Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th August 2016 Fan Fiction


The doctor is checking Shalu while all others are worried for her. The doctor stands up.
Dhaani(worried)- Doctor saheb what happened to her?
Viplav(panics)- Is she okay now?
Pankaj- Why did she faint?
Doctor(smiles)- There’s no need of getting worried but happy. Now u all have to take special care of her.
Sushma(smiles)- That means she is …
Doctor(smiles)- Yes she is pregnant.
All feel relieved as well as happy.
Shalu wakes up… Pankaj goes near her and holds her hand smilingly.
Shalu- What happened? Why u all are looking at me like this?
Pankaj(smiles)- Because u have given us the most beautiful gift today.
Dhaani(smiles)- Yes, Pankaj is right.
Viplav(killer smile?)- Moti now u will become more moti?
Dhaani(pats him)- Chup! Kuch bhi bolte ho.
All laugh at him.
Shalu- Will anyone tell me what’s going on?
Sushma(smiles)- Shalu…u are pregnant.
Shalu(in excitement)- What?
Pankaj(smiles)- Soon we will have our child in our arms.
Shalu becomes shy while all others tease her.
Viplav and Dhaani are in their room.
Viplav is playing with the ball while Dhaani is thinking something.
Dhaani(thinks)- I should tell this to Viplav before its too late.
She goes near Viplav.
Dhaani(worried)- Woh… Viplav…
Viplav(stops playing and looks at her)- hmmm…tell…
Dhaani(stammers)- Woh…actually…I.
Viplav(keeps his hand on her shoulders)- Dhaani…don’t feel uncomfortable. Tell it to me freely…
Dhaani- Woh Viplav actually I wanted to tell u about Maaji and Dada…
Viplav(interrupts)- Not about this topic Dhaani….
Dhaani- Viplav please…
Viplav couldn’t tell her no and so asks her to speak.
Dhaani- Viplav I know Maaji and Dadaji have done mistake, not one but many mistakes but that doesn’t mean we should not forgive them na. Maaji, she has given u birth Viplav! She is there for u from childhood. U have done so many mistakes but she has always forgiven u then why can’t u? And dadaji, he has been with u from childhood, he has taught u to respect women, to fight against something which is wrong, when u have done a mistake he has forgiven u na, then plz forgive him.. Plz free them from jail… Pleaasee….
Viplav looks on…
Dhaani- And now Shalu is also pregnant. I m sure they will realise their mistakes. And they will have to. Shalu needs their blessings Viplav. At least think about her.. Vidhu and Atharva need their bade Dadaji and Dadi’s love na.. Dadi needs her husband’s love. We both need their blessings na… Please Viplav…. If I can forgive them then I know u will definitely do it….
Viplav sits down thinking..
The episode ends…

Precap- Sushma tells Dhaani about the karwachauth vrat and asks her to keep vrat for Viplav?

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Aww Louella so sweet wow shalu and pankaj r gonna have a baby so sweet and vidhaani parts wow karwachauth

  2. ELLA, Sweetu, thank u, thank u so much for today’s update. ?? A very positive episode it was today. Though Dt &Kt’s crimes r such that they can’t b forgiven but still Dhaani has forgiven them & tries to convince Vips also to forgive them, this shows that however negativity may try to become omnipresent, positivity always wins over it. Good going Sweetu?????? Love to u?????

  3. Renuverma

    Elle its fantastic

  4. Renuverma

    Elle sorry if i hafhurt u yesterday. I had asked casually

  5. Renuverma

    Viplav playing with ball reminds of his premarriage period

    1. Aiswarya

      On 3rd it’s my cousin’s wedding so I have to give him a special gift which he never forget ??
      So I was not at home ??

  6. Renuverma

    Aish where r u today. U didn’t comment first

    1. Aiswarya

      Di what gift should i give him I have no idea

      1. Renuverma

        Aish dear it depends on yr cousins liking

        I prefer to give a ganesh idol it can be in metalviz copper ; brass or silver. So that its lifelong n ganeshji is considered auspicious in beginning of any new work afterall its yr cousins wedding?
        If u r not convinced with above then there r many common options viz
        watch for couple; perfume; stuffed teady of human size easily avaliable in archies ; wall clock; tablelamp; bonechina or silver dinner set; flowervase; wall hanging ; kitchen appliances viz juicer; food processor; coffee maker; rice cooker; airfryer; toaster; microwave etc?

    2. Aiswarya

      Di I decided I will give him a ganesh idol

      1. Renuverma

        Wise decision ?

    3. Aiswarya

      Di I have bought a big ganesh idol for him

  7. Renuverma

    Areeb; arshu; anya ; maria n mahi u r the regular members. What happened today

    1. Hi Renu, i’m here only. Posted my comment already ?

      1. Renuverma

        Oh hi anya yes just saw it. U r the most regular one now a days?????

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Di Present :-* Actually my internet is irritating a lot that’s why I am converted to irregular member from regular member πŸ˜€

    3. Angel20

      Hi renu di.☺ I am here only.. Was upset yesterday that’s why didn’t comment??

      1. Areeb

        What happened Maria? Everything okay?

    4. Areeb

      Hi Renu ma’am. Had read the episode yesterday but was feeling little low that’s why didn’t comment.

      1. Angel20

        Actually I didn’t perform well in my test paper

  8. Pujisaran

    Good work writer.. Everything going positive. This only possible bec of you Louella..
    Long way to go.

  9. Aiswarya

    Thank u louella for the update

  10. Aiswarya

    My guess was right. Cutie today’s episode is just fantastic

  11. Ellu, wrote smthng for u on yesterday’s page just below ur long reply to me. If u feel like reading it, read, if u don’t, then also its perferctly fine??Love u, ???

  12. Maha_Aijaz

    Hello to everyone
    Louellaaa it was jhakas! We all guessed right shalu is expecting.. Hmmm! I loved viplav’s line “moti ab tum aur moti ho jao ge”.. All was just perfect! the way dhani ask viplav to forgive DT and KT was too lovely.. Thank u writer jee!
    Precap is amazing as my wish is coming true :-*

  13. Maha_Aijaz

    Thank u saraswathi ma’am for telling me the timings.. One last question is it telecast for one an hour or half an hour actually naa from next month we will use dish box so hopefully we will get to see rishte channel that’s why I am super excited and gathering all these information but I promise this is the last one πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Maha? mostly it is for half an hour but a days back they were telecasting it for one hour, so u check the timing in the channel guide. One more thing, at night they don’t always start exactly at 11 pm, it is fluctuating, you can say. Smtims a liitle before 11, smtims a little after 11also and dot11 at times. Like colors channel, they also don’t follow any fixed schedule ??

  14. Maha_Aijaz

    Aish darling jitna thanks bolun kam hai.. u are too sweet re! I am surprised actually u have posted all links from episode 1-20 I mean that is too difficult for me because I am too lazy but u did it on behalf of me.. Love u yaar!

    1. Aiswarya

      Di ur ff is sooooo nice ??I love it sooo much so she should miss reading it na
      Love u to ??

      1. Aiswarya

        Not miss reading

  15. Hi Louella, … Shalu is pregnant…..more kids in the family…..sounds good. Happy to see you are trying to bring the family together…..but please don’t forget Parshya as well.
    Enjoying this so far….keep it up.

  16. Dear Louelle there is one unfinished wish of Dhaani that is” Mangalsutra” it is her wish that should be done by Viplav ,so karvachout din you may imagin it that festival is for the welfare of husband ,you may fulfil this wish of dhaani

  17. Sujie

    Shaalu is gonna be mom soon….. Okay….
    Lovely episode it was πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    And yes…. You made me nostalgic again…talking about KARWACHAUTH…
    HMmm…hmmm…hmmm hmmm hmmm… Tune from Karwachauth episode of ISHQ KA RANG SAFED…..
    Waiting for the episode πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  18. A lovely Good Morning β˜€ to everyone ??

  19. Ellu,Sweetu, where r u? I hope u r not angry with me also????( for lecturing u, i spoke too much na??, sorry dear, i just spoke to u as my littlt sister?)

    1. Mariyam123

      No no? I m not angry with u?Actually I love listening and reading lectures? U won’t believe but I read your long comments 2-3 times??? Don’t feel sorry, whatever u said was correct but that assignment is to be submitted on this Friday, woh actually I wanted to submit it before so that’s why I was in a hurry?

      And I never leave my studies aside for the sake of anyone? Because I get scared if I get less marks?

      1. Thanks so much SWEETU, LOVE U??????????

      2. And u will never ever get less marks Sweetu, that’s my sincere prayer to God for u and my heartiest blessing too???

      3. Mariyam123

        Aww?? Thank u so much Anya di???Love u too di??

  20. Good morning friends!
    Hope you are well. Thank you Louella for good writing and for giving us this opportunity to keep in touch.
    Arshi, Areeb – hope you are both first class πŸ™‚
    I have a frend and whenever I ask how are u – he says first class. I like the term so now I also use it.

    1. Areeb

      Hi Zee. I’m first class. ?

      1. Ha ha ha …acha sound karta hai na first class?

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  22. think. Last night on desi serials p, the site I watch most shows on, it had under IKRS, Show Completed. And I think seeing that written down made me realise that yes it is really over, stupid but true.

    Everyday, at the time I used to watch I think ooh, it’ll be on soon and then remember no it won’t, so feel a bit lost to be honest,

    Missing Viplav and Dhani and seeing MIshal loads. But fingers crossed he’ll be back soon.

    Lots of love to everyone

    Ps I just posted this on the last update thread but realised your all over here. ???

  23. Oops! Major copy and paste fail! Lol!

    Thanks Louella for giving us this space to stay in touch.

    I posted on the 26th thread tried to copy here after I realised this is where everyone is but it didn’t work.

    Hope everyone is well and that those of you in the Delhi are aren’t too badly affected by the heavy rains. Been watching some footage this morning and it’s amazing the city is still moving. Delhiites obv don’t give up too easily, stay safe if you’re over there.

    Zee, are you still in France? Hope work is going well.

    Sujie, Renu, hugs to you both. Hope your families are well.

    Lots of love to everyone here.

    1. Mariyam123

      Hellooo Nimisha di? Happy to see u back? Hope u are fine☺

    2. Sujie

      Hi Nimmy dear …..???? I am toh good…. Hope you are doing well too….
      Hugs to you too ???

    3. Hi Nimisha? good to see u back. And yes all thanks to Sweetie Ella for keeping this family bound together??

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      Hi nimmy dear. How r u.?

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    6. Areeb

      Hi Nimisha ma’am. Hope your work is going smooth.

    7. Hey Hello there Nimiisha. Howre you? Good to see yo back and this is our new hangout place thanx to Louella. And she is also taking the story fwd from where it ended. Cool isin’t it?
      Work is still iffy but I am having a lot of fun in Paris. They celebrate summer like its a festival!!
      Hope to see you here again and before long.

  24. Angel20

    Louella a great episode again???
    Do one more baby on the way…??

  25. Areeb

    Another good episode. Really loved the last half. Dhaani reasoned very well. Kids also need blessings of their grandparents and when they have started repenting on their evil deeds then, Viplav should show his greatness by forgiving them. Moreover, you have also included Shalu’s happiness with this surely, Viplav is gonna end up forgiving them.
    Brilliantly carried out the whole scene. Actually loved it. ? Good going! ?

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        Hi Areeb?and thank u so much for this, actually this is all Mishal magic, wo hai hi aisa k koi bhi in pe jaan vaar de??

  28. AanyaSingh

    Hi Areeb?and thank u so much for this, actually this is all Mishal magic, wo hai hi aisa k koi bhi in pe jaan vaar de??

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