Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani serving tea to Raj and Prakash, but Raj asks her not to work in her marriage functions, and says he will do all the work. Dhaani thanks them. Raj asks her to take rest and says he will touch her feet. Dhaani smiles. She thinks where is Suwarna and thinks to call her. She calls her and asks how are you? Dhaani tells tomorrow is my goad bharayi and asks her to come. Suwarna recalls Tripurari asking her to enjoy Dhaani and Viplav’s marriage. Suwarna says she will try to come. Dhaani wonders why did she keep the phone down and hopes everything is fine. Dulaari does Viplav’s tilak and is about to make him wear garland, but Kanak stops her and insults her saying it is worth Rs. 10. Viplav looks on. Kanak says she made 1000’s Rs notes, and asks Shalu to bring

that garland. She shows the garland of 1000 rupees notes and asks Dulaari to make Viplav wear it. Dulaari makes Viplav wear 1000 rupees note garland. Viplav wears and gives the mala to Pandit ji in dakshina. He asks Dulaari to make him wear garland of 10 rs note. Dasharath tells about some ritual. Viplav says Dhaani’s family is his family.
Raj and Prakash tell Badi Amma that they will leave now as they have some other arrangements to do. Raj greets Dhaani. Badi Amma asks Dhaani, if she talked to Suwarna. Dhaani says yes, and tells that she said that she will come.

Dhaani calls Viplav. Viplav says it is not good to talk before marriage as per the ritual. Dhaani asks since when he has started believing in customs, and asks how is everything there. Viplav says he has brought a dress for the rasam. Dhaani says she will wear the dress. Viplav says I remember that you haven’t tell me I love you till now. Dhaani recalls Viplav trying to say her I……She says so this is that I….Viplav says yes, and asks her to say I love you fast. Dhaani says I get shy, but will try. She says I….Viplav asks her to tell with love. Dhaani asks him to say first. Viplav gets ready. Dhaani sees Dulari coming and keeps the phone down. Dulaari takes the phone. Viplav says I love you. Dulaari shouts Bachwa Ji, and asks him to say loudly. Viplav gets shocked and disconnects the call. Dulaari asks her to sleep. Viplav says Dhaani can’t even say I love you. Dhaani says I love you. Viplav feels as if she said it. Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………………..

Kanak comes to temple and asks God to give her strength to stop Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage. She says I won’t let that witch to marry my son. She comes to Pandit ji and thinks she can do anything to keep Dhaani away from her home. She looks at the lamp which she will sacrifice.

Sushma and Shalini come to Ashram. Dhaani greets them. Sushma says where is Kanak. Just then Kanak comes and asks servant to keep the gift safely. Dhaani touches her feet. Kanak asks till when she will touch feet and asks Dulaari to start with the rituals. Dadi makes Dhaani wear the chunari and does her tilak, followed by other rituals. Next comes Kanak’s turn. She praises Dhaani. Shalini makes Dhaani wear the anklets. Kanak says she brought gift for her bahu. She brings the plate covered with a cloth and presents it to Dhaani. Dulaari tells Badi Amma to check as it is smelling. Badi Amma asks what is there? Kanak says it is auspicious for our bahu. Dulaari asks Badi Amma to check. Badi Amma takes out the cloth and is shocked to see the lamp’s head. Dhaani shouts and gets up shockingly. Kanak smiles. Dhaani runs to room. Badi Amma asks what you have done? She says it is a sin to bring goat’s head here. Kanak says when you don’t agree with our rituals, then you shouldn’t get Dhaani married to my son.

Kanak tells Dulaari that Dhaani has to eat the meat of the goat. Dulaari refuses. Kanak says then marriage will not happen. Dasharath comes there and scolds Kanak for forcing Dhaani to do something in the name of ritual. Dhaani decides not to inform Viplav about Kanak’s doings. Viplav and Dhaani share some romantic moments.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. MM

    My darling IKRS family,




  2. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Hey good news for IKRS fans trp increased to 1.9 but still that ssel again disturbing our IKRS and still the slot leader just can’t believe it, this ssel I m very angry on sale, they also sole tellyexpress poll and also slot leader. looks like non-prime time slot shows r more popular than slot time shows

  3. Sonu

    Friends are u observe the viplav’s and Dhani’s expression? When,Dhani recalls the FB about ‘I’ and told Accha! tho yeawaala “I” hai? Abb samaj mein aaye. AT THAT TIME VIPLAV’S EXPRESSION.
    Then Dhani told to Viplav: Voo hamae sharam aati hai,hum koshish kartae. AT THAT TIME DHANI’S EXPRESSION
    Choo cute haina? I am fully enjoyed..

  4. Rajee

    Network problem in office…oh god! Help!!! If network will not come on time….no no no…I don’t want 2 miss 2days episode…

  5. AM

    hai guys …good afternoon to all …so guys trp is increased of ikrs 1.9 ….so good news but slot leaders are again ssel( crap show) ….

    and varsha are back in full form … 🙂 . :p 😛 … so you should always be our president but missed BR mam …kaha gaye mam ….bohot miss kar raha hae …. come back soon filling new energy of 2016 ….and enjoy 31st December … and welcome 1st January … you all … 🙂

  6. kaviya

    yes sara i agree with u, thripurari may be turn postive to our jodi in future bcz of DT. in IKRS we can’t judge any character bcz in middle they shows RL as negative but now she turns + ve. some times kanak also used as a comedy piece. so we can’t predict sure. and kavi I’m from chennai.

  7. Another good news IKRS is in top 10 hindi serials trp this week excluding Naagin which is a weekend show , this is the power of Dhaani’s love confession 🙂
    1) SNS(Sp), SSK(Col) 3.8
    2) KKB(Zee) 3.5
    3) YHM(Sp), DABH(Sp) 3.4
    4) JR(Zee) 3
    5) TMKOC(Sab), SR(Col) 2.8
    6) TPK(Col), Ud(Col), CAS(Col) 2.6
    7) BV(Col), TEI(Zee) 2.5
    8) SSEL(Sp) 2.2
    9) SKR(Sp) 2.1
    10) IKRS(Col) 1.9
    Best new year gift 🙂

    • Sorry ignore this news, as the person who send this forgot to mention that 6) YRKKH 2.7 and shows from 6th to 10th will shift down to 7th to 11th, so IKRS is out of top 10 🙁 nvm, next week it will definately on top 10 🙂

  8. Sonu

    Hi to all my ikrs friends.
    Anyone saw the today’s (31st Dec) spoiler in telly express? one part we can already saw in precap VIDHANI’s dating. Another one is Dhani is shocked to learn Viplav will die if she marries him.She thinks of going away from him.
    I knew that roumer, but i don’t guessed it happens in today or tomorrow’s episode.

  9. Thank u dear MM.wish u the same. I WISH U A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR FOR U AND UR FAMILY.sorry i dont know ur names full form.can tel me the full form.

    • sara

      oh god hope viplav is not seriously injured. .
      whatever it is I m sure viplav will convince dhani to overcome all odds n will marry her so I m just enjoying the episodes..

  10. sara

    watched Tuesday’s episode again .. oh god I fell in love with vidhani n ikrs all over again. .. “v: ab kis baath dar lag raha hai….
    d. kundali nahee mili to
    v. ahahahaha. . to hum bhaga le jayenge tumhe…. majak kar rahe hain
    hamare kismatmain milna likha tha.. ab duniya ki koyi takat hame alag nahee karsakti..”
    after that dhani nods reluctantly. . he cheers her up n he feels so relieved she smiled. ..

    ahahah kya scene tha..

  11. vaishnavi more

    hey ikrs family i will find out where rachna is going why she dont present in ikrs just read the below article:
    ishq Ka Rang Safed sees accident on their sets.Send some good wishes to actor Barsha Chatterjee, who is more popularly known as Rachna inIshq Ka Rang Safed(FilmFarm).Why you ask?Well the young girl recently met with an accident on the sets of her show IKRS.As per our sources Barsha was moving around on the set and was having a good, hearty conversation with her co-actors, when suddenly she fell down and twisted her ankle. Everyone rushed to her aid, as she was in immense pain. Later on, after consulting with a doctor, the lady learnt that she suffered from a ligament tear.When we contacted Barsha, she shared, “For quite some times I was not being able to walk at all. Thankfully, all the members of my crew and cast have been really supportive. Currently I am recovering and all set to get back to set from next month.Moreover, I am also undergoing physiotherapy, so that I gain my strength back”.We wish to see you soon on your show lady. Hope you get well soon.

  12. Hritya

    hai br mam, saranya,purple,varsha,tamil,shri, sofe,,sara,fatarajo,raj, rajee n u all remember me?????????????happy new year to all………………may the new year being u sucess,happiness and prosperity………..

  13. gennipher

    Hlo guyzzzz. I am so happy to know that ikrs is in10. Happy new year to all ikrs fans. Let this year gives u all the happiness in ur life. Hii varsha.tamil.shri.sara.saranya.sonu.joyee.rajee.raj.saram mam.swasthi.hritya.kaviya.kavita.rezmie.sorry i dont remembr many of ur names

  14. sara

    hey saw last segment of today’s episode I felt it could have been made better. .
    from recap obit I was feeling that thing looked like a dream house sketch very similar thing was done madhubala. ..
    There it had significance to story here it appeared they just copied things but dhani was looking too pretty. .. bad precap. .

  15. Where is today’s update why so late ? I think everyone is busy due to New Year. Nvm. If anyone saw today’s episode can give me the summary of today’s episode(if it’s still not updated)? I saw the new year combo promo of IKRS along with TPK,SSK,BV and Swaragini, and I must say both Vidhaani looking really cute in red-peach, but Viplav falls down :O looks like colors is in killing mood after seeing killer killer task in bigg boss(trying to kill Viplav,Thapki,Nimboli,Anandi and others) :O 😛

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