Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani serving tea to Raj and Prakash, but Raj asks her not to work in her marriage functions, and says he will do all the work. Dhaani thanks them. Raj asks her to take rest and says he will touch her feet. Dhaani smiles. She thinks where is Suwarna and thinks to call her. She calls her and asks how are you? Dhaani tells tomorrow is my goad bharayi and asks her to come. Suwarna recalls Tripurari asking her to enjoy Dhaani and Viplav’s marriage. Suwarna says she will try to come. Dhaani wonders why did she keep the phone down and hopes everything is fine. Dulaari does Viplav’s tilak and is about to make him wear garland, but Kanak stops her and insults her saying it is worth Rs. 10. Viplav looks on. Kanak says she made 1000’s Rs notes, and asks Shalu to bring

that garland. She shows the garland of 1000 rupees notes and asks Dulaari to make Viplav wear it. Dulaari makes Viplav wear 1000 rupees note garland. Viplav wears and gives the mala to Pandit ji in dakshina. He asks Dulaari to make him wear garland of 10 rs note. Dasharath tells about some ritual. Viplav says Dhaani’s family is his family.
Raj and Prakash tell Badi Amma that they will leave now as they have some other arrangements to do. Raj greets Dhaani. Badi Amma asks Dhaani, if she talked to Suwarna. Dhaani says yes, and tells that she said that she will come.

Dhaani calls Viplav. Viplav says it is not good to talk before marriage as per the ritual. Dhaani asks since when he has started believing in customs, and asks how is everything there. Viplav says he has brought a dress for the rasam. Dhaani says she will wear the dress. Viplav says I remember that you haven’t tell me I love you till now. Dhaani recalls Viplav trying to say her I……She says so this is that I….Viplav says yes, and asks her to say I love you fast. Dhaani says I get shy, but will try. She says I….Viplav asks her to tell with love. Dhaani asks him to say first. Viplav gets ready. Dhaani sees Dulari coming and keeps the phone down. Dulaari takes the phone. Viplav says I love you. Dulaari shouts Bachwa Ji, and asks him to say loudly. Viplav gets shocked and disconnects the call. Dulaari asks her to sleep. Viplav says Dhaani can’t even say I love you. Dhaani says I love you. Viplav feels as if she said it. Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………………..

Kanak comes to temple and asks God to give her strength to stop Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage. She says I won’t let that witch to marry my son. She comes to Pandit ji and thinks she can do anything to keep Dhaani away from her home. She looks at the lamp which she will sacrifice.

Sushma and Shalini come to Ashram. Dhaani greets them. Sushma says where is Kanak. Just then Kanak comes and asks servant to keep the gift safely. Dhaani touches her feet. Kanak asks till when she will touch feet and asks Dulaari to start with the rituals. Dadi makes Dhaani wear the chunari and does her tilak, followed by other rituals. Next comes Kanak’s turn. She praises Dhaani. Shalini makes Dhaani wear the anklets. Kanak says she brought gift for her bahu. She brings the plate covered with a cloth and presents it to Dhaani. Dulaari tells Badi Amma to check as it is smelling. Badi Amma asks what is there? Kanak says it is auspicious for our bahu. Dulaari asks Badi Amma to check. Badi Amma takes out the cloth and is shocked to see the lamp’s head. Dhaani shouts and gets up shockingly. Kanak smiles. Dhaani runs to room. Badi Amma asks what you have done? She says it is a sin to bring goat’s head here. Kanak says when you don’t agree with our rituals, then you shouldn’t get Dhaani married to my son.

Kanak tells Dulaari that Dhaani has to eat the meat of the goat. Dulaari refuses. Kanak says then marriage will not happen. Dasharath comes there and scolds Kanak for forcing Dhaani to do something in the name of ritual. Dhaani decides not to inform Viplav about Kanak’s doings. Viplav and Dhaani share some romantic moments.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Brity

      Hey Guys… Did everyone forgets me?? I couldn’t Comment for two days cause of an minor Injure… While doing Exercise I fell down.. My right hand is paining very much… Couldn’t be able to type … So, I was absent…
      Anyways, How are you all guys?? How is New Year preparation going???

      • Saranya

        No Brity,actually i was going to ask about you and then came ur comment.and Brity take care of your health.get well soon.

      • no brity no one forgets u because u r the one who comments here daily first for two days i didnt see the any comments so only and i didnt came to this website so only i didnt asked about u

        anyways take care it is ur second injury

      • visit a doctor dont think it as minor injury also my choti maa had a current shock for many times she thought it has minor incident but last week again she gets a current shock her blood clots chest suddenly she goes unconsious after we admit her at hospital now everything is fine so pls visit hospital

      • AM

        no one forget you brity ….take care of yourself …..and how you always comment first …you are really very fast yaar 🙂 :p …

  1. Nighat

    Superb episode… Dhani and viplav are superb….love them…. And there acting…..cute on screen couple…<3

  2. AM

    are wah !!! loved the phone call scene ….first dhani take viplav name and say I love you … this is the best scene ….and I like raj and pankaj also ….after a long time pankaj is seen .. :p …..

    and kya precap hae ….superb hoga kal ka episode ……

    and BR mam ..I recently read your comments …..
    wishing you a happy and prosperous new year …god may bless you and live long …… 🙂 🙂 …
    and where are you Tamil,saranya …come fast ….share your opinion fast ……

  3. sana

    Today i loved that phone conversation between vidha. And after saying ILU dhaani’s shyness…it was awesome….

  4. hai guys hai tamil,gaya,BRmam,lifna,saran,brity,gudiya,ammu,ranu,banu,sonu,shri,sandy,hirtya,genni,raj,sofe,
    rajee,ranaji,,joyee,AM,MM,purple,akshya,kaviya,mangai,meghs, and others what is ur opinion on todays episode my opinion is i only liked vidhaani scene i really feel very bad for that goat i am not brahmin but i dont like killing animals even near our house they tied one goat to sacrifice but i untied the rope the goat ran away god has given everything for us to enjoy not to eat we can enjoy with that what do u say guys

  5. Saranya

    Hai friends,i am sorry that i didn’t comment.and Varsha i am very very very happy that u are back.hai Sonu,Shri,Rajee,i didn’t came just because i am fed up of this voting.not just because our vidhani is becoming first but also that we can’t share our comments bcz of this i am going to concentrate fully here.

    • Saranya

      Jyoti,i was listening to ur comments.and thanks Jyoti for your positive thinking.and i hope u will never go back to your stupid comments anymore.and thanks for supporting vidhani now.and don’t think that lamp’s head as a mere’s a violation of humanity.anyone will become scared in sight of this horrible deed.

    • AM

      anyone can get shock by this lamb head ….and you ask us for vote vidhani ….
      go to to vote

  6. sana

    Good evening to all my friends.

    My love towards IKRS serial increases day by day, i got this wonderful IKRS family and friends beacuse of IKRS.

    I am very new to this family, but i can feel lots of love, support & care between all. And i am very very happy to be a part of this IKRS family.

    Thank you all for your love, support & care.

    • Rajee

      Yes sana here all r very supportive,good hearted & loving… I feel very happy to share thoughts with all here. My IKRS family has become a part of my daily life.Without reading everyone’s comment I feel something missing…I am also very happy to get all of u as friends..Love u all.

    • Saranya

      Sana, you are this is a family for me and can’t live without seeing comments here.a type of intimacy developed with my friends.and all here are very loving,caring and so creative.i thank god for giving me such nice friends.

  7. Saranya

    BR mam why are u leaving,if it’s because of time,u just comment when u have time but don’t leave.we will miss u and your funny don’t go away permanently.pls.

  8. Varsha I’m a Muslim but still I felt yaak n wanted to vomit. Extremely bad of kanak. Limit of limit.
    Anyways liked vidhani scene as usual. Liked dulari shouting ‘bachwaji’,just couldn’t resist laughing

  9. Saranya

    Hai Raj,AM,Fatarjo,tamil
    Vaishnavi,kavitha,gudiya,Brity,purple and all other friends.

  10. Rajee

    Is it so? BR mam is leaving us? Then no mam, don’t leave us. We r blessed 2 have u here& we want u 2continue commenting as we all enjoy it…

  11. sana

    Just now i checked the poll,ssel vote number gets increased in very low numbers.

    From evening to till now they have entered only 500 to 700 votes.

    So there may be a chance to win today.

    We will try our level best today. One last try…..

    Come guys don’t forget to vote. Start slowly from now on wards to reduce the difference.

    From 9 to 10 pm full swing.. R U ready?ready?ready?ready?…..come on….

  12. sara

    hi everyone. .. good to see all comments flowing in. .. saranya missed you a lot yday n today. ..
    I have not seen today’s episode as still in ydays hangover. . I think tomm again some madhosh episode coming up nice. ..

    all of you please ignore that jiljil n her nonsense I also do that. .

    as long as viplav’s true love is there no can separate vidhani

    • Saranya

      Hai Sara,i too could n’t saw today’s epi bcz i am part time tution teacher also.and i will comment here more by just giving little attention to polls.

  13. AM

    hii …saranya ….comment here plz …me too fed up with the poll … 🙁 ….I have not much time to vote but today evening I was voting but now I am fed up ….

    • Saranya

      AM,i replied u but i think its not get posted.
      And AM,from now onwards i am going to concentrate my maximum here and a little to polls.anyways we had already declared vidhani as a super cute couple then what’s in a result?and also i don’ want to miss my friends in b/w these polls.

  14. The second paragraph of the episode was so cute and sweet, Dhaani confessing her love for her Viplav was sooo cute, she should have said to him Vipu front to front. So cute. And about the animal thing shame of Kanak to do something against her religion. the last part of the precap is so like mindblowing, excited for the romantic scene, kanak’s nautanki just spoiled the entire episode

  15. Guys today I missed first part yaar.but its very funny today.and also dramatic. I expected that viplav comes to know his mothers drama and know their evil achievements. But It not happened its OK.there is a proverb in Tamil.palanal thirudan oru NAL mattuvan.nice na.PS share ur comments frnds.

  16. Saranya

    Kanak i chant these lines of our adikavi vatmiki to u.
    “manishada prathishtanthwam
    Ahamad sashwathi samah
    Yat krauncha midhuna dekam
    Vedamahi kama mohitham”

  17. AM

    hai …varsha ….what u said and what u did is very good yaar …we should not eat them …. I never eat lamb in my life …and before my birth my mom and dad used to eat lamb ..mutton …but one day my mom saw a goat had been chopping in bazaar …..after that she never eat lamb or mutton … it is good for me … 😉 hahaha ……

    • hai AM for me too me in my child days i used to eat eat mutton and chicken but from 4th standard i stopped eating non veg one day me and my mom went to chicken shop and i saw them killing the chickens in terrible way so from that day i stopped eating non veg
      in my child days i used to play with small goat

  18. Hi IKRS family, our IKRS is getting interesting everyday since the confession of love. I can’t imagine not watching an episode just waiting for the Maha episode probably that wen the the wedding will take place

  19. Saranya

    Kanak,aapko malum hai aap kaun hai.aap ek vampire hai.iss liye aap yeh sab kar rahi hai.vampire ki tarah aap bhi ghoon dekhne se kush ho jaathi hai.aapko sera si anthasa bhi hai aap aapka beta ke saath kya kiya.koyi bhi maa apni beta ghirne se khush nahi ho jaathi.par aap,aap usse khud ghira bhi diya aur uske baad hass bhi liya.very well done kanak.aur aapko patha hai asli chudail kaun hai,wo aur koyi bhi nahi,woh aap he.and the VAMPIRE OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO MRS.KANAK THRIPADI.

  20. Saranya

    Genuinely speaking,i like the way dulaari maayi talks,i mean her words usage,they are very nice to buchiya,bachwa ji etc….

  21. Saranya

    Guys,do u remember what jhil jhil said to balloon that day.she said that Viplav is her only wealth in that what about Shalu.actually i think that both of them are not her children especially viplav.someone might have changed her original children and thus she got vip and shalu.and they just like their original parents and also i think she didn’t looked after them well in childhood sn that they got attached to dadi.may be kanak was spending her time in any beauty parlour and jewellery shop.

  22. Hi brity, saranya, purple, BR, Aditya, Sara, Sana, sonu, raji, fatarjo, joyee, varsha, n every one.
    Hey brity I always mention yr name so plz don’t blame that no one remembers u. And u plz take care of yourself. Don’t injure yrself. Be careful.
    Happy New Year all the fan family and ikrs team! ?????????

  23. lijiya

    Hello friends njanum unde.super episode thank you fatarajo. I watched the serial because of you.super episode.thapki is running badly now.waste of time.pls thapki change your dragging style.

  24. Hi brity….how r u now?….hope u get well soon….take care dear. Today episode was ok but precap is romantic….Vidhaani should be strong to face so many troubles from Kanak, DT & TP soon. Wait & see the power of Ishq ishq ♡;)

  25. sana

    my vote not getting updated yesterday i faced this problem rarely, but now within 10 minutes i have faced this problem for 4 times. is there any golmal…

    • Hritya

      hi sofeeeee……sry 4 that silent exit.i was busy with my pre model exams .now i am free but after three weeks my model exam will start so pray 4 me.i am preparing for it…………

      • My wishes are always there with you dear All the best for your exams May God bless you with peace and prosperity in your life and All the Best friend

  26. gennipher

    Hii guyzzz. Todays episode was nice. Today i liked dulari. Precap is just awseme. This is my dinner time. Thats why i could comment. Hii mam.tamil.brity.rana ji.and everyone.

  27. vaishnavi more

    cute vidhaani scenes but i think dhaani should say ILU to vipu face to face if this happen then its going to be awesomeeeeee

  28. Ragini

    start of any relation has such beautiful moments… u treasure dem for life… u relfect on dem in moments of despair and hold on to those moments to move forward in life…

    such moments between vidhani will give them strenght for der future life…

    dulaari’s scence was hilarious… perfect comic timings.. perfect accent.. plus perfect reactions from the couple whose act was caught in middle 😀 😀

    hope writers bring such innovative scenes time to time….

  29. ruhan

    Beautiful episode except for the gift from the Mother-in-law to be. In reality i don;t think any women will go to that extend of giving a goats head to the daughter to be, May be it is only for this drama.

    Dhanni is so innocent

    • Saranya

      Oh,tmrw is the d-day,rajee.then i am also going to vote as much i can.don’t know what magic is suhani fans doing.i can’t find anything special in their yuvani.i also used to watch it but after IKRS started i only watch this,no other serials i follow regularly.i really want to watch our vidhani as best jodi.let’s see.

    • Saranya

      Varsha,u were right by saving that goat.u know i eat both veg and non-veg.but i prefer veg over non-veg.bcz they keeps us healthy than non-veg.but i also like non-veg,a little actually,i eat only fried chicken.and i am planning to stop that also after seeing today’s epi.then only i can hate and go against action completely.

  30. kaviya

    Hi saran ,BR,sonu, ,tamil, varsa, gudiya, joiee ,kavitha, meghs, AM, MM, shri,rajee and all ikrs family members. after four days back to home and watching IKRS feels awesome. last four days i realy miss your comments guys. now i starts to read your all comments guys i finished yesterday comments, all are busy in voting i also starts to vote to made our dhaani and viplalv no. 1 jodi. now they are in second place. i hope they win pole face jodi. let,s try to vote more. BR mam why are you leaving, plz come back soon. varsa you are from thoothukudi, i’m also from thoothukudi. last 4 days i’m stayed in thoothukudi, today only i come back to chennai. its really good to hear ur from there. ikrs always rocking. the both kanak and dadaji playing a childish game towards our cute jodi. but whatever they try, its all turn + ve to our jodi. so we can relax ourself. after long time they promote promo finally colors hear our voice. sunday its our ikrs maha episode, is it true? guys

  31. kaviya

    who is the costume designer for dhaani, plz give some bright color saree. she is cute, beautiful in all colors. but i want to see her in different hair style, different type of colors sarees to wear, she is very good in chudithar. nowadays her makeup also over do, i think make up man put high face back powder to dhaani face. she is very cute and beautiful in court , pot making scenes her make up also super in that scenes.

  32. sara

    hi all. . I m also too attached to this ikrs family. .. without seeong comments I can’t stay for long kind of addicted even commenting.. In between voting also I commented. lol..

    hey brity please take care n get well soon n type a lot of comments. ..

  33. sara

    I always wondered how can children like vip n shali could be borned to kanak… they both are like shambu n dadi so only they are soo good. .

    from day1 kanak always illtreats shalu our dear motu..
    I love the way vip calls her..
    by the way where is rl?

  34. sara

    sana I too started voting at 9 but only mu votes were seen n interestingly sane amount of votes were getting added to ssel…-:(( so I stopped sometime back. .

  35. sara

    I liked the scene where dhani said ilu viplav n closed her face nice expression. ..

    viplav’s conversation after ritual to convince jiljil was very nice

  36. sara

    suddenly all comments disappear.

    can someone tell me which was that song going on in bg while vidhani talk about kundali mayching n vip cheered her… I want to hear that music spine please someone tell me

  37. And guys in todays episode damaan aur saasumaki bathein bahuth achalaga na.hamara hero tho betiko nahien uske maa ko hi I LOVE U boldhiya.very interesting and funny.but dhaani confess and viplavs reaction without listening on mobile he feeled her love.very cute love.

  38. Guys iam watching ikrs ashrams scenes .I love that ashram episode’s when viplav was helpful to them .I usually watch first two moths of ikrs show. Love u ikrs.and waiting for tomorrows episode. Gud nite ikrs family.have ikrs dreams.

  39. LIfNa

    I LOVE U VIPLAV ….. omg !!!! Dhaani ‘s wrds .. itz waz amezing i lyk it ……. nd wat a rOmamceee , Awzm vidhaaaniii …… jodi….. 🙂 hAii …” Varsha , brity , taMil , br mam ,,, hw u ??? i mizz uu guyzzz … sOmny dyz icant comnt here…. !!! 🙁 nd all ikrs frdz

  40. florentina moldovan

    hi,friends! it is ok if our favourite pair remains in second place but we should vote for best male ,female-face! WE can t make them winners but we can at least take them to 3rd place! What do you think about this? i read you every day but i am busy now and i cant vote so much!

  41. Astara

    Can someone tell me why dhaani said to Suwarna to come to her goad bharayi. Isnt that a baby shower. Am i missing something or is Dhaani pregnant?

  42. Tintin

    Nice episode today, enjoyed Viplav+Dhani’s romance; Viplav’s chivalry and Dhani’s beauty and innocence are a real treat for us all IKRS fans. Viplav+Dhani are soul mates, the more difficulties they face, the stronger their love and bond for each other. Enjoyed each and every bit of the show today except for KT ( Kanak’s) bad deeds.
    Viplav and Dhani are rocking and their expression of love for each other was brilliant and a treat to watch for us all. Viplav is so bold and sincere in his love and lovingly but surely corrects all the wrongs of KT and DT to get his love. Dhani saying ‘ I love you’ was so cute , beautiful and innocent, brilliant performance by Dhani and great script and direction! Thank you all the IKRS team for giving us this delightful love story, God bless you.

  43. Saranya

    My most dearest moment of yesterday:
    When Dhani said I love u Viplav.oh,it was just awesome.she called him Viplav.and words.very cute.

  44. Hi gud mrg dear frnds.varsha,saranya,brity,fatarajo,sana,
    ragini,shreya,genni,purple,aish and all my ikrs family very gud our cute couple r going to celebrate new year eve.really eager to watch it .new couple,new love,new year omg iam waiting yaar.they r the best couple.don’t worry frnds today our vidhaani r the winners.

  45. I think the makers did wrong by showing the animal thingy as it may create controversies, was a nasty thing to gift an animal’s head to someone , and forcing a veg having non-veg food. (PS: I am a hardcore non-veg but I found this wrong)

  46. Hey guys it’s okay if our vidha doesn’t wins 2nd position is a big thing , especially when we started to vote 2 days late, ssel fans voted from day 1, and we voted like from day 3 which made the difference #justmyopinion #IKRSPOWER

  47. hai kaviya for me too it is nice to hear that u r also from tuticorin for last five days i stayed in tuticorin 28th i travelled to coimbatore for my sisters reception 29th i travelled back to chennai 30th i reached chennai

  48. raj

    Hi frnds. enna katha how r u all? last day of the year nd sad day of the game
    i nvr accpt this result bcz thr is somthng fishy.

    angry comments lady r u believe this result ???? stupid polls makers

    anyway our show’s dhaani scne suuuuuuperrr realy ishq ishq nd very funny tht dulari’s phone conversation…

    most important scene 4 this

    sollitaaley ava kaadhala sollum poodhe sugam thaalala
    ithupol oru vaarthaya yaaridamum nenju kekkala
    ini veroru vaarthaya ketidaum enni paakala
    ava sonna solley pothum athrkeede illa aedhum

    • Saranya

      Hey,raj happy to see u and nice song.really beautiful and i also smells some fishy.and i really don’t care about our results.i already decided our cute jodi as winners.tell them to go to hell with their polls.

      • raj

        har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
        jo hai samaa kal ho naa ho……….

        hey saranya dd u c? tht jyothi changed her hard disc to positive. i mean mind.

  49. Saranya

    Quote oe the day;
    (william shakespeare)
    So jhil jhil and balloon why this kolaveri?u will left nothing expect your deeds when u go no use in this sound and fury that u are creating.

  50. sara

    whatever you guys may think.. but I actually like/enjoy dt’s love for viplav..
    see he really cares for him in Jail he said to pp (printed pajama) that “dhaniko lekar viplav bhavuk hojata hain bahut parishan hojata hain”.. and also few more dialogues proove he is really helpless n doesn’t know what can be done to separate them. . so he is just going with the stride…

    same is not true with jiljil… she is not so bothered about vip’s feelings. . she only bothers about tijoriki chavi n jewelleries. .

  51. sara

    coming to poll.. guys when we started we wye sixth position .. I was delighted when we reached third position. . as compared other serials ikrs has not gained much limelight (though it’s best serial) still we achieved second position with huge margin that itself is great I feel. .

    if another poll opens lets try forum beginning n reach first position..

  52. Guys I have one wish that dhaani didn’t went to viplavs room at his yeterdays episode viplav asks dhaani to come to his room and they can spend lonely.but our heroine rejects to go with romantic if they meet in his room.let’s wait and watch .guys enjoy last day of year 2015 to welcome the new year 2016 happily have nice day frnds.

    • Rajee

      Yes kavitha same here.But I was laughing when Viplav openly offered dhani to come with him to his room in front of all. So cute & innocent gesture….

  53. Shri

    Good Morning

    Ashram looks MARVELLOUS ..wonderfull decoration done by prakash and raj..
    and for a momoent there was 100% attention wn dhani said ” I LOVE U VIPLAV”
    My god wt a telepathy..nice responding reaction by viplav for that scene

    Dulari ..i think we started enjoying the way u talk..(we really had fun)

    Viplav… your reaction towards the tilak and asking dulari to place the tilak on ur forehead
    comfortably and wanting to wear the garland of dularii’s were wonderfull and this made
    kanak and dt jealous..

    Can understand hw happy Viplav is during this ritual ..
    Wn the same incident was taking place with tp ..we all ppl were really broken by liking at our viplav..right friends?? Now we are enjoying the rituals along with Viplav and dhani.
    .jst love their similing face..

    Dear Dhani we knw that u hav a tough time with Kanak but face it in a challenging not be scared

    Precap : Longing to watch (Breathtaking)

  54. kaviya

    Gud morning friends. In dhaani and viplav love story, who’s going to turn a big villan for them in future.
    1. Banaras old customs and rituals
    2. Viplav orthodox family
    Dadaji, kanak
    3. Thirpurari, who wants revenge to DT
    4. Dhaani past life.
    I think dhaani past life play a big role in their love story. Dt, kanak and tripurari uses dhaani past life and play a devil’s game in their life. What you think about guys.

  55. Rajee

    At some point I also felt dhani should wear some bright colour clothes but now I am OK with her look.simple & sweet.In light colors she looks very pretty & fresh.

  56. AM

    good morning to BR mam,varsha,Tamil,saranya,joyee and all ikrs family ….happy new year eve all friends …enjoy this last day of 2015 ….and welcome new year 2016 with new hope ….happy new year in advance ……

  57. Sonu

    Good afternoon to BR, Shri, Saranya, Varsha, Tamil, Brity, Gudiya, Lifna, Raj, Rajee, Joyee,Kaviya, Kavitha, Hritya, Genipher, Vaishnavi, Sara, Sana, Sandy, Akshay, Megha, Swasti, MM, AM,Sofe and all my dear IKRS family.

  58. Rajee

    I am still stuck in Tuesday’ s episode… each & every second is so mesmerizing… Oh god…their chemistry is so good…so adorable..mishal & eisha r too good..
    Waiting 4 today’s episode 2 come out of that hangover as I am expecting it 2 b more romantic… Let’s c..

    • sara

      oh rajee same with me. .
      Tuesday’s episode was indeed a super duper one. ..
      I m still sick there. .. I don’t think anything else can beat that one.

  59. Sonu

    Today’s episode was too good except Jil jil’s scence. Now a days as for me KANAK looks like a comedy piece. Her over make up, murmering and all times she try to do bad things for Dhani. But she only insulted from DT infront of all. Hey JILJIL so sad haina? Again don’t do that this type of horrible things. You are also a lady mind it. Anyway I enjoyed so much when you insulted from DT infront of all….

  60. sara

    I want viplav to gift dhani those colorful bangles (he had got them as he had broken her red bangles). .
    please viplav buy them n make her wear it too. ..

    I had felt so bad for him that day when they rejected his gift. . it was so inocent n nice of him he had got those bangles. .

  61. sara

    hey fatarajo. . even I hate that poster. dhongi sadu he is…I hate dt for sure but.. I have really seen such kind of people in my life. but such people in real life don’t love anyone except themselves n their idiotic silly beliefs nothing else this world maytets to them. .
    here, dt “seems” tobe really loving viplav a lot .. so I like that aspect of balloon. .

  62. sara

    kaviya, I think tp will try to unite vidhani to tarnish balloon’s image..after he has refused to accept him as son for sure he wants to take revenge from him. .
    just my thinking. .

      • raj

        saranya any angry hindi funny comment abt tht poll.. v wasted our time so many days without relief spzly u dear

      • Saranya

        Raj mujhe kuch samach nahi aa rahi hai.mein soch raha hoon ki iss polls ka peeche kuch ghadbad hai.shayaad kisi yuvani fan ko hamara pyaari pyaari comments dekh kar jalan hua aur usko kam karane ke liye jaan buch kar ek gang banaya aur yuvani ko turn turn mein vote kiya.bas ab bahuth ho gaya mein ye bakwas ko nahi manthi.ab mein uss yuvaani fans ko challenge kar raha hai.tum sab ne ek baar hamare commnts ko hara kar dekho.its an open challenge.

      • Saranya

        Friends,i made this conversation from names of films.
        Vip:meine pyaar kiya
        Dha:hum aapke hai kaun
        Bal:mein hoon don
        Dula:ohm shanthi ohm
        Rl:pyaar kiya tho darna kya
        Tp:i hate luv stories
        Shambu:shadhi ka side effects

    • Saranya

      I was busy today so that did n’t comment and i have a song for yesterday’s phone conversation
      “dil mera har bar ye sun ne ko bekarar hai
      Kahona pyaar hai
      Kahona pyaar hai”

  63. Sonu

    Hi Chonu, welcome to our ikrs family. Cho chweet name. Your name same as my name, but one letter difference, haina? I am SONU, you are CHONU.

  64. Saranya

    I too hate that big photo of balloon.periya sharukh khan ninappa?but in some way u are cute balloon.but i hate ur shawl,the symbol of despotism.

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      He thinks he is superman as he can fly, he can fly because he’s balloon and this Karnak is so lalchi

    • sara

      saranya that suvarna is super idiot. .
      how can she live or respect a guy who burried her alive. ..
      god save such woman in real life too

  65. sara

    I feel bahara bahara song from I hate love story suits dhani today. .
    for u dhani..
    bahara bahara. . huva dil peheli baarave…

  66. sara

    you know that hood of dt was of super use that day when vip put it on dhani..
    that scene was too good had lot of hidden meaning I felt. ..
    viplav safeguarded dhani with his family cover something like that. .
    I wanted to share this but had missed out..

  67. Sonu

    Hi friends, kal ki episode mein aeh phonewaala scence is awesome and mindblowing. I can’t controll my lough, I loudly loughed when Dulari kaaki and Viplav’s conversation. Even now i am smile karke comment kar rahi hai.
    V; I LOVE U
    DK : BACHWAAJI…., lab u? dhani kaa hain rae lab u lab u?
    V; k.ka.ka.kkk..kaa.
    Then viplav phone kaat diya.
    DK: Thanki uncha boliyae? Rakdiyae?
    Then she told to Dhani.
    Raat bar gada barki paani peevogae kaa?

    Dhani said: ” I LOVE U VIPLAV” and she gets shyed.

    • Rajee

      I like garimaji’s accent fm d beginning. She is a very good actress but I used to dislike dulaari…& now as dulaari has changed her attitude towards viplav she became a darling with hillarious dialogues..By d way all d actors in IKRS r just fantastic & doing Justice to their role. IKRS rocks!!!

  68. MM

    My darling IKRS family,




  69. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Hey good news for IKRS fans trp increased to 1.9 but still that ssel again disturbing our IKRS and still the slot leader just can’t believe it, this ssel I m very angry on sale, they also sole tellyexpress poll and also slot leader. looks like non-prime time slot shows r more popular than slot time shows

  70. Sonu

    Friends are u observe the viplav’s and Dhani’s expression? When,Dhani recalls the FB about ‘I’ and told Accha! tho yeawaala “I” hai? Abb samaj mein aaye. AT THAT TIME VIPLAV’S EXPRESSION.
    Then Dhani told to Viplav: Voo hamae sharam aati hai,hum koshish kartae. AT THAT TIME DHANI’S EXPRESSION
    Choo cute haina? I am fully enjoyed..

  71. Rajee

    Network problem in office…oh god! Help!!! If network will not come on time….no no no…I don’t want 2 miss 2days episode…

  72. AM

    hai guys …good afternoon to all …so guys trp is increased of ikrs 1.9 ….so good news but slot leaders are again ssel( crap show) ….

    and varsha are back in full form … 🙂 . :p 😛 … so you should always be our president but missed BR mam …kaha gaye mam ….bohot miss kar raha hae …. come back soon filling new energy of 2016 ….and enjoy 31st December … and welcome 1st January … you all … 🙂

  73. kaviya

    yes sara i agree with u, thripurari may be turn postive to our jodi in future bcz of DT. in IKRS we can’t judge any character bcz in middle they shows RL as negative but now she turns + ve. some times kanak also used as a comedy piece. so we can’t predict sure. and kavi I’m from chennai.

  74. Another good news IKRS is in top 10 hindi serials trp this week excluding Naagin which is a weekend show , this is the power of Dhaani’s love confession 🙂
    1) SNS(Sp), SSK(Col) 3.8
    2) KKB(Zee) 3.5
    3) YHM(Sp), DABH(Sp) 3.4
    4) JR(Zee) 3
    5) TMKOC(Sab), SR(Col) 2.8
    6) TPK(Col), Ud(Col), CAS(Col) 2.6
    7) BV(Col), TEI(Zee) 2.5
    8) SSEL(Sp) 2.2
    9) SKR(Sp) 2.1
    10) IKRS(Col) 1.9
    Best new year gift 🙂

    • Sorry ignore this news, as the person who send this forgot to mention that 6) YRKKH 2.7 and shows from 6th to 10th will shift down to 7th to 11th, so IKRS is out of top 10 🙁 nvm, next week it will definately on top 10 🙂

  75. Sonu

    Hi to all my ikrs friends.
    Anyone saw the today’s (31st Dec) spoiler in telly express? one part we can already saw in precap VIDHANI’s dating. Another one is Dhani is shocked to learn Viplav will die if she marries him.She thinks of going away from him.
    I knew that roumer, but i don’t guessed it happens in today or tomorrow’s episode.

  76. Thank u dear MM.wish u the same. I WISH U A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR FOR U AND UR FAMILY.sorry i dont know ur names full form.can tel me the full form.

    • sara

      oh god hope viplav is not seriously injured. .
      whatever it is I m sure viplav will convince dhani to overcome all odds n will marry her so I m just enjoying the episodes..

  77. sara

    watched Tuesday’s episode again .. oh god I fell in love with vidhani n ikrs all over again. .. “v: ab kis baath dar lag raha hai….
    d. kundali nahee mili to
    v. ahahahaha. . to hum bhaga le jayenge tumhe…. majak kar rahe hain
    hamare kismatmain milna likha tha.. ab duniya ki koyi takat hame alag nahee karsakti..”
    after that dhani nods reluctantly. . he cheers her up n he feels so relieved she smiled. ..

    ahahah kya scene tha..

  78. vaishnavi more

    hey ikrs family i will find out where rachna is going why she dont present in ikrs just read the below article:
    ishq Ka Rang Safed sees accident on their sets.Send some good wishes to actor Barsha Chatterjee, who is more popularly known as Rachna inIshq Ka Rang Safed(FilmFarm).Why you ask?Well the young girl recently met with an accident on the sets of her show IKRS.As per our sources Barsha was moving around on the set and was having a good, hearty conversation with her co-actors, when suddenly she fell down and twisted her ankle. Everyone rushed to her aid, as she was in immense pain. Later on, after consulting with a doctor, the lady learnt that she suffered from a ligament tear.When we contacted Barsha, she shared, “For quite some times I was not being able to walk at all. Thankfully, all the members of my crew and cast have been really supportive. Currently I am recovering and all set to get back to set from next month.Moreover, I am also undergoing physiotherapy, so that I gain my strength back”.We wish to see you soon on your show lady. Hope you get well soon.

  79. Hritya

    hai br mam, saranya,purple,varsha,tamil,shri, sofe,,sara,fatarajo,raj, rajee n u all remember me?????????????happy new year to all………………may the new year being u sucess,happiness and prosperity………..

  80. gennipher

    Hlo guyzzzz. I am so happy to know that ikrs is in10. Happy new year to all ikrs fans. Let this year gives u all the happiness in ur life. Hii varsha.tamil.shri.sara.saranya.sonu.joyee.rajee.raj.saram mam.swasthi.hritya.kaviya.kavita.rezmie.sorry i dont remembr many of ur names

  81. sara

    hey saw last segment of today’s episode I felt it could have been made better. .
    from recap obit I was feeling that thing looked like a dream house sketch very similar thing was done madhubala. ..
    There it had significance to story here it appeared they just copied things but dhani was looking too pretty. .. bad precap. .

  82. Where is today’s update why so late ? I think everyone is busy due to New Year. Nvm. If anyone saw today’s episode can give me the summary of today’s episode(if it’s still not updated)? I saw the new year combo promo of IKRS along with TPK,SSK,BV and Swaragini, and I must say both Vidhaani looking really cute in red-peach, but Viplav falls down :O looks like colors is in killing mood after seeing killer killer task in bigg boss(trying to kill Viplav,Thapki,Nimboli,Anandi and others) :O 😛

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.