Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani coming home and looking after Dulaari. Dulaari asks if anyone ask you to have food there. Dhaani lies that those people is taking care of her. She tells Dulaari that their dreams will be fulfilled and Vidha will study in english medium school. Dulaari says yes. Dhaani says she has to go back as Parshiya is handling work alone there. She goes.
Kamini tells Mrs. Kaushik that Viplav is also busy in work. Mrs. Kaushik says he has handled our case very well and says that’s why he is top class lawyer. Kamini says she has planned a trip to foreign last month, but Viplav didn’t take her.. She thanks her for calling them there. Viplav is talking on phone. Dhaani comes there and is busy with the decorations. Just then she looks in her phone and collides with Viplav.

Just then the decoration cloth falls on them, entanging them inside. The sad part is that their hands touch each other and they feel something, but they fail to see each other. Just then someone comes and asks Viplav if he is fine. Viplav turns to reply him. Dhaani frees herself and goes.

Dhaani sees Saloni telling that the flower arrangements is worth 5 lakhs rupees. Dhaani tells Parshiya that the flowers is just 5 thousand rupees. Viplav is talking on phone with a client…suddenly the vidha collides with him making his phone fall down. Viplav asks her to go and sit there. He scolds the decoration man. Saloni comes and asks the man to work faster. Viplav asks Vidha, if she wants to say something. Vidha calls him rakshas….Viplav is shocked to hear that word and goes after her. Vidha looks angrily. Viplav asks what is her age and jokes. Vidha asks why did you scold me like this. Viplav looks at her and says you are same as Shikayathi pudiya….means Dhaani. Parshiya comes and takes Vidha with him, saying her mumma is searching for her.

Dhaani is busy with the flower arrangements. They are being informed that flower truck is stuck somewhere on the way. Simone scolds Dhaani and insults them. Parshiya says truck will be here in sometime. Dhaani talks to her in English and says they are not stealing money, but she is the one who is taking 5 lakhs rupees for 5 thousand rupees flowers. Parshiya says but,.,..Dhaani says we have suffered enough all our life and says we will not tolerate anymore. She asks Parshiya and Vidha to come. Vidha says Papa is here. Dhaani says Papa is not here and they leave. Viplav looks at them.

Vidha tells Dhaani that Papa was there only. Dhaani says Papa was not there….She asks Parshiya to take her there. Parshiya asks her not to be stubborn. Dhaani asks her to stop it. She tells Vidha that Papa was not there…Vidha says I will not talk to anyone and goes. Dulaari tells vidha that she will scold Dhaani, and says I will ask her to take you for an outing. Parshiya says he will take her for cycle ride. Dhaani says you will go out and have icecream. She says strawberry icecream is good. Vidha says she likes chocolate icecream. Dhaani hugs her and says she is her loving daughter. Vidha says I will not trouble you and will not ask when Papa will come. Parshiya takes Vidha with her. Dulaari asks Dhaani to tell Vidha about Viplav. Dhaani says I will never tell her about him and recalls Viplav saying he did a mistake and Kamini manipulating his words…..

Dulaari tells Dhaani that whatever happened is good and they are living with self respect. Parshiya says we can’t money like this. Dulaari says we will talk in school about the money arrangement and take some more time. Dhaani looks for her bag and says it is not in the house. Dulaari asks him to think. Dhaani says I forgot bag at the table, it has Vidha’s form, money and my gold chain….Dulaari asks her to go and bring it.

Viplav searches for Vidha. Kamini asks you are searching whom? Viplav asks someone about Vidha. The man says that Simone fired her mum out of job and they left. Kamini asks did you have any relation with that girl. Viplav looks on.

Viplav gets Dhaani’s bag and sees Vidha’s form and photo on it. He tells Mrs. Kaushik that he found the form. Mrs. Kaushik says she will inform them (Dhaani). Viplav tells that address is written on the form and says he will go and give the form personally. Kamini tries to stop him, but in vain….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Fragments Of Mind

    As expected! ? Kamini will get to know about Dhaani before Viplav. ? She will try to make sure Viplav don’t get aware that Dhaani is alive. Spoiler credit TOI.

    Another marry go round of Kamini’s evil tricks. ?? But with my chin up and high hopes i’m ready to face new twists! ?

    1. ????????

  2. I started following on IF but there are some ‘fanatics on there’ that actually scare me.

    TU has always been a lovely forum where we discussed the show and the characters and if we ever talked about an actor it was always done with respect.

    Acting doesn’t look easy and all the actors its are beautiful and they work hard to entertain us. There is an entire team of people whose livelihoods depend on the show.

    I don’t mean to preach but let’s not get caught up in all the gossip and rumours out there, and let’s keep TU the friendly happy place it’s always been.

    I have been aware of the all Twitter stuff for a while and it’s been getting me down but I have loved coming here as its mostly free of gossip and rumours.

    The only reason for my posts is that in those other places people read and react without thinking and I just wanted to spell out the other things that have been going on out there. And I’m relieved it’s not just me that has witnessed these.

    Last night I saw Devga’s post first and for the first time ever I felt like I didn’t want yo come and post here as I was worried that poisonous mindset had spread here. Fortunately it hasn’t.. yet. Let’s not let it!

    1. Devga, I mean I read that you were upset and it upset me…

  3. I feel like saying ENOUGH Madam!

    1. What? To me?? ????

      1. ha ha ha! NO to the mystery poster girl.
        I was quite impressed by it yday!

  4. Wanna confess something…….
    Watching IKRS and enjoying it is something I loved since few months back…… I know most of us did not watch IKRS from the very first episode…. I also did not watched it from the beginning…. But later grew fond of it…….
    Loved watching Mishal and Eisha on screen…. As we have seen them living their roles and the whole team of IKRS too is fabulous…..
    I have no hard feelings for anyone in the show….. Hating the character is at one side..and I realized let professionals remain the same… Why to hate them in real because of the character they play on screen?? Sorry for all those harsh words I have used against these characters…… And you all have noticed that…..
    I know Eisha have left the show….and reacted too hearing this news….. She has GONE now…. I do not have any idea if the rumors doing the rounds are true or false… I apologize for reacting instantly before thinking for atleast once ……
    I am not trying to prove myself right…but confessing this truth….. My love for IKRS will always remain the same…and I don’t regret watching IKRS and giving it my time….because the story is something to cherish for…..
    will miss Eisha but I am sincerely hoping that Sanjeeda does the role gracefully…. I am not a critic or anyone to judge the actors and the hardwork that they do… Its just that I am sharing my views….
    Sorry from heart if I have hurt anyone….. And please I request all of you not to think that I am just writing these things to make myself great….or for appreciation….. I am just sharing my opinion and please feel free to dhare yours too on this one.

    1. Sujie, you are soooo lovely,

      I find myself getting really drawn into believing stuff and some people are very good at getting me to take the bait,

      That looked like Pjain posting so why the ? If you believe in what you post why not do it loud and proud like the rest of us do??

      Anyway, I wasn’t trying to make you or anyone else feel bad.

      I don’t think I have bad mouthed any actor. If I have I also apologise. I have hated Kam but that’s a character so is ok.. I think.

      Anyway, sorry to have responded to that post. I just hate injustices so can’t stop myself.


    2. Sujie dont say sorry ya. Ours has been a very honest platform with no harsh feelings towards anyone. Even if you or any of us have said mean things its always to the character and never to the actors – which also means they are doing their part well. So chill in the cool climes and enjoy little Vidha’s antics. if you re naughty then she’ll call you Rakshash :).

  5. Hi Guys
    So I am on Twitter,IF, Facebook and here never have I being involved with another show like I have with this show. Initially I was so mad that they replaced Eisha Still love her I must say didnt know how I would feel about SS but am warming up to her now especially after Yesterday’s episode I applause her and she is doing a good job so far and excited to watch more like my good friend Nimisha says she is feisty and confidence so looking forward to showdown between her and VK
    As for all the negative stuff yes it’s hard to ignore but we must if we have to want to continue enjoying the show and like I said on Twitter no one can sign anything on my behalf I Chose to continue watching the show only to see how it ends not for MR or anyone but for ME
    Well I will go mad again if the PH does not give Justice to Dhani or Add more negativity
    In the meantime let’s all enjoy the show.

    1. Hey my good friend Ola ☺️?

      I’m also hoping the negativity stays attention current level,ie low. Fingers toes and everything else crossed it keeps on the positive track that it’s on now.


    2. Oh, I think fiesty and confident might have been Anne’s words that I erm.. Borrowed. ?

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