Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi bua telling everyone that Kamini have decided to go, and is not agreeing to stay back. Kamini takes Dasharath’s blessings. Kanak says you have won everyone’s heart. Kamini smiles. She goes towards Dhaani and Viplav and thanks them for doing so much for her. She says don’t know when we will meet again. Viplav says now itself and says we are coming to drop you till airport. Dadi Bua says I will also come to drop you, and says may be we will meet for your marriage, and tells that she has dreamt about her wedding, but don’t know when will she marry. Dasharath asks why are you saying this? Dadi Bua says we can’t tell anything. Kanak thinks Kamini should be her bahu. Kamini hugs Dadi Bua. Before Kamini could sit beside Viplav on the front seat, Dhaani sits. Kamini

asks are you also coming? Dhaani says yes, we will spend some more time. Viplav drives the car. While they are on the way, Dadi Bua asks Viplav to take them somewhere to have food. Viplav says I will take everyone to Dhaba. He stops the car and asks them to come. He says this is Banaras luxurious dhaba and is famous for its parathas. They sit to have food and Viplav orders parathas. Dadi Bua says I have two weakness, one is you and other is Kamini. Dhaani smiles. Dadi Bua asks did you talk to her. Viplav says yes. Viplav orders butter. Kamini asks if he is still eating it and reminiscences his childhood incidents. Dhaani asks what happened next.

Dadi Bua asks someone to bring supari. Dhaani says I will go and bring. Viplav says I will bring. Dhaani goes. Dadi Bua sees Kamini and Viplav talking and laughing, and gets happy. Dhaani comes back and asks why you people are laughing? Viplav says I will tell you later. Viplav asks how do you know so much about me. Kamini says I know all Viplav puran from Dadi, and have some image in my mind about you, but need to fill some colors in it. Viplav says lets go, else flight will miss. Dadi Bua says you go, I will come after going to washroom. Kamini says I heard that you did car racing, and says you couldn’t drive well infront of me. Dhaani says when did you learn driving? Viplav challenges her to drive car. Dhaani says now you have to go now. Dadi Bua asks Dhaani not to interrupt the conversation. Dasharath comes to Dadi Bua’s room and thinks he has to do something to jiji soon. He messes up the stuff. Sushma and Kanak asks what is happening? Kamini drives the car. Dasharath brings her clothes and throws on floor. Kanak asks what happened? Dasharath pours kerosene oil. Kanak tries to stop him. Dasharath prays to God not to let Dadi Bua back home. A car drives faster than Kamini. Dadi Bua asks her not to let them go. Kamini drives fast and succeeds than the car. She gives hi five to Viplav and praises herself. Viplav says you drove nicely.

Dhaani sees danger board and alerts Kamini. She hits car with the tree as she loses balance. Dasharath burns Dadi Bua’s sarees and says she has insulted me infront of society. He says that inauspicious woman have snatched my everything, and there is nothing left with me. Kanak says you are very angry, but keep it in your heart. These things don’t suit you. You have to handle everything cleverly with mind, and not by heart. Dasharath says I will end this inauspicious woman, and says you will be burned jiji. Sushma hears everything from far and gets tensed. Viplav sees Kamini unconscious after the accident. Dhaani also tries to wake her up and asks Viplav if you are fine. Viplav asks her to bring water and sprinkles on her. Kamini gains consciousness and drinks water. Dadi Bua asks if you are fine? Viplav asks Dadi Bua if you are fine? Dadi Bua says she have just a fracture. Viplav asks Dhaani, why did you shout? Dhaani shows the danger sign board. Viplav says it is some other board. Dadi Bua scolds Dhaani for misinterpreting the board and questions Viplav why did he marry an illiterate woman. Viplav goes to get taxi. Dhaani asks Dadi Bua to sit. Dadi Bua scolds her further and says you are taking enmity on us, and want to kill us. Dhaani is upset.

Dadi Bua asks Kamini to leave if she want to help Dhaani. Kamini says she has promised Dhaani to make her suitable for Viplav, and says this is the only way to get Viplav. She says she will make Dhaani a puppet to get him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Wow dhani u cud sit on the front with viplav before VK Could. Must tell you that she was so taken aback that cud only ask r u also going ?

  2. Finally Vk has shown her true colors today n declared yo use dhani as a puppet to get viplav ???so this nature depicts ideal
    Bahu as per DB.

    • Nimisha ?

      Why did she suddenly decide this? I wonder if buts because VIPs didn’t defend Dhani so she sees that as a chance. VK u r a Lady dog! ???

  3. Today kanak wished to have a daughter in law like Vk ?? basic principle of physics like charges repell each other. Changed ???


    • Nimisha ?

      I know… How did Dhani get the blame. bK was being encouraged to drive fast by not only DB but also Viplav. that was disappointing and then when DB was insulting Dhani VIPs didn’t say anything. Why Viplav ??????

  5. When DT was praying to end DB in parallel the car with vidhàni, DB N VK had hit against the tree. I thought that DTS wish has come true but next moment she was shown fit n fine. Poor dt?

    • Nimisha ?

      DT is showing his true colours here. KT tries to understand but poor Dadi was praying too. I suspect she was out praying him.

    • Anne

      Ha ha Renu you are right thank goodness. May be we’ve got worse!!!
      Is it normal in India for elders to shout and slap and humiliate younger relatives???!..
      Violent,rude to house workers , arrogant and idle ,hate the lot of them.

      • Hi anne normally elders dont shout n slap . It is depicted in the serials only. Also in real life a few people do exist who portray above .

      • Anne

        Glad to hear it Renu. Its all for a TV drama I suppose..same allover the world.?xxx

  6. DB today u said that i have only 2 weakness one is viplav n other is VK .IF THIS is true then why have u taken hold of DTS property n position? ?

    • No annie actually viplav was engrossed in the conversation pertaining to his past n as dhani was not aware of it so viplav must have thought to tell dhani later infact he did say to dhani that i will explain later when she had asked the reason of their laughing.

  7. Grow up DB N DON’T INTERVENE IN VIDHÀNI N CURRENTLY the pleasure u derive from viplavs n vks conversation should come from vidhànis conversation

  8. DT u have messed up DBS Cubboard n burnt her clothes but what would u tell her upon her return beware. ?????

  9. Today there was nothing much except for DTS REVELATION OF HIS HATRED FOR DB N VIDHANI BEING SAFE IN CAR CRASH..

    • Nimisha ?

      Agree Renu. Not much at all.

      DT called DB in the first place, stupid man! He is an incredibly nasty man,

      I feel soooo sorry for Dadi, she doesn’t have much to say but has to out up with him and has to respect him even though there’s not much to respect.

  10. Porkodi

    So kamini is planning to make dhani as a puppet to get viplav….Dadibua is also encouraging it.. Very worst. Sanskari ladki will think like that?

    • Nimisha ?

      They are all soooo arrogant. DT and KT were bad enough. Now DB and VK add nothing more apart from more weight to the dark side.

  11. Nimisha ?

    Hi everyone. Hope you’re all well.

    Arshdeep, hope you’re okay.

    Really can’t stand this DB and VK track. It’s as bad as the Awasthi’s one. When will alllll this negativity and trying to break Viplav and Dhani stop??? It’s exhausting.

    • Porkodi

      Me too can’t stand with Db and kamini track…raja’s track was better than this.. pls bring back tripurari… he will add more spice to Ikrs and he will bring the real face of Dt.

  12. Anne

    At last Dasharath exploded! He’s been a simmering pot for a long time .,he looks dangerous… ??xxx

  13. Saraswathi j

    The story writer thinks Dhani should be educated by VK ,he is wrong she shoul be a full pledge student to experience herself what is outside little world ,it is the responsibility of Viplav to see she should get good education and face the society by herself, there so many good films about this type of marriages boy rich girl illetirate fall in love ,marry and the girl face so many problems ,breakups misunderstanding etcetera… make that illetirate Dhani to get equal to her is only helping her get good college education not by VK, this reminds me my college we are very young and very protected by our elders and that to in women’s college,we have two co students one with a child some times she bring her child to class room we are very wonder why she is studying at this age (because we are ignorant at that about the societies rues)her parents married her to a boy of their cast but he is living in America so she is not well educated after having a child he left her so she back to India completed her degree and PG and get her right as wife to the same boy and they happily living still,education that to good education is the only solution to all the problems of women so writer Ji please make Dhani to get good education not through that Kamini pisachi.

  14. Fatarajo

    Hey all honestly speaking I m irritated with IKRS nowadays thanks to Kamini. I mean she is worse than Raja man. What kind of mentality she have? I will be here to stay in touch with u all won’t speak much about the show because kamini is irritating me to the core. But as always Vidhaani rocks and no one can take their place

  15. Sujie

    hello everyone……….. enough of this Daadi bua kaamini track….. Kaamini decides to make Dhaani her puppet by making Dhaani her friend….and Dhaani is so innocent that she does not think the woman who is in her house is trying to snatch Viplav and using her ……….. but I hope that the day when Kaamini will get exposed, we fans will start partying in TU page…… hope that Kaamini will be exposed……

  16. shanitics

    ARSHI DIDI hw was the exam??Hope it went gud..
    Yesterday’s episode boring,boring…. Dhaani is illiterate Vip knw it.. In the pre epi’s Vip used to support Dhaani bt this time he is staring @ Kamini…Peheli bar DT ne kuch accha kaam kiya hai..DB ka kapade jalake.. And he gave us hope that DB track is gng to nd.. Lekin kahaan DB bhi bachi,Kamini bhi bachhi.. Dhaani itna innocent ? math bano!!!.

    Har serial Mein hotha hai… Jab -ve character ko male lead chahiye toh female lead ko puppet banayegi… Orr -ve character ko female lead chahiye toh male lead puppet..

    Only a bless is that thr is no memory loss concept..

  17. Eshani

    i am finding this track very boring and these r not needed only….y dont thy show something interesting i dont feel like watching it with interest these days….this is jus my opinion

  18. saranya

    Arey,pehle mujhe yeh batayiye kamini ji,aapki lipstick ki brand kaun si hai?woh kya haina,pani mae doobne ki baad bhi aapki lipstick ko kuch nahi hua tha.and ur lipstick mark came on our wakilbabu’s t-shirt,that’s why i am asking.mae tho lipstick use nayi karthi but it will be useful to others who use lipstick.zaroor bata deejiye,deek hai?

      • saranya

        Hahahaha,thank u Eshani,mujhe lagta hai woh lipstick nahi,nerolac ki paint use karti hai jo kanak vampire pehle se hi use kar rahi hai.zaroor iss ne vampire se churayi hogi.

      • Saranya

        Hahahahaha.u are right saraswathi,that’s why i told she is using nerolac paint.full time gurranty for some years from rain and water.nerolac nerolac.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Saranya you observed only lipstick ,she is in full makeup when she was shot in close to Viplav ,then I wonder how these filmy wala people all these minor things ,because she fall down in water our hero Viplav. saved her by carrying in his (there he shows his heroism ) hands after that the closeup scene how can she will be in full makeup stupid!

  19. saranya

    Iss Sheila ki jawani kamini ko driving bhi deek se nahi aathi,upar se darbog bhi hai,jab dekho jaham dekho dar kar rahthi hai woh and now she is saying that,she will make dhani,a puppet.arey pehle jaa kar driving seekh ke aayiye,bhir aa kar baat karna,ok.waise bhi dhani ko kamzor mat samchana.jab tripurari ne viplav ko maarne ka koshish kiya tha,tab dhani ne usko bachaya,samje ya samjhayein.

  20. saranya

    Dadi bua,take care of ur teeths please bcz if u are continuing these type of misdeeds,those will break soon.viplav is gud but everyone in Banaras is not like that.u are a panditain now,so people have the right to teach u a gud lesson,so pls take care of ur teeths.ek minute ek minute,is it that,they were duplicates only.oh so someone had already done that auspicious don’t care.go ahead but don’t forget that u have two legs and two hands also.what if someone breaks that too.

  21. BR

    good morning frs …… now a days KT wearing colour sarees why? …….

    kamini this evil character is not suit for u ……. after that educated people will do any thing for snatching other hub … first of all educated people don’t interfere other”s matters ……..



  22. BR

    kamini I give one suggestion to u .. rtake next flight to go to u r native place …..

    be a good girl ……. don’t show puppet show …….. negative roll is not suit for u ……

    only friend ship roll…….

    no no I will do this roll then I give suggestion learn vasiyam do vasiyam vip ……

    atlast dahani will win ……..u r character is waste

    DIRECTOR sir answer for un answered question over all net result

  23. BR

    ORU THALAIVAN IRRUKKIRAN MAYANGATHE THIS IS FOR KAMINI DB ,,, DT AND KT SUIT FOR any game u play net result vip dhani bond becomes


  24. Yes episode was little boring now.bit interested to watch wat ll b kamini next plan n how dhani ll defend DT is applying his evil mind again dadibua .let’s see wat ll b d next

  25. Sujie

    The number of comments are decreasing these days….probably because of the ongoing track and lovely moderation ……… Please don’t stop watching IKRS guys…… I am hopeful and I think all of you are hopeful too that one day this track will end and ViDhaani’s love will emerge as victorious for sure………. share your views on this….. okay??

    • Ya sujie yesterday too for 2 may updates comments were below 100 n infact tpk which usually has 20 to 30 comments had more than 100. Don’t know what is happening.

    • Nimisha

      Suji, I am very hopeful, but everyday, that hope is being tested, to the max, ?????☹️

  26. Nimisha ?

    Hellooooo everyone.

    Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday!

    Arshdeeeep, where are you??


  27. Nimisha ?

    Woken up and feel a bit angry at the goings on!

    DB and DT should both go to hell and burn… Slowly. And K can join them.
    Why are the makers continuing with this track? If the comments on here are anything to go by, people are losing interest. I’m sticking with it for Mishal, but it’s becoming a bit difficult as once where I used to look forward to this, I now almost dread it. Sorry.
    And why did Viplav not attend to Dhani first after the accident?
    And why doesn’t Viplav defend Dhani when DB is constantly making digs at her???
    I was relieved with candle episode but, now I’m feeling frustrated… Again!
    Sorry for my rant…

    • Anne

      Yes ,I know what you mean about dreading it…its exquisite torture. There are some new olvs on Die hard fans but I can’t see them it won’t let me,Same on you tube. Think its them not me,I hope.!
      Titles of them Dhaani crys cos she’s uneducated .Kamini helping her
      Glad to see Dasharath getting to act,.things are changing fast but trying to be faithful cos I’ve got no option really.
      Just being faithful to mishal really.?xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Oops, just typed the almost same last line and hit post comment and yours appeared. ?

  28. Hi nimmy annie flora. Yetty. Pjain. Saras. Elle. Rajee. Prachi. Kavitha. Am. Sonu gelathi. Genita. Shanitics. Varsha. Vaishnavi. Arshdeep. Laxmi.maria.mahira.narendran joyee .ZEA awaiting yr valuable comments.missing u

  29. For many days only DB N VK chapter is open n they have not shown shalus home how she is living in new atmosphere with pankaj n inlaws. How is RLn others at ashram. Agreed Tp has left buf what about Suvarna n durga. what about raj he was not there ib pankaj s wedding also. ???????? So many ??

  30. In dec there was a spoiler that piya is dhanis sis to be revesled soon. Waiting since 6 months for soon to come. ☺☺

  31. Now as garima ji has quit means either dularis past would be showed soon or it would be burried like viplavs brother. Shabhus death mystery.

    • Nimisha ?

      I hope they have time to deal with it before she leaves. Tbh I am sad to see her go but can understand her reasons.

  32. Anne

    Good morning/afternoon IKRS fans.?x xx
    I’ve been annoyed with IKRS but I’ve been thinking ?that may be the trials that vidhani are going through will prove their love,and need to happen. Others will be introduced to try to split them but WE as part of vidhani must have faith because if we don’t we are as bad as Dadibua. The more hateful the people against vidhani the more faith we must have.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hmmmm Anne. Trouble is I’m finding the conveys eat of negative characters quite hard to take. We have days and days of negative, a short candlelit scene marred by that VK spying, and then more negativity including Viplav not defending Dhani.

      You’re right we do need more faith, but the makers have to give us something more. I think they’re shock tactics aren’t working for me. Instead of making me excited, I feel a bit fed up.

      But of course I’ll stick with it for Mishal but…

      • Anne

        Yes I did sound a bit ,here endeth the first lesson,lol.
        Just switched tablet on n off and got YouTube playing back so seen olv s. Viplav seems so in love that as a man he’s blinded and of course a bit gormless about such things..I can’t see him not wondering about Dadibua actions but perhaps he is a typical man !?xx

      • Anne

        ,I almost feel he’s being stolen from me,funny thing I’m not jealous of Dhaani at all..I think we all have put ourselves in Dhaanis place so interference is threatening us.

        Mmm just realised I’m not jealous of Dhaani but I am a bit (not much but its there) jealous of Eisha .young and beautiful and THERE .lololol?xxx

      • Nimisha

        In yesterday’s epi, DB is ranting at Dhani saying you illiterate girl. Viplav says DB, ‘Please, DB’but the whole while is on the ground with his hand on VK’s back. Then DB says how did you marry such an illiterate girl. Viplav stays sitting with his hand on her back.

        He should have got up and put his protective arm around Dhani to show solidarity and to shut the old witch up!

      • Nimisha

        They’ve spent months cultivating his character to be NOT a typical man. That’s why we all love him soooo much. But now his actions are so out of character that he’s becoming more your typical man. Seems strange to do that to him. Also Dhani has been grown into a strong character and now she is meek and a bit of a punchbag for most of them and just quietly takes it all.

        Both characters have evolved over months so it seems crazy,

      • Nimisha

        Anne, re the jealousy thing, lol! I know exactly what you mean. I feel like that about all the cast and crew apart from the newbie negative ones.

  33. Nimisha ?

    Just watching the repeat and it’s weird Ho VK is talking in the food scene about Viplav’s antics as a youngster as if she was there. It’s alllll soooooo weird.

    Also KT saying how she wished she had a daughter in law like VK.

    How can Viplav be sooooo oblivious to her advances.

    It’s was good to see Dhani assume the front seat role for the car journey, but I’d much rather the show concentrated on developing her role, not against the next evil character but just in general terms, like dealing with DT and KT and bettering herself by getting educated and just generally not tolerating such bad treatment.

    The digs from DB are awful. Why didn’t Viplav or Dhani for that matter speak up? Dhani actually looks shocked every time DB rants at her

    Also, Viplav has always been a very safe driver, always stopping the car to answer the phone but again out of. Character here. Encouraging VK to race the other car.

    • Nimisha

      I’ve read that RL has got a role on another show. Hope she’s still around though, she’s such a. Happy lovely character.

      Not sure about Baddi Ama. The ashram ladies don’t have much to do. They are either shown crying or stressing or, being insulted. Not much fun!

    • Anne

      Who knows? But I think she was wearing two big rings.
      You know , every time viplav has touched Kamini it seemed almost deliberate ,both hands on shoulders etc Looked odd n out of character?
      Oh I dunno…???

      • Nimisha

        Totally out of character.even when RL arrived as his very good friend from college he was hands off. Even with Taniya and the drink spider girls, hands off.

      • Nimisha

        I must say though, I think Mishal has the most lovely hands, so don’t mind seeing shots of them. Also have a bit of a thing about his feet, since LTL. Lol. ?????????

      • Saraswathi.j

        Irritating to see his hands on the shoulders of any other lady ( on Kamini )is he a kid to act like that?

  34. Nimisha

    Hello everyone. Sorry for allll my comments. Feeling like I need to talk to you all, I have 2 days worth of thoughts, lol!

  35. BR

    YES Renu DT bought the house kt told that ashram was bought for his elder son to build an hospital .. they burried that matters just like her son in the ashram itself …….so many relations were burnt by kt and dt in varanasi………

  36. Nimisha

    So… What’s the verdict on today’s episode? Not in the mood for more DB or VK or DT or KT.
    Might watch it later for Mishal but still feeling fed up of Viplav not defending Dhani.

  37. Nimisha

    Saraswathi and Anne, thinking about the touchy-feely Viplav we have recently seen, the only other women he has been consistently like that with is Shallu and maybe Dadi. Is that a sign that he feels like VK is a sister to him???

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