your sake i will try to watch again matshi from Monday. OK?
      My first preference is always IKRS..

      • Fatarajo

        Same Sonu I also stopped watching the show after Milan track even though I loved Milan’s character but double role :/ and then now i watch the show sometimes but I find Nirbhay n Naina quite annoying, but at least Nirbhay track is better than Milan track but m fed up with Ishveer separation, but I still watch it sometimes tho

    • Saranya

      What yaar Akshay.tu tho kamal kar diya.sach kahu tho muje tum par jalan ho rahi hai kyoon ki iss umar mein aisa chota chota ghav aur accidents nahi aaye tho kis umar mein aaye.ham sabko ek choti si zindagi hai.isse puri khushi ke saath jeena acha laga hai woh karna ya cricket sabko hurdles ke tarah par karo.jeeyo lightum light yaar.

  94. Sonu

    Arre Baapre! Bethal came. Voo bethal tumko ham par kitna pyaar hai? Humko tum ek din bhi nahi chodti..
    Bethal’s song for ikrs friends..

  95. Saranya

    Hey Sara,in my degree time i too had similar per alphabetic order my friend always comes in front of me during exam time.she is of a jolly jolly last minute study is her mantra.and my behaviour is that when someone asks for favour i can’t reject that,i don’ want to see anyone sad so when she asks for answer gave my full answersheet to her-first paper then second then third and it’ll continue.everyone will see except teachers.and everyone stare at me and her and i was like what the ek hi-fi tho bantha haina hi-fi yaar.

  96. Saranya

    Hai Ranaji i will try my best to help u but in return pls do a favour by making your MATSH friends see our IKRS.pls this is also a request.being a good and social message show it fails in increasing trp,the first reason is that its not in primetime and not much promos for pls make ur friends also understand value of our show.pls.

  97. Fatarajo

    Guys don’t worry our show is still safe but because of trp it’s in slight danger it will not go off-air we still have time before a new serial again pops up we must make sure our show get at least 2.5 trp or more to be safe, 2 is also good but still not 100% safe , and the show under the banner was suppose to be IKRS or MATSH , but now I read somewhere that it’s MATSH which will go off-air on 26 Feb, so we still have enough time and it’s request to makers please make Vidhaani Marry or Vidhaani scenes only then trp will increase as marriage is lucky for hindi serials , shows like Swaragini, Yeh Vaada Raha had increase in trps due to marriage track

  98. Rajee

    Good evening to all!!! Akshay,joyee, Louella,renu,saran,sonu,sujie & others thank u so much 4 liking my means a lot…but joyee & saran I think no one can take kapil Sharma’ s place.. I have some more situations but actually I am unable to remember the actual order & scene but I will try…

    • I was watching the last episode of comedy nights with Kapil today as colors Asia shows episodes one week later n I miss Kapil a lot he is fab, even though I also like Krushna n Bharti but they can’t take place of Kapil, will take me time to accept Comedy nights live, m disappointed with colors for that

  99. Saranya

    Hey Sonu,very funny and apt song for our bethal.i would like to add a tagline to it
    “kaise hai rishta tera mera
    Bechehara bhir bhi itna gehara”

  100. Rajee

    Now I can remember that episode when viplav saved dhani’s life…
    Viplav’s family gave shock to viplav by announcing his engagement with Tanya,his Delhi wali gf…
    Viplav-” parivaar name kis mod pe le aya..
    Ke dil kare haye..hayye..
    Koi yeh bataye kya hoga”
    Viplav left the party angrily & went to temple to cool down..
    He found dhani there fallen on the temple steps completely wet.
    Viplav-” tere liye hi to engagement tod tad ke,
    Aya Delhi wali gf chhod chhad ke”

  101. Rajee

    Viplav tried saving Dhani putting all his efforts.
    Viplav-” jaane nahin..denge tujhe..
    Jaane tujhe…dege nahin”
    When dhani got her conscious she found herself in red saree changed by viplav.
    Dhani-” laal dupatta ud gaya re mera ,
    Hawa ke jhonken se ,
    Mujhko piya ne dekh liya hayye re dhokhe se..”
    She blamed dhani that he took her advantage & gave a tight slap to viplav.
    Viplav- thappad se darr nahin lagta madam, dulaari mai ki taunt se lagta hai.
    ” aisi kya bhool huyi jiski saza humka mili”.

    Then becoz of 2 chhate huye badmash,gurudev ka chela tp & fool phoolchand made vidhani MMS viral..
    Dhani to viplav-” dhani badnaam huyi Darling there liye,
    Haan sare aam huyi darling there liye”..

    Tomorrow I will come with some other scenes. I have a good scene in my mind..hope u will enjoy it.

    • Fatarajo

      If IKRS then I must say colors don’t deserve good shows I don’t know why nowadays all the channels r off-airing good shows like star plus off air Manmarziyan, Badtameez dil, life ok going to off air Zindagi Abhi baki hain mera ghost , sony off air Humsafars , 2025, Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane do, n colors hope they don’t dare to off air IKRS, zee also used to off-air good shows but luckily till now they have stopped that, that’s why my fav is colors n zee, but if colors off air IKRS then it’s not my fav anymore

  102. Moderation is necessary in everyone’s life ,so we should change our mind and think liitle hatke ? about it.
    May be its for our own good

    • Fatarajo

      I do agree with u akshay moderation do have benefits but still 😛 I was very angry the time I write the moderation wala comment as I got scolded 😛

  103. Sonu

    Hann little princess, I know kateel. In kateel goddesses Shri Durgaparameshwari (Bramarambe) is famous. I didn’t go Kateel in once time. I just heard about it.

  104. Sonu

    @Joyee, yes dear I love cricket so much. I didn’t miss any match of Team India. I also watch IPL and CCL.

    • Fatarajo

      I also don’t miss a single Bd match, bpl, IPL and m excited for bcl but I wished that mishal or eisha played in a bcl team that would be fav team

  105. purple

    Thank u everyone for your valuable advises…..may be this will be my last msg here….take care guys…..gud bye

  106. dilu

    Rahul purple what happened to you guys…..plz be back as our vidhani in ikrs telly….dont get separate…dont break your engagement

  107. florentina moldovan

    hi guys! today i voted IKRS on tellytadka on best show launched in 2015! do not alow to be sad! I also falow the page Die hard fans of mishal raheja on fb! Come there and do something for our show!

    • florentina moldovan

      Anne, hi to you! i voted a lot but….now is only 2nd place cause lot of our friends didn t know about this poll…sorry, i tried to bring here the link but the moderation didnt published it….i am very sad….i think i will not came here again soon….hugs for all my friends…you can find me on fb with this name, location Bistrita….

      • sara

        why florentina. . Why are you leaving this page? plead don’t do that. ..keep commenting at least one or two pee day. .

    • Fatarajo

      Honestly speaking I was happy when I saw IKRS at No.1 at least it came 1st and then later I saw IKRS at no.2 in te comments I became disappointed wen I checked tellytadka I realized the show at no.1 is also my fav, so I m quite confused which one to vote for as both r my fav

  108. sara

    colors always withdraws my favorite shows. . which were really good. .
    like’ na boke tum na maine kuch kaha’
    madhubala’ bani, rangrasiya etc..
    that’s why I m worried about ikrs..
    anyways ikrs has just started so b they will not (may not) off air it so soon..
    that mstsh neither has a Theme nor story.. neverending misunderstandings.. still people watch it god knows y..

  109. prachi

    Gudmrng frnds.guys Go to telly tadka page,n vote for ikrs to make if best show of 2015.u can visit fb page of die hard fans of mishal raheha n der is d link.still more Dan 1000 votes needed to make it best show.we can do it together.

  110. AM

    Hi friends …good morning BR mam .Varsha .tamil.joyee .saranya.sara.sonu (sowmya).brity.ranaji.akshay.Jyoti .purple and rahul …. ?????..
    I heard that matsh end on 26 feb ..ranaji don’t be sad 🙂 …. watch ikrs ..much better than that ??????…
    Tum log itna off air ke bareme bat kar raha ho ..mujhe dar lag raha hae …stop thinking about that … ????
    many comments come …come on guys make it 350..???
    very sad for kapil sharma…I am a huge fan of him …don’t miss any episodes of cnwk …I saw comedy nights live yesterday …I don’t like it much …jada nautanki …. ????…hope this nautanki end soon …
    kapil uncle return plz but not in colors … he is best one can take his place in comedy ???????
    bye guys see you all in night ….just 14 days to go for my exam …I am dying in tension ?????

    • Fatarajo

      Haha lol AM main toh tension main par Gaya tha isliye Maine Yeh post kiya tha but thanks to that comments increased 😛

  111. Fatarajo

    Hey guys I just checked out the tellytadka website, and when I read the comments I was disappointed that IKRS was 2nd but when I saw the show which was 1st I was happy as that is also my fav show. I don’t knw which one to vote for IKRS or that show as both r my favourites . You can check out the link here:
    Sorry, but I really like the show at no.1 a lot and IKRS equally that’s why 😛

  112. florentina moldovan

    Dear Sara, i comment almoust every day but lot of my comment do not cross the moderation or cross it too late…i feel like the moderation team doesn t like me… i explained my reasons but , again, they didnt publish…i feel very sad…

  113. sara

    kapil for sure was very good but off late cnwk had become monotonous. . sane type of how n looks like kapil had put on lot of head weight that’s not good for anyone. . success shouldn’t get into your head. .. ydays of cnl I too didn’t like much but krishna is also very good multi talented… got to wait for sometime. .
    I miss siddu n his shayari n thoko. ..

  114. Rajee

    Hey Florentine! Sent u friend req .plz accept but I have n’t uploaded my photo. Later on I will. Name is rajshree.

  115. Saranya

    Hey florinta,don’t leave yaar.we will miss u.pls.moderation makes me also mad but my love for IKRS and bond with my friends makes me coming here again and pls don’t leave.the good feeling we gets from here can never experience in other social networking don’t go.

  116. Rajee

    Good morning friends! I am back with one more scene…its the engagement episode of vidhani…
    Viplav welcomed his honewali patni & in laws offering sharbat.
    Viplav to dhani-“chhoo lene do najuk hothon ko,
    Kuchh aur nahin jaam hai yeh…”
    Then he did some ishare(signals) to dhani for a kiss.
    Viplav- “Zara sa jhoom loon mein”
    Dhani-“are na re baba na”
    Viplav-“aa tujhe chum loon mein”
    Dhani-“arre na re baba na”
    Kanak had same plan in her mind to insult dhani..she sent Viplav to her room 4 bringing her bangles..annoyed Viplav went 4 d bangles.
    Now the next seen reminded me of sholay where gabbar asked basanti to dance.

  117. Rajee

    So in this scene-
    kanak- gabbar,viplav- veeru,dhani-basanti

    Kanak to dhani- bahut nachaniya hai!!
    Oye chhamiya! Dui char thumka name bhi dikha de …
    ” ae chhori Zara nachke dikha,
    Zara thumka laga…”
    Dhani in her mind-” main naagin naagin, naagin naagin, naagin dance nachna”..

  118. Rajee

    Vipu returned & heard her momma asking dhani to dance..our small screen veeru motivated his basanti to take the challenge & praised her-
    ” o gori tera jhumka bada funky funky type da,
    O gori tera thumka bada kinky kinky type da,
    Katili Teri ankhiyan jaise nok nukili knife da,
    Kisi hit gaane pe Jo kamar matka degi toh ,
    Yeh dil banjayega shehzada,
    Har limit ki height pe chadhke ,
    Dance basanti…DDD dance basanti”

    • Saranya

      Rajee,my jaan hamari dosti pe kasam gha kar kehathi hoon,ham bangayi tumri fan.aare abhi tho party shuru huyi hai.baaki ka kamal jaladi hi aana waala hai.haina Rajshri?

  119. Rajee

    Vipu even included his dadaji in this performance by asking him to join dhani..DT acted as the DJ..
    Viplav to DT-“DJ wale mera gaana tu chalade,
    Thodi volume oonchi karke,
    Zara pace tu badhade…”
    Dhani stunned everyone with her graceful performance..
    Dhani to kt-” yeh duniya,yeh duniya pittal di,
    Yeh duniya pittal di…
    Baby doll mein sone di,
    Baby doll mein sone di…”

    Next scenes will b d swing scene after engagement & rain romance… Which one u want to read 1st…plz suggest…

  120. And frnds don’t worry ikrs will be always best in our TV shows so don’t think that ikrs will off air .so guys go on commenting. N just wait for vidhaanis success in viplavs father death case.n they marry without any issues.this my opinion till this happens pls go on watching older episodes of ikrs n enjoy.our show ikrs always rocks.

  121. Rajee

    Finally ikrs on top…now I am taking a brk ..keep voting… Now time to concentrate on work. .bye for a short brk…

  122. florentina moldovan

    hi, my friends, i keep voting! So cool! increases even 6-7 votes one time! Rajee , i accepted you as my friend! thanks for finding me! A great hug to you and to all my family! Sara, Saranya, thank for your words, i ll be back but now i am busy with my vote! kiss you all!

    • Rajee

      Thanx Florentina 4 accepting…but I must admit that I am almost inactive in fb..I only open to hv a look on my friend’s updates.. Its boring there…I love to b here more than there..

  123. Hi frnds I saw the SBB news matsh Is going to end n ishani enters naagin as third kasam replaces matsh need not worry about ikrs show is on off air.this is not as that much possible. To end this show early.
    I want this show up to 1000 n above episodes. Let’s wait n watch

  124. We r in first place now …….whenever I am having free time am trying to cast more vote for our IKRS………I request all of u to do the same…….

  125. Rajee

    Yes radha voting when free but bad thing is, this is the part 1 poll & part 2 yet to come.for part 2 poll it will b easy for voters as they will get a target to achieve….

  126. sara

    hi rahul…
    saw your reply just now sorry for the late reply. .
    see this kind of family problems do arise .. see rahul don’t go by any body’s opinion.. neither your parents note her parents. . you sir and think with your own mind n heart. ..

    if you have stopped replying to purple cos of your parents its definitely your mistake.. see sge is your would be wise your life partner.. you need to take her into confidence n tell her clearly the problem instead of running away. .

    I don’t know what’s the issue n y ur parents are advising you otherwise .. but I will recommend meet purple discuss with her the real issue..
    purple please meet rahul one n listen to him…
    if you really love each other I don’t see any reason why things can’t get sorted out.
    see rahul whomever you may marry this v kindv of friction of families boundv to crop so everytime you cannot run away from the situation n break the relationship. .. you have to be responsible enough to convince your parents/partner (whoever is wrong) about what’s wrong in their thinking ir doing. ..

    all the best dear takecare ..

  127. sara

    do you guys remember vipla said “bhagake le jaayenge tumhe” when dhani said kundli nahee milito???..
    how cute n nice expression…
    that’s the confidence n reassurance required in a relationship. .
    @rahul you also need to reassure purple about your commitment sans with purple. . with small wind relationship shouldn’t stumble. ..

  128. Guys not only voting in telly tadka an also comment in that page about ikrs because they can know y people like ikrs and y is in first place. Pls go n comment in telly tadka page. All ikrs fans go on soon.I did it so u also…..

  129. Fatarajo

    Everyone is so busy with voting that no one realized that our show crossed 300 comments here 😛 XD

  130. Ya joyee every one is busy with voting but now iam waiting for our another thinking iam eagerly waiting for the show.because
    Dhaani said viplav she have a good news,don’t know wat was that news.
    And knk gives laddu to DT if it was really poisoned r not iam really waiting eagerly.
    Guys any one give me this weeks spoiler. Am pls give this weeks spoilers Yaar iam don’t tolerate this tensions.

  131. Hi Sara r busy with voting pls go n comment in telly tadka page yaar.
    Not only Sara every one pls comment there yaar.then only ikrs wins the top position.

  132. unknown

    A bad news for you guys…purple tried to commit suicide…she is admitted in hospital…..plz pray for her speedy recovery

  133. Guys tell if mishal raheja done the film pyaar vyaar and all that,love story is that any short film wala hai.yaa alse movie tel me pls.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.