Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani talking to Dulaari on phone and tells her that she will talk to her later. She finds Kamini’s ring outside the door and gives ring to Dadi Bua. Viplav and Kamini search for the ring while the latter looks at him. Dadi Bua says you would have searched it before, and says they went out in a hot weather. Dhaani calls Viplav and tries talking to him. Viplav says hello and asks her to move to network catching place. Just then he hears Kamini’s shout and disconnects the call. Viplav saves Kamini from the river and asks her to wake up. Dhaani worries for Viplav and Kamini. She thinks to inform Dadi Bua then thinks of her promise made to Kamini. Viplav tries to make Kamini gain consciousness and massages her feet and hands. He thinks to call her and presses her stomach

to make water expel out of her mouth. Kanak looks for Kamini in her room and sees lipstick on the dressing table. She gets tantalize to use it, but then stops herself. She goes out of room, then comes back again, closes the door and applies lipstick and perfume. She uses Kamini’s stuff and wears bindi, necklace etc. She thinks jewellery is looking dull and wears colorful saree. She thinks she is looking beautiful even now.

Dasharath comes singing song. Dasharath looks at Dhaani and is about to keep his hand on her shoulder, just then Kanak calls him. Dhaani and Dasharath turn back to look at Kanak. They are shocked to see her in colored saree. Dasharath struggles for words to explain to Kanak. He signs her something. Kanak says Ram Deen said that you called me. She asks Dhaani, what are you doing here? Dasharath says I am searching for Sushma. Dhaani informs them that Viplav and Kamini are in trouble as she heard the latter’s scream. Kanak asks her not to make an issue. Dhaani says they might be in trouble. Dasharath says may be there was no network. Dadi Bua comes and looks for Kanak. Kanak says I was telling Dasharath that I have learnt so much from you. She says you too wear colored sarees and bindi. She says I have decided to wear colorful sarees and will live my unhappy life happily. Dadi Bua says I am happy for your decision and asks what they are doing here. Kanak says Dhaani heard someone scream. Dadi Bua tells Dhaani that Viplav is not a kid and says you might have heard your heart scream because of jealously. Dhaani says they are in trouble. Dadi Bua asks her to rest. Dhaani goes.

Dadi thinks it would be good if they spend time together and Viplav will realize who is diamond. Dasharath tells Dadi bua that he want to talk to her. Dadi Bua goes without talking to him. Dasharath tells Kanak that she is white blood woman. Kamini gains consciousness and sees goon near her. She pushes him. Viplav says it is me, Viplav. Kamini says she is feeling bad and asks about the ring. She says it was my kawaz/protection. Viplav asks her not to worry. He says car is outside. Viplav and Kamini sit in the car. Viplav says car’s radiator is bursted. Kamini says I will call Dadi Bua. Viplav says my phone had fallen in the river while trying to save you, and says we shall go inside. He takes her inside. Kamini stares him romantically while the song Sun Saathiya plays……………Viplav lights the fire and sits near it. Kamini continues to stare him happily and recalls the moments between them. She thinks if this is a dream, how to stop myself from coming closer to Viplav.

Kamini hugs Viplav and looks at him smilingly. Viplav looks on. Dhaani comes to the Police station and complains about the goons. Police Inspector asks her to describe the goon as he gets the sketch made. Viplav gets closer to Kamini while they are sitting near the bonfire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Morning/Afternoon everybody.. I’m confident all will be well. Nimisha I like your theory that vidhani are together in this..Where did viplav go when he left kamini for 2 mins .
    The whole thing may be Kamini dream including the lake dive.?
    Oh gosh. I have faith in viplav 100%.

    Arshdeep Good Luck and don’t worry.???????xxx

    1. Hi good morning annie.

    2. Good morning/afternoon Anne.

    3. Maybe Viplav went to call Dhaani. ? Lol.

    4. good afternoon Anne

  2. Now my anger is all vanished after reading all ur comments. Now even I m confident that it’s a dream of that Kamini and not in real. Yesterday truly I was very angry but now I have made myself calm down. I have decided to first watch and see if it’s a dream or real then say anything about Mishal aka Viplav. Mishal if u r reading my comment I m very sorry for my anger but I can’t see u with any other girl except Dhaani. Sorry mishal!!

  3. Arshi di hope ur doing well with ur exams. Sorry couldn’t wish u all the best yesterday and also today as I was a bit busy. But now I wish u all the best. Do ur best and leave the rest to God. And most important don’t take tension. Come back soon. We ikrs family is incomplete without u.

  4. Nimisha di come fast and comment. The magic is started. Comments r not getting stuck. They r posting our comments within one second.

  5. Kanak was looking beautiful yesterday in colourful Saree. It was suiting her. Only heavy jewellery was missing.

  6. New olv on if, can’t hear anything but kamini looks sad n guilty ???? X

    1. She’s probably started the drip feeding of doubt into Dhani,s mind.

  7. wow……posts are not getting stuck now….omg ……… comment more and more friends………:)

  8. Wow moderators must be on Sunday double-time ?

  9. I’m not going to be around today, will try and read when I get back and post if I can.

    I really don’t want to not be here as I need to hear what you all think.

    After reading all your comments on the episode yesterday, I think I’m actually more horrified that DT was lusting after Dhani. I mean, talk about a BAD epsiode,

    Anyway, have a great day everyone. And catch up later!


  10. arshadeep..
    There is a school opp to our house it was exam Centre for neeti exams..
    I remembered arshu..
    How your exam went well. .

    1. Oh gosh, can’t think what’s happening.Like you say Mahira,depressing news .xx,

    2. Then what will happen to that Sarla kaaki’s home and Piya Dhaani Dulaari relation mystery?????
      OMG !!!! Now who will call our Viplav “Bachwaaji” and who will call Dhaani ” Bucchiya”??????

      1. Now take the break all you guys form Ikrs. Such a talented actress quits the Ikrs. So sad to know.

  11. Omg then what about her past revelation.

    1. Watched on line ,don’t know Hindi ,WHAT revelation!!!!!!??????
      Please tell me,no update yet xxx?

      1. Oh I see ,Dularis past life, I though it was something on today’s episode ?xxx

      2. meaning of revelation is truth by seeing the revelations about her past life.

    2. Thankyou pjain,I get it now.?xxx

      1. Hi Arshdeep, how are you? Did all go well ??xxx

  12. No updates for non Hindi speakers on this English speaking web site.

    1. What’s going on Anne? Sooo quiet here,

  13. Hellooooooo everyone

    Arshdeeeeep, hope it went well today. See you soon.

    Very quiet on here today. Hope everyone’s having a super Sunday!

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