Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani worrying in her room. Viplav jumps inside the Ashram. Sita Maayi comes, but couldn’t see him. Viplav goes to Dhaani’s room. Dhaani asks why you are doing this, you can get hurt. Viplav says he can get hurt for her. He asks if you are worried. Dhaani says I am fine. She says everything is fine. Viplav tells her about Shalu’s goad bharayi and invites her. Dhaani says I can’t come as everyone might be there. Viplav says you have refused instantly, and says he can find a solution. He sits down and tells Om….Dhaani says everyone will wake up. Viplav refuses to listen. Dhaani agrees and says I will come. Viplav says tomorrow is the day of happiness for me, I will feel good if you attend the function and stand with me being my wife. Dhaani says okay, and asks

him to go. Viplav says I came just now, let me sit. Dhaani asks him to understand and go. He goes. Dhaani thinks how to go tomorrow?

A woman is seen in Dasharath’s house. She picks the fallen earring of the guest and smiles. Servant calls her Bhabhi. She meets Raja’s mum and tells her that her husband will come. She greets Dasharath and Kanak. Pandit ji tells that mahurat is on, and says tilak ritual should begin. Dasharath says okay. He asks Kanak not to step in the front and reminds her that she is a widow now. Kanak looks on irked. Pandit ji starts the tilak ritual. Dhaani wonders how to go as the time is passing by. Viplav waits for Dhaani. Pandit ji asks Viplav to do Raja’s tilak. Viplav does his tilak and looks at the door for Dhaani. Pandit ji asks everyone to give the gifts. Viplav gives him gifts and says much more is pending. Raja thanks him. Pandit ji asks them to bring the bride and says they will start the goad bharayi ritual. Bhabhi says she will keep the gifts in the room and takes it. Raja tells him mum that he wants to see goad bharayi ritual. His mum says it is a woman’s work and asks him to go to his room, and refuses to let him see the rituals. Raja agrees and goes. Viplav looks for Dhaani.

Sushma brings Shalu. Viplav thinks Dhaani will not come. Just then few ladies come, Dhaani also comes wearing red saree with a veil. Her veil moves and a guest praises her beauty. She asks if today is her goad bharayi. Dhaani says no and tells it is Shalu’s goad bharayi. Dhaani comes near Viplav and asks if someone else is coming? Viplav is happy to hear her. Dhaani says you asked me to come that’s why I came, I can do anything for you. Viplav gets happy and asks the ladies to start the function. Dhaani sits down with the ladies. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………….Viplav sits beside her and talks to her. He gives her samosa. Dhaani asks him to keep it far from her, else someone might catch them. Viplav says he is very happy and sitting with his wife. He says he isn’t doing any mistake. Bhabhi looks at the designs and sasy it is good. Raja comes and asks her not to steal anything and says she is very known theif in Kanpur. She says she couldn’t resist herself from stealing. He says did you know what happened last time. Bhabhi says that time with Suman. Raja tells her that he don’t want to hear Suman’s name again.

Dulaari sees Dhaani’s inlaws pic, Dhaani and Dulaari’s pic with Raja’s mum and Mami. Badi Amma asks her to burn the pics now itself and says else it may harm Dhaani’s future. Dulaari says yes, and burns the pics. Dasharath asks Kanak why she is wasting her time and asks if she make Viplav meet Ria. Kanak says she will get Viplav marry once Shalu gets married. Dasharath says you are doing right. Viplav talks to Dhaani. Just then Kanak comes and looks for him. Viplav goes. Dhaani gets tensed. Kanak is coming near Dhaani, when Viplav comes and asks what happened? Kanak says she wants to make him meet someone and takes him with her. Dhaani sees old man and mistakes him to be Shalu’s to be husband, and blesses them. Kanak introduces Viplav to Ria, and says you both will mingle well. Viplav and Ria talk to each other.

Viplav thinks he shall check Dhaani’s love, and talks nicely with the girl. Dhaani gets jealous and tensed. Viplav tells Ria that he will be back. Bhabhi/Mami tells Dasharath that she heard that Viplav is having an affair with a widow. Dasharath says my son is not bad, and says he is very straight. Kanak comes and tells her that Viplav is a nice man, and the widows badmouthed about him to trap him. Dhaani hears them and gets upset. Viplav comes to her and asks if she liked Ria? Dhaani looks sad. Viplav says he was just joking. Dhaani says I trust you fully and asks if he will leave her. Viplav lifts her veil and says I won’t leave you, and I have 7 births relation with you. He kisses on her forehead and smiles.

Raja takes Viplav and Dhaani’s pic. Viplav says when there is a brother, then bhabhi will also come. Kanak sees Dhaani in ghunghat and asks who are you? She is about to lift the ghunghat and see her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Best of luck jyoti for ur exam and do well

  2. hi guys ..good evening to all of you …
    guys trp is out and IKRS is stable at 1.4 ..
    it is a good thing because last week was asia cup and it starts from 6:45 pm ….
    another thing is ..all shows of colors except swaragini had a drop in trp … happy for IKRS that stable in trp

  3. @Swetha,i am from Kerala,Swara is also from kerala,then Rahul and Purple also.i think i already told u.

  4. @Rajee,super song but iss bahane se comment karna chodna math.samje ya

  5. watched all last week’s episodes.. it was awesome. .
    how did u guys conclude raj is dhani’s bil?
    I hope he is not her ex husb at least…

    dulhari has become wise finally without compromising her humor lol..

    pd to suvarna ko pat pati mein ghumaraha hai? ? arrey wah. .
    but his acting was too good during scene with phoolchand..

  6. I m not clear about the role of this bahubali (rak avasthi?.. he also seems to be another joker in the serial. ..

    all vidhani’s scenes are too too good. .
    winner of kkk dhani pyar ne to tumhe kya se kya banadiya..

  7. Perhaps if Colours promoted IKRS and moved it to a later time they know what would happen. The popularity of MR is such that the other shows would not have such a free reign. Perhaps they keep it at a lower temperature to protect and promote the others . Just a thought …….?

  8. Hi frnds ur all back again happy to see all ur comments.
    Rajee thank u for nice gift of song yaar .luv u dear. We missed ur situation songs in all these days.N thank u for supporting me n josh.
    I don’t want to miss anyone of our family.
    Saranya welcome back.
    Sara’s r u still in last week episodes hangover ha???.

  9. I used to post as Anne but my real name is Julia , so please don’t think I’m not posting.?

  10. Yesterday one random lady saw dhaani n enquired whether it was Her godbharai…I just wish she initiates sending rishta to dhaani while Vipu overhears her talking to some ladies….Tat how pretty she is n summons her son to meet her right away….

    VIPU ki chaal of trying to make her j will be a role reversal on him n full of envious mode… where he is seeing his wife being fixed up!!!Had never seen Vipu in such a state,so will definately see the jealousy n anger taking over him!!

  11. Ya annie probably u r right colors is aware that ikrs is too good n doesn’t need promotion so theyhave side lined !! Actually i started watching it when i saw whole week,s episodes from mon to fri in continuation on Saturday from 4 pm then at 6.30 fresh episode used to comeit was so nice to watch whole weeks episode in a strech i watched for 2 weeks n then finally could not resist n started watching daily

  12. Guys I have one doubt tripati family don’t know both vidhaani r married N also they don’t want that vidhaani marry each other.
    But sharam people like viplav n they all wants vidhaani get married.then y vidhaani hide their marriage to ashram people.
    N if not y viplav meet dhaani by hidingly he can meet dhaani in front of all ashram people only na.if vidhaani Was hided their marriage from others but there is no need to hide n meet dhaani nathey can meet by telling they r going marry even knk is against to their marriage also. I was really confused ya can anyone explain it pls.

    1. Hi kavi basically if they tell to ashram people then those ladies would want it to be open due to ethical reasons n above all suna ha na ki jo cheez mushkil se mile uska maza or uski ahmiyat kuch aur hi hoti h hai chori chori milne me jo maja hai vo saream milne me kaha translation for hindi version ( we all have heard that if we get something with hard efforts then it has a higher importance n gives u more pleasure , secret meetings give more enjoyment n if they meet in open then charm woukd be lost

  13. What do you all think!!!!??

  14. Ya Nikzzz we also want to see jealous viplav towards dhaani.I want to see how viplav reacts when dhaani gets closer to other handsome guy like in kaviyas ff.but I don’t want to see viplav with other jodi n dhaani with other jodi.they both r awesome n living in their characters.but I want to see jealousy viplav that’s it.

  15. Hi friends how r u all?

  16. Sorry, its die hard fans of mishal rahejas video…

  17. @Rajee, thank u so much for you dedicated song for all of us..

  18. Poor viplav ashram ki daman tho banayi lekin uski kismath ko dekho diwar koodhna padrahahai.kya viplav thume dekhar mujhe phkhar ho rahahai.jaldi se tum apni saasuma se tumari shaadi ki bath bathado vo jajur thyme apnalogi aur thum diwar koodke nahi dawaja se hi daman bankar aur saarey rasmonkesath ashram mein asakthey hai.teek hai.
    Lekin app dono ki yeh chori chori chupke chupke him bahuth maza dey rahahai.

  19. In yesterday episode Vidhani looking too cute.. Good combination Blue and Red…

  20. Hey vipu, tum kitni baar dhani ko kiss karti? Now a days our vipu become too romantic, it’s a good news for us. Dhani don’t worry for your past, our vipu is always with u..

  21. Hi BR mam, where r u? Why no comments? Take care love uuuuuuu…

  22. @Kavi & Josh, u r right, I am also with u…

  23. Friends, I am sorry for the late comment…

  24. Good luck & all the best jyoti for ur exam

  25. Guys now iam watching on location set of ikrs shoot that was the scene near a shop were dulhaari n dhaani was buying something there viplav comes n drags dhaani towards backside of the shop.that was very interesting.
    I that I have seen viplav very carelessly yawning n standing n getting ready for shoot.i was laughed loudly when he yawned like a child in class.really funny.but I don’t know how these people live in their character that we r attracted to their killing the same time how they behave that nothing was happening there in off shoot.really acting is very difficult n also our director was making many shots for single scene but that scene will be simple really our actors n directors were taking risky job to entertain us.thank u all the team ikrs for giving such a lovely story with full of entertainment.all best for ur team ikrs.don’t worry in 2015 n 2016 our ikrs will be the best.this is my opinion .wat frnds wat u will say.

  26. hi guys …..good afternoon ….time pass nahi ho raha isliye firse agaya

  27. Swetha my exams r starting from 22nd March after my birthday

  28. Its fine sonu (gelethi)

  29. Sonu happy to see ur comments dear.I waited from yesterday .but today our many frnds r back again.very very happy hurryyyy.

  30. Thank u renu for ur answer even if they reveal also we dont get this type of enjoyment when vidhaani meet secretly.
    Ya I agree with as per spoiler secret will be revealed in this week end only.n then kya hoga then only suspense hoga.

  31. Hi rajee I appritiate ur effort bt this is not control of thoughts this is running away when u commit u don’t avoid the situations. If u wanted to control ur thoughts then ur comments should b reduced not missing that means that u r running away. If u r not comfortable with something u better open up u will get help from somewhere

  32. This kind of drama/ those kind of people/ it is really … Eww I was just reading those comments these days / I couldn’t even resist this dramatic forum//// those dramatic people /// just wasting the time all the way//////

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