Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming home and looking after Dulaari. Dulaari asks if anyone ask you to have food there. Dhaani lies that those people is taking care of her. She tells Dulaari that their dreams will be fulfilled and Vidha will study in english medium school. Dulaari says yes. Dhaani says she has to go back as Parshiya is handling work alone there. She goes.
Kamini tells Mrs. Kaushik that Viplav is also busy in work. Mrs. Kaushik says he has handled our case very well and says that’s why he is top class lawyer. Kamini says she has planned a trip to foreign last month, but Viplav didn’t take her.. She thanks her for calling them there. Viplav is talking on phone. Dhaani comes there and is busy with the decorations. Just then she looks in her phone and collides with Viplav.

Just then the decoration cloth falls on them, entanging them inside. The sad part is that their hands touch each other and they feel something, but they fail to see each other. Just then someone comes and asks Viplav if he is fine. Viplav turns to reply him. Dhaani frees herself and goes.

Dhaani sees Saloni telling that the flower arrangements is worth 5 lakhs rupees. Dhaani tells Parshiya that the flowers is just 5 thousand rupees. Viplav is talking on phone with a client…suddenly the vidha collides with him making his phone fall down. Viplav asks her to go and sit there. He scolds the decoration man. Saloni comes and asks the man to work faster. Viplav asks Vidha, if she wants to say something. Vidha calls him rakshas….Viplav is shocked to hear that word and goes after her. Vidha looks angrily. Viplav asks what is her age and jokes. Vidha asks why did you scold me like this. Viplav looks at her and says you are same as Shikayathi pudiya….means Dhaani. Parshiya comes and takes Vidha with him, saying her mumma is searching for her.

Dhaani is busy with the flower arrangements. They are being informed that flower truck is stuck somewhere on the way. Simone scolds Dhaani and insults them. Parshiya says truck will be here in sometime. Dhaani talks to her in English and says they are not stealing money, but she is the one who is taking 5 lakhs rupees for 5 thousand rupees flowers. Parshiya says but,.,..Dhaani says we have suffered enough all our life and says we will not tolerate anymore. She asks Parshiya and Vidha to come. Vidha says Papa is here. Dhaani says Papa is not here and they leave. Viplav looks at them.

Vidha tells Dhaani that Papa was there only. Dhaani says Papa was not there….She asks Parshiya to take her there. Parshiya asks her not to be stubborn. Dhaani asks her to stop it. She tells Vidha that Papa was not there…Vidha says I will not talk to anyone and goes. Dulaari tells vidha that she will scold Dhaani, and says I will ask her to take you for an outing. Parshiya says he will take her for cycle ride. Dhaani says you will go out and have icecream. She says strawberry icecream is good. Vidha says she likes chocolate icecream. Dhaani hugs her and says she is her loving daughter. Vidha says I will not trouble you and will not ask when Papa will come. Parshiya takes Vidha with her. Dulaari asks Dhaani to tell Vidha about Viplav. Dhaani says I will never tell her about him and recalls Viplav saying he did a mistake and Kamini manipulating his words…..

Dulaari tells Dhaani that whatever happened is good and they are living with self respect. Parshiya says we can’t money like this. Dulaari says we will talk in school about the money arrangement and take some more time. Dhaani looks for her bag and says it is not in the house. Dulaari asks him to think. Dhaani says I forgot bag at the table, it has Vidha’s form, money and my gold chain….Dulaari asks her to go and bring it.

Viplav searches for Vidha. Kamini asks you are searching whom? Viplav asks someone about Vidha. The man says that Simone fired her mum out of job and they left. Kamini asks did you have any relation with that girl. Viplav looks on.

Viplav gets Dhaani’s bag and sees Vidha’s form and photo on it. He tells Mrs. Kaushik that he found the form. Mrs. Kaushik says she will inform them (Dhaani). Viplav tells that address is written on the form and says he will go and give the form personally. Kamini tries to stop him, but in vain….

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    Hasan mam thanks a lot
    Your updates were really helpful to me..and inspired me to watch it??

  2. mangai

    one thing that yesterday precap shown the three musketeters were discussing about AN property .. but today that part is missing !!!

  3. Arshdeep

    Episode 263

    Sanjeeda you doing quite well.. Keep going dear.. ?
    Cute vidha…Just like her father?

    Very happy to know vidha is their real daughter?? as most of you said and it seemed from dulaari maai words too..but when dhani fell after the bomb blast that scream?? I thought that was to show miscarriage

    And when dhani hears viplav’s voice? Wow…
    That phone falling scene was actually funny??

    Mishal in angry mode was fantabulous????

    And i thot earlier that maybe truth of bomb blast never came and that cylinder blasting was made the reason for fire but that time kamini said that dhani died in the bomb blast. So means they know about it. But viplav didnt try to know how it happened??

    Eager to know still why viplav married kamini.
    Did she give him bangali baba’s medicine??

    I thought as per precap kamini is gonna do something now with tripurari (as said in spoilers earlier child bearing) and then blame viplav for it.
    But in next episode update kamini also went with viplav to mumbai..
    What was her need of going???

    Just remembered today vidhani never got their room back even after shalu went?

  4. Arshdeep

    Episode 264

    Dhani hates viplav???
    How will the misunderstandings clear????

    Awww…They sensed each other presence ❤❤

    And when mishal..or viplav got out of car..removed his gogles..then walked..???????..
    Super awesome scene with balloons… flowers falling… “Papa aa gaye”…??

    And parshiya said that vidha is his daughter…leading to more misunderstandings for viplav..

    Tripurari comments??

    Thank god kamini did not see dhani..seriously thank god?

    What is kamini upto?? What is she going to do next..?? And what she dont know about those trio ??

  5. Arshdeep

    Episode 265
    Dhani and dulaari’s sweet talks..?
    But i dont like when dhani puts her hand on her chest..dont know why but looks a bit awkward

    Aww i love this tune…??
    Mere ishq ka rang safed hai yaara…❤
    Lovely lovely scene??

    “Kabootri na sabko topi pehna rahi hai”??

    And the epic scene when vidha called viplav “RAKSHAS”???
    Shikayti pudiya “VIDHA”??
    Viplav..viplav..she is your daughter..
    Viplav will be soooo happy when he comes to know she is his daughter..
    And viplav was looking sooooooo cute when he was talking to vidha??????

    And dhani well done.. That simon was shocked…when dhani spoke in english..

    Did viplav not recognise dhani’s voice???????????
    Wish parshiya would have called dhani loudly so viplav could have heard her name..

    Papa waha the dhani… papa waha the??

    And yess kamini rishta hai viplav ka usse??

    From when our serial is following tpk trend?? Coming up as precap,..and yesterday’s precap wasnt shown even..better…i wasnt even interested to watch them?

  6. Areeb

    They missed seeing each other again! ? Let’s wait and see when will the blast happen! ? Faceoff will definitely be a Maha one! ? Dhaani is gonna kill Viplav with her words, I’m sure of it!! ?

  7. Hi hassan mam how r u.thank u for ur lovly updates.
    Hi frnds today’s episode is too gud.
    In today’s episode actually when vidha says viplav as RAKSHAS he must recalled the scene that previous dhaanidhaani(eisha) said him RAKSHAS.
    But bcs of leap change dhaani is changed so they can’t show same recap of that scene.wat u say frnds.
    If there is eisha as dhaani definitely they show the recal scene of RAKSHAS. That will better awesome today.

    • Porkodi

      Yes they r not showing flash back scenes because of this new dhani… but my eyes r still searching Eisha when Bg comes… without eisha I can’t enjoy that music.. missing her badly??

  8. But cute vidha n viplav scenes every scene was superb story line going was amazing but for me iam imagining till eisha as dhaanidhaani in every dialogue n every BG music.don’t know y can’t this heart accept sanjeeda as dhaani.frnds u people also suffered same thing a.??
    If not its happening only for me a???.

    • Louella

      Kavitha i m feeling this every moment. I m missing Eisha so much that I’m remembering her. Everytime she comes in front of my eyes. Today also I was just browsing through all her pics when she was Dhaani in ikrs. I m suffering every day every moment in her remembrance.

      • Nf

        Same to kavitha and louella. I am feeling same. Now i cant watch ikrs, bcs of new daani(sanjeeda), she is a good actor. But i cant see her as daani. I want old daani(eisha). I think daani’s character more suitable for eisha. The show is incmplt without eisha.

    • Sujie

      Kavitha….that happens with me….. Those background songa were lively with MiEisha’s flawless acting in it…..
      Will take time to accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani…but aur kar bhi kya sakte hain….. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. Anne

    Thankyou H.Has an?
    Loved this episode,Arshdeep everything you said I also thought..So no need to repeat?
    Kamini I will pick up the photo so she will be one step ahead of viplav..?

  10. eshani

    Vidhu is so cute n mishal was even more cute today when he was convincing vidha….dhani’s amazing reply to Simone I think now Mrs.Kaushik will give dhani an opportunity to become a wedding planner…..felt emotional when vidha was telling dhani that she will not trouble her and will not ask her when will papa come
    This kamini is very irritating loved it when she held viplav’s hand and viplav moved it away n d way he avoids talking to her jus amazing to see it

    • Arshdeep

      Mishal was looking utmost cute today while convincing her..
      also when he came out of that decoration cloth and his hairs on his fore head..aww..he looked like a cute baby

  11. Fatarajo

    OMG Viplav and Vidha’s meeting made me fall in love with this show again Vidha is so adorable cute daughter-father bond 🙂

  12. Latha

    Hai KAVITHA how are you. Me too KAVITHA I can’t accept sanjeeda as dhani why I don’t know.

  13. M

    Pls let Vidhaani meet without Kamini. Pls bring the magic of love in the serial which is missing since so long…

  14. Louella

    Latha u r not ready to accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani because we would love Eisha only as Dhaani. Its happening to me also and I will never accept her as my Dhaani. This I m telling daily.

  15. Porkodi

    Yet to watch the episode. After reading updates again again I m falling love with ikrs. Will comment after watching it. Miss u Eisha.

  16. vini

    One thing seems very strange in today’s epi was can’t viplav identify dhaani’s voice.vidha and viplav did awesome job.luv u viplav,dhaani and cute princess vidha. U people look very luvly.

  17. vini

    Iam not at all satisfied with telecast time of half an hour daily. I fell very deeply in love with this show that I would like to keep on watch all epi continuously.atleast I need one hour telecast in one of the future epi.

  18. Areeb

    Oh Arshdeep for test? Hmm, I hope it went well. ?✨

    Btw, over here you sound more mature but after seeing your picture I was like, ‘ Aww, Cute Chotti si Arshdeep. ?? ‘

    • Arshdeep

      Hmm exam was good?

      Haha?? Thnk you ??..height to boht choti h actually?
      And mature to bilkul nahi hun main…
      Pehli baar kisi ko baton se laga hoga..Thanku ji??

  19. eshani

    Most of them are missing eisha and see her only as dhani…jus still thinking if one day I will get d news that eisha is back

  20. Sujie

    Hello lovely people
    As eXpected Hit and miss between Viplav and Dhaani… When Viplav Dhaani will meet….that face off will last in our minds for long…. 🙂 😉

    Loved the Shikayati Pudiya and Rakchas wala part….. As most of us I was also expecting the flashback…. And yes if Eisha was there..makers would have shown it….
    Loved the way jaise Dhaani replied confidently to that nasty wedding planner….
    Kaamini…kaamini …kaamini.. daayano ki raani …… You are boasting about Europe trip….. stop day dreaming despo…. It would be a big thing for Kaamini if Viplav goes to local tea shop happily with her… and this despo is talking about Europe trip……
    Nukkad ki chai ki dukaan pe na jaaye Viplav kaamini the daayan ke saath…. Kya khag Europe jaaega….and for your kind information Vidha and Viplav share a relation …that also a beautiful one…lovely one….. Time will tell you daayan… that time you will die of shock..and we will enjoy……. Distribute sweets….throw a party…..
    Growing fond of IKRS once again because of sweetie pie Vidha….

  21. Sujie

    Arshu…. How did your exams go???
    Of course acche gaye honge…… ALL THE BEST dear…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. Mishal Raheja

    Thank you guys had so much fun reading everyone’s comments. Made my day
    I’m looking for that day where viplav and Dhaani meet.. Hmmm I’m waiting

  23. Zee

    So I watched and enjoyed. The thing that I really like in the post-phase period is that there is less scheming AND plotting – Trip and Kam are still doing some nonsense (they cant change) but overall negativity is low. I also enjoy all the scenes whr Vipl treats Km like sawdust and Kam gives KT/DT a bad time.
    I was floored by Dhanis English and her I care a f…k attitude when she gave it back to Simone the chor. and little Vidha off-course is a darling!

  24. Devga

    Plz guys stop it…. I cant hear sanjeeda is old…. I agree she is not suitable for this Male lead but look at her dedication tht she came forward to act as a mother…. And dont expect a mother of five yr old to b so young….
    U cant accept sanjeeda so soon but its the truth…. Atleast if not apreciating dont tel she is old
    . .. . .
    Ufffffff so sorry if i hv hurt anyone…. Plz forgive me…. I am mad crazy fan of sanju…. No offense plzzzzz

    • Nimisha

      Devga, there have been some horrible things said about Sanjeeda on Twitter and I’ve also found it upsetting and disrespectful.

      I’ve been a fan of the show since the start and have been on here for a few months. I’m not sure if you’ve seen any derogatory comments on here but just wanted you to know that I also find things like that upsetting. Actors are people with feelings and at the end of the day they are doing a job. Eisha left and someone was needed to step in. I think no matter who it was it was going to cause the same sorts of problems for the new actor. I really hope viewers give Sanjeeda and the show a fair chance,

      No show is about one person, it’s a team effort. It’s a harsh reality of the entertainment business, the show must go on, and I for one am grateful that it has because it really is very very good at the moment,

      Anyway, you sounded upset so just wanted to send you and hug and tell you you’re not the only one. Also we are a lovely friendly and happy family here so hope you’re finding that to be the case too. Xxx. Oh and I can’t do succinct so apologies for the long post. ?

  25. Anne

    Wonder what’s happening at AN? I bet Dasharath and. Kanak are plotting against kamini, but i didnt understand that pre cap with tripurari?

  26. Zee

    Ok one question – does Parshiya have a crush on Dhani or is he just a good frnd/neighbour/co-worker?

    • Arshdeep

      Seems just a good frnd
      He is cleared dhani is married..has a husband..she never shows in front of him that she hates him..

  27. Hi devga may be ur real right dear.see u can’t hear any opposition for sanjeeda. Same like that can’t see any opposition for dhaani.
    Yes I Agree sanjeeda is gud actress but we can’t replace eisha to sanju in our hearts of fans.
    If want to happen it take timeay be a day a month r a year n goes on.but can’t tell .
    Its my opinion dear.dry if I hurt u.

    • daina

      If eisha left the show, then, what else we can do, just accept whatever it’s coming up, and try to appreciate the one who is taking the responsibilities for the act

  28. Wow n in today’s episode viplav asks dhaani ithne gusse ho tumhari umar kya hi
    25 saal ki ho
    20 saal ki ho
    10 saal ki ho
    She says iam 5 cute.n finally viplav says shikayat ki sweet of him n vidha.
    Here also theyust show recal of vidhaani scene’s.
    That viplav asks dhaani her age in first episode.
    N says shikayat ki pudiya everything is superb but eisha missing .
    Wat to do frnds is any way to come back eisha again .if have pls suggest yaar.

  29. Anne ji trp became mahant by stealing that position from DT.may be these r all kqminis plan.poor DT n they dancers Iin AN.n the remote is in kamini n trps hand.they will manage as they want to do. Wat frnds right na.

  30. Vidha is such a cuteiieee piee…lvd her inocent expression she is also an expression queen like her father ????
    And i m really missing eisha badly….i just imagine eisha in every scene..sanjeeda is doing well..but one thing which is exciting ke to watch is vidha vipu chemistry…eagrly waiting for vidhani faceoff…and when viplv will say ..” Ye meri beti he”????????

  31. Watching the episode awesome expressions by viplav? vidha is soo cute. Viplav missed to see dhani very sad .. eagerly waiting for vidhani face-off?

    • Anne

      Me too ,cant will happenwwait for him to know he’s a papa. I wonder what will happen when he sees dhaani alive.
      I hope he’s OK and doesn’t collapse from shock.?

  32. Nimisha

    I am so in love with this show again.

    I kinda wanna stop saying I miss Eisha. I do but… You know.. She left and I wish her the very best of everything, but I don’t want to have to keep saying it so please believe me.

    Okay so a fab fab episode, I thought.

    Mishal is awesome and I hit a close up of his hand today so I was very happy ???????

    Little Vidha is cute and Viplavs face when she said Raakshas was awesome. The little side move of his head was perfect as he wondered whatvdidnshe say
    Their interaction was brilliant.
    Liked Dulaari and Dhani’s scene, I found myself watching Garimaji facial expressions and didn’t feel any hint of doubt that it was Dhani she was talking to. Arshdeep, totally get the hand on chest bit. Lol I thought the same. ?
    The material walla scene was lovely, when their hands touched and you could sense each other but couldn’t make sense of it. I was expecting near misses but they way that was done was awesome for me. The music played, their hands touched and I had goosebumps and was willing them to see each other in that material walla world.

    Dhani standing up to simone was brilliant, great to see a confident no nonsense Dhani , at last, pre leap she was such a mouse and now she has the confidence to take no nonsense. When she spoke in English I wanted to cheer as she was finally standing up for herself.
    Loved also how Vidha als has the same no nonsense attitude.

    I personally think Sanjeeda is doing really well and I dont feel she’s trying to replace Eisha but is making the role her own. The leap needed Dhani to have changed and got tougher and less
    naive so the makers have handled it very well. Pre leap Eisha was fab and I,m excited to see Sanjeeda as post leap Dhani.

    Parshiya was also good.

    The way Viplav totally ignores Kam and the way he removed her hand like she was dirt was brilliant to see. She deserves it but hope some of her lies come out soon and I hope Viplav roars at her for intercepting the letter from Dhani, for starters at least.

    Really excited to be watching again and the story is going really well. Glad we didn’t see the evil trinity today as was shown in the Precap. Hope Kam doesn’t find out that dhani is alive before Viplav does.

    The thing I love most about the post leap stuff is the feeling of hope and positivity. I think zee also mentioned it. I’ve felt that since Monday’s episode.

    Lovely to read everyone’s comments. I understand alotbofnpeople are missing Eisha, but I really think Sanjeeda is doing a brilliant job and I think she is perfect for the new post leap

    Goodnight everyone! Xxx

    • Arshdeep

      I agree didi..
      leap needed a change in dhani..a confident..strong woman..
      not the so innocent..afraid..dhani..
      And sanjeeda is doing her job.. Why criticise her? Eisha left by her choice

  33. A'isha

    To those who have problem with Sanjeeda taking Dhaani’s place can complain all they want cos shes there to entertain us all just like the other one did , anyways Sanjeeda is just perfect for Viplav cos he looked some how old perve around that younger Dhaani. Hahaha Sanjeeda is there making money while you lot are here complainig ???

  34. Arshdeep

    Good morning friends.. 🙂
    Have a great day..
    Keep smiling 🙂 🙂
    And keep watching ikrs..!!

  35. SARAS

    hi.. I liked onething most in today’s episode. . Can anyone guess???

    vip pushing kamini’s hand when she tried to touch him… I felt so good the way he just pushed her hand. ..
    vidha is very cute n attractive.

    I didn’t like she calling him rakshas…-:))
    but he did lol… poor editor Cannot play any fb scenes .. I also miss that. ..

    They could have put fb scenes where dhani’s face is not seen they used to do the same in balika vadhu..

  36. SARAS

    kavitha. .. The whole charm of new twist is gone with esha..

    sanjeeda is too bad… I could not see any chemistry with dulari also. .n even worth vidha… She is very bad actress. ..parshiya is good in acting …
    The way san calls maayi is so lifeless. .
    Wen esha used to call maayi we would feel that feeling. .. Now everything gone. ..

    • shanitics

      At last tu open Hua….
      Yesterday’s episode was good..
      Vidha looks gorgeous.. Her facial expressions is just like our Rakshas….
      I was thinking if this serial took 15 year leap. Then I would have played the role of vidha…? em… Then Viplav would have sit in front of me?…

      Em.. Sanjeeda looks good.. I think she is dng well..after the leap a strong ? and brave dhaani is needed… Eisha is having innocent face?

      Sanjeeda and mishal ????

      Do not know why tu is not getting open!!!?

      Missing u all….

  37. florentina moldovan

    good morning, my friends!
    love you all
    i am here, waiting for this show make me feel in love again but it seems to be very hard…
    nobody can be angry and beautiful in the same time , like Eishu!
    my last image of Dhani is in the temple when she confronts Dashrath and since then i couldn t recognize our Dhani….sorry…Eishu created a so strong character …i am afraid Sanjeeda will not be able to do something like this….

    • Hi flora !!! Dear for eisha i agree with u but also agree to nimmy. I know its hard to digest n sèe different actor in place of eisha who woth her innocent looks; expressive eyes n simplicity had carved a special place n i know this void can never be filled. Quoting nimmy; THE SHOW MUST GO ON N ITS A TEAM WORK OF ALL ACTORS N NOT A SINGLE PERSON. Post leap dhani required to be mature n thus can think sanjeeda fits in. Currently we should enjoy the positive story with cutie pie vidhu ???☺

  38. I love to watch ikrs but the colours channel loves sasural SK that is why they give so many recaps but ikrs has no recaps I will stop watching cc serials as they are not heeding to my repeated requests

  39. I love to watch ikrs but the colours channel loves sasural SK that is why they give so many recaps but ikrs has no recaps I will stop watching cc serials as they are not heeding to my repeated requests
    It is a duplicate requests BC it has not been fulfilled

  40. Ena

    sanjeeda is good but…..
    old dhani was 16 years old only…dats why she left…but Sanjeeda is not dat suitable… still looking forward

  41. meena

    I must say that sanjeeda is doing very well…. Post leap we needed a strong dhani… We got it… Now I’m enjoying this show…

  42. Saraswathi.j

    For all fans of IKRS new Dhaani never be old Dhaani ( she is young with live expressions she suits to be lover,wife,friend of Viplav ) the ph wantonly removed her now we view this show only for the sake of story not action,the feelings between Dulari ma and Dhaani is not at all like the old one ,then how can the new one express her feelings towards Viplav, her eyes have very dry expressions.

  43. Zee

    Hello friends – how goes? Internet as been very iffy today, hence the silence.
    Have a nice weekend!

  44. ?

    One of our Friend Post at Indian Forum. THIS REAL FACT of IKRS inside the PH.

    Hey friends was purposely absent from the forum for few days as all that was going on was heavily disturbing and confusing !!!!
    Am gonna make a long post today!!!!1
    I am not saying goodbye to forum but the show and Vidha !!!1
    For me dhani died in that bomb blast and viplav died too. !!!!!
    What lives on is their ghosts and I am not fond of horror stories .
    Would rather watch ssk if fond of ghosts !!!!1

    Any way IKRS gave me a beautiful love story that I will always cherish.Viplav and dhani will live on in my memories . Viplav will be the son in law i will always want !!!!!!

    The kind of sizzling romance that mishal and eisha gave us was stupendous. Fans dont get to witness such romance in showsthat have been on air for years and years !!!!
    And so I am kind of satisfied !!!!

    I never like replacements and they dont work either. so nowadays in show they kill characters instead of replacing theM!!! Anyway IKRS ph has strange ways !!!

    Only regret is my viplav and dhani didnot get a closure !!!1 But no worries !!1
    I will imagine in my head that they are romancing away somewhere in banares !!!!

    Thanks IKRS i got to know mishal raheja !!! I love him as an actor . Love eisha singh too

    Will wait for their next show !!!
    But For me ,IKRS love story on screen is over !!!

    Now am going to share certain facts about what happened in last few days .and these are all FACTS wanna tell u so that the picture is clear in your minds.

    Eisha left as she didnot want to play mom as in the industry its a norm that once u play a mom u are typecast. And she was too young .Even dd at her age is not ready .And the child that they have cast looks quiet old. 8 or 10 yrs look not 5 !!!!

    But now some inside stories

    She didnot want to leave the show and was ready to have a adopted child. They agreed to her demands and made changes and mailed it to her too . but next day retracted .

    Eisha”s main reason is the role bt there is a back ground.
    The way she was mistreated by the PH .
    They didnot even discuss the mother track with her officially. she knew unofficially but nothing from PH officially .
    Both mishal and ishita were called and things eree discussed with them but not with eisha.
    she directly got the script.

    She was scolded in front of everybody many a times. Last month or so she cried everyday.
    Rupali wld get chocolates for ishita and feed them to her in front of eisha !!1 At a tender age such things hurt !!!!
    The head make up man would come for eisha’s make up and AD wld come and say ki aap pehle ishitaji ka makeup kariye rupali ji ne kaha hai .so junior make up man wld do her make up

    Rupali critisised her for her acting on set . and also for trps. I ask a question , wasn’t it eisha who was there in the show when the trps touched 2 ??????/

    There are certain things that I will not be able to share here !!!!

    In such an atmosphere it is best that a young girl leaves . she was a tormented soul when she left.
    If they had been nice to her maybe she wld have agreed ,But…

    Even Mishal is very upset with the turn of events .And that is sure !!!! He and garimaji are now merely completing their work and duties .
    He had met eisha day before and he supported her in her decision. said ab mat lautna !!!!!

    and so whatever happen happens for the good !!!!! Dont be sad and accept it in your hearts !1

    Mishal’s contract with the show is till june .In present circumstances renewal looks difficult from his side. But yes this may change too !!!!!!!

    I dont wish bad to the show. I will take a pragmatic view and say that the show should run as long as it deserves on merit of its content . But the way things stand the show’s survival ilooks difficult!!!
    But yes Trps aa gayi toh that may change too.

    The show’s contract is till mid july . Now if trps come it may go beyond and if they drop it may go before !!!!!!

    I will be here and keep giving you updates .
    But for me IKRS is Over .and no regrets

    Viplav Dhani love story will always be in my library of favorites !!!!!!!

    • Arshdeep

      Can i please ask how you know these inside stories??
      I also read them somewhere earlier

      Anyways we all love you eisha.. miss you soo much.. Do come back.. God bless you..!! And we support you..your decision… And will always keep loving you

    • Nimisha

      The person who posted the above on IF, is on a hate campaign and whether it’s true or not I don’t know.

      She knows someone on the sets so gets the info that way,

      She is an influential person on IF and has influence on people on Twitter too.

      Some of the things she said on Twitter or endorsed are awful

      She is still posting in Twitter talking about the show in a negative way, or getting one of her group to do so. She claims she is not watching but talks about the show as if she does.

      They have called for Mishal to quit, saying things like he has ruined his career in 9 months
      They have called for the show to end
      They have caked Sanjeeda some awful names
      I have been tweeting my thoughts but have been told to learn and understand others feeling simply because I gave Sanjeeda a fair chance.
      There has been some realiy nasty stuff going on. And now our love TU Forum is being poisoned by rumours and gossip.

      If the above stuff had been heard by the poster and sated as fact then fine, but it’s hearsay and gossip relayed her by someone who heard from someone else.probably with a bit of something else added.

      Whatever happened between Eisha and the production house is between her and them. If it was so bad why did she post a very gracious statement.

      Sanjeeda stepped into a vacant role. Eisha didn’t want yo be a mum, fine. The whole adopted story was nonsense and made no sense. She would have been playing a mum anyway. So good for the ph to sticking to their story and plan. I said earlier and say again, no show is about 1 person. Also Eisha’s mum was on set so would she have tolerated this behaviour.

      I don’t know what happened to make her leave, but the only facts we have are Eisha’s statement.

      The person on IF has her own agenda and wants the show to stop or Mishal to quit unless they bring Eisha back. Why should he… He has worked hard to make Viplav. All these calls for Eisha to come back are crazy. There is no longer a vacancy as Sanjeeda filled it,

      If my post is not appropriate please feel free to report it, but this nonsense is ridiculous.

      This is just my opinion.

  45. Mishal Raheja

    Wow wow I’m so in love with the leap. We needed the change. Love the way little vidha called Viplav rakchas. Kamini been ignored by viplav gives double joy. Who agrees with me hands up guys.

    Viplav and Dhaani do use strong sense of each other. Looking forward for today’s episode

  46. Sujie

    Hi Pjain…..
    if this inside story is true….. I salute Eisha for her No nonsense attitude…. and thank god Mishal supported her decision…..
    If its true…then I am literally hating Ishita Ganguly now… anger is not limilted to kaamini now.. its for ISHITA GANGULY now…..
    And Eisha… Mishal gave you right advice ….ab lautna mat….where you have to keep your self respect at stake….
    wondering if PH thought be bring ishita aka kaamini as lead….. Arrey is there anyone related to that Ishita in PH… who values giving work seeing the relationship ….not on the basis of talent … is ridiculous….

    • Nimisha

      why did Eisha post her statement?

      I was also concerned that she had left because she was pushed, but when I read her statement I no longer felt the need to worry.

      I think people on here attire starting to warm to Sanjeeda or like me have accepted her, and it doesn’t surprise me that the mystery poster has posted that on here now.

      • Zee

        I totally agree with you NImisha. I have also heard nasty stories from the other side that young actors become arrogant once they taste stardom etc etc. But I didnt want to bring it up bec honestly I am sick of this ES/SS issue and besides this forum is to share abt the show not the actors/producers personal issues. But two things
        I have seen Eisha’s interviews in the past whr shes said wonderful things abt Rupali
        Two someone on TU said that SS cant even say maayi properly- lets be fair to her ya. Eisha had been saying maayi for 9 months we havent even given Sanji 9 days to prove herself.

      • Arshdeep

        Agree zee and nimisha
        If one have thought they dont want to accept sanjeeda they can never..
        Then leave the show yaar.. who is forcing you to watch it?

  47. swetha

    hey pjain is that true….
    opps!! then eisha took the best decision!!! I am never gonna tell that eisha should come back in this serial!! bt I will certainly say that Eisha should come back in this acting industry with a power back!!!
    if I would be in the same place of Eisha I would too take the same step!!!
    eisha we are gonna miss you and Eisha u are a good actress…
    the sarala kaki scenes,,Chocolate scenes,,Shower scenes…all was adored by u… and viplav…

  48. Nimisha

    Latest plan of attack from the same IF poster is now to call for Mishal to be replaced with Sanjeeda’s husband, so that Mishal and Eisha can do a new show together.

    No… She’s not wishing the show bad… At all… Is she?!??

    Pjain, if that’s you, why don’t you also cool the other IF post on here, where she tells everyone to stop telling other people to quit the show… That’s a good one too.

    Irony is totally lost on some people!

    • Fragments Of Mind

      What the heck! ? Asking Mishal to replace with Amir! The one who is saying this is real sicko! ??

      Now after that will that person ask Mishal-Eisha to come for tea at his backyard. ?

      • Zee

        Ha ha ha. I want to go for the tea party 🙂 I dont mind being up close and personal with Mishal. Btw y did u change you name to Fragments of mind?

  49. swetha

    now eisha can cmnt here na!!!
    then eisha cmnt pls!!!!
    we all are in love with u!!!
    and u can a talk with us …

  50. Nimisha

    The evidence of her behaviour is on Twitter there for ALL to see and no don’t the mystery poster will report back what I have said here.

    Remember folks to make up your own minds based on the facts we have and even though the above was reported as THE REAL FACT OF IKRS… How do we actually know if it’s true or not?

  51. swetha

    i have started a new ff….have posted patha nahi kab moderaors will post n tu.hope u will all love it and read it…

  52. Fragments Of Mind

    Okay. ? Now the so called fans are bashing their favorite show saying they are missing Eisha. ?

    Applaud! ? Already the show is on the edge of low TRP and fans are making worst by bursting on social networking sites that they will not watch.. they didn’t like ph.. ishita.. Sanjeeda is not acting well.. Bla Bla Bla.. ?

    It’s a fictional story, will occur many changes in it’s way. People are just not trying to understand! ?

    Of course, Eisha was good. But she’s gone now. G O N E ! ? The show is still here to entertain. If you like the show then watch if not then please go find some other work for yourself except wasting your time in bashing others. ?

    Many are criticizing Sanjeeda on twitter and fb. Saying Sanjee is not acting well like if they are graduated from Hollywood Drama School. Seriously? Get a life people! ?

  53. SARAS

    @devga.. nimisha n all others. .
    I don’t know what’s happening in twitter n other forums. ..
    I can only talk about what’s been told here…

    I was n m very open to new story line n even replacement of actors..
    don’t know her what she was our Dodd before. . I m seeing her for the first time without any bias
    I was indeed hopefull sanjeeda will do good job as dhani.. her looks apart.. I really feel she really needs to inproove (rather learn?) acting. . she looks more like model than actor to Me…
    I agree its easy for us to comment good n bad but acting is tough. . but they r there for that n we watch them because of that only. ..

    I m still hopeful age will pick up n in upcoming weeks we will see her acting well too…

  54. Sujie

    Now enough of seeing the nasty tweets …. bashing and believing rumours…. I need to get a life…..

  55. Fragments Of Mind

    As expected! ? Kamini will get to know about Dhaani before Viplav. ? She will try to make sure Viplav don’t get aware that Dhaani is alive. Spoiler credit TOI.

    Another marry go round of Kamini’s evil tricks. ?? But with my chin up and high hopes i’m ready to face new twists! ?

  56. Nimisha

    I started following on IF but there are some ‘fanatics on there’ that actually scare me.

    TU has always been a lovely forum where we discussed the show and the characters and if we ever talked about an actor it was always done with respect.

    Acting doesn’t look easy and all the actors its are beautiful and they work hard to entertain us. There is an entire team of people whose livelihoods depend on the show.

    I don’t mean to preach but let’s not get caught up in all the gossip and rumours out there, and let’s keep TU the friendly happy place it’s always been.

    I have been aware of the all Twitter stuff for a while and it’s been getting me down but I have loved coming here as its mostly free of gossip and rumours.

    The only reason for my posts is that in those other places people read and react without thinking and I just wanted to spell out the other things that have been going on out there. And I’m relieved it’s not just me that has witnessed these.

    Last night I saw Devga’s post first and for the first time ever I felt like I didn’t want yo come and post here as I was worried that poisonous mindset had spread here. Fortunately it hasn’t.. yet. Let’s not let it!

  57. Sujie

    Wanna confess something…….
    Watching IKRS and enjoying it is something I loved since few months back…… I know most of us did not watch IKRS from the very first episode…. I also did not watched it from the beginning…. But later grew fond of it…….
    Loved watching Mishal and Eisha on screen…. As we have seen them living their roles and the whole team of IKRS too is fabulous…..
    I have no hard feelings for anyone in the show….. Hating the character is at one side..and I realized let professionals remain the same… Why to hate them in real because of the character they play on screen?? Sorry for all those harsh words I have used against these characters…… And you all have noticed that…..
    I know Eisha have left the show….and reacted too hearing this news….. She has GONE now…. I do not have any idea if the rumors doing the rounds are true or false… I apologize for reacting instantly before thinking for atleast once ……
    I am not trying to prove myself right…but confessing this truth….. My love for IKRS will always remain the same…and I don’t regret watching IKRS and giving it my time….because the story is something to cherish for…..
    will miss Eisha but I am sincerely hoping that Sanjeeda does the role gracefully…. I am not a critic or anyone to judge the actors and the hardwork that they do… Its just that I am sharing my views….
    Sorry from heart if I have hurt anyone….. And please I request all of you not to think that I am just writing these things to make myself great….or for appreciation….. I am just sharing my opinion and please feel free to dhare yours too on this one.

    • Nimisha

      Sujie, you are soooo lovely,

      I find myself getting really drawn into believing stuff and some people are very good at getting me to take the bait,

      That looked like Pjain posting so why the ? If you believe in what you post why not do it loud and proud like the rest of us do??

      Anyway, I wasn’t trying to make you or anyone else feel bad.

      I don’t think I have bad mouthed any actor. If I have I also apologise. I have hated Kam but that’s a character so is ok.. I think.

      Anyway, sorry to have responded to that post. I just hate injustices so can’t stop myself.


    • Zee

      Sujie dont say sorry ya. Ours has been a very honest platform with no harsh feelings towards anyone. Even if you or any of us have said mean things its always to the character and never to the actors – which also means they are doing their part well. So chill in the cool climes and enjoy little Vidha’s antics. if you re naughty then she’ll call you Rakshash :).

  58. Ade1111

    Hi Guys
    So I am on Twitter,IF, Facebook and here never have I being involved with another show like I have with this show. Initially I was so mad that they replaced Eisha Still love her I must say didnt know how I would feel about SS but am warming up to her now especially after Yesterday’s episode I applause her and she is doing a good job so far and excited to watch more like my good friend Nimisha says she is feisty and confidence so looking forward to showdown between her and VK
    As for all the negative stuff yes it’s hard to ignore but we must if we have to want to continue enjoying the show and like I said on Twitter no one can sign anything on my behalf I Chose to continue watching the show only to see how it ends not for MR or anyone but for ME
    Well I will go mad again if the PH does not give Justice to Dhani or Add more negativity
    In the meantime let’s all enjoy the show.

    • Nimisha

      Hey my good friend Ola ☺️?

      I’m also hoping the negativity stays attention current level,ie low. Fingers toes and everything else crossed it keeps on the positive track that it’s on now.


    • Nimisha

      Oh, I think fiesty and confident might have been Anne’s words that I erm.. Borrowed. ?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.