Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling Viplav to leave and says she will do the work. Parshiya tells Dhaani that he will participate in cycle race and says there is a big prize money. Dhaani asks him not to take part as it is risky. Viplav looks at them. A man comes and buys all the flowers from their shop. Parshiya says he will give him big discount. Man says he doesn’t need discount and gives the money. The neighbors tell that Parshiya will win the race. Dhaani brings Vidha home and sees her flowers on side of road. She thinks that man bought it today only. She drops Vidha to her neighbor’s house and thinks what do he think about himself. She goes to Viplav and snatches cycle race pamphlet and throws on him. She says you have done many things since few days, I have seen your childishness,

and says today you have done limit. Viplav asks what did I do now? Dhaani says what do you think that you can buy anything with money. Viplav says may be that flowers are kept there and will be used later. Dhaani says I saw how they were put and says you are Rakshas. Someone asks if he is troubling you. Dhaani says such people should get arrested by Police.

Dhaani goes to her home and closes the door. She thinks she don’t have strength to fight. She sees the noise outside and goes out. Viplav is seen sitting with the ladies of the locality. They say we didn’t know that you are a big lawyer. They tell about their problems. He gets the flowers decorated in the neighborhood. Dhaani thinks he has started a new drama. Kamini comes there with Atharva and greets Viplav. Viplav says we will have fun here as cycle race is about to begin. Vidha also comes and asks Atharva to come and play with her. Kamini tells Viplav that she called him many times, but he didn’t pick the call. Viplav says he didn’t hear the voice. Kamini says Atharva will be going to boarding school after 2 days. Viplav says I know, and that’s why Atharva will be with me here.

Vidha asks Atharva to stay there. Atharva asks for Kamini’s permission. Kamini says father is staying here and now son also wants to stay. Dhaani hears them and gets upset. Kamini thinks root of the problems and goes to Dhaani. She says Viplav is yours and will be yours only. She says Viplav got married to me, but I couldn’t get him as you was in his heart. She says it is a shameless thing for a woman when her husband stays with an other woman. Dhaani says you are misunderstanding. Kamini says what should I think, and says Viplav can’t be mine, never. I have no value in his life and says I can’t bear anymore. Dhaani nods no. Kamini says I have lost. Dhaani asks her not to say that and take care. Kamini gives divorce papers in her hand, and says she has signed. She says if you talk to him then he will agree. She says Viplav will agree as you both love each a lot and I was yearning for love. She asks her to marry Viplav after their divorce and give her freedom.

Kamini goes out and wipes her tears, smirks. Dhaani is teary eyes. Cycle race is about to begin. Viplav asks Atharva and Vidha to hold each other hands and not to go anywhere. Kamini comes there and forcibly takes Atharva with him. Viplav asks why you are doing this? Kamini says I have to make the arrangements and says your priorities have changed. She says she can’t let Atharva in this environment. Viplav is surprised and says he knows his responsibilities well. He asks Atharva to go with Vidha. Kamini shows her mangalsutra and sindoor and asks where did that promises go which he had taken during marriage. She says what I will tell to Atharva? She goes. Dhaani scolds Viplav for hurting Kamini’s heart. She asks Viplav to go and says outsiders can’t leave here. Viplav asks her to give answer and says he will go then. Cycle race begins. Dhaani sees aarti place and goes to does his Tilak for good wishes.

Dhaani does Parshiya’s aarti and asks him to drive carefully. Neighbor tells Viplav that Dhaani and Parshiya’s Jodi is good. Dhaani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    A total bakwas written so you can skip the comment if you like.?
    So being truthful again I did not like the episode today. Dont know where the story is leading to? Renuuu dii when is Ishita’s contract going to get over?? You said soon but when?? Dhani’s character isnt shaping good at all. If you can hate Viplav remembering that single moment always then you should also hate Kamini for the same..for letting Viplav come on her shoulders. If she was your real friend..she should have kept a distance from him. Viplav wasnt in senses but she was?? Why Dhani not think of her words that “you were always in between their relation. Their relation was just for a name. She never received love from Viplav” in a positive way towards Viplav..In fact even then she is questioning Viplav’s love.. Why?? I mean Whyyy ??? My muma said while watching that maybe Dhani will think over her words and understand how much Viplav loves him.. I was like muma what?????? Next to impossible.???? She is shown as such a big Stupid girl in this case. I always support Dhani for being hurted by Viplav 5 years back but cant support her for blindly trusting and worrying for Kamini instead using her own brains.? Yes if Kamini never got love so let her give divorce na. Let her go. Aise rishte ka fayda hi kya? Leave na Kamini if you arent happy. That would be Great.. We happy or not we dont care ..!!?

    The only cuteness today was of Atharva and Vidha meetings…? Viplav meeting Atharva..?Viplav in between those neighbour ladies smiling..?just that part. Nothing else i liked..

    What was rest? Dhani shouting over Viplav.. Dhani crying. Why dont you tell him girl..scold him for what he did? Shout and let him know what he did. He isnt asking you to forgive him..but only to tell him the reason of your haterdness. More was Kamini manipulating Dhani and she getting manipulated.. Its irritating me now.?? I am sorry
    My muma was telling me today to stop watching it.. If it kept walking on same pace like a tortoise i wont be able to watch it for long.??

    Nimisha didi read your post on previous thread..i agree Dhani isnt wrong if she doesnt go with Viplav or believe him again but then she should not come in Kamini’s words even. Kamini told her that she was between them always and not just after he came to know dhani is why should she think she is separating them? Even before her coming back into their lives Viplav was the same with Kamini and even Atharva(he used to spend his almost time at Dhani’s ashram) So why Dhani not think over it?? I never support Viplav for what he did 5 years back at Mandir..I know i would also not let anyone come back in my life so easily after they had betrayed me. Why cant she true see love in Viplav’s eyes?? If she cant then thats learn to read someone’s eyes when you love them. If she can then tell him..question him for what he did. Maybe you get to know you were wrong. Maybe you are right even then also let him know his mistake. He said he will go once he knows the reason. Then also she dont tell. Even Viplav is being shown so dumb. He can ask her continuously but how can a person forget those past memories because of which he got separated from her? And also let Kamini go to hell too. Why Dhani worrying over words ?? Till yesterday i was loving the show but as i am saying everything in excess is bad. You need to move on cvs.
    Dhani tells viplav she dont trust anyone. The reality is she trusts everyone except Viplav.

    Anyways Thank you hasan mam for the update

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      And if Dhani knows Viplav so well..she also knows he wont go without getting his answers. She cant call police or let him get hurt in rain or being beaten by her nighbours.. Then the question what is she waiting for? To make Viplav stand at her door for 6 days leaving his family..home..and tell him the reason at the end of 6th day because he is not going. Why not tell him the reason at the end of 1st day as she knows he wont go?????

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Moreover Reel and Real life has a big difference. When the same thing is repeatedly shown to atleast it hurts. Move on. Seriously.

      • Renu

        Yes dhani not telling the truth is being dragged what about shalu what about dhanis dad hope if he is shown then piya might come again they can show viplavs brother. ..much more.

    • Renu

      Just saw it arshu n u r right except for viplavs naughty innocent cute romantic dashing n aggressive expressions at the time when he was peeping into her flower shop then talking to ladies n on seeing atharv then seeing vidha n atharv together was mind blowing.

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        His expressions are always mind blowing. Thats the relaxation in show. And i understand Atharva is still a very small child but you noticed when Kamini was taking her from there he was saying i dont want to go but also smiling??
        And in the last scene why Dhani came between husband and wife ? What was her need to go behind them?

    • Renu

      Arshu her contract was of 4 months i had thought that she had joined in march but rechecked it was mid april that means only 2.5 months r over. God knows rather cvs know better till when would she traumatise all ikrs people viz actors in REEL LIFE ; n fans.IN REAL LIFE.

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      Omg Arshi you have said everything I would want to say am getting so irritated with Dhanni I mean where is the string Dhanni she only seems to shout at Viplav. Why the hell cant she opens her mouth and hello if Kamini is married to Viplav than why do u feel sorry for her you should be angry at her more as she was your supposed friend. Yes I know she should not take Viplav so easy but common to still be manipulated by Kamini just irritates me to the core. And why can’t she just think of her own child missing out on being with her dad after seeing their relationship she deserves to know Viplav is her dad if I was Vidha I would never forgive Dhani for keeping her away especially after the love between them.
      Am honestly pissed off am not even going to read any more spoilers again as the are giving me false hope.
      And am sorry to say but story is dragging if they are looking for ways to kill Kamini I can suggest many
      ??? sorry guys just so angry today??

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Exactly thats what i feel. Vidha is so small to be angry with her mum but wrong is happening with her too right now.
        And i dont believe spoilers anymore except those of TOi. Once its written over there that Dhani tells the truth to Viplav. Then only i will be relieved a bit. Anything may happen thereafter but atleast truth needs to be out soooooon.

    • gowtham

      hi arshdeep..
      hi renu..
      congratulations for your admission arshdeep
      seriously I Dont Like today episode..

  2. Renu

    Oh god precap is not good i can imagine viplavs condition when neighbour points out that dhani n parshiya mske a nice pair.

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      Precap is horrible don’t even want to watch I was like Poor Dhanni before ? But now am like stupid Dhanni and poor Viplav ?? am so irritated

  3. Renu

    I am eondrong it has been 2 days n viplav is in same outfit without food n rest n dhani madam has changed 3 dresses??

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      She had 2 options either to get him arested na or to tell him the truth. She is not ready to accept either of the two. ?? She cant make him leave the place and she is not telling him truth. WTH is going on?

      • Latha

        |Registered Member

        Arshi in spoiler 2 dhani has revealed the truth to viplav and viplav convincing her that he has a fake love with kamini and dhani not listening to viplav.

      • Arshdeep

        |Registered Member

        Latha i will believe those spoilers once they will be telecasted on TV at 6 pm. I dont believe it till then.? Situations are making me like this. I dont like to live in false hopes.

  4. Renu

    As usual VK returns with another plan. Either the papers are made for dhani n she wants them to be signed by viplav as she is sure that if the papers are berself given by dhani n she con inces viplav to sign then he might agree. Or the papers r fake just to make dhani realise that owing yo her viplavs married life is disturbed.

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      Yea because she knows Dhanni is still stupid just like 5years ago. Stupid Kamini and Dhanni
      I would suggest Viplav to move on from both of them and just stay with Vidha.
      Episode was horrible especially after yesterday they could not even continue instead dragging with some stupid cycle race

  5. Saraswathi.j

    Again Kamini is playing tricks on Dhaani ,Dhaani always listen to Kamini and falls into her trap.when we will get Peace from Kamini,s irritating action ,dressing and cruel attitude of her behaviour ,ph close her role as quick as possible.

  6. vaishnavi

    honestly speaking i dont like todays epi its very boring
    only vipu,vidha n atarva scene was good
    kuch jyada ho raha hain dhaani ka drama pls cv’s dhaani ko akal do ki woh vipu ko sab kuch bata de ab hum logo mein aur himmat nhi hain vidhaani ko sad dekhne ki aur vk ki saazisho ko dekhne ki

  7. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Thank you nimisha didi and porkodi akka. Replied at previous thread but that didnt get post so this one again. Thanks???

  8. maha

    Very boring and disappointing episode.. enough of this can’t see viplav in pain dhani has lost her mind .. how can she said to viplav that such people should be arrested.. irritating.. Viplav please don’t loose hope?.. kamini yukh I hate her and her part .. don’t know when will we get rid of her?

  9. Ade1111

    |Registered Member

    Well I think you can all tell I hated the episode
    Hate Kamini ⚰⚰⚰????
    Stupid and Naive Dhanni ?????
    Poor Viplav ???❤️
    Foolish Dulari ??????
    Sorry everyone ????

  10. Angel20

    |Registered Member

    I think I am not going to watch IKRS anymore. It’s just dragging nothing else!
    Why the hell is cycle racerace needed now?!???

  11. Saraswathi.j

    At the beginning of the show Viplav mentioned why he opted colors ,they run some Uttaran for five years…….now I think how they run it ,love one ,marry other again love the same again and again like ………CREATING ALL BACKWAS THEY MAY RUN IT ,IN THIS IKRS ALSO THEY ARE PLANNING LIKE THAT TODAY EPISODE IS VERY IRRITATING,WHY THAT DHAANI IS SHOUTING LIKE A STREET DOG,WHY DO NOT ANSWER VIPLAV,S QUESTION ,WHOM SHE WANTS TO SAVE BY NOT TELLING THE TRUTH TO VIPLAV ,WHY SHE IS MOVING SO CLOSE WITH THAT PARSYHA,BETWEEN A WOMAN AND A MAN FRIENDSHIP IS HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE IT ONLY OCCUR IN FILMS ,ALWAYS OUR ELDERS TOLD TO GIRLS WHEN THEY BECOME MATURE ,DO NOT MOVE CLOSE TO ANY BOY EXCEPT FATHER AND BROTHER ,,,THAT IS TRUE ALSO ….DAILY WHEN WE OPEN A PAPER THE MAIN NEWS IS SOME TYPE OF BRUITAl atrocity on girls,it is for girls safety they have to maintain a distance to boys ..but here our Dhaani freely moving with Parshya in that basti ,he is not a kid ,some how the story and the charecter of Dhaani is also scoop down ,here Viplav is a mad boy running after Dhaani to know why she left him the cvs making us fools

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Agree if Dhani keeps on saying i dont trust anyone anymore then why Parshiya? He has helped them a lot when they came to mumbai but the same way Viplav helped them a lot. So if Dhani thinks Viplav changed then why cant Parshiya change? And one day if Dhani comes to know that Parshiya loves her so will she start hating him too that he betrayed her as a friend..?

  12. maha

    Staying in ashram earlier, now outside Dhani’s house, sad story of viplav for his unconditional, love which no one understands, not even Dhani, because her love is always based on doubts 🙁

  13. Anya

    Seriously yaar, nonsense episode and the precap all the more CRAP, the ladies asking Viplav abt d good pair of dhaani &parshiya, what yaar, what r these writers trying to show? And dhaani, has she become such a fool as to believe that chudail always? Today’s episode marred the excitement and hangover of yesterday’s also ????.

    • Renu

      Spoiler is the guide or hint for the coming story. N ff is fan fiction written by fans only based on the characters n story can be any n trust me all ff of PETHUSHREE ?SUJIE ☺MAHA☺SHWETHA ?LAXMI ?MARIA☺MAHIRA ☺SHRUTHY ☺FATAREJO ☺AVIJIT☺NARENDRAN LOUELLA ☺GOLDIE ARE FANTASTIC N FABULOUS BETTER THAN ORIGINAL

  14. Mini

    I’m not liking the new dhani role at all… she is very much irritating…. very much artificial expressions…. the serial is going very much dammm sloww… i completely agree with ashrdeep comments..

  15. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Frnds chill yaar kyun ithna haterahi ho.ikrs mein yeh sab common hi.
    Don’t worry as well kamini plays tricks but it will flops.
    See once she was succeeded in splitting vidhaani but her success is in only splitting their bodies not even they were in distance places but their souls are one.
    Always vidhaani means safed rang pyaar that’s it.
    Ismein koi kamini kamini ka kaam nahin don’t be upset keep watching the show.

  16. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    And I think tmr will be the end of vidhaani mu let’s see.if not may be dhaanis lawyer should be dulharis husband unknowingly she kept her lawyer as her father itself.
    Tmr twist takes changes.waiting for tmrs episode.
    N finally viplav rocks as usual in his acting.
    I liked he chats with neighbours with all ladies that was superb.everyone was enjoying with him.very cute n marvellous show.

  17. Amisha

    Same here Mini I also a free with Ashrdeep too…. The old Dhani was better and I Loved Her acting as Dhani? I’m not here to compair and contrast with of the characters don’t take me wrong plz guys.

  18. Nimisha


    Just checking in before going to bed. Hmmmm not sure what to say

    So, ermmmmmmmm, I know!

    Happy Sunday al!

    Ps.. I also want Viplav and Dhani to talk, esp Dhani. Also thinks it’s a bit slow getting to that point, BUT I enjoyed the episode. Some lovely moments and lots of Viplav. Precap is interesting, I wonder if the neighbour will confirm that Dhani isn’t married to Parshiya but don’t they make a nice couple,

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      You can say freely what you want didi
      I know you loved the episode. Obvio you dont need to go behind everyone else’ views nor you have to afraid to tell you like it if they arent liking it..Hmm???

      Viplav already knows she is not married as when he told her yesterday that stop this drama of marriage ..she didnt say a word after that. Even then if he wants to confirm so the precap is good option to know from neighbours that she still isnt married to Parshiya

  19. Saraswathi.j

    In the episode the speech or advice given by Kamini during her divorce drama that her marriage is a farce because Viplav has no feelings for her he always loves you I am nothing stay in ashram, so I am fed up with him ,for any wife it is very sad that some woman take away their husband from them ,that grief is unbearable, here Kamini forget one thing she did the same to Dhaani,this fool Dhaani is so sad for Kamini ,without understanding her position and her daughters longing for her father ,ready to fight with Viplav just like a race dog run to fight with Viplav ,from the beginning Dhaani always doubt Viplav still fallowing the same , she is unfit to be the wife of Viplav,if she really loves him she did,t tell him that she married to Parshya how can she utter that word even for a joke she is married ,how many times she will marry ? here Dhaani scoop down her dignity by herself after living five years in basti ( slum area) she also become loose talker,race dog ,fight without reason she completely lost her original charecter.

  20. SARAS

    I was irritated with character dhani.. now sanjeeda.. oh god she is so horrible. .no offense. Please..
    but seriously her facial expressions. . her looks her hand movement her voice everything is extraordinarily bad…
    y couldn’t they get a good replacement yaar.. on alone mishals shoulder show cannot run for long time I think. …

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      I am not supporting Sanjeeda but that will be wrong to say that the show is going on only Mishal’s shoulders.
      Mam to accept her is like we need to do as we dont have a option. Being truthful again i keep finding her goodness and good acting while watching her. Anyhow i satisfy myself. Maybe she is improving..getting more into the character or maybe i am getting used to and getting more into watching and liking her.
      But what i saw on twitter was a biggger fan following of hers. She has earned a great fan following by her show Ek Hasina Thi.. So if Mishal today joins another show many of us will like to watch. The same is with her as she joined this show..many of her fans also joined us for watching her only. So obviously show’s viewers increased because of her. And if you see some tweets fans tell her your expressions were amazing..brilliant performance.. I know that makes me laugh at times. But then i also start searching in the show was she so brillaint??
      And moreover she replies to her fans..thats also a reason people praise her a lot. And anyhow i believe she must be working hard to give us this show along with Mishal. So she is good, All the best Sanjeeda. ?

  21. Mishal Raheja

    Looks like the drama is super lengthy with all the twists in the subsequent weeks.

  22. SARAS

    even dulari haa become stone hearted? ? Not Even offering food to bachavaji… evwn dhsni how could she be so cruel not Even offering a towel to dry his hair…

    coming to dhani n parshiya relationship. .. how is dulari allowing so much closeness bw them??
    earlier she would be angry if dhani gets closed to anyone.. now !!!!

    I felt viplav could have played more with vidha….

  23. swetha

    Thankss Renu di ? for complimenting my ff?

    Now abt the epi… Vidha-athrava and Viplav’s damn good acting makes me always stick to the serial..

    I think yesterday VK told the truth..? that Viplav was nvr her.. He was Dhaani’s and will be Dhaani’s itself…?

    Wat a stupid character that Dhaani is having… Just because of those few scenes she is scolding Viplav?
    I think the BST part is that Viplav should leave both VK and Dhaani.. And should take vidha and athrava with him and should marry ? some good women ?

    In front of Viplav naughty face bt romantic face.. Innocent ? character no1 can take to him like that… Max we talk to him arrogantly for 1min bt nt more than that.. If he give a killer smile ? every girl will forget every bad thngs happnd with her..isn’t???

    Dhaani’s character is simply blaaaaahhhh

    I don’t know who all will read this post.. Who all will not.. Bt if I any hurt any one then a big srry?

    Have a good day ahed….?

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Shwetha i got admission in Delhi University at Hansraj college for B.Sc life sciences.
      Will call you whenever i can

  24. Saraswathi.j

    It seems that Dhaani has given her divorce papers to Viplav he is saying good by to Dulaari and vidha and leaving Dhaani three promos in diehard fans of Mishal raheja they are shooting Viplav role with a dupe man

  25. Saraswathi.j

    Yes Saras , Dulaari requested Viplav so many times to save her daughter and it is a custom in Indian culture irrespective of financial status at the time of eating food even we will offer food to our enemies ,but this Dulaari and Dhaani happily eating without offering food to stand by Viplav ,how they forget the many good things he has done for them cvs and writer why you are writing this type of stupid story, for whose sake , is there any moral in this story , you are completely deviated from your original concept …….

  26. Saraswathi.j

    Now the story become the story of slum dwelling people and their loose talks , one should wonder how can Dhaani join her daughter in that international school with her little flower shop that to in Mumbai all three Dulaari ,vidha,herself are very well dressed how can she offer it ? Visiting of Parshya to her little one room house very often ,how the neighbours think about her not maintains a distance with him , he is not feeling Dhaani as a friend ,he always wants her to be his girl ,how Dhaani did not realise his feelings towards her,is she a kid , she is married twice and can sense what is the feelings of a man while they are talking with you ,Dhaani ,s charecter now is in very low web……

    • Renu

      Yes saraswathi even i wondered that dhani is in best of her outfits how could she afford. Lack of direction. Also every time she is goinv on parshiyas bike n he is going yo their house often at even odd times. In reality if this happens for even 2 days neighbours n onlookers would object n try to give a name to their relation infact dhani is also shown dumb as she us not able to read parshiyas mind

  27. Anya

    Hello Ikrs family! ☺A SWEET Good Morning. To all of a happy Sunday too.
    Thanks Renu for replying to my questions & i hope u all don’t mind if i call u by ur names as i don’t know abt everyone who is elder or younger to me.

  28. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    I saw olv too. Viplav bidding goodbye to Dulaari and Vidha.?? Now dhani will be very happy na? One thing good was song..”main tujhko kitna chahte hun tu kabhi soch na sake”…played❤
    Bdw Dhani is shown so stubborn and someone who always thinks only she is right. She dont listen to Viplav..not to Dulaari..not to Sushma dadi..not Vidha..not even Parshiya i guess. She listen to herself and Kamini offcorse

  29. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Vidha is sooo cute in the interview?? telling that my baba won the race so i will be buying chocolates,ice creams now..??

  30. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    If those are divorce papers with Dhani how come they prepare those papers so fast.? And why do they use bd for Viplav??

    • Arya

      Can u please tell me if viplov got intimate wiht Kamini and what really happened 5 years bakc ? I miss some episodes . Please

  31. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Good morning family ?❤️
    Trust me I had no mood to comment yesterday and the reason is my frustration…….
    All of you know when I get angry…… Toh that anger comes out in words….
    I was so so angry when Dhaani said such a person should sent to the jail indicating Viplav….. ?

  32. Saraswathi.j

    From the entry of Parshya into the show he is calling Dhaani without adding Ji , calling with singular tense is an offence and irrespect to a married women every Indian respect a married Indian women ,in south they refer as “amma”or “garu” in north ” Ji” as a suffix ,see Dulaari when ever she refer Parshya she use ” Ji” then why Parshya call Dhaani as Dhaani , she herself refer her as Dhaani tripati even Parshya ask the receptionist as Dhaani tripati ,why he is not shown respect to Dhaani ,s married status, she must be referred as dhaani ji ,why the so called Dulaari keep quite while Parshya calling her married daughter like that without respect ? He is not your biological son to call her like that ,cvs and writers maintain some decorum while writing the script do not disrespect a married women that to the wife of Viplav tripati one of the leading famous lawyer according to your story.

    • Renu


  33. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    I wonder when Dhaani will use her brains…..
    She is continuously disrespecting Viplav just to make him away from her so that he can go that Kaamini…..come on Dhaani…. Stop being so naive…. And think…..dimaag Ki batti jalaao…??
    I wish I could finish Kaamini’s bakwas with this thing?….. Paani sar ke upar jaaraha hai…..Would be happy if spoilers of Dhaani blurting out the truth comes out….
    And Viplav…you are a lawyer yarr….. Just stop wandering around Dhaani’s home…. Go to your place …sit back….. Think what happened…??first you search for the answers ….. You also dimaag Ki batti jalaao …..and instead of asking Dhaani why she left….you better think why you left her outside the ashram the crying…pleading Dhaani….. Socho socho ….
    Come back ….sort out all the things …and don’t let Kaamini play any games anymore …..

    Dhaani keeps on saying she does not trust anyone easily now…… Arey then why trusting Parshiya….. I know he might not turn negative….. But if Viplav can’t be trusted being Dhaani’s husband toh how can Parshiya be trusted…..
    The thing is when Dhaani will come to know about feelings of Parshiya….the. She will also not spare Parshiya….. And then whom will she trust….. That Kaamini and her web of lies OFCOURSE….. Because Kaamini toh Dhaani Ki sacchi friend hai….baaki sare toh Dusman hai…. Right??????
    Open your eyes Dhaani… it …..

  34. Anya

    Hey friends, ikrs is going to b retelecast soon by the name of “mohe rang de laal” on rishtey channel, timings r still to b told.

  35. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Hello friends. Episode was not at all good. But then too loved it. Don’t think I m mad but I liked it because Vidha and Atharva were too there. They were choo cute yaar.

  36. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Friends….plz calm down……calm down……don’t get so frustrated. Now there r bad episodes but later on vidhaani have to unite. Just calm yourself. If u will stop watching or stop commenting, what will I do alone? Whatever happens, I will never leave this page. Plz don’t get angry. Just recall all of the special moments of vidhaani which u like. Then u will get little calmed down. Plz don’t stop commenting and never stop watching this show.

  37. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Friends I m angry at u. In my absence there r so less comments. Why r u not commenting? Plz comment friends or I will go. Then sit and

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      chuttku…. i am commenting but comments are awaiting moderation…what to do????
      You go ….and come back …… lolzzzzzzzz 😀 😀

  38. Angel20

    |Registered Member

    I guess not Dhaani but Viplav only should give divorce to Dhaani and end this matter once for all! I am so irritated by this track! I am not gonna watch, even my mom sometimes tells me to stop watching this crap! I am sorry if I hurted anyone. But seriously I am very disappointed!??
    Arshi di I agree with your comments!
    This show has just turned into nonsense!

  39. Renu


  40. Latha

    |Registered Member

    I am just crying while watching today’s episode renu. I can’t control my emotions. The CVS are just playing with our emotions. Very very painful episode.

  41. Pooja

    Today episode very bad – how she throwing divorce paper – the way she avoid him it’s terrible – can’t take it

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..