Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani talking to Dulaari on phone and tells her that she will talk to her later. She finds Kamini’s ring outside the door and gives ring to Dadi Bua. Viplav and Kamini search for the ring while the latter looks at him. Dadi Bua says you would have searched it before, and says they went out in a hot weather. Dhaani calls Viplav and tries talking to him. Viplav says hello and asks her to move to network catching place. Just then he hears Kamini’s shout and disconnects the call. Viplav saves Kamini from the river and asks her to wake up. Dhaani worries for Viplav and Kamini. She thinks to inform Dadi Bua then thinks of her promise made to Kamini. Viplav tries to make Kamini gain consciousness and massages her feet and hands. He thinks to call her and presses her stomach

to make water expel out of her mouth. Kanak looks for Kamini in her room and sees lipstick on the dressing table. She gets tantalize to use it, but then stops herself. She goes out of room, then comes back again, closes the door and applies lipstick and perfume. She uses Kamini’s stuff and wears bindi, necklace etc. She thinks jewellery is looking dull and wears colorful saree. She thinks she is looking beautiful even now.

Dasharath comes singing song. Dasharath looks at Dhaani and is about to keep his hand on her shoulder, just then Kanak calls him. Dhaani and Dasharath turn back to look at Kanak. They are shocked to see her in colored saree. Dasharath struggles for words to explain to Kanak. He signs her something. Kanak says Ram Deen said that you called me. She asks Dhaani, what are you doing here? Dasharath says I am searching for Sushma. Dhaani informs them that Viplav and Kamini are in trouble as she heard the latter’s scream. Kanak asks her not to make an issue. Dhaani says they might be in trouble. Dasharath says may be there was no network. Dadi Bua comes and looks for Kanak. Kanak says I was telling Dasharath that I have learnt so much from you. She says you too wear colored sarees and bindi. She says I have decided to wear colorful sarees and will live my unhappy life happily. Dadi Bua says I am happy for your decision and asks what they are doing here. Kanak says Dhaani heard someone scream. Dadi Bua tells Dhaani that Viplav is not a kid and says you might have heard your heart scream because of jealously. Dhaani says they are in trouble. Dadi Bua asks her to rest. Dhaani goes.

Dadi thinks it would be good if they spend time together and Viplav will realize who is diamond. Dasharath tells Dadi bua that he want to talk to her. Dadi Bua goes without talking to him. Dasharath tells Kanak that she is white blood woman. Kamini gains consciousness and sees goon near her. She pushes him. Viplav says it is me, Viplav. Kamini says she is feeling bad and asks about the ring. She says it was my kawaz/protection. Viplav asks her not to worry. He says car is outside. Viplav and Kamini sit in the car. Viplav says car’s radiator is bursted. Kamini says I will call Dadi Bua. Viplav says my phone had fallen in the river while trying to save you, and says we shall go inside. He takes her inside. Kamini stares him romantically while the song Sun Saathiya plays……………Viplav lights the fire and sits near it. Kamini continues to stare him happily and recalls the moments between them. She thinks if this is a dream, how to stop myself from coming closer to Viplav.

Kamini hugs Viplav and looks at him smilingly. Viplav looks on. Dhaani comes to the Police station and complains about the goons. Police Inspector asks her to describe the goon as he gets the sketch made. Viplav gets closer to Kamini while they are sitting near the bonfire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Maria

    I dont want to comment on todays episode. After watching todays episode i am not at all a fan of ikrs, vidhaa

  2. Fatarajo

    What is this?????? Today’s episode was so boring. Hello makers IKRS is only rocking for Vidhaani not Viplav-kamini. This kamini ka character is annoying and shocking precap, I don’t understand what’s going on with all colors show. No offense I hate colors now, I m barely even watching colors I just watch sony and life ok instead I feel even star plus is better these days. Only the weekend shows rocks, the serials r too much now, magical shows like IKRS makers ne show ke falooda banadiya, IKRS is good but today’s episode not at all. Current best show on colors is udaan not out of track at least for now

      • Anne

        Its GOT to be Flo, hasnt it? If not it Destroys everything we’ve watched and loved for months and makes it pointless. AND it makesFOOLs of us all. Keep the faith xxc

  3. Mahira

    No comments. After reading today’s update, I don’t think I’m gonna make myself ready to watch it online. Really disappointed with the story but still hoping for some good twist.

  4. aish

    Hi friends, I really miss u guys alot buh painful that no one noticed that I didn’t comment for lots of days. Probably because I’m not hindi. I’m sorry friends if at all I hurt any one. Take care guys

    • Anne

      Oh, Aish dont say that! Everyone. is so upset over ikrs thats all we’ve. talked about. Im not hindi. im a Christian but it doesn’t matter. what we are. Xxx

    • Fatarajo

      No aish is nothing like that actually many people stop commenting due to current track of the show so we thought maybe they arent following the show anymore, you are also a part of this family 🙂

  5. arohi

    Hey am a silent reader.Bt aft Today’s episode am crying a lot. I just don’t believe boys. I think they are not loyal. Bt aft watching IKRS I thought i was wrong. bt today IKRS proved that i was right. Am blank .

  6. After closing the Raja’s Chapter IKRS was not on the original subject to watch now.

    This news or rumors also coming are is not in favor for IKRS which are as below:

    1. Now a days some news or rumors was coming that IKRS is going off Air in 2 months.
    2. The news is coming that Mishal is not well then Writer has been change its original story.
    3. New entry was not that much impact as earlier was given full impact for success of IKRS.
    4. The same old story is running that how to separate Vidhani. It is now very much irritating.
    5. The written update was earlier updated very much earlier. Now a days after closing of Raja’s chapter written update was updated very much late.
    6. Earlier there are so many viewers is commenting very much of IKRS. now a days few viewers is commenting a comments is very much low side.

    As I have already gave my comments earlier that IKRS is now going to different directions which was the original subject.

    Sorry Guys for after closing of Raja’s chapter and Dadi Bua chapter and for last 3-4 episodes I was not watching IKRS.

    Sorry guys I am now not able to give negative comment now when I read today’s comments it is really sad that IKRS is totally lost its original plot of subject and story.

    This is done only for TRP and which is very sad to now.
    Guys Now give us break for long and sorry for my comments if any one is hurting on my comments.

    • Hi pjain understand that every one is in pain , anguish as story has gone hayway but i feel it is momentry n by next week if wud be streamlined. Hope for best.

  7. Saraswathi.j

    True ugly nature of Ayodya nivas members revealed today ,being a widow her self the lady don mahant criticises Dhani ,at the age of eighties Dada Ji needs a woman ,(nasty fellow) and coming to Kanak she does not have any respect to her husband Shambuji ,but for the sake of her own she should behave properly it seems she also had a shady life,coming to the so called hero Viplav whose love is safed ,but falls flat to Kamini and safed turned into kala rang ,from the entry of Kamini his behaviour is not at all decent ,now why he is behaving like this with that girl she is not a kid a graduate in law that 25 year old she wantonly seducing him so he positively responding to her…this type of story brings TRPS no the story and the actors lose their fans ,and for Dhani it is better for her to leave this jungle house because that old Mahant had an evil eye on her.

  8. Shikha

    now i wont care if the show shuts down soon!! this is a can they show us Vip and Kamini scenes? Like srsly???
    I am done with this show!! So..Vip’s character is finally ruined..!????
    The epi was bad And the precap just made it worse!!

  9. arohi

    I only watch ikrs ,only because of their trust ,their love (VIPLAB & DHANI)on each each other.
    BT truth is viplab is also a male. MEN can do this & ITS the duty of woman to forgive them.
    Typical male dominated society.Sry guys i have no intension 2 hurt u . I just told what i feel.

  10. vini

    In any of the previous episodes I didn’t feel hatred towards viplav but now because of this so called disgusting precap I hate myself for being viplav crazy fan.

    • Anne

      Yes Vini I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I don’t want to be a fan of mishal because I find it painful ,does that make sense to anybody? X

      • Nimisha ?

        Yes Anne it totally does. It’s his fault we’re watching, or rather not watching this stupid change in direction. Any other actor and I’d have been syananra cowboy. ??

  11. Nima

    viplav pagla gaye ho ka ? thank god pwr cut ki wajase tv pe nahi dekha. 1st episode se kal k episode tak 1 episode v miss nahi kiya bt..aaj ka episode kavi nahi dekhenge ??

  12. Saraswathi.j

    Is he need a Bonafire when lights are there? May he is celebrating under stars with Kamini?

    • Saraswathi when they had gone it was daytime n hot thry stayed there for some time then how come all of a sudden cold n dark came? ????

  13. eshani

    Guys I think precap is kamini’s dream but if it is not I really hate it as it has spoiled viplav’s character n what was happening with DT KT shame on them

  14. arohi

    Totally bekar he.but truth toh he. plz dhani go 2 ur ashram 4 ever. U can’t find trur love here.All men are dogs.Think guys what will happen when dhani will know the truth.!!!!

  15. AM

    total bekar show .. they should shut ikrs soon … viplav’s character fully changed .. directly going to kiss kamini …. aj to viruses ka jarurat hi nahi … humlog kafi hae bura bolne ke liye ..ab no more vidha ….now new jodi vikam is rocking the show … keep rocking vikam and try hard to end our most loved show 🙁 ..bye ….

    guys ae ikrs dekhna bandh karo …hum sab writers Jo ff likhte hae wo padho ..thousand times better than ikrs …. and I am a ff writer also 😛 read my ff
    ” The talking mirror: destroyer of all ” . 😛 😛 …

    • Maria

      Yes I agree with you avi, new Jodi is vikam they are the best. Vidhaa was only time pass, real Jodi has now come VIKAM… I hope IKRS ends soon…

    • Agree with u chhote.noe new jodi is vikam.n dhani is d comedian of d show.we should say bye bye to ikrs.let d director move d show with zero trp

  16. Ahtasham

    I am also a big fan of IKRS! but now a days show going in hell! Why they do not enter again Tirpurari?

  17. Louella

    Hasanji thank u for the update. Today’s episode was indeed a disappointing one. This is too much now!!!! How can Viplav sit quietly when a girl comes so near to him and sits. Truly it’s unbelievable that Viplav who loves only Dhaani can give any other girl to sit so near to him and hug him.

    And how did Kamini suddenly fall into the river. I m 1000% sure that all this is a plan of hers. Is she gone mad? How can she fall for a boy who is already married.

    And also there were lights there and no fans then also there was a bonfire lit. Also it is summer so how can they feel so cold? Did Viplav wanted to enjoy?

    And also I think the writers r gone mad. They already know that ikrs fans r watching this show bcoz of the superb chemistry of Viplav and Dhaani but then also how can they bring Kamini in between? Do they want to change the serial title to ishq ka rang kaala’?

    Viplav doesn’t even know how much Dhaani is worried about him. I understand that his phone had become useless but at least he could use some sense to keep the phone aside and then go to save that Kamini. Ok he was in a hurry to save her but at least he could go somewhere nearby and ask the passersby to give him a phone to call at home and inform that they will come the next day.

    Precap is worst. Till know I didn’t get so worst precap in ikrs which we have got now.

    Sorry to say but I have to say that even if ikrs ends I will not feel bad.

    Now I like naagin more than ikrs. It’s unrealistic but at least they r not separating the main leads of the show.

    Writers if u r reading my comment plz try to bring some change in the current track. At least first reveal the past of Dulaari mai and all others. Then how much kamini u want to bring u bring I don’t care. Even the ff writers r doing better than u

  18. vaishnavi

    oh god whats going on in ikrs i maen yeh dt itna gir sakta hain apne hi pote ki wife pe buri nazar really i wanna slap u dt n vipu what r u doing why r u touched her ham jante hain ki tum use help kar rahe the but fir bhi distance rakhna chahi ye tha aur tumne dhaani ke baare me nahi socha 3 evils ke saath ghar par use akela chod diya trp ke liye ikrs kya se kya ho gaya

  19. arohi

    Bring kamini,mohini,tapaswini,damini,jamini & make it a characterless show.We all r here to enjoy these romance.Bt if u have 2 show these things why don’t u bring sunny leone.Trp will grow very high in one episode.

  20. saranya

    Guys,cool down cool down cool down.viplav is not a bad guy,its only KAMINI’S VULGAR viplav,i don’t regret to be a Viplav fan.he was good,he is good and always will be good.i have full trust on him.he loves dhani only.VIPLAV ROCKZ ROCKZ AND ALWAYS ROCKZ.and one more thing an actor like Mishal Raheja can never act in such stupid scenes,he values his self respect,he is not an actor who acts in any scenes blindly without any thinking for mere fame and money.Mishal was always like that.he can’t deviate from his self.this is my opinion only.VIDHA ROCKZ,VIPLAV ROCKZ AND MISHAL ROCKZ ROCKZ AND ROCKZ.

  21. Louella

    Arey Kamini if u want to marry a boy go and marry phoolchand but stop eyeing our Viplav. Today they totally spoiled Viplav’s character. Just hope it’s a dream. If it’s not a dream plz read our ffs which r lakh more better than than the current track of ikrs. So plz read all these ffs which I m mentioning:
    You r my KI and I m ur KA(IKRS) by me
    This is love by Sujie
    Ishq vishq and all that by Ahana
    He is impossible by Maria
    Talking mirror: destroyer of all by Avijit
    Unusual attraction by Mahira
    Sanam re by Lakshmi.
    Plz do read these ffs and u will lile it

  22. saranya

    Kamini,shame on u.feel like killing u.i have never felt so much angriness to any ikrs character.before vidha starts loving each other,there were many instances in which they became closer.then too either dhani or viplav never dreamed like this.even after their marriage too they didn’ dreamed like this.but u kamini,u are a creep.i just hate u.u are that sanskari bahu that dadi bua told na.just hate u can u?

  23. saranya

    Kamini aka Sheila ki jawani,apni chal apne paas hi rakho tu.don’t even dare to go beside viplav.if u dare,i don’t know what will i do in my angriness.just kill u by putting u in sulphuric acid bcz u are a sinner,u dreamed other woman’s husband.oh i can’t even control my anger.its unbearable.kamini,stay away from viplav.viplav is only for dhani.

  24. Nimisha ?

    Hello everyone.

    Aish, good to see you back. Please don’t feel hurt, as Anne said we’ve all been traumatised by what’s going on. So sorry to have hurt you. Everyone has different commenting habits. Some of us are more regular than others and we’re sort of used to that, when a name appears again after a few days, it’s lovely to see you again. Please stay and join in. ?

    I haven’t read the update or watched the episode. Sorry H Hasan, but it’s for my sanity.

    First of all I TRUST VIPLAV!!! To quote Anne, Keep the Faith!!! Viplav has fought long and hard for the love of his life. He isn’t going to throw that away.

    Secondly, I hope Anne is right that this is a dream.

    Repeat after me

    I trust Viplav
    I trust Viplav
    I trust Viplav
    I trust Viplav
    …. Should I go on??? ?

  25. Nimisha ?

    This is going to sound bad, but I think I actually preferred it when Viplav was stabbed and I HATED that.

  26. Cassandra

    I love viplav and Dhani together.. What is happening.. Please someone change this whole viplav – kamini scenes…. M missing viplav and Dhani romantic scenes.. This kamini is such a pain…??

  27. I love viplav and Dhani together.. What is happening.. Please someone change this whole viplav – kamini scenes…. M missing viplav and Dhani romantic scenes..

  28. Saraswathi.j

    Dhani along with police Bring a long stick beat both of them then mohini pisachi will leave them .

  29. Nimisha ?

    Damn! My resolve is rubbish.

    Just refreshed and caught the Precap… Maybe I will watch it after all. But might need a stiff drink or a big bowl of comfort food while i do. Popcorn anyone? Chocolates? Here you go. Pass them around, ?????????????☕️??????

    No will power me. None at all.

      • Nimisha ?

        Aporkodi, after reading all the comments I decided to not watch it. Feel terribly disloyal to Mishal, but I can’t. But I’m still enjoying the snacks. Mmmmmmmmmm chocolate ??????????????????????????????????????. Ooh I found the popcorn. ?

    • Anne

      Watched on line but not tonight! Got my fave 2 yes 2 bottles of bombardier ale. I only drink red wine or real ale. Sound like a drunk but the last time I had a drink was my birthday last year.
      I laughed at good thinking batman cos I say that. ….a lot!!???☕?

      • Nimisha ?

        Anne. I think we must have been separated at birth.

        By the way, I am soooo sorry that I sound like a total loon on Twitter. I was actually giggling by the end. Thanks for getting me through those dark couple of hours maaaan! Peace.. Love and errr more peace.

      • Nimisha ?

        And you don’t sound like a drunk at all!

        After yesterday’s episode I had a very very very very large glass of rose. Was yummy, after all the stress of today I might… I mean I just might have another. I will save the third glass for the day after as I’m sure this ride is set to continue for a bit.

        I hate roller coasters by the way, but I feel I’m on one and have been forced onto it by the makers of this show. ???

      • Anne

        You did not sound like a loon,no more than me or anyone else and there was a lot of us!! I know what you mean by rollercoaster , I resent it actually.. I feel I’m being toyed with (don’t laugh).
        Putting a precap of VIPs and Kamini in about 4inches away from a kiss on the mouth is very provocative seeing we’ve never seen vidhani do that !!!
        The precap is VERY DELIBERATE…??xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        OMG Anne, really??

        I was grinning after reading the toyed with bit,,, ooo err, sorry,
        But the smile was soon wiped from my face with the nearly a kiss bit. REALLY! What is going on!!!!

        I haven’t watched it by the way! And won’t now!

        I agree and yes I also feel a lot resentful so totally understand what you’re saying!

        What are they up to? I think I hate the makers at this moment!!!????

        And Mishal slicked back hair? He didn’t do a shower scene with new girl did he?

        Also what was the reason they were sitting by a fire in the barn…

        I have. A theory but will share it in a mo. Do do dodo dos do do ( easterners theme tune)

      • Nimisha ?

        That was supposed to be the eastenders theme at the end of an episode. Stupid typos and new girl spoil everything!

  30. Arshdeep

    So finally tomorrow is my life’s biggest exam AIPMT exam.. guys please wish me all the best.. need ur blessings.. please pray for me..

    I havent watched the episode..neither read the update
    Dont want to upset myself..
    Will watch it tomorrow

    • Porkodi

      All the best arshi. U will do really well. Hope tomorrow exam will be easy for u. We all pray for u. One kind request .. pls sleep early then only u can do ur exam well with new energy.Peaceful sleep is important. Good night dear. Lots of hug to u.

    • Anne

      I wish you all the best Arshdeep, I’m sure you are more than capable,will say a prayer.Be confident!!!!!! Love ???

    • Nimisha ?


      Wishing you the very best of everything, always. Lots of love, lovely girl! ???

    • saranya

      All the very very very best for ur exams dear Arshdeep.i am 100% sure,u will definitely reach ur aim.just remember me while exams.then everything will be ok.hahahaha.just joking yaar.go on and do well.we all are with u.

    • Mahira

      Don’t read it dear.. test sy pehly tow bilkul bhi nahi! ?

      Anyways, best wishes are with you! Do your best tomorrow! xoxo

  31. Maria

    I am just irritated today. Can’t see Viplav with any girl other than Dhaani…. No but as you all are saying to have trust on Viplav. I still have hopes but not much becoz I don’t want my hopes to get shattered like hell!!

  32. Porkodi

    I think this director lost his brain…. To increase the trp he is doing some unwanted plot. After reading the updates I decided not watch today’s episode. I can’t see viplav with kamini.
    Kamini pls get out of this show. U r spoiling our ikrs.

  33. Maria

    I am missing Vidhaa scenes like hell. Pls writers change the track!! Otherwise change the title to vidhwa kabhi suhagan na ban sake…

  34. SARAS

    guys don’t worry be happy ..
    It will be dream. . even if not its cis vip seeing dhani ..

    viplav is of dhani for ever…

    • Fatarajo

      Hey Saras thanks for making us feel better I think u r right how can viplav do like this not possible

  35. raani

    episode was aweeeeesome precap super awesom
    viplav you r really great
    viplav wed kamini
    dhaani your stupid nonsense character going to end soon
    and after our lawyers love story going to start
    kamini’s romance 100% better than that bewakoof

  36. Mahira

    Guys don’t curse Mishal aka Viplav he’s just being nice to the lady guest nothing more than that.

    I have full faith on him! ?

    And PLEASE! don’t curse the show in anger! ?

  37. BR

    good evening frs arshdeep all the best .. we r always with u …….

    what is going on? vip u r not well u r face is dull .. u just hate kamini ….remove her hand from u r shoulder ………. dont see her this is unfair why is jil jil wearing colour sari …. see other hand KTsaved dhani from the evil eye of DT … THIS IS SECOND TIME ….. FIRST DHANI ASKED 5000RS TO RESCUE THE ASHRAM TO DT . THIS IS SECOND TIME …… FURTHER I DONT LIKE TO WRITE ABOUT TO DAY”S COMMENT

  38. lekshmi

    Defently precap is a drm seqnce…bt writers plz dont spoil viplav’s n dhani’s love like this.. plzz for god sake change the track…..we love ikrs…don’t disappoint us…..their togetherness is the soul of the show…

  39. Wat d hell going in did show.after watching some scenes of today’s episode I changed d Chanel. Nt able to watch anymore. N now honestly speaking ikrs should b shut down.we love old ikrs WHR der was so much luv n trust for each other. Now we hate it.

    • Fatarajo

      Prachi I think it has been a week I stopped watching the show only reading the updates today saw for 5 mins couldnt tolerate this kamini drama now I only watch 2 Sony shows and dehleez and also raj I other shows I just read updates even IKRS

  40. N I think all d worst people of d world r living in ayodhya nivash now except she ll b d comedian always concerng for all n viplav n kamini ll became lead.n director plz srch a grl for DT,otherwise he ll put evil eye on kanak.bcoz now she is acting as a grl.

  41. N now I m speechless abt can he b with kamini blindly in every situation. Even he agreed to took kamini for dhani is a public property .she ll adjust fir everything n even share her husband too
    N in today’s episode viplav touched him unnecessarily.why u touched a grl when u know DAT dadibua called her to marry u.she might have some weakness for u.always being childish n behaving lyk a dumb is nt dus situation Dhabi is far far better Dan u.wat if she is illiterate but she does nt do such stupid things lyk u.go to hell vikam

  42. If dis was a DRM sequence den its OK.otherwise I definitely stop watching dis show. N plz director do another thing ,plz srch a grl for DT.u can do anything lyk kanak

  43. If viplv kamini precap scenes r real..then must be …smthing is cookimg in viplav mind about kamini..may be he is upto smthing.. He may hav doubt on kamini..may be smthinghh…..but i think it is dream for sure…how can viplav. Do that..kuch episode pehle jo kamini ko bhav bhi nhi de rha tha can he do this. Not at all…but this track is really boring…i m only dependant on written update..cant see episodes ..also..n its good i think..
    ?..if current track is taken..

  44. Maria

    Are yaar I am not able to sleep today becoz of that kamini just hate her. My sleep has gone to kamini. She is sleeping Peacefully in viplav’s arms and here I am not able to sleep!!

  45. Hi freinds didn’t watch the show as had gone to see a play performed by pankaj kapoor.came late from there. So cud not comment. Pankaj kapoor is fabulous.

  46. Freinds dont curse me but i have a doubt. The way DT N KT roam together everywhere discuss any issue n confront each other is it that viplav is son of DT N not grandson iam sorry if i have hurt but in north daughter in law always maintain distance from father in law n elder brother in law. In fact they csn show their face to them generally remains covrred with pallu n infact can’t sit with them or discuss but here DT KT BEHAVE LIKE FREINDS i am not conservative but i feel that as a respect for elders y should maintain the dignity of relation gracefully which is not visible here.sorry.

    • Nimisha ?

      I haven’t watched either. I’ve often wondered if there’s more to the DT KT relationship as they are weird together esp when DT bursts into the Naina song when he’s ‘pleased’ with KT.

      Also Viplav didn’t really have any sort of relationship with shambu.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Renu long back I have this doubt ,it seems DT is a womaniser in the beginning also when Dhani came for help he behaved like this ,that time Kanak saw her and scold her then she left AN,but this Time she is his grandsons wife and he is acting like that he need a big punishment in real life when husbands are not in a position to protect their wives these incidents are many in Indian families but this serial and the hero in this story wants to change the mind setup of people so the hero should not deviate from his charect ,otherwise how can you teach the society there is one saying of Mahtma Ghandi “pehle karo piche kaho”then the Samaj will listen to you .

  47. On seeing KT in colored outfit Dt n DB WERE happy. I am a feminist too n wish that there should be no restrictions on what to weat on widows but here DT DB r shown conservative. I had expected some reaction from them but it wasnt.

  48. Instead of thanking n crediting dhani for finding the ring DB shouted n said if u would have found it earlier viplav n VK would not have gone out on heat. RIDICULOUS.

    • Nimisha ?

      Did Dhani actually give it to DB. Honestly her naivety is astounding sometimes.

  49. Dhani has got the sketch made so probably if police finds the goons tomorrow it would be clear if they were real or hired by VK.

  50. Fail yo understand that if car has broken down , viplavs phone fell in the river , then also u can just walk down . Either call for a mechanic or inform at home so that conveyance is arranged , but why stay back??

    • Saraswathi.j

      Yes here also you are true in this episode instead of Kamini Viplaves misbehaour is more she did not ask a Bonafire then they can walk and reach their home ,to stay at that place is not necessary during kidnap Kamini and Dhani run from that place.

  51. Viplav better purchase a new phone n ensure that it is waterproof as many models Of Sony or SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 GALAXY S7 OR HTC R THERE do that next time if anyone drowns u can call up to SEEK HELP.

    • Nimisha ?

      Lol Renu. That had me literally laughing out loud!

      I haven’t watched today or read the update apart from the Precap bit by accident, so your posts are brilliant. Thank you.

  52. As many freinds above have pointed out it was daytime when they had gone out to search ring n viplav was away from her for 2 min in which she drowned on her own or enacted.

    • Nimisha ?

      The mind boggles… Really it does.

      What do you think Renu? I trust Viplav,,, I think I might have mentioned that, but do you think he’s off his rocker/lost the plot/had a nervous breakdown/isn’t the man we all thought he was/ playing a game to ‘out’ VK? ( delete as appropriate)

  53. Nimisha ?

    Ok folks. So I have a theory.

    I haven’t watched it but still feel I need to be here to ‘get through this very dark time in our lives’ ?????☹️

    But could Viplav and Dhani be suspicious of VK and have set this whole thing up?
    It’s quite unusual that Dhani has Gine to the police by herself, unless Viplav has a suspicion on VK and is ‘keeping her distracted’ whilst Dhani reports the crime as otherwise VK could warn the goons that they are onto them??!

    It sounds a bit far fetched I realise, but so is this whole VIplav being into VK track.

    Just wondering really, the whole VK dreaming thing is also feasible but the are more holes in the option like, if she is dream why is Dhani, from what you’ve writte, going to the police by herself or why is Viplav not there to help her.

    Viplav seemed quite deter.mined to get VK on her own so wondering if it’s all part of a cunning plan of Vidhani’s to distract DB. I wonder if Viplav is annoyed at DB fr taking everything from DT in that way so is trying to help, even thoughDTbis the main orchestrator.

    Like I said I haven’t watched it, but any option is better than the one being talked about that bina is actually interested in VK. On IF peeps were even speculating they might get married. ????????????????

  54. Nimisha ?

    Okay, officially giving up for this evening as the stucketty stuckness is alive and well.

  55. florentina moldovan

    Arshdeep, all the best!!!! God be with you to give you strength and confidence!!!!

  56. shanitics

    Do not worry guyss it will be a reverie… Do nt underestimate our Vip. Remember one day we like this underestimated Vip and it was a dream….
    VIP belongs to Dhaani.. And he is a self-respected guy…
    Vidhaani is made 4 each other soo no worries ?
    Most probably aaj ka epi Mein vidhaani scenes mostly hoga….

  57. shanitics

    Misha didi.. Ur vip has now be under the control of Kamini…mmm Misha didi wat u will do???VIP hug Kamini..
    VIP hug Dhaani.. Nw whn is u???
    Hw r u??? Missing u….? give me few kisses and tight hugs for energy boosters…

    • Nimisha ?

      Morning Swetha! Sending you big hugs and kisses.
      I didn’t watch yesterday as it sounded toooooo bad.

      Hope you’re well!

  58. shanitics

    Seems like many silent readers have cmnted yesterday….
    Couldn’t restrict myself from writing cmnts…

  59. Yea due to dis episode many silent reader did comment yesterday. It was one of d shocking episode ever.I also agreed DAT it was viplavs fault mostly. He should jeep distance from kamini.but no he behaved lyk a childhood frnd of him

  60. Sujie

    Hello everyone……..
    Yesterday’s episode was the most shocking episode of IKRS ever…… Array Viplav what are you doing??
    But in some corner of heart …..I have faith that Viplav will not cheat Dhaani….. It must be kaamini’s dream……. No more comments

  61. Mahira

    Finally I watched yesterday’s episode! ?
    After reading update I was gone in a upsetting mode . But this morning, my heart convinced my brain to watch.. so I did.

    Don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoyed yesterday’s episode! ? Except that scene when Viplav comes out from the lake holding KK! ? Apart from that I enjoyed it! And the last part was so good to watch! ? Mishal was looking extremely hot! ? couldn’t get my eyes off him! And this is the reason I enjoyed watching because I was only staring him! ? I didn’t waste my time on noticing the witch. ??

    But what was that! That oldy greedy grandpaa! Is he behind Kanak aunty ji! Really!!! OMG! ?

    As for the precap, obviously it’s dream sequence. ? But Mishal ! ?

    And guys don’t get so much hyper. Take a chill pill. ? Vidhaani’s love will rise more when the bad will eye on them! So stay positive! ?

    • Nimisha ?

      Well done Mahira! For being brave and watching it!

      Hmmmmm Mishal looking hot and wet!!! Maybe I should watch it after all ?????


      • Mahira

        Yep he was all wet! But still hot! ?
        Really, no matter wgat happens with the story I’m never gonna get over Mishal as Viplav! ??

  62. Sujie

    Time to think about Positive things only…………in my opinion the precap is Kaamini’s dream sequence for sure…………. AND yes I gathered courage to watch the episode online…and Mishal aka Viplav…why you so hot?? loved watching him without paying attention to that Kamini si Kaamini……….. 🙂 🙂
    have faith friends … Viplav is not like ordinary boys who get bowled over any other woman when his Dhaani is with him…….

  63. SARAS

    I haven’t seen episode though I like kt in color full saree..
    so good twist..

    dt still eyeing dhani?? very very shamefull… u call her beti… how cheap of him. .

  64. Nimisha ?

    Helloooooooo everyone!

    Buckle up…. Keep your hands inside the car at all times……ready for the roller coaster that is IKRS…. Here weeeeeeeee goooooooooooooooo!!!!

  65. Nimisha ?

    Arshdeeeeeeeeeeeep! Good Luck today Hun!!!

    You CAN do it?

    Thinking of you and sending lots of positives vibes and lots of best wishes.

    Love you! Xxx

  66. Sujie

    Please friends….a humble request …..don’t curse IKRS in anger :’) :’) :’)…… i was also angry at first….. but lets hope everything is gonna be fine…. please…… i know we all are frustrated because IKRS has gone out of track since last few episodes…….. please don’t curse IKRS to shut down…i have faith that miracles will happen…. ViDhaani’s love will blossom more and more…..don’t worry…. and Mishal ko daantna bhi nahi okay….dil jalta hai mera…………
    Fingers crossed……
    Full faith in Viplav……….. ViDhaani rocks ……kaamini and ViDhaani jodi haters sucks
    Apna amulya bichar share jarur kariega…….please share your views on this okay…….. I apologize if I had hurt any one !!!

  67. Sujie

    One thing KT saved Dhaani today too… she saved earlier… yuh toh Kanak Raani is always eager to harm Dhaani….but when DT’s creepy eyes are upon Dhaani…KT reaches there and saves Dhaani unknowingly, thank you for that……….waiting for the day when Viplav will know that his grandfather is a total mental case….a hypocrite.. cheap creepy ………

    • Nima

      ikrs lai curse garne kurai aaudaina bt kya kare kal k episode n precap ne hyper jo kiya bt now I’m cool n want to watch our hot n s*xy viplav aka Mishal???

  68. Louella

    I also think that it’s a dream. I have not removed my on Viplav. He will not do this. And also he can’t do. Mishal rocks!!!

  69. Anne

    Morning/Afternoon everybody.. I’m confident all will be well. Nimisha I like your theory that vidhani are together in this..Where did viplav go when he left kamini for 2 mins .
    The whole thing may be Kamini dream including the lake dive.?
    Oh gosh. I have faith in viplav 100%.

    Arshdeep Good Luck and don’t worry.???????xxx

  70. Louella

    Now my anger is all vanished after reading all ur comments. Now even I m confident that it’s a dream of that Kamini and not in real. Yesterday truly I was very angry but now I have made myself calm down. I have decided to first watch and see if it’s a dream or real then say anything about Mishal aka Viplav. Mishal if u r reading my comment I m very sorry for my anger but I can’t see u with any other girl except Dhaani. Sorry mishal!!

  71. Louella

    Arshi di hope ur doing well with ur exams. Sorry couldn’t wish u all the best yesterday and also today as I was a bit busy. But now I wish u all the best. Do ur best and leave the rest to God. And most important don’t take tension. Come back soon. We ikrs family is incomplete without u.

  72. Louella

    Nimisha di come fast and comment. The magic is started. Comments r not getting stuck. They r posting our comments within one second.

  73. Louella

    Kanak was looking beautiful yesterday in colourful Saree. It was suiting her. Only heavy jewellery was missing.

  74. Sujie

    wow……posts are not getting stuck now….omg ……… comment more and more friends………:)

  75. Nimisha ?

    I’m not going to be around today, will try and read when I get back and post if I can.

    I really don’t want to not be here as I need to hear what you all think.

    After reading all your comments on the episode yesterday, I think I’m actually more horrified that DT was lusting after Dhani. I mean, talk about a BAD epsiode,

    Anyway, have a great day everyone. And catch up later!


  76. SARAS

    There is a school opp to our house it was exam Centre for neeti exams..
    I remembered arshu..
    How your exam went well. .

    • Sujie

      Then what will happen to that Sarla kaaki’s home and Piya Dhaani Dulaari relation mystery?????
      OMG !!!! Now who will call our Viplav “Bachwaaji” and who will call Dhaani ” Bucchiya”??????

  77. Nimisha :-)

    Hellooooooo everyone

    Arshdeeeeep, hope it went well today. See you soon.

    Very quiet on here today. Hope everyone’s having a super Sunday!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.