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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling Viplav to leave and says she will do the work. Parshiya tells Dhaani that he will participate in cycle race and says there is a big prize money. Dhaani asks him not to take part as it is risky. Viplav looks at them. A man comes and buys all the flowers from their shop. Parshiya says he will give him big discount. Man says he doesn’t need discount and gives the money. The neighbors tell that Parshiya will win the race. Dhaani brings Vidha home and sees her flowers on side of road. She thinks that man bought it today only. She drops Vidha to her neighbor’s house and thinks what do he think about himself. She goes to Viplav and snatches cycle race pamphlet and throws on him. She says you have done many things since few days, I have seen your childishness,

and says today you have done limit. Viplav asks what did I do now? Dhaani says what do you think that you can buy anything with money. Viplav says may be that flowers are kept there and will be used later. Dhaani says I saw how they were put and says you are Rakshas. Someone asks if he is troubling you. Dhaani says such people should get arrested by Police.

Dhaani goes to her home and closes the door. She thinks she don’t have strength to fight. She sees the noise outside and goes out. Viplav is seen sitting with the ladies of the locality. They say we didn’t know that you are a big lawyer. They tell about their problems. He gets the flowers decorated in the neighborhood. Dhaani thinks he has started a new drama. Kamini comes there with Atharva and greets Viplav. Viplav says we will have fun here as cycle race is about to begin. Vidha also comes and asks Atharva to come and play with her. Kamini tells Viplav that she called him many times, but he didn’t pick the call. Viplav says he didn’t hear the voice. Kamini says Atharva will be going to boarding school after 2 days. Viplav says I know, and that’s why Atharva will be with me here.

Vidha asks Atharva to stay there. Atharva asks for Kamini’s permission. Kamini says father is staying here and now son also wants to stay. Dhaani hears them and gets upset. Kamini thinks root of the problems and goes to Dhaani. She says Viplav is yours and will be yours only. She says Viplav got married to me, but I couldn’t get him as you was in his heart. She says it is a shameless thing for a woman when her husband stays with an other woman. Dhaani says you are misunderstanding. Kamini says what should I think, and says Viplav can’t be mine, never. I have no value in his life and says I can’t bear anymore. Dhaani nods no. Kamini says I have lost. Dhaani asks her not to say that and take care. Kamini gives divorce papers in her hand, and says she has signed. She says if you talk to him then he will agree. She says Viplav will agree as you both love each a lot and I was yearning for love. She asks her to marry Viplav after their divorce and give her freedom.

Kamini goes out and wipes her tears, smirks. Dhaani is teary eyes. Cycle race is about to begin. Viplav asks Atharva and Vidha to hold each other hands and not to go anywhere. Kamini comes there and forcibly takes Atharva with him. Viplav asks why you are doing this? Kamini says I have to make the arrangements and says your priorities have changed. She says she can’t let Atharva in this environment. Viplav is surprised and says he knows his responsibilities well. He asks Atharva to go with Vidha. Kamini shows her mangalsutra and sindoor and asks where did that promises go which he had taken during marriage. She says what I will tell to Atharva? She goes. Dhaani scolds Viplav for hurting Kamini’s heart. She asks Viplav to go and says outsiders can’t leave here. Viplav asks her to give answer and says he will go then. Cycle race begins. Dhaani sees aarti place and goes to does his Tilak for good wishes.

Dhaani does Parshiya’s aarti and asks him to drive carefully. Neighbor tells Viplav that Dhaani and Parshiya’s Jodi is good. Dhaani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Arshdeep

    Vidha is sooo cute in the interview?? telling that my baba won the race so i will be buying chocolates,ice creams now..??

  2. Arshdeep

    If those are divorce papers with Dhani how come they prepare those papers so fast.? And why do they use bd for Viplav??

    1. Can u please tell me if viplov got intimate wiht Kamini and what really happened 5 years bakc ? I miss some episodes . Please

    2. And is that really viplov and kaminiz son???? Please tell me

  3. Sujie

    Good morning family ?❤️
    Trust me I had no mood to comment yesterday and the reason is my frustration…….
    All of you know when I get angry…… Toh that anger comes out in words….
    I was so so angry when Dhaani said such a person should sent to the jail indicating Viplav….. ?

    1. Mariyam123

      Good afternoon Sujie di. Calm down….calm down…

  4. From the entry of Parshya into the show he is calling Dhaani without adding Ji , calling with singular tense is an offence and irrespect to a married women every Indian respect a married Indian women ,in south they refer as “amma”or “garu” in north ” Ji” as a suffix ,see Dulaari when ever she refer Parshya she use ” Ji” then why Parshya call Dhaani as Dhaani , she herself refer her as Dhaani tripati even Parshya ask the receptionist as Dhaani tripati ,why he is not shown respect to Dhaani ,s married status, she must be referred as dhaani ji ,why the so called Dulaari keep quite while Parshya calling her married daughter like that without respect ? He is not your biological son to call her like that ,cvs and writers maintain some decorum while writing the script do not disrespect a married women that to the wife of Viplav tripati one of the leading famous lawyer according to your story.

  5. It is so irritating to listen when Parshya calling Dhaani with a singular tense.


  6. Sujie

    I wonder when Dhaani will use her brains…..
    She is continuously disrespecting Viplav just to make him away from her so that he can go that Kaamini…..come on Dhaani…. Stop being so naive…. And think…..dimaag Ki batti jalaao…??
    I wish I could finish Kaamini’s bakwas with this thing?….. Paani sar ke upar jaaraha hai…..Would be happy if spoilers of Dhaani blurting out the truth comes out….
    And Viplav…you are a lawyer yarr….. Just stop wandering around Dhaani’s home…. Go to your place …sit back….. Think what happened…??first you search for the answers ….. You also dimaag Ki batti jalaao …..and instead of asking Dhaani why she left….you better think why you left her outside the ashram the crying…pleading Dhaani….. Socho socho ….
    Come back ….sort out all the things …and don’t let Kaamini play any games anymore …..

    Dhaani keeps on saying she does not trust anyone easily now…… Arey then why trusting Parshiya….. I know he might not turn negative….. But if Viplav can’t be trusted being Dhaani’s husband toh how can Parshiya be trusted…..
    The thing is when Dhaani will come to know about feelings of Parshiya….the. She will also not spare Parshiya….. And then whom will she trust….. That Kaamini and her web of lies OFCOURSE….. Because Kaamini toh Dhaani Ki sacchi friend hai….baaki sare toh Dusman hai…. Right??????
    Open your eyes Dhaani… it …..

  7. Hey friends, ikrs is going to b retelecast soon by the name of “mohe rang de laal” on rishtey channel, timings r still to b told.

  8. Saraswathi.j

    Eisha has done a good by leaving this show

  9. Mariyam123

    Hello friends. Episode was not at all good. But then too loved it. Don’t think I m mad but I liked it because Vidha and Atharva were too there. They were choo cute yaar.

  10. Mariyam123

    Friends….plz calm down……calm down……don’t get so frustrated. Now there r bad episodes but later on vidhaani have to unite. Just calm yourself. If u will stop watching or stop commenting, what will I do alone? Whatever happens, I will never leave this page. Plz don’t get angry. Just recall all of the special moments of vidhaani which u like. Then u will get little calmed down. Plz don’t stop commenting and never stop watching this show.

  11. Mariyam123

    Arshi di congratulations for your admission. All the best for your future

    1. Arshdeep

      Thank you louella

  12. Mariyam123

    Friends I m angry at u. In my absence there r so less comments. Why r u not commenting? Plz comment friends or I will go. Then sit and

    1. Sujie

      chuttku…. i am commenting but comments are awaiting moderation…what to do????
      You go ….and come back …… lolzzzzzzzz 😀 😀

  13. congratsss arshi di…

    so medicine course???

    1. Arshdeep

      Nope..for BSc life sciences

  14. Elle u can’t say this to me?☺

    1. Mariyam123

      What i cant say di?

      1. Oh dear elle just saw yr comment actually u were saying about less comments so i said that i am trying best but all should try. ??

  15. Angel20

    I guess not Dhaani but Viplav only should give divorce to Dhaani and end this matter once for all! I am so irritated by this track! I am not gonna watch, even my mom sometimes tells me to stop watching this crap! I am sorry if I hurted anyone. But seriously I am very disappointed!??
    Arshi di I agree with your comments!
    This show has just turned into nonsense!

  16. Hey friends, can u pl tell me how do u use these pics as ur dp?


    1. Latha

      Renu u forgot my name so sad. Just joking renu.

      1. Haha latha i had written those names only who had not commented ??

    2. Ade1111

      Hey Renu hope you good. I did a lot of comments already ???

  18. Latha

    I am just crying while watching today’s episode renu. I can’t control my emotions. The CVS are just playing with our emotions. Very very painful episode.

  19. Today episode very bad – how she throwing divorce paper – the way she avoid him it’s terrible – can’t take it

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